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you don't have to set up your experiment for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a points you actually raise several interesting points there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation on al-jazeera. this is zero. zero and welcome to this news hour i'm fully back to bow out global headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a ceasefire with palestinians shatters the peace in israel's coalition government as a defense minister quit sin protest. we won't let them destroy this country's economy
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all the job was done. after a day in pot and britain's prime minister seek support from cabinet for a draft breaks that deal she says will give voters what they ask for also this hour an exclusive interview with one of the most wanted men fighting in a forgotten yet brutal conflict and there is no excuse the u.s. vice president delivers a blunt message to myanmar as leader about violence against its. own donkey to stand with only a small to his coterie becomes the latest city to pull out of bidding for the olympics all through its citizens vote move to the twenty twenty six winter games. thank you for joining is avigdor lieberman has quit as israel's defense minister.
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serious over a cease fire with palestinian armed groups that he describes as so rendering to terror is a brought to announcement has rocked prime minister benjamin netanyahu as coalition government leading it with just one seat a one seat majority in the knesset the israeli parliament seventy deca reports from west jerusalem. less than twenty four hours after the gaza ceasefire came into effect the diplomatic fallout. i'm here to announce my resignation from the role of the defense minister of the state of israel the question which needs to be asked is why not i aspire as i'm concerned what happened yesterday yesterday a cease fire together with the entire process of reaching a reassessment with a mouse is a capitulation to terror bush should pull out go in defense minister avigdor lieberman also said he disagreed with katter bringing fifteen million dollars into gaza last weekend to pay the salaries of civil servants and the fuel shipments that have increased gaza's electricity moves that are all parts of efforts to ease
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gaza's humanitarian situation the mass wasted no time in reacting to lieberman's resignation. this constitutes a victory for the resistance and recognition of defeat and failure by lieberman and the zionist occupation and it is a failure of the policy of siege and devastating wars against the gaza strip this is the result of a palestinian people steadfastness. hamas had already celebrated the earlier ceasefire as a victory for the palestinians to. gaza is of course a large reason for lieberman's resignation but there is no denying that domestic political factors are also at play one israeli media report describes the resignation as the opening salvo of israel's elections the expectation is that the election set for november next year will be brought forward to what's happening now in israeli politics is a major event because you have the defense minister which is the number two position in the government at a party in this governor. it has resigned and he's resigned and basically showed
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his no confidence with the prime minister now it's not going to bring down the government right away it could it could lead to elections but he's showing he's positioning himself to be the the opponent and it's and you know the opponent to the right of it and you know what the events of the last few days show is that gaza will remain at the center of israeli politics as long as the situation there remains unresolved stephanie decker or jazeera was too slim and we're getting some reaction from the united nations on diplomatic editor james bays is covering developments there live to him after we speak to harry fossett in west jerusalem so harry how much pressure does lieberman's resignation put on prime minister netanyahu. well it certainly adds to it and i think to a greater greater or lesser extent is obviously designed to add to the pressure on israel's prime minister and indeed even just now we're getting reports of another second night of protest by israelis near the gaza border against the ceasefire
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that was reached and obviously against israeli policy under benjamin netanyahu so certainly there is that political pressure that netanyahu said he was willing to ride out when he was speaking about the situation in paris on sunday before this latest flare up of hostilities between israel and hamas saying that he had built up some political credit and that it was worth spending it on trying to calm the situation in and around gaza in the way that he had been so far the other thing that of course it adds to is the pressure just electorally in terms of who's majority down to one in the knesset the fact that if another coalition partner decides that it's time to pull out he will almost certainly be forced into early elections as stephanie was reporting those elections jew from of emma next year but they're already widely expected even before this to happen a considerably earlier than the who will take over harry as defense minister and
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will it all the approach towards the gathering is shit. well according to officials being quoted in the israeli media the intention for benjamin netanyahu is to retain the defense ministry portfolio himself so obviously that would not change the direction of travel if that were to happen would it change if he had another hawkish defense minister in his ear privately and publicly obviously it would be more difficult for him and certainly there is one candidate who's made himself more than available another right wing coalition partner naftali bennett has said that he will take his party out according to his party's officials if of the coalition if he isn't given that portfolio so certainly that could make it more difficult for netanyahu to carry on in this way however he's already shown himself more than willing to overrule one very valuable and hawkish defense
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minister so he may well be prepared to do that again i think what is going to tate garza policy going forward is what often tends to dictate it and that is merely events the this was all sparked by an undercover israeli operation that we may never have known about had it not gone so spectacularly wrong here spelt spent a good deal of this political capital in bringing an early end to this round of hostilities if another flare up breaks out it's going to be more difficult for him to do that again thank you for that harry fossett in west jerusalem for us now at the united nations the u.k. and sweden have been pushing for more action and possibly even a different approach to the peace process between israel and the palestinians that's go over to our diplomatic editor james spaces at u.n. headquarters in new york so what are the reactions said james to this latest ceasefire between the palestinian factions and israel. well from the secretary general and ongoing call for a strain from both hamas and israel we're told that the special coordinator of the
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un nicholai madoff is monitoring the situation on the ground the u.n. security council are also following things very closely because clearly we've had some very important military and now political developments in recent hours the security council met late on choose a the overall position with regard to the peace process of course the last two years this is a u.n. security council that has been waiting for the united states for that peace plan from president trump son in law jared cushion and i'm beginning to detect behind the scenes there is growing impatience from those on the security council that the plan is not being announced and the situation is just getting worse just listen to the comments of two of the ambassadors as they were arriving this morning and these are two close allies of the u.s. i think we are under play under playing our own role
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a six security council on some issues and the world this is one of them. i think the security council a lot of people still look up to the council to take preventive action i don't think we've been managing to do that we have not been able to do that in this particular situation i think that needs to change i think the council would would very much like to see some concrete proposals and wants to get behind mr mlodinow of and support his moves on the ground obvious the very concerning what is happening there and the biggest where we of course is that it could lead to something even worse than what we're seeing now. some will criticize the security council for not meeting quickly enough on the latest violence they will be meeting again pretty soon on this issue and that's because there's a regular monthly meeting on the israeli palestinian situation and that is taking place on monday here in new york thank you for that james space live at the united
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nations in other world news the british prime minister says a draft divorce deal with the european union delivers a brac set that people voted for tourism is meeting with a divided cabinet right now trying to convince them that they must back the agreement or risk crunching the u.k. into political and economic chaos she is due to speak as soon as that meeting is over earlier prime minister may told a rowdy parliament that it too must unite behind the agreement hammered out between the u.k. and e.u. negotiators all of the other e.u. countries will also have to approve the deal that speak to their as paul brennan who is outside the houses of parliament in westminster there's been some confusion poll as to whether or not the prime minister was going to be speaking after the cabinet meeting what's the latest we're hearing about this. yeah i mean if i could convey to you the sense of high tension that there is here in
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westminster and the uncertainty about exactly how events are going to play out then i'd probably be doing my job really is extremely tense here a cabinet met began their meeting at two o'clock this afternoon that's more than four hours ago now it was expected to wrap up at five o'clock that's more than an hour ago it's still going on and could go on now for at least another hour in the meantime the european union ambassadors have been meeting in brussels hoping that by the end of the meeting or while they were still meeting the cabinet would sign off here in london and then they would be able to be presented with the draft deal that hasn't happened there was also speculation in fact down the street was putting out the probability that there would be a press conference by the prime minister to see evening and then lets it was slammed in by the opposition leaders the opposition party leaders say hold on there are protocols and procedures say you can't go briefing the media before you've come back to this place here parliament to speak to m.p.'s about the deal that's been
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done remember the draft deal which was speculated and leaked as long ago as twenty four hours ago still hasn't been officially published the cabinet members have seen it but the for example the minority party upon which to resubmit depends to prop up a minority government they haven't seen it what we have had is an exchange in the commons in parliament at lunch time for the regular prime minister's questions between the prime minister and the opposition leader jeremy corbin. breaches the prime minister's own red lines it doesn't deliver a strong economic deal that supports jobs in industry and we know they haven't prepared seriously for no deal so does the prime minister's still intend to put a false choice to parliament between her a botched jail or no jail. right. there i say to the right on the gent one that he's wrong in the description that he set out because i also say to him time and
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time again he's stood up in this house and complained and said that the government isn't making progress the government isn't anywhere close to a deal now when we're making progress and close to a daily is complaining about. it i just say i think i think more but clearly shows is that he and the labor party have only one intention that is to frustrate the try to go to your home to recently sounds pretty confident that her cabinet will sign on to this agreement but what happens if it doesn't what's what's the next stage in these negotiations. it's it's very difficult to say i mean look serious about it sounded confident there was an expectation that maybe one or two ministers would sign up to this the fact that this cabinet reaching is still going after this period of time does not appear to bode well i'm afraid it could be that cabinet ministers are venting their spleen before walking out to resign or you
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could be just having a say or what is perhaps the most important political issue of this era of politics here in the u.k. what happens next well if the research doesn't have the support of the cabinet she's in real trouble and we could be looking at the end of her political leadership thank you for that paul brennan live for us in london. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including pro-government forces hold their attacks on the yemeni port city of her data as hopes grow for a diplomatic breakthrough plus the sri lankan supreme court's new twists in the constitutional crisis gripping the country and the death of a thirteen year old kickboxer read night's debate in thailand over children in the ring people have that story in sports coming up later in the program.
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the u.n. security council is you to vote on thursday about extending its peacekeeping mission in central african republic there's rarely been a moment of peace since the conflict began there five years ago and alliance of muslim rebels known as the seleka overthrew president possibilities his government in twenty thirteen a few months later rebel leader michel djotodia was sworn in as president interim president but he was forced to resign after fighting between the celica and christian fighters known as the anti baloch a continued the un send a peacekeeping force to support african union and french forces already there since then cease fires have been signed in violated and. sides have accused one another of war crimes and have been accused of war crimes in fact now one man wanted by both a u.n. n.c.r. us government is the man john mills he was once a celica rebel but is now in charge of a neighborhood known as p k five in the capital bangui and in this exclusive interview with al jazeera he tells nicholas haq his state and defend this people
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in hiding but still in charge surrounded by young heavily armed teenage boys is in the mer matar jumbos otherwise known as general force accused of war crimes including a murder torture rape in extortion the government wants his arrest. but he's not ready to give himself up and if we. mean he's he said we are nine thousand in this neighborhood ready to defend our people they are civil to pick a fight over who is because of us they are under threat from the christian militias the government forces and u.n. soldiers. in april soldiers belonging to the un stabilizing force in car backed by the central african army stormed forces hideout in an attempt to arrest him. but despite being better equipped they were outnumbered and retreated the raid was a spectacular failure one thousand died and hundreds were injured in the battle.
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don't be fooled by these bustling streets when you and soldier describe the current state of the calm before the storm they are doing no foot patrol and some of them are taking fighting positions as a preventative measure if the threat comes in forces foot soldiers fourteen year old was his house was burnt his parents killed by a christian militia group now he wants revenge baltimore let me just go see even the un are afraid of me because i have a weapon it is a country that has made me this way with this i can become anything a general or even a president of this country one day. the government is calling for peace and reconciliation. but even inside the parliament politicians use guns to get their voices heard despite twelve thousand un peacekeepers central african republic is descending into a spiral of sectarian violence caught in the middle of our children seeking justice any way they can the guards that protect you are our children are young
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how do you explain that they'd be rather than be bearing arms in which you mock i am their boss commander and the father how do you want them to go to school us muslims are not treatable what happened hospitals we have no schools this is not safe for us force is a wanted man for the moment too powerful to be arrested and too well protected by determined young men who have lost everything and have nothing to lose nicholas hawk al jazeera bungie p.k. five. u.s. republican senator lindsey graham has described his crown prince mohammed bin simon as unstable and unreliable he says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh in the wake of. a church is killing a vote on a resolution to cut off all assistance to riyadh for the war in yemen could also happen in weeks kimberly hockett has more from washington senator lindsey graham
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has always taken a strident tone when it comes to the death. and the fact that he believes there is more to the story then is being let on by saudi arabia but these comments now going much further and given a lot of weight considering that lindsey graham is a senior republican and very influential foreign policy hot he frequently advises the president as recently as last week we did spot him going into the white house even though that meeting was not on the official white house schedule now in terms of action and response to the death of jim by this administration it appears to in the eyes of many on capitol hill be dragging its heels it has rescinded the visas of almost two dozen saudi nationals but it has not say it at the highest levels of the saudi government something that many are looking for on capitol hill now in terms of the pressure by lindsey graham he certainly has not
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only called mohammed bin solomon unstable and unreliable but he also doesn't see the situation being fixed as long as the crown prince is still in charge and as a result he has gone further saying that he sees mohamed bin solomon's leadership as a quote disaster and very difficult to do business. sri lanka's for its core crisis has deepened after parliament passed a no confidence motion and the man picked to become the new prime minister it effectively means that the island nation now has two prime ministers and two cabinets bennett smith reports from colombo i it was a session of parliament that sri lanka's president has done everything he can to try to delay or cancel but the supreme court overruled my three policy recently let me speak let me turn to the big three. supporters of mahinda rajapaksa seated here on the left didn't want parliament voting on
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a no confidence motion in the president's decision to appoint him as prime minister the speaker was having none of it. there was a day where you're about to go with a show of hands a majority of m.p.'s rejected rajapakse as government that returns the prime ministership to run a whip em a single that was sacked by the president last month. we want to use this member of the location to enhance democracy to promote freedom to focus on the economic and social rights of the people of our country the rajapaksa won't go his supporters say the president's decision can't be overturned like this but i mean is this mr the rajapaksa the only person who can appoint a prime minister in terms of our course do shit is the president of the country nobody is the speaker khoury jayasuriya has previously called the president's
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decision to appoint rajapaksa a nonviolent coup d'etat and now has two prime ministers and two cabinet pollen box one the president boxes the other a which of those two institutions is the supremes power is at the heart of a constitutional crisis that's paralyzing sri lanka's politics bernard smith al-jazeera. u.s. defense secretary jim mattis is visiting his country's border with mexico where thousands of soldiers have been deployed in recent weeks they were sent on the orders of president part of a controversial mission ahead of the midterm elections nearly six thousand of them are supposed to prevent a group of asylum seekers from entering the u.s. the so-called asylum seeker caravan is slowly making its way north through mexico and speak to patty cohen in washington for so patty why is the defense secretary going to the border well the secretary told the people of reporters on the plane that he just wanted to visit the troops and he doesn't often do that but what he
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doesn't often do is let the cameras follow him pretty much everywhere and that's exactly what they did today especially into the laundry tent now the secretary was not alone he was joined by homeland security secretary cures to nielsen and reports have said the both of these cabinet members are in a very tenuous position the both could be fired within days so the skeptic but i think this is a u.s. president donald trump who spends a whole lot of time watching cable television and these pictures were splashed all over domestic cable television now there have been a lot of critics of this move including really prominent former military force star generals and they have said that this is a political stunt meant to drive up republican votes before the midterm secretary mabus responded to that question. i would refer them to the new york times and what happened in the next you could leave. here. i would just leave that to the. secretary of defense the department of homeland security. she's
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a professional for the border patrol the border professional the people responsible for the mission at one time listen to. something like this. so basically what he's saying is that the migrants were able to push through a fence on the mexican border and they don't want that to happen here in the united states there have been as i mentioned critics of this because let's just say the military is actually still on the border when this caravan makes it there's a law called posse come a tardis that means the military can't actually intervene to deal with any sort of asylum seekers or migrants they can set up fences and they can provide medical treatment and they can fly custom border pretty people from one point to the other but that is all they can actually do and there also has been criticism of this because this deployment of all could be almost seventy thousand people it is opposed and by december fifteenth and if you look at the caravan and the time they
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are making on the road walking through a country it's expected that the vast majority will be here after the troops have already left and of course there's the question of cost there are some estimates it could cost as much as two hundred twenty million dollars but the pentagon is saying we can't confirm that we'll let you know after all the money has been spent in the deployment is over thank you patty for that peco hand in washington d.c. four hundred twenty two million adults around the world suffer from diabetes that figure has almost quadrupled since one thousand nine hundred eighty according to the world health organization report on world diabetes dana tasha go name looks at how pakistan is trying to contain spiraling rates so if the disease. more than a quarter of pakistani adults are living with diabetes abu bakar al b. is one of them hot of rules diabetic. i have been diabetic since two thousand but no one can imagine that i am as i have changed my lifestyle by doing proper daily
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exercise controlled my food intake and i am feeling much better both and work in daily life. put into government statistics eighty thousand pakistanis die each year as a result of diabetes it's a chronic condition in which people either don't mean. enough insulin or are resistant to it it creates high blood sugar levels they can seriously damage the heart kidneys eyes nerves and blood vessels the government has launched an initiative aimed at preventing the disease it includes one hundred fifteen clinics that have have the rate of foot amputation a common complication people are also being encouraged to make changes to their lifestyles and that includes diet and fitness interfamily matters is. the diabetes so we need. in addition. so all of this is why.
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we need these into. the society pakistan is not the only country grappling with the prevalence of diabetes the rule health organization says since one thousand nine hundred eighty the number of adults suffering from the disease has increased to eight and a half percent of the world's population access to insulin and affordable treatment are key to reducing the estimated one point six million deaths each year. al-jazeera. much more ahead including a controversial start to the trial of one of the world's most notorious drug lords plus pressure grows on myanmar and bangladesh not to repatch muslim refugees and in sport why competitors at the women's world boxing championships are fighting to breathe that's coming up with peta stay with us we're back after the break.
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hello yes all right mates are good parts of the middle east certainly spilling out of syria a mixed area cloud of gray making its way across iraq in that huge cloud. storms now rolling across secure way that will eventually push its way into the western side of iraq on a rash or shall i say that will inevitably bring some localized flooding that is we live in a snow up towards the caucuses as we go on into were friday we'll see that wet weather becoming more focused there across a good part of kuwait western parts of iran still seeing plenty of cloud and also some rain we could also see for bit of rain and some snow there over the turkish mountains by this day twenty one celsius in beirut vibrations de la try that dry weather comes down into northern parts of saudi arabia but up towards the northeast of course where we have the heaviest the heavy downpours the big storms just around
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kuwait the northeast the far northeast of saudi arabia can expect to see some very heavy rain at times with the possibility of some flooding that cloud may well just make its way towards us here and caught up on suspect it will by last a fine and dry largely fought in try to across a good part of southern africa but some showers there from madagascar. for many years i kept my past a secret but every time violent extremism is mentioned it bothers me. how could i believe that we were superior how could i beat up all the women want to if they really had started a race war. all far would i have gone looking in the mirror to confront the past exit a witness documentary on al-jazeera. as migrants seek sanctuary on its
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shores the indian must choose rescue or deterrence. anti immigration government has allied with the libyan coast guard in an operation often at loggerheads with n.g.o.s trying to save lives of. people in power is on board with both sides rescue at sea announces iraq. yeah. you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour israel's defense
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minister avigdor lieberman has announced he is resigning over the cease fire with palestinian factions in gaza lieberman had voiced his opposition to the truce which is described as surrendering to terror britain's prime minister is trying to win approval from her divided cabinet for a draft breaks it draft deal with the e.u. negotiators from the u.k. and european union reached a framework agreement on tuesday the draft proposal needs to be approved by may's cabinet and other e.u. members. and the u.s. defense secretary jim matheson is visiting the border with mexico where thousands of troops have been deployed in recent weeks they were sent on the border on the orders of present donald trump the six thousand troops are supposed to prevent a group of asylum seekers from entering the united states. i use vice president mike pence has delivered a sharp rebuke to myanmar's leader on sun suchi about her country's treatment of its range of muslims they met at the summit of southeast asian leaders in singapore
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known as a say in where talks have been dominated by america's trade war with china when he reports. are you ready behind the smiles there is on the at the latest meeting of leaders from the association of southeast asian nations while the united states wasn't mentioned specifically it soon became clear that president donald trump america first policy on trade would be among the main issues. in. the international order is that a turning point. the existing free open rules based multilateral system which has underpin the group and stability has come under stress that's particularly true at the moment because of the trade dispute between china and the united states the tit for tat tariffs could provide some benefits for southeast asian countries if for example china move some manufacturing operations to other countries to avoid u.s. tariffs but most countries in this region are heavily reliant on exports so tend to
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thrive in an environment of free open trade donald trump says he prefers bilateral trade deals which means he's pulling in a different direction to most of the countries in singapore this week the southeast asian nations leading talks on the sixteen nation regional comprehensive economic partnership trade deal that includes china but not the united states. u.s. vice president mike pence and chinese premier league chang are in singapore but it's not clear whether they'll meet to discuss the trade dispute pains did meet with me and my as leader aung san suu kyi and gave a very public rebuke for the violence against the rigging yeah this is a tragedy that has touched the hearts of millions of. the violence and persecution. but military and vigilantes that resulted in driving seven hundred thousand right. back with. this without excuse in
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response again failed to speak out in support of the ring you're saying only that people have different views. in southeast asia malaysia's prime minister mahathir mohamad has led the criticism of me and. it made for an uncomfortable seating arrangement at the opening ceremony when hey al jazeera singapore. well joining us now here in the studio is dr annie to show who works with the european council an umbrella group of activists who lobby e.u. governments to put pressure on myanmar thank you very much for being here with us do you feel like the international community is putting around robin matchstick amish corey the thirty seven year old putting it down to taking a break from training day off. former world number two. has retired from tennis after a thirteen year career the pole said in a statement unfortunately i am no longer able to train and play the way i used to and recently my body can't live up to my expectations taking into consideration my
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health and the heavy burdens of professional tennis i have to concede that i'm not able to push my body to the limits required one twenty titles the end of year championships in singapore and reached the wimbledon final as well people in the canadian city of calgary have become the latest to say no to hosting an olympics the city held a vote to ask for backing as a candidate for the twenty six winter games over three hundred thousand votes were cast a larger turnout than expected but fifty six point four percent voted no although the vote is non-binding the city's mayor has said the defeat marks the end of the candidacy their decision leaves just two potential hosts for the twenty twenty six winter games down from an original seven but the joint bid from milan court to have financial backing from the government and stock holmesburg also hasn't got the green light from any political parties the decision will be made in june next year
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recent public votes haven't gone well over past candidates of ten plebiscites held in the last five years only oslo got a yes result but the norwegian city later withdrew its bid anyway professor jules boy coffee is the author of a book on the political history of the olympics he says that the public has become wise to the cost of hosting a games. well it certainly sends the message that people around the world are waking up to the fact that hosting the olympics isn't all it's been cracked up to be according to those i.o.c. honchos from the international olympic committee and so citizens from around the world when they get a chance to vote they tend to vote no we do not want to host the olympics the days are long gone when the international olympic committee could walk up to the podium and say that hosting the games was going to bring unicorns economic growth and maybe some rainbows as well that just doesn't fly anymore there's too much information out there about the high costs that tend to escalate through time there's too much information out there about the militarization of cities when they
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have to host the olympic games there's too much information out there about the false promises and all that this is decades in the making is coming back to haunt the international olympic committee today where on top of those problems duncan because of inside the games daughter. the winter games will simply heart a self than some of those in the winter olympics doesn't have. the cash and the public stayed at the summit games which all two hundred plus countries are involved in in some form or another for the winter olympics is confined to quite a small group of countries so the public isn't that grew i and the potential benefits are not that good and also they're very expensive to sky because you need things like a sliding center which cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build back very limited use of to it so i think that's the one of the big problems i have is the facilities costs and the return you get is quite poor really. the
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funeral of a thirteen year old thai kick boxing is taking place this wednesday as pressure mounts on the government to ban children from fighting. china died of a brain hemorrhage two days after fighting in a charity match it for one hundred seventy times since the age of eight or china and these opponents were not wearing head gear each case has reignited the debate in thailand which has more than ten thousand registered boxes under the age of fifteen the time parliament is reviewing legislation that would ban children under twelve from taking part in belts women boxes or training for the amateur world championship which begin in new delhi on thursday they're wearing surgical masks and scarves across their mouths to protect them from smog in the indian capital competition is indoors but some boxes and officials have complained that the air left a bad taste and irritated their eyes in the last few days the level of deadly particles in the air has been eight times the safe limit the smog is being caused by seasonal
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burning of crops and vehicle and industry emissions. just my nose right now if i don't know if you can hear me but my nose is like it when i grieve to be demoing but we need training site or seem to have worried but we've taken precautions that i'm very much. like that. i do feel it's the air in denmark is very different so so we did everything in the eyes and in the mouth and stuff but you know it's just that's the way it is if. twenty five million people can live here then and i think we will survive as well for melissa says he. is to return to the english premier league as manager of them saw for the london club. twenty six he is rank outsiders the italian had most recently been in charge at french club. he takes
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with the team bottom of the league with just five points from twelve matches. the training n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors return to winning ways on tuesday despite the absence of the injured steph curry and raymone green who were suspended for shouting at teammate kevin durant after the warriors lost to the l.a. clippers on monday but it didn't seem to have affected duran to lead the way against the atlanta hawks with twenty nine points one hundred ten one hundred three the final school in this one the warriors are top of the n.b.a.'s western conference. elsewhere the euston rockets rarely do to a one hundred nine ninety nine when over the denver nuggets james harden scored nineteen of these twenty two points in the second half of the game to condemn the nuggets to a fourth straight loss. to the n.h.l. where the tampa bay lightning suffered a second straight defeat they were beaten by the buffalo sabers on tuesday jeff
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skinner opening the scoring for the home side at the end of the first period. put the sabers to a head in the second. and phillies are really pulled one back for the lightning but neither team were able to score regain lighting remain top of the eastern conference atlanta division despite the difficult. it was a tough first day in candy for england in the second test against sri lanka on wednesday after winning the first taste in goal the tourists won the toss but the sri lankan bowlers all contributed before lunch leaving the english one hundred twenty four forward that interval the one player picked up four wickets for the house but just butler sixty three and sam curran sixty four out the business who reached two hundred eighty five all out the home team would not have it all their own way. was back in the have before the close of play sri lanka twenty six for one . and that's always vote for us we'll have another update again later on peter
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thank you very much for that say with us on al-jazeera we're standing by to go live to london where british prime minister teresa mayes yet again. a short statement after finishing a meeting our senior ministers to a pool of her breath said just stay with us on office here for that coverage. when i'm on line for you looking at you know wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties and that's where we're going to have long term success or if you join us on sat if you could take me around the content where would you take me you don't have the set up your experiment and for your experiment
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in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that some of our community members are going to join the global conversation on al-jazeera. it's the fust day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades a multitude of nearby and out it falsus. most hopeful gluten what it is like to be in school up to three years old war. six year old sala that was house of survived them as like the t.t.s. home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the flip past his son for the first day in school he is hopeful new friends would hope is that a company. a rite of passage preserved through the generations my cousin was laying
9:44 pm
down there until a screaming she was helpless the woman have to endorse this go through cycles of pain for what. that menai meets the women affected by a g.m. and those reshaping perceptions do you think people will abandon this event to any better than to take al-jazeera correspondent as the kind. of uncertain future for the israeli government after defense minister avigdor lieberman resigns over the cease fire in gaza. and there in taylor's is al-jazeera live from london also coming up. we will deliver praxis on the united kingdom is leaving the european union all the time.


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