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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 45  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2018 6:33am-7:01am +03

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will happen when they finally reach the border remains unclear yet i'll just see them. well thousands of people have been protesting in the italian capital rome against racism and the government's stance on immigration that angry over a new order which could result in the tightening of immigration regulations and limits the right to asylum one of the protesters was demanded mayor of the southern town of reaction who was suspended as a result of his policy of welcoming refugees. don't you think robert. i'm here because i am part of these people who follow a dream of humanity to protest against the hatred the fascists in the racist drift it's a merging not only in italy but also in europe because of my personal situation that of my city which has shown that a different type of reception of migrants respect for human rights and human dignity are possible. was a muse from sri lanka where the largest party says it will mount a legal fight against the president's shock decision to dismiss the parliament and call a snap election my palace here is saner has been struggling to stem
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a political crisis triggered when he sacked his prime minister and replaced him with a controversial former president sarah saner is now called for an election on january fifth but his opponents say he's violating the constitution and acting like a tyrant when elfin and as reports from colombo. sacked ministers have complained to the elections chief about the snuffles this is a legal act and there is no constitutional provision to call an election at this stage and therefore we complain and. we had a discussion with the commission. they will act according to law and the constitution of the new government is defending the president by saying he acted in keeping with the constitution the proximate reason for this is the conflict that the legislature and the executive. was it being for. which was promoted by the
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speaker of the house the nineteen the men went to the constitution was passed by the citizen of become a singer combine in two thousand and fifteen to strengthen parliament but critics like those behind me say the president has undermined the institution with his actions to force the spend and then dissolve parliament demonstrators who've been here every evening since the crisis began see the president's actions and democratic i would say it is a total beatrice year into jail in that country has been betrayed this is why feet but others are happy with what's happened the bedouin bad that the moment of a moment. of mr advice the good in that. they're doing no harm then some day then this low the only when the president has taken a career i had my eye because this is my country and i want to save my country
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a number of petitions challenging the president's actions are expected to be submitted to the supreme court on monday when if an end as al-jazeera colomba. for this our two greatest nations in federation cup history go head to head in the czech capital prague that's coming up and spoke with andy. when a parent loses their child to a terminal illness. they often feel that they've taken on the weight of the world. but mr huang is determined to find out what caused his daughter's death and brought him such heartache. the story of a committed parent turned activist a father's protest part of the viewfinder asian series on al-jazeera.
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stories of life. and inspiration. as a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera selects hunted. i mean here now the u.s. . thank you so much marion will japan's loss of one the asian
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champions league for the first time i drew the second leg of the final against iran's persepolis no mail in iran enough for a sunil aggregate victory backed by close to eighty thousand fans it is obvious that the setlist read here aiming to become the first iranian team in twenty five years to win this consonantal title of the eight some japanese champions but standing the pressure to get the result they needed to lift the most important trophy there is in asian club football our correspondent zain asher avi is the game for us. well it wasn't the result a persepolis fans had been hoping for but even though the iranian home team lost many fans are saying that it was still a big night for iranian football the fact that iranian her team made it to the final the fact that the asian champions league final was played in teheran and old many here are saying that those are already major milestones watch and i don't want
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to finally duel it was one of the best games ever everyone around the world saw a rainy and culture and saw how we are considerate people even though we lost the game we cheered for our players until the very last minute and we are showing people around the world we are proud iranians. but it is sure to haunt the twenty. fourth. as the action got started inside the stadium perhaps the real struggle for a victory was happening outside the gates while tens of thousands of people were taking their seats inside to see their football heroes take to the pitch no more than a few hundred women outside a side gate tried desperately to get in to see the game iran has strict rules forbidding women from attending football games in public and rules have been relaxed in the past on a case by case basis but this time only three hundred seats out of seventy eight thousand were reserved for iranian women who were by all accounts handpicked to attack it means many diehard fans were left outside the stadium to root for their
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team from far beyond the sidelines. the first leg of south america's cup of liberty there was final has been delayed for twenty four hours due to heavy rain the game between argentinian rivals baka juniors and river plate is now set to take place on sunday our correspondent daniel schorr and that was at baucus bomb bonaire stadium . after the great expectation the long count down the first leg of the copa libertadores final between booker juniors and river plate has been suspended because of heavy rain has been tipping down or mourning the calm a ball of the the authorities were out on the pitch trying to kick a ball they found that they couldn't there was a slowing them down they suspended the game for twenty four hours until sunday afternoon the bedraggled fans are heading home to dry out their book the junior shirts to return again on sunday afternoon to try to get this normal weighted final the first couple of but the door is final between two teams of the same country
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these great rivals buckley jr is a river plate to start again that weather permitting on sunday afternoon thousands of leicester city fans have been paying tribute to the club's former owner as the team played its first home game since the death since his death in a helicopter crash which i was in a private was one of five people to die in the accident last month. on the thai business means ownership the club one the english premier league title in twenty six they made started that season is five thousand so warm outside is less they're going to draw no mail in saturday's game against burnley i think it was important to have says communion communion with our our fans. and to give to give our best to an hour. and. i would like to say a pound of above my pay about their performance about their mentality is the scary
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. rugby world champions new zealand staged a stunning comeback to beat england at london's twickenham stadium england had taken a fifteen point lead after tries from chris ashton and dylan hartley a try for the all blacks by they mean mckenzie combined with the boots of biden barrett's saw them eventually going on to claim a sixteen to fifteen win. you know to be there in fifteen no. hostile environment with approval. syrian on point on the on of probably not doing q. is. in the weather conditions and i wasn't in juice of to bring out apply really busy work do so. you know the boys start work sometimes a game lodge and sometimes the game doesn't love it and begin to accept that if you stay in the fight long enough to gain a luvvie. and we're bedstand the fight so will get some love from the game for the
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day and try barry formula one world champion lewis hamilton is in pole position for sunday's brazilian grand prix it was hamilton's tense pole in a season that's already seen in iraq a fifth drivers' championship ask is for all your rival sebastian vettel is being investigated after crashing the stewards during qualifying. ferrari were. there in really quick a week in the last three races that were pretty quick and so it's going to take something quite special. to overhaul them today is obviously so close between us so it was really just you needed one hundred percent not ninety nine so i was really happy with the lap that i did i think it's good to be as a team we did a great job to get a car where you know to get it to come to a balance the czech republic or in science a victory in tennis is fed cup final after taking it sooner or later over the usa abra streets of a got a country off to a winning start against the defending champions in prague i just one win away now from the sixth title. it's. the best men's tennis players are in london ahead
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of the season ending a.t.p. finals they briefly steps out of the chauffeur driven bubble and into the realities of a day to day commute in the english capital to help promote events roger federer is aiming for his one hundred singles title after bit too bright federer and his seven rivals for the trophy took a tour of the houses of parliament the action starts on sunday. i was a little over two hundred. we're going to leading young players are taking part in the next generation a.t.p. finals in italy and tensions are running out this is great place the pharmacists a past taking out his frustration on various subjects during his last four much his headphones while i may be out of action since a pass himself did still make it through to the fifth. and the miami heat inconsistent starts the new n.b.a.
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season is continuing they were beaten a hung by the indiana pacers here the pacers scoring the final twelve points in just under a minute and a half it's already had twenty two points and ten assists and lead indiana twelve. one to. sports looking for now let's get back to mary in the lovely andy thank you very much. but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with a full list of news for you a full round of the top stories coming up right shortly see in a bit. off
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to one of greece's deadliest forest fires turned a blissful coastal town into a bloody hell people in power asks whether the flames will find institutional incompetence the number one responsibility of keeping god is protecting the citizens was not an accident it was a crime that many of the five is the real symbol the book greece has become up to take a bit from the still staring of the font on al-jazeera and monday put it on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. it is murder
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when you throw a firebomb into someone's home and need sheet name off ration you know. that's not insignificant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as a crime gag down very significant by dictating the government and the fucked up policy he vows shall not kill the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera . the furniture.
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we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international networks months to be able to do with united nations people who are out there knowing one thai ryan reynolds. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. well. turkey's president says they've shared recordings related to the killing of jamal khashoggi with saudi arabia and the united states.
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so i'm maryanne demasi in london with al jazeera also coming up. pro-government forces seize her day dismayed hospital as the fight for yemen's main or city ramps up. leaders of germany and france mark one hundred years since the end of the first world war visiting the train carriage where the armistice was signed and the drinking water from the taps in chicago that could be pushing children at risk of brain damage. turkey's president says his authorities have shed recordings relating to the murder of jamal khashoggi with saudi arabia the united states britain france and germany
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but worship type of one has yet to confirm that turkey possesses ordeal of the actual killing of the journalist inside the saudi consulate in istanbul more than five weeks ago. has also spoken to u.s. president donald trump in paris where they are both attending commemorations marking the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war is that. it's the first time turkey has officially acknowledged the existence of recordings related to the murder of journalist. of the saga consulate in istanbul last month and the timing could not have been more telling just before stepping on a flight to paris and a potential meeting with donald trump president diane with field has shared the recordings with the u.s. saudi arabia france germany and the u.k. it was a move designed to put further pressure on the international community and the u.s.
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in particular to take concrete action against syria and these we have given the recordings to saudi arabia the americans the british the germans to everyone they've listened to the conversations on those recordings they know what's being said there's no point in distorting this fact amongst the fifteen they know who the murderer is or the murderers are and the saudi arabian administration can succeed in bringing this to light by making a fifteen speech. the turkish president did not say exactly what was the recordings but accuse the saudis of stalling the investigation and called on the kingdom to identify these killers. announcement we not have gone unnoticed as leaders gather to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war us president donald trump and french president eman well micron have their own agenda to deal with trying to overcome differences about european defense
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spending but the journalist death was not ignored they agreed saudi arabia must provide more details about his murder. a former saudi spy chief says the kingdom would never agree to an international investigation. the kingdom is proud of its legal system. it will never accept. foreign interference in that system as other countries have refused to allow. international tribunals to do this you gate horrific acts that have happened either on their soil or elsewhere committed by their citizens how do you do your system is it is up it's running. it will take its course police have now under the body it's widely suspected his remains dissolved in
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a sense that tookie seems concerned the u.s. and the european union may not be willing to push for a tough stance against saudi arabia given the look of weapons and business deals with the all writs kingdom but they're hoping that with codings might force the saudis to reveal who ordered the murder of possible al jazeera paris well before speaking to met president manual macron is possible while one commemorations leaders from seventy countries of course have been gathering in the french capital paris but for the american and french presidents it was also a chance to smooth over that disagreement the defense our diplomatic editor james bays reports now from paris. at the elisei palace they were in damage limitation mode just as he touched down in air force one president trumpet tweeted the president back rolls calls for a european army were very insulting as they met face to face the french president
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seemed keen to stress they were still on the same track france has for decades back further integrating the e.u.'s military resources but in a way that doesn't harm nato i do believe that my proposal for european and after the consistent with that because it means more europe was in that it need to mock fs and you know the day on the earth. would you say that in general. my attitude is good and we want to stay. in which ever way we can do it the best most efficient would be. plans for a formal meeting between president trump and president putin were dropped because the elysee palace doesn't want politics to overshadow a weekend of solemn commemoration but with president trump in town there's always controversy president trump who tweeted throughout his flight late into the night and again well before dawn at the last minute canceled a trip to
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a cemetery where more than two thousand u.s. marines a barrett the white house blamed logistics and the weather it has been drizzling a little here. the weather didn't stop other leaders justin trudeau the canadian prime minister did visit a cemetery in northern france and president joined the german chancellor angela merkel signing a note to remember it's in the same railway carriage north of paris where the armistice was agreed one hundred years ago ending a four year war cost as many as nineteen million more lives jamesburg zira powers. joins us live now from paris where of course world leaders continue to gather in those first world war commemorations and we know that the leaders have been meeting with each other hashim and perhaps most recently a meeting between the turkish president and u.s. president donald trump what do we know about what might have taken place.
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money on the you know and and most of the world leaders have left the venue was quite interesting that moment when the. turkish media started to receive the pictures from the meeting between trump who was sitting next to president. and also president and merkel of germany they were basically around the same table you can see those pictures of quartile looks like a cordial meeting both trump smiling and shaking hands then we don't know exactly what was the meeting about whether they had a chance to talk about some of those crucial things like the. sea and the strained relations between turkey and the united states of america but i think this is something that the murder of customers is definitely going to be topping the agenda
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although that meeting was a brief one president at of time before leaving and carla made it clear that he shared all the recordings about the the case of hotshots you work with the u.k. with france with germany and with saudi arabia and basically he's trying now to rally international support and earlier today for president in manuel mccrone and trump said that they want to saudi arabia to give more details about what happened to you but they also said that they were concerned that the case could further destabilize the region the i think they were having some concerns that if the case continues if the international pressure builds up that could provide or create further instability in saudi arabia but generally speaking i think this was a moment for many work leaders to try and speak and be on the same page about how
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to move forward particularly it comes to how to deal with saudi arabia we've seen many. a year later saying over the last few days the basically from own words they will try to speak as a one voice when it comes to any decision they will have to take against saudi arabia in the near future thank you very much with all the latest from paris. well the u.s. says that it will no longer help refuel at crawford the saudi m.r.c. coalition battling rebels in yemen a coalition now says it can refuel by itself as it comes under increasing pressure to end the war which has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis in the rebel held city of a data pro-government forces say they seized seized a major hospital that cost millions of people depend on that red sea port for food and aid mama does reports on this now from djibouti. they call themselves the brigade of giants in reality though they are called militia from southern yemen by
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the united arab emirates they are the frontline force in the battle for the strategic port city of kut they are supported by the sodium coalition air power. today with god's help we've been able to take over the fabric brothers industrial complex in the east of the city and in the next hours we have control of more areas of the city of her data victories coming read prayers for our fighters and for the injured. today though with its pull that brings in you and under the humanitarian aid has become the center of yemen's conflict with ground troops allied to the coalition struggling to drive out the hold the fighters controlling it this hospital on the outskirts of the city has been a bottle gun for the past five days hold the fighters took up positions on its roof to stop the coalition's offensive from this end of the city a toxin school some hospitals are quite common here with children on the frontline
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of violence and medics on able to cope with the influx of the wounded. in the last thirty minutes there were more than fifteen air strike fifteen this should be stopped immediately this is the last minute for the government specially for the city this is the wars in. the center and the killing and maiming of civilians including many children in the red sea city has soared in the last three months according to aid workers half a million people are fled the area since june when government forces first started to cup to the city but for many still in her day that there is no escape and little chance of outside help while the number of those remaining in her latest city is difficult to gauge you are not u.n.h.c.r. is worried that people needing to flee for safety are unable to do so their traps by military operations which are increasingly confining populations and come.


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