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tv   The Ottomans  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2018 9:00am-9:57am +03

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it's likely in the coming hours the focus of diplomacy may well be here in the french capital because of the commemorations of well. we've had a large group of global leaders of the seventeen leaders here in this city at the same time actually some of the president have made that way but others are still in the city and benjamin met netanyahu who clearly has been briefed on what's been going on in gaza i'm sure was fully briefed on this and it's interesting to know whether he at any point when he spoke to president trump told him about any israeli plans this is something that the u.n. security council had been warned about fresh problem breaking out in gaza and clearly is one the members of the u.n. security council talking at the u.n. clearly the warnings about fresh conflicts of company climb it was the u.n. special court based in jerusalem and he was holding the ground.
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the u.n. secretary general he is also overnighting in paris because he has a meeting with president macro in the morning so i think i can also tell you that there's a palestinian representative here in paris well not clear to me at this stage because obviously i've only had a chance to make some calls whether the palestinians all. over this is here now from ghazi hamad he's a senior hamas official in the southern gaza strip and he told us that an israeli unit escaped to the border the operation. well you know there is a special. when. there are also some of the one. which.
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you had or some collaborators tried to escape to go to this very old. brigade. that tried to cover. all the cars the president all the soldiers. striking. so i think it was. actually that we have about six people with. some or some one of them is one of the few minutes ago. i think of it was. because. it's got more on this now we're joined by moin rabbani senior fellow at the institute for palestine studies and he's joining us live from new york bonnie
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thank you for staying with us on al-jazeera what do you make not just of the attack and the timing what was israel trying to do here do you think. well it seems fairly clear that this was a premeditated assess a nation of a senior hamas military command right at the christian though of egyptian and united nations mediated talks to try to reach a long term cease fire between israel and hamas the question that arises is what israel's motivations were. were they as so often in the past trying to give hamas a bloody nose just to remind them they were in charge and they will decide the terms on which any cease fire is reached or they perhaps by contrast trying to scuttle this cease fire initiative and perhaps engaging in a larger conflict as happened in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine two
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thousand and twelve and two thousand and fourteen my sense is that israel at this stage is probably more interested in giving a massive bloody nose trying to remind people who is boss and there it will be israel that sides the extent to which illegal blockade if the gaza strip is maintained or partially will be and that it's not out for a new conflict having said that this is the hundredth anniversary of the armistice the world were enormous and of course we know what can happen when people make miscalculations regarding military in a city whatever the reasons for israel's attack a senior commander of hamas' military wing has been killed and an israeli soldier has been killed so do you think that this and that and school could scuttle the efforts that we have seen between the united nations and egypt that did see some
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important relief being given to the you know more than a million people that live in gaza whose lives have been so terribly affected by the conflict. it may very well that is so because this was after all a senior hamas military commander who according to most reports the deputy commander of the newly from us military units and there was also a second commander was killed in this attack so how mass will now feel virtually obligated to retaliate for this is really very secondly it went wrong from the israeli perspective in the sense that it's also an israeli officer was killed in this it was a second israeli was wounded and there are other reports about. third israeli officer potentially being captured or also in. what you have here now time will tell but this again raises the pressure on israel to
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continue to acting the gaza strip or so yes the possibility for further escalation whether intentional or inadvertent is very much there mr rabbani thank you so much for your time and your expertise on this we really appreciate it that is more on rabbani live in new york thank you to you now let's move on to other news for now and latest from more than seventy countries have been attending commemorations in paris to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war twenty eight million people were killed in the fight in the last nearly four and a half years and then on november eleventh one nine hundred eighteen that reports from paris. the gray skies over paris reflected the somber mood as more than seventy world leaders walked up the shores of the say to the arc de triomphe to commemorate the end of world war one the french president and german chancellor was side by side the nation's once the bitterest of enemies now the closest of allies
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at eleven o'clock paris time in one thousand nine hundred eighteen the guns fell silent ending more than four years of conflict and bloodshed an estimated twenty million soldiers and civilians were killed a similar number were injured in france where much of the fighting took place few have forgotten. i had to come here today as my grandfather fought in that wall forty four years so it was to remember him. dozens of students took part in the ceremony representing a new generation and hope that history's mistakes will not be repeated the armistice treaty marks a victory for allied powers and a defeat for german forces but the commemoration hasn't been about national triumph it's been about reconciliation. the french president lived the flame of the tomb of the unknown soldier in his speech he spoke at the futility of
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war and promoted his multilateral vision of the world in the face of that of some leaders who increasingly look inwards the part of the u.t.c. it looks like to go to dinner patriotism is the polar opposite of nationalism nationalism betrays patriotism when one says it's also first of all who cares about real there's a clear way what is most precious about a nation secure make it live what makes a great coast importantly its model values the so many people together presidents and politicians who are often at odds with each other a moment for them to reflect on and remember a conflict that ravaged continents cut short lives and tore families apart. a cool to never forget the tosh butler al jazeera. well after initially being criticized for skipping a ceremony at a cemetery on saturday donald trump remembered u.s.
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soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice on diplomatic editor james bays has more from paris. the commander in chief paying his respects to u.s. servicemen who died in a war that ended one hundred years ago the visit to the cemetery overlooking paris took place on a dank afternoon twenty four hours earlier a visit to the graves of u.s. marines had been cancelled the white house said it was because of rain a move that back home in the states prompted widespread criticism exactly one hundred years ago today on november eleventh one thousand and eighteen world war one came to an end. thank god it was a brutal war. he went to the cemetery instead of attending the paris peace forum an event deliberately designed to follow the commemoration while global leaders were all in paris the vision of president michael this was an effort to promote
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international cooperation to avoid further conflict and without mentioning president trump or his america first policy to push back against nationalism you something. we are we can by the return of tragic passions nationalism racism anti-semitism extremism leaks that challenge the future that our people are expecting the german chancellor told before him finding peace in yemen was a pressing concern one villain of the year here. since we are here to remember we must not forget that what is probably the worst humanitarian crisis in the world is happening in yemen and it is only because we are seeing very few pictures that we're not appalled at the fact that are not pictures cannot be a reason not to act together here in paris leaders from around the world were united at their horror of the wars of the past what is there now home to their own countries it's clear there is no easy solutions to current conflicts and
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increasingly divergent views on the way they should work together in the future james. paris now on the sidelines of the commemorations in paris president donald trump and turkey's leader read five ever the one discussed the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi advances turkey has shared already of according as of casualties last moments with several world leaders has demanded the saudi authorities reveal the truth about the killing. has more from istanbul. sources close to the presidents have told me that the turkish leader adopts a better one described his meeting with his american counterparts as a positive one albeit it's the turkish presidency has still not revealed the details of exactly what was discussed between trump and urged one however we do understand obviously that's central to those talks was the case of jamal khashoggi now obviously this comes off the backdrop of turkey trying to generate this
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international consensus to get as much support as it can from western countries and its european allies in order to bring to a close this case which has gone on for several weeks now but because this case has so many different variables and layers to it it is proving a difficult task to say the least one of those consequential topics that's come as a result of the murder of official she has been saudi arabia policy abroad for example the war on yemen we've seen that now countries and governments of talking about the possibility of the focus on saudi arabia being used now in order to bring an end to this war in fact it was a small but loud protests that took place outside the consulate earlier on sunday it was organized by supporters of the forty militia they did hold up the picture of i've been manacled with the n.b.c. flags i work for it just goes to show that there is at least some sort of momentum
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that's being built with the scrutiny being placed on saudi arabia its leadership and the deadly policies that it's has been pursuing that's is allowed others to make use of that's now there were still room for the turkish authorities possibly to leak more information or more details with regards to the case of jamal khashoggi we still haven't seen for example. proof of what's kind of weapons or tools were used to kill jamal such a key we are hearing possibly that they may be released at some point there is still talk about or questions being raised about the consul general why or where is he the key witness to this who was whisked away by the saudi authorities so all of that is still on the table. the u.s. has renewed his call for an end to hostilities in yemen the street battles have brought chaos to residential areas and the main port city of whole day there are pro-government lines backed by this how the immorality coalition is trying to seize control from the rebels at least sixty fighters from both sides have been killed in
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the past twenty four hours thousands of civilians are trapped by the fighting. a recount has begun in the us state of florida for two k. positions and the mid-term elections ballots are being counted again in the race for governor and the u.s. senate and the first count republican candidates held a slight lead results are still unconfirmed in georgia and arizona five days after the vote gabriel and he has more from washington d.c. they're talking about how this is a could potentially be a replay of eighteen years ago we all can remember in year two thousand that was the famous recall of the votes in florida during the george w. bush al gore presidential race of course all the rest is history now but bush ended up winning the state of florida by less than six hundred votes and that was enough to get him into the white house and now we're seeing another recount in florida both republicans and democrats are accusing each other of foul play and stuffing
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the ballot boxes and trying to extend the election or change the results or what have you but the bottom line is this is a recount of all of the votes there between the senate race between republican rick scott who got fifty point zero percent of a close and bill nelson the democrat who got in there early nine point nine percent of the vote only about ten to twelve thousand vote difference there were more than eight million votes cast in the governor's race as well the republican also holds a narrow narrow lead he has forty nine point six percent of the vote to andrew gillum the democrat forty nine point two so you can see how tight these races are and that's why the recount of the votes is happening beginning on sunday expected to last at least five days but it's going to be a long process it could extend well beyond that. firefighters in california have only managed to contain ten percent of the fire burning in los angeles county at
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least twenty five people have died and thousands of homes have been destroyed as two large fires tear through the u.s. state hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and firefighters expect hot and windy weather conditions over the next three days to fan the flames rob reynolds has more from westlake village in l.a. county. the air is thick here with acrid smoke and the smell of burned houses now this is a bungalow community on the outskirts of westlake village in los angeles community and just about twenty four hours ago people here tell us a spark or several sparks blown from another fire perhaps dozens of kilometers away fell amidst the houses here and i'll step out of the way so that you can see what the result was you can see houses completely incinerated just the metal remaining firefighters there are hosing down some of the remaining hot spots trying
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to make certain that nothing reignites in the underbrush or in the wreckage it's really quite remarkable how little remains of a modern house after a fire sweeps through seventeen houses were lost here the local people tell us and the. local people who live in this community are also extremely grateful to a group of about a dozen firefighters who arrived in the nick of time to save what remains of the community and save the majority of the houses these firefighters working long hours and doing an amazing job now in northern california the situation sadly is a bit different there is now been confirmed that least at least twenty three people were killed in the area around paradise california in a separate blaze now that blaze is approaching the outskirts of a sizable city called chico california so firefighters there are working hard as
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they are here to put out the fire and prevent any further loss of life in what has been a disastrous few days for california. leadership elections are being held in rebel controlled eastern ukraine critics say the votes and on yet and the harms break a peace agreement signed three years ago the government in kiev says is an illegal attempt by russian backed separators to legitimize their four year occupation more than ten thousand people have been killed since the conflict began and twenty fourteen. now representatives from the polish government have been holding a joint to march with the far right groups to celebrate the country's independence the procession marks the first time polis of polish officials will attend the so-called independence march the event in the past has featured racist anti immigrant homophobic and white supremacist slogans on wednesday the mayor of the source said he had banned the march for security reasons but president on day due
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to confirm that the march will go ahead. and again on one of the problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera a commander of hamas' military wing has been killed in an israeli raid in gaza six other palestinians were also killed during the incursion in khan yunis as well as an israeli soldier israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cut short his visit to paris to return home our force that has more from western roussillon and israeli covert special forces team was inside gaza territory three kilometers inside from the border fence traveling in a civilian vehicle and that it carried out an attack in which a senior commander of the hamas military wing the arkansas brigades in communists. a man called noor baraka was shot and killed or at least was was killed in this
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operation a thirty seven year old senior commander. the u.s. has renewed his call for an end to hostilities in yemen but street battles have brought chaos to residential areas in the main port city of whole day there a pro-government alliance backed by the saudi and the rotty coalition is trying to seize control from the rebels thousands of civilians are trapped in the fighting commemorations have been held. around the world to mark a hundred years since the end of the first world war france's president emanuel led tributes to the twenty million people who died in the conflict recounts began in the u.s. state of florida for to keep positions in the midterm elections and the races for governor and the u.s. senate the first count republican candidates held a slight lead result is still unconfirmed also in georgia and arizona five days after the vote for fires in california so they've only managed to contain ten percent of the fire burning in los angeles county of those twenty five people have
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died and thousands of homes are being destroyed as two large fires tear through the u.s. state of california hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes. but those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us the inside story is coming up next thank you very much for watching. the president of turkey has shared with several world leaders audio recordings of the moment journalist mark ashanti was murdered the aim it appears to pressure saudi arabia into revealing who ordered the killing so will this tactic work this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey turkish president. continues to put the pressure on saudi arabia to reveal who ordered the murder of journalist. as his country has shared audio recordings of the last moments with the u.s. germany france and the united kingdom the leaders of those countries are in france to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war or to discuss the issue with u.s. president on saturday and paris and also met french president manuel macron and agreed on a number of issues related to the case they said saudi arabia needs to shed more light on the murder and the case should not destabilize the region or one has previously said he believes the order to kill the journalist came from the highest
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levels of the saudi government these. to peter that we have shared the recordings with saudi arabia the americans the british the germans with everyone they've listened to the conversations on those recordings they know what's been said there's no point in distorting this fact among the fifteen suspects they know who the murderer is all murderers are and saudi arabia can bring old this to light by making those fifteen suspects speak. let's introduce the panel now and joining us from istanbul matthew bryza former white house official now a non resident senior fellow at the atlantic council here in doha which ana is a car a assistant professor of politics at the gulf study center at qatar university and also in istanbul salvator and an ash strategist and financial security expert and welcome to all of you appreciate it. i want to start with you do you think that
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saudi arabia could have or should have anticipated the what was happening inside that consulate was being recorded. well i think this is a wrong million ton question or a couple of million dollar question i have no idea if they would down to spade it or who in the indian the government of saudi arabia is actually responsible in this horrible massacre or slain a from the know some. in man. but i think the the very incident is making us to to question the moral let's say in the international system or the international institutions rule low human risin all the other things that we stand for or advocate for years and years are still in action or are still ballots i think this is
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a very historic moment as the. centennial gathering of the world the first world war in paris all the heads of the nation states should be questioning where the international system is going to are and on lots grounds they will be supporting or gating the norms and rules of the gang. certainly. relentlessly horrifically is. a government that is disregarding or breaching those rules and international community as well as the political establishment the fulda countries which all the members of the international committee has shown that they are serious about it saudi arabia has to respect to those values ok touch on a lot of things that we're going to be discussing it's not i want to put that to
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you that the idea that there was a recording or something happening and in that consulate and that turkey has a recording of it you think saudi arabia even across their minds that what was happening inside that consulate was being recorded. and well i assume that the if this is something that the sometimes in the diplomatic circles everybody was suspicious about that not every consulate an embassy in the war is safe. being. recorded of everything that is going on i mean we have a lot of things about the spanish between russia and you have to say during the cold war and all the embassies some of course this is something that maybe they were not very careful in checking what they were doing inside the consulate or they were not even thinking that this could have been possible impunity in which the i mean there were they were thinking about that they would be able to get rid of this problem without any major publicity of this fact gives you an idea that they were
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really sure that nobody would pay attention to this or would be a mine or a minority thing that nobody will really be attention to the fact that mohammed salma was surprise i mean this is something that he was allegedly. i was really it was said by my mom i mean some of the he was surprised of the impact overproduce of this case the word means that they were not even thinking that this case where whoever decided to do it. were thinking in the could be. an advertiser. taken into into the news papers more than one month and create them so much where producers are even maybe. i mean you have to say he would do something. regarding this matthew what do you make of the timing.
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now handing over these tapes we've been hearing about these tapes for quite some time that he's just now handing this over to the other countries that are concerned what do you make of the timing and how he's been playing this sure well start with how he's been handling it as a whole i think he's been handling it with great diplomatic. skill you know i think that of course king solomon and the president trump as well would have preferred that the whole issue be swept under the rug but by allowing this drip drip of information over the course of the past few weeks he president out of one has made it impossible in fact he's kept the pressure on but he has done it in a way that didn't directly accuse mahomedan son and he was careful to maintain respectful good relationship with king solomon so i think he's preserved turkey's relations with saudi arabia strange though they've been for a while and he's also shown president trump he's someone to be dealt with but also he's not reckless and he didn't also make life too difficult for been someone why
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why the timing now i think it's because you as you said a show everybody's known about this tape for some time and he confirmed it yesterday saturday just before he flew to paris i think he looks at this meeting in paris as sort of a grand moments on the international calendar i mean he's there as we know with so many heads of state of course including president trump president mccrone chancellor merkel and this was his his moment to shine and dial up the pressure i would presume there's more information even beyond this but this was a major salvo at really you know the biggest international diplomatic event on the near term calendar and when you say that you anticipate that there is more there are actually reports that a turkish newspaper may actually post some of these recordings we don't actually know how much if something like that were to happen matthew people are able actually able to hear something like this for themselves is it possible that
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that could even ratchet up the pressure even more yet to show i think that's the whole idea right i mean i think the turkish government and president are to one are trying to keep as much information in reserve and not you know not not divulge too much because it actually is a violation of the geneva convention to bugger consulates. or an embassy of course in my diplomatic career twenty three years we always assumed at every moment all of our facilities were bugged and there are secure places to go to have a conversation so but you don't want to admit if you're the turkish government that you may have been bugging the consulate so that's another reason why there's been just a drip drip drip of information however if there's no movement on a just prosecution of the eighteen and if it appears that the crown prince is going to escape any culpability i would guess the direct turkish side would decide we better divulge even more information ok so let's talk about that about this tactic salvo that you know has been you know pacing this and releasing things that at
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a certain time does he run the risk of dragging in this out too long to where there is no momentum to actually get to the bottom of what happened to jamal khashoggi could he to key players and the wrong way and make this last too long. well i don't think. fortunately incident the coach of just murders is way that. leveraging the whole issue in order to gain some you know. whatever because turkey you know think about that why turkey and mr add on is pushing the western capsules to acknowledge that there is a while ation to me and i can mash and wood in the us over the lens of turkey in a costly building and this is done not. you know the true legitimate
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way with doing political action this isn't nation state under state way of. treating political decisions so what really took is trying to pursue that we need to. deal with only legitimate altered see. nation states and this is also implicitly sending the message to the united states when defining the middle east foreign political decisions they have to behave or day have to choose their contact parts not from terrorist organizations or from chua's a states like saager abia using some. ways that it is. against the rule of law and because it is jeopardizing the very stability of the
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region this is already very prone to war region of middle east already doing a lot of problems by itself cannot live along with that kind of a leadership with unfortunately the cry. and prince solomon is showing us every day starting from two thousand and seventeen ok just through just one note. starting from starting from two thousand and seventeen crown prince song month including the united arab emirates you know they showed a very you know sort of discipline this stability of the region and you know taking back to this recordings you know we don't know yet how does recording says been. supply to you know. we cannot be sure that
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hundred percent that he has been updated by itself maybe it has been given by an inside source who cannot there to. you know to accept those horrific events maybe happening in front of his eyes or just ok so we don't know yet the details about it ok so i mean i want to bring into the conversation which ana and how key is the relationship between donald trump and other wine to getting to the bottom of this in a public way what what what what at stake for how best to interact with each other . well actually i'm in the relation between both it's very important i mean that between the two countries it's very important and we shouldn't forget that the targets part of mate and of course. the kind of deal with turkey like what here he's dealing with other countries in the middle east so. the way i mean the way
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this situation has been gone in the last year with the sanctions imposed by united states against turkey with four different issues before this negotiation to liberate the us for a few weeks ago in the middle of all this crisis of i mean that the way in which the can or the way in which erdogan actually is dealing with the information provided to the american government has been taken with a lot of shows caution. because both can see about the relation it's sort of basic and cannot rely only on the case of how successful how so she cannot destroy this so there is a religion that turkey and united states have been out in since long time ago because it is fundamental for both. or for turkey in terms of military on a strategy supplies said to the outset that are on for the night they said to still count with more than one in the region you know this is cannot loose
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turkey because you don't have many other regional allies that they can rely upon in case of they need the meeting during the range or more global presence in the whole region so. if i can add something about the time in the question that you asked my make i think it's the fact that the decision of releasing this information on actually what i want to say that. gave the tape or they have recorded into two trump after. the midterm election i think it has something to do with. their way into. terms of i will use some skill in the release of information i think it's not from you know much more we care supervision been done before in terms of. what. they want to do or how to do we solve the so now department come greely. excited more brits are on the presidency to take some action against
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saudi arabia given this information to try to be honest you mentioned before maybe releasing some of the record in the press with different people inclined more balance the i mean in time the balance on this side of the sanction if the people the public opinion start to listen. kate let me get in for just a moment to bring matthew into the conversation so to the point yano is making obviously the democrats did very well in the house and going forward and donald trump's world is going to look a little different starting in january and there have been a lot of democrats that have been very vocal about the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia but they're not necessarily all of one mind just like the republicans are not all of one mind but what do you think that this. this new congress what role can they or will they play do you think in reshaping the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia. well the house of
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representatives has very little influence in foreign policy under the u.s. constitution it is the president and the executive branch that have the lead in foreign policy formulation and the senate does have the right to confirm appointments the high level appointments ambassadors and to confirm treaties but really it's the president who is by far the most powerful so what can the house of representatives do well the house of representatives can make it difficult for president trump to acquire funding for certain international policies he might want to pursue but that's not going to be necessarily so relevant in this case. because that would mean you know the u.s. would some of the house would have to do something radical like cut off all economic ties with saudi arabia that's very difficult to do what it can do though is call hearing so compel members of the trump administration to testify in public hearings and then subpoena documents so that under the force of law the documents
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must be shown and if they're highly classified or classified then they can be shown in a classified setting in private to the committee so really what the house of representatives can do is shame president trumps administration for not pursuing justice in the case of jamal khashoggi and expose more details to the public but again its power is quite circumscribed and silva so is we started off the program talking about and one is handed over these recordings to germany u.k. u.s. and france. which of those countries do you anticipate. having a really strong position to continue to publicly push for answers on what happened out of those countries i just said do they all need to be on the same page well saugor b.-a as the main oil suppliers to international comic system
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is crucial for everybody and on top of that of course germany u.k. and france ok janelle you of course united states is selling syria's size of arms to saudi arabia so this is economy an energy based thought is absolutely very making the issue hectic hectic for everybody and also for turkey that's why turkey is not pushing very explicitly very strongly against is. against to solder mbia because. turkey trying to to manage or balance all this different aspects of this problem and including not to jeopardize including not to jeopardizing the issues about energy transfer is a source of for but the problem here is the crown prince monmouth's sol mung if i'm
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not mistaken his name i think he is not. obviously a good choice knight a full solder obeah nor for the middle east and obviously not for the global stability so he should be removed i mean in the minds of. turkish foreign policy at the moment and in the mind of mr abdullah and i i'm not of course one hundred percent sure about it but obviously he want him to be. removed from the government. because he is a young person to. be true or thirty four over the next forty years he will be the one who's going to be defining the various the ability or on stability of the region so also so far he showed a very very negative performance about this ok and i want to put that question to
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you what does accountability actually look like if if the international community and the public discussion about what happened to jamal khashoggi if it keeps happening if it keeps moving forward what does accountability actually look like do you think that there would be any actually not just talk real pressure about about removing the the crown prince. well there is this you could to say i certainly agree with my colleague that obama is pushing for and not to harm south korea but to harm. himself and maybe the only way to push his removal is to release in the final information that put him into real trouble i mean. i mean i don't see my other colleagues said he's a very difficult even for the united states ministration to be forced to take measures against it in saudi arabia directly so the only choice is the united
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nations security council is taking a final decision or even the. court to who are entering the in the scene but for that you need. the call the mission of different governments to push for more drastic sanctions all together and so far we have seen that for instance the united states the best buyer of arms in the whole war is saudi arabia's by and half of their guns that the united states is selling war why it also u.k. has a lot of interest to sell. to saudi arabia the only country that i can really see that can push for more pressure there or turkey or germany or globally speaking but not even jump on or china or even russia are interested in moving forward in that in that sense so the international level international community or international isolation i don't think that it's possible to imagine i'd listen the short time in
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the short term for us that is there's no way clear indication that mom had been samana was really behind. this case it would be very indeed be difficult to have something in them so matthew. brought up the fact that obviously saudi arabia by its lots and lots of arms a lot of those weapons had been used in the war and yet in and there has been basically. no accountability for that the final question goes to you what is going to be different this time is the world just going to move on. well i really hope not and i hope you all keep the story alive as well there is some change happening in the u.s. approach to saudi arabia i mean it was just just in the last couple of days the going back to the house of representatives the u.s. house of representatives leadership actually convinced convinced the trump administration to take a significant step not a decisive one with regard to the war in yemen and that is that the u.s. is ending its aerial refueling of the coalition aircraft so the saudi and united
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arab emirates aircraft maybe that's a sign that something could change something's beginning but in the grand scheme of things i think president trump really doesn't want mom and son then to be held accountable a because president trump tends to personalize everything in u.s. foreign policy and he's decided bin solomon is a good guy and you know his son in law jared cushion or has a very strong relationship with been silent but but the second reason is that president trump i think understandably wants the crown prince's deep reform plan vision two thousand and thirty to succeed a saudi arabia that really does eventually reform and gets away from such an over dependency and hydrocarbons and uses its investment to modernize its economy diversify it that's a good thing and that will probably lead to greater stability in the region but that said i think this one is different turkey does have i would guess
9:46 am
significantly more information including probably no wire taps and other things that are that are garnered from you know international. trade craft and i think i do agree with both of my colleagues that president carter one would be would be happy to see been seldom go so stay tuned it remains to be saying and i appreciate all of the for joining me for this conversation very much very much on that the prize which on a safari and salvatore thank you. thank you for watching the program is well you can watch it again any time if you go to our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion of our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. and side story or john the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me richelle carey in the entire teen i for now.
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i'm a historian say for the bad news people every week news cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists in baghdad that were actually doing investigative work join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter to them and see buys the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the world bank says arrival of plenty of young migrants could be beneficial for the colombian
9:48 am
economy with detailed coverage by turning back on five lateral ties with iran for president donald trump is done is to show people there will be no blurred lines between friend and enemy from around the world a big group of pro independents cannot friend storm the play station but then third on both sides killing for placement in thought. history has called it the great war in the second out this and the declining autumn an empire forges its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to three nationalist movements the will determine the future world war one through our eyes all knowledge is either. there's a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera a commander of hamas is a military wing has been killed in an israeli raid and gaza six other palestinians
9:49 am
died during the persian in khan yunis as well as an israeli soldier israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cut short his trip to paris to return home harri for food has the latest from western lucilla. well the israeli military has now confirmed that one officer was killed and another wounded in this operation which took place inside gaza earlier we'd been getting such reports coming out from the gaza strip hamas saying that this was a group of special forces soldiers traveling in a civilian vehicle and that they targeted a senior hamas military wing commander in the southeastern city of harness and that he man called nor baraka was killed in that attack a thirty seven year old commander of the al kasam brigades and we're also hearing from the ministry of health the palace the ministry of health inside gaza that six other palestinians were killed in this attack during the course of it it seems that
9:50 am
the the israeli soldiers were exposed and that there was a firefight they withdrew into israeli territory under cover of israeli airstrikes all of this taking place with these really prime minister benjamin netanyahu out of the country in paris cutting short his visit the question is what exactly was this mission was it a direct attempt to capture or kill this man was it some other kind of mission in which this happened almost as an unexpected consequence certainly for israel to decide right now to carry out such a high risk mission at the point where there's been a lot of progress towards some kind of long term truce with hamas under the aegis of egyptian brokerage with the united nations involved with qatari money involved or the indicators were that things were coming down in gaza between hamas and israel now we're at another very critical very dangerous potentially point with
9:51 am
palestinian factions demanding and saying there will be a heavy price for israel to pay for this military operation now more nobody is a senior fellow at the end to shoot for palestine studies and he says the killing comes at an important time and ceasefire talks. the question that arises is what israel's motivations were there were they as so often in the past trying to give hamas a bloody nose just to remind them that they're in charge and they will decide the terms on which the cease fire is reached or they perhaps by contrast trying to scuttle this cease fire initiative perhaps engaging in a larger conflict as happened in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine two thousand and twelve and two thousand and fourteen licenses israel at this stage is probably more interested in having a massive bloody nose trying to remind people that it will be israel that sides the
9:52 am
extent to which illegal blockade of the gaza strip is maintained or partially will leave and that it's not out for a new conflict having said that this is the hundredth anniversary of the armistice the world war will norma's this of course we know what can happen well people make miscalculations regarding military necessity. and other news the u.s. has renewed its call for an end to hostilities and devon street battles have brought chaos to residential areas and the main port city of hard they the a pro-government alliance that by the south the erotic coalition is trying to say is control or from what the rebels thousands of civilians are trapped in the fighting commemorations have been held around the world to mark a hundred years since the end of the first world whole france's president to my home across led tributes to the twenty million people who died in the conflict.
9:53 am
half of them california say they've only managed to contain ten percent of the fire burning in los angeles county at least twenty five people have died and thousands of homes have been destroyed as two large fires ten through the state of. california well those are the headlines on al-jazeera al-jazeera world is coming up next thank you for watching. us. the owner. of the.
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a moroccan man spoke out against french colonial rule in the one nine hundred fifty s. and found himself in exile. a communist and a jew he became a thorn in the side of us and the second in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's. his fight against injustice cost him twenty two months in hiding seventeen years in jail and thirteen years in exile. but he eventually returned to morocco a free man. he was praised for his sacrifice for moroccan independence and fight for democracy and freedom. he was. sometimes called the moroccan mandela. was born in one nine hundred twenty six into a wealthy moroccan jewish family in casablanca. despite his comfortable upbringing his left wing politics started young and when he went to paris aged eighteen he
9:55 am
joined the french communist party. in one nine hundred forty nine he graduated from one of france's most prestigious mining engineering schools and would go on to work in morocco's mining sector. a young students heard about some votes in the one nine hundred seventy s. while he was a government adviser. to the. republican . movement. the engineer created. the engine you know if you don't. want the end. result he said but he erickson movement if you will. should go around. the daily more.
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and more. more. to move more. to this. new. information that he she couldn't have. done this. because you. have a yeah pick up as she was saying you know their. kids don't have to. do it but because your dream. felt she couldn't yeasts can be made to bend back up if you made. sure to. upset that she said.


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