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who controls much of the east along with his foreign backers the prime minister of russia the president of egypt and the foreign minister of france talking across the table with fires all farrar she's the un back to prime minister with his government in tripoli and his chief foreign sponsor italy and the prime minister the host of this conference to set the continent and all of them being drawn together by the un envoy for libya who of course as we know is promoting a brand new road map towards elections to take place in libya by the middle of next year i think the minimal measure of success of this conference will be the extent to which all of those key players are willing to rally behind this new u.n. plan it for seize a national conference early in the year in libya and allowing libyans themselves to decide what sort of democracy they want to see a parliamentary or a presidential system to decide on an electoral law and then a date for
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a vote aiming for something by june of two thousand and nineteen will they all agree that's what i think everybody will want to see out of this the russians and the americans have already informally said they back the plan khalifa haftar are of course a reluctant participant so we were told the general from the east but he's at the table he's part of the process will be part of a solution that i think is what everyone will want to find out still ahead on al jazeera iran's foreign minister says he has credible information that saudi arabia . officials sprains foreign secretary says it is ninety five percent complete but is that final five percent that's. hello there it's going to turn
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a lot cooler for some of us in the northern parts of age or over the next few days so thanks to this weather system head it's gradually slipping its way southwards and behind that it's going to be a lot colder than it has been so for all of the top there as we head through wednesday oh maximum temperature will just be minus an eleven degrees in beijing we're still ahead of that front as we head through wednesday so fifteen will be our maximum it gradually pushes towards us for thursday eleven degrees will be all top temperature on thursday and then they will drop much further as we head through friday for the eastern politics should be generally fine and dry force in japan tokyo getting to around eleven degrees for the southeastern parts of china the rain here is beginning to pick up so a fair amount of wet weather with us on wednesday and then it really begins to expand as we head into the day reaches all the way down towards the south coast and stretches up toward shanghai as well say some very heavy downpours are expected out of this as we head through the next few days meanwhile a bit further south and it's been the southern part of the philippines that have been across the country here and it looks like we'll see
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a fair few more showers as we head through wednesday it will begin to lighten up as we head into thursday there as those showers begin to move away meanwhile for the west it's also been very wet here for the western parts of borneo thursday does look particularly soapy. a journey of personal discovery about how the suv huge rule has shaped the present day georgia if you people who shoot your past you will never have a future in government buildings and of them ornaments they seem to inspire in wars always been in your own people and they are small there is time and eventually examines the cultural influences of the soviet union al-jazeera correspondent the soviet sky.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour israel's cabinet is meeting after the israeli military targeted dozens of positions across gaza it says a name to hamas and islamic jihad at least expand have been killed in gaza and another palestinian died in the israeli town of ashkelon when his house was hit by a rocket from gaza. turkish president. has given new details about the killing of jamal khashoggi everyone says a saudi intelligence officer told him where the kids of the journalist was on heroin to mao shoji was murdered inside the saudi consummate any stumble on october second by what turkey has described as i had it and maybe is renegade general handy for have to won't join talks in sicily to try to stop his country after seven years
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of fighting this is the latest attempt to bring all parties together after a similar one in paris in may next month's elections in libya have been canceled because. now iran's foreign minister job on serif has told a london based news organization there is credible information that saudi arabia had planned to assassinate senior iranian officials the new york times has revealed that in march last year and meeting in riyadh was held to discuss plans to assassinate iranian officials specifically major general cass emslie money who is head of the iran codes force in that meeting businessmen were also reportedly presented a two billion dollars plan to use private intelligence operatives to sabotage the iranian economy when i speak to him it was sabi who is a professor but his horse highness at the university of tehran is live with us from iran scuttle thank you very much for speaking to us so for mrs ari says he has
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credible information evidence that the saudis were prodding to kill top iranian officials and disrupt the iranian economy but the new york times published reporting this same information just a few days ago published a piece reporting this information so does iranian government have new different information from what we read in the new york times or is it just going by what's been reported already well so far it seems that they are going by with what the new york times published essentially ukrainian authorities are saying that they were already aware of assassination attempts by the saudi officials and i think this is a pattern of very aggressive saudi foreign policy moves on the rise of mohamed bin samon from the kidnapping of the lebanese prime minister to the siege on terror to killing in this event in there and bases or in this new revelation by the new york times creating instability in
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a country in the middle east what might iran's response be then you know until now it seems to have avoided direct escalation will that change now with these new revelations. well since the trumpet ministration decided to leave the nuclear accord six months ago both the united states as well as saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have trying have been trying to pressure iran and within iran there has been calls to also withdraw from the nuclear deal but iran has shown a lot of restraint thus far and i think maybe part of the saudi attempts to create instability in iran whether it's the economy or the politics or assassinating generals is to push iran into a direction where it also withdraws from the nuclear deal but had the saudis actually carried through the assassination of course and so one on which is a very top general it would have actually been an act of war so they they would
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have retaliated to your saying if that had happened. oh absolutely because of course i'm so they money is a very top general who is in charge of all of the revolutionary guards outside activities external activities and he's also quite popular in iran so i don't think if the assassination had actually they had gone through with it iran could not have stayed silent in that regard the americans have until now relied on saudi arabia to contain iran in their own words is iran expecting now then a change in policy from the american towards its government in the wake of. murder and you know all the criticism that has been out of saudi arabia since. well i think within the united states there are already many calls especially by democrats for a reorientation of american policy towards the saudis because this kind of this
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struct of foreign policy that saudi arabia is following is not only going to be bad for the saudis but in the long term it's going to be bad for the americans as well but until now the saudis have been able to get away with their very destructive policies in the middle east and so far it seems that they have gotten away with the killing of hostility as well what about iranian foreign policy in the middle east iranian involvement in yemen for instance is that likely to change given the current context what so far i think iran is approach to saudi arabia has been to try to ensure restraint and i think regarding the conflict in yemen iran's official policy is that they want to political solution in that regard and i think in there perhaps strangely on the same page with the americans because the americans have also told the saudis to. bring a cease fire into effect and find a political solution thank you for speaking to us thank you very much for your time
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hamid joining us there from tehran at the united nations is warning that mass expulsions from mongolia refugees could trigger a humanitarian crisis last month alone hundreds of thousands of people from the democratic republic of congo were forced to leave following an order targeting what the angolan government calls irregular migrants dosage or barry has more forced to flee once again this is the border between angola and the democratic republic of congo these congolese left their country in search of a better life that search has a probably come to an end ok this is one what pushed me to leave in goa was the situation just got worse so men golan's in the police were coming into our homes and being violent that's when i decided to give myself up to the authorities so they can take me back home to darcy. this mass population movement follows the angolan government's decision to expel congolese refugees and migrants many of whom
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are working in the informal mining sector now thousands are stuck here at the border where complaints include sexual violence and harassment body frisking and theft at the hands of security forces on both sides of the border those who do make it into the d.r. see have a long road ahead before reaching the closest town to the border which is chicago that's one hundred fifty kilometers away a most will have to walk there which could take them up to two weeks heavy rains and security roadblocks have delayed the already treacherous journey. this is we've been kicked out of angola back to our own country but even in our own country we have problems with security forces along the road asking for money before they'll let us pass a road block this mass repatriation to the d.r. seas eastern and central regions are creating an increasingly heavy burden on an already unstable conflict wary region last year alone some one hundred thousand
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congolese fled to neighboring countries adding to the five hundred eighty five thousand who are already living in exile the united nations says congolese refugees are now among the ten largest in the world the international committee of the red cross is on the ground helping as many people as possible it's very difficult to mention that the situation is under control because the needs to go way beyond the capacity of the local authorities and. humanitarian community to respond so there is thirteen need a need for a stronger and coordinated you money and response to the situation as we do not have a clear projection over the next months so we need to be ready to respond as they slowly cross back into the home they left behind it's uncertain what future they'll find here. al-jazeera. prince prime minister is holding
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talks with senior cabinet ministers aimed at approving withdrawal agreement terisa may says her government is working extremely hard to save the deal with the european union on monday may told finance officials that negotiations are now in the endgame a senior member of may's cabinet has said a deal could happen within the next two days now and he has more from rhonda british governments and the european union to keep insisting that it's all ninety five percent agreed but the bit they colts agree and frankly they will never be able to agree satisfactorily is what to do with the irish border for the millionth time because the u.k. can't leave the european union in the way that it wants to while having to keep the border open as the european union demands under the terms of the good friday peace agreements and that's why it's reason why has had to confect this deal to keep the u.k. in a customs union with the european union for an unspecified period of time such acted as sort of pincer movement really hard line breakfasters can't stand it
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because they say that the the u.k. would be in hock to the european union forever remain as who either don't want to leave at all or who want a second referendum say it's also entirely and satisfactory all the opposition parties don't like it either and the thing that everybody keeps misunderstanding i think is that even if the british government and the european union did say look we've got a deal it doesn't mean it's done because it's got to get through a parliamentary vote here and the whole of all the arithmetic suggests that parliament won't back it's in the end for all of those reasons and so it is really the very difficult situation for for the british government because if parliament doesn't back it then you're in so entirely uncharted territory where with a sort of about a no deal scenario the french will for the u.k. falling out of the european union which parliament here doesn't want all of them. russian opposition leader alexina vonnie says he has been barred from leaving the country to attend the court ruling on his recent detentions of ami was stopped by
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border guards at moscow airport and told he couldn't leave he was on his way to the european court for human rights in strasbourg france ninety nine is safe democrats have flipped another senate seat in the midterm elections winning arizona for the first time since one nine hundred seventy six with almost zero votes counted kristen cinema leads her republican challenger martha mcsorley by two percent forty two year old cinema is the first woman elected to represent amazonia in the senate she replaces retiring senator jeff flake who has been one of president all trumps harshest conservative credits republicans will sell command a majority in the senate despite the loss in arizona saying the united states says she seems are not trying to recover bodies from california's most deadly wildfire with forty two people killed and other fires continuing to rage across the state a red flag warnings stretch from north to south in the south. the small hill fire
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is mostly contained but the launch or we'll see blaze has already claimed two lives and left a trail of destruction at beach resorts including malibu in northern california the town of paradise has been wiped out as a camp fire continues to burn. more. in the forests of northern california night brings little responded and these firefighters have been working on multiple fronts and this is my first day on the fire it's been going for about three days now but i spent the first two to three days just dealing with the threat to my own home in my own community and then to come out here i mean this is the calling in the nearby town of chico some of the quarter million people forced to flee their homes across the state and now wondering what the future holds we will rebuild. one step at a time we will rebuild our home and we will be a part of rebuilding that town because it's a few to happen. and i thank you guys so much everybody has been so wonderful just
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have to count our blessings. and not count the losses right now but they have been so many losses this is what's left of paradise. more than two hundred people a still missing investigators now combing through the debris and ashes of this incinerated town and. some bodies have been found and gutted cause the flames moving faster than they could drive to my being brought in to help identify the dead but officials warn finding bodies could take weeks as of today an additional thirteen human remains have been recovered which brings the total number to forty two if i understand that makes this the deadliest fire in the history of the united states a wild land fire history united states south in los angeles county the hills are still smoking the fire here is our need ten percent contained. in parts of
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malibu some residents are returning to the scorched my neighbor's i see my house wasn't for that i wouldn't be here there's lots of. areas here that member and they came over here with water buckets and put out fires and. just very very grateful to them for. others stayed to defend their own homes when the fire came over the hill here and it was about sixty mile an hour plus. pitch black. came over after that just ran around and put out fires. but not all the fires have been pushed out and with no rain forecast and strong winds still blowing is nothing to stop them banning. al-jazeera.
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clo again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera israel's cabinet is meeting after these really military targeted dozens of positions across gaza it says are linked to hamas and islamic jihad at least six palestinians have been killed in gaza and another palestinian died in the israeli town of ashkelon when his house was hit by rockets from gaza turkish president has given new details about the killing of jamal he says a saudi intelligence officer told him whoever killed the journalists was on heroin jamal khashoggi was murdered inside the saudi consummate in istanbul on october second by what turkey has described as a hit squad to libya's renegade general ali for half time won't join talks to try to stop an eye his eyes his country after seven years of fighting libya's leaders and other foreign powers have been meeting in italy for a conference the summit in sicily's a major us attempt to bring all parties together following a similar one in paris and may experience elections in libya have been canceled because of violence iran's foreign minister job reef has told
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a london based news organization there is credible information that saudi arabia had planned to assassinate senior iranian officials the new york times reported sunday that in march of last year a meeting in riyadh was held to discuss plans to assassinate iranian officials specifically major general custer who's head of iran's force. britain's prime minister is holding talks with senior cabinet ministers aimed at approving the breck sit with draw agreement to recent days says our government is working extremely hard to save the deal with the european union on monday may told finance officials that they go see actions we're now in the end game a senior member of may's cabinet has said a deal could happen within the next two days and at least forty two people have been killed in the u.s. state of california in the worst wildfires in the state's history investigators are searching for human remains after more than six thousand homes were destroyed in the town of paradise on thursday firefighters are still trying to contain wildfires
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that have hit both ends of the state those are the headlines inside story is next on al-jazeera say this. a european army that was an idea proposed by man well that's wrong held by vladimir putin but attacked by donald trump does europe need its own military and can it do without the u.s. and matters of defense this is inside story.
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and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey french president. in the u.s. president donald trump have been at odds on many issues this week that divide went further when president mccrone appeared to call for the creation of a european army says europe needs to defend itself against potential threats from nations including russia china and even the united states but it's not just about defense the two leaders differ on almost every issue trump has pulled out of a number of global treaties from climate change to the iran nuclear deal and recently the disarmament treaty with russia has repeatedly emphasized the need for a global order and rejection of nationalism it made the call during sunday's remembrance ceremony in paris to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the first world war. ves you want to fast. that have this vision of france as a generous nation with a vision which carries universal values has been in those dark times exactly the
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opposite of the selfishness of a people which only looks at its own interests because patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism nationalism is its betrayal by saying our interests first and never mind the other is your race what is most precious to a nation. as president donald trump attacked the idea of a european army in a tweet before leaving for france on friday this is what he wrote president micron of friends has just suggested that europe build its own military in order to protect itself from the us russia and china very insulting but perhaps europe should first pay its fair share of nato which the us subsidizes greatly russian president vladimir putin welcome the idea of a european army during a television interview. as to alternative european military forces it's not a new idea president mccrone has revived it now but i was told about it by one of the previous run for president it's europe is a great economic power a great economic union so it's quite natural that they want to be independent
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self-reliant and sovereign in the sear of defense and security according to the stockholm international peace research institute global military spending reached one point seven three nine trillion dollars last year in europe alone it's accounted for three hundred forty two billion that is twenty percent of the total global spending four of the fifteen largest military spenders in the world are in western europe that's france the u.k. germany and italy breaking this down france's spending between two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen fell by nearly two percent to fifty seven point eight billion all britain's military spending rose by point five percent to forty seven point two billion last year and germany's military spending went up by three and a half percent to forty four point three billion its highest level since one thousand nine hundred nine. let's bring in our guests now and joining us from paris is we're no it's our chief foreign correspondent
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a life ago newspaper and professor of strategy at paris school of international affairs and washington d.c. david associate professor at the national defense university and a former pentagon official and in moscow glenn dyson a professor of a. national relations at higher school of economics from moscow and author of the decay of western civilization and research and of russia welcome to all of you so. let's revisit the words of a man will not grown from yesterday when he said patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism he went on to say our first interests who cares about the cares about the others i mean start with you or no what do you make of. words the timing the setting. i think what is important is that. i'm a coin paris wanted to defend multilateralism. in front
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of trump that actually rejects multilateralism we have seen that for climate change us in that for iran with a scene that for i.m.f. and many other treaties. is things britain macor things that european union is the most important creation political creation of the post-war era when donald trump criticizes. your opinion as being some kind of jail for the nations of europe so there is really two opposite views on that and it's true that. things that they see in american threat not like the military usual military threat because of course france and america are allied in nato
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but is things that europe is threatened on by on cyber war by china russia and the united states and as a matter of fact you know that the ne the palace in paris has been hacked it was in two thousand and twelve during the presidential election between you know suckers and all on any simple as had been hacked by the american and as a national security agency which has got a budget of twelve billion dollars so yes prison michael thinks that there is a threat of cyber espionage or war from. america to you it all up and he wants you to answer to the fight yes ok all right we will we will come back to that i mean just now but i want to put the same question to
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david what do you make of. that crohn's words and who else might he been have been addressing besides just on a trump well you know it's very interesting donald trump's unpopularity in europe gives european leaders a real challenge whenever he comes here which is you have to be just polite enough that he won't create an incident and storm out but for your domestic audience you kind of have to show that you're standing up to him but i think that. remarks were aimed not so much at trump but first off at merkel who is fatally wounded and i think that this represents some macross position to assert to put france in leadership of europe in place of germany now that merkel is limping towards a finish line which so listen but not that you want and she'll survive to want to make sure i'm clear what you're saying though not calling her out on patriotism versus nationalism per se not that but you mean just making such
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a grand statement in such a setting as that what you mean that's exactly right and the second thing is i think macron domestically you know the the bloom is off the rose in france and i think what he's trying to do is use his position as a world leader surrounded by world leaders to try to discredit various nationalist parties like the you know rally nasional marine le pen's movements victor or ban in hungary those sorts of things that's what i think he's after ok all right glenn you actually said that most countries have have both tab a combination of nationalism and patriotism not necessarily the same balance what do you mean by that. nationalism and patriotism they're not synonyms about them occurring is incorrect in terms of stating that they're complete opposites nationalism tends to to refer. if no cultural identity while a patriotism tends to refer to civic identity so values and moral ety no country has ever had either or there's always been
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a balance of both and usually that's what prosperous societies do have they have a they have a balance of both so. i don't think that. this is saying that nationalism is the opposite of patriotism is not correct i think that there is some caution towards nationalism us it's been the source of war however it's worth noting that nationalism is able to harbor some very powerful loyalties in terms of restoring both meaning and security to people so it's also the reason why the countries go to war but it's also the reason why people are willing to give their life in wars as well so stripping countries of this also entails eroding them to a great extent of national identity so i don't i just don't see any country in the history of the world is only relied on a civic identity without the nationalists component not a prosperous country at least but think this reflects this move towards populism because over the last twenty thirty years there's been
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a huge push towards more globalism and i guess civic ideals while the nation state has been seen as something to be overcome especially in the in the realm of this project so i think that this is this populist rise is a response to it in which they see the world now as being nationalist versus this global cosmopolitanism and i think that's where trump is coming from and i think that the mccrone. attacking it but i don't think it's completely correct in terms of. putting them against each other and nationalism is also not doesn't contradict multilateralism either us nation states do cooperate with in a sterile a sharing the same ideals and values. bringing back into this donald trump but you know clearly stated recently that he is a nationalist but when it and that's often what his rhetoric depicts right but when
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it comes to actual policy. for the most part u.s. foreign policy is still fairly traditional it's not really lining up with his rhetoric re right well you know he trump is not a political scientist he's not a traditional politician so he uses these phrases in precisely and he uses them in ways to evoke emotion rather than. if you go down the line of following the logical implications and explaining that it's a fool's mission i think that his view on foreign relations is that multi-lateralism is fine we're happy to do that but not if it is a vehicle for lesser powers like france to constrain the united states which has not just a great power but also has global responsibilities and quite frankly cannot meet its global responsibilities were advance its interests globally if multi-lateralism becomes a restraint on it and that's really the fundamental organizing principle of trump's international relations it's not america first at all expense it's america.
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in order to meet its obligations and american were needed so expect asians so no i mean you mentioned a while ago just at the beginning of the conversation we were talking about the army that men will call for. is it were his words do you think misconstrued it seemed at first that it was you know he was calling for a european army against the u.s. but that's not quite what he meant what do you think he he really meant no it's not to build an army against us because. mccall is agreeing with nato frons as being an ally of the united states of america for the last.


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