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tv   Abraham Serfaty Moroccos Mandela  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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and until the saudis say who gave the order to kill the journalist about al-jazeera islam wall street to washington and gabriel is on the political jigsaw after the midterms has changed in a way that maybe donald trump clearly doesn't like on top of that he's pressured from that angle and on top of that there's more pressure coming from mr herder one who is just about to we think have a conversation with. yeah that's right we've actually reached out to the white house and the state department this morning trying to get any sort of reaction to this news of these tapes being released to the united states and other countries as well but no reaction yet it's early still here in washington but i can tell you without a doubt this is certainly going to ramp up the pressure on not only washington as a whole but really on sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenue and that's the white house because the white house holds so much leverage with saudi arabia with this
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and that's why this is going to really ramp up that pressure without a doubt because the white house in washington in general has been very quiet about what they know what evidence washington has murder as and will remember that on october seventeenth might pump ala secretary of state traveled to rio and also to turkey on a fact finding mission but he at the time denied that he heard or even saw any of these tapes it was a week later that cia director general has ball went to turkey where she was briefed by her turkish counterparts on the evidence of the murder against the murder of. by the saudis and and she came back in october twenty sixth briefed president trump but they did not release any information about what evidence the u.s. had or was given from the turkish so and very quiet this now changes that dynamic now that it's very clear that washington these other countries have heard these
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tapes or taped whatever it is that is going to ramp up the pressure for the white house to respond and what are they going to do what will be the next steps now as you mentioned washington's been consumed by the midterm elections that were last week that's over now washington is no longer a one party city the lower house of representatives will soon be dominated by reap . democrats so that also changes the dynamic as well it's going to be a lot more scrutiny on this administration and part of that scrutiny is going to be on calling for answers to. how high this murder goes within saudi arabia now with these tapes it's just another piece of evidence that it's confirmed that the u.s. has and how they're going to leverage this against saudi arabia or not will be the next questions understood gabriel thank you so much well as we've been reporting leaders from seventy countries have gathered in paris to mark the end of the first
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world war the u.s. president was the latest leader to arrive as mentioned at the french president emanuel macro as well as the case of the two have also been discussing the scale of european funding for nato diplomatic editor james bays it was time for damage limitation here at their lease a palace after that tweet from president trump just before he arrived on air force one in which he criticized president micros comments about a european saying it was very insulting and instead european nations should be paying their fair share. clearly i think both sides behind the scenes have been clarifying their positions and that was clear when the two leaders spoke. the europeans think you really need to be. being assured just by the united states and we need to make a bit of a journey that's why i do believe that we need more european get this these more
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european defense we're getting along from the standpoint of fairness and we want it to be fair we want to help europe but it has to be very clear now the british have been largely night states as the president will say here is this it. and he understands that the united states can only do so much. in fairness to the united states release a promise doesn't want this weekend to be about politics instead they want to focus on the solemn commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the end of world war one but of course with president trump in town as always control to see. still to come here on al-jazeera over the n.d.s. we meet the venezuelan migrants heading for colombia as the crisis at home worries an entire region.
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hallard a surprising rain has returned once again there's not much in the way of clouds you see it's a line across the south of china and a few patches for the north even the development seems likely to sichuan with a line taking you down more west vietnamese coast this offensive will probably develop and move down towards hong kong but much of southern china at least away from the coast is likely to see a shower or two and they could still be fairly pokey yet beyond that there's not much to see until you pick up the bay of bengal cloud once more we're into the northeast the monsoon not expected to be dry you expect humidity fairly low but every now and again you find some pretty vicious stuff develop in the bay of bengal a secular nation is appearing about it staying over the water for the next two days where i guess after the after that i'm not entirely sure but it seems to be drifting towards the indian coasts a cloud and eventually heavy rain is a possibility otherwise it's
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a fairly dry picture at the moment showers still all around in the arabian peninsula you'll see this green here it hooks up to a system that's what gave those flash floods in jordan further big showers seem likely in kuwait west and south of iran and of course this to rain into eastern saudi. the lights are all. but there's nowhere to hide do you think we're going to see some kind of scene change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy affronts own al-jazeera. a congress divided between democrats and republicans. what does it mean for america and the world in these remaining two years of donald trump's presidency. find out on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera i'm peter dobbie these are your headlines the turkish president says he should order recordings linked to the death of the journalist jamal the shock genie in istanbul with saudi arabia the u.s. and european countries. the one with the comments as he left for paris three years expected to meet the u.s. president donald trump their leaders from seventy countries are gathering to mark one hundred years since the end of the first world war. the u.s. president is the latest to arrive he's met his french counterpart emanuel macro the two men discussed the scale of funding for nato and agreed more detail is needed from saudi arabia and the murder of jamal khashoggi. meanwhile the fallout from
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murder in istanbul appears to be having an impact on the war in yemen in a significant shift in its approach to the conflict the u.s. says it will no longer provide refueling for saudi coalition warplanes the u.s. defense secretary james mattis says the decision was made in riyadh after he was consulted it comes before a potentially divisive vote in the u.s. congress that sure jeweled for next week a bipartisan group of lawmakers threatening to take action to end american assistance because of outrage over saudi involvement in the killing of jamal khashoggi the saudi and erotic coalition now says it has the capability to conduct its own in-flight refueling but there is increasing international pressure for a cease fire to end this four year conflict which has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis a halt in u.s. refueling is likely to have little impact on the ground there's been a further escalation and fighting over recent days. as the coalition tries to
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recapture the key port city of data from who feel rebels here's a hayward. on the edge of her day the battle for the territory is intensifying it is a relentless spite with both sides claiming they are making gains data is the prize at the center of this nearly seventy percent of the emmons commercial imports pass through the city's port practically who un supervised eight pro-government forces backed by saudi arabia say a major offensive is now underway to try to take her data back problem rebel fighters the ones that have remained in order. and sunny dition. scarcity of decisional goods basically it's like would the prices of basic commodities have double. because structurally caused because and
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schools have closed because of the war. the who think they say they are also implicating heavy losses on saudi backed. this war which is poor years old began when the point is captured the capital sanaa a coalition led by saudi arabia then launched a major campaign to try to restore the government recognized by the international community since then the country has descended into chaos and in a place where war has become a daily plight pursued libel hunger has become the norm one child under five in yemen dies every ten minutes the diseases which are killing them are entirely preventable half a million people have fled the area around to data since june when government forces try to recapture the city but for many in the poor city there is no escape and little chance of outside help while the number of those remaining and how dangerous is he is difficult to gauge. the hours of worried that people needing to
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flee for safety are unable to do so they're trapped by military operations which are increasingly confining populations and cutting off exit routes there are continued calls for ceasefire and a political solution to be found for yemen these so far have been ignored with neither side willing to compromise ever heywood al-jazeera. two big wildfires in the u.s. state of california have killed at least nine people and left thousands of all those homeless one of the finest is forced twenty seven thousand homes to be evacuated rob reynolds says this report from ventura county. fire is ripping through southern california with high winds driving columns of flame and smoke from the mountains to the sea. tens of thousands of homes are threatened many have already been destroyed my friend's house is totally bundt i don't know but my you're fearful that your house will burn yes. ok.
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very. residents of the wealthy seaside enclave of malibu are fleeing under a mandatory evacuation order the fires sprang up thursday night the source is still not known but intense wind gusts rapidly spread the blaze through bone dry chaparral and brush into communities how we got the bag and i said no i'm not going to remember storms have done what you think you became a good parent a huge tower of smoke rose thousands of meters into the sky and the smoke made air quality hazardous for people with respiratory problems california's acting governor gavin newsom has declared a state of emergency and while authorities say most people heeded their warnings and evacuated when they were told to we are also told by authorities that there have been some deaths firefighters are working desperately to keep up with the fast
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moving widespread blazes when you have forty fifty sixty mile an hour winds blowing fire at your heels the importance is to get people out of harm's way and get them to safety. in northern california the town of paradise turned to hell overnight these incredible pictures show a. medo wildfire raging there the entire town is believed to have been destroyed twenty seven thousand people fled the area twenty year old colton person field shot this video as he drove through hellish conditions outside paradise he somehow made it to safety severe fires have ravaged large areas of california since october of last year now the state is once more witnessing nature's fury at its worst robert oulds al-jazeera westlake village calif decades of conflict between me and mars
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army and ethnic groups in the west and current state of displaced tens of thousands of people some refugees have been returning home but they're facing new difficulties as they settle florence louis as mall. a taste of peace and law keiko resettlement village near myanmar's border with thailand was built to house mostly ethnic displaced by conflict between ethnic groups and the myanmar military many have let to thailand over the past decades. but since two thousand and sixteen some of them have been returning home driven partly by diddling funding for refugee camps in thailand and the prospects for peace in myanmar those who've gone back however find that life is just as difficult. as nice for me now rice and charcoal i would buy food but i have no money now. work is hard to come by also was one of the first to be resettled here after living as
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a refugee in time for eight years. proved expand then the village will be better for jobs it depends on the local government they will manage it for us a donor organization has set up an agriculture center to train villages and provide employment that. we can take care of everything we. have to help themselves to what we already provide housing water and electricity. so is the village chief and right now he has his hands for the water pump has broken down and there's not enough drinking water to go around plans for another group of refugees to return to this month have been put on hold which is just as well says paul who's been living in a refugee camp in thailand for nearly ten years. i don't think i want to go back right now i want to work on the thai site and save more money. but with funding cuts
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affecting camps in thailand that decision may not be hers to make florence louis. three million venezuelans have escaped the country's economic and political crisis since twenty fifteen many walks thousands of kilometers through colombia crossing the andes mountain range in search of a better life is. wrapped in a blanket in four months pregnant. been walking for eight hours after school known as the ice box. this has been the hardest to have our companions passed out. the freezing air makes each step harder and this dangerous pass just one hundred kilometers from the border with. yet she says she needs to keep going. i'm doing this for my other children a five year old girl and a two and a half i'm a single mother and things in venezuela get worse every day no food no medicine no
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life. left for three days ago hoping to reach her sister in the colombian city of out of seven hundred kilometers away along the route she joined other migrants all poorly equipped for this weather carrying the few belongings they have in a. jacket her knee hurts but she keeps limping along. for me i'm also here for my son he got me when giantess and venezuela and i didn't even have the money for the vaccine more than three million have fled poverty hunger in crime in their country since two thousand and fifteen in one of the biggest migrations in the world today hundreds of thousands are still walking to the continent it's a dangerous journey and its toll remains largely invisible. in office as registered. to migrants from the cold but it's unclear just
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how many might have died because nobody is really keeping track of the death or the missing along this route. and there's little formal help along the way way and i can use this to cover your nose mouth and neck the colombian red cross set up an assistance point at the start of the trick here migrants receive help in health services but the most important thing is information but of course. they don't know what they have to face or where to go most have never crossed the border but by the end of the day liane and her group reach the top of the mountain there's nowhere to stay and temperatures are dropping by the minute. and soldiers help lidiane in haiti get a lift to the closest city the rest decide to continue on foot now they're saying if you must have faith that will work on the boat. where deal sleep tonight they don't know but with no other option they can only press on i listen to them.
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are they willing. we should all be here in doha you're watching al-jazeera these are your top stories the turkish president says he should order your recordings linked to the death of the journalist jamal khashoggi in istanbul with saudi arabia the u.s. and european countries to mr made the comments as he left for paris where he's expected to meet the u.s. president donald trump leaders from seventy countries are gathering in the french capital to mark one hundred years since the end of the first world war the u.s. president is the latest to arrive he met his french counterpart emmanuel macron the to discuss the scale of european funding for nato and they agreed more detail is needed from saudi arabia in the case of jamal khashoggi. and that seems to be having an impact on the u.s.
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approach to the war in yemen washington says it will no longer provide refueling for saudi an iraqi military planes involved in the conflict the us defense secretary james mattis says the decision was made in riyadh after he was consulted it comes before a potentially divisive saudi arabia in the u.s. congress next week. is following that story from nearby djibouti this is not the main heart of the support that is sold in that correlation gets from the united states but it has been the most divisive because of the massive civilian casualties witnessed in yemen kind of out by the sooty. correlation now they are other aspects of the support that the united states is giving this thirty led coalition including the sale of arms as well as. the sharing of intelligence including the positions in various parts of the country which they've been targeting ok right up to speed with all the top stories the news continues on
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al-jazeera front seats some are brought in early from seven. the un's man in charge of middle east and north africa has refugee crisis is that the end is still not in sight the world doesn't act like that in class or some other countries bottles or does not look like that and there ought to be a new order to make that contribution is better than sharing more it with the i mean i was talks to al-jazeera he lost the house of representatives to the democrats in tuesday's midterm elections and on wednesday he fired his attorney general and stripped a white house reporter of his press pass is a truck presidency entering a new and dangerous phase in this upfront special i'll ask one of the u.s. president's advisers.
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steven rogers thanks for joining me up front president trump said that these midterm elections would be quote a referendum on him given the democrats won back control of the house of representatives after eight years and they won the house popular vote by seven percentage points nationwide the american people seem to have rejected him. well i have to dispute that because the president's party one key gubernatorial races in battleground states that are going to be very important we're talking about florida iowa ohio very important the twenty twenty alexion that's number one number two when president obama was in office he lost sixty three seats in a midterm clinton forty some seats president trump only about twenty three so the trend was always the president in power would lose seats but the key here and we can't miss this point was the united states senate that is what the republican party focused on because therein lies your control of bringing nominees in for the
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u.s. supreme. court to get he definitely held on to the senate what's interesting though is he campaigned for senate candidates in wisconsin montana ohio pennsylvania all states he won in twenty sixteen and yet those candidates lost in every single one of those states and senate races you mentioned governors' races kansas his close ally kris kobach a state he won by twenty points stephen he lost i'm from. kansas where you learn some in politics and you know you it's very difficult to transfer the popularity and the voting public for one candidate to another so i would reject the fact that this was a repudiation of the president made a record about himself stephen i didn't let me also say that his response to these midterms was to fire his attorney general jeff sessions on on wednesday an attorney general he's been publicly attacking for months now because sessions didn't stop a special counsel investigation into the trumped campaign's alleged ties with
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russia isn't firing the attorney general of the united states for nakedly political reasons at best an abuse of power obstruction of justice look i've been in law enforcement my whole life the attorney general sessions he didn't do his job very well he was not aggressive he didn't go after the d.n.c. he didn't go after hillary clinton would all that we know about her and by the way he should have that mean session should have been gone. front with the president about his conversations or his involvement somehow with russia which caused him to a recluse himself he wasn't honest with the president sort of president was patient and that was the time to say as he did it's funny that in defending the second you're basically admitting it was political you're saying he didn't go off to the president's opponents he didn't go off to the democrats which is not the job of an attorney general to just go off to the president's opponents if barack obama's election campaign was being investigated by the justice department for its ties to a foreign government and obama had then fired the attorney general the day after the last crucial bit you know policy would have gone nuts wouldn't it how can you not see the hypocrisy hey stephen roach is he he did this wasn't
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a political move the attorney general just doesn't get it all he said he did go off to the democrats that's the definition of a liberal move well who who in who was involved think about this who was involved in that whole fiasco with the e-mails were clinton democrats or goodness sake now who was the republicans i would be telling you the same thing the attorney general did not do his job and that's why he is no longer attorney general this is a president who is also accused of running a quote racist nativist fear mongering midterm election campaign he ran a campaign video combining footage of an undocumented criminal who killed two cops with footage of central american migrants tearing down a fence rushing across the border as if they're all cop killers who the democrats want to let into the country an absolutely inflammatory so racist that even loyal folks news decided to pull it from the airwaves absolute nonsense declaring that as racists everything look a picture and words are ok you can't change what's going on there now you said i
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work with military intelligence and law enforcement you would be surprised what's coming across the border you've got children that are not with their parents you've got drug traffickers you've got people perhaps bringing weapons across the border that they're trying to divert the fact that the president is trying to protect this country and the fact that they complain about his term invasion it is an invasion all right it isn't it a. asian and of an army aren't even going to look at it and invasion people asking for asylum is not an invasion by any definition of the us is a good and you were in the nation so you should know that well i do know that and i've got to tell you it's an invasion of people who should not be coming here other than come here legally and they all got seven hundred miles away even if they were invading their not very close to doing it any time soon one of the very well the white house or of one thing was a hoax to use donald trump there but he hasn't mentioned it since the election fox news channel you regularly appear to stop talking about the kind of funny that the caravan just disappeared from the headlines the morning off to the midterms how convenient i'll tell you how it disappeared from the headlines or by the way they
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could have got asylum in mexico and they turned it down it disappeared from the headlines because the mainstream media is making it disappear we find out that they're more interested in what just recently or running only think about the care of that's a child you are parents don't play with the babes tree well who controls who controls folks who controls little your trouble rupert murdoch you tell me who controls the media you want to tell us about who you think control is going to get yeah the mainstream media are right the mainstream media is controlled by a lot of liberals and they are ready to control their nipples let me ask you this question to folks refused to run this ad you say it's not a racist at fox refused to run it the networks pulled it down you know who praised the caravan and called the mosque a piece look at fox news for whatever reason why their editorial board pulled it i don't know ok but as you know you this raised the ad as a must to piece no don't do the film a grand wizard of the ku klux klan well call the adam muscle of i wonder what appealed to him about that non-racist ad david duke is
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a racist he has no place and no worry agree on ministration of the president we agree that it raises so why is that much well look at there are people that will praise things that complete for their own political agenda we can't control what people think and what they say but you don't hear the president of the united states making racist remarks at. some people are trying to leave really others to believe his own soul but michael cohen who worked for trump for more than a decade has said that trump told him black people are too stupid to vote for me that's not a racist remark in your view the donald trump did you hear donald trump say that not michael cullen i was i may be so we're going to believe a guy that wants to cooperate with law enforcement they get us so i got a good chance as it defines us and i i've i've i've had people work for me for many years and you've got to be creeps and you don't think going on about george soros is rolled in a caravan that he had no role in at a time when george soros is being targeted by racists who support donald trump that's not racist anti-semitic in any way. at the end of the day when we were
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measuring the would a person is doing we have to we have to not listen so much to the media hype and just listen to the words coming out of their mouth and i think now listening to the president just one last question on the video it's not just racist in the eyes of many people it was completely false it was a lie the guy in the ad the cult killer was last allowed back into the country not on the democrats but on the george w. bush you know that don't you yes that's a fact that's a fact i want to point out was a light said the democrat wasn't in it was it wasn't because it was on their bush and it was on their obama you know as i said clinton but that's not what the ad said said but as you know the i would say well but it doesn't make it until two cups that's not true that's false doesn't make it a lie doesn't make it a lie the things people thought so you have to let me laugh and then he said he wanted to kill caught more cops yes democrat yes let him back into killed as cops know george w. bush let him back and you agree with me i'm not sure that's the facts but under the obama administration because of very liberal rules and regulations regarding
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immigration this guy was allowed to run free so you know what let's degree on this they're all you agree with me on a lot of comedy and video was false to say the democrats let him back into the country when it was blood all about oh my god i don't know what all of that's take a poll as i'm confused what you mean not at all he was let in on to george w. bush not on to the democrats came in but he was a video is falls out of donald trump's video defending was false. but he was allowed to run free on there was a different algorithms a lot of us in the video said the democrats let him in they didn't say they let him run free they said they let him in it was george w. bush who let him in last which he killed two cops why did the video say that i'm not going to look at i'm not going to argue that point with you and we both ended up with all those parties are responsible that's a different argument i'm asking about the full city of it and just on this idea of kind of safety and security you're a former naval man you talk about migrants invading the u.s. presumably you think doubleton wants to protect the us the attacks that we've seen
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in recent weeks in the us an attempt to bomb attacks on twelve people that don't trump targeted a massacre in a synagogue. shoot these attacks would not carried out by anyone who came in on a caravan whether they were all homegrown american terrorists. absolutely ok but you're not you're not hearing about and in some. instances you're hearing about the trial child traffickers the children who are here to be sold to others drug. cartel feeding that i was wondering why don't trump sends troops to a border for caravans seven hundred miles away for security purposes meanwhile in the u.s. domestic terrorists are killing jews in synagogues we don't hear so much outrage well protection incident from your polity on the i'll answer that question it's the same answer that we try to find regarding chicago with the toughest gun laws in the country liberal democrat socialist policies of the strong this country there's no
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more rule of law because of whatever you got at liberty i mean i have no knowledge of anything i mean they are now in charge of the house but for the past two years trump is controlled every branch of government in those two years anti semitic attacks have gone up. because dogs have gone up attacks have gone up on the number of white nationalist groups have gone up as you know as a former intelligence is that a coincidence that this all happened on donald trump look complete coincidence steven rogers and the number and the number of police officers have been. shops that have gone up so you can't blame president trump for all of the ills that are going on these are democrat socialist policies i know i know you do it socialist policies have led to an increase in neo i'll tell you what it is over the last two years. i'll tell you where the source was a lot of socialism since they have homes in the mail it was a trump it was a little oil developed trouble supporters who went to the rallies hot and he sent pipe bombs to twelve people who trump targeted by name. these are nuts these are crazy enough to. work with and we look at we can't
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stop people from supporting the things we do we can't stop people who look at our t.v. stations that a lot of nuts watch us or you know that you can stop accepting violent hate filled things that are inciting these people if trump stop saying globalist stop blaming george soros for caravans stop talking about how he likes to reporters who a beaten up and stops talking about enemies of the people maybe some people wouldn't take those words and turn to violence as well maybe you have maxine waters eric holder and the rest of the democrat who is true would stop doing the same thing really ok if you want to me if you can you point to me a terrorist attack carried out by a supporter of maxine waters please well you know what the terrorist attack all right could be small or big i think going into a restaurant and you have your wife and kids their equivalent of a eleven if you wish what i think what happened down seriously i think no no no i read it if i'm not saying it's a quote sounds on raising it because because you're saying that what people are saying a little bit and saying that maxine waters is never inspired in any way
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a terrorist attack i must you to clarify for me and you all you've got is rest. they've they've they've inspired violence what happened recently with tucker carlson's home a teacher went to his home and terrorized you want to use or terror terrorize the wife and kids an example you're telling me you would hope is being sent in the mail to all of them is worse not and stop raising if it's not the same thing let me also say this let's just let's circle back as we finish this interview about to the midterms are we going to see a change donald trump post these midterms post these losses in the house governor losses or is it impossible for donald trump to change given changing political circumstances well i think he already indicated and he has been consistent about this reaching across the aisle will he change he will not change with regard to his determination to keep america first but saying that even they have had some olive branch. is thrown across the aisle to the republicans and to the president so maybe
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just maybe and maybe we could at least hope for this that they'll all come together and do what's right for the country the democrats want to be successful the president is a strong willed individual he's been successful so far hopefully everybody's going to come together and do what's right for the country under his leadership see even religious and not know we'll have to leave it that thanks for joining me on up front. it's a pleasure thank you very much. on tuesday american voters delivered a check on president donald trump's power with the opposition democrats retaking control of the house of representatives for the first time in eight years but the senate remained in the hands of the republicans who increased their majority so what could democrats actually now do to rein in this president who just fired his attorney general joining me to discuss this all a sabrina siddiqi political reporter for the guardian u.s. based in washington d.c. the staff writer for the atlantic covering american politics and policy from florida rick wilson republican political strategist trouble critic and author of the book everything is diaries thank you all for joining me. sabrina to start with
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you the attorney general just session straight after these midterm results came in is the united states in the middle of a constitution of course on the verge of a constitutional crisis where we are where are we on the crisis spectrum well the president left little doubt that the reason he fired jeff sessions was because of his frustration with the rush hour probe he said that jeff sessions the decision he made to recuse himself because sessions had not disclosed his own contacts with the russians during the twenty sixteen campaign trump said that was his primary source of i or he obviously wants more control over the direction of this investigation i think it's the first step that he's laid out in the path toward potentially firing the special counsel that of course is what i think would trigger then that your constitutional crisis and i don't think anyone is holding their breath about the prospect of republicans taking any action to rein this president in. a big piece for the atlantic about how jeff sessions is cracking down on civil rights eroding
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civil rights in this country which is what trump basically wanted him to do an issue that he had with jeff sessions a lot of people on the left are happy to see jeff sessions go on but they're not happy the way he's been got rid of the reasons he's got it's not fair to say others it's fair to say. a lot of them seem to be tempering. optimism because it all depends who will be named as jeff sessions real successor it's very possible that we could have even more trump asst type who goes into that office who is a loyalist who is going to crack down more at the border and who is going to advocate more sort of open police brutality as sessions and trump have done really well so you made a name for yourself being a critic of your own party in this age of trump the democrats now control the house of representatives do you have faith in your former opponents the democrats do you have faith that nancy pelosi the new speaker elect that this party is right for
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this moment is able to hold to account in the way that you clearly want him to be held to account. well i think we have to hope that they're confident in their gauging in serious and probing efforts to hold truck to account across the whole spectrum of issues not only the russia pro but the corruption the syndicate throughout this of ministration and look i would have preferred as a conservative i prefer conservator already did their job but the conservative majority declined to do their job they declined to act like a co-equal branch of government for two and a half years and instead they acted as if they work for donald trump and so they face the electoral consequences of that because they have right now the republicans are complicit in donald trump's behavior and his is lawbreaking and explain to a global audience watching the show how much of a obstacle the democrats faced in terms of the voting system in terms of the voter laws we saw a long lines at some polling stations in places like georgia how hard was it for
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the democrats to win this just win this majority in the house given the way that the election system is set up in this country why i think explaining all the difficulties in our lesson system we may not have enough time to do that but if you look at it from beginning to end say what it takes for a voter in georgia to get to the polls you have to register which is not a universal thing across different countries you have to have voter id has to be strict photo voter id in georgia you know they had lots of difficulties with people who were voting absentee who were mail in ballots there were polling places that have shifted. under secretary of state brian camp george is close something in order of ten percent of all the polling locations in the last five years so lots of people really rural states have to travel longer now to go vote and that's all before we get to the long lines before we get to now there is a there are thousands of provisional ballots that have just been placed in a box there are people who are saying listen i was running for governor in georgia
11:40 pm
was running the election we have multiple states now where secretaries of state who are administering their elect. and there are also running for governor just very interested as you cool us elections freedom for no. i don't think the justice department will consider. the question i have is all the democrats up to this moment nancy pelosi the speaker elect is now taking charge again of the house she said on election night we're going to react with bipartisanship is going to be a bipartisan marketplace of ideas a lot of democrats are thinking hold on you know these elections don't look so free and you know far the attorney general there could be is this really the moment to be trying to do business as usual trying to go but the good old days of bipartisanship when some would argue the american republic the american democracy is at stake well that pledge of bipartisanship will fall apart at the moment that the president tweets something outrageous and then it takes democrats on a different track he's constantly talked up a big game about pursuing
11:41 pm
a bipartisan infrastructure deal we haven't seen a serious proposal from the white house in nearly two years now i think the challenge for democrats is really going to be staying on message and not going after every shiny object because as we know the president is very limited what is the message while i think that one is going to be restoring a check and balance through the investigative powers that congress has which gives already to subpoena documents and witnesses the white house is preparing for an onslaught of investigations it's not just about the firing of james komi potentially jeff sessions and interfere with the mother probe it's also looking into his business dealings in moscow potentially subpoenaing his tax returns with supposedly has not seen misuse of taxpayer dollars by several cabinet officials in this administration looking at some of the ethics violations potentially in the white house the way that the trump organization has potentially profited off the office that the family now holds and if anything what that does is it reinforces many of the avenues that republicans did not pursue because they did not want to
11:42 pm
pick a fight with the president that may now well change is there anything that came out of these midterms this week that you think will give republicans pause make them think you know what maybe we shouldn't souls to the trump wagon as closely as we have. well a lot of the folks to have had a pause already were forty four retirements and now well under thirty five defeats those folks have all learned. better where you fall on the spectrum donald trump is political poison unless you are in the deepest of red areas where we don't have many swing seat republicans left anymore and will hurt in texas one of the only ones who survived almost everybody else who either opposed trump that he was insulting from the podium like me a lawyer across her bellow. or who strongly favor trump like kris kobach they got their tails handed to them and the fact of the matter is once you become somebody who is not defined by principles or policies or politics of the republican party of
11:43 pm
the conservative movement you become to find out what comes out of donald trump's twitter feed that day you become contingent upon donald trump's rise and fall given every mood and at every impulse he has and so a lot of people learned that lesson in the party and they don't understand. why the power he has over the base so shrunken as it is has remained so strong no matter what happens the they can't understand that they are in a cult now not a party. indeed really you mentioned the democrats shouldn't chase off the shiny objects people who have chased off the shiny objects are reporters i think it's fair to say how much is donald trump being able to play the media and how much is going to change before the next election in twenty twenty the challenge is that and the media has this argument that he's the present united states and so his words matter now there's no question that that's true but you look at the way in which we've been talking now about his war with the media a day after he fired the attorney general which was the day after his party
11:44 pm
suffered significant losses in the midterms is a distraction from the distraction from the midterms so i think what the media is going to have to continue to try and refocus on some of the themes that have been that have prevailed during the course of the trumpet ministration one of them is of course this question. of the russia probe and the potential obstruction of justice at the white house but the other for it comes back down to this idea of the breakdown of norms and the threat that he has posed to the democratic process and to the institutions that are so vital to this country and i think that oftentimes we do get back to that conversation but i wouldn't hold any or i wouldn't hold my hopes in the media not still getting distracted by the tweets i think that's going to challenge and so democrats are going to have to kind of work within that construct and try and rise above that conversation and it's even worse than the destruction of from my perspective tommy from being a for unfair quote unquote the liberal media in the u.s. doesn't know how to cover a president who basically is openly authoritarian openly nationalist openly violating the norms that sabrina mentions the media almost wants to go back to
11:45 pm
business is usually only trump would behave a little bit normal they would play along and they just don't quite know how to cope with this guy will it seems to me the so much of liberal media mainstream media whatever you want to call it has been used to covering politics as if it were already reality t.v. as it were a grand game in that over the palace intrigue. they frame everything as sort of a debate between equals and to consider everything that's. not if not in good faith to be actually advanced in the purpose of winning the game. you have somebody like trump who has very sort of existence is predicated upon being in front of reality the cameras to ward rigging that game towards what he wants to do and he knows that he can go and say something that's totally false and not be called on it last question i know you're a regular on cable news so sorry to put you in this difficult position but jeff
11:46 pm
zucker head of c.n.n. said recently when we stop covering trump our ratings go down surely that's trump's greatest weapon going into the twenty twenty reelection campaign trump is the center of america's political dialogue that you can't look away from it. i think the point is correct that the networks are have a lot of trouble confronting it they don't know how to cover a reality t.v. star they don't know how to cover someone who who really is an amoral liar most of the time he doesn't is no sense of shame and the and the degree to which he's willing to deceive the american people is unprecedented you know it makes nixon look like a piker and so we end up with a situation where the networks they can't look away there's always a train wreck and it is legitimately newsworthy to watch a president drag the american people you know toward a situation where they're not looking at this is republicans or democrats but they're looking at us as people who are worshipping an authoritarian want to be on one hand the people who are fighting against it on the other it's we we live in
11:47 pm
a remarkable moment in our history and it has to be covered rick sabrina van thank you all for joining me on up front that's our show up front will be back next week . it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and nice sheet name off trashing you know the next not insignificant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that insignificant even as a crime gag a very significant by dictating big government if they fucked up policy. of the radicalized series on al-jazeera.
11:48 pm
after one of greece's deadliest forest fires turned a blissful coastal town into a bloody hell people in power whether the flames would find point institutional incompetence the number one responsibility of could be. this was not an accident it was a crime for many the fire is the real symbol the grease is big enough to take the but still serves. on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm hasn't. come to the newsgroup turkey's president says he's shared already a recording of what happened inside the saudi consulate the day jim after shoji was
11:49 pm
murdered with saudi arabia and the u.s. among others. says the kingdom knows who killed a saudi journalist and should stop stalling the investigation. but i came to remember fallen soldiers from a century ago but can these two leaders bridge the current transatlantic divide behind the head. shakes and smiles as presidents trump and mccraw meet in paris on the eve of commemorations to mark the end of the first world war. california burning tens of thousands of people are left homeless and at least nine people are killed as wildfires tear through the u.s. state one fire sent flames barreling through the pristine beach town of malibu and flash floods in jordan killed at least eleven people and forced thousands to evacuate look at all the online reaction and ahead of the one that's correct us about the show using the hash tag a.j. his spread.
11:50 pm
hello you're with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live on al-jazeera dot com turkey's president wretched time putting more pressure on saudi arabia now it's a come clean about the murder of journalist. a turkey have been saying for weeks that it has these recordings and details of what's on them see the turkish media for much of the last month but this is the first time it's been openly confirmed now leaders around the world will get to hear it for themselves he's. competed we have shared the recordings with saudi arabia the americans the british the germans with everyone they've listened to the conversations on those recordings they know what's been said there's no point in distorting this fact among the fifteen suspects they know who the murderer is all murderers are and sunday arabia can bring all this to light by making those fifteen suspects speak all right let's
11:51 pm
go straight now to john who has been following the. story closely now for over a month he joins us from istanbul so jim out what should we read into the timing of this from the turkish president. well it is another turn or twist in this case is going on for more than a month it seems that the turkish president is increasing the pressure not just on the saudi regime but also on its closest allies those who have the greatest influence on it namely the united states but also the united kingdom by naming both of those countries they are the saudis key suppliers of military where they are the crows is the kingdom's closest allies and this comes just ahead of the one traveling where he will be meeting with the u.s. president in the next couple of days and possibly also other european officials as well so the timing is extremely significant what it wholesale shows is that maybe
11:52 pm
the turkish president is losing a bit of patience with how not just reluctant the saudis have been in terms of admitting what they've been doing but just how many times they've changed their story so it went from initial denial to knowing anything about what happened to jamal khashoggi to an admittance of killing kim will be it's by mistake and then a rogue operation and then there was this claim by the foreign minister the foreign minister a rather odd little bit of saudi arabia who said that the body when the turks demanded that the saudis hand over the body they said well the body was disposed of using the local collaborator and now the president says that even this story the saudis have done a u. turn on and proven that they were lying all along so significant statement that the president make significant timing that he's made it and we're going to see how that's going to translate in terms of other statements coming out from world leaders in the next twenty four hours or forty eight hours has him and his turkey
11:53 pm
taking in a risk in doing this at all by sharing these recordings with other leaders and now open e. openly acknowledging at the highest level that they secretly recorded conversations inside another country's consulate. oh oh. well it's important to note they haven't admitted that they were secretly recorded anything they just say they have recordings we're not sure of the nature of these recordings how they were recorded there was initially that theory that it was recorded on his apple watch will be if people said that it was it was not impossible but maybe probable or improbable rather there was ideas that maybe the backup servers of the c.c.t.v. cameras that were inside recorded were not quite sure all could very well be that the turkish intelligence agencies were tapping but the fact that they have shared that with the international community with the united states and other countries in the saudis themselves would make you assume that actually it's came from a legitimate way otherwise the saudis possibly would have been up in arms about it
11:54 pm
because the dark said that they actually shared this with the saudis and maybe there would have been more repercussions or maybe because of the gravity and the severity of the crime that that overshadows how the evidence was gathered and therefore there is you know no point talking about how it was established because it was just so horrific what's happened in strikes and so many different. breaking so many different laws not used obviously international laws with regards to what's governs diplomatic missions so you could see it as a risk but it's always been a high stakes game has if you're talking about the saudis sending in the death squads using members of crown prince who have been some months most trusted circle you're talking about the use of a diplomatic mission to lure in a citizen who wasn't even wanted by the police of that song country you're talking about dismembering of dissolving possibly the bodies so it's such a high stakes and i don't want to use words like game essentially but sometimes yes
11:55 pm
that starts maybe they are taking a risk but so far every step of the way they have been the one who have been in the driving seat with regards to how this story has developed all right jim thanks very much jim attaché a life force in istanbul turkey president he's on his way to paris right now where he is expected to meet with the u.s. president donald trump speaking to reporters in france trump and french president emanuel mccraw cold on saudi arabia to be more transparent regarding his show. has more from the capital. the murder of the saudi journalist about how she was on the top of the meeting between french president manuel and the u.s. president john all trumpet both spoke about the need for saudi arabia to provide more details about the murder but they also said they were concerned about any destabilisation in the region is basically this saying they're concerned that the ramification of this crisis could destabilize saudi arabia which they consider to
11:56 pm
be a question like in the region have however they also said that the were hoping that the fallout from this crisis would pave the way for a political. and a peaceful end to the crisis in yemen and this explains why the u.n. was hoping to see a meeting between the different warring factions in yemen soon in sweden this the murder is definitely going to be on top of the agenda of the meetings that turkish president was of. will have here in paris particular where the u.s. president donald trump has been trying to build up international support against saudi arabia because as far as the turkish government is concerned saudi arabia has not been fully cooperating with the turkish investigators and they are still insist son eurabia should say who gave the order to kill.
11:57 pm
or small set is the research director at the anchor institute and a former adviser to former turkish prime minister ahmed dubber toller he says the order recording is the most important evidence that turkey has in the high shoghi case. just after this you know horrendous killing happened in saudi consulate in istanbul and turkey was just giving leaking the evidence is step by step starting from the very first day and i think this is a very important point to release this is the most important you know the golden shot if you want to describe it this is very clear and very firm evidence that that this is a crime committed in the saudi consulate and this is the recording which was shared with the americans and the europeans as well suppose that that is the there is no recording over there ok but what we have mr jamal khashoggi enter into the saudi consulate he's not there right now nobody knows where he is saudis at the outset
11:58 pm
were just denying it when he's in the consulate and then he already confessed. mr cash it was killed inside and that's why even if suppose that there is no recording there's a crime over then and how these accepted this what should be done right now is turkey shouldn't be left alone against the saudis the americans the europeans should be stand by together a saudi arabia's former spy chief says the kingdom will never allow an international investigation into the matter prince turki al-faisal says he expects jerry arabia will fully investigated and says there was no coverup. the kingdom is proud of its legal system. it will never accept. foreign interference in that system as other countries have refused to allow. international tribunals to vesa gate horrific acts that have happened either on their soil or elsewhere committed by their citizens so the kingdom. is not
11:59 pm
going to to accept an international tribunal to look into. something that is saudi and the saudi goodish and system is sound it is up it's running and it will take its course all over the last five weeks the murder of jamal hashad he has tested the u.s. saudi relationship now the u.s. says it will stop refueling aircraft from the saudi led coalition battling who the rebels the saudi and erotic oldish and announce the decision after saying it can now resupply the jets themselves the trumpet ministration has been under pressure because of the humanitarian crisis in yemen on how that oh is following the story for us from nearby djibouti. so i mean what should we read into this decision and what practical effect is it going to have on the
12:00 am
conflict right now. or has been very little effect it doesn't mean that it's. going to. be less because so d.n.a. bia have been. refueling in the while on the flight out of life flight craft of its own that are carrying out the current. operation in yemen what the united states and the saudi government are saying is that this is a coordinated agreement so they have b.s.a. that has now the capacity to refuel its craft and that is.


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