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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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students so how much further than one willing to go with the strategy and also we saw that he said that he had recently discussed the customs the killing with other world leaders including trump and merkel and home. indeed on his way back actually from a meeting in france the reason he briefed some of the turkish journalists who were with him on the plane in that's briefing he spoke about the meeting he had with donald trump he said that he had odds for both marc on mccrone to join him so that they could discuss its however he did say that unfortunately the saudis have not being cooperating as swiftly or as willingly as he would have liked albeit he said he continues to wait patiently namely for crown prince mohammed bin some money he said to deliver on his promise to deliver justice he did give some anecdotes of the discussions that's where had he said that when the saudi prosecutor general heard the recordings themselves he said that the agents that were sent to kill them out
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of control q. must have been on some sort of drugs possibly on her way knees because it was. very difficult for him to fathom just how barbaric and shocking those tapes were obviously whether that's just a figure of speech that she was saying that there must have been drugs or indeed humans and that's debatable but more importantly during the past twenty four hours we've been hearing reports that according to the phone conversations tapped by the turkish intelligence here between the hit squad and a very close confidant of calm prince mohammed bin saddam on probably his secretary that's in those phone conversations the head of the hit team here informed them to tell quote unquote your boss that's the deed was done and this is widely believed to mean by your boss crown prince mohammed bin son man that is according to the people being privy to those. tapes that's what they've been disclosing in the
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past twenty four hours which is as close as you would get to incriminating evidence that indeed the crown prince was behind or at least ordered this however in the past couple of hours the u.s. head of national security national security advisor john bull. obviously a very right wing personality very close to president some pics close to the saudis as well as come out and said that this does not stipulate any involvement or incriminates com prince mohammed bin sultan money said that there isn't a direct revelation within those tapes and therefore is refusing to accept that the crown prince is involved with the assassination of. the right to thank you now iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif has told a london based news organization there is credible information that saudi arabia had plans to assassinate senior iranian officials the new york times has revealed that in march last year a meeting in riyadh was held to discuss plans to assassinate iranian officials
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specifically a major general qassam so they money he's had for iran's outputs forests in that meeting businessmen were also reportedly presented a two billion dollars plan to use private intelligence operatives to sabotage the iranian economy sir lanka supreme court has blocked the president's move to dissolve parliament it's the twisted crisis that seen my three policy were sent to sack prime minister rudd overcommit singa and replace him with the former president mahinda rajapaksa bernard smith is joining us with the latest from columbus oh was this the session by the court expected then bernard. well it was hoped for certainly by the plaintiffs who bought the case to read and it's very significant it effectively says the court believes in the case to be heard the president has acted unconstitutionally in dissolving parliament and calling for new elections in january and what that means is that parliament can sit
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and that could be as early as tomorrow wednesday and then parliament will get to have a vote perhaps as early as wednesday but hope maybe by the end of this week on who it believes it is going to be prime minister now parliament was dissolved because the president realised that his supporters didn't have the numbers in parliament to back his appointment of mahinda rajapaksa as prime minister so if parliament but vote therefore goes ahead in parliament on wednesday and we run away from a single who still staying in the official residence of the prime minister is reconfirmed as prime minister that means mahinda rajapaksa is out having only been appointed very controversially by the president a couple of weeks ago it's a very very difficult time particularly for the presidency doing so with just the latest twist really in a present political crisis that's been going on for many weeks now has there been any reaction there to this court decision. well i mean immediately to the people that we've spoken to outside the court it came within the
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last hour or so certainly those supporters of. running away from a single have been extremely pleased they say this is a victory for justice and due process because the argument always was that whether constitutional niceties there were whatever legal ease with the president that employed he'd gone against the spirit of a constitutional change two years ago that took power away from the president and gave it to parliament and he went against the spirit by firing the prime minister and what these people say here is the supreme court is restoring or reinforcing that constitutional change palm and will now almost certainly get to have a vote during all right thank you once more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including the death toll climbs in california as crews try to contain the worst wildfire in the state's history and in sports a perfect start for novak djokovic in his bid to win
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a sixteen year ends title that's coming up with peter a little later in the news hour. but first the united nations is warning that mass expulsions from angola congolese refugees could trigger a humanitarian crisis last month alone hundreds of thousands of people from the democratic republic of congo were forced to leave following an order targeting what the angolan government calls irregular migrants. has more. forced to flee once again this is the border between angola and the democratic republic of congo these congolese left their country in search of a better life that search has a probably come to an end ok this is. what pushed me to leave angola was the situation just got worse some angolans and the police were coming into our homes and being violent that's when i decided to give myself up to the authorities so
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they can take me back home to d.r. see this mass population movement follows the angolan government's decision to expel congolese refugees and migrants many of whom are working in the informal mining sector now thousands are stuck here at the border where complaints include sexual violence and harassment body frisking and theft at the hands of security forces on both sides of the border. those who do make it into the d r c have a long road ahead before reaching the closest town to the border which is she will that's one hundred fifty kilometers away a most will have to walk there which could take them up to two weeks heavy rains and security roadblocks have delayed the already treacherous journey i have a lot of messages we've been kicked out of angola back to our own country but even in our own country we have problems with security forces along the road asking for money before they'll let us pass a road block this mass repatriation to the d.r.
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seas eastern and central regions are creating an increasingly heavy burden on an already unstable conflict wary region last year alone some one hundred thousand congolese fled to neighboring countries adding to the five hundred eighty five thousand who are already living in exile the united nations says congolese refugees are now among the ten largest in the world the international committee of the red cross is on the ground helping as many people as possible it's very difficult to mention that the situation is under control because the needs to go way beyond the capacity of the local authorities and. humanitarian community to respond so there is thirteen need in need for a stronger and coordinated humanitarian response to the situation as we do not have a clear projection over the next months so we need to be ready to respond as they
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slowly cross back into the home they left behind it's uncertain what future they'll find here. al-jazeera. libya's renegade general has met with the prime minister if a is italy but he won't join official talks to try to stabilize the country after seven years of fighting libya's leaders and other foreign powers have been gathering for a conference in sicily it's the latest attempt to bring all parties together after a similar attempt in paris in may next month's elections have been canceled because of violence joe hall is at the conference in the capital palermo so what do we know happened between. when they met. well we're awaiting as we speak a sort of end of day press conference by the the italian prime minister to set the conti italy of course the hosts of this conference and it does appear to us from
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reports that we've heard that while khalifa haftar the renegade general from the east did arrive here saying he was going to participate in the plenary session of this conference thirty countries represented here he would have bilateral meetings on the sidelines while apparently there has been a very significant bilateral meeting during the course of the day here between himself and fires all surrounds the u.n. back prime minister whose government sits in through a pulley as well in that room the foreign backers of both sides russia egypt and france who tend to back general and italy in the u.n. who tend to back the government and the principle agenda in that meeting will have been we understand security looking at ways to introduce a security environment in libya of course riven with not just division but violence that would lead down the road to a new u.n. timeline of elections sometime by the middle by the middle of next year and
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a conference in libya early next year allowing the libyans themselves in an environment free of violence to desire just what sort of electoral system they'd like to see and is there is the expectation journal or attending the conference right now will be behind that u.n. plan and will be in support of it. well that's the drive that's the ambition that's the key goal of this conference to bring everybody all sides foreign powers and libyan actors in line behind this new u.n. plan they've been a series of u.n. and western led plans over the years since the fall of moammar gadhafi they've all failed the sense of it has been that they've tended to be western led drives to fall forced a position or a solution on the libyans this conference seeks to turn that around and allow the libyans to decide for themselves that the new u.n.
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plan as i say takes a conference the idea of a national conference to libya next year for the libyans to make their own minds up and the hope is that at least at this point they could rally everyone behind that position and take out of the equation some of the opposing forces inside and outside the country that have been pulling this country in opposite directions right turn a whole thank you search teams are now trying to recover bodies from california's worst wildfire with forty two people killed other fires continue to burn across the state a red flag warning stretched from north to south in the south the smaller hill fire is mostly contained but the larger woolsey blaze has already claimed two lives and it's left a trail of destruction at beach resorts including malibu and the northern california town of paradise has been wiped out as the fire continues to burn this hospital reports. in the forests of northern california night brings little responded and
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these firefighters have been working on multiple fronts and this is my first day on the fire it's been going for about three days now but i spent the first two to three days just dealing with the threat to my own home in my own community and then to come out here i mean this is the calling in the nearby town of chico some of the quarter million people forced to flee their homes across the state and now wondering what the future holds we will rebuild. one step at a time we were rebuild our home and we will be a part of rebuilding that town because it's a few happen and i thank you so much everybody has been so wonderful just have to count our blessings. and not count the losses. that they have been so many losses this is what's left of paradise more than two hundred people a still missing investigators now combing through the debris and ashes of this
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incinerated town in a search some bodies have been found and gutted cause the flames moving faster than they could drive to mobile army morgues are being brought in to help identify the dead but officials warn finding bodies could take weeks as of today an additional thirteen human remains have been recovered which brings the total number to forty two if i understand that makes this the deadliest fire in the history of the united states a wild land fire history united states south in los angeles county the hills are still smoking the fire here is our need ten percent contained. in parts of malibu some residents are returning to the scorched slopes my neighbors i see my house was in for they don't want to be here there's lots of. the areas here that men burn make him over here with water buckets and put out fires and. he's very very grateful to them for sure. others stayed to defend their own homes when the
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fire storm came over the hill here and there was about sixty mile an hour plus turn pitch black when fire storm came over after that just right around and put out fires. but not all the fires have been pushed out and with no rain forecast and strong winds still blowing there's nothing to stop them banning. al-jazeera. time for more weather news and her staff with the news off a tropical cycle and stuff that's right daryn we're off to india this time to see what's going to happen there let's take a look at the satellite picture then because you can see this huge blob of cloud in the bay of bengal and it's within that mass where we've seen our tropical cycling develop that cycling is expected struck its way towards the west is moving fairly slowly only around eighteen kilometers per hour but by the time it makes landfall here around thursday around twelve g. and t.
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it will still be quite a significant storm the winds are expected to be around ninety kilometers per hour those are the sustained winds and the gusts will be on top of that so around one hundred ten kilometers per hour the rain well we're expecting around two hundred millimeters of rain from the system and so that is easily enough to give us a problem with flooding so i think this system it will be more of a rain maker rather than a major problem thanks to the wind so for the southern parts of india then we can see that rain as it gradually creeps closer as we head through the next forty eight hours also for wednesday then the rain is mostly offshore but it's on thursday when we begin to see the outer fringes of that storm and then the eye of the storm will eventually begin to make landfall we also see some rain in the northern parts of sri lanka and that's not good news because this has all the country has already seen for normal amounts of rain in the last week or so has been a lot of flooding and we could do without seeing any more rain it's just the north that's where we see the worst of it. thank you very much well still ahead on the news hour britain's foreign secretary says a brecht's a deal was ninety five percent complete but it's that final five percent approving
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the hardest. one to dr stanley the man behind comic book superheroes including spider-man and x. man. in sport real madrid's cara take her coach impresses enough to get a full time contracts peter will be here with the details on that later. sen robert kennedy. he was assassinated in june one thousand nine hundred sixty eight sir han serhant is still serving a life sentence for his murder but there have been calls for decades for the case to be reopened including from robert kennedy jr. all the evidence was destroyed after the trial they had a legal obligation to say the evidence because sir hand was going to file an appeal al-jazeera world asks who killed robert kennedy.
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al-jazeera. with and for you. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and scoring their behavior when used investigates china's surveillance crackdown. on al jazeera. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour more israeli air strikes have targeted gaza following a night of violence across the strip and southern israel at least six palestinians
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have been killed in gaza and another palestinian died in the israeli town of ashkelon when his house was hit by a rocket from gaza turkish media is reporting the so-called saudi hit squad brought numerous items with them to carry out the murder of. their report comes from turkish newspaper the daily soap box she was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second by what turkey has described as a hit squad sri lanka's supreme court has blocked the president's but dissolved parliament and rejected his call for a snap election next year the island's been in political crisis for more than two weeks after it right there probably fired and replaced the prime minister he sparked further outrage after he dissolved parliament on friday and set a vote for january. dozens of ethiopian government security agents have appeared in court over a grenade attack on the prime minister in june if you know piers it's. any general says evidence point to security chiefs ordering the assassination attempt on. two
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people died after the grenade was thrown during a rally and at this ababa it comes as the former head of state owned military corp was arrested on charges of corruption the dalai lama is the editor in chief of the at a standard she's joining us now via skype from frankfurt thanks for speaking to us so there are several investigations going on the simultaneously in ethiopia can you just talk us through them. according to that to. the guy who gave the press and yesterday to the media there are now see outside this has been conducted by his office the first one is this grand chorus against the management of more study. military business empire as we call it and this a good idea to the gross human rights violations by the security intelligence of the shares and the third is the only investigation. into what will be in the twenty
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surge of july. that started getting what they generously not was the knife of the prime minister so they said the street investigations that are going on with the prime minister it's. going to be investigation has been going on for the past few weeks as we know it nancy in fact that these two are new set of investigations that were unveiled by the bad idea tony jenour yes and here's the thing though the military and the security intelligence apparatus is a very sort of strong institution in ethiopia and really embedded in the country its will to power for decades so now that these investigations are touching upon corruption and human rights issues when it comes to the security intelligence apparatus is this something that really going to be a challenge to. well the challenge is there remember that reform has started ever since he came to power that he was trying to reform ploys
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the security and the intelligence and some of the activities sat at a great cost of you know loosening the grip of the federal government into the you know over the monopoly of fire and ems as part of the reform. so this has been going to what it has it's own child age but it's well known for the theory that this state has to at some point arrive you know i still has to come back and there are races that we are hearing now including the head of met take and also senior officials from the from the intelligence is all anticipate that by by europeans who are very much aware of what these two institutions have been doing regardless of the strings they have into the grip they have in the country are we seeing the extent of the arrests or are we likely to see more people get arrested. tony jenour say that some people have already fled the country and i guess the hiking in the country yesterday so i do believe that this is only the beginning.
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and there will be more address this in my understanding for what the authority general state but you also say that some have already fled the country and they are discussing was countries for it patrician of the us a fugitive so to say so this is is probably only the beginning of it all right so we thank you very much for speaking to us from frankfurt al-jazeera. thanks for. now the remaining four captives from a group that was kidnapped from a camera school have been freed their principal a staff member and two students are the last to be released the other seventy eight students were freed last wednesday two days after being taken from a school. in cameroon english speaking region and the phone separatists have been accused of carrying out the kidnappings which they deny. britain's prime minister is holding talks with senior cabinet ministers aimed at approving the brics that
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withdrawal agreements to reason may says her government is working extremely hard to save the deal with the european union on monday may told finance officials that negotiations were now in the endgame a senior member of may's cabinet has said a deal could happen within the next two days more on this lawrence lee joining us from london so are you hearing then that a deal could be imminent lawrence. well it's all noise in all honesty the been saying a deal is imminent for weeks and weeks and weeks and keep pushing it back this morning's cabinet meeting is finished without any news reports or a particular sign of progress and it remains a case i think of that they've got a long way but still there's still enormous sticking points over the irish border and the customs arrangement this deal that series of mayors try to confect to keep everybody happy by the u.k. staying in the customs union to keep the border open for a limited amount of time that send it up effectively creating a pencil movement where both people who wants either to remain in the european
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union or keep a close relationship with it and those who want to leave entirely are both saying that the deal is in it is entirely unacceptable and i think the mistake that everybody keeps making is to think that if and it is still a big if at some point a deal is struck between the u.k. government and the european union that's the end of the matter it really isn't the end of the matter it's all the much bigger issues when that deal gets put so the parliament here because there's every reason to suggest still that the government could lose that vote and if it does you're insecure bleakly unknown territory and britain staring as a no deal with the european union which is unacceptable to almost everybody and so they keep saying the making enormous amounts of progress but there are still that is really still a very long ways ago and from a herself this must be a lot of pressure on her because she's under attack from both neighbors as well as the remain camp. well yeah and certainly some of her own policy is that if she did
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lose that parliamentary vote then her position would become untenable so there is an enormous amount of pressure on the problem i think overwhelmingly is that the that the more they say a deal is about to happen and then it doesn't happen the more the u.k. government loses credibility and there is a particular problem because they that they're desperate to try to get something signed on this week frankly in order that they could then have a summit meeting in brussels with the european union in the event because that would give the u.k. then time to organize everything including a parliamentary vote to leave the you leave european union in march if it all gets pushed back to christmas will be all means then they'd have to push back sit back and further than that if they can't get a deal and no deal with the european union raises its ugly heads then there are m.p.'s sale i've spoken to this morning who say that they would raise parliamentary motions calling for the whole of brecht's it to be suspended as it is it is an enormous mess all right lawrence and thank you now the u.n.
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human rights chief is called on by with us to halt plans to repatriate refugees to me in mar a statement comes as two thousand two hundred row hinge are due to return to me and mark as part of the deal agreed between the two countries governments it follows the leaking of a united nations report saying the agency should not provide assistance for him to refugees who return to me in march from bangladesh if they are interned in camps. the russian opposition leader a laxative on the says he's been barred from leaving the country to attend the court ruling on his recent detentions and avani was stopped by border guards at moscow airport and told he couldn't leave he was on his way to strasburg in france for a hearing at the european court for human rights. be the happy passengers at the airport to his tickets haven't disappeared my ticket has disappeared i'm not allowed to travel i booked myself a coffee and i'm heading to work to the crooks amnesty international has stripped. its highest honor the ambassador of conscience award it says the award has been
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revoked because of her indifference to atrocities committed by military against the muslims who is now the leader of me and more as government was given the prize in two thousand and nine she was still under house arrest at the time there are reports that north korea's nuclear ballistic missile program is continuing despite president donald trump insisting it stopped a u.s. think tank says it's identified sixteen hidden bases mostly in remote mountainous areas the reports based on new images from commercial satellites the bases are already known to u.s. intelligence agencies but north korea's never acknowledged them roslyn jordan has more from washington. it really should come as no surprise to anyone that north korea is continuing to develop its conventional ballistic missiles program as well as trying to develop nuclear weapons neither was prohibited by the agreement which
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the north korean leader kim jong il and the u.s. president donald trump signed when they met in singapore earlier this year and in fact critics of this agreement say that not only was there are no prohibition but there was also no way that the u.s. or any other country for that matter could check up on pyongyang's behavior in either arena now comes this report from the washington based think tank c s i s which says that north korea has been continuing work at at least sixteen facilities around the country including at one facility not even an hour's drive from the border with south korea that of course is very worrisome because south korea has a substantial threat of north korean nuclear missiles the question now becomes what to do there are a number of sanctions that have been imposed on north korea by both the united nations and the united states but because of the u.s. efforts to try to broker
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a unilateral deal with north korea on denuclearization there is this sense now that north korea feels empowered to basically step up activities that have been deemed illegal by the and international community that includes expanding trade with both china and russia its two closest neighbors and as the u.s. has alleged for many years two of its most important protectors on the global stage the question is can the trumpet ministration now find a way to not only make north korea stop development of these military programs but also carry out the sorts of inspections that would verify that north korea is trying to make good on its promise to give up its nuclear weapons program. united nations nuclear watchdog says iran has continued to honor its side of the twenty fifteen agreement despite being hit with new u.s. sanctions the report says to us sticking to the main restrictions before the sanctions were reimposed earlier this month a senior u.s.
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diplomat says there has been no sign dot's changed washington put the restrictions back on iran after pulling out of the nuclear accord in may democrats have flipped another senate seat in the u.s. midterm elections giving arizona its first democratic senator and more than two decades with almost all votes counted kirsten sinema leads her republican challenger martha mc sally by two percent forty two year old cinema's the first woman elected to represent arizona in the senate she replaces retiring senator jeff flake who has been one of president donald trump's harshest conservative critics publicans will still command a majority in the senate despite the loss of nicaragua's governments as protests against president daniel ortega have caused almost a billion dollars in economic damage but it failed to account for the more than three hundred people that rights groups say have been killed in demonstrations since april the crackdown on protesters has sparked widespread international
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condemnation and caused tens of thousands to flee many well rapala reports from nicaragua border with kosta rica out of the little bit i guess is the police recently broke into his house into the lesson you get i would have been harassing and threatening him he's been an outspoken critic of the nicaraguan government and is one of the leaders of the anti-government youth. now he's worried his activism might get him killed and wants to leave the country. is that them and on them i've been sent messages calling me a traitor saying i'll end up dead or cut by a machete saying they hope i can sleep after reading those messages they see they know where i am and they're close. we traveled to the border and met several other nicaraguan nationals like out of malibu who are looking to cross illegally into. at the blank as border crossing an entire industry is built around the constant flow of illegal migration their food stamps clothing stores and vendors renting out rubber boots to shield against the sticky mud some of those crossing illegally are
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day workers there are others however who are leaving the country out of fear but this woman says she's received death threats for supporting the opposition to the government of president that she's asked to remain anonymous not at the office on but i have no intention of returning home now maybe after this government is gone but but for now i can't return home even to see my own father and. after speaking with us the woman rented a pair of boots and paid a smuggler to take her and her young daughter across the border they quickly vanished into the brush migrants arriving in pena's blanco's will often hire a guide to walk them about six hundred miles toward an illegal crossing those who fear being seen by authorities however say they will walk even further down the border through the jungle at night in hopes of making it safely and. the government of course says there are currently twenty five thousand nicaraguan citizens already in the country experts warn the worsening political and economic situation will
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lead to even more forced migration i mean as you know that if there is voluntary migration because of the economic situation but this.


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