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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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meeting really was between two men and their foreign backers relief after the renegade general who controls the east of libya there and fires. the un backed prime minister in tripoli they met earlier today the first time the two men have met since may along with their foreign backers russia egypt and france who back and italy and the u.n. who back the raj and the post conference press conference held by the italian prime minister and the u.n. envoy her son salomé was full of very positive sentiment they talked about that accordion will spirit of the they had rarely seen and talked about the agreement of the international community to fall in line behind a new u.n. sponsored plan leading to elections by the middle of next year preceded by a national conference in libya by the libyans themselves to decide on what sort of
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electoral process they want to see there were comments about security assurances that have been given on the security about the economic. issues and so on but very little detail about precisely what has been agreed and indeed whether anything at all has been written down and signed or whether essentially this is an agreement that exists between these two sides now based on trust based on the word of these two men and that is how things appear to fall down at the moment it's been declared a success by the u.n. envoy this conference and indeed by the italian prime minister quite what has emerged of substance is not entirely clear. still ahead on al-jazeera the british government says it's clinched gregg's it draft agreement with the e.u. but getting it approved may be even harder. the death toll climbs in california as crews try to contain the worst wildfire in the state's history.
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and i bet the middle east has been all quite unsettled recently and there's plenty more rain still to come we've got some cloud that's just drifting its way eastwards away from our map there and we've also got some more chunks of cloud making their way through parts of the black sea and across towards the caspian sea as we head through into wednesday this area of tad really disintegrates but what you'll notice is this rather active area of cloud and rain that's working its way through parts of syria and into turkey and to some of us in turkey it's going to be cold enough to give us a lot of snow so wednesday then looking very unsettled and then that sweeps its way eastwards as we had three thursday still giving some shop outbreaks of wet weather rain or snow they've had the towards the south as also a lot of unsettled weather here too that's working its way out to the arabian peninsula over q eight and into iran and i think for some of us here it will be incredibly heavy that is likely to be
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a fair amount of disruption from the system so here it is again then you can see it stretching up into more of a rant as we head through into thursday to the south of that so it looks like it should be more or less dry here in doha a top temperature of thirty two muscat having a fine day at twenty nine if we head for the south we've got a little bit of cloud just in the northern parts of madagascar that's the remnants of an old cycle there a little bit wet head but away from that largely fine and dry. as migrants seek sanctuary on its shows the e.u. must choose rescue over to turn. italy's anti immigration government has allied with the libyan coast guard in an operation often at loggerheads with n.g.o.s trying to save lives. people in power is on board with both sides rescue at sea announces iraq.
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and again you're watching al-jazeera minder of our top stories this hour. palestinian armed groups including hamas have agreed to a cease fire with israel after days of cross border violence at least seven palestinians have been killed in gaza and another palestinian died in the israeli town of ashkelon when his house was hit by a rocket from gaza. turkish media is reporting the so-called saudi hit squad brought several items with them to carry out the murder of just. four comes from turkish newspaper the daily. show was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul
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on october second by what turkey has described it it's called. sri lanka's supreme court has blocked the president's bid to dissolve parliament and rejected his call for a snap election next year the island's been in political crisis for more than two weeks after monthly part of serious enough fired and replaced the prime minister. u.k. and e.u. negotiators have reportedly reached what they're calling a draft agreement on bragg's british media so. both sides have agreed on proposals to keep the irish border free of customs and other obstacles to rescind may's cabinet will now have to consider whether to approve it let's go live now to paul brennan in london so paul it all comes down to that big cabinet meeting which is set for wednesday yes in fact there's negotiations and talks that are going to be going on tuesday night tonight here in london as well i can tell you that downing
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street the prime minister's office here in london has confirmed now that what's happened is that the negotiators have been working night and day in brussels to try and find the find a form of words for the brics it divorce deal appear to have settled on a form of words that appears to be acceptable to both sides they say they've stabilized the text that's not to say it's set in stone though and what's happening deceiving is the prime minister theresa may is calling her individual cabinet ministers to downing street to speak to them on a one to one basis to actually brief the most of the contents of that document then there will be a full cabinet meeting of the full group of them at two o'clock on whedon's day. well is that the end of the matter certainly isn't because the do you pay the party the theresa may relies upon for a commons majority here in parliament they say that they have not yet seen the text of the document but they are saying that their red lines as they describe them are
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well known so it appears that they're not giving to research may an optimistic reaction and the other thing is of course is are we going to see some resignations from cabinet ministers that are bracks it is within teresa mayes cabinet who are not happy with the way that the to go seasons have gone so far and with the likely deal the theresa may is going to settle upon they don't like the direction that she's going it will they now decide that the time is right for them to resign there is a lot to play for this really is crunch time here in bracks it lands you might want to call it and yet there's a it's going to be very very interesting over the next twenty four forty eight hours certainly will be a lot of unanswered questions remain there for the moment paul brennan live for us in london. now french president emanuel mccraw has found himself the target of donald trump's latest tweet stormed the u.s. president mocking macross approval ratings and suggesting france would have lost both world wars if america didn't step in that follows
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a veiled swipe from across our during world war one commemorations over the weekend in which he urged leaders to reject nationalism emmanuelle macross suggests building its own army to protect europe against the us china and russia but it was germany in world wars one and two how did that work out for france they were starting to learn german in paris before the us came along pay for nato or not and another tweet the problem is that manual emmanuel suffers from a very low approval rating in france twenty six percent and an unemployment rate of almost ten percent he was just trying to get on to another subject by the way there is no country more nationalist than france very proud people and rightfully so kimberly how kit is live for us in washington so kimberly here we are talking about yet another donald trump tweet storm but this one has very much international implications this time. yeah and let's give it some context why did the president
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wake up on tuesday morning here in washington and start tweeting while this started brewing late last week the president as you pointed out not very happy about the suggestions of the french president that there was a need for what he called a true european army to essentially be a counterweight to the u.s. donald trump taking offense to this feeling that it was not appropriate and given the historical contributions that he believes that the united states has played particularly in the defense of europe so he immediately tweeted from air force one late last week that he was insulted found the comments insulting and that continued to brew as the two men were side by side for much of the weekend we saw the president looking very much annoyed even criticizing some of the points that emanuel mccraw made it aside at one of the press conferences he canceled a visit to an american cemetery where americans had been buried following the conflict world war one and also we saw him arriving solo to that arms just ceremony
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where we saw the world leaders together the president seems to be any continue to make this point on twitter on tuesday morning feeling that not only do the contributions of the united states need to be acknowledged but also that the u.s. as we've often heard him say feels that there is a need for more than just the united states contributing significantly to the nato defense spending that all the nations participating need to pay their two percent of g.d.p. so he continued to underscore that in his tweets today yeah and is this is this surprising from president given that the two leaders do do enjoy a very warm personal relationship. yes given the fact that there was this lavish state dinner in the spring for the french president and his wife it was the first state dinner for the u.s. president is surprising it was dubbed the relationship was dubbed the bromance because there did seem to be so warmly embracing one another at times quite
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literally that seems to have died down now there is this open sparring something the white house we should point out is defending the economic advisor larry kudlow particularly with respect to those comments about the president has made about nationalism he said that this is truly economic in nature that the president is talking when he says he's talking about being national he's talking about looking out for u.s. interests and we should point out the president did underscore in this spat on twitter back and forth that he believes that the french tariffs on u.s. wine are not fair to the united states so there are many facets to this dispute but certainly this is one that the french are in also not taking lightly and advisor to the french president tweeting himself that he thought it was interesting that donald trump remembers european history that's a pretty good thing he said clearly tongue in cheek. how can live for us there in washington now
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a leeds united nations report says it will not give assistance for ranger refugees who returned to me and ma from bangladesh if their interned in camps the governments of bangladesh and myanmar agreed in october to repatriate hundreds of thousands of refugees living in un supported camps along the border in the meantime myanmar has been building centers to house returning ranger. mohammed june has more from cox's bazar in bangladesh. a dire warning issued by the un high commissioner for human rights michel by chalet who in a statement on tuesday said that the return of refugees to me and more would constitute a violation of international law and would put their lives and freedom at great risk this is just one more statement of great concern this been issued by a member of the year when at a very critical time here in bangladesh in the past few weeks it was announced by the government of bangladesh and the government of myanmar that possibly thousands
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of refugees could be repatriated to me and mar on thursday november fifteenth there is still a lot of uncertainty here as to if that will actually happen members of bangladesh's government have have told us that nobody will be forced to go that the repatriation will only be voluntary but they have also told us that they are waiting to get the assessment of the un agency for refugees the u.n. h.c.r. u.n.h.c.r. of course has said in the past several days that they do not recommend that this process be rushed they are very concerned because up until now there has been no mechanism that has been created that would guarantee the safety and security of refugees once they were turned to me and more so that's just part of this building concern of course in the refugee community here and proxies are we are hearing that there is a mounting sense of dread and terror that many refugees are being told their names
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are on the list that they could possibly be repeat treated and they are very worried about what that means for their future. amnesty international has stripped of its highest on the ambassador of conscience award it says it was revoked because of her indifference to atrocities committed by myanmar's military against muslims so she was now leader of the government there was given the prize in two thousand and nine she was still under house arrest of the time. russian opposition leader alexei of army says he's been barred from leaving the country to attend a court ruling on his recent detentions of army was stopped by border guards at moscow airport and told he couldn't leave it was on his way to strasbourg in france for a hearing at the european court for human rights my it's been my if you find me the happy passengers at the airport whose tickets haven't disappeared or my ticket has disappeared i'm not allowed to travel abroad i bought myself a coffee and i'm heading to work to announce the crooks. a week after the u.s.
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midterm elections the winners in ten house and two senate races still have not been declared but democrats have flipped another senate seat with our zona electing its first democratic senator in more than two decades kristensen name a beat her republican challenger martha make sally by two percent cinéma is also the first woman elected to represent our zone in the senate republicans still have a majority in the senate despite a loss or a search teams are now trying to recover bodies from california's worst wildfire with forty two people killed. other fires continue to burn across the state a red flag warning stretched from north to south in the south the smaller hill fire is mostly contained but the larger wards the blaze has already claimed two lives and left a trail of destruction of beach resorts including malibu in northern california the town of powered ice has been wiped out as the fire continues to burn and stasia
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take a report. in the forests of northern california night brings little responded and these firefighters have been working on multiple fronts and this is my first day on the fire it's been going for about three days now but i spent the first two to three days just dealing with the threat to my own home in my own community and then to come out here i mean this is the calling in the nearby town of chico some of the quarter million people forced to flee their homes across the state are now wondering what the future holds we will rebuild. one step at a time we were rebuild our home here we will be a part of rebuilding that town because it's a few happen and i thank you guys so much everybody has been so wonderful to just have to count our blessings. and not count the losses right now that they have been so many losses this is what's left of paradise. more than two hundred people
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a still missing investigators now combing through the debris and ashes of this incinerated town and. some bodies have been found and gutted cause the flames moving faster than they could drive to my being brought in to help identify the dead but officials warn finding bodies could take weeks as of today an additional thirteen human remains have been recovered which brings the total number to forty two if i understand that makes this the deadliest fire in the history of the united states wild land fire history united states south in los angeles county the hills are still smoking the fire here is only ten percent contained. in parts of malibu some residents are returning to the scorched slopes my neighbors se my house was in for then it would be here there's lots of. areas here that member and they came over here with water buckets and put out fires and. just very very grateful
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to them for. others stayed to defend their own homes when the fire came over the hill here and there was about sixty mile an hour plus. pitch black. came over after that just right around and put out fires. but not all the fires have been pushed out and with no rain forecast and strong winds still blowing there's nothing to stop them. and as always there's lots more on our website c.n.n. dot com get the latest on the stories. this is going to round up at the top stories palestinian armed groups including hamas have agreed to an egyptian brokered cease fire with israel after days of cross border violence at least seven palestinians were killed in gaza and another
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palestinian died in the israeli town of ashkelon when his house was hit by a rocket from gaza turkish media is reporting the so-called saudi hit squad brought several items with them to carry out the murder of john mouth a shock to report comes from the turkish newspaper the daily star. was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second by what turkey has described as a hit squad sri lanka's supremes court has blocked the president's bid to dissolve parliament and rejected his call for a snap election next year it's been in political crisis for more than two weeks after a month the palace serious enough fired and replaced the prime minister he sparked further outrage after he dissolved parliament on friday and set a vote for january. here we have an independent and just judiciary. clinically interpreting the provisions and stipulations in the constitution. and
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abiding by all the legal norms and traditions look for more democracy and justice and fairness the un envoy for libya says renegade general hurley for half dot is committed to a un action plan to end seven years of fighting libya's rival leaders and other foreign powers indorse the plan after a conference in sicily it is the latest attempt to bring all parties together after similar talks in paris in may. u.k. and even a go sheet is have reach what they're calling a draft agreement on breaks it that's according to the u.k. prime minister's office after theresa may brought her cabinet together to try to get them all on side they'll meet again tomorrow to decide the next steps at least forty two people have been killed in california in the worst wildfires in the state's history investigators are searching for human remains after more than six thousand homes were destroyed in the town of paradise on thursday firefighters are still trying to contain wildfires that hit both ends of the state those are the
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headlines we're back with more on al-jazeera after inside story. a hit squad a murder a phone call and the words tell your boss the latest on jamal khashoggi is murder the question now who is the boss is it saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sound money this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program dennis tell your boss words reportedly used by one of the saudi hit squad turkey says killed jamal khashoggi was recorded in a phone call immediately after the journalists murder u.s. intelligence officials believe the boss is a reference to saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma and the new york times has received a transcript of one of the recorded released by turkey the paper says the telephone call was made by my hair. trigger a security officer who frequently traveled with the crown prince turkish intelligence believe what tribe was speaking to one of the princes aides and also use words to the effect that the deed was done but officials in ankara say the audiotape does not conclusively implicate mohamed bin solomon and saudi officials deny he had any knowledge of the killing. well the turkish president. says he
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shared recordings of the khashoggi killing with several countries saudi arabia the u.s. france germany britain and canada his prime minister justin trudeau at knowledged his country had received a copy we continue to be engaged with our allies on the investigation into accountability for the murder of jamal khashoggi and we are in discussions with other like minded allies as to next steps toward saudi arabia but the u.s. secretary of state might pompei or has spoken by phone with the crown prince and emphasize the u.s. will hold accountable all those involved in the killing the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt says accountability should also extend to those who gave the order he was in riyadh on monday for talks with king solomon. i told very frankly about our concerns about what happened and how important it is for saudi
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strategic partners to know that this cannot and will not happen again and the first step in that process not the only step but the first step in the process is to make sure there is proper accountability for the people who are responsible person people who commit it's also the people in case you want us to react and. due process is in train at the moment in saudi arabia and i was led to believe there will be rapid progress in making sure the people of port justice. right let's introduce our guests now joining us here in doha is. offended a professor of politics of the doha institute for graduate studies in istanbul we have mehmet jelinek his political news editor at the daily sabah newspaper and in london we have bill laura journalist and analyst at the gulf masses dot com welcome all to the program mehmet let me go to you first and just repeat those was the
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story was that a lot of people are attaching a huge amount of importance to and and this these words are by some for some anyway of being a being cooled that the link that is still is established now between the incident that happened in your city and mohammed bin salmen the crown prince of saudi arabia tell your boss what do you understand these words to mean and how do they help us with the understanding of the actual incident. well i think it's you know i mean there is a consensus on on this suspect here that without naming anyone it is almost for sure that it's a higher expected to have that made the decision behind the killing of mr question. i mean do new york times report suggests and says
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that it implicates that it is the crown prince mohammed bin said amman. unfortunately and turkish. investigation has not come up with any concrete evidence that will directly come to that conclusion and concretely will will support that implication however i mean there is there is a huge consensus that live that signals us to mohamed bin selman from the international community international media. i mean this to be supported with concrete evidence is what will depend on what riyadh provides us with from from from this point all or because turkey has already i mean there are several things that have already been established the fact that this was a premeditated murder it's a fact that there is a team that was sent from saudi arabia to some will to execute the operation and
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the fact that some of these figures from the team are closely linked with mohammed and i'll tell you so minute mehmet let me just interrupt there because these are now established facts i think everybody's pretty familiar with but bill coming to you in london these three words as i say as so many people seem to be attaching a huge amount of significance to not john bolton i might add he has suggested that this is there is no concrete evidence between tell your boss and mohammed bin salmen but what do you think do you think these words are of really as significant as some people think or look i think that tell a boss yes very clearly all the all the signs are pointing to mom vents on mon and it's hard to. accept anything other than the fact that there's a man who after all has assumed almost total control of the kingdom that he is the one responsible for your mouth how is your g.'s death however the point of
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being raised by john bolton and others that this is not final and ultimate proof the thing is we're never going to get that proof we won't get that prove what we will get is the supposition a very strong likelihood that harbin some on is the man responsible now what does this mean for a moment someone well it means that he is seriously damaged certainly in terms of his reputation in western. reputation as a moderate or a young man who's going to reform the kingdom and take a. into the twenty first century that particular meth has rather crushed around his right eye he's shown forty years all right. here with me in bill supposes that we might never ever get this concrete link that so many people are searching for us just gave the order and that order came from the highest echelons of the saudi royal family does it matter. first i think. most.
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pilots personel they mention jamal was very good friend of mine and in fact they was with him in stumbled just one week before he became a victim of this sort of the sprite condones his story there is a human side to it and we shouldn't forget it when we are focusing on the politics of it i think i don't think we need any evidence because first of all the saudi state owned the crime not in terms of admitting it but incidents of working full time to try to hide it in to try to was struck the investigation so if it is was said something which is not connected to saudi state we wouldn't have seen this sending the cleaners not telling people about where the body is so they have the killers so they know where to put the body wherever they put it what they
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did with it so the simplest thing would have been for them to just say that so the saudi estate has been destroyed the so destroy it as bill said there is. nothing happens there without him small things like tweets i mean if a royal like. his name for had to be imprisoned for a tweet. what would happen to people who would go it was so would the consulate and kill other people and then using planes from the state hired by the state and overcame there without the permission of the company and i think it's impossible army and everybody i think anybody who says we want more evidence means is complicit in the quick and coming back to you met in istanbul say president obama and the turkish authorities in maintaining this drip feeding effective
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information to wotton why is turkey providing the evidence in this way and using in particular your publication to to highlight it and to publicize it and how much more does president edwin actually have what i think is the fact that turkey is has carried this communication strategy. is i think it's significant because turkey keeps the matter alive right in international affairs i think things get consumed very quickly particularly when it comes to. issues like killing off the journalists or critical figures i think the fact that the president are gone has turned us into an international issue and kept at that way rather than turning this into an issue between turkey and saudi arabia is i think it's a good thing that he has done it this way because now the issue is being talked issue has turned into an international issue and it's been kept that way the
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evidence is being communicated as it comes and as it is revealed i mean this is not this is a very complicated issue as you know so it is not something that will be handled as a simple criminal investigation and the evidence will come out so he will all of the what why is it so clear why is it. so complicated mehmet and quite a clear case we now most of us now know it's quite a clear case of an atrocity that having been carried out in the saudi consulate in istanbul and the disappearance and we believe the torture and the killing of a significant saudi critical voice so why is it so complicated why is that is that is that is the turkish authorities not prepared to lay everything out on the line i don't think it's about that i think it's about the fact that you know something as simple as where the body is not known at the moment and the answer is in riyadh and
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at this point not to turkish i mean turkish turkish side turkey has been delivering the information should international community as it as it becomes available turkey has kept a matter of life. has turned this into an international. issue you know to put pressure on riyadh to sort of there is answers you know i mean the simple things as well as board the body is the answer is maria ray now among those a fifteen or eighteen people who are detained it is complicated because we're not able to get answers from those people. and it is riyadh that is keeping this information away from these are national community it is complicated because it was you know it happened in the consulate in istanbul so there is an international law dimension to it as well but at this point the point is all the answers i think
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you know or there's two dimensions all the answers are first of all in riyadh and. if we look at it from a criminal investigation secondly it is the investigation coming to an end at this point or whether or not the investigation is actually going to begin at this point is what we need to ask because if they come investigations coming to it and then there must be someone who will be held accountable for this crime absolutely thing . investigations actually is beginning right now i think will also depend on who is the main. actor behind aging and coming to you bill in london jeremy hunt the british foreign secretary becoming the first british minister to visit riyadh since this horrific incident as says that the process is in train at the moment in saudi arabia and he was led to believe that there will be rapid progress in making sure that people are brought to justice do you believe that's true. well i think that place for public consumption i don't think that anybody thinks that the saudi
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judicial system or the investigative system is going to deliver a fair and open and true account of what happened to her she a brave and very generous and very noble journalist who was callous very brutally murdered to go back to the issue of how turkey has played this i think it is actually quite a simple situation the turks have they have the evidence they've been they've chosen to drip drip drip it out and you can say that's affective in terms of keeping it in the public domain but it's also very effective for present other one as a pressure tactic to play on my have been psalm on and i think that his efforts have been designed to cause maximum damage to a man's reputation indeed perhaps even to try and force him out i don't think he'll achieve that but in terms of damaging his reputation yes profoundly damaged reputations and i think the saudis now are very much looking at solutions to keep him in place but to rein in all the power that he has so recklessly.
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abused really in terms of of what he's chosen to do and how he's chair and go about doing it are you say he's a reckless dangerous man let's go ahead let's look a little bit more closely then at the saudi response to this whole controversy because it does appear it doesn't this is say the saudi royal household we have ranging itself. so i think in any meaningful sense i think there has been rumors on stories about. the routine the. shaving. but i think the way it has happened. has done a couple of coups actually not only one coup the first one against the law and he's . where they took power. he and his father and then the other coup against the other princes who were put in the ritz or prisons and some of them
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killed even and and and and the business community and he also took over the whole military operators and built some of it is so anyway but usually it's about. attempts by other royals or by anybody inside to remove him abuse coming. and he has established a rail of terror in the kingdom. everybody who opposes him just disappears so i don't think but he might i think with the help of. other friends tries to ride the storm because i think what has i think it has done probably inadvertently. is to turn this into an international and also into human refuted problem it says that's a deliberate attempt on a holiday present a little i think you can be deliberate it doesn't happen i mean this seems like
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a human wave i mean you this is not immediately you go to any person in the streets you know the piece hello everybody and they will say if you know about democracy. my grandmother everybody knew about this issue so the issue at the moment is become international human and the pressure i don't think the instrument has any protection to be damaged everybody knew he was. but everybody was also afraid if you and his money the way for example he dealt with is turned up. i mean now you see even their opinions so afraid when they make a statement they make it collectively absolutely no there was absolutely bill come back to you because it does seem very much is that everybody the international community is that they're being rather muted in their responses aren't they it's almost as if they're treading on eggshells they saw mrs if they could they're
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waiting for the u.s. to take the lead is that the case do you think i mean how much of a of an affront has this crime be to the international rule based olga well i think it's been a huge a front clearly and it's a pall and repulsed. politicians and people everywhere throughout the world washington as a key player in what happens to our vince oman and the fact of the matter is that donald trump is very anxious to keep bob ensoulment in place why is that well first of all there's a peace process that question around a regime and marvin samana calls up it's a terrible offer to the palestinians there is enough to drive that peace process down their throats a fact. he wants to are keep this alliance against iran cooking as does netanyahu and of course there's the issue of oil keep the price of oil manageable and trump is putting exerting pressure in that direction so he wants to keep marvin some on
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em play and i think he will he will think to himself well as long as this guy is useful to me i'll keep him in play but if i sense that things are swinging is so badly i've got to get rid of him i will get rid of him without a moment's thought has shown that in terms of his own people he's dumb people brutally and callously by and by tweet he won't care he won't cut and b.s. lose by tweet but i think if the situation of cheerier it's then perhaps he will look at letting him go however as i said earlier i think mambas online will be able to ride this situation out i really do write with his powers his powers somewhat somewhat curbed meant president dead on he's been very very careful hasn't he to to direct his comments his accusations at the crown prince and to all miss insulate king solomon he doesn't want there to be a complete overhaul of the saudi royal family but would he be satisfied if mohamed
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bin sound man is sidelined that basically stays imposed i don't think turkey wants to to you know bring this situation into a matter where is the whole blame game will turn into turkey you know affected the situation and mohammad's been salada was like go i think you took you once this two to two to naturally happen as a result of the g. case but i just wanted to add to our previous guests comment. it is sure you know with regards i agree totally with regards to donald trump effect i mean mama did some was aggressiveness and the fact that he is not very experienced in india. national arena as as opposed to some of the other leaders that he's competing with makes him a very vulnerable partner for saudi arabia and that means
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a lot more dependence on saudi arabia and i mean on the united states and israel so the him in district the whole situation makes him a. partner that is you know very easily controlled in the region so the whole whether or not he will be replaced by by the united states i think the fact that he is seen as the father of that so-called vision two thousand and thirty that means there is an investment made on him. and this investment is not a short term investment and. if indeed the person who gave the order for this crime to be committed is never truly revealed the legacy of of your friend jamal khashoggi ironically could have really really big impact couldn't it for instance that the war in yemen has come under much much closer scrutiny the blockade against castle is now being looked at apparently with
2:43 am
a certain seriousness by the americans at least i mean there's been the the end of the u.s. refueling of that saudi fighter jets so this is having quite an impact isn't it way beyond what happened in the consulate in istanbul on the second yes as i said this is like a tsunami reminds me of the death of diana and the way it has moved people and this has also disarmed a lot of people who would have defended its m r m end. is friends trump and others and so i think it's already to transform things and i think the issue that the person who issued the order has not been identified. is known actually it's been sent everybody knows who are issued the order and about the issue is how much credit if we would have but i think also turkey is right they
2:44 am
don't want so dire a.b.h. to to collapse and but the problem might be that by leaving home a decent man in power that's when the collapse of sergei arabia because if my they should accept dump the same after of. kuwait this looks like it in the sense that has transformed the international order from the kingdom and the longer he stays in power the more so your abs influence and and more of a stand he will be eroded and we don't know so yeah maybe by the way is a verify it. it's not it's not as it appears so it might be. a damage has already been over and we're running out of time gentlemen can i go to you finally bill and briefly if you would what do you think then about the suggestions that the saudi royal household is realigning itself is rearranging
2:45 am
itself and perhaps at the powers of mohammed insall man being clipped as i think that that is what is being attempted now it's whether our band saw him on is sufficiently weakened that that going to happen he has created a culture of fear a climate of fear in saudi arabia how powerful is he well is powers have been weakened i think the ruling family wants to find a way to curtail his recklessness he's made many many wrong decision bad decisions the awful murder. is just the latest in a long string beginning you could argue with the war in yemen so yeah i think i think the ruling probably wants trying to figure out what to do with their problem child moller been some on the right can i thank you all very much indeed for a really interesting conversation after one offend the mehmet jelinek and bill last thank you all very much indeed and as ever cool thank you for watching you see the
2:46 am
program again any time and i came to the web site al jazeera dot com if you want more discussion i'm sure you will you can get to our facebook page facebook dot com for a slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story i'm denis thank you very much indeed for joining us by phone now. i think this is fun for me to think i'm having fun if. it. isn't her hunter's feet. just as it is tough. on.
2:47 am
the ways into someone you know just looking. sen robert kennedy was assassinated in june one thousand nine hundred eighty eight . is still serving a life sentence for his murder. but there have been calls for decades for the case
2:48 am
to be reopened including from robert kennedy jr. all the evidence was destroyed after the trial they had a legal obligation to save the evidence because hand was going to file an appeal al-jazeera world asks who killed robert kennedy. this is al-jazeera. has them seeker this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes palestinian factions declare a cease fire with israel after
2:49 am
a surge in violence the threatened all out war. new images of apparent clues about how a saudi hit squad prepared for the murder. once warm relations get frosty as donald trump lashes out against emanuel mccraw on twitter. prime minister says a draft gregg's it deal is done but opponents in her own party are already trying to block it. with all your supporters the national hockey league reaches a tentative settlement in a long legal battle with its players are behaving injuries more on the way later in the program. hello palestinian armed groups including hamas have announced a cease fire with israel after an escalation in violence threatened to descend into a full blown war they should a joint statement promising to abide by the gyptian brokered truce as long as
2:50 am
israel does the same as been no official announcement from the israelis the latest round of violence began on sunday when a covert israeli operation led to the killing of seven palestinians and one israeli soldier then twenty four hours of palestinian rocket fire from gaza and. air strikes killed eight people. let's go live now to harry forsett who is in the how laws on the israel gaza border so. a cease fire deal in place at least for now it seems. that's right that's what the palestinian armed groups are saying from inside gaza they're saying that this has been reached with egyptian mediation and indeed there are people on the streets inside gaza who have been celebrating this it's been publicly declared a victory after the very large barrage of rockets that was launched from gaza into israeli territory over the last day and more in response as you say to that israeli
2:51 am
covert operation which went so badly wrong on sunday night from the israeli perspective there is also a demonstration on the streets not far from here in the israeli town of steroids close to the israel gaza border that demonstration is in opposition to this purported cease fire deal these of course of the residents who are very close to the gaza border the other people who've been protesting largely a large number of them at least against the policies of benjamin netanyahu the israeli to government in terms of its policy against hamas they've seen in century chitin century balloons in the gaza protests for the last seven months and so that shows you the sorts of political calculations that have to be made here israel is not confirming this cease fire it does not do so as a matter of course when these moments arrive when an escalation seems to be pulled back from the brink and the palestinians declare that
2:52 am
a cease fire has been made instead and is serious or rather an unnamed israeli official has been reported in the israeli media as saying that israel will respond to events as they happen on the ground and after a six hour meeting of the israeli security cabinet led by the prime minister benjamin netanyahu there was only a very terse statement saying that the israeli military would act in gaza continue to act as required that of course does leave room for this cease fire to emerge but you see that already there is some political pressure being put on the israeli government as a result of that decision it seems. now how laws on israel's border with gaza. how many ways is a palestinian american political analyst and he joins us now from washington thanks very much for being with us so obviously any news of a cease fire in this region is is to be welcomed but are you all timidly
2:53 am
optimistic or pessimistic about whether it will hold. optimism or pessimism does not help the situation in the middle east especially with the israeli right wing government. they are the ones who provoked the palestinians into this round of fighting they are the ones who have to stop shooting in fact your reporter was saying from the hollows that the israelis did not mention anything about the cease fire even though they are the ones who started this latest aggression against simple a serious. peace deal is not in the picture here and the ceasefire will succeed as long as the israelis are not going to provoke the palestinians but unfortunately i think the israelis have learned from donald trump their man and washington the provocation and attacking people verbal lee and now
2:54 am
here they are attacking the palestinians militarily and killing the palestinians in order to change the facts and the realities on the ground he said earlier that a peace deal doesn't look likely just explain just expand on that if you will why you feel that way. you see you see the whole world have been talking about the deal the deal of the century that donald trump and his son in law are talking about nobody else knows anything about this deal so they are buying time i think a peace deal should be between the parties concerned there are no parties to this deal except donald trump his son in law and the israelis yes we see visits by the prime minister of israel to oman normalization of situation between the bihari nice . and the qataris even visits sports visits and political
2:55 am
visits between these countries and the israelis but there is nothing concrete on the ground and nothing concrete on the desk of mahmoud abbas or hamas the palestinians for a peace deal so status quo will continue but status quo all the time is being interrupted by incursions by the israelis over crimes committed by the israelis about palestinians and their land we should also bring. to the table that israel is committing crimes not just against the life of the palestinians but they are committing crimes against also the land of the palestinians in fact how could israel comes into gaza breaking through the wall located wall and cars to come to kill the seven palestinians they killed. last week so what i see without lifting the embargo on the palestinians in gaza without stopping the settlements i think
2:56 am
will continue to see the same old story repeated every day. good to speak with you mohamed a waste in washington d.c. pre-sale perspective. thank you new developments surrounding the nurdle of saudi journalists shoji turkish newspaper the daily star has published what it says are x. rays showing the contents of suitcases carried by the so-called hit squad that killed him and white house national security advisor john bolton has suggested that a parent or year according as don't link saudi crown prince mohammed bin man to the crime good morning us now from jim ellis who is live for us in istanbul so first of all jim out on the comments from the u.s. national security advisor john bolton this would be further indication that the u.s. is for now backing the crown prince mohammed bin sandman. indeed
2:57 am
has a bolt on the doubling down on trump's close ally crown prince mohammed bin some man the defunct the ruler of saudi arabia but also the person that many people believed to have been given who was the one who gave the order for assassination of jamal khashoggi he was responding that is bolton to questions about apparent recordings of a phone conversation by him out of the trip who was the head of that death squad to kill team that came here to assassinate kushal she he made several phone calls on that day on the earlier you know early october through the secretary personal secretary of crown prince mohammed bin some men according to some reports one of those phone calls in it right off the dramatic patrol she was assassinated multiple told the secretary of the crown prince tell your boss or this is the translation of it tell your boss the deed is done or the operation has been completed that is the translation we've heard from sources there and i will be asleep the reference that many people assume that means when you're talking to the secretary of the crown prince your boss refers to the crown prince himself john bolton says no that is not
2:58 am
the case he says that the recordings as far as he knows because he claims he hasn't heard them himself do not implicate muhammad inside man but the assumption amongst those who have heard it is that indeed that is the closest so far to a smoking gun that we've seen albeit that's it's hasn't explicitly named the crown prince but then again there's other pieces of evidence we understand that the turks have they haven't shown all their cards they haven't played them all and therefore possibly what we don't know today tomorrow will be news. and then it does this news as well added one of the things that's been linked to the turkish media. is the contents of the bags of some of these members of the his court including x. rays of what was inside. yes so we're basically the authorities here has and they've released now images of you know obviously when you're traveling in an airport your bags go through these scanners
2:59 am
sold they released images of some of these luggage is that were being carried by the saudi hit team inside those bags you had syringes you had. tasers essentially something that you would use to make somebody succumb the idea is that we understand according to some of the narrative so we heard early on from our sources close investigation was that dramatically when he entered the consulate ofter that shortly he was descended upon by several of these agents who essentially . then injected him we weren't sure whether that's injection was a lethal injection which killed him or one that simply subdued him but then he was after he was dismembered so possibly those syringes belong to that but also amongst the like a child some was jam or something used to prevent or block any sort of communication in an area just in case possibly that g. had the phone with him or wanted to call but it also brings into question how any bugging device if there was indeed one place in the consulates would have been able
3:00 am
to operate in the presence of those jammers if they were used properly so the significant thing here to wrap up has him is aside from what is in those images and what it shows in terms of the tools that these. intelligence officers or operatives had the fact that turkey has chosen to release these images now obviously they've had these images for more than a month this is airport stuff that doesn't stay for that long so they've had it for that long they decided to release it now possibly as a reminder to the world that they do still have other evidence and unless the justice that they believe should be served is indeed delivered by the saudis through pressure from the americans and the international community then they will continue leaking this until jamal khashoggi is killed.


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