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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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by those who will not compromise on the true. news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. more political drama in the parliament passes a no confidence motion against the newly appointed prime minister rajapaksa. you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up palestinian factions in gaza and israel agreed to a cease fire ending the worst violence the. members of the u.s. senate bring you calls for sanctions against saudi arabia in the wake of the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. and the u.s.
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vice president tells me in my son's suit violence against the muslim is without excuse. because parliament has passed a motion of no confidence against the presidential pick for prime minister but the government prevented a formal vote from taking place on tuesday the supreme court blocked president's. attempts to dissolve parliament and call a snap election next year the decision opened the way for a parliamentary vote on his nominee for prime minister the former president mahinda rajapaksa on the smith joins us live now from columbus a burn it is that a long winded way of saying political deadlock. well peter these are car doors of power inside the parliament building but nobody's really quite sure exactly who leads who holds the ultimate power and for the moment
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yes whether it is the previously appointed prime minister and the rajapaksa or the ousted prime minister run oh we're missing it you believe what parliament just did this morning that it has counseled the president's appointment of rajapaksa witnessing or should still be in the prime minister's chad the problem is rajapakse as people are refusing to accept it the president has previously said he would never work again with wic from a singer the man he fired we've not heard from the program we've not heard from the president today so we're in this stalemate situation we don't know who is in charge peter is there any obvious all clear way out of this. it clearest way out is for the president to say at some stage runa we're missing the remains prime minister or for him to essentially reappoint him as prime
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minister again we're not exactly sure of the mechanisms but the point about all of this is following a constitutional change a couple of years ago giving power to parliament and taking from the president it means parliament has spoken and if parliament sat as the mend rajapaksa is not prime minister it should be run away from a single then really if you believe the spirit of the constitutional change then that is how it should be in the president should be forced to sensually to accept that but he's not so we have this stalemate parliament will sit again tomorrow and presumably get on with the business its will to get on with this is the session of the first day of the new session of parliament but in the meantime today somebody needs to come forward and say this man is prime minister and the two people in position the most of it the most of the favor would be with randall wickramasinghe it just seems that the president has yet to accept that and two days ago bernard they were having this discussion in the supreme court are they not done with the
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supreme court i.e. it's in the parliament and there it stays. the supreme court is shooed. away essentially of the president's decision to dissolve parliament and call elections so there will be a further hearing in the supreme court further down the line but the idea or i think some people hope that before it got to but the situation could be resolved in parliament by the president hopefully accepting what parliament has said if he doesn't then we may have to go to this fall those who prefer court hearing is dragging out this constitutional crisis which is hitting sri lanka's economy with the rupee now at the lowest level it's ever been against the us dollar peter. bennett thanks very much. a ceasefire agreed between palestinian groups in gaza and israel is so far holding the egyptian brokered truce came after
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a major escalation of violence that source seven palestinians killed and most leaders say they'll abide by the agreement as long as israel does the same the announcement was met with celebrations in gaza and protests in israel stephanie deca is following the story she for joins us now from west jerusalem so stephanie we're waiting to hear from lieberman what do we think he might be about to say the speculation in the israeli media is that the defense minister may hand in his resignation and this has to do with disagreement about the course of action in gaza particularly that cease fire it was a six hour security cabinet meeting yesterday as they discussed what to do the advice from all the heads of the security services in the army was that a war at this point in time simply was not the right option this is of course a decision that the prime minister is made but the office of the defense minister avigdor lieberman off to that said that he was in agreement with that so where does
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that leave his position as the defense minister this is an unscheduled a press conference that's been announced in about two hours from now he will be meeting with members of his party in the knesset in the parliament and then we are expecting to hear that press conference so the speculation certainly is that he will potentially resign but again we're going to have to wait and see what exactly he's going to be announcing do you think that might alter the center of gravity when it comes to the approach towards the gaza issue whoever gets his job if indeed he is just about to walk away from his position. no really i think this is happened many times before in the sense an escalation between israel and hamas those dealing with are well versed in the risks particularly at this point in time some of the reasoning behind it from the security services was that a war was not sustained the what is the end game a it will in here
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a lot of casualties on both sides be the humanitarian situation in gaza is already at breaking point see if you do undertake a war and then let's say it comes to an end you going to have to negotiate again and if you do remove him us who will take over the gaza strip who will deal with it security it is a major challenge it is not easy so all these are issues that the moment they decided regardless of four hundred sixty rockets which is a huge number fired out of gaza in that escalation that this was the right point of action i think whether the defense minister resigns or not that at the moment will continue to do so unless of course the situation changes on the ground staff thanks very much. well the u.n. security council met after the ceasefire announcing but failed to agree on any action israel's ambassador to the u.n. says members must condemn what he called imus's aggressive stance. we take action to protect our people and we continue to do that unfortunately danger there you
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have the hamas regime that they continue to dig tunnels they continue to think about ways to attack israel and we will continue to take any measure no measure necessary to protect our people regarding that the future. is very clear if you do not be quiet. you to not be quiet in gaza and i think the hamas leaders know exactly what are the capabilities of the very i.d.f. and they know we can get to them even if they hide beneath tunnels and beneath hospitals well the palace in an ambassador to the u.n. is also urging the security council to take steps to end the violence we want the security council to shoulder its responsibility with regard to this situation threatening international peace and security and it is unfortunately the security council is paralyzed it did not show that its responsibility nevertheless we will keep knocking on the door of the security council to shoulder its responsibility i
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hope the efforts by our brothers in egypt of having the cease fire to be put in place that will hold the u.s. republican senator lindsey graham has described saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin samana as unstable and unreliable he says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh in the wake of the saudi journalist. killing a vote on a resolution to cut off all assistance to riyadh for the war in yemen could also happen within weeks the senate has asked the secretary of state mike pompei o the defense secretary jim masses and the cia director gina housefull to give a briefing this month about yemen and the murder of jamal khashoggi under simmons has more from istanbul. the political dimension to this crisis has never been bigger and tape on the turkish president is looking to the united states for the
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next move not just the president donald trump who has said that he would form a strong opinion that hasn't been delivered yet mean but to congress particularly people like the republican senate certain lindsey graham who's said that that mohammed bin salomon is unstable and unreliable in his latest comments he said he doesn't see a situation where the u.s. can do business with such a man now that is a view shared by many republicans and also democrats of course but is it enough to actually form the persuasive vote within congress hard to call but there are a set of sanctions being looked at and the democrats are saying that they may go for sanctions to the highest level of the saudi royal household and so this debate is getting heavier but there's also
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a body of opinion particularly here in turkey that the united states is the more the time goes by and it's seven weeks since the murder then the more the time goes by the more likelihood that there could be a deal of some sorts with saudi arabia to ride this out and that's the major concern here still to come here on al-jazeera the u.k. and the e.u. agreed to a draft breaks a deal after months of negotiations but can it get approval from the cabinet and the parliament. one of the world's most notorious drug lords is set to go on trial in the united states. either weather doesn't look too bad across northern parts of thailand at the moment all the members of the philippines as well a fair amount of sunshine here that stretches this way across in china but the
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usual lot of shout clouds that were affecting a good part of malaysia they are tending to edge their way further south which as one would expect at this time of the year or more of the same as we go on through friday said generally dry in bangkok at thirty four celsius generally dry it madell a couple of degrees cooler than that but you come further south those showers now starting to push their way into a good part of indonesia a lousy dry at the moment across much of australia but we have got some bits and pieces of cloud and right increasing cloud down towards the southeastern corner when swinging in from more of a southerly or south westerly direction so remember the thirty's we were getting into were from melbourne and also for sydney recently added also adelaide looking at eighteen there for melbourne real change addition twenty one for adelaide and also for sydney getting into the mid twenty's that for perth it stays generally dry here a little warmer in perth this week i want into friday touch woman two for melbourne and adelaide but sydney hangs on to that high of twenty one degrees not looking too
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bad across new zealand twenty three celsius there for christchurch on thursday clouds and rain starts to push into the south island but dry to the north. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and need sheet name off trashing you know. not in a significant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that insignificant even as a crime against the very significant by dictating the government and the fucked up policy. shalt not kill part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from. these are your top stories the parliament in sri lanka has passed a motion of no confidence against the president's pick for prime minister on tuesday the supreme court blocks the president. attempts to dissolve parliament elections for early january next year the ceasefire agreed between palestinian armed groups and israel is holding the egyptian brokered deal came after a major escalation in fighting the source seven palestinians killed. by the agreement as long as israel does the same. u.s. republican senator lindsey graham has described saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin unstable and unreliable he says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh in the wake of the journalist killing. the u.k. prime minister to resign may issue. with government colleagues
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a little later today as she looks for support for the latest proposals several of her cabinet ministers are reported to have quote deep reservations crucially she also needs the support of the d.p. in belfast they have issues with the so-called backstop for the border between northern ireland and the irish republic their leader already saying today they can't vote for this humiliation and as paul brennan. the prime minister needs all the support she can get at the moment and a selected group of her government ministers were brought to downing street on tuesday night to read the text of the negotiated breck's a divorce deal for themselves to date six government ministers have already quit over the way bracks it has been negotiated how many of the current cabinet will choose to follow suit once the bracks it term sinkin and even if cabinet unity is maintained leaked details of the draft agreement have provoked howls of outrage from both bracks its supporters and opponents in the british parliament we're going
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to stay in the customs union on this deal we're going to stay fit to be in large parts of the of the single market and that means it's vassal states we are going to for the first time in a founds in the years of this place this parliament will not have a say over the laws that govern this country it is a quite incredible state of affairs the problem here is the prime minister's not been negotiating in the nationalist press she's been negotiating what you think she can get past the cabinet but as i say given the first shambolic nature of the negotiations this is unlikely to be the right deal for britain's defense team until we find the. optimistic words from the british bracks it secretary for terry some may lead to minority government and the arithmetic looks bleak this is the beginning of the end game for breakfast the full u.k. cabinet convenes a two pm on wednesday european ambassadors will digest the brics a document when they meet in brussels later in the day in a statement the e.u.
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is chief negotiator michel barnier cautioned that the text has stabilised but has not yet finalized we are making progress he said but we're not there yet paul brennan al-jazeera. the trade war between the united states and china is dominating discussions at a summit of southeast asian leaders in singapore the us president donald trump has decided to skip the meeting as well as the asia pacific economic cooperation summit in papua new guinea later in the week but as america first policy has strained relations with asian countries who are looking to agree details for a new regional multilateral trade deal wayne haina from singapore. ready behind the smiles there is an easy at the latest meeting of leaders from the association of southeast asian nations while the united states wasn't mentioned specifically it soon became clear that president donald trump's america first policy on trade would be among the main issues. of the international order is that
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a turning point the existing free open rules based multilateral system which has underpin the group and stability has come under stress that's particularly true at the moment because of the trade dispute between china and the united states the tit for tat tariffs could provide some benefits for southeast asian countries if for example china move some manufacturing operations to other countries to avoid u.s. tariffs but most countries in this region are heavily reliant on exports so tend to thrive in an environment of free open trade donald trump says he prefers bilateral trade deals which means he's pulling in a different direction to most of the countries in singapore this week the southeast asian nations leading talks on the sixteen nation regional comprehensive economic partnership trade deal that includes china but not the united states. u.s.
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vice president mike pence and chinese premier league chang are in singapore but it's not clear whether they'll meet to discuss the trade dispute pains did meet with me and my as leader aung san suu kyi and gave a very public rebuke for the violence against the rigging yeah this is a tragedy that has touched the hearts of millions of. the violence and persecution. but military and vigilantes that resulted in driving seven hundred thousand right. back with. this without excuse in response again failed to speak out in support of the ruling you're saying only that people have different views. in southeast asia malaysia's prime minister mahathir mohamad has led the criticism of me and. it made for an uncomfortable seating arrangement at the opening ceremony wayne hay al jazeera singapore. legislation will be introduced in the u.s. on weapons day urging president donald trump to take
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a tougher response to china's crackdown against its ethnic we go population u.s. politicians will seek possible sanctions against communist party chiefs accused of human rights abuses bills will call for a ban on the export of technology that beijing could use for the surveillance and last attention of weekends it's estimated a million we are being held in camps in the state of. a dispute over gas prices in ukraine has left more than a million people without heating ukraine's national gas company has raised prices by twenty three percent those who can't afford to pay have had their supplies cut off the toric the reports. after two weeks without heating residents of crib i reinforce out the crane combat contain their anger. a protest outside the office of the gas company which has cut off the supplies culminates with demonstrators storming the building. at least six towns with a combined population of more than
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a million people without heating temperatures fall below freezing at night. it's extremely cold in our apartments i'm worried about the little children now after gas ukraine's national gas company increased prices by twenty three percent in the start of this month it was a condition set by the international monetary fund which provides loans to ukraine its economy is struggling following four years of conflict with pro russian separatists an excuse me in twenty fourteen. since then the craning government has stopped buying gas from russia. even the may spawn ruble and spat in the freezing conditions. it's uncomfortable in the hospital especially in the night when the temperature goes down and it's good that we can turn on the electric heater that saves us without us we'd be even more sick. hospital administrators say they've had to make difficult decisions. based on the
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magical falling if you put look clothes in the hospital until the heating is turned on patients are being sent directed to of a treatment sentence the bills are expected to rise by a further fifteen percent at the start of next month people say they simply can't afford it the inflated prices but now after gas says it will only supply customers who have cleared that debts victoria is there. firefighters in the northern california town of paradise expect to recover more bodies from what's already the worst wildfire in the history of the u.s. state forty eight people have died more than two hundred others are still missing and it's just one of several fires burning across the state in southern california firefighters are struggling to contain the woolsey fire which has killed at least two people it's left a trail of destruction at beach resorts including malibu n.b.c.'s jennifer york law and has more now from oak park in california. it's
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a difficult situation with the wind whipping up the way it has been for the last few days and with no no certain change in sight although fingers crossed in the next forty eight hours or so we are expecting the wind to shift and give us some more of an ocean breeze but now with this dry this dry eastern when that comes in and brings the flames and the ash with it i want to show you some of the destruction here behind us this house on a block that otherwise was relatively unscathed from this fire you see this house in the one next door burned down mostly to rubble the one next door the second house in the half way burned down that one was the home of a firefighter who went out to fight these fires and will come home to a fate that he was trying to save others from that ruined home there it's been a long long couple of days for fire crews and thousand of them still out fighting fires on the lines in northern and southern california but here the flare ups have
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been intense and they've jumped fire lines there's a thirty percent thirty five percent containment line around this fire but it is such a large fire it's miles and miles and miles of. still burning and it goes exactly where the wind was and the wind is erratic so it's anyone's guess where it will go next the f.b.i. says hate crimes in the u.s. rose in twenty seven. in a row this report says more than seven thousand were reported last year victims race religion or sexual orientation. a small. a cancer in our society that's how a judge described the hate that drove a man to burn down the victoria islamic center in texas in two thousand and seventeen mark vincent perez was sentenced to twenty four years in prison for committing a hate crime and arson his facebook posts spewed prejudice against muslims and
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a witness described him jumping up and down like a little kid upon seeing the mosque in flames i want to be our homework we're not the father. the f.b.i. says it received reports of more than seven thousand hate crimes in the u.s. last year that's a seventeen percent jump from the year before sixty percent of the crimes are motivated by bias against race or ethnicity twenty one percent religion and sixteen percent sexual orientation this is frankly the third year in the row that we've seen a rise in the number of these hate crimes civil rights groups say the rise in hate crimes can be linked to president donald trump zina phobic rhetoric he launched his presidential campaign in two thousand and fifteen by demonizing mexican immigrants bring in crime their rapists and some i assume are good people six months into his presidency white supremacists gathered in charlottesville virginia partly to
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celebrate trump's win and killed a counter protester the president denounce violence on both sides but you also had people that were. very five people on both sides i put a lot of this at the feet of president trump we know that some of these hate crimes were actually committed in his name in other words the perpetrators used language and ideas they took from things that donald trump said where he's demonized vulnerable populations and in the last month after trump said at political rallies he was proud to be a nationalist violence around the country escalated to a new fervor a man professing to be a trump supporter sent a dozen pipe bombs to the president's political critics and in pittsburgh a man claiming he wanted all jews to die killed eleven people at a synagogue hundreds of locals protested visited to offer condolences but the fear
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is there will be more hate as the president continues to sow division across the country the f.b.i. says it is aggressively prosecuting hate crimes as a deterrent but experts say perhaps most effective of all would be changing the two of the white house heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington the man known as el chapo one of the world's most notorious drug lords is going on trial in the u.s. man is accused of being the head of the sylow a cartel on the main suppliers of illegal drugs to the u.s. he's escaped from prison in mexico twice and was extradited to the u.s. gabriel elizondo now from new york. joaquin el chapo guzman wore a neatly pressed suit and tie clean shaven his trademark moustache was gone flanked by federal marshals he waved to his wife in the audience the only words he uttered were good morning in spanish as a judge welcomed him to the court room but prosecutors told the jury they would see
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a different chapo guzman over the coming trial a man they say led a multibillion dollar criminal drug network smuggling hundreds of tons of cocaine into the u.s. for decades and he killed off rivals sometimes pulling the trigger himself prosecutors have promised some of guzman's top deputies will testify against him and they say they have audio recordings and text messages of him in admitting to his crimes. guzman's high profile defense lawyers did not comment to say left court but told the jury during the opening statements that they would prove guzman is more of a myth than a norco legend and argue he's being set up by a corrupt mexican government and u.s. prosecutors who have been after all chapo for years they said the trial would also expose america's so-called war on drugs guzman's wife emma coronel attended the
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proceedings but didn't comment as she left court mobbed by reporters from around the world experts say back in mexico guzman cinna low a cartel is alive and well keep in mind that top what was mine was capturing what amala in one thousand nine hundred three and he's a scape wiseman meant to most secure penitentiaries and mexico and during that time that he's been in custody or on the run yaz is under bogs and in the ventral by name of my own my own somebody who is a very old copple and he is the one that has been running the scene on the on current pal it's widely believed that guzman cinna low a cartel continues to be one of the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations and that's why security here at the courthouse is tight on the first day of the trial one juror had to be dismissed after she told the judge she was
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worried that her identity could be revealed placing her at risk this trial could go on for as long as four months gabriel is on doe. brooklyn. lots more news one of you on since on the web sites the address al-jazeera dot com we'll recap the headlines in about two seconds. welcomes just joining us recapping the top stories so far this. the parliament in sri lanka has passed a motion of the confidence against the president's pick for prime minister on tuesday the supreme court blocked president mathari policy that a sentence attempts to dissolve parliament and cold snap elections next year a cease fire agreed between palestinian armed groups in gaza and israel is so far holding the egyptian brokered deal came after a major escalation in fighting that source seven palestinians killed how mass
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leaders say they will abide by the agreement as long as israel does the same the u.s. republican senator lindsey graham has described saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon as unstable and on reliable he says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh in the wake of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi killing a vote on a resolution to cut off all assistance to riyadh for the war in yemen could also happen within weeks the u.s. vice president mike pence just told me a mosque leader the violence against muslims is without excuse hence met suchi on the sidelines of the asean summit in singapore which is attending on behalf of donald trump he also said meehan maza arrest of two reuters journalists was deeply troubling this is a tragedy that has touched the hearts of millions of americans. the violence and persecution. by military and vigilantes that resulted in driving seven hundred thousand rony. from bangladesh. is without excuse let me also say.
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you know gertrud we we believe in our democratic institutions and ideals putting a free and independent press. the end of the arrest and jailing of two journalists last fall is deeply troubling to millions of americans. firefighters in the northern california town of paradise expect to recover more bodies from what's already the worst wildfire in the history of the u.s. state forty eight people have died more than two hundred on missing is just one of several fires burning across the state in southern california firefighters are struggling to contain the woolsey fire which has killed at least two people those are your headlines the news continues after radicalized youths also use are by.
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