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tv   Hunted  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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some of us don't dicky physical issues it did for us to not know swallow lost just it immediately seeps supposed to make history or so just for comedy havoc moose was a simple spider. so they have different. for many years i kept my pasta secret but every time violent extremism is mentioned it bozos. computor i believe that we were superior how could i beat up all the women want to if they really had started a race war. how far would i have gone no king in the mirror to confront the
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past x. eight a witness documentary on al-jazeera. on cars or the cost us sanctions on a while back as europe files to step into law and look at how difficult it is to resist the financial winds of the dollar plus china insists it's a call to be as opening the latest of a trade war with the us counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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american man spoke out against french colonial rule and was exiled we could move big we were isolated by our extremist views mr he spoke out against the regime and was sentenced to life imprisonment he spent twenty two months in hiding thirteen years in exile and seventeen years in jail. al-jazeera while tells the story of the dissident abraham said fatty morocco's montana. as ready as strikes on gaza killed at least three palestinians and israeli has died and a rocket attack north from the. live
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from doha also coming up it was in the new york times further lent the saudi crown prince to the murder of jamal khashoggi. a grim search for bodies in the deadliest wildfire in the u.s. state of california. heroes don't. worry rotation. and tributes pouring in for stan lee the comic genius superheroes into superstar. israeli astronaut continuing in the biggest flare up of violence with palestinians that since the two thousand and fourteen war general intended to terrify all sides
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to exercise restraint as strikes killed three palestinians in gaza on monday whilst rockets fired from the strip killed an israeli civilian and injured twenty nine others reports from israel's border with gaza. in fading late afternoon light the skies around gaza roared with rockets some intercepted by israel's iron dome anti-missile system this was the response from gaza's armed groups to an israeli undercover incursion into the strip on sunday night that killed seven members of how mass is military wing among them a senior commander and an israeli officer. israeli television was soon broadcasting images of damaged homes and raging fires in towns bordering gaza images like these not seen in years one of the targets abbas which palestinian media said had just unloaded a group of israeli soldiers before it was struck by an anti tank weapon. norma's to soon as the rocket fire began israel started striking targets across the strip
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among them the headquarters of how masses unlocks a television minutes after a warning call came in telling staff to evacuate israel striking targets in the heart of populated areas for weeks both sides have been saying they want to avoid all out war having approached and stepped back from the brink several times this year the palestinians in underwear are a good tool a trade their dignity and their freedom for for money. or be a part of station. on the resistance a group they are obligated. to retaliate against and he is very very emotions on this is for the spark for this latest outbreak came with sunday night's israeli incursion israeli military said it was an operation to safeguard israel's security and not an assassination attempt something how mass publicly accepted suggesting at one point that an early deescalation might have been possible notwithstanding the
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calls for a tally ation that came at its fighters funerals it all follows possible progress in talks involving israel and hamas led by egypt and also the united nations over the past two weeks more fuel is been allowed into gaza increasing people's electricity from four hours a day to up to sixteen and in ejection of cash by catch. but it day after the israeli prime minister was in paris defending his policy of engagement with hamas he was back home discussing military plans both israel and hamas are facing public pressure for strong military action even though both sides have meant taint but they do not want a full escalation we're around two kilometers away from the gaza border and we've witnessed airstrikes and rocket fire throughout the night it is the most serious escalation between the two sides since the two thousand and fourteen war and israel's security cabinet will we need to go and choose day off to noon to decide
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what their next steps will be stephanie decker al-jazeera on the israel gaza border . is the old foreign as to the gray zone project that's not online news websites and he says the backgrounds of the gaza raid is linked to israeli party politics. it's important to have the context behind the israeli raid which was as we all know botched. the raid was probably in my view the product of benjamin netanyahu throwing a bone at the ministers like defense minister avigdor lieberman to his right who have been urging a military assault on gaza for years and who were extremely hostile to the settlement that was reached just a day before the raid and so netanyahu finds himself again under enormous pressure from these ministers another important development is that moments before israel bombed the al aqsa t.v. station in gaza city it was poised to release a video showing. an alkie some team hitting a israeli bus with
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a coronet missile near jabalya and gaza's north now if you actually watch that video which was subsequently released the optics are really interesting in this is the message that hamas is sending to israel there are many soldiers in the frame they could have easily been targeted by that because some team but kasam chose to hit an empty bus and send a message to israel that we can do lots of damage to you if you choose to invade but we will give you peace if you give us peace. is the co-founder of the news website electronic and to far and he intifada and he says israel does not have a real strategy for attacking gaza. you have a defense minister avigdor lieberman who is one of the most extreme and violent politicians in the world today who has been saying for months that he wants to carry out a large scale attack on gaza and we've seen other members of the government calling
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for more restraint not out of any sympathy with palestinians but because they know that carrying out another massacre will only increase the isolation of israel and indeed will increase the determination of palestinians to defend themselves and resist so israel doesn't really have a strategy what we've seen in the u.n. and others trying to broker some kind of long term truce remember we're talking about this now because rockets were flying into israel but the violence from israel against palestinians is constant since the beginning of the year israel has killed more than two hundred palestinians in gaza the fost majority of them unarmed civilians and the violence of the siege continues to take palestinian lives and livelihoods so there was an effort to come up with a truce that would relieve the siege and allow palestinians to live and what we've
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seen is somebody in israel i don't know whether it's netanyahu or the defense minister lieberman or some other extremist or saboteurs who decided to send this commando squad into gaza to blow everything up but let us hope that history doesn't repeat itself and that this cycle of insanity and bloodshed and death started by israel can be brought to a quick halt. new details are emerging about the recordings turkey has shared over the murder of sandy jenna's jamal khashoggi killed at his country's consulate in istanbul a new york times reports the one recording is of a phone call from member of the so-called kill team the paper says. tells his superior that agents had completed their mission and to quote tell your boss now according to the times u.s. intelligence officials believe that refers to saudi crown prince mohammed bin sol none has been a member of the prince's security team during overseas visits well the revelations
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come as u.s. president donald trump faces more pressure to apply sanctions on those responsible for the murder mike hanna has the details from washington d.c. members of congress are recon feeding after the midterm elections and there's likely to be strong pressure coming to bear on the trunk administration to take some kind of action in the khashoggi affair the chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff says one of his first things will be to establish an investigation into the death and then to impose sanctions against those found to be accountable there's already been a letter from the senate to the president invoking the global magnitsky act which insists that sanctions be imposed against those held responsible for human rights abuses or in the specific case the death of course argy so pressure coming to bear from congress president trump himself says their teams forming
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a very strong opinion on the matter and are signs of hardening within the administration the secretary of state my phone peo phoned the crown prince of saudi arabia over the weekend and reportedly told him in very strong terms that the u.s. would hold those accountable when they were found when they were identified as being involved in the murder of the journalist. investigators in the northern california in town of paradise have been searching for human remains and what's now the deadliest wildfire in the u.s. state's history at least forty two people have died in the town and surrounding area and a huge fire swept through on day a mobile d.n.a. lab is being used to identify victims is out as home to twenty seven thousand people and it's been largely destroyed for the south of contained just fifteen percent of another huge fire in l.a. county two people have died veteran around two hundred thousand residents of being
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forced from their homes and bases jennifer has this update from westlake village and los angeles county some of the evacuees here in southern california are being let back into their neighborhoods but have no homes to go back into you can see the damage here in this neighborhood this would have been two or three houses here in a community in westlake village which is just over the hill from malibu where this fire burned fourteen miles deep in twenty miles wide we know that there were two people who are confirmed dead in this particular fire here in southern california and to the north almost thirty others have been confirmed dead but there are still two hundred people missing in these fires across the state they've put up photos of them hoping that they'll check in but they do expect the death toll to rise as they begin to assess the damage the wind conditions in northern california are expected
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to die down over the next couple of days but in southern california and farther to the south near san diego they are expected to kick up and be even worse for three four or five days there are still eight thousand firefighters working on the front lines of these fires four hundred square miles still in flames so their work is far from done. still ahead here on al-jazeera a key meeting aimed at bringing stability to libya gets off to a shaky start in italy. and a legal battle in sri lanka to resolve the country's deepening political crisis. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. had other parts of afghanistan where winter is coming quite harshly certainly further north and not just late six albums snows it reaches the higher ground but
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actually the real cold is to the north so that sometimes your by day is minus six to the west it's rather.


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