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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 314  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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afaik but the smaller streets would see him in in effect blocked and created the gridlock so even the people who tried to evacuate from the smallest things they could have and other people who had absolutely nothing to do with my going live there they were actually diverted into harm's way that made up to me no sense. even more surprising when the actions of the coast got it not only failed to send rescue boats in time for hours it allowed to rest ferries to continue arriving the coast guard did not stop ferries and old coming in the port of a few notes very close which was again a horrible mistake because ferries unload a lot of cars it is odd to the traffic load you do not at the moment you do not want to have more cars from the road you want to hug him of the roads open us open as possible because you want to move traffic away where is the government in all of this i mean the number one responsibility of coming government is protecting its
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citizens this is the number one responsibility everything else comes second and here. the government failed completely. the. wrong careless or yours or the mood of the. weeks on the survivors a demand in the government pay for what happened if you like he lived with the option of keep him in his regional mental been up for the night. i think she died. five this was actually meant to be a night of celebrations here at the parliament because this is the official end of the eight pm by allows its mips to be a milestone symbolizing a new beginning for grace but for many the fire is the real symbol of what greece is they come up to eight he's been focused on stereotype. of.
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the monks of greece's long economic crisis are etched into the streets of athens. to be the new rule. hof a million people from a population of eleven million have moved to brood in search of jobs so. they've lived behind a nation crippled by debt now running up one hundred eighty percent of g.d.p. . you'll most of thought as was economics minister in the leftwing sirus a government that swept to power three years ago. how much has society be hood by those ideas have been forced on stairs i think it was because the more random the other side there with the exception of world wars.
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is. where a lot of this regard shall refer to the big story the five but sir. that's a huge through the actual base we had forty percent decline in the amount of drink i was weighed the salary of bank shows so the cost was huge you know. emergency services have been hit as hard as any firefight as it had wages steadily cut they even have to buy their own uniforms. this unit is based in a complex that was the pride of the two thousand and four athens olympics they were called out until nine pm long after the fire had destroyed the town. demetrius stuff thoughtless is a senior fire officer and president of the firefighters union he says ten of the
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station's fifteen trucks are out of actual. was. also higher and this one i'm not going on i'm actually. obvious to me but i love because i swear watching one of us off more of a cup and that's i got on in there does it do us gallon of a cup at that circuit or don't you get off on that was when i came out on the bend over against us in a year of your team there. at the corner. you're going to i won't talk to a human up out of. their skin i think you have to view them as this and i know you're mixing up here. he says the national firefighting budget has been cut by twenty percent since two thousand and ten. but on me on it there or except yours want my support from you on the the bottom and up of those we're going to get out
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of this was. the blame game starts it even before marty stopped smoldering the heads of the. national police and fire brigade was sacked the minister for public dole to resign and some claim that's not enough the politicians and a u.s. officials have blood on their hands. zooming constanta a pool it was serious a speaker of parliament and a close ally of prime minister alexis tsipras until they split over austerity cuts i think it's very very clear that austerity measures imposed upon our country have led not just to misery and suffering but also to deaths when you remove seventy mccown tree when you demand rats. and eagle debt is repaid. by the blood.
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of the people because this is what has been happening we've been paying with our own blood for a debt that they created and when i say they i'm talking about the governments the greek governments but also the european governments that the creditors governments and the german and french banks which were those responsible for the larger part of greece's so-called current debt whether there who can be a better outcome. if. you know under different circumstances. with without use there would be. it's hard to say. defense is you know lucky since it's cutbacks would no excuse for the lack of planning all coordination. he believes they had enough water bombing
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a craft to slow the blaze they just didn't say that. i think certainly if we had and what my research shows is that if we fire fighting. operational. without delay the spread of the fire by your least an hour an hour and a half some of those you can see to an hour would have been enough to trigger a cut in your creation to have saved a lot of. it wasn't just the failings on the day that killed so many it was government policy stretching back decades. of all the terrible side see this unremarkable property that's now sealed off is the most powerful because a crowd of people came running through here trying to get to the say blinded by smoke they found themselves trapped the edge with no escape twenty six people
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including parents and their young children died in. each other's arms. allegations would later emerge that the property and fence should not have been there like many waterfront homes it was built without permission on public land this is a unique phenomenon in southern europe where a lot of beats areas were. they were looked in the sixty's in the seventy's with mean once the houses are built in defense of their member government comes in and builds and builds we're going to reverse unfortunately they're wrong the wrong way of going about. illegal construction was tolerated in part because the builders paid heavy fines and taxes income desperately needed in the financial crisis this government which is trying to blame it on those illegal houses was the government who photo and in two thousand and seventeen
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a law to legalize all illegal constructions. the first demolitions of fire damaged houses many were riddled with as best as a state as a media event. the government now says it will demolish more than three thousand homes built of legally on beach fronts and in forests. a buffer against will be there for the. first world war approached workable or scorpio. with none of the normal seems to be the only problem there a particular verse three or four groups greece's infrastructure minister christos spirits is concedes austerity has affected fire readiness but he argues this fire was so exterior no amount of technology could have stopped it. in
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a fundraiser we buy from norman up a gun and are going to hear from them in the spawn of the from the grocery in the middle of course and again will be one on the resort then with the offer if it doesn't look be careful read the source of it's christmas here's what else can i make it but we're sort of remember us and i'm never going to go look at the people and. it's pain and humiliation for a country that prides itself on being a cradle of civilization. greece didn't just give the world democracy in mythology its cults brought forth by. the. murals in the academy of athens tell the legend of per be theists who defied zeus to get the lights of fire and learning to the people so as forgives from if you are
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sick and hercules go gene freeze him from the mountain but i don't think in this particular case zeus is going to forgive the people who are responsible for what happened. like everyone in this tight knit community helios covered up on the skis trying to come to terms with the loss. of form a d.j. he was famous for his policies on his homemade sound system. and music is my life i mean this guy has to look like at this club to look like a cloud. but ten of his friends died in the flames music has become his salvation.
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they were listening to music i was. very calm but. yes i think. i am one. and i would feel that they would be with us but the memories would have to forget we have to leave i mean the monster love. making songs. i was. in the back yard of the fun and i'm dressed to me tree is home there's a shrine to his wife margarita and the sun i had to get named. for walk among the four north up with a novel short i think several of jennifer most and for most all of them for most
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will not sell for opals not for most of them off the mill but for most. of. them all i get to. showing up affinity for mobile all across the us the motherboard. is the sort of little black and landscape is a daily reminder of the catastrophe that took them from him still in deep shock he somehow finds the strength to carry on. for one of your future you're going to continue to be a fire fighter. your navel or the man on the phone about that and. if i'm a performer in a performer and bring them on. or not got the pre-modern i thought farmers a monarch of the problem of us and this number comma. will
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determine this great tragedy will never happen again. as migrant seek sanctuary on it shows the e.u. mr choose rescue over to turn its. eighty's and the immigration government has allied with the libyan coast guard in an operation often at loggerheads with n.g.o.s trying to save lives and. people in power is on board with both sides rescue at sea announces iraq. a congress divided between democrats and republicans. what does it mean for
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america and the world in these remaining two years of donald trump's presidency. find out on al-jazeera. history has called it the great war in the second that assumes the declining autum an empire forges its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to three nationalist movements the will determine the future world war one through our eyes all knowledge is iraq. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world around. sentiment and when you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of things that matter to. al-jazeera. for many years i kept my past a secret but every time violent extremism is mentioned it bothers me.
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compu don't believe that we were superior how could i be tough although we want to if they really had started a race war. how far would i have come. looking in the mirror to confront the past x. eight a witness documentary on al-jazeera. a robot a seven the other top stories on al-jazeera turkey's president is increasing pressure on saudi arabia to reveal what he calls the truth about the murder. there's up to about a one has been meeting president donald trump in paris that's where world leaders are gathering to mock one hundred years since the end of world war one before
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leaving for the french capital president out of one announced and shared audioboo codings about the journals getting with some countries. as more. it was a question moment for president who was hoping to push the americans towards a tougher stance against sandy arabiya i guess the backdrop of the murder of the saudi journalist. turkey wants the international community to keep up the pressure i guess the saudis for the kingdom to come out and say who gave the order to kill so many of them are such as he has somehow dominated the agenda of some of the meetings particular the meeting between presidents donald trump and a man well mark rather said that they wanted the saudis. to give more details about what happened to the saudi journalist but also they said they were concerned that the repercussions from the merger could further destabilize the region i think they were basically concerned that the fallout from this particular case could
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destabilize the royal family in the kingdom not turkey is concerned that this saudi or the u.s. and the e.u. could be using their leverage in a way or another to shield the royal family in saudi arabia because the e.u. and the u.s. have look pretty of what has and business deals with the oil rich kingdom but for to be there needs to be a tougher international stance against saudi arabia. the death toll from fires burning in california has doubled to at least twenty three firefighters say they're up against some of the toughest conditions they faced two hundred thousand people have been forced to leave their homes fires have destroyed one hundred fifty houses in los angeles county the coastal community of malibu has been evacuated rob reynolds is in malibu you can see behind me the aftermath of the wildfires that swept through this area of malibu california going straight down to the pacific
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ocean two hundred and fifty thousand people have been evacuated from this area and neighboring areas as the fire doubled in size seventy thousand houses are said to be at risk of burning and there are two thousand firefighters on the line trying to put out the blaze. at least twelve people have been killed in flash flooding caused by heavy rain across georgia and tourists are being forced to run for high ground in petra the kingdom's ancient city and one of its most popular destinations almost four thousand visitors in the area have been moved to safety dozens of people have been injured a landslide triggered by days of heavy rain in brazil has killed at least ten people rescuers are still searching for at least four people missing in the mud and debris outside the city of rio de janeiro eleven others have been pulled out alive residents have been advised to move to safer locations but some are refusing to leave democratic republic of congo says the latest outbreak of ebola is the worst
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in its history the health ministry says that since august nearly two hundred people have died in two northeastern provinces on groups are said to be preventing health will here's from reaching patients. the u.s. state of florida is at the center of another election battle recounts being ordered in the races for governor and senate republican candidates have a slight lead in both votes according to the initial count in georgia and arizona some results still haven't been confirmed five days after the midterm elections. dozens of central american migrants have left the stadium in mexico city for the longest and most dangerous leg of their trek to the u.s. border some of it arrived in the city of qatar oh about five thousand dollars hoping to cross into the u.s. but president donald trump has signed an order that would deny asylum to any migrants who enter their country illegally those are the headlines the news
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continues here on al-jazeera after all jazeera correspondent live from. my name is tommy lamar shall not meet them i was born a citizen of the union of soviet socialist republics. the u.s.s.r. . people think that when the hammer and
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sickle flag came down on the kremlin in december one thousand ninety one the world changed but things are never that simple. i was too young to remember soviet rule but i have lived my whole life in its shadow. as a georgian i cannot forget the fact that my family members where executed in the soviet purges. as a daughter i cannot forgive the fact that the soviet system crushed my parents' aspirations. as a reporter i have witnessed the wars and revolutions that are its legacy. in my own country i saw russian tanks reasserting soviet borders and axing toward land. after almost thirty years of independence the u.s.s.r.
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is still with us and i believe we cannot have a future until we have dealt with this passed. i've lived away from georgia for almost ten years. every time i come back i remember why i left because i feel that the history is weighing down on my country. and it will take many years to transform it into the country that i want to live in. the area my parents live in is dominated by soviet blocks. it's pretty great a salvage buildings were not designed to make people feel at ease.
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when the u.s.s.r. collapsed there was nobody to look os to this stairwells than the entrances and all the exterior of the building so we're still in there or is in the states. unfortunately when we open the door we still step into a soviet world. looking . for the. seven. my mom remembers the soviet union in a very positive way she was an engineer she was empowered once we got the independence all the soviet factories just closed down there were no jobs for even
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men let alone women so women had to just stay home and become housewives have soem meat. and if it's dominant in georgia and you see oh and this is some desert. no one makes it and every time i come we nicked it i guess so soviets nicked it from the french so it's our version of milk we call it not falling out. my father is very critical of the soviet era when he graduated he ended up working for the mayor's office here in the he was in charge of the sewage system. my mom she even now to think that oh you were in charge of our series. in georgia b. cook asians are always marked by a family feast and keeping toast. moment. how
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much. each other could be researching the well let's go morse code so goes the. when the rows of the world it is our god start conductor on. twenty zero zero zero cost well let me tell you see they discovered. you so we're going to hold what i get to be said for a boy of all about good earth little good luck tomorrow to show griswold and i encourage herds with which i get a little. cold although they would like to grow good to see you go but i'll bring down some level of we are without a home. station barely able to count them all a barrier to dow historia she told us or she made him look different to her that will surely it. will have the second.
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of the second i want to get over that are. possible he was going to share with what old horse wanted to know miss what was he wanted to talk to rather. shearman about it will tell them you know this old fashion now going to get that sort of a camel doubtless he is. going to call it isn't. this a money machine what are. the story about how do you suggest to me it would. sally and the. party's twenty can about it but they were living just about it when i'm to go be a speedy machine. there's that they were all we can have all the same clothes to proceed and that's a. champ to speed up that. she was. around
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. all of us have to. talk to around enough. cattle that. packed a rat still live wrong. alone never to throttle most of us she. told me that it's your stock in earth's that are seconds if stamina said it and now they're going to shift. and how is it. my old horse that scrushy did this is whisper such that. there. are farmers i'm out of there are certain. my grandfather was born in the twenties so he's now ninety. one we call me walter sort of. when i grill him about the soviet union it mystifies me that he doesn't feel bitter about the things it did to his family. he was only nine years old when the
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secret police came to their home but in eighty years the memory has not there. wasn't for a moment that kind of got out of forget him. among the most lucid and we're not sure newt is timing intelligence or. sean understand that what a guy is kind of how much is true he said when he said they're going to answer his you know america matter i'm going to share it with you as soon as reassure me the came from chimp early settlers or learn to shoot level three demolition i went out only after got over it all we not imo we down about wash and thought about it on its own but usually most our newsgroups use for the time such as running through just as a answer to your move. is i'm sure i said they're not yours and i'm not somebody who's here i'm going to win there.


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