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tv   The Soviet Scar  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2018 9:00am-10:02am +03

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shouting up up up and going go up go up a co-op we were in the. temple so we were up we could see that the river was it was right. before taking with it a stream with a. king three minutes or four minutes that were for all the overall petra's flood channels worked as intended but the volume and intensity of a torrent four meters high tested the flood barriers to their limits numerous other areas were similarly affected the city of baquba declared a state of civil emergency and across the country the fatalities included two children and one of the divers engaged in the rescue efforts. at the as a searching incoming operations by the jordanian search and rescue teams and divers teams are still continuing backed by around forces john di maria public security
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personnel unfortunately the death figures have risen and include one of the civil defense divers in saudi arabia to friday's sudden downpours quickly filled traffic underpasses with water and hundreds of motorists faced being stranded by the rising floods it's only a fortnight since a flash flood near the jordanian dead sea killed twenty one people including thirteen children who were on a school trip when the bus was swept away that tragedy led to the resignations of both the education minister and the tourism minister over perceived failings in the government's response the jordanian response in the aftermath of this latest deluge has been an extensive search and rescue efforts but the receding water has left the affected areas in jordan need deep in mud and sludge making the search effort doubly difficult paul brennan al-jazeera. time for a short break here now to zero when we come back too close to call us midterm election results in florida hanging in the balance. as something in the water
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coming out of the taps in one u.s. city marna stay with us. the nice pink skies by the taj mahal. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. it is still raining in china and we're into more or less the middle of november now that looks like it might be a frontal system but i don't give it that much credence now what's developing is this rather gray looking stuff cloud that will bring a little bit of rain the western side of china and that extends down to northern vietnam where there's a feed of moisture and those two together may well produce a more significant cloud and rain drifting slowly east was and slow the south was during monday and yeah there is the potential for some heavy downpours at about last including in the far north of vietnam for the sas in vietnam but was heavy
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rain is gone now and in fact it it showed itself in the gulf of thailand is going through is developing something in the bay of bengal leaving behind still the possibility of showers as far north of bangkok and a line that for so you can force your problem from singapore potentially wet that's jakarta she's recently wet with some pretty big showers and they extend through most of java and sulawesi indonesia is now in the wet period through the wet zone the rainy season should we say as it should be but as i say developing in the bay of bengal is a circulation which may be in forty eight hours might bring some rain to this part of india for the most part though it's dry or pretty nice. the weather sponsored by qatar and peace. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas.
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one goal a healthier world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. welcome back i'm out of the top stories here on the al jazeera turkey's president has increased the pressure on saudi arabia to reveal the truth about the murder of journalist and author shelby was uptight but owen says he shared all the recordings related to the killing with saudi arabia the u.s. france germany and the u.k. . the democratic republic of congo's calling its
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a boat out by the worst in its history the health ministry says nearly two a lot of people have died in two north eastern provinces since august on groups and making it hard for health workers to get help to patients. and at least twelve people have been killed as heavy rain caused flash flooding across jordan tourists are forced to run to high ground in a truck kingdom's ancient city i want to its most popular tourist destination. leaders from seventy countries are in the french capital to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the end of world war one for u.s. and french leaders it was a chance to bridge the transatlantic divide and find a political resolution to the war in yemen our diplomatic editor james bays reports from paris. at the palace they were in damage limitation mode just as he touched down in air force one president trumpet tweeted the president back rolls calls for a european army were very insulting as they met face to face the french president seemed keen to stress they were still on the same track france has for decades
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backed further integrating the e.u.'s military resources but in a way that doesn't harm nato i do believe that my proposal for european and after the consistent with. it means more europe was in need to mock f.s.e. in order to do whatever. it would you say but in general. my attitude has been we want to stay. in each other where we can do it the best most efficient would be the world wide plans for a formal meeting between president trump and president putin were dropped because the elysee palace doesn't want politics to overshadow a weekend of solemn commemoration but with president trump in town there's always controversy. president trump who tweeted throughout his flight late into the night and again well before dawn at the last minute canceled a trip to
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a cemetery where more than two thousand u.s. marines a barrett the white house blamed logistics and the weather it has been drizzling a little here. the weather didn't stop other leaders justin trudeau the canadian prime minister did visit a cemetery in northern france and president the german chancellor angela merkel signing a note remembrance in the same railway carriage north of paris where the armistice was agreed one hundred years ago ending a four year war cost as many as nineteen million words. at least eleven people have been killed and thousands left homeless as wildfires continue to burn out of control in california two bodies were found in los angeles county where fires have destroyed one hundred fifty homes l.a. county officials said two hundred fifty thousand homes in the region are under
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evacuation orders the coastal community of malibu has been evacuated and a state of emergency declared. now the u.s. state of florida is again at the center of an election battle eighteen years after the presidential race that descended into chaos a recount been ordered for two high profile races for governor and for the senate after they were too close to call their reports now from washington d.c. . the midterm elections are over but not in florida the race for governor and senate are still undecided too close to call so winners have not yet been announced in the senate race republican rick scott got fifty percent of the votes bill nelson the democratic incumbent forty nine point nine percent only fourteen thousand votes separate the two candidates out of over eight million cast in the state now both
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republicans and democrats are accusing each other of wrongdoing and it's gotten ugly i will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal this election from the great people for the governor's race in florida is also headed for a recount with republican congressman ron decentest at forty nine point six percent of the vote compared to n. drew guillen's forty nine point one about a thirty six thousand vote difference we don't just get the opportunity to stop counting votes because we don't like the direction in which the vote tally is heading that is not democratic and that certainly is not the american way and america we count every vote regardless of what the outcome may be broward county is florida's second biggest county home to nearly two million people many provisional ballots were counted late and dozens of rejected ballots mistakenly mixed with knowledge ones for u.s. president donald trump it's a personal he campaigned hard for the republicans in florida with them both holding
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razor thin leads trump insinuated without evidence the democrats are trying to stuff the ballot boxes i don't all of a sudden they're finding votes i mean after the election they're finding votes nelson rejected trump's claim votes are not being found they're being callid the confusion has stirred outrage with protesters on both sides gathered outside the offices election officials are meeting to sort through the ballots. this isn't the first time florida has been at the center of an election controversy who can forget the florida recount between george w. bush and al gore in the two thousand presidential race bush ultimately won florida by less than six hundred votes giving him the electoral college victory thus the presidency the florida recount eighteen years ago was ultimately decided here at the supreme court it's unclear if will see a repeat of that but what is very certain is that the current recount most likely
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involve a lot of lawyers lawsuits and drag on for a very long time gabriel's on dough al-jazeera washington. mike hanna has more now from washington d.c. . well it's a logistical nightmare for the first time ever in florida's history there's going to be a statewide recount in sixty seven counties that famous recount in two thousand was mainly in broward county this one goes right across the state it's a recount for the post of senate for the post of the governor and for the agricultural commissioner now in the senate race that's the tightest of all there's a margin of difference of listen point one five percent this means that the votes may well have to be counted by hand that's hundreds of thousands of votes being manually counted now legally the count is supposed to be completed by thursday but this is a just tickle nightmare there are other races still unresolved throughout the
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united states in arizona in georgia however all eyes on florida and certainly the eyes of the president on that area he's been tweeting ferociously over recent days even on the plane on his way to paris insisting that there's some kind of criminal activity underway there claiming that votes are being stolen from republicans this completely denied by the department of state which oversees elections which says at this stage there is no evidence of any criminal activity whatsoever but president trump clearly taking the results in florida very very personally this is where he spends a large amount of his time during the winter it's with what is called the white houses and certainly he's invested a lot of political capital in what happens in that state now nothing is going to change the general overall result of the election the republicans will maintain
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control of senate democrats have seized control of the house of representatives but florida is very important to president trump it's the place that defines him he believes and his leadership and more than any of the state what's happened there is a referendum on the trump presidency. franco's largest party is mounting a legal challenge to the president's decision to dissolve parliament and hold snap elections in january major policy announced a move late on friday night and that's plunged the country further into political turmoil after he sat and replaced the prime minister last month an elephant under reports from colombo. sacked ministers have complained to the elections chief about the snap balls this is the legal act and there is no constitutional provision to call an election at this stage and therefore we complain and. we had a discussion with the commission and they will act i go to the law and the constitution but the new government is defending the president saying he acted in
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keeping with the constitution proximate reason for this is the conflict that the. legislature. and executive was it being for. rituals promoted by the speaker of the house the ninety two men went to the constitution was passed by the city saying the vicar missing her combine in two thousand and fifteen to strengthen parliament but critics like those behind me say the president has undermined the institution with his actions to first suspend and then dissolve parliament demonstrators who've been here every evening since the crisis began see the president's actions and democratic i would see. into the country. but others are happy with what's happened.
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because this is my country and i want to save my country. mr goulden. thirteen know him very. well even a number of petitions challenging the president's actions are expected to be submitted to the supreme court on monday. a landslide triggered by days of heavy rain in brazil has killed at least ten people rescuers are still searching for at least four people missing in the mud and daybreak outside rio de janeiro's eleven others were pulled out alive residents were advised to move to a safer location but some refused in the. now major cities across the us a struggling with lead leeching from old pipes and into water systems the latest in chicago where the local newspaper the tribune found seventy percent of homes had
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lead in top water as it was john hendren reports. sam corona fears the pouring from his tap is a blend of life giving water in brain damage when i was younger i remember one to the filtration plants and taking a tour of it being told this is the safest drinking water in the world right when i was like eleven thirteen years old and here i have thirty seven years old finding out that there is lead inside the water over the past two years the chicago tribune tested water from nearly three thousand homes in nearly seventy percent of the samples the newspaper found lead in three out of ten samples lead levels exceeded five parts per billion the maximum level the u.s. food and drug administration allows in bottled water it's a health hazard in cities across the united states and around the world. lead causes brain damage especially in children flint michigan recently stopped delivering bottled water to residents after declaring its let water crisis over
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some cities including chicago actually required lead service lines between the main drinking water line in the street and homes until congress ban the practice in one nine hundred eighty six there's an irony here the great lakes of north america are the largest source of fresh water in the world water from lake michigan is generally lead free when it leaves water treatment plants here but it becomes contaminated when it runs through lead service lines underground and chicago has more than three hundred thousand of them more than any other city in america chicago's park service has shut off or removed half of its twelve hundred water fountains and it is leaving hundreds of others on around the clock to minimize lead levels but it is not replacing all of its lead service lines i think that cost is one part of it i think there's also. just the public at mention of having claimed for many years that the latter earth find the city's department of water management tool down to zero in a statement year after year chicago's water exceeds the standards set by the u.s.
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e.p.a. led in copper rule for clean safe drinking water additionally the chicago department of water management takes a proactive approach to mitigating lead in the water system chicago is also offering free water testing kits but sam corona is still waiting on his water is basic right we need it to survive and it has a contaminate in it so how is the quality of our life of our residents if the drinking contaminated water waiting and hoping he and his family have not been drinking poisoned water all these years john hendren al jazeera chicago. tough a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera turkey's president has increased the pressure on saudi arabia to reveal the truth about the murder of the journalist from all his children reza he says he's shed odio recordings related to the killing with saudi arabia the u.s. france germany and the u.k.
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sources say fishel zone listen to the tapes were horrified by the contents. as more from paris. it was a crucial moment for president who was hoping to push the americans towards a tougher stance against sandy arabia guess the backdrop of the murder of the saudi journalist. turkey wants the international community to keep up the pressure against the saudis for the kingdom to come out and say who gave the order to kill. he has somehow dominated the agenda of some of the meetings specifically the meeting between presidents donald trump and. they said that they wanted the saudis . to give more details about what happened to the saudi journalist the democratic republic of congo is calling its a bowler outbreak the worst in its recorded history the health ministry says that
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since august nearly two hundred people have died in two northeastern provinces armed groups are also making it hard for health workers to bring help to patients at least twelve people have been killed as heavy rain caused flash flooding across jordan tourists were forced to run for high ground in petra kingdom's ancient city and one of its most popular destinations at least eleven people have been killed and thousands left homeless as wildfires continue to burn out of control in california two bodies were found in los angeles county with fires have destroyed a hundred fifty homes l.a. county officials say two hundred fifty thousand homes in the region are under evacuation orders the coastal community of malibu has been evacuated and a state of emergency declared. a landslide triggered by days of heavy rain in brazil has killed at least ten people rescuers are still searching for at least four people missing in the modern day brats of the city of rio de janeiro eleven others were pulled out alive residents were advised to move to safer locations but
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some refused to leave but those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the inside story that's watching. the political crisis in sri lanka deepens first the president's saxes prime minister now he dissolves parliament and calls for snap elections just how far will this power struggle go and is democracy in danger this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. he sacked the prime minister now he's dissolved parliament and called for elections in january because president. has been accused of violating the constitution the turmoil was triggered last month when he appointed former leader. as prime minister the man he sacked run ill refuse to leave the prime minister's residence the case is expected before the supreme court on monday we'll discuss with our guests the effects all this could have on sri lanka stability but first mel fernandez reports from colombo. the constitutional crisis continues here in sri lanka and basically it's to paddle realities it just depends on whose version you listen to and now reports continuing about president and city seen as dissolving of parliament at midnight on friday the president has defended his decision saying it's in keeping with the constitution he
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did what was legal that is what we heard from his foreign minister sorry i'm going to go to brief the media earlier today however the victimise in her camp of ousted prime minister on a vehicle missing are saying that this was illegal complaining that there was no constitutional provision to call an election after dissolving parliament in fact the group went to meet the chairman of the elections commission mind the bishop read this afternoon i presented their case and d.c. they expect the commission to be meeting and discussing and acting in accordance with the constitution now this being the weekend obviously we're hearing that a number of petitions will be submitted to the supreme court on monday and the supreme court will be expected to give direction as to where it goes from here in a finance inside story. all right now over to our panel in beijing hsu dong job researcher on asia pacific affairs and a senior research fellow at the china institute of international studies by skype
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in korea lush sri lanka's former electoral district raja we just sent a former government official and in london charu ata hawg an associate fellow at the asia programme a chatham house welcome to you all roger let me start with you today what the president in sri lanka has done first by sacking the prime minister then by dissolving parliament how much of a surprise has all of this been. because all the time that you know there was all that prime minister. elect said it was time for. him to be breaking down. but there was a look at the hall at the time and then it was empty as well as you know you know who but that president took this step that perhaps he should have taken earlier now
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in taking that step i think he assumed that he would have a parliamentary majority against the prime minister but that has been doing and throwing up and. there are allegations all by and these on both sides and i think there was a sense that perhaps some saw. or vote of the people might still think. so did everyone think writings or. dissolve parliament has fixed an election for january but didn't book that thing doubts about the constitutionality of the action and it seemed best perhaps that will now be a second but even the press should have been taken up before the court's warning that they should. if that happens but said that it can get over that some certainty
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charu there are some that are saying what the president has done is unconstitutional and there are some that are arguing that it is constitutional from your perspective what do you say does the president have the power to do all this and is this ultimately going to be resolved in the supreme court. well absolutely from where we're sitting and we're looking at it and indeed the perspective of sri lankan constitutional lawyers is that this is an early illegality all three steps are unconstitutional the dismissal of prime minister granted we can missing in the appointment of. mahinda rajapaksa as the prime minister the prerogative of parliament and then finally the dismissal of parliament all these steps are regarded and considered unconstitutional and the question here is whether the supreme court will show the independence and the neutrality to decide that the
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january elections which have been unilaterally announced by good set by the by the president are to be upheld and i think that is really the issue if you don't let me get your perspective on all this so there is an argument that is being made that sri lanka was already in a constitutional crisis and that the dissolution of parliament is really the only way out of it what do you say is that really the case. well you know. in china where we watch and they're vents. taking place since are lanka you know what we in china would like to see is a political stability is that because as a historical experiences in china have shown that with political stability we can see economic development and improvement of liberians of people so you know natural here in china look at all the. this kind of constitutional crisis
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people here would like to see that the people in surrounding i can walk out of their internal strife so that they can focus on economic development and improvement of the people's life as a principle in chinese foreign policy. china doesn't interfere in internal affairs of many countries including sir lanka so suddenly at a cause are all part of this lanka to work out what their political differences and the china has enjoyed friendly relations with. no matter who is in. power so a china has not taken sides. with regard to the current political situation in sri lanka what china would like to see is that they can do is that and solve it as soon as possible so that. they can go back to.
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economic development i'm sorry i know you were social progress let me just ask you a quick follow up building on what you were saying when it comes to trying his relationship with three lanka is that dependent on who is in power. and no actually you know as a principle no you know actually i would have a scene sometimes ups and downs in china's relations with some countries including and surround her but you know it always as a principle china respects the choice of the people in sri lanka who is a lottery lacked and so china got to work with this government seal you know in the past few years so we have seen that sun some china invested projects have experienced some problems and you know some people may have different opinions
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about the projects but china respects you not as the final decision of the government officer and the whoever is in power there in the for example take the. port project in there. in the press the former president. raja pasa and it the project was developed there later on when the new and the station came in power they said oh well they took some and then it is some time to review the project that's a fine and finally you know it was decided by the so lanka government that they should move on because that's good for the economy obviously good for their long term development goal of. the project that is in operation and it will be provide jobs for saranda by twenty twentieth's presume
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that maybe ten thousand jobs will be accredited. and the sixty thousand jobs in darkly were will be accredited for the people in sri lanka. rajiv let me ask you building on what should on there was saying when it comes to the economy i mean what are the concerns right now in sri lanka as to how much of this turmoil will affect the economy. well the economy was in a complete mess. this. up promptly because there was oil i would almost do this sums the dysfunctionality in the approach of the former prime minister of iran with the missing out you know take this issue of china i'm afraid the west also used to blame the given rock but supposing. they actually accused him of giving in too much to china but i believe the relations between russia and china
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are that he feels that if the sri lanka. sadly went into missing of came in to buy he was very insulting about china but china behaved very well and in the end has given. and support to rigorously but i'm afraid on hollande to spend their support they gave up upset and you know i told them since i was on definition not speak and they said you know the root of the appointment of roger cox was an attack on india less of a texan nonsense but i did find it very odd to their remarkably. they knew in foreign ministers much more circumspect to say that you know to try not abort and i'm wondering desh should be given the stamina but with the missing a seems to commit to that doing without consulting on the cabinet obama and the minister in shipping who should be in comes on made it very clear that he felt that east. should be developed by sri lanka but he was happy on me some but i'm still hoping
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that the west i'm in the limit i'm with. as it stands i'm not to be productive investment in spain on guys coming from china i personally believe that on which the government got it and not as much in sri lanka as impressed as was the situation. so i hope they're going to have the corrective your proposal the web the free one can move which will that one hundred fifty to the dog slim two hundred seventy four will. when we can signal to prime minister and in the columbia business community that is a sense that you know he and his team member absolutely no idea of how to handle the economy so the general sense is that. you know routed the more popular prime minister with the constitutionality aap problem is that in two thousand and fifteen there was an amendment you know somebody from cygnus proponents wanted to give back all of part of the prime minister and this was emphatically not what folly meant
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one to so there's a lot of ambiguity i think hope is correct in saying that some ambiguity with regard to the dismissal of the prime minister and indeed the dissolving of parliament intended to give us that it's no not cut and dry but there's absolutely no doubt that the prime minister didn't that. flew past a program meant and it pushed hot to because of the run warrant to be definitive i'm sartin little rajeev i'm stunned i'm starting around to i just wrote rajiv on turn interrupt you but i want to ask you to pick up on a point you were making a char roger was talking about constitutional amendments have been made in sri lanka and indeed a few years back there was a constitutional amendment there was a change of the constitution in which power was taken away from the president and there was more power given to parliament so how are we in this situation today. absolutely i mean this is the current president has stretched the interpretation of
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the constitution to its widest limit him taking the power to both appoint a prime minister without approving in parliament the loss of majority by the current prime minister and in appointing someone summarily the new prime minister. appointing mahinda rajapakse as as the prime minister he has certainly taken a decision which which stretches to the extreme limits that the current prime minister fails to enjoy his own confidence so yes indeed this president took it upon himself to to check the powers of the executive presidency but we have seen also how this has been by lead to an absolutely taken to the limit so you have you had scenario eight in which an attempt was made to dismiss the prime minister without observing the the due procedure and the due process laid down in parliament that plan failed because they wasn't and you know the bed was to
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to have. you know by over m.p.'s by creating a situation where parliamentary majority could be proven by the rajapaksa but that attempt clearly failed and this is plan b. which we are seeing in action which is in the form of the does an illusion of the parliament why have you reached this impasse now in terms of you know despite the checks on the position of the executive presidency while we seeing this unfold i think it's really a question of the way governance has evolved in sri lanka how rule of law has been bent through the years i'd like to pick up on another point which was being made earlier about you know how and where the you know the rajapaksa is seen as some. the who's close to the chinese and the rule that the indian government plays in this whole imbruglia zero ad and what what correlation the current political
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situation and political crisis in sri lanka will have to the regional dynamics i think that's an important point to be explored and let's not forget that in two thousand and fifteen when mahinda rajapakse lost the election one of the determinant factors was the way in which he had worked with the chinese in terms of securing chinese investments and the debt that the country got into so that was a decisive factor in fact the current president might have a policy to cena use that in as part of his election brief as well as so so you know i mean there is that here there is a backdrop a shadow of the regional politics which is always played within the national crises that unfolds within sri lanka but however you know this is it and it will continue to play a role but whether this is the determinant factor is
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a different issue altogether if you don't let me go back to some of the points that you were making about the economy and the economic relationship between china and sri lanka look right now there are concerns that there could be violence in sri lanka the longer that this plays out this is seen in some circles as threatening potential development projects what do you say to that. we all know that franca has experienced in a decade of violence towards conflicts in the past. we all know we'll all we'll all glad to see the end of the war several many years ago with end of towards iraq i can you know could focus sound economic or development of course there are different political parties in sir lanka are going
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for they've always of a governing in their country and for the current leadership you know there they have different views on how to develop their detention how to run the country but the question is that they should try to find a way out of the current crisis there all the extra no forces party you know powers countries should stay away from this internal political struggle if you are not in fear or in a turn or fears of a third language let the people in sri lanka decide their future decide they are in a government even slim and china projects actually so far we haven't seen any negative impact on that part was the political r s some of the will take a toll if there is any take a toll on economic development
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a project especially in a china invested major projects there which you know good for the future of lanka raja but what are the repercussions are being felt on the ground in sri lanka right now how are citizens reacting to all this. well there's actually a great sense of relief i'm out of columbus now the what i would call of the end of it in columbus seems to be very true with the missing but not the business community because of i think the disappointing performance in the last period and the massive corruption you know why there are claims that way that it's sign of the proportion of that the china is not particularly large and we've had an optional ball development activities but as you'll probably a western not to this government came into power. but i see it happened with regard to bonds in which the missing any spot that made a lot of money billions the case instead of going on and the governor of the
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central bank he appointed who is being sought by the police have taken refuge in singapore and there were allegations that you know he was behind a lot of the right greed that took place and the country was really quite horrified by that and that is why rajapakse on his own unit got more bullets in the local government elections in separate this is than both the president should resign and the prime minister and you know i was one of those who actually support consider it an instructive up to one of the first to go through without any benefit but i did find that the way with them singapore banned the corruption and almost of the failure of really any good it would be economic policy has literally sort of dissatisfaction and in the country at large and in particular amongst public servants and in the rural areas i think this move has been a webcam so i think that the president in taking some board decisions has
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actually made it clear that you know supporting democracy in the whitest sense while remaining within the framework of the constitution charted about how kids correct in suggesting that he's stretching the positive the president the limit but what the which hasn't registered is that true or not as still as a presidential system. well the head of the state as well as the government is a diet directly elected president and it is up to the president to work in the interests of the people now the supreme court i hope will make a quick they say should but i think what the west is terrified of is that if they would general election roger would you know his body would win the general election by message majority i personally would be happy if the present government situation right about to continues but with a strong opposition but sadly that will never happen but i remember committing retrospect it because he's practically destroyed despotic sorry hope that we didn't
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fall would quit being with us. and a strong uplifting charu where do things go from here what happens next and can there be a positive outcome from all of this. well i think it is it is a complete ration of complete crisis and meltdown in sri lanka at the moment politically the dissolution of the parliament has created a situation which can be resolved only by the supreme court there is very little faith that there will be a free and fair election given the way that the constitutional issues have been manipulated at this point in time to say i think another important issue that should be brought into the mix since we are considering the taliban of issues in sri lanka is the fact that that mahinda rajapaksa who has been unilaterally appointed as the prime minister is somebody who faces allegations of crimes against
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humanity and somebody who presided a wooden army which engaged in egregious human rights violation and these are very serious allegations right charo civil war these are various these are very serious allegations you know there is an entire constituency in sri lanka which is the tamil and the muslim minority community which is fulfilled full affair with the prospect of the return of behind the rajapaksa sri lanka is not just about the majority sinhalese community salonga is also consists of the tamils and the muslims and christians who are equal and democratic citizens the second point i'd just like to come back on is very quickly is that when we talk about the mandate of the people and how people are relieved in the country if this was the case then why on the parliamentarians supporting rajapaksa why did the president have to take the
9:45 am
step of dissolving the parliament because they could not prove the majority in parliament why has the tamil nationalists alliance the un be and indeed a c.v. the parties including the biggest muslim party come. out strongly saying that the that this is an unconstitutional move and would like the supreme court to resolve this so let's look at things let's not adopt. here let's look at things in black and white what has advised parliament there not enough m.p.'s standing up and saying we won't mind the rajapaksa as the prime minister that's the reality the second reality is that the dissolution of the parliament is unconstitutional so you know i mean i think the facts speak for themselves where do we go from here i think we are looking at the supreme court to offer some guidance and to take saddam out of this mess really and to say that the western governments and countries have
9:46 am
a vested interest everybody is you are rooted in the view yes i'm sorry to interrupt but it's just that we have run out of time so we are going to have to leave it there thanks so much to all our guests to don john rajiv. and charu lata hawg and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me and the whole team here bye for now.
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a moroccan man spoke out against french colonial rule and was exiled. you moved baby were isolated by a extremist views mr he spoke out against the regime and was sentenced to life imprisonment he spent twenty two months in hiding thirteen years in exile and seventeen years in jail. al-jazeera while tells the story of the dissident abraham said fatty morocco's montana. it's the first day of school in bubble elementary school in mosul icily is this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades and mortars at nearby air out at falsus. most helpful gauteng what it is like to be in school up to three years hope war. six year old solid but as husband survived and as like his home and almost
9:48 am
wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the prepares his son for the first day in school he is hopeful because new friends would hope is that a company. hello i'm down in jordan and the could come out of the top stories on al-jazeera turkey's president has increased the pressure on saudi arabia to reveal the truth about the murder of journalist. reza typo the line says he shed audio recordings related to the killing with saudi arabia the us france germany and the u.k.
9:49 am
sources say fishbowls who listen to the tapes were horrified by its contents. as more from paris. it was a crucial moment for president who was hoping to push the americans towards a tougher stance against sandy arabia gas bags of the murder of the saudi journalist. turkey wants the international community to keep up the pressure against the saudis for the kingdom to come out and say who gave the order to kill so many. he has somehow dominated the agenda of some of the meeting specifically the meeting between presidents donald trump and the man well mike rann they said that they wanted the saudis to give more details about what happened to the saudi journalist but also they said they were concerned that the repercussions from the merger could further destabilize the region i think they were basically concerned that the fallout from this particular case could destabilize the royal family in
9:50 am
the kingdom no turkey is concerned that this saudi or the u.s. and the e.u. could be using their leverage in a way or another to shield the royal family in saudi arabia because the e.u. and the u.s. have look pretty of what has and business deals with the oil rich kingdom but for to be there needs to be a tougher international stance against saudi arabia the democratic republic of congo is calling it's a burner outbreak the worst in recorded history the health ministry says that since august nearly two hundred people have died in two northeastern provinces armed groups are making it hard for health workers to bring help to patients at least twelve people have been killed as heavy rain caused flash flooding across in jordan tourists are forced to run to higher ground in petra kingdom's ancient city and one of its most popular tourist hot spots. at least eleven people have been killed and thousands left homeless as while files continue to burn out of control in california two bodies were found in los angeles county with fires have destroyed
9:51 am
one hundred fifty homes and a county official say two hundred fifty thousand homes in the region are on the evacuation notice the coastal community of money who has been evacuated and the state of emergency declared robin mills has more from monitors. you can see behind me the aftermath of the wildfires that swept through this area of malibu california going straight down to the pacific ocean two hundred and fifty thousand people have been evacuated from this area and neighboring areas as the fire doubled in size seventy thousand houses are said to be at risk of burning and there are two thousand firefighters on the line trying to put out the blaze here in southern california meanwhile in northern california a separate huge and deadly wildfire is still being fought that fire cost the lives of several people near the town of paradise california the town itself was
9:52 am
almost completely incinerated and people were trapped in their cars trying to leave and burned to death now it's calm here at the moment in terms of the wind but that's not going to last according to weather forecasters the winds are due to pick up again soon and to blow hard for several days and unless there is some change in the weather it may take these california wildfires a long time to die a landslide triggered by days of heavy rain in brazil has killed at least ten people rescue moves us to searching for at least four people missing in the mud and daybreak outside the city of rio de janeiro's eleven others were pulled out alive. and thousands of italians are marched against the government's plans to tighten immigration they're angry at a new decree to restrict residence permits for asylum seekers and strip the citizenship of migrants convicted of terror offenses parliament looks likely to approve the order later this month those are the headlines the news
9:53 am
continues here on al-jazeera after world war one through arab states and so much i felt. world war one. above four years of bitter conflict. known as the great war. all the war to end all.
9:54 am
its grim trains warfare. with europe the main feature of all. but this was a war fought on many fronts. so there's another story rarely told. of huge importance during the war. and of lost in significance. a story of troops who fault and die but who are often forgotten. i'm given outcome that shape the middle east of today. this is gold more one through our open.
9:55 am
malick to rekey the chin is ian wright one broadcaster is taking is on a personal journey across a dozen countries. his grandfather's generation force in the war. so far he's explored how thousands of arabs were conscripted by the british and french colonial powers in north africa. and how arabs were forced to fight on both sides for the european allies and the central powers setting muslim against muslim.
9:56 am
and the vital role played by arab troops in the ottoman army again literally. in this episode he looks at the roots of why the ultimate is joined the war at home . how the european powers viewed the ultimate empire as right for division and exploitation. and the suffering when they also mean government of young turks cracked down on the arab provinces. and the little known story of a future zionist leader in the ultimate world. bullish jewish students walked along here nineteen eleven his name david had been guardian all would become the first prime minister of israel. cannot live there how to go after half a year later they've cleared up. we must say to him you mr benny him by the who
9:57 am
don't think it's funny and a horrible irony of the way oh well i'm full of a daughter. i'll be right there i'll be as yellow be another one of the as silent. one are her judgment and her business with her edges. in so cal. because. i let the can at that even when i do. have the ability one at the about how the hell beat out in a courage when he there like a spotted been nabbed as mike to somebody how dare. you have that whether you don. how they are how to land at their own afi how are german name than a poor new mayor the color and it to how do you. a very good question
9:58 am
and one with roots deep in autumn in history. before reading thirty the ottoman empire stretched from mesopotamia in the east to the red sea and most of the north african coast. but over the next eighty or so here's the ultimate last algeria tunisia egypt and in one thousand nine hundred twelve libya. then they lost territories much closer to home and the balkan wars of nine hundred twelve and nine hundred thirteen. so britain france and russia began plotting how to exploit the potential collapse of salt on our block a means empire for their own individual benefit. to turn up to a minute the second will rule the empire from eight hundred seventy six to nine thousand or eight or nine thousand or nine felt that western european powers were playing dirty games. in his mind and in the minds of the
9:59 am
advisers around him and many ottoman ops are mere appeal powers were supporting nationalist independence movement within the ottoman empire he thought that the great powers were using religion especially christianity to mobilize those nationalist movement in an effort to undermine the ottoman empire. the sultan's view was not wrong. the european powers so on rest in the arab world after nearly four hundred years of ultimate rule as an opportunity. but there was a stumbling block provincial arab leaders and intellectuals were thinking about gaining independence from the ultimate. but for ordinary arabs the sultan in istanbul. was the kaleb of islam the leader of the muslim world. whichever side you were on there was a close bond with the cale of respect and loyalty for him across the arab world.
10:00 am
and incident later in the war illustrated this clearly. the british captured seven hundred iraqi soldiers in one thousand nine hundred seventeen and sent them to egypt. the british offer to free the prisoners if they'd support an arab revolt against the ultimate led by sorry for saying of mecca but few iraqis accepted most were uneasy at the idea of challenging the kale of. books such as the one thousand nine hundred thirty eight work by george antonius the arab revolt exaggerated the support of shoddy hussein's one thousand nine hundred sixteen report against the ottomans and exaggerated and painted a very negative image up on a minute rule of four hundred years of ottoman rule and even many european colonialists tended to denigrate the ottoman past and to the point of referring to
10:01 am
it as so despotic and backward that it almost welcomed the arrival of european colonialism. the ottoman army was also diverse in november nine hundred fourteen up to three hundred thousand of their troops were arabs from greater syria . of the armies nine most senior commanders two were all brainy and two from the caucasus and to arab. and in politics saeed halim pasha the grand vizier all prime minister was from egypt. the british had to find a way to challenge this holy bond between the kaleb in istanbul and his loyal arab muslim citizens. they approached hussein bin ali the sheriff of mecca he was a descendent of the prophet muhammad leader of the hushing my people and ruler of islam's most holy place. the blue.


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