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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 45  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2018 8:33am-9:01am +03

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within the walls of each of the one hundred forty five diocese that form the us catholic church are the secret archives containing the clergy most confidential and sensitive records could they contain more evidence of priests sexually abusing children and the actions to cover it up that's what the us department of justice wants to know we've been trying to get this investigation going survivors and victims for years we asked year after year for this evidence is after mode of evidence the department of justice is request addressed to the president of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops asks church personnel to not destroy discard dispose of delete or alter any documents related to sexual abuse investigations that includes documents about the transfer of abusive priests from one community to another shonda already says that's what happened to the priest who abused him in catholic school. man three my friends and i is very dear to help.
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in the rectory the car and go to the new pairs and the new school and spend the first night in the new rectory with them and he was being transferred for sexually abusing two brothers those sexual abuse allegations against us catholic priests first surfaced in the one nine hundred eighty s. long foresman renewed its scrutiny this year beginning with a pennsylvania grand jury report that documented the abuse of more than one thousand victims by three hundred priests in that state alone priests were raped raping little boys and girls and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing they hid it all for decades now thirteen states and washington d.c. have launched investigations into church sex abuse and cover up that is in addition to the federal probe by the department of justice the church says it fully
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cooperating. even as thousands of new victims have been merged demanding the belated justice. castro al-jazeera washington. spain is calling for international sanctions against us government tens of thousands of people have fled the central american nation because of political unrest and since april more than three hundred people have been killed in protests against president daniel ortega monolog apollo reports from the order of costa rica where many across and legally into neighboring countries. are in the little bit i guess says the police recently broke into his house in the west knew that i would have been harassing and threatening him he's been an outspoken critic of the nicaraguan government and is one of the leaders of the anti-government youth movement. now he's worried his activism might get him killed and wants to leave the country at the. time and on the most i've been sent messages calling me a traitor saying i'll end up dead or cut by a machine saying they hope i can sleep after reading those messages they say they
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know where i am and they're close we traveled to the border and met several other nicaraguan nationals like out of malibu who are looking to cross illegally into kosovo rica at the ben yes blank us border crossing an entire industry is built around the constant flow of illegal migration their food stands clothing stores and vendors renting out rubber boots to shield against the sticky mud. some of those crossing illegally are day workers there are others however who are leaving the country out of fear but this woman says she's received death threats for supporting the opposition to the government of president daniel ortega she's asked to remain anonymous not at the office on but i have no intention of returning home now maybe after this government is gone but but for now i can't return home even to see my own father. after speaking with us the woman rented a pair of boots and paid a smuggler to take her and her young daughter across the border they quickly
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vanished into the brush migrants arriving in pena's blanco's will often hire a guide to walk them about six hundred miles toward an illegal crossing those who fear being seen by authorities however say they will walk even further down the border through the jungle at night in hopes of making it safely into. the government of course says there are currently twenty five thousand nicaraguan citizens already in the country experts warn the worsening political and economic situation will lead to even more forced migration i mean as you know that if there is voluntary migration because of the economic situation but this is not the case this is a forced migration to save guard the lives of nicaraguans back into the of us of another grabs a portrait off the wall and tries to leave his house in order with his bags packed he says he's ready to travel to the border for promises to return soon and continue his activism against the government mounted up alone. in his blankets to get away.
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australian. food safety. in. the.
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time to support now his son. thank you very much the head of the spanish football league is confident a high profile game will take place in the united states that's despite the idea being opposed by football's governing body fisa. was talking at the mako awards and barcelona were lindahl messi was named the league's best player and ego wants miami it to be the venue for barr says game against euro not in january those are going to be one hundred i don't know if it will be this year or next game will take place we were expecting opposition we knew it wouldn't be easy but we think at some point will play in miami the new york red bulls have set up the eastern conference final of atlanta united in the m.l.s. playoffs it would be to columbus crew three male in the second leg of this
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semifinal two goals from down here oir helping them in two three one aggregate victory is in champions or made to portland or kansas city in the m.l.s. final in december. atlanta have been the standout team of the year and they won their semifinal against new york city for one on aggregate the franchise is only in its second season but already has a huge a following the more than seventy thousand fans fill the atlanta stadium to watch their three one win in the second leg of this tied. the n.h.l. has on of the first black player to ever join the league sixty years ago willie henri began his career with the boston bruins he faced racism of. fans and other plays but as that a lack reports his induction into the sports hall of fame shows the attitudes have changed the first black player to compete in the national hockey league made
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history that night when he took to the case for the boston bruins honoring willie o'ree in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight he became the first black player in the n.h.l. born in eastern canada a replayed at the junior level in u.s. and canadian cities but his big league debut paved the way for many of today's black hockey players but when i was fourteen years of age i set two goals for myself the first one wants to play professional in the second one was hoping to get into the national hockey league despite his breakthrough it wasn't easy a re often faced racist taunts from fans and other players and even had to fight during games to get respect now at eighty two he travels north america encouraging young players who look like him to strive for the big leagues the opportunities are there you know if you feel strong and if you do have some talent and skills you just have to work towards and say hey i've got to this golden temple to get into the make much has changed since willie o'ree first broke barriers in professional
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hockey there are major stars who are black and many more of them than there used to be but those who follow the sport say there's still room for improvement but there's no longer a color bar in the n.h.l. even now more than one thousand three percent of players are white many from europe and rural north america where fewer people of color play the game as children hockey is expensive with equipment costing thousands of dollars a year that's a barrier for immigrant families at least in their first years in a new country it's changed slowly hockey has become integrated slowly and that is as much a cultural thing as it is i think an issue of a color bar but we are seeing now a much more diverse n.h.l. than we saw certainly twenty years ago and certainly fifty years ago but it's not it's still not like other sports canada's favorite game will keep changing as the country itself is becoming more multicultural and open to the best talent from around the world it's the only way to keep winning then you lack al-jazeera toronto
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. the n.h.l. and attorneys for retired players haven't asked a preliminary settlement to end a lawsuit brought against illegal over concussions and other head injuries more than one hundred former players have accused the n.h.l. of failing to better prevent a head trauma days are being offered just over twenty thousand dollars plus further payments for medical costs they now have seventy five days to decide whether to accept the deal the league is refusing to accept responsibility for any injuries. well number one of a joke of it is off to winning start to at the season ending a.t.p. finals in london djokovic beat it john i is not in straight sets as he aims to win a title for a raechel the equal in six time event has a group format and involves the wild top eight players the other two players and joke of it is group are alexander is that ever of germany and croatia is that america twenty one year old is there winning two tie breaks to take this match in
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straight sets. did you get there when it's the most important thing you want. to do is important in this. forum to all of those players. they really want to see well. just having another match chances and that's not taking them and that's something that i'm not happy about the last year has been couple times and the year before that so just you know against the guys and this just. and it was a painful day at the event for a french doubles player and you know the thirty six year old collided with the advertising board during his opening match our honestly it was advertising mao's personal sponsor he was able to continue but he and partner pierre used slipped to a straight sets defeat and that's a sport for me we'll have more later on. thank you very much sanna and that does it
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for this al-jazeera news hour i'll be back in just a couple of minutes with another full news bulletin and a reminder you can always keep up to date with all the news on our website which has all the latest developments on the ongoing situation in gaza where israeli air raids have killed three palestinians i'll be back in just a couple of minutes say that. a disease so stigmatized that those suffering are still shunned by society people is drawn from the apparently from village from their wives and other places in the
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open war can be done. out kasumi in community al-jazeera meets the health workers who are challenging al qaeda attitudes and working tirelessly to combat leprosy in india lifelines ancient enemy. bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and need sheets off crashing you know the next not
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insignificant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as it crime gag down very significant by dictating the government in the fucked up policy without shalt not kill the radicalized series on al-jazeera . israel and hamas trade heavy fire for a military raid in gaza israeli air strikes kill at least three palestinians and destroy hamas t.v. station.
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welcome to our zero live from i had a dog. also ahead. on the streets of the afghan capital to a suicide bomber targets a minority group security. and stability conference to try and end the war in libya has been raging for seven years and donald trump says the nuclear threat from north korea is all over but new satellite images suggest otherwise. there's been a flare up and violence in gaza after a deadly israeli military operation killed seven palestinians and the latest strikes israel bombed hamas as axa television in the gaza strip destroying the studios in gaza city as well as nearby buildings the israeli army says the strikes and shelling in response to about three hundred rockets fired from gaza into israel
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it says the iron dome defense system intercepted most of the rockets but some had homes in southern israel while one struck a boss meanwhile three palestinians were killed in the violence and one israeli soldier critically injured a mosque says its rocket fire was in retaliation to the deaths of seven palestinians killed during an incursion by israeli special forces in the gaza strip on sunday night almost of about a goofy is general secretary of the palestinian national initiative and speaking from ramallah he says israel's operation in gaza created the provocation. what we see today is a result of an israeli aggression that took place unfortunately what israel did that went unnoticed most media outlets in the world as you say that israel is create a bit of a creation and then the palestinians respond and it becomes like palestinian aggression the reality is that there was a truce which was mediated by the egyptians we had come and nobody intended to
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exclude the situation at all especially people in gaza who were in need in need for the moving the blockade on gaza and suddenly the israelis send their best and most are in the groups to invade gaza and to assassinate people and of course if they were not discovered they would have caused horrible damage there was a clash and seven palestinians were killed by israeli invaders and by israeli planes which who bombarded the place without discrimination that isn't is that seven palestinians are killed including we'll known leaders and of course what you see now as an escalation is our response to the israeli aggression and attack in my opinion this israeli look at eclipse and irresponsible behavior it could lead the place into a real war we could see another huge military aggression against gaza gaza cannot
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tolerate that people are living in horrible humanitarian situation ninety five percent to forty is polluted or sullen it'd two million people living without sufficient electricity and without energy so this is a very dangerous situation and it should be stopped of the fighting that has the latest from the israel gaza border. it is the biggest escalation between israel and hamas since the two thousand and fourteen war we have seen intense powers's of rockets outgoing into these border communities in israel there's also been heavy air strikes inside the gaza strip particularly in heavily populated areas including the building belonging to a masses a locks a t.v. now we know negotiations are ongoing behind the scenes particularly spearheaded by egypt also the united nations to try and deescalate the situation now both israel and hamas are under public pressure for a strong military response certainly the israeli security cabinet will be meeting
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on tuesday off to new to figure out how to move forward it comes at a time when some palpable movement had been made when it come to easing the humanitarian situation inside gaza they'd been injection of cash just over the weekend to pay civil servants salaries and also a bigger injection of fuel which is given people more energy electricity from four hours up to sixteen hours a day so this was a surprise this botched operation that has led to this escalation the most serious escalation we've seen in years and at the moment nobody really knows how it's going to play out it's going to be interesting to see the next couple of hours and what is decided at that security cabinet meeting now max blumenthal is the author and editor of the grays on project that's an online news website and he says the background to the gaza raid is related to internal israeli party politics. it's important to have the context behind the israeli raid which was as we all know
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botched. the raid was probably in my view the product of benjamin netanyahu throwing a bone at the ministers like defense minister avigdor lieberman to his right who have been urging a military assault on gaza for years and who are extremely hostile to the settlement that was reached just a day before the raid and so netanyahu finds himself again under enormous pressure from these ministers another important development is that moments before israel bombed the al aqsa t.v. station in gaza city it was poised to release a video showing. an alkie some team hitting a israeli bus with a coronet missile near jabalya and gaza's north now if you actually watch that video which was subsequently released the optics are really interesting in this is the message that hamas is sending to israel there are many soldiers in the frame they could have easily been targeted by that kasam team but kasam chose to hit an
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empty bus and send a message to israel that we can do lots of damage to you if you choose to invade but we will give you peace if you give us peace. now new details are emerging about the recording that he has shed on the killing of the journalist kushal cheney according to the new york times one of the recordings of a fine call made by a member of the so-called kill tame a newspaper is reporting that u.s. intelligence officials believe the cole length the saudi leadership even more strongly to the killing let's get more on the joined by cost content mike hanna has live for us and washington d.c. following the story and that optical congress is returning tomorrow mike is a new congress likely to put more pressure on the administration. very much so the new house of representatives is a very different one controlled by the democrats and the chairman of the intelligence committee of the house adam shift has made very clear that one of the
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first things he's going to do is a launch an investigation into the murder and to hold those responsible a directly accountable he says to that he will bring pressure to bear on the white house to take a decision and to act in terms of the act that the senate has invoked that is the global magnitsky act in which terms of which president trump has to come to a decision and then impose sanctions against those accountable so certainly this is a bipartisan issue there will be pressure coming from both houses of congress from republicans and democrats on president trump and what about the cia mike because we've heard from ticky that cia director gina haskell has been briefed has heard seen all the evidence that turkey has the case will the cia now brief congress. well that is planned for this week jeanne the house bill will we head of the cia is going to be briefing members of congress now the question is to what extent she
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does that whether she is going to share the contents of the recordings that she reportedly heard or whether she is going to claim national security issues in terms of the details that she provides but there is a hardening of the stance within the administration this weekend for example might bump the secretary of state firm to crown prince of saudi arabia and told him apparently very strongly that the u.s. would hold those accountable and would punish those who are held accountable for the death of jamal khashoggi so certainly there is movement perhaps within the administration president trump says himself he's forming a very strong opinion saying last week that he will reach some kind of decision within a week so that is a possibility of something that is happening in coming days however he's also stressed he's deeply uncomfortable and deeply opposed to imposing any sanctions
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against saudi arabia claiming that that would hurt the united states more than it would the saudis. or at mike thank you very much for that for now that's mike hanna live in washington d.c. thank you. now britain's foreign secretary says there will be rapid progress and bringing to justice the people responsible for murdering jamal khashoggi jeremy hunt made the comments off amazing saudi arabia's king solomon and riyadh hunt is the first british minister to visit the kingdom since he was murdered last month at the sabi consulate and istanbul hung says he expects to hear something about legal proceedings over the killing so in russian as a leading supply of weapons and military equipment to the kingdom and canada's prime minister has become the first western leader to officially if knowledge has country has received an order of according related to kushal g.'s murder justin trudeau says he hasn't listened to the take himself but that his intelligence agencies have we continue to be engaged with our allies on the
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investigation into accountability for the murder of jamal khashoggi and we are in discussions with our like minded allies as to next steps toward saudi arabia meanwhile turkey has reacted with anger to french claims that ankara is playing a political game whether it's intelligence sharing all over the case in a t.v. interview the french foreign minister said he wasn't aware that france had received any kushal recordings from turkey but over the weekend on course said that it had to share the tapes not only with france but saudi arabia the us germany and britain . access if the turkish president has information he should give it to us he must give it to us does this mean that he didn't give it to you for now i don't have this information does this mean that he lied it means that he's playing a particular political game and the circumstances still ahead on the bulletin a legal battle in sri lanka to resolve the country's deepening political crisis.
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from cool brisk noise and fuel. to the warm tranquil moved his of southeast asia. how the rains just leaving china and by the eastern doors you see those on his way out it's not the end of it i'm afraid you'd think it might be but it's not there's more rain being for miller as tuesday is more or less a day off in the far south west or north vietnam when the onshore breeze is light to bring some showers trades and thunderstorms and then the spread of rain develops coming out of the tibetan plateau moving slowly east was that the picture then for wednesday hasn't reached hong kong or shanghai by the time and surprisingly far north the time of year showers are redeveloping of the central and southern philippines and then running into was vietnam now we just had a massive tag go through thailand less skies clear and that developed into a tropical site in the bay of bengal about foca.


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