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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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because of the city but they either there are some fronts in some of the residential areas and city it is through fighting it's kind of the taking place particularly in there is in this part of this morning there were clashes outside the hall the hospital which is one of the main medical facilities in the city of the day that which is supported by the international red cross we spoke to i.c.r.c. off fishel school told us that yes the clashes happened outside a hospital but none of the competence and type of the hospital which is now operating on minimums top pro-government militias are also confirmed and massive all slow they caught it early on today to its halt water was repulsed by both the fighters who are using mortars and all kinds of artillery to stop them and they're also a lot of the mindset leading to the way the port is of course there are concerns
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about any disruption to the cities and services of the ports with u.n. secretary general and twenty of the terrorists just a few hours of full say. in the destruction done to the port will become destructive for the entire yemen because of it being the only point where most of the eighty's going through now. still to come here on al-jazeera because supreme court is hearing petitions challenging the president's decision to call snap elections plus. florida begins recounting the votes in the senate and governor races after results were too close to declare a winner. and there is mostly dry for us across the northern parts of asia at the moment we're
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seeing a little bit of cloud on the satellite picture just drifting its way across japan and that's giving a few outbreaks of rain particularly across the southern areas and this could still be one or two more all the shop showers as we head through tuesday but elsewhere it is looking fine and dry so we should get up to around fourteen degrees there on tuesday eleven in pyongyang force in beijing we should be up around forty more clouds gathering though towards the west and it looks like that will gallop its way eastwards over the next few days it's a cold front as well look at the temperatures the new one bottle a maximum just of minus eleven now before the two with the south and for many of us in the southeastern parts of china it's fine and dry at the moment a couple of showers here and there there's a pushing their way northwards that say for us in hunan and to bay provinces i think here will see some wetter weather and then as we head through wednesday and into thursday that rain is likely to turn very heavy before the towards the south i'm as being also shop showers have particularly over the southern parts of the philippines those are working their way northward so more of us will see them as we
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head through wednesday but for the west well there are a few more breaks in the clouds so for borneo a little bit more in the way of sunshine showers as well for the west though it doesn't wes again force on wednesday. a disease so stigmatized the close suffering a still shunned by society people is strong on the penley from the lady from their wives and their little brother plays in the war what can be done so that they are no longer outcasts in their own community al-jazeera meets the health workers who are challenging al qaeda attitudes and working tirelessly to combat leprosy in india lifelines ancient enemy.
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welcome back here with al-jazeera live from these are your headlines this hour israeli forces have killed seven palestinians including a hamas military commander after entering gaza as part of a special forces operation and this really officer was also killed. three people eight others injured after a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul the protests taking place by hundreds of members of a religious minority who are demanding action against recent violence against them . and the u.s. has renewed its call for an end to hostilities in yemen they have been street battles between forces backed by the. coalition and in the port city of data some reports say at least one hundred fifty people have been killed in the past twenty four hours more political chaos in sri lanka opposition parties want the supreme
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court to review the president's election call the president. fired and replaced the prime minister last month he dissolved parliament last week after his attempts to secure a majority for his party failed. certain members from both sides made statements through the media and its various discussions that there will be a big clash sometimes leading to the death of a few when parliament is convened on the fourteenth if i permitted those incidents to happen by convening the parliament on the fourteenth without dissolving parliament it became apparent that those fights could have brought about a serious situation with these fires creating hardships on the population living in towns and villages across the country which is yours and mine in elfin and joins us live now from colombo so minal any word from the court yet.
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in fact the. court building just waiting for. forwood but we're hearing that of the twelve petitions the fundamental rights protection submitted to the court appealing against the dissolution of parliament by peers and matched by listening to those petitions are still being heard by a three judge bench headed by the chief justice of sri lanka so there is a possibility that obviously it's true at the end of the working day that the bench might not finish hearing all the petitions and it might spill over but as this stage the crowd you see gathered outside the court still waiting to hear some kind of update to see whether any decision has been made on allowing those fundamental rights petitions to go ahead now the fundamental premise that most of the petitions have made is that the dissolution of parliament by prison might be a policy decision at midnight on friday violates the constitution because the
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nineteenth amendment of this country's constitution expressly says that parliament cannot be dissolved basically until it completes four and a half years of its term now as of friday it was just a year and three months short of that four and a half years so it's on this basis that most of these petition a submission to the court that the president has violated the constitution something that he says he hasn't done that he's in accordance with the law but he has one school of thought that we heard expressed by one of the petitioners earlier today. as far as records. he has a right to dissolve parliament the man and the circumstances in which he does it is clearly stated in the constitution and he seems to have ignored it and in that sense it's a full violation of the president were to dissolve parliament and if that dissolution is within the first four years then that can be done only after the parliament
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by a two thirds majority approves that resolution to that effect in this instance. for years have not lapsed and parliament has not. and therefore the condition president laid down in the constitution has not been followed and presidents act of dissolving parliament therefore you. know most of those petitions obviously submitted by political parties but as you heard from some of them the first person speaking there from a public interest group but we're also having a petition by one of the commissioners of independent elections commission professor ratner jeevan who will now he also holds that the holding of a general election is in violation of the constitution so basically all eyes on the building behind me what's going on inside because with this clash between the
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executive branch and the legislature now it's down to that third pillar of the judiciary to decide and basically make a ruling as to whether the president acted in accordance with the law acted in accordance with the constitution or whether he has overstepped his authority very much everyone waiting with bated breath to hear the decision from inside the supreme court thanks very much. memories of the last civil war in ivory coast remain war for many seven years on fighting between supporters of rival presidents killed three thousand die of organs survivors of torture and rape are demanding justice while president laurent gbagbo is on trial and the international criminal court has the story from abidjan. he says he was driving home when a policeman pulled him over asking for identification. the officer told him his last
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name didn't sound ivorian enough to foreign and he was arrested while in custody says police spat in his face the beatings turned to torture human rights groups say three hundred fifty seven people arrested like him were killed that same day and dumped in mass graves seven years on debbie awaits justice something from the mother for. good for society we have not received justice their parents or the children of those mother deserve these this did want to let us express grievance but you can't erase the past. which started as a disputed presidential election in two thousand and eleven turned to a civil war between supporters of new president allison what tara and blood bo who are fused to concede defeat. he wrapped up nationalist rhetorical calling what are and his supporters foreigners and enemy of the state. what are his father is from neighboring burkean a fossil ivory coast is home to many african migrants. human rights groups accused
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of ordering militia groups to attack water or supporters targeting people who appear foreign believes the bag those are behind the killings three thousand people were killed during the four month civil war. while obama was on trial at the international criminal court in the netherlands his wife simone was released from prison in august following the advice to granted by president ouattara which acquitted her of crimes against humanity. despite that the international criminal court is seeking her arrest it's a rare occasion to see inside her home receiving people publicly since her release from prison she's made only a handful of statements calling for peace and reconciliation it's a change of tone from the former first lady. president to our promises justice for all but the work of the truth and reconciliation commission appears to be stalling
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after it published a report accusing the government of overlooking war crimes allegedly committed by watch her supporters charges they deny the government says it gave soldiers who staged two mutinies last year twenty six thousand dollars each for supporting ouattara during the civil war no compensation has been paid to victims of murder torture and rape crimes which remain unpunished. in very close to victims and no one is up to dead to have that for us to find peace we need to recognize and forgive the crimes that we have all committed. and many victims like him want to see their attackers punished he says ivorian leaders over that to the dead and to their country still looking to heal its wounds of the past nicholas hawke al-jazeera. government officials in bones say president ali bongo is being treated for very serious illness in saudi arabia the presidential office confirming mr
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bongo has been in a hospital in riyadh for three weeks now one source telling the a.f.p. news agency that he's had a stroke bunglers health has been the subject of speculation for weeks with his office refusing to confirm his condition. meanwhile the government says it's ready to start repatriating muslim rangar refugees from bangladesh this month officials say an initial group of twenty two hundred will be sent back from the middle of november with a further repatriation of one hundred fifty people per day will than seven hundred thousand ranger refugees crossed into bangladesh from western me and ma since august of last year after the military crackdown that. thousands of protesters have marched in mexico city against plans to stop building a new thirteen billion dollar airport construction is about one third finished the president elect and his manuel lopez obrador says it's too expensive to continue with seventy percent of people voted to stop construction in a referendum last month but only one in ninety registered voters took part in that
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vote. at least thirty one people have died as wildfires burn across the u.s. state of california more than two hundred people are missing and hundreds of homes have been destroyed in los angeles county rob reynolds from oprah village. when the fire ripped through these houses in village it didn't leave much small during wreckage burned out vehicles a charred exercise bike seventeen houses were completely destroyed but thankfully no lives were lost people here are deeply grateful to their firefighters it just flared up and it just went quick. and those firemen god bless them stood on my parents' deck here and fought off the fire from their house the state of california is under siege from north to south high winds and bone dry trees and brush have fueled deadly wildfires this week california has experienced the most devastated destructive fires that we've seen in its history over one hundred ninety six
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thousand acres burned. thousands of homes and thousands of lives lost everything depends on the wind a calm day can give firefighters a chance to contain the blazes but there are no calm days in the immediate forecast we have to keep understanding it better but we're in a new have normal and things. like this will be part of our future and this won't be the being it will be things like this and worse oped village where lawn ornaments live for lauren amid the ashes was out of the fires direct path and would not have burned had it not been for the wind. people here tell us it was embers born on high winds from another fire perhaps a dozen kilometers away that started these houses alight wildfire makes no distinction between rich and poor famous or obscure old must flee before it's at
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vance we ran into hockey legend wayne gretzky outside his mansion near thousand oaks we evacuated last night about two am. and still my wife and i young kids and i came back here to check on the house. and yeah we were deathly scared and nervous like all citizens around here in open village weary firefighters were hosing down hot spots more than twenty four hours after the flames swept through people here are deeply traumatized you can see it on t.v. you can see it on social media but when you actually see it and smell it that words can't describe the devastation officials say the fires may take weeks to bring under control for those who live here it's already too late rob reynolds al-jazeera oak village california. the recounts begun in florida last tuesday's
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us mid-term elections ballots are being counted again in the race for governor and the senate's all counties have until thursday to complete the recount. from washington. they're talking about how this is a could potentially be a replay of eighteen years ago we all can remember in year two thousand that was the famous recall of the votes in florida during the george w. bush al gore presidential race of course all the rest is history now but bush ended up winning the state of florida by less than six hundred votes and that was enough to get him into the white house and now we're seeing another recount in florida both republicans and democrats are accusing each other of foul play and stuffing the ballot boxes and trying to extend the election or change the results or what have you but the bottom line is this is a recount of all of the votes there between the senate race between republican rick
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scott who got fifty point zero percent and bill nelson the democrat who got in the early nine point nine percent of the vote only about ten to twelve thousand vote difference there were more than eight million votes cast in the governor's race as well the republican also holds a narrow narrow lead he has forty nine point six percent of the vote to give them the democrat forty nine point two so you can see how tight these races are and that's why the recount of the votes is happening beginning on sunday expected to last at least five days but it's going to be a long process it could extend well beyond that. this is al jazeera these are the top stories israeli troops have killed seven palestinians including a hamas military commander entering gaza response of a special forces operation an israeli officer was also killed. at least three
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people eight others injured after a suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul protests nearby have been taking place by hundreds of members of the religious minority who are demanding action against recent violence against them. the u.s. has renewed its call for an end to hostilities in yemen there have been street battles between forces backed by the sodium iraqi coalition and the rebels in the port city who data some reports say at least one hundred fifty people have been killed in the last twenty four hours more political chaos in sri lanka opposition parties want the supreme court to review the president's snap election call president math three pallies that has sent a fired and replaced the prime minister last month he dissolved parliament last week after his attempts to secure a majority for his party had failed however sacked ministers say it's illegal and there's no constitutional provision to call an election at this time we are live in . certain members from both sides made statements through the media and have
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various discussions that there will be a big clash sometimes leading to the death of a few when parliament is convened on the fourteenth if i permitted those incidents to happen by convening the parliament on the fourteenth without dissolving parliament it became apparent that those fights could have brought about a serious situation with these fires creating hardships on the population living in towns and villages across the country which is yours and mine a recount started in florida after last tuesday's us mid-term elections ballots are being counted again in the races for governor and the senate in the first count republican candidates held a slight lead all counties have until thursday to finish the recount results are still not confirmed in the states of georgia and arizona five days after the vote. california firefighters say they've only managed to contain ten percent of the fire burning in los angeles county at least thirty one people died and hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes firefighters expect hot and windy weather conditions in the next three days you are right up to date with
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all the top stories up next here on al-jazeera it's inside story i will see you very soon. the president of turkey has shared with several world leaders audio recordings of the moment john was schumacher shocked he was murdered the game it appears to pressure saudi arabia into revealing who ordered the killing so will this tactic work this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey turkish president. continues to put the pressure on saudi arabia to reveal who ordered the murder of journalist. as his country has shared audio recordings of the last moments with the u.s. germany france and the united kingdom the leaders of those countries are in france to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war or to discuss the issue with the u.s. president on saturday and paris and also met french president manuel macron and agreed on a number of issues related to the case they said saudi arabia needs to shed more light on the murder and the case should not destabilize the region or one has previously said he believes the order to kill the journalist came from the highest levels of the saudi government these. if you do that we have shared the recordings with saudi arabia the americans the british the germans with
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everyone they've listened to the conversations on those recordings they know what's been said there's no point in distorting this fact among the fifteen suspects they know who the murderer is all murderers are and saudi arabia can bring old this to light by making those fifteen suspects speak. let's introduce the panel now and joining us from istanbul matthew bryza former white house official now a non resident senior fellow at the atlantic council here in doha which on a car a assistant professor of politics at the gulf study center at qatar university and also in istanbul salvator an international strategist and financial security expert and welcome to all of the appreciate it solve i want to start with you do you think that saudi arabia could have or should have anticipated the what was happening inside that consulate was being recorded. well i think this is a wrong million tons of question or
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a couple of million dollar question i have no idea if they would down to bait it or who in the in the government of saudi arabia is actually responsible in this horrible massacre or slain a from the know some post in man. but i think the the very incident is making us to to question the moral let's say in the international system or the international institutions rule low human risin all the other things that we stand for or advocate for years and years are still in action or are still ballots i think this is a very historic moment as the. centennial gathering of the world the first world war in paris all the heads of the
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nation states should be questioning where the international system is going to are and on what grounds they will be supporting or gating the norms and rules of the game it is certainly. relentlessly horrifically is. a government that is disregarding or breaching those rules and international community as well as the political establishment the fulda countries which all the members of the international committee has shown that they are serious about it saudi arabia has to respect to those values ok you touch on a lot of things that we're going to be discussing it's not i want to put that to you that the idea that there was a recording or something happening and that consulate and that turkey has a recording of it do you think saudi arabia even across their minds that what was
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happening inside that consulate was being recorded. and well i mean i assume that the if this is something that the sometimes in the diplomatic circles everybody says pieces about that not every consulate an embassy in the war is safe. being. recorded of everything that is going on i mean we had a lot of things about the spanish between russia and you had to say during the cold war and all the embassies some of of course this is something that maybe they were not very careful in checking what they were doing inside the consulate or they were not even thinking that this could have been possible impunity in which the i mean there were they were thinking about that they would be able to get rid of this problem without any major publicity of this fact gives you an idea that they were really sure that nobody would pay attention to this or would be a mine or a minority thing that nobody will really be attention to the fact that mohamed bin
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salma was surprised i mean this is something that he was allegedly. i was really it was said by my mom i mean some of the he was surprised of the impact overproduce of this case the word means that they were not even thinking that this case where it whoever decided to do it. were thinking in the could be. an advertisement. taken into into the news papers more than one month and creating so much were progressions that even maybe. i mean you have to say he would do something. regarding this matthew what do you make of the timing. now handing over these tapes we've been hearing about these tapes for quite some time that he's just now handing this over to the other countries that are concerned what do you make of the timing and how he's been playing this sure well start with
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how he's been handling it as a whole i think he's been handling it with great diplomatic. skill you know i think that of course king solomon and the president trump as well would have preferred that the whole issue be swept under the rug but by allowing this drip drip of information over the course of the past few weeks he president out of one has made it impossible in fact he's kept the pressure on but he has done it in a way that didn't directly accuse mahomedan son and he was careful to maintain respectful good relationship with king solomon so i think he's preserved turkey's relations with saudi arabia strained though they've been for a while and he's also shown president trump he's someone to be dealt with but also he's not reckless and he didn't also make life too difficult for been someone why why the timing now i think it's because you as you said a show everybody's known about this tape for some time and he confirmed it yesterday saturday just before he flew to paris i think he looks at this meeting in
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paris as sort of a grand moment on the international calendar i mean he's there as we know with so many heads of state of course including president trump president mccrone chancellor merkel and this was his his moment to shine and dial up the pressure i would presume there's more information even beyond this but this was a major salvo at really you know the biggest international diplomatic event on the near term calendar and when you say that you anticipate that there is more there are actually reports that a turkish newspaper may actually post some of these recordings we don't actually know how much if something like that were to happen math if people are able actually able to hear something like this for themselves is it possible that that could even ratchet up the pressure even more yet to show i think that's the whole idea right i mean i think the turkish government and president are to one are trying to keep as much information in reserve and not you know not not divulge too
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much because it actually is a violation of the geneva convention to bugger consulates. or an embassy of course in my diplomatic career twenty three years we always assumed at every moment all of our facilities were bugged and there are secure places to go to have a conversation so but you don't want to admit if you're the turkish government that you may have been bugging the consulate so that's another reason why there's been just a drip drip drip of information however if there's no movement on a just prosecution of the eighteen and if it appears that the crown prince is going to escape any culpability i would guess the direct turkish side would decide we better divulge even more information ok so let's talk about that about this tactic salvo that you know has been you know pacing this and releasing things that at a certain time does he run the risk of dragging in this out too long to where there is no momentum to actually get to the bottom of what happened to
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jamal khashoggi could he could he plays and the wrong way and make this last too long. well i don't think this. fortunate incident the just merger is way that. leveraging the whole issue in order to gain some you know. whatever because turkey you know think about that why turkey and mr add on is pushing the western capitals to acknowledge that there is a while ation to me an acoa mash and wouldn't be so over the lens of turkey in a costly building and this is done not. you know the true legitimate way oath doing political action this isn't nation state under state way of. treating political decisions so what really took is
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trying to pursue that we need to. deal with only legitimate altered c. . nation states and this is also implicitly sending the message to the united states when defining the middle east foreign political decisions they have to behave or day have to choose their contact parts not from terrorist organizations or from chua's a states like saudi arabia is using some. ways that it is. against the rule of law and because it is jeopardizing the very stability of the region this is already very prone to war region of middle east already doing a lot of problems by itself cannot live along with that kind of
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a leadership with unfortunately the crown prince. sol nunn is showing us every day starting from two thousand and seventeen ok just to just one note. starting from starting from two thousand and seventeen crown prince all month including the united arab emirates you know they showed a very you know sort of discipline this debility of the region and you know taking back to this recordings you know we don't know yet how does recording says been. supply to you know. we cannot be.


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