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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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one hundred is a button and it is an extremist the moment ago did look good so easily gulled is that it was you that. easily do. all. the teaching at the engineering school. had started to collaborate with a writer. on an anti establishment magazine. or and fasts in arabic breaths in english. it grew rapidly in popularity not just among moroccan intellectuals but also abroad. give a fresh voice to young writers artists and left wing activists speaking out against the old domination by coup new lists and government including the moroccan monarchy . that. moved in the first
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don't mean that he could obama marry five. it could. be the mafia because i know who. are in him and every year the apicella. believed to be his machine but if he cannot help well enough. that he had his mouth i will keep what i have if you come out how to get the short are we separate methadone. really. was. kind of a had to be. it a fancy. said fatties attitude towards israel hardened after the one nine hundred sixty seven war and he openly imprints the palestinian cause.
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seem like you're all. politic you're a politic potential was created in the i'm also surprised that was represented zucker i don't carburetion day to tell you more of this we don't cherrypick or. the kurds or syrians there is a competitive market in the in the tiger said. a prayer by this rhetorical purpose in the. city since leaving them out on the dog and draw from others are most from. south africa also more than one person has the problem how do we make it look where your concept to. how. you know no say necessity then yes how can there yes and that i think you see a man sixty years at woodstock it is i think you are quite you know that if you know it then man christian east. may make a good use you need to make
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a lucky get real you should a smack in. the you're a city built on me i'm good to see a some folks out replace some books on. your nice. book move i hope you don't miss it don't get really rather not have yet to go around walk around the temple don't who is your see are do not lose your measure leading did it in uk us if you knew the. we've. really seen. a lot we don't see if we she only and then. she. told. me. and we. got to do. it and we don't. really. should be moved to be.
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because of the magazine and his activities in the left wing group. he was arrested in january one nine hundred seventy two and brutally tortured the magazine was shut down. student demonstrations forced his release but he was soon targeted again along with his friend the philosophy teacher latif that. the two went into hiding in march one nine hundred seventy two. get to the point yes i said shown the products and. she knew. that the president thinks he thinks the.
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the crease and it she said. in. her. mouth. what cats are now. rick. get your credit. getting ready. for any of. these.
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i think in. your fifty's. in august one thousand nine hundred eighty three perhaps a fox he was tried in a moroccan court in his absence and sentenced to life imprisonment. whilst in hiding he could probably have fled morocco but preferred to stay in the country. after months in hiding. arrested again in one nine hundred seventy four. died in prison seemingly a victim of torture. should live even. if.
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she. could very much. hate i know. about to have if you. leave. her and in. the. past. center in them are so clearly. nicky would be going to leave good to be free but i haven't let him go to sleep you're going to him but then build the bimota or too much talking butter on the ice a bad way. i mean. you know it.
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would look. and if you live free if you syria they can handle it has. pretend key you were feeling your crime let me fuck up about him for fifty. that you couldn't be eight students were about to have about a half. year qaida mean a young. it. is on. me your poem to hear him do not let you. know form yourself of a dog. on a world scent lovo scent normally second or even get more sinister look to. a person a city. if not for. a moment. miki
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dissolve an immeasurably didn't come our sumo didn't that a community talks. about earth just even. if not all the. other issues of the local of esteem it should be or. it will increase. our. party spent three years from one nine hundred seventy four to one nine hundred seventy seven. detention center. in the one nine hundred ninety s. amnesty international reported on what it's called gross violations of human rights in morocco. it said conditions in there. were appalling with reports of savage torture there it went on real and suspected opponents of the
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regime are jailed after unfair trials hundreds of disappeared people moroccans and western sahara remain unaccounted for. that helped. them know. they sought then there. and they. carry malaria. only say the show of evil and oaken door offers it a while and teddy was sure you know when one or b. dorney learned more homey or. that there's a. hell that hell that in the hell no mota there's a look what the best ima. ady
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feel the mineral color mineral halakhah in mn or in a minute and what luck would be tele lay in can and that us a while high yet we had. enough or are they to us a center worth. fair to me are such a short that either they were really at the mark as a see a dick or were. a sort of creep then to sell we send the athletic or they to her female bad mouth and if. it's been three years into the nation's chief without attending a full trial. when he finally had his day in court it would only be the start of over twenty more years in jail and exile.
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when a parent loses a child to a terminal illness. they often feel that they've taken on the weight of the world. but mr huang is determined to find out what caused. and brought him such heartache . the story of a committed parent turned activist a fan of this protest part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera a disease so stigmatized that those suffering are still shunned by society people
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is strong on their penley from the lady from their wives and then they don't have a place in the world war can be done so that they are no longer outcasts in their own community al-jazeera meets the health workers who are challenging al qaeda attitudes and working tirelessly to combat leprosy in india lifelines ancient enemy on al jazeera. and al as a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera a commander of hamas' military wing has been killed in an israeli raid in gaza six other palestinians died during the incursion and khan yunis as well as an israeli soldier israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cut short his visit to paris
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to return home how a force that has more from west jerusalem and israeli covert special forces team was inside gaza territory three kilometers inside from the border fence traveling in a civilian vehicle and that it carried out an attack in which a senior commander of the hamas military wing the arcus on brigades in communists. a man called nor baraka was shot and killed or at least was was killed in this operation a thirty seven year old senior commander. the u.s. has renewed its call for an end to hostilities in yemen street battles have brought chaos to residential areas in the main port city of whole data a pro-government alliance backed by the saudi and the rotty coalition is trying to seize control from healthy rebels thousands of civilians trapped in the fighting. commemorations have been held around the world to mark a hundred years since the end of the first world war france's president
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a man you met crumb led tributes to the twenty million people who died in the conflict and on the sidelines of the color ations in paris president donald trump and turkey's leader regift five arab one discuss the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi advances to it he has shared order of accordance of casualties last moments with several world leaders he has demanded the saudi authorities reveal who ordered the killing of recounts begun in the u.s. state of florida for two key positions in the midterm elections the races for governor and the u.s. senate the first count republican candidates held a slight lead results are still unconfirmed in georgia and arizona five days after the vote firefighters in california so they've only managed to contain ten percent of the fire burning in los angeles county of those twenty five people have been killed and thousands of homes are being destroyed as two large fires tear through california hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes.
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well those are the headlines on al-jazeera. continues next thank you for watching.
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and father was a left wing jewish moroccan dissident during the reign of king has and the second from the one nine hundred sixty s. to the one nine hundred eighty a period known as the years of law. he was arrested the one nine hundred seventy four and held the nation's youth detention center in casablanca notorious for reports of torture of political prisoners and worse. not cover himself in the city of them all he did get even a good watch dog. who talked to larry on the media. and food while we are here if we are here or only.
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this is. the all don't put it here live in the. p.c. . but we see. during the feely creek people to share. and then you have the share. man who says you can talk to these or. many more question in or. did we miss you more. the shooting. on ac do issue really fishy and if you didn't wish.
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in october nineteenth seventy seven. was finally tried as a blank along with other dissident and anti establishment figures. the official charge was plotting against state security. he had already been handed a life sentence in his absence three years before so he was fully expecting that to be confirmed which it was. the sentence is now handed to serfaty and the other one hundred thirty nine to. amounted to a total of thirty centuries in jail. which is a mere sentence again a little. boy. guys
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were she. and her could mean that a family. that obama had at and beyond perhaps the and yet you did very kind of ok and more talkative and they get back to who they. are happy. to be should be happy. to so it is that we're. willing to see it come out a. bit it seems that any decision was fascinating that he. could get out. had i definitely been one of the very here. and you know how do you what. sort of coffee was there left if you were to be believed. the fact had
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a. very faint. farewell vision and if you. live in what's happening think about. the fact. that the market didn't have enough. he said and that could have left him. on going as your. dentist did it twice a year pushing families into this debt because of one. of excess that's just. duplicitous of some he said if. the platform is if it absolutely had enough. fam if the feds
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is not motivated. if even did this it definitely some people do. this stuff to put it to seem. as if it even knew. about blues like at home for example there are some people. who wanted. to put the shining city on make them public. so you felt because the you were the. one had it all that counts mahalla see as you didn't and no. one had sold. them
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in yet. and you then is in. them tema to a bait. that suzanna let them have three has had enough then you know i mean. nothing up in the hole it will be the methadone film. to blame to contend hold it in the be secure be submissive hold up the wave in that or bust. and. then in that i've just been. in the oh what can that the motherly woman as a son yeah. yeah you may yet work at it nick. what's remarkable is that so far and his fellow political prisoners were still able to influence moroccan politics from within jail not by a hunger strike in one nine hundred seventy nine to steal the moment but it's on that issue of them are actually quoting me yet they always seem utterly d.
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to me. if you really want you to beat. me here they surely dance on don't you want me for some details if. you can't believe it you have the moment don't move you don't know she. falls you're ridiculous if he didn't do you know who you soledad. he did it in. the other day you would appease. his neighbor get to know him by everybody sitting mean every day he hears you but absent live life ikey more accurately me getting somebody are listening out there to some political. it was originally to prison he only came to. come up to the. mountain now to show. you so much. that.
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commodity you are the only. one of his on you can talk. again you can talk. and pretty to. get it done too. bad. i didn't want any b. in our. dorney in. order to hate steph and i mean to have. cost us off ever but then to how the hell could they like.
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the whole agenda aid. you learned they were leering at their view of the. north america pocketed billion here. in a prison can cradle of cornell's will be ready broke. in religious baleka still set on the wrong brevard. conflict will. be a decade before new yorkers who are on the hawk was a. problem or can result in their provision here on living for the. the truth longer. living conditions in can return prison north of the capital. did eventually improve there was no shortage of reading material and some prisoners studied for diplomas. but after long sentences they often emerged into
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a changed world and were themselves different people. was it your. need to want to cut me sentences and said you will never need. to for conversion of all people see to go. to war cities we don't need. to be divorces you tenney if that it. only in war he should be fair imo so long to produce a lot of benefits young so long as and that is for the lawsuit what goes up his own lot hopefully if any judgment god gave me a funky. lives just sucks it then it will be of us should do peter is that what you know not true to me you ve sure my getting azure to vent to zoom in on.
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his mic on a sun. let us eat dog bessie i don't enjoy and event. just to sit avoidance and all of this to sit of what is it would it be. this debt if. it can't be do get can get me out stick it to get what it is interesting. before. once the thought he was in jail he'd married a french woman who made bad in one nine hundred seventy two called christine dog she was a teacher and activist and led to the struggle to get serfaty and his comrades released from prison.


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