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tv   The Soviet Scar  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and scoring their behavior one used to investigate china's surveillance crackdown. on al-jazeera. the top stories on al-jazeera. has won the backing of cabinet for a draft struck with the european union. step towards a final deal agreement. and parliament's for approval i firmly believe that the draft withdrawal agreement was the best that could be negotiated and it was for the cabinet to decide whether to move on in the talks the choices before us were difficult particularly in relation to the northern ireland backstop but the collective decision of cabinet was that the government should
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agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outlined political declaration this is a decisive step which enables us to move on and finalize the deal in the days ahead these decisions were not taken lightly but i believe it is a decision that is firmly in the national interest. to muslims to man ma will begin on thursday people volunteer hundreds of thousands of people fled the military crackdown in. bangladesh not to send them back warning lives would be put at risk. because parliament is meeting again one day after voting out the president's pick for prime minister politicians passed a motion to remove the newly appointed leader linda rajapaksa and his cabinet but that vote is not being recognized by him nor his supporters present my supporters or assent to spock's the current political crisis by sucking the prime minister and
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installing metroparks. pro-government forces in yemen have forced an offensive against the rebel held city forces you have the data by says a back by the saudi amrozi coalition which is throwing its weight behind another round of un led talks to end the conflicts. from neighboring. there's a law in the fighting in the port city of the but so far it seems like a unilateral ceasefire with the fighters go home farming the polls in fighting say that both sides are keeping to their positions but quickly added that they were willing to continue fighting if need be on the streets of. the u.n. ease state the minister for foreign affairs and we're going to gosh has told journalists that his government supports a cease fire. and out of town to peace talks for parties in the conflict in yemen saudi government also as part of
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a goodwill gesture before the start of peace talks agreed to lift up to fifty injured who will fight is probably to amman now we're also seeing some sort of consensus between western powers including the united states britain france and even russia to try and stop the war in the yemen some sort of assist fire that would lead to talks this time in sweden after the failure of the last round of was supposed to take place in geneva switzerland which failed because the whole thing. everyone understands too well what a civil option to the vital services of the port of the day there could do to an already daya humanitarian situation which led the united nations secretary general antonio good terrorist to warm the ports activities should not be disrupted whatsoever because it's a lifeline for up to fourteen million yemenis who need aid to survive israel's
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defense minister has resigned after his government accepted a cease fire in the gaza strip i don't need minutes calling for early elections his party will quit his ruling coalition leaving it with just a one seat majority. the remains of eight more people have been found in northern california bringing the death toll to fifty six in the state's worst ever wildfire where the one hundred people are still missing as firefighters battle to contain the blaze u.s. defense secretary james mattis has been visiting his country's border with mexico where thousands of soldiers have been deployed in recent weeks as opposed to prevent a group of asylum seekers from entering the u.s. the so-called migrant caravan is traveling north through mexico hundreds have already reached the border city of tijuana. those are your headlines out of there a correspondent is next.
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my name is tommy lamar shall not meet them i was born a citizen of the union of soviet socialist republics. the u.s.s.r. . people think that when the hammer and sickle flag came down on the kremlin in december one thousand ninety one the world changed but things are never that simple. i was too young to remember soviet rule but i have lived my whole life in its shadow.
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as a georgian i cannot forget the fact that my family members where executed in the soviet purges. as a daughter i cannot forgive the fact that the soviet system crushed my parents' aspirations. as a reporter i have witnessed wars and revolutions that are its legacy. in my own country i saw russian tanks reasserting soviet borders and axing toward land. after almost thirty years of independence the u.s.s.r. is still with us and i believe we cannot have the future until we have dealt with this passed.
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i've lived away from georgia for almost ten years. every time i come back i remember why i left because i feel that the history is weighing down on my country. and it will take many years to transform it into the country that i want to live in. the area my parents live in is dominated by soviet blocks. it's pretty great a soviet buildings were not designed to make people feel at ease. when the u.s.s.r. collapsed there was nobody to look cost of this stairwells than the entrance system out the exterior of the building so we're still in there or is in the states. unfortunately when we open the door we still step into
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a soviet world. what . every five. to seven. my mom remembers the soviet union in a very positive way she was an engineer she was empowered once we got the independence all the soviet factories just closed down there were no jobs for even men let alone women so women had to just stay home and become housewives have soem meat chick. and if it's dominant in georgia and you see oh and this is some desert . no one makes it and every time i come we nicked it i get so so
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obvious next it's from the friends so it's our version of we call it not falling on us my father is very critical of the soviet era when he graduated he ended up working for the mayor's office here and he was in charge of the sewage system. my mom she even now to think that oh you were in charge of our series. in georgia b. cook asians are always marked by a family feast and keeping. a moment. how much. the internet could be researching the well let's go morse code so goes a. when the
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a camel doubtless he is. going to go it isn't. a money machine what are. story about how do they get to me or what. sally and the. party's twenty can about it but they will live in just about it and undergo be speedy machine. their stuff they were all we can have all the same clothes to proceed and that's a. chimp to speed up that's not going to live mr cheney she was to say g.o.p. and. all of us have to. talk to around or not share some of. that. pact they were at still low lives wrong. alone never threatened and most of us. are told it's about it's years in earth's that our second if we
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have stamina said it and now they're going to shift. how is it. my old horse that scrushy did this is whisper such that. there. are farmers i'm with opera house or who said. my grandfather was born in the twenty's or he's now ninety. one we call me walter sort of an artificial. when i grill him about the soviet union it mystifies me that he doesn't feel bitter about the things it did to his family. he was only nine years old when the secret police came to their home but in eighty years the memory has not there. wasn't a mama that kind of got that out of forget him. among the most lucid and we're not
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sure new that it's time to get into a loser. shawn understand that would have us kind of said how much is true he said when he said the kind of answer as you know america manager i'm going to share it with you as you know it's reassuring to think a room from tim curley said it was the initial of three demolition i met i don't doubt she got over it all we not that i'm always down about washington. on its own but we usually most venues for its use are the times says run through just as concert your move. is archer i said didn't you listen i'm not somebody who's from very well known. who can't i'm sure i can't answer sure because that is it if you got my going through around town hall i'm going to. and then we're going to beat you to censor one. now mr. took on the. system last part of calling us out on this i'll miss out on that coming down. the
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road but i'm going to tell when. suckers are with when i'm not so. much you're only going to ninety percent in this salad citizenship. and i'm going to go into the muck and your reality kind of. you tell your family i'm in the charms of a sort of cheesy there and then i'm sure it's over. she shouted out that means. also finest how detailed their memory off the past is it struck me that my dad was still upset with the way they had to live and my mom seems to have modified her views because the more time passes. the more i guess she realizes that she believed in an illusion. i feel sad that they have to
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endure. the difficult times here. when. i would get scared if i if i had to bring out the children in good times oh for a change when your country has to be rebuilt again after two hundred years so folks ok patient first by the russian empire and then the soviet union. in one thousand eight hundred nine this was the parliament building and people
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gathered here in dish thousands to protest weeks against the roof moscow. the georgian police who is overseeing the protests but actually it was the russian special forces who cracked down on them on april ninth in the middle of the night and killed twenty people mostly women. they just chased them. down in l.a. waste and some people like in the stairwell so where they were hiding where just battered and killed. i was not even two years old when april nine events happened. my parents and my relatives they describe it. as. the biggest trustee committed by the soviet union in their lifetime. we still remember it and
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it still defines how we view soviet union and now russia. exactly seven months later the berlin wall fell. this is what the world remembers not our protesters who were killed and honestly and deliberately under the cover of darkness and. please please please please this is my room i can please you to match don't is a photographer who covered to build up to the ninth of april my past is collected in negatives not only in files i mean digital but the real negatives which was not present when the soviet army attacked but he took a picture in the days that followed that has become a symbol of our resistance to the soviet union it was shot from top you know what
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about the protesters did they realize what they were doing the protesters were from seventeen through twenty five mainly all youngsters but i mean there's a ninety percent live on there is only girls or because there were some kind of show they are part of this had been sort of sure it was a criminal act for people who were going to as they were seen to have a. result like this it was a. size of power. this woman was not. just one but as. you know never say just because she's a young but good intentions with the rule to the hill sometimes and you know this it happened doesn't moscow or as an apology for sending in special forces then nobody wanted to kill somebody you know this is a all died in stampede or twenty ladies died but due to the us speaks you no one has ever hit them but they were wounded but there were no killings but if you want
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to live now in the soviet union if you want to have a good soviet union i don't know hearts to imagine soviet union as a place where a person would be happy oh my god don't like good people they're so happy i remember mine with my own eyes your brain a bush it been a six hour we're really right but the countries that went towards western values developed better the countries that stuck to the ideology of russia and soviet union what's wrong with that i should we have two hundred years under russia and we have will put the parents in the unhappiness oh my good said she your point of view please keep this point if you really are why do you ask me and not skills or why so what i am asking otherwise because it's a broke idea it was history of our country our beloved country georgia so if you want to expels these pages of history from your mind to offer your history that
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means you are doing very well wrong think you know because if you are expelling your past if you demolished your past you will never have a future. but i felt angry because moscow had an opportunity and these protests because. i feel very patriotic and i think that it was unfair that russia was there was making decisions for us and he doesn't recognize. that russia owes us an apology i think that russia owes an apology for sending in troops a crackdown on people who did nothing wrong nothing wrong. u.t. and my parents lived through turbulent times followed the end of soviet rule. georgia
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today is far from perfect but it has come a long way since one nine hundred eighty nine and it seems inconceivable that people could still miss such a repressed and repressive past. in theory this occupation ended thirty years ago. in practice the occupation continues. i've never been here before and somehow nobody ever mentions this building and every time i traveled outside the city i saw you then i always wonder what it is. we tried to shut our minds to the existence of the soviet mournin some buildings
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but the reality is they still dominated our lives as there were meant to. be squashed on the hillsides of our towns and cities as if it waiting the return of their soviet masters. to give you the earring impression that our world is this temporary one and it is the soviet one bed use permanent. but most of all it's the block's row after row street after street perhaps it seems strange if you have never lived in one but it is these blocks that have left the d.p. scar on me. this block is quite elaborate. is an expert architecture he has publicly supported the preservation of these buildings. quite spacious yanks better think.
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about it with the rest of your own needs color and. we're going operated on the right or. it was. already in the nineties when the u.s.s.r. collapsed so there was no one of them to run the government to to manage the building. we were on the bridge. so. i grew up in one of the buildings that was built in the seventy's during the soviet union and i wrong that i'm dreaming about the time when this buildings will be demolished is it fair to say let's just raises this painful history. you know i don't
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think it's right and i don't think it's possible first of four buildings they are just buildings you know the room of the buildings which keep their memory of tragedy our monuments like concentration camps in germany are kept in order to be reminded you know about the history of government buildings and of the more new meant they seem to inspire or to. they want to just scare people like are what the what did they want to do you know of course one of the means to show the power of the state has always been architecture it was always there mean to show your own people. they are small they are all the oh and they should be afraid of the state to tell your people that we are great.
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in georgia our monolithic architecture is not the only permanent reminder of the soviet union. the man who ruled in moscow from one thousand nine hundred four to nine hundred fifty three was not the russian but george just most famous son. joseph stalin in. gori east on his hometown. it's still celebrates his birthday and at its heart it hosts george just off the shore style newseum. outside the museum his parents' home has been preserved so we can see his humble beginnings. when you enter you face styling and it makes you look up and admire him it's
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designed that way it makes you feel like he's great and he must be respected while most child you are least able to negotiate it off to it so i'm going to stop you from. bookies. well as deciding to rest up a lone member i'm going to. find ever saw one someone tell you sorry i'm never gonna. look something remarkable that's iraq from the big guy. the same premise i don't hate libs are that i've been on brokaw and earlier. i thought maybe he was doomed to repeat with the mugger and she'll be mine smoked by the british when we are quiet because the children grab them by graham. interval. with cigarettes. are out but i got sick i'm sad going subverts especially where you want graham morality of mines relating to say it's about oil smithsonian request remember.
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gandhi did this to sharon i don't need can be a bus train wreck our lives are very. good i pack they discuss the factory i go much about this and i look all the gear much cheaper gear what i want this i realize i used. to be cultured and oh i see how few minutes how it is so not to release dire maul to suck up to go she whom we're about graham partly a story or. opportunity in the period when the appreciation which horribly burned that's what your own. just coated question best of everything. even if its curator says it's not trying to do so the museum still seems to be glorifying starting. it's ninety nine percent about the
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greatness of stalin and somewhere hidden is the one percent about how cruel he was and how many people he killed. they make you circle around his death must the same we do at funerals. they make you mourn him they make you take part in his death ritual. even this room like you come in and he feels that his press like he is feel here is dead and should be sorry for it. i cannot help but feel how deeply scarred we are by our past we live in a country dominated by soviet more newmans and icons but we still try to ignore what really happened here unfortunately escaping your past is not that easy.
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senator robert kennedy was assassinated in june one thousand nine hundred sixty eight sir hand search is still serving a life sentence for his murder but there have been calls for decades for the case to be reopened including from robert kennedy jr. all the evidence was destroyed after the trial they had a legal obligation to save the evidence because sir hand was going to file an appeal al-jazeera world asks who killed robert kennedy. it's the first day of school in bubble elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades and mortars at nearby air out that falsus. most helpful guten what it is like to be in school up to three years what war. six year old does has of survived an ass like home and almost wiped
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out his entire family he now lives in the public destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the prepares his son for the first day in school is hopeful making new friends would help is a company. that i get my mark on him doha these the top stories on al-jazeera but if i miss the trees i'm a has won the backing of a cabinet for a drop bricks at dale struck with the european union and decisive step towards a final dail agreement will now have by three you k. and e.u. paul amounts for approval. i firmly believe that the draft withdrawal agreement was the best that could be negotiated and it was for the cabinet to decide whether to move on in the talks the choices before us were difficult particularly in relation to the northern ireland backstop but the collective decision of cabinet was that
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the government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outlined political declaration this is a decisive step which enables us to move forward and finalize the deal in the days ahead. these decisions were not taken lightly but i believe it is a decision that is firmly in the national interest bangladesh says repatriation of some range of muslims to miramar will begin on thursday if people volunteer hundreds of thousands of people fled violence during a military crackdown in iraq and say last year the u.n. is urging bangladesh not to send them back warning lives would be put at serious risk. trying to parliament is meeting again one day after voting out the president elect for prime minister or additions passed a motion to remove the newly appointed leader man director praxair and his cabinet that vote is not being recognized by him nor his supporters as a microprocessor a center sparks the current political crisis by sacking the prime minister and
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installing rajapaksa. pro-government forces in yemen have paused an offensive against the rebel held port city of her data the fighters are backed by the saudi amorality coalition which has thrown its weight behind another round of un led talks to end the conflict or data is the main entry point for most food and aid into yemen. and u.s. defense secretary james mattis has been visiting his country's border with mexico where thousands of soldiers have been deployed in recent weeks supposed to prevent a group of asylum seekers from entering the u.s. and so-called migrant caravan is traveling north through banks to go and hundreds serve already reached the border city of tail. those are your headlines let's get you back now to al-jazeera correspondent.
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if you look down on to police you will see a european capital. ancient city walls and orthodox churches mingling with the glass and steel structures of a modern state. mother georgia looking out over her people sword for any means a cup of wine for her friends. the reality is very different georgia had the misfortune to sit at the axis of empires and we were seldom strong enough to resist our powerful neighbors. for the last two hundred years these invaders have come from the north first the russian empire and then the soviet one.
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behind these ones grandfather sod's the soviet terror operatives snow as the cheka began. a few georgians want to engage with this history and it is slowly being raised by indifference and decay. solve that is an organization that is trying to preserve these sites or at least document them before they disappear you know is a check oh yes it's a mango and from here or toss a prisoner stressed out and and so there was a interrogation and also there was a space and there was this fresh prawn completely dark and without them but on which was. face for say torture is the blood this time was nine twenty four in august entire so it uprising started and so without or just shots
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a part of the car prison there says every ranch in all of georgia yes i'm going for . hours and her son was killed during say swan week twenty eight total guests stray of september into the. way. the song we are now in the basement of said it's a. prison cell it was a place for say no must or char sometime killing off and would be like us who provides from the assault on us yes it's time and place on thought we think it's origin not on when the first time meant this room this world was created and on say world you can find say inscription say prison or we're sitting here in ninety twenties and ninety's. and do people actually know now what the story of this
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building generally our society absolute think doesn't. kind of thing that. i think we actively avoid dealing with our past. this has always been the mindset of my parents' generation. they were born into and soviet union which was against people asking questions and curiosity go to into trouble. even though the u.s.s.r. collapsed their mindset hasn't changed. in two thousand and four the ministry of the interior opened the checker and k.g.b.
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files to the public. but neither my parents nor my grandfather have come here to find out what happened to his grandfather in one nine hundred thirty seven. like so many georgians their anxiety is that someone they knew perhaps even a family member might have been involved. call me as a sign that it's like they were that. mild but. that is always such a machine to those you don't need me to sort through. the documents are all in russia and. if you don't know this. is the engineering local it's not all everyone has. done the same day. which. we just found
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a document so my father's great grandfather. was in the us so hussein son was a sentence on the twenty sixth of october nineteenth thirty seven. band he was executed on the twenty nine seventy seven to something people he was executed as number thirty one. and. he was executed but to me but my grand father thought that he was actually taken to tbilisi for execution so they have no idea what happened but it doesn't say why he was killed what had to do to deserve death. well now we are going to have a bigger document that says like the has all the details about his case. now your felicitous most of them did local new. york.
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he was accused of plotting. the song protest an action against the government but good cheer don't tie gun nuts in the. shooting. scot see your vote a little color should. be tryna be so. good to leave almost just. because there was an almost. done this in this year one thousand nine hundred thirty thousand cuts then thousand people were executed by the soviet interior ministry so there were very busy killing people me. that's why they called this period great terror period of great terror. it has been eighteen years since my grandfather's
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grandfather was killed but i think that finding the truth still matters i feel it helps us to understand why and how we were controlled as a country. heavily the comment there was sort of a kind of oh i don't know. oh really and it was you know chancellor of the challenger. in order to move. as. it really shouted at all one at bottom she mobius but. more generous you know the truth now that i'm the tardy side is from the part of the ivy. i don't talk. about i'm not oh so cool like you know it all people like you almost a chapter about survival well i'm told though that. out of.
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all the important you. know how to look for that matter you know this. but i live in a god that really don't want to miss. what it was the only thing you got was your arm all over the house. but bob there was that one. of. the girls who then i showed her the horrors. that ensued. the time or evil. and there but oh. well. i mean those are. also.
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i feel it weight has been lifted for my family we have taken back our memory from the soviets but there are parts of the soviet legacy that i fear will never be within our control in august two thousand and eight i was traveling from tbilisi when all of a sudden carse came to a standstill. when we started to see the georgian military rushing in the same direction as on its own was like what could be happening it was so scary we turned on the radio and found out that war broke out on the border with russia the russian tanks were rolling from the south the said directly way region to tbilisi they were on the edge off invading the capital of georgia. the coasts unbelievable.
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russia claim to be supporting south assented independence but sided with georgia holding a vote on joining nato a clear challenge to russian power. this is one of the villages that is closest to. the divide between south so said georgia proper i feel that i have to be very cautious because i have heard many stories. of people being picked up by the russian military just because to go too close to the barbed wires . i just like of all the other georgians the thing. it's part of our country so it's a little strange. being kept out of their territory. to cross into georgia but very few georgians the way at least.
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twins of with tool available to go with us about. the reason for it will be tommy love. so he says. he needs. the approval of his boss to lead us through for security reasons the car is going to escort us to and from so that we're safe. the feeling that you get is so mixed off anger and fear that you're approaching a hostile place but it's actually your own country. there are blacks. i was only allowed a couple of minutes at the border and your presence here soon draws attention.
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to weeks after the war russia recognized south a certain independence. twenty percent of our land was occupied and next by russia . barbed wire started appearing in villages that border their breakaway regions the villages split into the residents about how this house might be related if a person dies on the other side these residents have to spend weeks to get permits and go over there. so it makes people's lives very difficult. controlled by the soviet union controlled by russia are for me indistinguishable. the order still come from moscow.
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in georgia we may have free. now selves from soviet fool but we seem incapable of freeing ourselves from the soviet mindset. perhaps this is because the soviets infiltrated our georgian identity so completely. this memorial the chronicle of georgia just outside to be d.c. depicts heroic moments from our long history. emotionally as a georgian. i am still caught up in the power of its imagery. but it is in one human sanctioned by the soviet state. it was built to make us believe we were free when we were not.
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sometimes you have to look elsewhere for answers to your own problems there is another country that was ruled from moscow and at the same time had to come to terms with its own troubled past. berlin was the capital of germany during the rule off one of the twentieth century's other murderous totalitarian movements the nats. of germany's defeat in one thousand nine hundred five printing was split in half at the brandenburg gate. east germany was never officially a soviet state but it took its orders from moscow and brilliance bombed out streets
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where an ideal setting for stalin to express his architectural drawings. the soviets did not scar germany in quite the same way as they did my country but the nazis did. some of their buildings have been preserved but the symbols have been almost entirely erased. in east berlin the air ministry became the headquarters of the soviet military and then the east german state. this was because where we moved they were soon replaced with another form of iconography. for me as a former soviet subject this seems like swapping one tyranny for another.
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but this is not the prevailing view in germany. you. the soviet occupation is few differently here i would say that in germany we have that culture of respect so we are still using even buildings from the nazi time so from an intellectual point of view if you reach this point that you can divides the building its construction and its design from the content and its political ideas you can find a new function for the building but you should somehow documents its history i want to those people who like feel angry ex buildings do you think that the young people here would agree with you. you know the young to the youngest generation. called them the wall is something which is an experience of the parents of the grandparents so it's quite far away that the should be aware that the socialist
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time was a time of repressions and today we might use those ridiculous from the nazi time off from the from the socialist time to educate the young generation to show them what kind of freedom they can lift today. germany has shown that these painful memories of the past need to be acknowledged. the holocaust memorial sits in the heart of burning and leaves the visitor in no doubt as to what happened here. the generation responsible for the war have all but disappeared. germany still remembers the terrible price of under strain nationalism. i wonder if this is the lesson that can only be learned to defeat.
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soviet berlin's most symbolic structure was the wall built in one thousand. sixty one in response to mass defections from east germany when the wall fell and fiction was preserved and artists from east and west where commissioned to painted the stadium. to be of the muslim and most school based artist was one of them. because i still like a stylish good personal read. apollo's new book the new exhibit still boardrooms in bruges is the church where you do not probably let me post that that meeting will follow the way you should avoid the main the third of the. many russians like irina moved to germany after one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. there are no clear figures but if you estimated that over
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a million became germans. at to understand the buster oil. is the us postal. service to say you will not want to deal with the nuance of. my outlook and your shots and you would. not last but you would. be stupid she would be the most the dumbest of them to decide who would she would just go in there with this in the middle of the deal if it was then when the grain. call on you. will do so will do the spears washes over the knee of the gun with. a group we didn't use in the budget. but just this is. the one who was it was it ever since
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triple dollars. brushwood for the first time in that there's a part of the bills that you. move. through. the last. it in us attitude both to the wall and to the soviet union are for me those of the colonizers. the soviet union never stopped trying to sell itself as a union of but it never was. berlin is home to many hundreds of thousands of russians. every year on the ninth of may they come to trump tower park in berlin to celebrate soviet victory day. after two thousand and three we stopped celebrating the ninth me and i'm very happy
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about it because it was not georgia swore it was a war the georgia second france a lot for but we would not be in this war if we were not occupied by the soviet union. overhearing their conversations and the things they're saying to their children is suggesting that for them this is more than liberating germans they're making it seem like it's russia stichter. this is for them an opportunity to express their imperialistic dreams. they're still dreaming about a time when russia was so powerful that it could come all the way to berlin. the most uncomfortable thing for me is to witness the bikers known as the ninth
9:55 am
wolves. they stand for everything i think should be condemned the occupation in ukraine the annexation of crimea and the continued occupation of georgia and seeing them celebrate. victory day was like they were promoting the imperial ideal soft russia. i feel that the victorious atmosphere that was there was distasteful for me it's like dancing on the grave of an enemy you killed like but it's really not necessary and i'm really happy that the georgia flag is not here it's just the russian flag and soviet flags. how do we deal with the scars of far past we cannot erase them i accept that but i don't think you should celebrate them either.
9:56 am
finding out about what really happened to my family has helped my grandpa my parents and me. but watching the russian triumphalism here today makes me realize how unlikely it is that my country will ever be truly free. and without that freedom it's hard for me to see how our scarse can ever fade. a rite of passage preserved through the generations my cousin was laying down there until a screaming she was helpless the woman who after endorses goes through cycles of pain for that menai meets the women affected by s.g.m. and those reshaping perception this ng people will abandon this thread about to do
9:57 am
is take al-jazeera correspondent the con. you know. where every. hello there were so a fair amount of unsettled weather across the middle east at the moment if you look at the satellite picture we can see that one system is making its way in from the mediterranean there and then sweeping up northwards and that's giving us a fair amount of wintery weather as well a move that as we had three thursday we've also got another weather system further
9:58 am
south that's making its way up from the arabian peninsula and through kuwait and into parts of iran it's a ran on thursday and friday where i think we're going to see some of the heaviest of the rains in this area and it really will be very wet they could well be some disruption here so if the towards the south and you can see a good deal of cloud over parts of saudi arabia also over bahrain as well there will be some wet weather at times but i think here in doha we should avoid the majority of it so that she too will be some instead a little bit more in the way of town should be with us on friday as that system slowly sinks its way southwards but again the majority of the rain will be over parts of southwest iran elsewhere to the south of all of that should be fine enjoy where the top temperature of thirty degrees down to was the southern parts of africa we still got quite a few showers around parts of madagascar and we can expect quite a few more as well as we had three thursday and friday some of the showers roll the heavy elsewhere then looking largely fine and dry force twenty six in durban but quite as will make a turn at twenty. it
9:59 am
is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and need sheets off rational you know. that's not insignificant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically the insignificant evil is a crime against a. very significant by dictating big government if the fucked up policy shalt not kill part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera. history has called it the great in the final episode the two sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come world
10:00 am
war one through our body's own knowledge is in. bangladesh prepares to repaginate on hand to refugees but is finding few volunteers we talked to refugees who say they're simply too afraid to go back to myanmar. fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up political chaos in sri lanka as the constitutional crisis brings politicians to blows and the suspension of parliament. israel's prime minister under pressure day after his defense minister said.


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