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i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth. that's what this job. this is al-jazeera. hiltermann is our life from a headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes controversal israeli defense minister avigdor lieberman resigns over the cease fire in gaza. we will deliver to the united kingdom is needed in the european union on the twenty ninth two thousand and nineteen with time running out the british prime minister will now have to convince her cabinet on the bracks deal agreed on tuesday plus. we're on
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patrol with the egyptian u.n. peacekeeping force in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of the capital of central african republic find out next why u.n. troops and civilians continue to be a target to militia groups. with all your support is calgary becomes the latest city to pull out of bidding for a lympics off to its citizens vote to the twenty twenty six winter games. fellow israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has announced his resignation over the ceasefire with palestinian factions in gaza lieberman had voiced his opposition to the decision made by the cabinets to stop further attacks in gaza he also says his party will quit the government coalition leaving prime minister benjamin netanyahu with just a one seat majority in
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a statement hamas calls his resignation eva. for god we have two correspondents following the latest on the cease fire and the resignation in a moment we'll speak with jaime's will join us from gaza but first to stephanie decker in west jerusalem so lieberman seemed to be linking his resignation to the gaza ceasefire stephanie what more did he have to say. that's right he said the cease fire was something he couldn't stomach after hamas fired almost five hundred rockets at israel he says he wouldn't be able to duck the residents of southern israel in the border communities in the face he also said he didn't agree with other things like the cash injection that was hand carried by the qatari envoy fifty million dollars into gaza to pay civil servants salaries he said that you couldn't be that where that money was going couldn't be held accountable after across the border and he also didn't agree with the fuel injection with increased fuel that's giving people in gaza more electricity than they've had in
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years so it is very public resignation people will also tell you that this also has to do with domestic politics but let's take a listen to how he made that announcement. i wish to inform you that i'm going to resign my function as the minister of defense of israel why now from what happened yesterday the ceasefire yesterday together with all of the arrangements against him us is giving in to tara there is no other reason no other reason but giving in to tara so elections are not due until november twenty one thousand but with lieberman's resignation does this then mean. we will see a likelihood of an earlier vote. this is what everyone is expecting there was already talk about bringing those elections forward for multiple other reasons but now everyone is expecting these elections to be brought forward at some point we haven't had any reaction yet from the israeli prime
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minister or there is an expectation that perhaps he may take on the role of defense minister in this interim period but again that hasn't been announced as yet but yes the government will continue to function as you mentioned they still hold a one seat majority it's a very slim majority that's for sure a certain have to wait and see how the politics of this play out i think some people will tell you that certainly his resignation is handing how mass almost a second victory how mass praise the cease fire in their favor saying that it was israel capitulating to them and now again as you mention in that statement his resignation less than twenty four hours after that cease fires come into effect is also being now hailed by hamas as a victory again for gaza so i think people will tell you here that he may be criticized here in israel for that going forward as a mass having been handed a double victory all right stephanie decker thank you and now let's get more on
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what hamas had to say and cross over to hood abdulhamid to joining us from gaza there was pretty much swift reaction from hamas officials on lieberman's a resignation. yeah absolutely actually lieberman was still talking the hamas had issued a statement basically to taking this as a political advantage the statement that it was a political victory i moved away going to say there was next knowledge meant of defeat by israel other factions have also issued a similar statement mainly make jihad and other minor factions here that we're also hearing that later on today they will be so-called march of victory words the house of hamas leader here. that should be starting in about an hour or so so we'll update you on that but certainly hamas turning around this situation as a political victory for. and and when it comes to the cease fire what seems to be
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the trigger for a lieberman's resignation how's it holding up in gaza well so far it's holding up we're heard we hearing about reports of maybe one fisherman would have died of wounds sustained apparently he was at sea earlier probably he went a bit further than the not typical mines aloud and was shot at by the israeli navy but that is still an unconfirmed report as far as a re are concerned now by and large it is very calm around here there is a sigh of relief even though people are still worried many would tell you that they feel that the subdue ation could blow up at any moment again so yes certainly this calm has been well received i mean you can see behind me this is one of the buildings that had been bombed out it was a residential building in which there was one of the flats was an office of how
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mouse but certainly you can see also how close it is to the residential areas that . that had people in this area extremely worried and you have that same worry that is seen all around the gaza strip they are hoping the ceasefire will hold they're hoping that actually it will become a long term agreement but people are skeptical they've lived are ready through three wars they know how volatile the situation is are now this is this region is so at the moment they're holding their breath they're enjoying the cow but they always in the back of their mind there's that idea that war and that further escalation could break out at any time for any reason all right what are the hamid thank you now lieberman has had an extensive and somewhat checkered career in politics dorsey takes a look back at how he got to where he is today. avigdor lieberman one of israel's
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most controversial politicians no longer holds one of the most important posts in government he was appointed defense minister in two thousand and sixteen by prime minister benjamin netanyahu after agreeing to join the governing coalition but his rise in israel's political establishment was an arduous one born in one nine hundred fifty eight in the former soviet union lieberman immigrated to israel at the age of twenty his political career began in the one nine hundred ninety s. when he worked for the likud party. but he had his own political ambitions and formed his own party in one thousand nine hundred nine a party that became popular among the one million russian speaking jews who came to israel following the collapse of the soviet union until two thousand and four lieberman held various ministerial posts but then he was sacked after opposing then prime minister ariel sharon's plan to withdraw from the gaza strip his stance
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towards the palestinians has always been a hardline one i'm a god come os first of all i want to emphasize the leadership of hamas is a gang of cannibals who treats their own children as i mean they have record i mean if there is personal immunization and there's a different kind of ammunition children and women his political power grew in two thousand and nine when his own party won fifteen seats in parliament earning him the nickname the king maker he eventually declared his support for look good in exchange lieberman was appointed foreign minister netanyahu convinced lieberman to join the coalition by offering him the post of defense minister in two thousand and sixteen an appointment many palestinians called the threat to regional stability the events of the past week have been significant the botched israeli raid in gaza sparked some of the worst violence seen in years. the prime minister cut short his
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trip to france and called an emergency meeting of his security cabinet and lieberman's resignation is seen as further evidence of a strange relationship with the prime minister netanyahu gave him a cold shoulder and actually ignored his attempt to go into gaza now actually to open a ten yo is in the hands of hamas while avigdor lieberman leaves the powerful post of defense minister it does not mean that his time is kingmaker is over in the country's political establishment dorsetshire party al-jazeera well britain's prime minister is trying to win approval for a bricks a draft deal with the e.u. at a special cabinet meeting negotiators from britain and the european union came to an agreement on tuesday several have to rezone ways cabinet ministers are reported to have concerns with a draft plan on the other e.u. countries will also have to approve the proposal let's cross over to lawrence lee
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who's joining us now from london london she was the prime minister's questions just a short time ago laurence so what it may have to say. but yes she was in the cabinet meeting the meeting of her most simple ministers starts in about fifteen minutes it was always going to be quite difficult but i must say if elementary questions are things you go by it's going to be really hard work for i thought she came across as a little unsure and a bit pleading really. trying to suggest that the deal attached with the european union is the best they can offer. and of course it involves staying in a customs union a bit like turkey actually with the e.u. for an unspecified amount of time. in order to resolve the intractable issue of what to do with the border in ireland but she was assailed really by the opposition labor party's leader by members of her own party who are hard line directors or the
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scottish nationalists who are the third biggest party in parliament all of whom say it's your your this is this is a terrible deal and you have this extraordinary situation where you have people who really want to stay in the european union and people who really want to leave the european union they usually hate each other all saying exactly the same as each other which is this will leave the u.k. what they call a vassal states a rule taker have to pay fifty billion dollars to the e.u. in order to not really leave it all. through the maze is an extraordinary position where for two years she's spent her time saying leaving the e.u. without a deal is better than the bad deal and now her bonus is saying well hang on you're now saying that having a bad deal is better than leaving without a deal so you've changed your mind completely anyway this is just how she tried to sell it's a parliament at lunchtime today. the cabinet mr speaker will meet this afternoon to consider the draft agreement the negotiating teams have reached in brussels and the cabinet will decide on the next steps in the national interest i'm confident that this takes a significant be closer to live to delivering on what the british people voted for
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in russia and. we will take back control of our borders our north and our money leave the common fisheries policy and the common agricultural policy for protecting jobs security and the integrity of our united kingdom and mr speaker i will come back to the house to update it on the outcome so what say we look out for in that cabinet meeting are saying it's about incest in minutes time what hurdles are expect a bare. well that the thing is the cabinet is really split just like parliament space i mean she has her loyalists. people who will say who must be important go watch out how difficult it's been but there are several who don't like the idea at all of having to pay such a lot of money back to the european union. with with no clear exit from the customs union which because they think they keep saying they want to do trade deals with the rest of the world and staying in the customs union won't allow them to do that
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my suspicion is in the end it will probably get through cabinet and it sounds like she'll make an announcement on thursday tomorrow's suit what happens maybe a couple of resignations the much more difficult task for her further down the line even if they get through cabinets and even if they get a final agreement with the european union is getting it through parliament here because the opposition has many of her own m.p.'s all say that there they will vote it down and if and if that happens then i think her position as prime minister becomes untenable all right. now the syrian lanka political crisis has deepened after parliament passed a no confidence motion in the president's pick for prime minister mahinda rajapaksa on tuesday the supreme court blocked at times to dissolve parliament and call snap elections next year the fallout comes after presidents murther policy or asuna sack prime minister rhino were missing and tried to replace what the former leader
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bernard smith reports from colombo. it was a session of parliament that sri lanka's president has done everything he can to try to delay or cancel but the supreme court overruled my three policy recently let me speak let me any big big. supporters of mahinda rajapaksa seated here on the left didn't want parliament voting on a no confidence motion in the president's decision to appoint him as prime minister the speaker was having none of it. they were thinking you were going to go with a show of hands a majority of m.p.'s rejected rajapakse as government that returns the prime ministership to run a whip on a single who was sacked by the president last month. we want to use this a member of the location to enhance democracy to promote freedom to focus on the economic and social rights of the people of our
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country the rajapaksa won't go his supporters say the president's decision can't be overturned like this but i mean is this mr by. the only person who can appoint a prime minister in terms of all cars do ship is the president of the gun nobody is the speaker khoury jayasuriya has previously called the president's decision to appoint rajapaksa a nonviolent coup d'etat and now has two prime ministers and two cabinet pollen box one the president boxes the other which. those two institutions is the supremes power is at the heart of the constitutional crisis it's paralyzing because politics but it's an al-jazeera colombo back to our top story we've been telling you about the resignation of israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman let's get some perspective and speak to mitchell barak he's a former advisor to the former israeli president shimon peres is also a speechwriter for the former prime minister ariel sharon thanks for speaking to us
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so it seemed to be a matter of time before. that resignation not much of a surprise but the surprise perhaps is that he did it today what do you make of the timing yeah i mean it's certainly caught everyone off guard there's no question that today the results were announced at a number of municipal elections including the one in jerusalem where he had a candidate that he was supporting that one so it makes sense that it didn't happen up until now because it would have affected the election but he certainly caught everyone off guard by coming out and saying he's resigning from the government but i think it may be a smart political move for him and the prime minister now has to see how as a prime minister going to maneuver because the prime minister still has the upper hand here so how does the prime minister maneuver we know that elections are supposed to be held in november twenty one thousand but does this then increase the likelihood of early elections. well it does look like it's
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going to be early elections but if we can go back to when this government was originally formed that was formed with sixty one seats by a simple majority of sixty one out of one hundred twenty so the prime minister can keep it moving certainly it's in his best interest to stop the momentum of lieberman who's calling for elections now and once again everyone e in a in an election mode for it lieberman it certainly was good to distance himself now from the prime minister because you know he was talking very very tough before he became defense minister and people haven't seen him be really tough necessarily in the defense ministry because a lot of what the defense minister has to do is also be restraint and showing restraint to his voting base is not so good at the same time the prime minister prime innocent and you know is coming off the heels of a very difficult weekend and past week for everyone which had a lot of alter cations at the border a lot of missile four hundred missiles fired into israel qatar trying to prop up
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the hamas government employees and you know worrying and yeah worrying about the humanitarian issues there in gaza and it's a now really comes out as a leader and someone who exhibits leadership here tries to unify the people and say listen we need to be united and we need to restrain ourselves because going into an all out war in gaza is not going to be good for us and not going to be good for them we've done this before we don't always geve the results we want and we have losses and casualties on our side so let's restrain let's try to use egypt and qatar to try and broker some kind of deal and let's try and stick with it even though it's not so popular so it's and yeah did that and even had to explain themselves as sometimes leadership is being criticized and now is when he's down that lieberman attacks him and leaves the government but here's the thing that's on yahoo now needs to appoint a new defense minister so whoever he decides to appoint or even if he keeps the portfolio for himself there's likely to be
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a coalition turmoil is there not and and speaking of an appointment who do you think it will be because there have been rumblings often enough tony bennett's the education minister saying that he wants that posts. yeah. i can assure you that people are already lining up to take the post they're not rushing to go to elections right now everyone it's in everyone's best interest except now lieberman to keep the government floating for a few more months for sure before calling elections especially now since the border down south with gaza is very hot and since there's a lot of there's a lot of fighting there so yes he is going to probably i don't think he's going to keep it for himself it's going to be important for him to shore up support within his coalition that could mean giving the defense portfolio to someone we don't know who yet and he also has a foreign ministry which he can still give he can still appoint someone foreign ministry so foreign minister so it's in his best interest to prop up the government to get people on the same page and to stay in the government and to stop the
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momentum right now of to stop the momentum of lieberman calling for elections making the surprise move and at the end of the day he's going to want to put someone in the defense ministry who's going to who's going to be in line with the policies of the prime minister which is we really have to think hard before we're going to go in an all out war we have to defend the people of israel we can't tolerate rocket fire but it's in everyone's best interest in israel and even in gaza to have a cease fire so we're seeing a lot of logical thinking from the prime minister we're seeing a lot of coverage from the prime minister and we're seeing him operate in an area where he has to show restraint and he's got to answer to people in his party and to the right of him that are criticizing him and he still holding up under the pressure i think he's going to come through this stronger than when he was was outside because there's a lot of people that are supporting this kind of clear headed thinking and it's barack we thank you for joining us on al-jazeera. now u.s.
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republican senator lindsey graham has described saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin saudi man as unstable and unreliable he says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh's in the wake of the saudi journalists killing . a vote on a resolution to cut off all assistance to riyadh for the war in yemen could also happen in weeks kimberly halkett is following the story joining us from washington so it's really not the first time that lindsey graham has spoken out against saudi arabia crown prince mohammed bin some talk that talk us through the significance of his latest comments. yeah you know what there's no question lindsey graham as a republican senator has been very strident very critical of mohammed bin salma but these comments by the senior senator seem to go even further and we know that the president listens to lindsey graham he was in fact meeting with lindsey graham at the white house wasn't even on the schedule the official white house schedule but
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we spotted him reporters spotted him going into the white house late last week so we know these consultations are ongoing that he has the ear of the president so that's why the comments by lindsey graham matter so much not only has he called the crown prince unstable and unreliable but he says he doesn't see the situation being fixed as long as he's around calling the leadership of saudi arabia under mohammed bin solomon as being a disaster and someone who's very difficult to do business with so these just add to these comments just add to the pressure of the trumpet ministration is under even as it is dragging its heels in terms of the response we have of course seen under the secretary of state mike pump aoe the revoking of saudi nationals some twenty one losing their visas and ability to travel to the united states but the united states public the united states congress looking for this administration to go much further perhaps even sanctioning the highest level of the saudi government
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what we have seen in terms of oval office action however we should point out happened in the last twenty four hours there has been a vacancy in terms of the u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia that was a nomination the president put forward on tuesday nominating a four star general john abizaid who of course led the u.s. central command during the war in iraq that has to be confirmed by the senate though and again this is just symbolic it till his confirmation he has no power and certainly the members of congress including lindsey graham looking for a much more vigorous reaction to the death of john f. . rights committee how is that thank you. now to the war in yemen where huth the rebels say they've killed at least twenty five pro-government fighters who were backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition it happened on the eastern outskirts of the port city of. the military media released video of the moment multiple booby traps exploded as the forces entered a compound other videos of military operations were broadcast during
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a news conference in by a spokesman for the the forces a new study by a leading american university has been taking a closer look at how much the u.s. spends on conflicts abroad so the report details the cost of the so-called war on terror that followed the years after the nine eleven attacks by twenty nineteen the pentagon will have spent five point nine trillion dollars the study says this may impact the future of the u.s. economy governments continue to fund wars by borrowing the report also warns this figure could rise to six point seven trillion dollars in the next five years to pay for military operations in afghanistan iraq and syria that speak to crawford she's a professor of political science a boston university is also the author of that report she's joining us live from
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washington d.c. thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera so that figure of five point nine trillion dollars is actually quite outstanding but you say that this number defers substantially from the pentagon's estimates why is there a difference. ok well first let me explain that the figure of five point nine trillion includes all war and war related expenses the pentagon's overseas contingency operations spending is only about one point nine trillion through fiscal year twenty nineteen the rest of the money that we're talking about is war related spending in the pentagon that's not specifically authorized for these wars and it also includes department of homeland security spending veterans affairs spending that's related to the post nine eleven war veterans interest on the debt that is actually more than the spending annually on these wars and so on so it
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includes things that are related to the wars so what the pentagon gives you appropriately is what they've been budgeted and our figures don't differ substantially from the pentagon's spending but what we're including is all the war related war cause pending that will actually continue into the future all right got it and then you also say that even if the war is ended by twenty twenty three then the u.s. would still be on track to spend at least six point seven trillion but you seem to say the costs will actually be greater so you think that is a conservative estimates. yes let's let's think about it. is two categories of ongoing expense the united states has not actually paid for these wars by taxi me american public or selling war bonds that the wars are on a credit card and what that means is we pay interest annually on more spending but we'll pay interest long after the wars are over unless we start taxing the american people to pay for the worse and then the second factor of increased expense is that
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there right now about three million post nine eleven war veterans and those veterans are not so healthy now and they're only going to be less healthy as they age causing increased expense the peak of spending for those veterans will be decades for now for from now so in your assessment then how does this all affect the us economy going forward well there are two problems first is the ongoing annual expenses are quite high we have other things that are more pressing perhaps including climate change and infrastructure. secondly is is. each money dollar that we spend paying interest is a dollar that we could again be doing something else with and these interest payments are actually quite taxing on the budget and as we go forward interest payments will actually come to equal what the pentagon spends overall in the next
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few years writes anita crawford we thank you for speaking to us on al-jazeera thank you. time for the weather here is everton and any improvements in the conditions in california well i'm pleased to say there are some slight improvements they are subtle changes small changes but changes in the right direction take a look at the satellite picture you can see a little more cloud coming in across much of california so that will just it's the humidity up in the right direction as we go on through the next couple of days see those winds becoming so we say less strong never going to fall away completely that is that cloud rolling right across southern parts of california and the way is a said they are in the process of just easing off a touch not too much showing up here as we go on through wednesday little more clout there still in place as we go on through thursday to see that running right along the coastal fringes of california so that's a good thing if anything we get a bit of an onshore breeze by the time we come to friday so a hint of that moisture just edging in the right direction but the real weather
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really is a little further east into central past lots of cloud down towards the south the and the southeast through the deep south right at the eastern seaboard and tucked in behind winds coming in from a northerly direction look how cold it is they say struggling to get to four degrees celsius this rain and snow that will make its way further north is right up the appalachians sabot a wintry weather should go on through thursday nothing its way further north is new york at just three degrees celsius you see and that will make its way across new england pushing into eastern canada clear crisp weather coming in behind irene everything thank you is still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour the u.s. vice president tells me and more as leader on science and violence against muslims is without excuse the search for bodies continues in california that says hundreds remain missing in the worst wildfire in the state's history. in sport roger federer is bad for hundreds career title is back on track at the iran finals in london not
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stories coming up in sports a little later with peter. when they're online when you're looking at wildlife and the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to need long term success or if you join us on sand if you could take me around the continent where we don't have to set up your experiments and your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation.
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in the harvester. well again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has announced news resigning over the cease fire with gaza lieberman had voiced his opposition to the decision made by the cabinet to stop further attacks in gaza his quitting comes as a young man was killed after he was shot by israeli forces in northern gaza. britain's prime minister has just arrived at number ten downing street as you can
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see it's reason may we'll be trying to win approval for a bricks that dropped deal with the e.u. at a special cabinet meeting negotiators from britain and the european union came to an agreement on tuesday and several mains cabinet ministers are reported to have concerns with that draft by. the us republican senator lindsey graham has described saudi arabia's crown prince come of been sound man as unstable and unreliable he says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh in the wake of saudi journalist killing a vote on a resolution to cut off all assistance to riyadh for the war and you have and could also happen in weeks let's return to our breaking news story that's the israeli defense minister's resignation saying it's a direct result of the cease fire between israel and palestinian factions in gaza move all it is a spokeswoman for the palestinian task force on public diplomacy she's joining us from ramallah thanks for speaking to us your initial reaction to the burmans
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resignation. well i think the entire palestinian public will not lose any sleep over the fact that lieberman will not be part of this government and the fact that he's resignation is motivated by the fact that he's objecting to not shedding enough palestinian blood having said that i think if you look at it take a closer look at the palestinian public opinion it is not lost on any sector of palestinian society that this was directly related to the last forty eight hours or so in gaza and that gaza is a player in internal israeli politics now what about the palestinian authority do you think that officials will be sharing the view of officials when they say that the resignation is a victory for hamas and gaza well i mean that the resignation is not going to change israeli policy the resignation is going to change perhaps
4:35 pm
the political dynamics while we wait and see if there will be elections or not and what the outcome of the elections would be but it's not expected that the that the map is going to change a lot officially the palestinian government hasn't issued any statements or reactions and it would be unusual if it did but i think that politically speaking everybody wanted a ceasefire no palestinian actor not the palestinian authority and definitely not how most were were interested in an escalation or an all out war two million palestinians have endured far too much pain and suffering from twelve years of siege and three wars of aggression to have been prepared or want or have an advocate for another round of israeli unhinged brutality our rights and all of that we thank you for joining us from around the. now the trade war between the united
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states and china is dominating discussed sounds at a summit of southeast asian leaders in singapore the us president donald trump is not attending but has america first policy has strained relations with asian countries who are looking to agree details for a new regional trade deal when hey reports from singapore. are you ready behind the smiles there is an easy at the latest meeting of leaders from the association of southeast asian nations while the united states wasn't mentioned specifically it soon became clear that president donald trump's america first policy on trade would be among the main issues. in the international order is that a turning point the existing free open rules based multilateral system which has underpin the group and stability has come under stress that's particularly true at the moment because of the trade dispute between china and the united states the tit
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for tat tariffs could provide some benefits for southeast asian countries if for example china moves some manufacturing operations to other countries to avoid u.s. tariffs but most countries in this region are heavily reliant on exports so tend to thrive in an environment of free open trade donald trump says he prefers bilateral trade deals which means he's pulling in a different direction to most of the countries in singapore this week the southeast asian nations a leading talks on the sixteen nation regional comprehensive economic partnership trade deal that includes china but not the united states. u.s. vice president mike pence and chinese premier league chain or in singapore but it's not clear whether they'll meet to discuss the trade dispute. payne's did meet with me and my as leader. and gave a very public rebuke for the violence against the rigging this is a tragedy that has touched the hearts of millions of.
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the violence and persecution. by military and vigilantes that resulted in driving seven hundred thousand right. is without excuse in response again failed to speak out in support of the reading it saying only that people have different views. in southeast asia malaysia's prime minister mahathir mohamad has led to criticism of me and. it made for an uncomfortable seating arrangement at the opening ceremony when hey al jazeera singapore legislation will be introduced in the united states on wednesday urging president trying to take a tougher response to china's crackdown against its ethnic we are population u.s. politicians will seek possible sanctions against communist party chiefs who are accused of human rights abuses there are also expected to call for a ban on the export of technology that beijing could use for the surveillance and mass attention if we go as it's estimated
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a million we girls who are muslim are being held in camps in the state of ginger. known as general force. is wanted by both the u.n. and the governments of the central african republic that's for alleged work crimes committed when muslim seleka fighters took over the country five years ago he's in charge of the largely muslim neighborhood of p.k. five in the capital bangui in this exclusive interview with al jazeera he speaks to nicholas haq in hiding but still in charge surrounded by young heavily armed teenage boys is. otherwise known as general force. accused of war crimes including a murder torture rape and extortion the government wants his arrest. but he's not ready to give himself up and if we. mean he's he said we had one thousand in this neighborhood ready to defend our people even to pick a fight
4:40 pm
a neighborhood because of us they are under threat from the christian militias the government forces and u.n. soldiers. in april soldiers belonging to the un stabilizing force in car backed by the central african army stormed forces hideout in an attempt to arrest him but despite being better equipped they were outnumbered and retreated the raid was a spectacular failure in one thousand died and hundreds were injured in the battle says. don't be fooled by these bustling streets when you and soldier describe the current state to call this work the stores they are doing no foot patrol and some of them are taking fighting positions as a preventative measure if you the threat comes in forces foot soldiers fourteen year old was his house was burnt his parents killed by a christian militia group now he wants revenge waldemar let me just go even the un
4:41 pm
are afraid of me because i have a weapon it is a country that has a name in this way with this i can become anything a general or even a president of this country one day. the government is calling for peace and reconciliation. but even inside the parliament politicians use guns to get their voices heard despite twelve thousand un peacekeepers central african republic is descending into a spiral of sectarian violence caught in the middle are children seeking justice any way they can. the guards that protect you are our children are young. rather than be carrying arms. i am their bus commander and the father how do you want them to go to school us muslims are not free to move what happened in hospitals we have no schools this is not safe for us force is a wanted man for the moment too powerful to be arrested and too well protected by determined young men who have lost everything and have nothing to lose the.
4:42 pm
donkey p.k. five firefighters in the northern california town of paradise expect to recover more bodies from what's already the worst wildfire in the history of the u.s. states forty eight people have been killed more than two hundred are missing and it's just one of several fires burning across the states in southern california firefighters there are struggling to contain the woolsey fire which led to the deaths of at least two people it's destroyed homes and property in beach resorts including malibu and he says jennifer b. or clint has more from oak park in california. it's a difficult situation with the wind whipping up the way it has been for the last few days and with no no certain change in sight although fingers crossed in the next forty eight hours or so we are expecting the wind to shift and give us some more of an ocean breeze but now with this dry this dry eastern when that comes in
4:43 pm
and brings the flames and the ash with it i want to show you some of the destruction here behind us this house on a block that otherwise was relatively unscathed from this fire you see this house in the one next door burned down mostly to rubble the one next door the second house in the tapley burned down that one was the home of a firefighter who went out to fight these fires and will come home to a fate that he was trying to save others from that ruined home there it's been a long long couple of days for fire crews and eight thousand of them still out fighting fires on the lines in northern and southern california but here the flare ups have been intense and they've jumped fire lines there's a thirty percent thirty five percent containment line around this fire but it is such a large fire it's miles and miles and miles of. flank still burning
4:44 pm
and it goes exactly where the wind was and the wind is erratic so it's anyone's guess where it will go next. election results are emerging from where two men responsible for military coups in the past are vying to become prime minister come but leader. holds a sizable lead over the former prime minister. in the pacific island nation second election since. power. has more. once an army commander now running to keep his position as prime minister frank by name a rama and his fiji fast quietly confident victor. thank you well we will be doing them. so we can form again we come of this election today the result i'll be disappointed if we lose. but supporters of his main challenger steve any run buka have been hoping for an upset
4:45 pm
a former prime minister who served to seven years he was only cleared to run in this poll by a judge on monday just one of. the words of our national in the land of. freedom hope and glory and we it is our duty to give the people. but not all the people voted to mention re-inforcing the closure of twenty three polling venues some eight thousand will cost their ballots at a later date and open polling stations turnout was patchy. but last time was for here maybe the people of the way that every word counts yes so it's important for everyone to come in with the weather the weather is not that good. on the one the twenty fourteen elections by and that's why it has been refashioning his image into that of a stable legitimate leader. hosting u.n. climate change negotiations and high profile dignitaries presiding over three
4:46 pm
percent of steady economic growth but critics regard him as a thorough tarion holding a tight rein on the media since forcing himself into power in a two thousand and six military coup. his main opponent. has led his own share of coups seizing power twice in the one nine hundred eighty s. on a racially charged platform to return the country to the hands of indigenous fijians away from those of indian descent a principle of opposes political landscape haunted legacy of military influence military led military consequence. inflicted in. it says we're going. in the way of the two individuals who at center stage oh absolutely inskeep but two sides of the same going. this is only the second time to have gone to the polls since two thousand and six and said by name around the it's a referendum on his leadership. is there
4:47 pm
a russian opposition leader alexina volley has been allowed to fly out of being told he was barred from leaving the country a day earlier and yvonne the was travelling to france when he was stopped by border guards at moscow airport and told he couldn't leave the european court of human rights and stross burgos duce rule on whether his numerous detentions by police and russia had been politically motivated or nonce had been barred from leaving over a thirty one thousand dollar court fine. still ahead on the. thirteen year old. coming up in just a moment. one
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4:49 pm
time this person is with peter during thank you very much people in the canadian city of calgary have become the latest to say no to hosting and the lympics the city hell the votes to ask for backing as a candidate for the twenty twenty six winter games over three hundred thousand votes were cast a larger turnout than expected but fifty six point four percent voted no although the vote is nonbinding the city's mayor has said the defeat marks the end of the candidacy. that decision leaves just two potential hosts for the twenty six winter games down from an original seven but the joint bid from milan called tina doesn't have financial backing from the government and stockholm's but also hasn't got the green light from any political parties the decision will be made in june of next year recent public votes haven't gone well for past candidates out of ten
4:50 pm
plebiscites held in the last five years only oslo got a yes result but the norwegian city later withdrew its bid anyway. professor jules boy cough is the author of a book on the political history of the olympics he says that the public has become wise to the cost of hosting a games. well it certainly sends the message that people around the world are waking up to the fact that hosting the olympics isn't all it's been cracked up to be according to those i.o.c. honchos from the international olympic committee and so citizens from around the world when they get a chance to vote they tend to vote no we do not want to host the olympics the days are long gone when the international olympic committee could walk up to the podium and say that hosting the games was going to bring unicorns economic growth and maybe some rainbows as well that just doesn't fly anymore there's too much information out there about the high costs that tend to escalate through time there's too much information out there about the militarization of cities when they have to host the olympic games there's too much information out there about the
4:51 pm
false promises and all that this is decades in the making is coming back to haunt the international olympic committee today what on top of those problems duncan because of inside the games don't say that the winter games will simply be a harder sell than the sum of those and the winter olympics doesn't have. the cash and the public state at the summit games which all two hundred plus countries are involved in in some form or another for the winter olympics is confined to quite a small group of countries so the public isn't that grew i and the potential benefits are not that good and also they're very expensive to sky because you need things like a sliding center which cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build have very limited use of to it so i think that's the one of the big problems i happen is the facilities costs and the return you get is quite poor really. funeral of
4:52 pm
a thirteen year old thai kickboxer is taking place this wednesday as pressure mounts on the government to ban children from fighting. china died of a brain hemorrhage two days after fighting in a charity match it for one hundred seventy times since the age of eight could china and he's opponent were not wearing head gear case has reignited debate in thailand which has more than ten thousand registered boxes under the age of fifteen that type parliament is reviewing legislation that would ban children under twelve from taking part in belts women boxers are training for the amateur world championship which begins in new delhi on thursday they are wearing surgical masks and scarves across their mouths to protect them from smog in the indian capital the competition is indoors but some boxes and officials have complained that the air with the bad taste and irritated the eyes in the last few days the level of deadly particles in the air has been eight times the safe limit the smog has been caused by seasonal
4:53 pm
burning of crops and vehicle and industry emissions. well brief just my nose right now and i don't know if you can hear me but my nose is like it when i read so a bit annoying but we get training site for c. i have worried that you've taken precautions that i'm very much. like. i do feel it's the air in denmark is very different so so we'd be down with every field in the eyes and in the mouth and stuff but you know it's that's the way it is if twenty five million people can live here then and i think we will survive as well roger federer's bid to win his one hundredth career title and seventh year in the crown at the a.t.p. world tour finals is back on track the swiss sailed past all street team in straight sets second group match in london on tuesday it was much needed when federal feed lost his opening round robin match dictatorship corey and the thirty
4:54 pm
seven year old put it down to taking a break from training on his day off. we came to the conclusion of the coaches thought take it easy enjoy your day with your family. and come out happy on. i don't know what the of the week is today but again when you play team. that's what we care about the head not. you know the shots the shots are there so i felt that way today some are happy that i was the right decision and i was able to show a reaction from my first. federer's final group game on thursday will be against rule number six kevin anderson wimbledon runner up is looking in fine form in london he needed just sixty four minutes to sweep aside initially corey for the last of just one game and is unbeaten in the tournament so far. for molesta city boss claudio ranieri is to return to the english premier league as manager of saw for the london club sacked you kind of each. listed to the english title in twenty
4:55 pm
sixteen years rank outsiders the italian head most recently been in charge of french club. he takes over at fulham with the team bottom of the league with just five points from twelve matches. the n.f.l. has decided to move a regular season game show deal to take place in mexico next week because of concerns about the safety of the playing surface this is the at stake stadium in mexico city where the los angeles rams on the kansas city chiefs were due to meet on monday it is most often used for football matches and concerts you can see the damage to the grass and while n.f.l. bosses have been working with groundskeepers to try and improve the conditions they now say it won't meet the standards in time the game will take place in l.a. instead of defending n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors returned to winning ways on tuesday despite the absence of the injured steph curry and raymone green who were suspended for
4:56 pm
shouting at teammate kevin durant after the warriors lost to the l.a. clippers on monday but it didn't seem to have affected duran to lead the way against the atlanta hawks with twenty nine points one hundred ten one hundred three the final school here the warriors on top of the n.b.a.'s western conference. elsewhere they used the rockets rallied to a one hundred nine ninety nine when the denver nuggets james harden scored nineteen of his twenty two points in the second half of the game to condemn the nuggets to a fourth straight loss. so the n.h.l. with attempted bay lightning suffered a second straight defeat they were beaten by the buffalo sabers on tuesday jeff skinner opening the scoring for the home side at the end of the first period then hope so put the sabers to a head in the second really good one back for the lightning but neither team were able to school regain the lightning remain top of the eastern conference atlanta
4:57 pm
division despite the defeat. meanwhile the new jersey devils beat the pittsburgh penguins the game was tied to a piece of the start of the third period when taylor hall broke away to give the devils a decisive lead and then added an empty net goal to eventually win forty. australia through to the semifinals of cricket's women's world t twenty in the west indies they beat new zealand in their a multiple to group game to seal the spots meanwhile pakistan picked up their first win of the tournament defeating ireland by thirty eight runs captain. of seventy four not out proved critical as pakistan closed on one hundred thirty nine for six ireland struggled to one hundred one for nine in reply and they've now lost both of their games so far. that's all the sport will have another update again later all right peter thank you for that update and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera i'm back in just a moment with much more off the day's news see you in
4:58 pm
a minute. when i'm on the line for you looking at the wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to be long term or if you join us on sand if you could take me around the content why would you tell me you don't have to set up your experiment here experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a bow. points you actually raise several interesting point there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation on out is iraq the blowing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a good citizen freedom of the challenge is going to be something for men and women for the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not
4:59 pm
willing to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. and there's no way to hide is the easiest way to solve this to allow u.n. observers who you invited into the country earlier this year to finish the job i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy straight talking debate do you think we're going to see some kind of sea change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia we have an obligation there's a journalistic integrity and then just in this case it was betrayed totally up from its own al-jazeera.
5:00 pm
where every. controversial is really defense minister avigdor lieberman resigns over the cease fire in gaza. you want to know this is a lie from the headquarters of delphi navigator also a heads we will deliver bret's it on the united kingdom is leaving the european union on the twenty ninth of august two thousand and nineteen.


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