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business up. by qatar and going places together. you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters in doha. coming up in the next sixty minutes alison and factions in gaza and israel agreed to a cease fire ending the worst violence in years. political drama continues to play
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out in sri lanka with parliament passing a no confidence motion against the newly appointed prime minister. u.k. leader to resume a face is a long and politically dangerous day trying to sell a breck's a deal to her own cabinets. with sports calgary is the latest city to pull out of picks after its citizens no to the twenty twenty six when take a. fellow a ceasefire agreed between palestinian armed groups and israel is holding so far the egyptian brokered truce came after a major escalation in fighting that saw seven palestinians killed have asked leaders say they will abide by the agreement as long as israel does the same the announcement was met with celebrations in gaza and protests in israel we have two correspondents following the latest on the cease fire we'll speak with that hamid
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who is in gaza in a moment but first just after the decker in west jerusalem what's netanyahu been saying about the cease fire. well that's right the first time we've heard from him in the last twenty minutes or so he's defending the criticism of the cease fire his words exactly is that in times of emergency when making decisions crucial to security the public call and always be privy to the considerations that must be hidden from the enemy and he says that the leadership in times like these isn't a war isn't doing what's easy many of the times that's difficult but doing what's right so he's stressing that this is the right course of action action despite the fact of almost five hundred rockets being fired out of gaza in less than twenty four hours there may be diplomatic fallout of this story and we're expecting to hear from the defense minister avigdor lieberman within the hour he's scheduled an
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unexpected press conference many people speculating that he may be offering his resignation because he publicly has not agreed with that decision to cease fire to return to calm with hamas. and that's a man who might be speaking out stephanie but is there a sense that there is the political will for israel to abide by the terms of the cease fire. well the one shift that's happened over the last couple of months and there's been intense negotiations behind the scenes brokered by egypt in the united nations between israel and hamas is that the political establishment here seems to realize that the humanitarian situation what it can tell you probably more about that in gaza is at breaking point and a miniature e escalation a full on conflict is the last thing that gaza needs you have the issue then of what happens next whether they go to war the day off to do they still negotiate they'll have to come back at the table moving on or do you remove the mass and then
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who takes over the gaza strip it's very very difficult to answer those questions so for now which is why we've seen some slight easing of the blockade some palpable movement as to those negotiations when it comes to an injection of cash when it comes to an injection of fuel and i think at the moment that is what they're going to focus on but again we have to say despite the cease fire holding it is something that is of course very fragile all right stephanie decker thank you let's bring in who got the damages joining us from gaza so this sense is that it's a fragile cease fire who though will it holds. well that's what actually people ask us journalists when when they see us under st i mean there is this sort of society of relief at the moment people were extremely worried that this will turn out into a full blown war today believe that karl has been restored and it will be a long term not a lot of people are extremely worried you know we keep on talking about the cease
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fire agreement that agreement is actually not set in stone at the moment what has happened is that they agreed on the truce conditions posed to two thousand and fourteen war they are still in negotiations ongoing these in direct negotiations now there norway and switzerland have also mediated quite intensely over the past forty eight hours the deputy u.n. envoy due to arrive to gaza today and hold talks with the hamas leadership to as an egyptian delegation that was supposed to come it's not clear anymore whether it's going to come today tomorrow or maybe it's been postponed so all of these quick people have all these questions are very well aware about all these political movements and behind the scenes talks but there is still a sense that all is not settled yet that things could blow up any time much least that is the fear of people here who had already gone through three wars in the past decade and stephanie was mentioning
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a moment the humanitarian situation with the blockade now in its eleventh year on the people in gaza just give us a sense of what the humanitarian situation is like. well actually i mean if you could remember there was a report about a year ago or so to you and saying that the guys that will be unlivable by twenty twenty simply because of that very dire humanitarian situation now this escalation happened at a time with things we're starting to look at tiny bit better for gazans in the sense that electricity had gone from four hours a day to sixteen hours a day there was an injection of cash so some people got their salaries not everyone but certainly it is a very difficult situation there is no work there is no money the infrastructure is crumbling let alone this is what you see behind me does the defense station of a bombing but in general if you go around gaza this is open sewage everywhere and
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the health system is really also on the brink of collapse it's an extremely difficult situation and another war i think not only israel is aware of that but also the hamas leadership here another war will make that even worse and it will be a situation that will be very difficult to rectify for anyone involved and then has all of this had any impact on how mass is leadership and the supports that they generally enjoy in gaza. well disappoint i think probably have miles did get a boost of support lately just because of the reasons i mentioned earlier for example more electricity more of a cash injection but i also think that there is the idea here from this that this last escalation was actually prove vote by israel with that boat school over operation so people here do say well we did have the right to respond i must
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certainly did fire nearly five hundred rockets that stephanie mention just showed that it had the durance power and i think this is something that people here at this time did support however. they did because it has been short lived the idea of a full blown war you would have many people who are dedicated there they would be against it just because of the immense suffering it brings and you know bear in mind the last war here was in two thousand and fourteen and we can't say that gaza has recovered from that one so let alone having another one all right thank you. the us republican senator lindsey graham has described saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sandman as unstable and unreliable he says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh in the wake of saudi german was killing a vote on a resolution to cut off all assistance to riyadh for the war in yemen could also happen in weeks the senate has secretary of state might bump
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a zero defense secretary jim mattis and the cia director gina housefull to give a briefing this month about yemen and these deaths well the u.s. state department spokeswoman heather nauert says the u.s. is committed to a fast investigation on the murder. the importance of holding all of those of us involved in the killing of jim jim all can show be accountable the secretary has spoken to the fact that the united states government is compiling some of its own data and taking a look at those facts we're getting information from a variety of sources and as any government would rule to and will take a look at all the information for simmons has more from istanbul. the political dimension to this crisis has never been big and reject erd one the turkish president is looking to the united states for the next move not just the president donald trump who has said that he would form a strong opinion that hasn't been delivered yet mean but to congress particularly
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people like the republican senator lindsey graham who's said that that mohammed bin salomon is unstable and unreliable in his latest comments he said that he doesn't see a situation where the u.s. can do business with such a man now that is a view shared by many republicans and also democrats of course but is it enough to actually form the persuasive vote within congress hard to call but there are a set of sanctions being looked at and the democrats are saying that they may go for sanctions to the highest level of the saudi royal household and so this debate is getting heavier but there's also a body of opinion particularly here in turkey that the united states is the more the time goes by and it's seven weeks since the murder then the more the time goes
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by the more likelihood that there could be a deal of some sorts with saudi arabia to ride this out and that's the major concern here wasser lanka as parliament has passed a no confidence motion against the president's pick for prime minister but the government prevented a formal vote from taking place on tuesday the supreme court president's my the promise or a sign as a time to dissolve parliament and call a stop election next year the decision open the way for a parliamentary vote on his nominees for prime minister former president mahinda rajapaksa bernard smith is joining us from colombo what does this then mean for the political deadlock. drene we're left in this very unusual unprecedented situation really where we have two prime ministers and two cabinets one prime minister and the cabinet supported by the president one prime minister and a comet supported by the parliament and that is essentially the struggle that there
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is here in sri lanka who is the supremum or forat is it the president or is it the parliament and that so far still has not been resolved although the indications are the way the courts are moving that is going towards the parliament it being the supreme court that overturned a decision by president to dissolve parliament but after a very chaotic and angry session in parliament this morning and a short session we spoke to a couple of people from both sides of the divide that show you just how divided the situation is of them. being the one to use this member of the patient to enhance democracy tool for more trade a. dual focus on the economic and social rights of the people of our country you know as this circus is going on there are millions
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wind poverty there are millions without shelter. millions are landless soul we have to understand. that priority lays there the only person who can appoint a brave minister in terms of of course to ship is the president of the so what do we expect to happen then on wednesday when parliament is expected to meet again. well parliament has god an agenda that's not fully published yet but it will go through its program tomorrow in the problems we've between now and then we don't really know the ball is in the court of the president what the parliament wants him to do is to respect its decision as constitutionally suggested he should do and release wherein swear in again. a single prime minister while waiting for the president to say something else and officially said anything yet but he has previously said he would never work with were. again so we're left in this very
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difficult position we don't really know who's in charge and we might not yet find out even during parliament session tomorrow during the riots are burning smell thank you for that update from colombo. britain's prime minister is trying to win approval for drastic when the new at a special cabinet meeting go seders from britain and the european union came to an agreement on tuesday but several of tourism aides cabinet ministers are reported to have concerns with that draft plan and the other in new countries will also have to approve the proposal last summer and slade joining us from london so the question is can get this through the cabinet and that if he does lawrence is that the end if that's. what no no it absolutely is and i mean and you know the newspapers here are calling it judgement day and momentous and all this sort of thing i think is a bit overblown really it's certainly true that there is a division in the cabinet that there may be
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a resignation or two as the day goes on but i think probably in the end unless there's a mass revolt she she will get it through and you can see what they're trying to do with the timeline because if they do get through it means they could have an emergency summit then with the european union at the end of november it won't come back to parliament here which is the sticking point and i'll tell you why in a second forward a base and if it did get through parliament in early december it could then get ratified another e.u. summit in the middle of december and to get all the legislation sorted out and others leave the european union as planned in march but parliament really is it is the biggest problem because the plan that she has to keep the europe to keep the u.k. in the customs union with the european union for an unspecified amount of time in northern ireland potentially in for longer is deeply unacceptable to a large part of the ruling conservative party the opposition labor party and all the other opposition parties as well who either say it's not the spirits of bricks
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it from from the progress of points of view or if it's too much of a fudge and doesn't and the economic damages is far too much here is just one opinion for example from the welsh nationalists who have said that they will vote the deal down in parliament. i can't see how any deal is going to pass the house of commons so we're relating to upon a political crisis a potential major political impasse and for me i think the only way we can really resolve this situation is to go back to the people and say is this really what you want and with rex at around the corner really in mart's lawrence is the sense that the e.u. is as obsessed with us as britain itself is. now i mean that the thing about brics it is that in the u.k. is it taking away all the bandwidth from from everything to do with. political debates it is the only thing that politicians here and increasingly the media talk about but across the european union it is a totally different picture they're much more interested in things like who's taking over from john paul juncker as head of the european commission when he steps
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down the italian budget which will and undermine the euro zone further east issues to the rule of law in countries like poland and hungary whether appointing politically appointed judges cities is really a long way down the list now and frankly i think you know you speak to european politicians as i do and they and they regard it as a bit like looking at a drunk man in the pub who can't find his own keys it's a mixture of p.c. and some horror and amusement in the way i think the biggest international takeaway from all this is the damage to the u.k.'s reputation is supposed to be one of the most important countries in the world and yet the political class here has had to set all this time to make its mind up about what it wants to do and it still can't do it all right lawrence new reporting from london thank you. and just to let you know some breaking news that is coming through to us this is according to the reuters news agency apologies we will move away from the what we
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thought was breaking news and i'll tell you what's coming up on the news hour in just a moment the u.n. says thousands of her hands are refugees shouldn't be sent home to me and more warning their lives are in danger. the search for bodies continues in california that says hundreds remain missing and the worst wildfire in the state's history. we'll also tell you why competitor is at the women's world boxing championships are fighting to breed top stories coming up in sport with joe a little later. but first the trade war between the united states and china is dominating discussions at a summit of southeast asian leaders in singapore the u.s. president donald trump is not attending but his america first policy has strained relations with asian countries who are looking to agree details for a new regional trade deal when he reports from singapore. ready
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behind the smiles there is on these at the latest meeting of leaders from the association of southeast asian nations while the united states wants it mentioned specifically it soon became clear that president donald trump america first policy on trade would be among the main issues. the international order is a turning point. the existing free open rules based multilateral system which has underpin growth and stability has come under stress that's particularly true at the moment because of the trade dispute between china and the united states the tit for tat tariffs could provide some benefits for southeast asian countries if for example china move some manufacturing operations to other countries to avoid u.s. tariffs but most countries in this region are heavily reliant on exports so tend to thrive in an environment of free open trade donald trump says he prefers bilateral
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trade deals which means he's pulling in a different direction to most of the countries in singapore this week the southeast asian nations leading talks on the sixteen nation regional comprehensive economic partnership trade deal that includes china but not the united states. u.s. vice president mike pence and chinese premier league chang are in singapore but it's not clear whether they'll meet to discuss the trade dispute pains did meet with me and my as leader aung san suu kyi and gave a very public rebuke for the violence against the rigging yeah this is a tragedy that has touched the hearts of millions of. the violence and persecution. but military and vigilantes that resulted in driving seven hundred thousand right. back with. this without excuse in response again failed to speak out in support of the ring you're saying only that
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people have different views. in southeast asia malaysia's prime minister mahathir mohamad has led the criticism of me and. it made for an uncomfortable seating arrangement at the opening ceremony when hey al jazeera singapore. well the un human rights chief says bangladesh should hold plans to send back more than two thousand two hundred muslim or a hinge at simeon maher saying such a move with a danger of their lives in a statement michelle bachelet said the human rights violations committed against the world me and more amount to the worst atrocities including crimes against humanity and possibly even genocide but so they added with an almost complete lack of accountability indeed with violations returning refugees to me and more at this point effectively means throwing them back into the cycle of human rights violations but this community has been suffering for decades. more on this from cox
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is bizarre. a dire warning issued by the un high commissioner for human rights michelle by chalet who in a statement on tuesday said that the return of or hinder refugees to me and more would constitute a violation of international law and would put their lives and freedom at great risk this is just one more statement of great concern this been issued by a member of the you when at a very critical time here in bangladesh in the past few weeks it was announced by the government of bangladesh and the government of myanmar that possibly thousands of bro him refugees could be repatriated to me and mar on thursday november fifteenth there is still a lot of uncertainty here as to if that will actually happen members of bangladesh's government have have told us that nobody will be forced to go that the repatriation will only be voluntary but they have also told us that they are waiting to get the assessment of the un agency for refugees the u.n. h.c.r.
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u n h e r of course has said in the past several days that they do not recommend that this process be rushed they are very concerned because up until now there has been no mechanism that has been created that would guarantee the safety and security. refugees once they return to me and more so that's just part of this building concern of course in the refugee community here in proxies are we are hearing that there is a mounting sense of dread and terror that many refugees are being told their names are on the list that they could possibly be repatriated and they are very worried about what that means for their future when legislation will be introduced in the united states on wednesday urging president trying to take a tougher response to china's crackdown against its ethnic weaker population it was politicians will see possible sanctions against communist party chiefs accused of human rights abuses they're also expected to call for a ban on the export of technology that beijing could use for the surveillance and
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mass attention if we it's estimated a million we girls who are muslim are being held in camps in the states of xinjiang . firefighters in the northern california town of paradise expect to recover more bodies from what's already the worst wildfire in the history of the u.s. states forty eight people have been killed and more than two hundred are missing and it's just one of several fires burning across the states in southern california firefighters are struggling to contain the rules the fire which led to the deaths of at least two people it's destroyed homes and property in beach resorts including in malibu and jennifer has more from oak park in california. it's a difficult situation with the wind whipping up the way it has been for the last few days and with no no certain change in sight although fingers crossed in the next forty eight hours or so we are expecting the wind to shift and give us some more of an ocean breeze but now with this dry this dry eastern when that comes in
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and brings the flames and the ash with it i want to show you some of the destruction here behind us this house on a block that otherwise was relatively unscathed from this fire you see this house in the one next door burned down mostly to rubble the one next door the second house in that's half way burned down that one was the home of a firefighter who went out to fight these fires and will come home to a fate that he was trying to save others from that ruined home there it's been a long long couple of days for fire crews and eight thousand of them still out fighting fires on the lines in northern and southern california but here the flare ups have been intense and they've jumped fire lines there's a thirty percent thirty five percent containment line around this fire but it is such a large fire it's leaving miles and miles and miles of. flanks still burning
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and it goes exactly where the wind was and the wind is erratic so it's anyone's guess where it will go next in a few moments we'll have the weather with everton but still ahead on the al-jazeera news our online giant amazon says it's about to create tens of thousands of new jobs but we'll examine why many say the costs outweigh the benefits and the crucial role of stem cells and beating a disease that's affecting millions of people around the world in sports roger federer is bad for hundreds career a title is back on track at the year end finals in london stories coming up with a little later. binny's pink skies by the time my heart. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. we now have parts of southern india on red alert with the approaching tropical
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cycle and you can see this area cloud his becoming increasingly organized it will intensify further see go on through the next twelve hours or so and that will tend to weaken as it makes its way towards landfall well to the south of chennai but we are looking at to watch but flooding we are looking at a big storm surge and we are of course looking at the potential for mudslides landfall will be around twenty one hundred g.m.t. around about thirty six hours or so from now winds of around ninety clematis per hour but gusting but one hundred twenty have been thirty clumped is now so we are looking at damaging winds the big concern really will be the rain and i think that could really cause some significant problems more than two millimeters of rain to come for some areas so that's the location of the storm as we go on into thursday will continue to swirl away well to the south chennai as i said it will make its way inland around twenty one g.m.t. and then it will gradually push its way over towards the southwestern corner of in
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the eventually it will push out back into the arabian sea clear skies do come back in behind but ahead of that as i said really to have to watch out for those damaging winds and the widespread flights. the weather sponsored by qatar and race . fresh perspectives. possibilities. thinness jenison. debates and discussions how can you trust them
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a lot about how can you work again with a man like she seems to be saying it affects all of us and we just don't know or care enough. award winning programs take you on a journey and ground the. only on al-jazeera. hello again you're with the al-jazeera news hour here at the top story israel's prime minister has defended his decision to accept an egyptian brokered ceasefire with palestinian groups in gaza that's a who has faced criticism for the truce deal within his own government. his parliament has passed a no confidence motion against the president's pick for prime minister on tuesday
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the supreme court blog presidents might their policy resign as a time to dissolve parliament and call snap elections next year britain's prime minister is trying to win approval for a bracks a draft deal with the e.u. at a special cabinet meeting he goes years from britain and the european union came to an agreement on tuesday the draft proposal needs to be approved by to resume a's cabinet and other e.u. numbers. more now on our top story that ceasefire in gaza and reaction to its well the un security council met after the ceasefire was announced but failed to agree on any action the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. is also urging the security council to take steps to end the violence. we won the security council to shoulder its responsibility with regard to this situation threatening international peace and security and it is unfortunately the security council is paralyzed it did not show that its responsibility nevertheless we will
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keep knocking on the door of the security council to shoulder its responsibility i hope the efforts by our brothers in egypt of having the cease fire to to be put in place that will hold well israel's ambassador to the u.n. says members must condemn what he calls hamas is aggressive stance we take action to protect our people and we continue to do that unfortunately danger there you have the hamas regime that they continue to dig tunnels they continue to think about ways to attack israel and we will continue to take any measure the new measures necessary to protect our people regarding the future our approach is very clear if you do not be quiet in israel you to not be quiet in gaza and i think the hamas leaders know exactly what are the capabilities of the very i.d.f. and they know we can get to them even if they hide beneath tunnels and beneath
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hospitals now to the war any amana where houthi rebels say they've killed at least twenty five saudi backed pro-government forces on the eastern outskirts offer data the group's military media has released video of the moments multiple booby traps exploded as the forces entered a compound as you can see other videos off military operations were broadcast during a news conference in. by a spokesman for the forces. six months. six months after saddam how did he was designated to continue as lebanon's prime minister he is still unable to form a government how did he is accusing hezbollah also obstructing the formation by demanding his seats for a sunni ally zana holdout of reports from beirut's sad how d.d. has been trying to put together a cabinet for six months now the three time prime minister was close to announcing
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his government at the end of october but a new obstacle emerged the shia political party has been insisting that one of its seventy allies be given a seat and it is showing no signs of compromise how do you blame the iranian backed group of not just blocking the government's formation but attempting to marginalize the sunni muslim community. no one is allowed to accuse others of marginalizing a sect when they themselves are marginalizing a sect i would never allow to tell you if a chord to be violated and create your norms for ruling the country and trespassing the constitutional powers of the president and the prime minister how did he is considered the leader of lebanon on sunday community in the sectarian based power sharing system of government attempts to break his monopoly are angering his supporters. the sunni. how do you want to form the government. they want more ministers and they want to. see
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if they will never be a government we all know the party blocking the formation but no one dares to speak . how did he emerged a weaker figure after elections earlier this year but he has the largest sunni bloc in the legislature parliament is now controlled by hezbollah and its allies hezbollah denies accusations that it is obstructing the formation of the government but increasing its political power would help it counter the trump administration's campaign against its patron iran hezbollah is also facing u.s. sanctions that is why it is demanding service related ministries to give it access to state resources to serve it in situ and see regional dynamics influence politics in this divided country iran is trying to cement its hold on lebanon at a time when international pressure on saudi arabia over the murder of journalist. reduce the bargaining power of its allies here is among them but the caretaker
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prime minister didn't give up the task of forming a government instead he said his cabinet lineup is ready a line up his rivals don't accept without a compromise lebanon's political vacuum is set to continue senator beirut italy has resubmitted its budget plan to the european. but insists it's sticking to its deficit targets the government made some tweaks to the previous plan such as lowering debt targets but it says it won't change social spending which the e.u. fears would worsen italy's debts last month the commission told room to revise the budget or face fines let's get more from joining us from rome what's the reaction in italy to wall of. during the reaction has been almost immediately here in italy with the stock market in. ready opening up to sharp falls and that of course has implications for the rest of
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the eurozone of course this is a source of major concern for the european central bank and it's really struggling against this whole. history behind it where it has had in recent years to fight against and contain the european debt crisis which is still looming over here despite the fact that there has been very modest growth within the euro zone area problem is that if there is any kind of volatility seen here caused by any kind of political all debt. in any of the eurozone area countries this could be seen to trigger yet another streak of volatility within the euro and that's something that brussels and the european central bank certainly do not want to see so why has all of those also been very controversial sonia.
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well for starters the first time that the commission has asked a eurozone area country to revise its budget and it's because it is particularly worried about two aspects in it two very costly aspects first of first policy is to institute. unemployment benefit a universal income as it's been called for unemployed italians the second is that of an introduction of a flat tax for wealthier italians and for corporations both of those are going to cost a lot of money and italy has to commit itself to a certain amount of growth and control of its own of course don't forget that italy has the second highest public debt in the eurozone area and it has hasn't been controlling that as such up until now it has been in fact growing so with that in mind it is difficult to see in this in this budget how it's really is going to
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create growth in its economy just simply by spending one needs to very expensive options if they want details on how exactly it is going to put up the funds with that government in question is saying that it is going to do it there is even talk about italy selling off public land public buildings but of course don't forget that using government now or to euro skeptic parties you have coalition of the far right leg up party and the anti establishment five star movement they have used euro skeptic arguments to be able to create a growing argument against brussels and they've laid the blame of it all growth at the feet of brussels rather than blaming lack of reform within italy's own economy any tussle that is seen with brussels right now will be seen as a clear way of getting support for their own parties and their own mandate during all right thank you. the mass graves are being excavated in spain and the search
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for the remains of more than two thousand victims of the franco regime it's estimated the bodies of more than one hundred ten thousand people were dumped in sites across the country during his rule and now as kroll panel reports from forensic teams are carefully digging deep into the ground to recover remains. of the old bones give up their secrets hands tied in front shot by firing squad dumped in mass graves up to six meters deep most here were suspected leftists condemned to die by military judges between nine hundred thirty nine and nine hundred fifty six the first half of general franco's dictatorship now all forensic archaeologists and anthropologists are trying to match remains to names and return them to surviving relatives and we met out later when i'm ashamed that in this country there is still so many musgraves to be examined this is
1:40 pm
a question of human rights and here crimes against humanity have been committed this is about democracy it's been forty three years since franco died and so it's very difficult to comprehend why there's never been a coordinated effort by any government since then to exuma identified tens of thousands of victims of his regime in part it seems due to lack of funds in part due to the lack of political will only after franco's rule ended family members dared to mark some of the mass graves painted tiles to on earth peasant farmers bricklayers and teaches buried below. much of the excavation in identification is based on the research of local historian descent here on earth franco we were bred justas listing almost two thousand three hundred execution victims buried in more than one hundred mass graves and our rules. if we don't get all the hidden
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information out into the open then wounds will get deeper we have to bring out the dirt so the wounds could be cleaned and then healed. riyad or better. this is a farewell letter from one of the dead to his parents shortly before he faced the firing squad. yes you know i'm not a thief or a mo there please raise my daughter as the child of an honest working man jose paid or was executed in paternal in november one thousand nine hundred eighty nine eight months after the civil war ended he was a bus driver a member of the socialist labor union you g.t. his only child peter was just a toddler meantime. all things considered i can't say i had to be their childhood but something was always missing and i have just had to live with that laws and with that pain peter hopes her father's remains can be formally identified within
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weeks where all i hope he is there and i hope my arms can do what my mother wanted to pick him and bring him home and bury him next to my mother that's what she would must have wanted she like thousands of other families is waiting to reclaim these damp bones loved ones waiting to go home culp a whole lot easier protest in spain. the international diabetes federation says four hundred twenty five million people have diabetes in the world and that number is expected to rise as one in two adults with the condition remain undiagnosed the middle east and north africa region has the second highest rate after north america and the caribbean more than thirty nine million people are diabetic across the region i'm not six fact it's a reach sixty seven million over the next three decades the countries in the gulf
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with the highest rates are so de arabia the united arab emirates behind qatar kara like the details. the nine year old shad mcgregor every day is a struggle. but once a year along with millions of other diabetics around the world have battle gets global attention shut was diagnosed when she was one but she still suffers in this . i feel i am shaking and i can't control myself then my vision gets blurry. and events like this in qatar for well diabetes day remind shad and others suffer as they haven't been forgotten they also highlight the rising rates of diabetes in the region the gulf states they are suffering from the hyper feelings of diabetes this is because of the change of the lifestyle i do in the thirty one we have become rich we are so very lazy and also we eat a lot of. junk food now scientists at this stage of the biomedical research center
1:44 pm
in doha a working to find a cure along with researches in the us we take a cell from the patients blood turn it into a beta cell under clinical conditions and then grow them up and then give them back to that patient in order to hopefully cure their their diabetes if the therapy is approved trial. with patients will begin in the u.s. before heading to qatar who will extend this. to do hope this will be. who will bring. people to the region most research into diabetes goes on behind the scenes but it's public events like this the vital in raising awareness and highlighting ways to prevent it they also reassure people with the condition that advances are being made to find
1:45 pm
a cure for shot the condition has affected every part of her life even her future she says she now wants to become a doctor. it's something amazing and i want to help children with diabetes. but for now her family hopes every bit of focus on their daughter's condition is a step in the right direction car leg al-jazeera doha online retail giant amazon has announced a major shakeup of its operations its five billion dollars project includes the creation of two new headquarters in new york and virginia as well as some fifty thousand new jobs but it's christmas salumi reports from new york not everyone is celebrating. over lunch at the court square diner in new york's long island city local residents wonder how their rapidly growing neighborhood will absorb tens of thousands of more people now that amazon has announced plans to build a new headquarters here soccer stadium once again at that new high rises an ongoing
1:46 pm
construction are already straining infrastructure in this once quiet neighborhood overlooking man had. the online retail giant promised to bring more than five billion dollars in investment and up to fifty thousand jobs when it announced a search for what it h q two the seattle based company settled on two locations in the end this virginia suburb of washington d.c. in addition to new york after fierce competition among cities all around the country i did offer a buy which is my name. part of being true anyway new york governor andrew cuomo once joked that he would change his name to amazon cuomo to win the lucrative deal i think it would be an economic asset for the. i've said to them personally i will do whatever i need to do to make it a reality i will personally get involved but besides this fancy promotional video
1:47 pm
exactly what incentives he offered the company remain a mystery and that has some watchdog groups worried we've seen that other thirty of them states are offering billions of dollars and the state has offered hundreds of millions to other companies in the past in similar situations and it also could be something that lasts many years if it's a property tax break it could be a decade or more so this is really something we feel the public has a right to know more about new york announced a one hundred eighty million dollar investment to improve the area's overloaded subway system after amazon had expressed a preference for locations with access to mass transit as well as the potential to attract the most tech savvy employees with those that you will and i'm going to use in the believe of a great local residents welcome the jobs but worry they're just being taken for a ride christian salumi al jazeera new york. deaths off a thirteen year old boxer. debate in thailand over children in the ring.
1:48 pm
story coming up in just a moment. i
1:49 pm
am. i am again time for the sports news with joe thank you people in the canadian city of calgary if become the latest to say no to her sing in the olympics the city held a vote to also backing as a candidate for the twenty twenty six winter games over three hundred thousand votes would cost a larger turnout than expected fifty six point four percent very to know although the vote is non-binding the city's mayor has said the defeat months the end of the
1:50 pm
candidacy and that decision leaves just two potential hosts for the twenty twenty six winter games down from an original seven but the joint bid from a land called tina co tina doesn't have financial backing from the government and still comes that also hasn't got the green light from any political parties the decision will be made in june next year recent public votes haven't gone well for pos candidates ten plebiscites held in the last five years only also go to yes results in the region city later withdrew its bid anyway professor jules boyd cough is the author of power games a political history of the olympics he says the public has got wise to the cost of hosting a games. there's been a vigorous debate in calgary and it seemed pretty even the whole way through and so no i'm not surprised by this is especially when you think about it in the bigger picture of the olympics right now there have been numerous big zinta tensional cities for the twenty twenty six winter olympics that have been torpedoed through referendum plebiscite so this is just building is the fourth one that was put up
1:51 pm
for the twenty twenty six winter olympics that got tanked because of citizen voting no well it certainly sends the message that people around the world are waking up to the fact that hosting the olympics isn't all it's been cracked up to be according to those i.o.c. honchos from the international olympic committee and so citizens from around the world when they get a chance to vote they tend to vote no we do not want to host the olympics the days are long gone when the international olympic committee could walk up to the podium and say that hosting the games was going to bring unicorns economic growth and maybe some rainbows as well that just doesn't fly anymore there's too much information out there about the high costs that tend to escalate through time there's too much information out there about the militarization of cities when they have to host the olympic games there's too much information out there about the false promises and all that this is decades in the making is coming back to haunt the international olympic committee today now the funeral of
1:52 pm
a thirteen year old thai kickboxer is taking place this wednesday as pressure mounts on the government to ban children from boxing bouts and the tech ohana side of a brain hemorrhage two days off to fighting in a territory meant for one hundred seventy times since the age of eight common his opponent but. his case has reaganites of the debate in thailand which has more than ten thousand registered boxes under the age of fifteen the thai parliament is reviewing legislation that would ban children under twelve for fighting. well in boxes training for the world championships which begin a new delhi on thursday a wearing surgical masks and scarves across their mouths to protect them from smoking the indian capsule the competition is taking place indoors as some boxes and officials have complained that the air left a bad taste and irritated their eyes in the last few days the level of deadly particular matter in the air has been eight times the safe limit the smoke is being caused by seasonal burning of crops and they call an industry emissions. will brief
1:53 pm
just my nose right now is i don't know if you can hear me but in my nose is like when i read. a bit annoying but we are a new site. washing our hands worried but we've taken precautions they found out i was very much. like. i do feel it in the air in denmark it's very different so we did everything in the eyes and in the mouth and stuff but you know it's like that's the way it is if. twenty five million people can live here then and i think we will survive as well roger federer's bid to win his one hundredth career title and seventh year round crown at the a.t.p. world tour finals is back on track the swiss sailed past australia's dominant team in straight in straight sets in his second great match in london on tuesday it was a much needed win for federer after he lost his opening round of a match to came to corey on the first a seven year old put it down to taking
1:54 pm
a break from training on. it came to the conclusion of the coach's thought take it easy joy a day with your family. and come out happy. i am one of the week it is today but again when you play a team. that's what we care about the head. you know the shots the shots are there so i felt that way today some are happy that i was the right decision and i was able to. show a reaction from us for sure much. federer's final group game on thursday will be against south africa's kevin anderson in the wimbledon runner up is looking in fine form in london he needed just sixty four minutes to sweep aside came she corey for the loss of just one game and is unbeaten in the tournament so far. you know i kept at it the whole time you know just. returned really well made him a lot of shots he wasn't getting too many free points and. you know i think.
1:55 pm
you know as i grew i think i was growing in confidence and he sort of you know probably was going the other way which is tough just given the situations for molesting claudio ranieri is to returns english premier league as manager follow him it's after the london club sacked. joke on average ronnie every guy did leicester to the english title in two thousand and sixteen as rank outsiders italian had most recently been in charge of french club moment he takes over at fulham with the team bottom of the lake with just five points from twelve matches. the n.f.l. has decided to move a regular season game scheduled to take place in mexico next week because of concerns about the safety of the playing surface this is the aztec stadium in mexico city where the los angeles rams and the kansas city chiefs were due to meet on monday the stadium is most often used for football matches as well as concerts you can clearly see the damage to the grass and well and if a boss has happened working with groundskeepers to try and improve the conditions
1:56 pm
they now say it won't be their standards in time the game will take place in l.a. instead. in the n.b.a. defending champions the golden state warriors returned to winning ways on tuesday despite the absence of injured steph curry and green green was suspended for shouting at teammate kevin durant's after the war is lost to the l.a. clippers on monday but it didn't seem to have affected your rant he led the way against the atlanta hawks with twenty nine points under ten to one hundred three was the final school warriors top the n.b.a.'s western conference elsewhere the houston rockets rallied to a one hundred nineteen ninety nine when over the denver nuggets james harden scored nineteen of his twenty two points in the second half of the game to condemn the nuggets four straight loss. to the n.h.l. now where the tampa bay lightning suffered the second straight loss they were beaten by the buffalo sabers on tuesday jeff skinner opening schooling for the hard side at the end of the first period before. you say this so you ahead in the second
1:57 pm
. and can see really well but the lightning but leave the team able to score again tonight you remain top of the same conference atlanta division despite that defeats . meanwhile the new jersey devils beat the pittsburgh penguins to gangs tied to pace at the start of the period but taylor broke away to give the devils a decisive lead they then added an empty net going to eventually win four to. australia's women's cricket team in the semifinals of the world t twenty in the west indies they beat new zealand in their penultimate group game to seal the spot meanwhile pakistan picked up their first win of the tournament defeating all ends by thirty eight runs captain jeff brady a calm seventy four knocked out proved critical as pakistan closed on one hundred thirty nine to six ireland struggled to one hundred one for nine in reply and they now lost but it's a very good. all right that is
1:58 pm
a is for now more later during all right joe thank you very much for that update and thanks for watching the news hour on morning is coming up in just a moment right here with you don't often stay with us. senator robert kennedy was assassinated in june one thousand nine hundred eighty eight sir hand search is still serving a life sentence for his murder. but there have been calls for decades for the case to be reopened including from robert kennedy jr. all the evidence was destroyed
1:59 pm
after the trial but they had a legal obligation to shape the evidence because sir hand was going to file an appeal al-jazeera world asks who killed robert kennedy. i know lucianne lives in fear constantly looking over her shoulder she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked our home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on the community's land. we can't let the men to mediate us we need to continue they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who have been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of us land ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories
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. providing a glimpse into someone else's wild. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. palestinian factions in gaza and israel agreed to a cease fire ending the worst violence in years. welcome on peter dhabi you're watching all to zero live my quarters here and also coming up political drama continues to be played out in sri lanka with the
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parliament passing a no confidence motion against the newly appointed prime minister. members of the u.s. senate renewed calls for sanctions against saudi arabia in the wake of the murder of the journalist.


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