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a phone call that made by a member of the so-called kill team the paper says that my her a bit as these three tells his superiors that operatives have carried out the mission and to quote tell your boss according to the times u.s. intelligence officials believe your boss refers to saudi crown prince mohammed bin salim on thread has been a member of the prince's security team during overseas visits the us president donald trump is facing more more pressure to apply sanctions on those responsible for the murder mike hanna has the details from washington d.c. . members of congress are reconvening after the midterm elections and there's likely to be strong pressure coming to bear on the trunk administration to take some kind of action in the khashoggi of the chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff says one of his first things will be to establish an investigation into the death and then to impose sanctions against those found to be
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accountable there's already been a letter from the senate to the president invoking the global magnitsky act which insists that sanctions be imposed against those held responsible for human rights abuses or in the specific case the death of course argy so pressure coming to bear from congress president trump himself says their teams forming a very strong opinion on the matter and are signs of hardening within the administration the secretary of state my phone peo phoned the crown prince of saudi arabia over the weekend and reportedly told him in very strong terms that the u.s. would hold those accountable when they were found when they were identified as being involved in the murder of the journalist britain's foreign secretary says that there will be rapid progress and bringing to justice the people of responsible for murdering kushal jeremy hunt made the comments after meeting saudi arabia's
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king sun mon they are hunters the first british minister to visit the kingdom sent the saudi journalist was murdered last month at the saudi consulate in istanbul he says he expects to hear about legal proceedings over the killing soon russian as a major supply of weapons and military equipment to the kingdom. i talk very frankly about all concerned about what happened and how important it is for saudi strategic partners to know that this cannot and will not happen again the first step in that process not the only step but the first step in that process is to make sure there is proper accountability for the people who were responsible person people who committed the acts also the people who gave you want us to react and due process is in train at the moment in saudi arabia and i was led to believe there will be rapid progress in making sure the people of port to justice. granted as prime minister has become the first western data to officially acknowledge that his
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country has received an order of according related to kushal g.'s murder justin trudeau says he hasn't listened to the take himself but that has intelligence agencies have we continue to be engaged with our allies on the investigation into accountability for the murder of jamal khashoggi and we are in discussions with our like minded allies as to next steps toward saudi arabia. well plenty more ahead on the. economy. and. still make a difference six decades after. gathering
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for a peace conference and. the summit to end seven years of fighting and division but with so many competing interests inside and outside the country pace and libya could prove. the latest attempt to bring peace to libya picks up where many of those have failed with leaders and representatives from thirty countries gathering just across the mediterranean in sicily one key goal here to get behind a new u.n. led election timeline beginning early next year with a dialogue among libyans themselves to decide what kind of democracy they want we want them clearly doing the national conference what kind of election do you want. because we don't have the house of representatives has been.
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has been facing. legislative i think we need. a presentation. when nato bombs help rebel fighters to overthrow gadhafi in two thousand and eleven it was far from the libya's troubles. seven years later the country is divided between warring militant groups and opposing political factions each claiming control of vast swathes of territory the peace conference in poland brings together libya's major opposing sides as well as some of the key foreign powers with influence in the region so fires raj who heads the un backed government in and around tripoli will be joined by general. whose breakaway army holds much of the east battling for control of the south meanwhile are ethnic tribes and cross border
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criminal gangs while the un backs the tripoli government general haftar has the support of egypt and russia the united states is there to of course keen to bolster its influence in the resource rich north african country libya's difficulties of further complicated by the competing interests of european union rivals italy and france both have energy investments in the country and back opposite sides while france wants to stabilize the lawless south with its proximity to former french colonies in the hell italy wants an end to the flow of migrants across the mediterranean if all concerned can rally behind the new un plan that would be a minimal measure of success here but it would amount to little more than a contribution to the peace process still a long way from peace itself jonah al-jazeera palermo sicily. well italy
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is on a collision course with the european union or the budget for next year the european commission has rejected the budget and set a deadline of tuesday if you want but a song. from the conflict could be playing into the hands of euro skeptic leaders. you know has been running his bakery for two years business is good he says but it's a struggle making a living as a small business owner he pays more than sixty percent tax and sees little financial benefits but he says he loves what he does and will keep doing it his hope is that the government will stick to its word and take on the european union to its knees if we can call me. so. i think government has the opportunity to really not just in europe but. if you were up to me and you refuse to. accept. his opinion is one of
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a growing number of those becoming increasingly anti. when the government tried to push forward a budget for next year that outlined a flat tax for companies and wealthier individuals and a basic income for the unemployed the european commission rejected it it said it would plunge italy's heavily indebted economy into a dangerous downward spiral that could impact the rest of the continent the government has remained defiant towards the reasons why is because it's profiting politically from the situation when the european commission rejected its of these fiscal plan it played right into the. far right and populist deputy prime ministers but there's been little thought for the consequences could lie ahead. italy's economy has been struggling with poor productivity for the. last thirty years. worse and its prospects where all the
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economies have managed to rebound italy has been able to emerge from that brought a fax swooped upon by anti e.u. politicians who lay the blame on the european union despite their reliance on it is incredibly dependent on europe the best companies thrive because they can export and most of the exports are to the other european union countries so the moment you. bet on the collapse of the european union institutions it's going to be inevitable the trade will collapse and so will the italian economy. if italy fails to cooperate then it would face sanctions and fines from the commission for adding to its economic burden it's a gamble for the government one that it does not want to lose. our jazeera rome. now two opposition leaders in democratic republic of congo have withdrawn from
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a deal to support one candidate and next month's presidential election supporters of the largest opposition party d.p.'s protested in kinshasa against the nomination of martin for you know it was chosen on saturday the protesters want their party's president félix chessie keddie to run against president joseph kabila has chosen successor but the secretary general of the u.t. appears says the joint candidate deal should be rejected. so we trust in our president feel that here at the base of the u.d.p. yes we have already see that the u.d.p. is congress chose herman is the candidate for the elections the party strongly rejects the declaration and signature in geneva on a common candidate for the opposition let's get more on this now we're joined by jacques behati he is with the africa faith and just as network that's the group that advocates responsible u.s. relations with africa and he's joining us live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are crucial and long delayed
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elections for d r c which has never experienced a peaceful transition of power since independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty why can the opposition agree on a candid it. thank you for having me on your show. remember me. or. not you. the nature and the conduct of the pollution in google. is rooted in some kind of personal example. but legally when it comes to you yes. when the others were on theirs and that didn't like. being in not. that good. and right don't understand you don't do what they need and anyone should. shut. the shouldn't.
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felician and do they all understand that the they opportunity that's been presented to them here because there's been widespread anger of the president conveyed his refusal to relinquish power hey we finally have those elections so does the see this unity in the opposition help prevail and if has chosen successor as elected is he just going to be essentially a puppet folk of a continuation of cabanas palla. yet you need not to leave the first time that it's on the to the way meeting point. remember when. or where the alternative to cut will need to clear the country. in terms of organizing the election. or where the personal interest when they were
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not mean to you remain or political candidate or the job or premise is the compromise to the d.n.a. or. the getting on one knee and they kept their didn't want you to get it done so they left the stable or make decision which was in the present influencing the progression of the election and they decided just to not follow the right path that would. enable them to know that they. are the people they were sufficient when the decision making can or can they get it together over the next month because the country has been struggling with the various internal conflicts that a forced millions of people from their homes so there is a lot at stake for the people of they all say in these elections. even if their way to put themselves together is to late they should have learned a long time ago when they lost. the.
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it's unfortunate that they don't understand what politics is that was the science and the miscalculation on their part in several efforts not. just for the congo does in the. rest of the hockey thank you very much for your time the next the taste on this we really appreciated that as jacques behati live in washington d.c. thank you any time thank you. still ahead on the news al. will demand and protection of minority whip and afghanistan comes the target of a suicide attack. donald trump says the nuclear threat from north korea is either bought a new satellite images suggest otherwise and as for the new york red bulls one step closer to one in north america's top a full time zone for the first shot. by
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the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. how are the rains just leaving china and by the east indoors you see those on his way out it's not the end of it i'm afraid you'd think it might be but it's not there's more rain being formalised tuesday's more or less a day off in the far south west or north vietnam when the onshore breeze is light to bring some showers traits and sons tolls and then the spread of rain develops coming out of the tibetan plateau moving slowly east was that the picture then for wednesday hasn't reached hong kong or shanghai by the time and surprisingly far north the time the year showers are redeveloping of the central and southern philippines and then running into walls vietnam know just how the mass of tag go through thailand is less sky is clear and that's developed into a tropical cycle in the bay of bengal forecasts why is there still showers in
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southern thailand and so on to try and to clip vietnam but the majority of the wettest weather should be for the south of malaysia and indonesia was jakarta included and a good half of bali of java even if bali stays in the fine looking weather but i did say the circulation has gone to the bay of bengal and you see very clearly by satellite pictures there it is its progress has been slowly west was over the last twenty four hours and in the next two days it will head slowly towards the coast of time allowed to. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. history has called it the great war in the final leg of the two sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come world war one through our eyes on al-jazeera. to cope with driving in kabul you need
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nerves of steel and a strong heart the afghan capital has some of the most challenging driving conditions anywhere even though women are allowed to drive by law many men say culturally it is wrong that they are what does that mean there are lots of men here verby abuse you they block your car motorcyclists right alongside shouting bad things no one helps us when the taliban were in control women were forbidden to drive but outside of the main cities it is rare even now to see a woman behind the wheel society's changing albeit slowly because the women drivers of afghanistan there is a long road ahead before they are fully accepted. to
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have you on the alice they are a new sound these are our top stories three palestinians have been killed by israeli airstrikes on gaza meanwhile one israeli has died and twenty nine have been enjoined from rockets fired from the gaza strip the violence follows a covert israeli military operation and gaza on sunday that killed a hamas military commander and six alva palestinians the new york times is revealing more details about the recordings that turkey has shared on the killing of saudi journalist. it says one of the so-called kill team. as her telling a superior in a phone call to quote tell your boss that the mission is complete u.s. intelligence officials. first. and opposition democratic republic of congo have withdrawn from a deal to support one candidate in next month's presidential election the opposition coalition had agreed to back the candidate at the long delayed polls but
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dropped their support after this. their supporters protested against the choice. now international pressure is mounting on yemen's opposing groups to end the vote for the un bush and france are the latest to call for a cessation of hostilities particularly around the port city of how data assad the erotic coalition is trying to retake it from the rebels local local sources say at least one hundred fifty people have been killed since sunday the home of the reports from djibouti just across the red sea from yemen. fierce fighting on one of the front lines on the fringes of the port city of data this is one of the largest bottle so far in the war in yemen. losing the strategic port is not an option and they are putting up a stiff resistance. which is an attempt at another suicide attack but it failed we are advancing. despite earlier promises by the. pro-government forces
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multiplied through bottles in some parts of the city the conflict will be the face in one presidential area is still the city. relentless bombardment of killed numerous fights and this is the ultimate prize the pro-government alliance and then . the port of vital lifeline for millions of yemen is more than seventy percent of yemen's imports including u.n. aid comes through these dogs. very and. as you can see at the front line close to the port of her data right there in front of you in the next few days it will be able to storm the port. the u.n. secretary general and tony it will tennis is warning against any disruption to the ports operations is of work. i think that now all the powers agreed that it must be ended i think that circumstances will allow it i hope to direct actors in the
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conflict in the stand and i hope that it happens as quickly as possible because if for example the port of high died is destroyed that would be catastrophic for the whole of yemen these calls son too for the safety of hundreds of thousands of civilians was still in the city there now growing calls for a cease fire and peace talks between the warring parties in a sign the u.s. is finally losing patience with the war in the yemen secretary of state mike pompei o pretreated enough for all to the saudi crown prince mohammed missile man i didn't need for suspicion of hostilities pompei also all parties to come to the table to negotiate a peaceful solution to the conflict in a meeting in the saudi capital with the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt spoke of the need to build support for u.n. peace efforts both the fight and convince the bothersome sciatic of some of the loudest voices in the calls for cease fire and could be a while before they agreed to peace talks the how of the whole thing the needle of
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this soap remember of lucia very console of the whole thing is chris and lynn described the course by the united states and united kingdom as empty talk in an op ed in the washington post in the role that the united states could have stopped the war a long time ago but has instead chosen to support its corrupt ally saudi arabia. djibouti. but as prime minister tories amazes how government as close to striking a breaks it speaking at the lord mayor's banquet in london may send negotiators a working into the night to go see oceans for our departure are now in the endgame and we are working extremely hard through the night to make you grow press on the remaining issues in the withdrawal agreement which are significant both sides want to reach an agreement but what we are negotiating is immense ments the difficult and i do not shy away from that fire investigators in the northern california town
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of paradise have begun sifting through the wreckage searching for human remains at least forty two people died in paradise and the surrounding area when a huge fire swept through on thursday investigators have called in a mobile d.n.a. lab to identify victims of the file which almost destroyed the town home to twenty seven thousand people for the cell five fighters have contained about fifteen percent of a huge fire in the l.a. county which killed at least two people and forced two hundred thousand from their homes and bases jennifer björk clint has this update from westlake village in los angeles county. some of the evacuees here in southern california are being let back into their neighborhoods but have no homes to go back into you can see the damage here in this neighborhood this would have been two or three houses here in a community in westlake village which is just over the hill from malibu where this fire burned fourteen miles deep in twenty miles wide we know that there were two
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people who are confirmed dead in this particular fire here in southern california and to the north almost thirty others have been confirmed dead but there are still two hundred people missing in these fires across the state they've put up photos of them hoping that they'll check in but they do expect the death toll to rise as they begin to assess the damage the wind conditions in northern california are expected to die down over the next couple of days but in southern california and farther to the south near san diego they are expected to kick up and be even worse for three four or five days there are still eight thousand firefighters working on the front lines of these fires four hundred square miles still in flames so their work is far from done. i still says it was behind a suicide attack in the afghan capital that killed six protest is they were all members of the ethnic minority group the was and were rallying for greater
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protection for their community following a number of attacks a good name has long. o. the target was this group of protesters. but according to media reports afghan forces were able to stop a suicide bomber before he reached the demonstrators not before who detonated his explosives. they really are on monday there were calls for peace and protection in kabul we actually have raised our voice because we need security if you want security and it's disposability of the government. subjected to discrimination for generations. the has are a community wants to ensure its voices are heard after a series of attacks by the taliban since last week was almost word of five to five days that jill would approach to be modest on and so there is going to.
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attack of taliban through. one hundred fifty people killed but there is no action to take to get any gunnison of the afghan forces have increased ground and air attacks against the taliban in two districts in the southeastern province of gaza me the has a shiite minority group dominate the districts they've been fighting the taliban who are sunni muslims. this has raised fears of a spike in sectarian violence in the war weary country and concerns the government isn't doing enough it's not only. drive the whole suffered the same thing would they complain but it's of the country suffering the same thing. every day with afghan security forces just being a high price to this country the afghan army chief says he's already lost soldiers
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additional ground troops are being deployed to gaza in the province and u.s. forces are assisting the offensive by air natasha going to zero. north korea's nuclear ballistic missile program seems to be continuing even though u.s. president donald trump says it stopped a u.s. think tank has identified sixteen hidden bases mostly in remote mountainous areas the report was based on new images from commercial satellites and improvements seem to have been made at more than a dozen of the bases the network has already known to u.s. intelligence agencies but north korea has never acknowledged it roslyn jordan has more from washington d.c. . it really should come as no surprise to anyone that north korea is continuing to develop its conventional ballistic missiles program as well as trying to develop nuclear weapons neither was prohibited by the agreement which the north korean leader kim jong il and the u.s. president donald trump signed when they met in singapore earlier this year and in
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fact critics of this agreement say that not only was there is no prohibition but there was also no way that the u.s. or any other country for that matter could check up on pyongyang's behavior in either arena now comes this report from the washington based think tank c s i s which says that north korea has been continuing work at at least sixteen facilities around the country including at one facility not even an hour's drive from the border with south korea that of course is very worrisome because south korea has a substantial threat of north korean nuclear missiles the question now becomes what to do there are a number of sanctions that have been imposed on north korea by both the united nations and the united states but because of the u.s. efforts to try to broker a unilateral deal with north korea on denuclearization there is this sense now that
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north korea feels empowered to basically step up activities that have been deemed illegal by the and international community that includes expanding trade with both china and russia its two closest neighbors and as the u.s. has alleged for many years two of its most important protectors on the global stage the question is can the trumpet ministration now find a way to not only make north korea stop development of these military programs but also carry out the sorts of inspections that would verify that north korea is trying to make good on its promise to give up its nuclear weapons program dozens of ethiopian gun. and security agents have been arrested for their alleged involvement in a grenade attack on the prime minister ethiopia's attorney general said evidence points to security chiefs ordering the attack on our at a rally in june two people died after it has introduced political and economic reform since coming to power in april. three longer supreme court is hearing
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a challenge to the president's decision to call a snap election my people a citizen and triggered a political crisis last month when he fired and replaced prime minister iran in become a singer and often and as reports from colombo. over a dozen petitions were herded sri lanka's supreme court on monday the petition is a prison might to polish citizen a valid to the constitution when he dissolved parliament in this instance for enough years have elapsed and parliament has not approved such a resolution. and therefore the condition president laid down in the constitution has not been followed and then president's act of dissolving parliament therefore is dull and white while the courtroom was packed to capacity people milled outside waiting for news some politicians prompting police to be called in. at the heart of sri lanka's constitutional crisis is
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a tug of war between the president who says he's acting to protect the people and public representatives who say he's not when you take the big fundamental of the constitution spirit of the constitution people as it was of the people felt our president is exerting the executive power. in the legislature when there's a conflict between those two i.e.d. oppose him to make up a fight in addition is the people themselves nothing but the people but we're confident that on the basis of the arguments that the submitter on behalf of the people on behalf of discern political parties and on behalf of people who represent one surprisingly on the election commission us one of the members himself has petitioned and we believe that. people will have justice in a third address to the nation in just over two weeks president seriously in a said he sect parliament because of what buying and the behavior of the speaker of parliament but the speaker he pushed out says as the custody of parliament i have
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watched over the last two weeks as the executive branch has seized the rights and usurped the powers of members of parliament who were elected to represent the people i call upon all public servants. to refuse to execute any illegal orders they may receive no matter from. president. insists that his dissolution of parliament on friday was the right thing to do more than ten petitioners who have come before the court behind me the supreme court of say otherwise and it's down to the three judge bench to decide who's in the right. on a single national has stripped of its highest honor the ambassador of conscience award the rights group says it revoked it because of her indifference to the atrocities committed by myanmar's military against muslims so who is now the leader of the
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government was given the prize in two thousand and nine when she was still on the house arrest. spain is calling for international sanctions against the government tens of thousands of people have fled the central american nation because of political unrest and since april more than three hundred have been killed in protests against president daniel ortega. reports from the border with costa rica where many a crossing illegally into neighboring countries. says the police recently broke into his house in the west have been harassing and threatening him he's been an outspoken critic of the nicaraguan government and is one of the leaders of the anti-government youth. now he's worried his activism might get him killed and wants to leave the country. i've been sent messages calling me a traitor. saying they hope i can sleep after reading this message.


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