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tv   Amin Awad  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2018 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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one side of a conflict which touched people across the globe it was the first time submarines were used in quantity giving the world the terms u. boat and unrestricted submarine warfare a concept which would sink nearly five thousand ships and kill more than fifteen thousand sailors commemorating its war there is something that democratic germany does in a song but more than two million people died fighting for imperial germany in the first world war and the aftereffects of that conflict helped shape the form germany would take over the course of the twentieth century. but many people believe it was germany's role in world war two which defines the way it remembers its fall and that the evil of national socialism was so all encompassing that few people consider the casualties of the first war now some historians say such a view overlooks the fact that defeat in november one thousand nine hundred
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eighteen was when human rights movements took hold in germany. have not made things of that moment and have not really a claim that are thought as maybe a positive moment a new start for the republican for democracy in germany. in modern times it's not in berlin political leaders commemorate the dead of world war one but in the capitals of the countries that fought and eventually defeated the german empire so will it be on this and dominant cain era munich. well thousands of ships were sunk during the second world war there wrecks litter the ocean floors decades of corrosion tidal movements and storms of course some other ships to break up on leak oil well a couple from australia has launched a grand plan to stop an ecological disaster under thomas reports newcastle to rob the films of the nonstop offensive in the pacific the pacific ocean saw some of the
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basis naval battle to the second world war more than three thousand ships were sunk three hundred of them all time it's now decades on the water some are starting to break up leaking oil into the sea as recreational pull the wilma adams swam to wrecks in micronesia where in one thousand nine hundred forty four u.s. fighter planes sank sixty five japanese ships. there the couple saw the early signs of pollution for themselves. like it's coming out of the tanks potential of the problem was pretty clear if you look at other incidents in the past and you know what i can do to the environment and it really hits you the couple has decided to act the ships are there and they stand a leak someone somewhere has to start taking responsibility for. no one can take
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responsibility for it also until we actually find out the extent of the problem the information that's out there at the moment is so miniscule that research urgently needs to happen before they start actually. the couple is so serious that they've paid new zealand's government hundreds of thousands of dollars but this second time support ship having sailed it back to australia they next plan to convert it into a vessel that can sit over the wrecks of others sending divers down to investigate how damaged they are and experiment with ways to reserve them this ship is forty years. but it could almost have been purpose built for this task it already has what's known as a diving bell essentially a platform that can take equipment divers on the ad that they need to the bottom of the say and if any of those divers gets into trouble well the ship already has a decompression china on board that could save divers life the ship also has cranes
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and four anchors when she led the mt is a kilometer age direction. and i mean a ship very stable exactly how to directly over the wreck where we want to work divers would inspect shipwrecks to work out the likelihood of them cracking up they could also experiments with preservation techniques passing a week electrical current through submerged metal can help stop corrosion in the longer it's the genetically modified microbes can be developed to eat oil pull atoms thinks he needs to raise two million dollars a year to cover the initial cost of investigating the ship wrecks ultimately dealing with each would take millions more but that would be cheap compared with cleanup operations to big oil spills from ships sunk seventy five years ago. andrew thomas al-jazeera newcastle australia. time for another short break and come
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back with the sport less to cities fans and players to remember the man that was behind one of football's most unlikely success stories more on that england's. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wound. that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera selects hunted.
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time for the sport. thank you very much will japan. form the asian champions league for the first song they drew the second leg of the final against iran's persepolis nil nil and soran enough for a two nail aggregate victory packs fight eighty thousand fans at these are the stadium setlist in red what ains become the first training team in twenty five years to win the continental title the eight time japanese champions but standing the pressure to get the result they needed to lift the most important. in asian club for. our correspondent zain distraught he was game in tehran where the fans who couldn't get into the stadium were as much a part of the story did. as another football final came to a close iranian fans found themselves once again supporting the team in second
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place. to her aunt's persepolis came closer to an asian champions league crown than any iranian team since two thousand and ten and even though fans began leaving before the game was over the night was not a total loss but. it was one of the best games ever everyone around the world saw iranian culture and saw how we are considerate people. even though we lost the game with cheered for our players until the very last minute and we are showing people around the world we are proud iranians. was. the fact that an iranian club made it to the final the fact that a stadium in teheran was considered good enough to host it for many fans these were major milestones there was a lot of hope for a persepolis win is these fans took their seats at the start i.
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think that it is our last day i was proud. the real struggle for a victory was happening outside these games as tens of thousands of people watched their heroes take to the pitch police blocked a few hundred women from entering the stadium government officials have said football games are unsafe and indecent and that women run the risk of being harassed by male fans strict rules have been relaxed in the past but this time only three hundred seats were reserved for iranian women in a stadium with the seating capacity of more than seventy eight thousand. but this is not the first time that we've come here to try and what. we've been arrested we've dressed up like boys put on fake beards but we still can't get in. it's always said that football is a man's sport and there's always some discrimination between men and women why why should football be just for men why can't women watch football to. you have been
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a football fan since i was a child there's no clear reason for a higher reason there's no reason i just love it club football is an expensive endeavor and experts say one of iran's biggest problems is teams aren't making enough money from televising matches selling merchandise or advertising they say opening the game up to female fans just makes good financial sense. there is also a vigorous public debate about how to alter football culture in iran to make it more family friendly and while there are signs of change for now the government's preventative measures continue to boil down to one thing punishing women for the sins of men. the first leg of south america's cup of liberty there was final has been delayed for twenty four hours due to heavy rain the game between argentinian rivals baka juniors and river plate is now set to take place on sunday
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our correspondent daniel schorr and that was up boxes bomb bonaire stadium. after the great expectation in the long countdown the first leg of the copper liberty doris final between booker juniors and river plate has been suspended because of heavy rain has been tipping down or mourning economy aboard the authorities were out on the pitch trying to kick a ball they found that they couldn't hold up was a slowing them down they suspended the game for twenty four hours until sunday off to the bedraggled farms heading home to dry out their book the junior shirts to return again on sunday afternoon to try to get this long awaited final the first couple of but the door is final between two teams of the same country these great rivals buckley jr is a river plate to start again that weather permitting on sunday afternoon thousands of leicester city fans have been paying tribute to the club's former owners the team played its first home game since his death in a helicopter crash which i truly have no profit was one of five people to die in
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the accident last month under the type business and ownership of one big english premier league title in twenty six the rest are going to draw no more wood burnley in saturday's game i think it was important to have says communion communion with our our fans. and then to give to give our best to an hour of cheer man and. i would like to say a pound of above my pay about their performance about their mentality is game rugby world champions new zealand staged a stunning comeback to beat england at london's twickenham stadium england had taken a fifteen point lead after tries from chris ashton and dylan hartley but a try for the all blacks by damien mckenzie combined with the boots of biden parents saw them venture going on to climb a sixteen to fifteen when. you know to be there in fifteen no.
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hostile environment with a clue to the syrian on point on the want to probably not being jewish. and the weather conditions and i wasn't in juice of to bring out apply real busy work do so. you know the bush. sometimes a game lodge and sometimes the game doesn't love you and your except that if you stay in the fight long enough to gain a luvvie. and we've made stan the fight so we'll get some love from the game for the day when worry formula one world champion lewis hamilton is in pole position for sunday's brazilian grand prix it was hamilton's tense pole in a season that's already seen in a fifth drivers' championship for raleigh rival sebastian vettel is being investigated after crashing the stewards during qualifying. for a. living really quick weekend the last three races that you're pretty quick and so it's going to take something quite special. to overhaul them today is obviously so
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close between us so it was really just you needed one hundred percent not ninety nine so i really was very happy with the lap that i did i think it's good to be as a team we did a great job to get a call where you know to get it to a comfortable balance the czech republic or insights a victory in tennis is fed cup final after taking it sooner or later over the usa. got a country off to a winning start against the defending champions in prague czech just one win away now from the six title. it's. the best men's tennis players are in london ahead of the season ending a.t.p. finals they briefly steps out of their chauffeur driven bubble and into the realities of are they today commutes in the english capital to help promote events roger federer is aiming for his one hundred singles title after that bright federer and a seven rivals for the trophy took a tour of the houses of parliament the action starts on sun. if you want to kill people off you know i think you know we got that was the album material i
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dreaded. oh we're going to leading young players are taking part in the next generation a.t.p. finals in italy and tensions are running ali this is great pious the phono sits across taking out his frustration on various in on the subjects during his last four match is headphones while i may be out of action but sits across himself that still make it through to the. ok that is always full for now. that's it for me rob's up next also watching but. when a parent loses their to a terminal illness. they often feel that they've taken on the weight of the world. but mr huang is determined to find out what caused his daughter's death and brought him such heartache. the story of
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a committed parent turned activist a father's protest part of the viewfinder asia's series on al-jazeera. they call this bleeding the tree. first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war. it's latex it is purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element to daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest where you had a book goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is imposing two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war unaware of the
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global trade war and despite falling prices at the open. calls robber white gold at least for now. for many years i kept my pasta secrets but every time violent extremism is man's and it both those. punctured i believe that we were superior how could i beat up all the women want to if they really had started a race war. how far would i have gone. looking in the mirror to confront the past x. eight a witness documentary on al-jazeera. we have given the recordings to saudi arabia to the americans to the british to the germans to everyone. turkey's president out of one ramps up the international
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pressure on saudi arabia over the killing of. demanding the truth about who murdered the journalist. i'm about this and this is all just here on live from doha also coming up the death toll from too far as burning in california doubles making the blaze the third deadliest in the state's history. searching for the missing in jordan as flash floods killed twelve people many others a missing. democratic republic of congo struggles to deal with its worst ever outbreak of ebola which is claimed almost two hundred lives. turkey's president is increasing pressure on saudi arabia to reveal the truth about
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the murder of. those i'm talking about of one's been meeting president donald trump in paris and that's where world leaders are gathering to mark a hundred years since the end of world war one before leaving for the french capital president out of one hundred shared audio recordings about the john of this killing with some countries. has more. it was a crucial moment for president who was hoping to push the americans towards a tougher stance against sandy arabiya i guess a battle of the murder of the saudi journalist. turkey wants the international community to keep up the pressure against the saudis for the kingdom to come out and say who gave the order to kill. you has somehow dominated the agenda of some of the meeting specifically the meeting between presidents donald trump and a man well they said that they wanted the saudis. to give more details about what
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happened to the saudi journalist but also they said they were concerned that the repercussions from the murder could further destabilize the region i think they were basically concerned that the fallout from this particular case could destabilize the royal family in the kingdom no turkey is concerned that this saudi or the u.s. and the e.u. could be using their leverage in a way or another to shield the royal family in saudi arabia because the e.u. and the u.s. have look what has and business deals with the oil rich kingdom but for. their needs to be a tougher international stance against saudi arabia. it's the first time turkey has officially acknowledged the existence of recordings related to the murder of journalist. at the saudi consulate in istanbul last month and the timing could not have been more telling just before stepping on a flight to paris president. with field has shared the recordings with the u.s.
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saudi arabia friends germany and the u.k. it was a move designed to put further pressure on the international community and the u.s. in particular to take concrete action against syria and these we have given the recordings to saudi arabia the americans the british the germans to everyone they've listened to the conversations on those recordings they know what's being said there's no point in distorting this fact amongst the fifteen they know who the murderer is or the murderers are and the saudi arabian administration can succeed in bringing this to light by making the fifteen speak. the turkish president did not say exactly what was the recordings but accuse the saudis of stalling the investigation and called on the kingdom to identify these killers. who has an ounce meant we not have gone unnoticed. as leaders gather to commemorate the
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hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war u.s. president donald trump and french president even well mccrone have their own agenda to deal with trying to overcome differences about european defense spending but the journalist death was not even more they agreed some of the arabia must provide more details about his murder. a former saudi spy chief says the kingdom would never agree to an international investigation. the kingdom is proud of its legal system. it will never accept. foreign interference in this as other countries have refused to allow. international tribunals to base your gate horrific acts that have happened either on their soil or elsewhere committed by their citizens saudi system is. running
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and. it will take its course. police have now under the search for this body it's widely suspected his remains were dissolved in acid. fighting as against intensified in yemen as the humanitarian crisis there gets worse the latest violence is centered on the key port city of data case has brought increased international focus on the way the western backed saudi amorality coalition is conducting the fight against the rebels supported by iran mohamad audio reports from nearby djibouti. they call themselves the brigade of giants in reality though they are i'm shackled militia from southern yemen by the united arab emirates they are the frontline force in the battle for the strategic port city of kut they are supported by the sodium morality coalition air power field are in iraq today with god's help we've been able to take over the fabric brothers industrial
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complex in the east of this city and in the next hours we have control of more areas of the city of how data victories coming we need prayers for our fighters and for the injured today that we did support the brings in you and under the humanitarian aid has become the center of yemen's conflict with ground troops allied to the coalition struggling to drive out the hole to fighters controlling it . these hospital on the outskirts of the city has been a battleground for the past five days hold the fighters took up positions on its roof to stop the coalition's offensive from this end of the city attacks on school some hospitals are quite common here with children on the frontline of violence and medics are able to cope with the influx of the wounded in the last fifteen minutes there were more than fifteen airstrike fifteen this should be stopped immediately this is the roast meat for the government specially for the sticky.
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this is the awards time for production turns the killing and maiming of civilians including many children in the red sea city has soared in the last three months according to aid workers half a million people of fled the area since june when government forces first started to cup to the city but for many still in her day that there is no escape and little chance of outside help while the number of those remaining in her data says she is difficult to gauge you are not u.n.h.c.r. is worried that people needing to flee for safety are unable to do so they're trapped by military operations which are increasingly confining populations and cutting off exit routes if the rail here many militias fighting to take her they either succeed it will be their foster victory against who the fighters aid agencies are sounding the alarm they say the bottle on the red sea coast or yemen into an outright farming. well the seventh the passant of the countries imports go
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through the portal but they told us eight on bank loosing calls for a cease fire and a political solution but still flawed these calls have been ignored with neither side willing to compromise mohamed atta was the djibouti. firefighters in california say they're up against some of the toughest conditions they've faced as wildfires continue to rage across the u.s. state the death toll has jumped to twenty three hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes brunell's reports from malibu. at least two hundred thousand people in southern california have been evacuated as the wildfire there has doubled in size are far far it's been a seems an extreme. conditions now they say they've never seen him on. two thousand firefighters are battling the blaze many homes have been burnt to the ground in northern california a separate huge wildfire killed
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a number of people as they tried to flee the town of paradise the town itself was virtually incinerated dozens of people are missing in that area and authorities fear the death toll may rise we've gone to lots of you know wild land fires over the years and this is one of the worst we have seen personally so. it's pretty horrific. the fires broke out on thursday and fanned by high winds quickly raged out of control towering clouds of smoke were visible from outer space. on a trip to france president donald trump tweeted as california burned blaming the state's liberal democratic government for poor forestry management he threatened to cut off federal funds for overseeing california wild lands california democratic
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congressman ted lew responded mr president what's wrong with you disaster victims deserve help and sympathy the winds are calm here at the moment but that's not going to last the weather forecast is for high winds picking up in the coming days so unless the weather conditions improve california's wildfires may take a long time to die rob reynolds al-jazeera malibu california well heavy rains led to flash flooding across the arabian peninsula jordan's been hit with twelve people have been killed in the ancient city of petra aside to be closed for cleaning and tourists have been moved to safety o'brien reports. the deluge came barreling down the valley with a thunderous roar sweeping away everything in its path. visitors expecting the serenity of petra's two thousand year old architecture had to scramble frantically to higher ground as the water raged beneath them around three and
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a half thousand tourists were in the area at the time but none were injured police were running around the main street shouting up up up going up go up a co-op we were in. temple so we were up. the river was it was right. before taking with the biggest. thing three minutes or four minutes there were for all the overall petra's flood channels worked as intended the volume and intensity of a torrent four meters high tested the flood barriers to their limits numerous other areas were similarly affected the city of baquba declared a state of civil emergency and across the country the fatalities included two children and one of the divers engaged in.


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