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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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business of this vital appalled by the fighting is going to wreck all yemen and the problem also is that there are piles of people who are still stuck in the city in the past few days six hundred thousand people left a day that the girls will heal in the city hall the way out of the schools checkpoints and roadblocks of the model of bridge street all the city and they have no way out and it's also all these people are just it's also that it. thanks very much less to take you back now to the french capital because the turkish president . has just been greeted at the palace along with his wife by emanuel the french president and the first lady of france bridgette as well we'll get more on what's going on for mr erdogan on the sidelines of the one hundred years of the armistice commemorations a little later today because clearly we're also focusing in on the conversations he
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has been having with the u.s. president donald trump five weeks after the death of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi inside the saudi consulate in bull yesterday he revealed just before he got on the plane to the french capital that he shared with the u.s. saudi arabia and various european allies the audio recordings of what happened to jamal khashoggi five weeks ago when he walked in there into the consulate building in istanbul to get some paperwork stamped and signed off because he was planning on a marrying his fiance to teach ginger's will get more from our correspondents in turkey a little later on this bulletin of al-jazeera will firefighters in california say they're up against some of the toughest conditions they're facing as wildfires continue across the state the death toll has now jumped to twenty five hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes rob reynolds has. latest
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now from malibu. at least two hundred thousand people in southern california have been evacuated as the wildfire there has doubled in size our far far it's been a seems an extreme. conditions that they say they've never seen him on. two thousand firefighters are battling the blaze many homes have been burnt to the ground in northern california a separate huge wildfire killed a number of people as they tried to flee the town of paradise the town itself was virtually incinerated dozens of people are missing in that area and authorities fear the death toll may rise we've gone to lots of you know wild land fires over the years and this is one of the worst we have seen personally so. it's pretty horrific. the fires broke out on thursday and fanned by high winds quickly raged out of control towering clouds of
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smoke were visible from outer space. on a trip to france president donald trump tweeted as california burned blaming the state's liberal democratic government for poor forestry management he threatened to cut off federal funds for overseeing california wild lands california democratic congressman ted lew responded mr president what's wrong with you disaster victims deserve help and sympathy the winds are calm here at the moment but that's not going to last the weather forecast is for high winds picking up in the coming days so unless the weather conditions improve california's wildfires may take a long time to die rob reynolds al-jazeera malibu california still to come here on al-jazeera the democratic republic of congo struggles to deal with his west
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an outbreak of ebola. the rain has been reported as far north in thailand as chiang rai which is a little bit north this time of the end you can see the satellite picture where it's all going but actually the bay of bangor i think collect most that rain things are drying up for thailand as a turd in malaysia particularly indonesia for the heavy rains but look at the darkness of the green that indicates where the most likely deep thunderstorms are going to be there all of a malaysia that answer the western sovereignties or least but jakarta has you know it's been pretty wet recently you can't see a great deal of java or bali or indeed so the way it's that time of the year once more and it's still fairly exciting weather in australia ahead of the next belt of rain that's coming through the bite to proper little system you would of course
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drop it awards for adelaide to melbourne's attempts at up to twenty eight from monday and behind it all still around about the twenty mark in perth with multiple showers in first of all west australia and then south australia of course eventually working into adelaide to new south wales and yeah there's a nice hint of green there which means they'll be some decent damp or somewhere inland maybe if you're lucky indeed south wales if you're in new zealand apart from the case no sharon north island it looks a pretty nice couple of days approaching twenty degrees. as migrant seek sanctuary on its shores the cheese rescue order tyrants. and the immigration government has allied with the libyan coast guard in an operation often at loggerheads with n.g.o.s trying to save lives.
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people in power is on board with both sides rescue at sea. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera these are your top stories leaders from seventy countries are in the french capital for the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war around twenty million people were killed france was the epicenter of the first global conflicts and so it's hosting the main international commemoration. at least sixty one people have been killed as fighting intensifies in the yemeni port city of the data between forces backed by the saudi
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m.r. r.t. coalition and if the rebels a group say the humanitarian crisis is getting dire as many course in the conflict lack access to basic medical care. the death toll has doubled for these twenty five years wildfires continue to burn in the u.s. state of california two hundred thousand people have been forced to leave their homes the coastal community of malibu has now been evacuated. the white house says president donald trump and his turkish counterpart. have held discussions on how to. respond to the killing of jamal. turkey's president who had previously said an operation to kill the journalist was ordered in saudi arabia at the highest levels mr won and mr trump met over dinner on saturday night in paris earlier the u.s. and french president said saudi arabia should shed more light on the murder live
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now to istanbul and our correspondent andrew symonds so they've clearly had a quite a robust conversation about what mr erdogan would like to get from mr trump. it would certainly seem that way peter although we haven't had any clarification from turkish officials or indeed the white house yet just that confirmation from the white house that the subjects of the murder of come out she has showed she had been discussed not only just between the u.s. president and president but also nearby at the dinner on saturday nights was going to merkel and emmanuelle maccarone the french president and the german chancellor respectively they were all saying gauged in the conversation but this is really very much on the sidelines as you would describe it of the main discussion of whether or not there will be bilateral meetings between the turkish
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president on the u.s. president is unclear it would appear that not at this stage certainly not listed on a medical are expected to speak with trump but that this stage we have no confirmation of any sort of such a meeting being on the shuttle but one can be sure that this was a robust conversation because the message that the that one took with him was really echoing around corridors of power all over europe it was addressed at the united states also saudi arabia britain france germany and other mainline leaders of the world in that it said this it said this is the odia recording please should listen to it share it this is the audience recording evidence of the murder of a journalist whose only crime was to be engaged in human rights for the people of saudi arabia and the murder took place in this coincidence the saudi consulates on
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turkish soil what is going to be done about it that's the code language the un diplomatic message that this action by. carrying these allies of the united states not only to the usa itself but allies engaged in selling arms to saudi arabia the u.k. in particular and also engaged in political and commercial ties major ties with saudi arabia ties that are hard to break in any way and now all at stake and so this is really a crucial focal point now in a crisis that's been going on more than five weeks now all of it taking place at a dinner table it would seem so far will not be had to had discussions between trump and unclear perhaps not likely both men on not going to go to the peace conference that's been organized by
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a macro and in paris they will not be engaged in that asshole the wood is that one will be back in turkey on sunday nights and right back here this instance if this whole mission hasn't been successful then one can guarantee it would seem that took swill continue pressuring the united states and indeed world leaders we're already hearing from recently from a journalist for the sabah newspaper an investigative journalist who's speaking on al-jazeera move asha a saying that as far as he could actually have access to the last words all of khashoggi when he was in the consulate and they went like this hit back was put over his head and he resisted and he'd said that please take the back off my hands is i am choking please take it off my head i am suffering from claustrophobia those
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words to that effect with the last words heard from chris shoji before he died that is one of the many leaks still to come it would seem other leaks are still to come that one is out there already but the sabah newspaper is promising to reveal more aspects to these types of time goes by so action is what turkey wants suit a new thank you very much. bangladeshis main opposition coalition says it will contest the forthcoming general election despite the ruling refusing to agree to a series of films about the vote the leading party in the coalition the nationalist party has boycotted previous campaigns that now says it will take part in elections set for december the twenty third the governing awami league rejected the oppositions to monster pushed back the polling date and put a neutral caretaker government in place prior to the futon be a child who is in the capital to be with the b.n.p. in disarray how can we pull this off.
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well this is very significant news for the general population and disappointing for a long time now they want to have the choice to vote for the. opposition member of their choice or anybody up their choice but this standoff between the opposition and one of the ruling party has been for a long time now they had several sitting with the prime minister no breakthrough was made the key seventy four and demand one was neutral caretaker government and also the release. of the former prime. chairperson of nationalist party now those i've been met by the government but decided to go ahead with a lection strategic reason as well because they don't participate the main main opposition party. national party. registration for not participating in two election in a row along with the fact that there is
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a major demand from its support base and the grassroots that they showed i disappeared in the election along with the mass people as well because. nobody wants to see the repeat of two thousand and fourteen election marred with violence there only had to walk away because some of the main opposition party didn't participate in the election now what's important to watch out how much a level playing field they're going to get now they have demanded one key demand. for another thirty days which the ruling party say they don't have any objection. to see whether they actually abide by the question still remains fair level playing field position considering prime minister. and cabinet minister will still be in power during the election. campaign and election commission turned via thank you very much the u.s. state of florida is again at the center of an election battle
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a recount has been ordered in the races for governor and senate seats republican candidates have a slight lead in both of those votes according to the initial count in georgia and i reserve some results still haven't been confirmed five days after the midterm elections thousands of central american asylum seekers have arrived in the mexican city of quote ataru one of the most challenging legs of their trek up to the u.s. border but five thousand of them to cross into the u.s. donald trump has signed an order that would deny asylum to anyone entering the country illegally. the democratic republic of congo says the latest outbreak of ebola is the worst in its history the health ministry says more than two hundred people have died in two northeastern provinces since august groups are said to be preventing health workers from reaching the patients assume at this point three hundred in one thousand cases and one hundred ninety eight deaths have been registered in view of these figures my thoughts and my prayers go to the hundreds
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of families grieving to the hundreds of orphans and the families which have been wiped out. let's take you back live to paris now because in the french capital leaders from seventy countries are gathering for the one hundredth anniversary marking the end of the war overall about twenty million people lost their lives france was the epicenter of the first global conflict and so it is hosting the main international commemoration will stay with these live pictures to get a sense of who's turning up the promise before they make their way to another of our correspondents standing by for us natasha just take us through what they'll be doing in the coming hours. when more than seventy world leaders have been arriving at the lease a palace being greeted by the french president emmanuel not called they will then make their way here in about thirty minutes time to arrive at the arc de triomphe in the center of the french capital because it will be eleven o'clock and that was
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the time that the armistice came into effect in one thousand nine hundred one hundred years ago when the guns felt silence and the fighting stopped they will mark that time with a minute's silence and they will be in extremely poignant moments it's a very grave leaden sky and that really reflects the somber mood here it's an international ceremony that also reflecting the global nature of the world war it was a conflict that touched continents it touched people around the world families were torn apart forty million casualties twenty million of those people were killed civilians soldiers military the numbers are just absolutely staggering so this is not to see for world leaders to really come together and remember those who are involved and a sobering moment as well the french president really wants it to be a time of reconciliation and a time of unity. when it comes to that reconciliation i mean so many words names and titles from the conflict have become iconic but one remembers you know flanders
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field words names like passion as well they became. with a particularly vicious kind of warfare because they'll be remembering as well it was the first time we saw chemical weapons being used mustard gas chlorine gas and also mr mack or central message i guess will be this mustn't happen again we've got to try to work to make sure but this kind of thing doesn't happen again. well those rights the french presence actually use this commemoration and the commemorations he's been a part of over the past week in france to really get across the message that so for to hear him what he says is the root of the dangers of rising nationalism in the world he talked to a french newspaper a few days go and he said that the political climate in the world right now reminds him of the one nine hundred thirty s. that time after the first world war leading up to the second world war what he's talking about is in europe the rise of far right anti e.u.
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policies this dressen the unity and the future of the european union and he is an all don't believe in multilateralism amano michael believes that leaders have to work together for peace and stability and it's also why he is a critical of donald trump with his make america great again policy and pulling out of international greenman such as iran and the climate deal natasha thanks very much. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the white house says president donald trump and his turkish counterpart wretch up type of discussions on how to respond to the killing of jamal. turkey's president has previously said an operation to kill the journalist was ordered in saudi arabia at the highest levels. met over dinner last night in paris that u.s. french president said saudi arabia should quote shed more light on the murder.
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leaders from seventy countries are in paris for the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war around twenty million people were killed france was the epicenter of the first global conflict and so it's hosting the main international commemorative events at least sixty one people have been killed as fighting intensifies in the yemeni port city of data between forces backed by the coalition and the rebels aid groups say the humanitarian crisis is getting as many caught in the conflict lack access to basic medical care. the death toll has doubled to at least twenty five as wildfires continue to burn in the u.s. state of california two hundred thousand people have been forced to leave their homes the coastal community of malibu has now been evacuated the state of florida is again at the center of an election battle a recount has been ordered in the races for governor and senate republican candidates have a slight lead in both votes according to the initial count the democratic republic
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of congo says the latest outbreak of ebola is the worst in the country's history the health ministry says more than two hundred people have died in two north eastern provinces since august. those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after you find asia asms here with the news hour in thirty minutes. if you find fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers soon.
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threw out the case of head in. samsung electronics and the chairman and vice chairman of samsung electronics were asked for their comments on the issues raised in this film samsung electronics provided the following statement protecting the health and safety of our employees is and has always been our top priority we are deeply saddened by the illnesses and passing of human what while multiple third party reviews have found no correlation between the workplace and bonuses we are sensitive to the significant emotional and financial burden faced by employees suffering of illness and their families and we are committed to providing financial support. we continue to evaluate and improve
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our health management system to ensure a safe working environment and thoughts meeting our commitments to all employees we also contacted k. caldwell for comments on the issues raised in this film kay caldwell hamilton knowledge that mr hwang's daughter's death was due to work related disease since this was the subject of the ongoing appeal. a moroccan man spoke out against french colonial rule and was exiled.
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extremist. spoke out against the regime and was sentenced to life imprisonment he spent twenty two months in hiding. and seventeen years in jail. tells the story of the dissident. you stand the differences. and the similarities across the world. this is.
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coming up in the next sixty minutes. gather at the arc de triomphe in paris one hundred years since the end of the first. president. face to face for the first time. to end the fighting. by. liberals try to steal this election from the great people florida it's not over yet. in the u.s. put victories for donald trump's republican party in jeopardy. and with the sport boca juniors and river plate fans hope the rain. ahead of their clash in buenos aires and victory at last japanese team kachina and words lift the asian champions league trophy for the first time in their history.
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follow leaders from seventy countries are in the french capital paris for the one hundredth anniversary of the end of world war one around twenty million people were killed in that conflict that lasted four years and three and a half months before ending on november eleventh one thousand nine hundred of the commemoration center around the arc de triomphe in paris at the base of it lies a torch which is late every day to remember the unknown french soldiers who gave their lives during the first world war in about half an hour french president emmanuel mccraw will give a speech as the leaders from across the world remember the fall of one hundred years since the end of that war we'll bring it to you live we have reporters
6:51 pm
in paris covering this historic event james bays is that the palace but we begin with natasha butler at the ark to a tree on a sun attash overly somber occasion this what are we expecting. yes and i don't know if you can hear behind me but bells are actually ringing out across paris to mark eleven o'clock because it was eleven o'clock paris time on the eleventh day of the eleventh month nine hundred eighteen that the guns fell silent that the fighting ended in a world war one century later here we are at the arc de triomphe in central paris and more than seventy world leaders are making their way up the shores of the say the famous avenue that leads to the op to where they will gather to remember the millions of people who died twenty million civilians and soldiers died in the first world war there were forty million casualties they will be at the tomb of the unknown soldier they'll be a minute's silence will hear various musicians playing and the french president
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a man who will make a speech for him the accent on this commemoration is on reconciliation it's not on national triumph and i think it was no coincidence that we saw the french president walk out of the lease a little earlier hand in hand with the german chancellor angela merkel. a touch about a life or so where the the tree off let's turn now to james bays who is at the palace for us so james they are there too to remember those who fought and died in that war on hundred years ago but inevitably whether it were the gathering of this many world leaders there are other issues there that are going to be addressed and other controversies perhaps. yeah absolutely that is what always happens when you have a big gathering of world leaders and they've already actually been meeting third in the elisei powerless. before this commemoration over and as you can see
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very very wet here and yet in just the last few minutes we saw not just our supporters in the rain but we saw something i've never seen before which is a succession of world leaders come down that red carpet as in the tasha said they were led by president mark kroll and chancellor merkel walking through the rain heading then to abbas to take them to the commemoration worth telling you and i think this won't play out very well domestically for him the president trump was not amongst them he canceled a visit to the to a cemetery or whether u.s. war dead twenty four hours ago because of the rain and because of his security he's not traveling with the other world leaders he's traveling in his armored limo as is president putin and prime minister netanyahu they're making their own way because they don't walk out in the same way and travel by bus as the other world leaders do at the end of the commemoration and all of the thoughts about one hundred years ago
6:54 pm
what the french have decided is to use this occasion to leverage the future and peace in the future something called the paris peace forum which is taking place after they've had lunch here at the elite and the french i think want to push the idea of multilateralism of international cooperation of course that's very different from president trump's vision of the world and america first and it may not surprise you that president trump is not actually intending that piece for him he will we believe go to a cemetery where there are american war dead the second of the two visits because he abandoned the first and then he'll be flying back to washington d.c. . and james just as we're talking to you there we're looking at these live pictures of the leaders beginning that walk now led by french president emmanuel mccourt to mark one hundred years since the end of that war walking down the shores
6:55 pm
early shows that he's a from the octu to triomphe and james as you said there that the french are very keen to keep the this emphasis on remembering what happened in that war war and to perhaps use it also. as as a reminder of what's at stake in today's world. yes absolutely i think the pictures of those world leaders walking we'd sort of assumed that when they left here they were going to get on a pass at some point but the fact they're walking all the way these are very very important people i think shows some perhaps humility on this day where they're remembering this amazing sacrifice jury and that the great war where as many as eleven million people died and i think they are also hoping to address issues in
6:56 pm
the paris peace forum later on where there are ongoing conflicts clearly syria comes to mind clearly yemen comes to mind and certainly on yemen there's quite some lots of diplomatic activity on syria things are going pretty slowly not there's no real progress on the u.n. peace efforts there on yemen there is a feeling that with saudi arabia on the back foot at the moment and facing international scrutiny that maybe saudi can give some ground on yemen there was talk of peace talks even taking place by the end of this month in sweden now i think that is a little bit optimistic the new word i'm getting from diplomats in new york is it's more likely that they'll try an aim for that by the end of the month but there is a great deal of pressure on saudi arabia on that war in yemen given the devastating death toll to try and seek some ceasefire and certainly works going on at the u.n. in new york to get a u.n. security council resolution the u.k.
6:57 pm
one of the five permanent members is working on that so as they march through the streets of paris these world leaders marching through the streets of paris to remember the dead of world war one the hope is later in the day that extra efforts can be made towards peace right now in the world. james for the moment thanks very much. christina wu is a historian and professor at the sorbonne university in paris and she joins us now live from there thanks very much for being with us so what lessons do you think can be learned from what happened one hundred years ago and i'm talking more specifically here about the rise of nationalism that took place in europe and elsewhere in the years after world war one and we're seeing nationalism on the rise in in many places today do you see any any parallels to draw from there. there definitely
6:58 pm
a lot of parallels that we can that we can result from that and i think that oh what is important to note here is that well we can see that right after what well it was celebrating here the centennial really of the end of the first world war rather but what happened after that especially especially with the pay the paris treaty of assize the paris peace treaty that is harrah's a new era of peace talks and multilateralism so that is one thing that we must keep in mind there hope that that will come out as as a result of. that of the end of the memory of the end of the war and. one thing wish perhaps we should also keep in mind is that when we view one multilateral nationalism to to work and we want to have that platform. walking that we must have big policy nations agreeing to work alongside small the nations you talk about multilateralism do you do you think good again given what's
6:59 pm
happening in the world right now and of the rise of nationalism and populism and so on a president from very much for most in this america first policy you think multilateralism is is under threat in today's world. i think it is star is a huge potential for that and we see that happening as you point out very rightly with not only president transamerica first policy but also let's think about china as think also about as well as as put in this russia and we do have we see that happening and i think what is speaking in the historian and investments of your question concerning what lessons from history we can that that should be brought out to the fore here then we must of course think about what happened with the paris peace talks and at that point of time the great nations that come together and the. it's at least the beginning of the planting of the sea notably
7:00 pm
wilson's press and wilson's. idea of the league of nations. to create and to do away with that of nationalism and to come together and to bring forward a new era of peace and just going back to the commemorations that we're seeing right now for the end of that war as we were saying at the top there this is a war that killed by by many estimates as many as twenty million people civilians and soldiers it was known as back then as the war to end all wars. people that world hadn't had not never seen anything like it up to that point do you think perhaps today's generation given the fact that europe is as seen largely a peaceful iraq over the last few decades do you think today's generation often forgets the sacrifice the people from one hundred years ago made.
7:01 pm
well i would i think a more optimistic point of view on that question and i would say that speaking as someone who has thought younger people and steve.


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