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tv   The Soviet Scar  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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class here isn't really it isn't it you saw posey and the majority vote we is the. sit in it is no. longer we do move. on. and it is extremists the money go to block so. is that a lesson that we were easily do. all. the teaching at the engineering school. had started to collaborate with a writer. on an anti establishment magazine. or and fasts in arabic breaths in english. it grew rapidly in popularity not just among moroccan intellectuals but also abroad. give a fresh voice to young writers artists and left wing activists speaking out against
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the old domination by coup new lists and government including the moroccan monarchy . that. moved in the first in the first part and the first day really the no. money bomb hora deal admin yet to. be. habitable and then you have the letter from the. can let's head that. the bank and plenty from him is let me into barry's and that can claim anything most of them are fancy are we at. first when this hobby or phone c.e.o. need it at that were had that there was usually deed that we had the. idea that our little family so and so have the only lemon in today could be if they cannot handle guilt and my heart that leak and could be heard so. side before they need to worry
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queen the queen of this method and. if this method and what. obama marry for example. it could. be the mafia because i know who. are in it and every and yet you have to step up. believe the bill his machine to be fitted cannot work. that he had his mouth i will keep what i have if you come out how to get the short are we separate methadone. while. you can i had to be with nephew. it offensive.
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attitude towards israel hardened after the one nine hundred sixty seven war and he openly imprints the palestinian cause. of. death could be fifty sixty chef. cac. you who he. beats be over thirty. yes a very i don't. you deaf ear b. c. mess and how questionable for say the marja curly. a democrat it is written on t.v. on the proper democrat on the on no primo not double. list macedo compared to the democrat him more parents now go on country's going to video movies
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a looser neatly contraire are not will you say thirty k. who d. and me who are the homo confirm what to me is that it has so invisible in the coming out of all of us spend a lot of here hold you to fill and the of posting you have but the skill and he had a you said well basically. you don't mean what i think we'll see more live if it is the. uneven. difficultly not low and in the air force then you have to use every form of able should be for this area who deal with a be able to clean a matter. or you know for your problems over to the pov of prosperity on earth you get the ball prerogative the prisoner pretty shocking new york you have a playoff for sunset there's only a pretty thick dice having a badass couldn't make. presupposition completely schoolish new concept darvish
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wreath. it is your board you can everybody album is good or they don't. select your own. politic your politic potential is creating the i'm also surprised that was represented zucker i don't carburetion today to tell you more of this with vicar the vicar's are certain there is a competent article in the. tiger said. alice rhetorical purpose in your. city city there might on the box are some draw from moderates are most of . the also more than one person that has the problem how do we make it look where you can step to the. radio or how often do you. not see necessity then yes i do not work any yes and that i think you see
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a man sixty years at woodstock it is i think. that if you know that then man christian east. may make a good use you need to make a lucky get to know you should a smack in. the you're a city built on me i'm good to see a some folk songs replace some books sound. nice. book move i hope you don't miss it don't get into our have not yet got ample walk around the temple don't know who you're searching the bar do not lose your measure leading did it in our custody knew the. we've. seen you know. we don't if we see if we she only and then. she called. me.
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and. if we don't. then you really. should be moved. because of the magazine and his activities in the left wing group. he was arrested in january nine hundred seventy two and brutally tortured the magazine was shut down. student demonstrations forced his release but he was soon targeted again along with his friend the philosophy teacher latif that. the two went into hiding in march one nine hundred seventy two. get to the point yes i said shown the products and. she knew.
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that the president thinks he thinks the. many. think the sun the sun if i can be eighty. s. with us and i need a missing. child abuse of the i. don't. need to know. sit down the. yeah. plans he doesn't talk to the yeah don't you. say you know.
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if he could be on. the crease and it she said it. in. her. mouth. what cats are now. rick. get your credit.
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getting ready. for any of. these. things in. your fifty's. in august one thousand nine hundred eighty three. he was tried in a moroccan court in his absence and sentenced to life imprisonment. whilst in hiding he could probably have fled morocco but preferred to stay in the country. after months in hiding. arrested again in one nine hundred seventy four. died in prison seeming the victim of torture.
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a button below the bimota or to not talking butter on the ice a bad way. i mean. you know it but i have to come and look. and if you live free if you syria they can have the little man has. the tent key to fit into crime let me fuck up at him for fifty three carry it live that's your kind it's embodied missy b. eight students were about to have about a half. year qaida mean a young. it. is on. me. here and now. no forgiveness of a dog. on a world sent lavon sent november second or even get macias what do.
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a person achieve. if not for. a moment. miki dissolve an immeasurable didn't come our single moment. that a community talks. about earth just even. if not all the. other issues of the local of esteem it should be or. it will increase. our. party spent three years from one nine hundred seventy four to one nine hundred seventy seven. detention center. in the one nine hundred ninety s. amnesty international reported on what it's called gross violations of human rights
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in morocco. it said conditions in there. were appalling with reports of savage torture there it went on real and suspected opponents of the regime are jailed after unfair trials hundreds of disappeared people moroccans and western sahara remain unaccounted for. that. they sought then there. and they that carry malaria. only say the show of evil and oaken door offers a well and. was sure you know when one or b. door need more home you are. either through that there's
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a. hell of hell at in the hell now and oh yeah mota they said oh what the abyss to mariah. ady feel i had the mineral. mineral had a car. in mn or in a minute and what luck would be terry lane king and that us all hey yet she had your. other trouble pal enough. they threw us out so no word yet if i'm fair to me are such a chore that either they were morally at the mark as see it because we're. a sort of creep then to sell we send the athletic or they throw her bad fifi mouth and if. it's been three years.
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without attending a full trial. when he finally had his day in court it would only be the start of over twenty more years in jail and exile. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global that. when you peel away all the political the military and the financial jargon you see the people in those words and his policies are affecting. the emotional face of the situation they're living in that's when our viewers can identify with the story. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and need heat. you know. not insignificant and insignificant ideologically that is significant even is it.
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very significant by dictating to big governments if they fucked up to see. the radicalized series on al-jazeera. where every. head of. these the top stories on al-jazeera as ready as strikes have been continuing in gods or in the worst violence between israel and the two thousand and
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fourteen war there is actually generally all sides to exercise restraint. on monday fired from the strip killed an israeli and injured twenty nine others. from israel's border with gaza. it is the biggest escalation between israel and hamas in-situ thousand and fourteen war we have seen intense powers's of rockets outgoing into these border communities in israel there's also been heavy air strikes inside the gaza strip particularly in heavily populated areas including the building belonging to her masses a locks a t.v. now we know negotiations are ongoing behind the scenes particularly spearheaded by egypt also the united nations to try and deescalate the situation the new york times is revealing more details about the recordings turkey shed on the killing of saudi jenna's jamal khashoggi and says one of the so-called kill team tells a superior in a phone call to quote tell your boss that the mission was complete u.s.
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intelligence officials believe that saudi crown prince mohammed bin. investigators in the northern california town of paradise have been searching for human remains in what's now the deadliest wildfire in the u.s. state's history at least forty two people died in the town and surrounding area when a huge fire swept through on thursday and national pressure is mounting for yemen's civil war and the u.n. britain and france are the latest to call for an end to hostilities to clear around the port city of her data saudi m.r.c. coalition is trying to retake it from who the rebels sources say of these one hundred fifty people have been killed since sunday. is international has stripped. of its highest honor the ambassador of conscience award the rights group says it's been revoked because of indifference to the atrocities committed by men was military against range of muslims suchi was given the prize in two thousand and
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nine when under house arrest and stanley the artist who created some of the twentieth century's biggest comic book characters has died at the age of ninety five a marvel comics writer was behind spider-man the hulk and expense should become the stars of blockbuster movies as i had lines let's get you back now to al-jazeera. was a left wing jewish moroccan dissident during the reign of king has and the second from the one nine hundred sixty s. to the one nine hundred eighty a period known as the years of law. he was arrested the one nine hundred seventy four and held in the nation's youth detention center in casablanca notorious for reports of torture of political prisoners and worse. not
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cover them sufficiently of them all to get even good what's it all. to really only media. and food while we are here only being here or only. dishes or don't cover. the whole don't put it here live in the. p.c. . but we see that lady took during the leafy sleek people to share. and then you have the share. man who says you can talk to these on. many more question in or. did we miss you more with. the new dish she made it we got our own ac do dishes really. and if you don't wish.
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in october nineteenth seventy seven. was finally tried as a blank along with other dissident and anti establishment figures. the official charge was plotting against state security. he had already been handed a life sentence in his absence three years before so he was fully expecting that to be confirmed wichita's. the sentence is now handed to start and the other one hundred thirty nine detainees amounted to a total of thirty centuries in jail. commits
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an act which is a mere sentence again a little. boy. guys were she. and her could mean that a family. well. i think they are perhaps. good very kind of ok and more talkative and they get back to who they. are happy. to be should have a. leg to be able to so it is that we're. willing to see it come out a bit more and better because it seems that any decision not as fast as they definitely. could get at. definitely been one of the very few walks of life and you know how do you what.
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sort of coffee was there left if you were to be believed. the fact had. fed a faint. farewell vision and if you. live in what's happening think about. the fact. that the market didn't have enough to suggest this and that could have an effect. on them as your. dentist did it twice a year pushing families into this debt because of waka of excess that's the biggest threat there because of. the paucity so he said.
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softly a platform is if it absolutely had enough. little fam it's effect is not motivated. if even did this it definitely some people do. this stuff to put in. the buck to get the fatigue even you. got to slag at home for example there are some people supported lawson. who wanted. to put it in c. of the shining city on making them public. so you felt that because the you were.
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blown into. my head at all accounts mahalla see as you've done that no. one had sold. them in yet. and you then is in. them tema to a bait. that suzanna let them have three has had enough and you know i mean i hope that that. will be the method and film. lead to content hold it in the be submissive be so hold up the wave in that or bust. and. then in that i've just been. in the oh what can that the motherly woman as a son yeah. yeah he may yet walk at that nick. what's remarkable is that so far and his fellow political prisoners were still able
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to influence moroccan politics from within jail not by hunger strike in one nine hundred seventy nine children of mama by some of them are actually quoting me yet it was in otley day to me. that if you really want you to be. here they surely meet a man on the need you want any sort of deals. you can go in if you have don't move you don't. force your ridiculous here he said. what do you know who's you soledad. the dimity did it in. the other day you don't. need a bar going on by everybody sitting me every day he hears you but absent live life ikey more accurately me getting somebody are listening and they have some political . it was originally to prison he only came to.
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come up to the. mountain now. that. commodity you know the only thing. that will video it one of these on the guitar is all you get you can eat hot. and pretty to. get it done too. bad. i didn't want anybody know when they were still ha ha. in. years. to hate steph and i mean to have.
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cost us off ever but then to how the hell could they like. the whole agenda aids. reason they were living out their view of the. apocalypse the billion here. in a prison can cradle of cornell's only be ready brek. religious baleka still sit on the wrong brevard. one of even the bureau take it before new yorkers who are on the hawk was a. problem or can result in their provision here or leave for the treatment year to clog. living conditions in can it's her prison north of the capital. did eventually improve there was no shortage of
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reading material and some prisoners studied for diplomas. but after long sentences they often emerged into a changed world and were themselves different people. was it your. situation. into one me sentences and said you will never need. to for conversion of all people she told. him on a show to aussies read any. point being divorced is used any value to change only in war he should be fair imo so not a producer of the best hip young so long as and that is for the lawsuit what goes up his own lot hopefully if any judgement god gave me
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a funky he lives just outside then it will be of us should do peter is that what you know not true v. marketing engine to vent to zoom in on. his mic on a sun. let us see the top question i don't envision didn't old paul. just use it avoidance and called only just a sip of water if you sit with the capable fish so. if you shoot pool very good going to give it can be do get can get me up if you wish to keep it do given what it is will do if he she is on before you. once a thought he was in jail he'd marry differential men whom he met in one nine hundred
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seventy two called christine dawes she was a teacher and activist and led to the struggle to get serfaty and his comrades released from prison. a french ex-pat in morocco though had first met serfaty when she helped hide him in her house in one nine hundred seventy two. she was later arrested and expelled to friends but they met again while he was in jail in one thousand nine hundred six. they got married in twenty three prison so she could visit him more easy. than hate a. lot of the how to get let you know. what i can get any custom said no no where you know what i mean. you know what i mean go to be thought hey talk. to her be sure back at c.s.u.
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your order and then you had before. the. woman with the head down but it also use human issues certainly didn't mention that it usually them ticking. and he'll get an issue because. if you recall the question force a ship the moment the move and so will be just. a one way and the neighbor. says see. the remote and know who know what and assess what i was born about one of them at last with. c.n.n. . see him maybe and many a time a wild card is that so it's mainly a need. to know that's what they them and one of them at apple. what it's and that's a constant. and
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international campaign led by christine dorset. and then yes. wife of the french president brought about the end of serfaty seventeen years in jail in september nine hundred ninety one. but his moroccan citizenship was immediately before that on the pretext that his father was brazilian so he and christine were again exiled to friends. to continue to criticize the moroccan government as a university teacher in paris specializing in identity and democracy in the arab world i don't know if you believe that libya could be america right life and. it left or right i will have to face but i don't believe. how to. finish me and how can as a clock starting with a prince yes you know if you had a kid because most of the you know what it can cause and really. bad
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habit. that we cross when wessel gets to be. the magic. lady feo learn from. what are they going to say that what it was was a method and i think i live market it is the area of worth and does not have a let's hard to believe it has really begun to anyone who's in the market i mean to live or die and was it here that the less was june it then had to hear our. part of it but one that i got i don't you got it luck but i have a pretty that is. if you can but how do you cut on. that until you're ready in the beginning knew some of it out it would only go. one of the dinky birth. as your mom fashions and if the season is from in the time it
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means you have no one but have everything the show would fit had. your freedom and i knew that it locks are. on the twenty third of july nine hundred ninety nine concussed in the second died and was succeeded by his more forward looking son who was crowned king mohammad the sixth. serfaty citizenship was reinstated and in september two thousand the seventy four year old returned to morocco he and christine found things had changed under a center left coalition government led by the socialist union of popular forces that was hawking that and the senate. and. set up an insurance hundred thirty. committee just g. for the questions. near unto psychologic is
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a convenient no yeah i'm on. difficulties and it isn't me whose job it have pursued that would be yes been a lot more than a test that notion. campus she could do things with jeans. he ended the conversation on. a. lesion down usually only editor who could no click on holidays lending book just decided to put one don't personally know. don't be in the loop with them in the bin what they learn and what the lab and there were no. canucks will be a no chemist when the guy at tech even the subject can be. consented to that's.
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for our with the high hurdle to get while head will cut out all of the above arts deal had listen to him. in love. with the no menu screaming hate to add that nick clegg need to do he said a word so that's a spin faster than what's news main fuel level have not caught our love about many more of its many in a very delicate. and mother. then come book the ship in the deep or have they think. it had that letter but. what did he come in as a c then he can head at the seven thirty pm in headlights look at their credibility but. then i'm in and they're not going to be ned even figure. out out of a c.s.e. cinema in men that deal. out at the city thirty with a mechanical cook him and then we'll meet in city as you see it's a good little will not open the bank or remove the bug from. the
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suspicion. if one magician you can't read a whole lot of mobility me pick up the phone with a billion with a hundred love. is a big. deal i'm only movie that will speak a small group about the. people. who walk in a fire that around me on the google. me sit. and complain when up in the mood to be home all concious your particular. peeve related p.v.t. do. all this again to soften. it to this is don't be fooled the plant.
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lemma cannot come to the. law no madelyn only. had to flee into. the cut. and the most of it to be had and then that would be mayor usual bit a start up who knew what are you know modern jews only in a law they wish it would mean a decree or the be a hope. of i'm here today to come in. but i have mr thirty feet and know who you are miss a to her will that's why i am covered he had it i will let me look at daddy will be an okie philistine fer didn't eddie to have let fear in then ne ne yet to have up at her an accord all. the
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a due me and when a democrat in order. to give up would hardly know. and couple of years. i had. usually again i will be. very difficult to be happy. with who has a. b. c b b. where can i. believe he should be and then we're going to him that we should feel. the hell you can of lehman. headed home seon and i thought there'd be no. yanni let me let me
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a cool. attorney. local who are plenty in. local. and he turned it well imo it mattered. a tell me intimate loba they had a bed. sort of hope but that it left many young but. i did it with caffeine have been no could have been but that's. got you know what liz and for that. jani does some of it without a cut cut. cut cut or gmo the masonic home from the had much of. the. living hell was send the whole b.b.
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no muss early. bay thought of yanni affair. or men in their it in the act of the national a few had a car and the snow or a third got it was would knock over and in and then he was done that will. self artists physical fragility didn't prevent him from criticizing the government when he felt it necessary right until the end abu hamsa farty died on the eighteenth of november twenty tanned in medicare aged eighty four. though he never stopped public office his relentless pursuit of freedom from french colonial rule and of democracy in independence morocco despite long periods in gene or exile led his closest friends and supporters to call him the moroccan mandela.
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senator robert kennedy was assassinated in june one thousand nine hundred eighty eight sir hands are handed is still serving a life sentence for his murder but there have been calls for decades for the case to be reopened including from robert kennedy jr. all the evidence was destroyed after the trial they had a legal obligation to save the evidence because sir ham was going to file an appeal al-jazeera world asks who killed robert kennedy. and then deported world on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dr river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel that or or even those who managed to escape their country
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haven't truly been able to escape the war. or. had other parts of afghanistan where winter is coming quite harshly certainly further north and not just the latest example of snow as it reaches the higher ground but actually the real cold is to the north so that. temps are by days minus six to the west it's rather this cold and rather more showery rain showers still likely in iran set in the caucasus where rain and snow are to be rather more persistent as the cold comes slowly and then we come to iraq and iran looking dry in the forecast and back through the levant there are few showers for me and i think they will probably reach the lebanese coast israel and syria and turkey as well or more conjoined mass of rain by the time we get to wednesday and also to get a wind coming out of saudi arabia snow be a dry one that green suggests right once more in kuwait yeah hasn't gone away
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qatar's been seeing thunderstorms for a couple of days same is true in bahrain now the massive rain is moving slowly nourse was but it's just slow progress it is headed towards cuba but it has got the tail that goes south into the gulf and back into northeastern side he said don't consider yourselves guaranteed dry just yet in the gulf states in south africa it's a much stronger picture if all of southern africa it's a largely dry picture. a journey of personal discovery about how the soviet rule has shaped the present day georgia if you people who shoot your past you will never have a future in government buildings and the monuments they seemed to inspire you doors always been mean to show your own people they are small algis there is time an aversion to me it's
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a examines the cultural influences of the soviet union al-jazeera correspondent the soviet scar fresh perspectives. possibilities. thinnest gentleness and. debates and discussions how can you trust them a lot about how can work again with a man like that she seems to be saying if facts all of us and we just don't know or care enough al-jazeera is award winning programs take you on a journey around the land. only on al-jazeera. israeli air raids pounded gaza overnight three palestinians are killed the u.n. calls for maximum restraint.
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fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from a headquarters in doha also ahead turkey reveals new details about the murderous saudi journalist and those who killed him the deadliest wildfires in california's history claim at least forty two lives and fans mourn the death of stan lee the man behind comic book superhero such as spider-man and x.-men. thank you for joining us israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called an urgent cabinet meeting following a night of violence across gaza in which three palestinians were killed the israeli military targeted dozens of positions across the strip it says are linked to hamas and islamic jihad israel's military says both a mosque headquarters and locks
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a television station were hit at the same time almost four hundred rockets have been fired by palestinian factions from gaza into israel around one hundred of them were intercepted by the iron dome missile defense system one person died and several were injured inside israel and the u.n. secretary general is urging all sides to exercise restraint in what is some of the worst spine and since the two thousand and fourteen war it was triggered after an undercover israeli special forces team killed a hamas commander and several other palestinians inside gaza let's get the latest from there is harry fawcett who is in our west jerusalem bureau harry bring us up to speed for us with the situation this morning ah things calm or not. well i mean in relative terms i suppose somewhat calmer from the very height of this is it went through from yesterday afternoon in say yesterday evening but there has been more violence overnight more israeli air strikes more rockets coming out from gaza as
3:51 pm
well and just as we were coming to our i got confirmation from our producer inside gaza that the policy health ministry there has concerned another death overnight inside gaza that brings the total to four to five days from the yet of the the popular front for the liberation of palestine and superimposed city islamic jihad that adds to one fatality on the israeli side of the city and the sound of ashkelon north of gaza that was in fact a palestinian citizen of israel who died in one of the rocket strikes there so this is still an extremely dangerous and tense situation given the given the amount of firepower that has been used on both sides and so far we have seen several occasions in the last few months when there have been outbreaks of violence between hamas and other armed groups inside gaza and the israeli military this though is by far the most serious and carries with it the most severe risks so far through
3:52 pm
escalation into another gaza war and made to tuesday harry if it is an israeli cabinet meeting what can we expect from that how much pressure is prime minister benjamin netanyahu under form for military action in gaza. he's under considerable political pressure there is obviously popular oppression to some extent coming from communities around gaza and from politicians who cite those concerns in their public pronouncements colleagues that are great in the tree action and stronger to share action against hamas there is also some pressure at least out of the coming from his own defense minister who in recent weeks has been publicly calling for. a military escalation saying that that is the way to quieten the situation in gaza for a few years not the long term truce that israel has been pursuing benjamin netanyahu
3:53 pm
go does have considerable political capital specially on the security front that is how he has sold themselves these eight israeli public throughout is premiership and he did speak ins in paris on sunday about the need for leadership sometimes to their political domestic political costs when it comes to pursuing a goal such as stability on the israeli gaza border however we are already deep into a pretty major military escalation already these things count three immense and of their own and certainly israel already in this escalation has been much more was a little was in the previous ones the kind of targets being being picked the hamas in syria and the jihad courses that was leveled overnight the al aqsa t.v. station these are targets well within gaza city well within gaza's those are areas
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in residential areas that hamas military. how much target was closest to the israeli army and voting that was literally baseless was cool so already there is some amends and here with this military action i was going to ask you what about that the palestinians what about on hamas aside for weeks now both sides have that they wanted to avoid an all out war what if hamas. well that has been the message that's been coming and they have had something to gain and something to show the people of gaza from that policy in recent days in particular with the influx of cusser e few and qatari money to pay civil servants salaries there was some tangible benefits starting to accrue inside gaza from the negotiations they've been having with the egyptians the u.n. mediated influx of this concern as well however there is also pressure on them to act when it comes to issues such as this military incursion by israel on sunday
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night which led to the death of a relatively senior hamas military figure as well as six other of his of his other finances in that southeastern communist area and when he saw the pictures of the funerals of those men earlier on monday morning there were very loud calls will resign actually action and that's what we heard from the palestinian factions the armed groups who met before this march sparrow rocket fire that was was thrown out from inside gaza during the course of yesterday afternoon leaving so obviously they have their own domestic constituency to place was well if they are seen to buckle under to what many of them would see as a severe motion provocation by israel they will lose somebody who credibility so it's an extremely dangerous difficult balancing act that both sides are currently engaged thank you for that day terry fox said life for us in west jerusalem that he
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abu naima is co-founder of the news web site electronic intifada he says this around doesn't have a real strategy for attacking gaza. you have a defense minister avigdor lieberman who is one of the most extreme and violent politicians in the world today who has been saying for months that he wants to carry out a large scale attack on gaza and we've seen other members of the government calling for more restraint not out of any sympathy with palestinians but because they know that to carrying out another massacre will only increase the isolation of israel and indeed will increase the determination of palestinians to defend themselves and resist so israel doesn't really have a strategy here what we've seen the u.n. and others trying to broker some kind of long term truce remember we're talking about this now because rockets were flying into israel but the five months from israel against palestinians is constant since the beginning of the year israel has
3:57 pm
killed more than two hundred palestinians in gaza the vast majority of them unarmed civilians and the violence in the siege continues to take palestinian lives and livelihoods so there was an effort to come up with a truce that would relieve the siege and allow palestinians to live and what we've seen is somebody in israel i don't know whether it's that time yahoo or the defense minister lieberman or some other extremist or saboteur who decided to send this commando squad into gaza to blow everything up but let us hope that history doesn't repeat itself and that this cycle of insanity and bloodshed and death started by israel can be brought to a quick halt. in other world news turkish president. has given new details about the killing of saadi journalist. shoji was murdered inside the saudi consulate in
3:58 pm
istanbul on october second by what turkey has described as his squad's let's go live to under symons in istanbul for us so what are we learning now from the president. well foley this is a briefing to turkish media by the turkish president following his trip to france when he went to paris and spoke with the u.s. president the french president and the german chancellor as well being briefed by them and also passing on to them what he knew and what his views were towards the investigation one standout is his remark to the turkish media about when the tapes were played to the saudi intelligence detailing exactly what went on in the consulate october the second and the apparently the intelligence office of the saudi intelligence officer who was listening responded to it in a short fashion he said only a person on heroin could do such
3:59 pm
a thing referring to the killers words to that effect that the scene was so horrible the the the it's the type of things being said the sound effects everything was horrific and now what the turkish president also went on to say was that he spoke at length with the u.s. president and donald trump didn't give any details of what donald trump said in reply but he said that they everyone was treating this really seriously now that the tapes have been shared by all concerned that turkey had not tried to cover anything up it'd be as open as possible and he also said that i'm going to merkel also had conversations with him and also emmanuel maccarone and that there was an acceptance of power is serious the matter was the implication from one is that the weedy now the tapes have been distributed but there is a much higher concern internationally than the was originally that's think that
4:00 pm
cation that things have really escalated that's the point he was getting across also new reports sandra linking the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman to the matter of jamal. yes indeed this is a new york times report which refers again to the tape of another revelation in that tape in that the there was a phone conversation between. three and three being the leader of the team that hit squad if you will of a total of eighteen people and this tape apparently you hear on that say the words of about three by talking to someone in riyadh saying that the effectively that the job was over explaining that the exact woods tell your boss.


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