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when you're watching all jews there are a lot of my headquarters here in doha are also coming up an embattled prime minister to resume a draft deal to resignations by two british cabinet ministers. and al jazeera bring an exclusive report on russian forces training the army of the central african republic in a forgotten conflict. welcome to the program u.s. senators are proposing sanctions on saudi arabia of the murder of journalists and their war in yemen if it becomes law it will block arms sales and prevent saudi warplanes from refueling at u.s. bases the bill has been supported from members of both democratic and republican parties as john mccann our correspondent in washington d.c. i mean this is just news breaking in the last hour or so mike that really just the
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pressure on the white house that such a bipartisan approach could really make president trump relationship with saudi arabia much more difficult. indeed yes this has been brewing for months in the senate and possibly even before the murder of jamal khashoggi the senate had been deeply concerned about the war in yemen and particularly the us as role in that particular war so there had been moves for a long period of time to take this sort of action but what has happened with the murder of jamal khashoggi is that there has been a degree of unity achieved seldom seen in the senate a degree of anger too seldom seen in the senate hence you've got in the course of this day what is called the comprehensive saudi arabia accountability and yemen act now this conflates both the situation in yemen on the one hand and the u.s. role in that and the murder of jamal khashoggi insisting on punitive sanctions meaning the suspension of arms deals with saudi arabia as
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a punishment for both the saudi involvement in yemen and the murder of john jamal khashoggi now this saucily a strong challenge to president trump to take further action president trump has been very clear he doesn't want to take any form of economic action against saudi arabia in particular weapons sales to saudi arabia so certainly this down the road could lead to a showdown between the president and congress and that's just one side of the story we've also seen in the last twenty four hours the sanctions that the u.s. is now placed on those it believes were involved in the murder which backs up really the statements coming out of rio but it's not enough even for those members or those lawmakers in the u.s. as well as turkey. well once again we've heard in congress completely bipartisan position on this the sanctions introduced by treasury department have
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been welcomed in fact it was the senate that invoked the magnitsky act in terms of which the sanctions are being imposed but the common thing we've heard from congress and particularly in the senate in the course of the day is that these sanctions simply do not go far enough and importantly a number of senators have insisted that the crown prince himself should be included in the list of those subject to the sanctions that the u.s. has just announced once again this is coming from both that republican senators and democrat senator so certainly the mood in congress very angry and certainly the demand that the crown prince be held responsible is something once again that will be a test for president trump of course has this playing out on the domestic front in the u.s. market because obviously as the rhetoric ramps up about saudi arabia some lawmakers of course alluding to history of course nine eleven where large number of the perpetrators of that act were saudi nationals though it wasn't state sponsored
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there is obviously that shadow that lurks over the arab kingdom when it comes to one of the world's most horrendous terror events. well indeed yes and many do remember that and one must remember too that relatives of those who died in nine eleven sought to legislation to be able to bring action against the saudi authorities for the involvement of saudi nationals in that attack however the attempts to possibly just lation in congress with vetoed by president obama at the time which raise great anger in congress and great anger among many in the public who believe that president obama was simply pushing aside the rights of families whose loved ones had died in the attacks in the interests of retaining a relationship with saudi arabia come now to president trump we've got exactly the same scenario going on president trump making very clear he values the relationship
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with saudi arabia he sees the leadership of saudi arabia as friendly to the united states and importantly he sees them as vital to his long term strategic goals within the region both regard to iran and the middle east peace initiative which he keeps on saying he will introduce at some stage so we're seeing here a mirror of what has been happening in a way both under the obama administration now under president trump the difference in this particular case though is that congress has been absolutely galvanized there had been deep concern about yemen in the past but the murder of jamal khashoggi has concentrated the minds of those in congress both on the hill and in the house so certainly what we are going to see is an ongoing ramping up of pressure on the trumpet ministration to take something more tangible action than merely the imposition of sanctions on seventeen individuals we're seeing it already
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with this bill that's been introduced in the senate bill for them and we'll leave it there mark schools and follow events with you as the day progresses thank you. saudi officials are seeking the death penalty for five suspects charged in the murder of the journalist but their announcement was almost immediately dismissed as inadequate by turkish officials under simmons has more from istanbul. saudi arabia's prosecution spokesman announcing the death penalty is being sought for five out of twenty one man now indicted for the killing of jamal khashoggi they're not named and the account of what happened once again differs from what turkish prosecutors say they found so far i met also you know to do with jerry in the war in iraq what it was a brawl fighting and injecting him with a large dose of a citizen of substance that caused his death the person who ordered this crime was arrested with another four operatives and it was a total of five the body our through his death was dismembered and transported outside the consulate building those five people took the remains out the person
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who delivered the body to the contractor was a single person a sketch of the contract that was drafted based on the description given by the person who handed over the remains the new saudi version of events repeats the assertion that it was some sort of extraction operation ordered by akhmed alice siri the former deputy intelligence chief no one higher than that there was a clear denial that crown prince mohammed bin sound man was in any way involved the saudi prosecution say the team was tasked to bring kushal ji back to saudi arabia willingly or by force and they say the leader of the team took it upon himself to actually carry out the murder the turkish ruling party says the whole account of events is a cover up turkey's foreign minister is more diplomatic but also dismissive. yeah it's we have said before this was
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a premeditated murder and also as we know the remains of the person were kept to pieces and the prosecutor has meachem this we already knew this but the dismemberment of the body was not a spontaneous event certain individuals and devices were brought here to this country in advance the fifteen people who came to turkey should be tried in accordance with turkish law because according to the the you know convention the turkish law as epoca in this case even if the murder took place and the saudi consulate in istanbul. saudi foreign minister. says criticisms of his country's investigation are unfair there's a perception of innocence until proven guilty this presumption for a strange reason has been turned upside down in this case if people don't think that we are serious about taking steps legal steps against people implicated in this matter then they should wait until the legal process plays out before rushing
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to judgment but. on friday there are two significant events absentee funeral prayers will be held around the world for come out. and for the first time his family will receive condolences at their home in jeddah and acknowledgment of not only his death but the body will never be returned andrew simmons al-jazeera is stumble all the saudi are articulations says it's order vapors in the offensive against the rebels in yemen's main port city of the data but the iran backed rebels have denied that hostilities offended saying as strikes in and around the city are continuing the un has warned of a humanitarian catastrophe of the poor sustains heavy damage is the main entry point for the majority of food and aid into yemen saudi arabia's western allies including the u.s. are pushing for a cease fire ahead of another round of un led talks but a minute ago has more from neighboring djibouti. the clashes happened in the
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suburbs off to haiti to solve but they them about a few kilometers away from the airport it was said to be. on the positions of pro-government fighters who have been receiving reinforcements overnight and these shelters a forty eight hour lull in the fighting in those must've bottles you saw in the past told days and people have been given a rest for about forty eight hours before these recent clashes and this happens there are talks of peace talks resuming this time in sweden the so the lead coalition has confirmed that they have told their allies in yemen to stop targeting positions on the fighting and as we go forward in the preparations of these talks will see more clashes like least. both sides tech to try to take more territory and come to the talks on a position of strength. or treason is standing firm as politicians from her
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conservative party lost a bid to remove her as the british prime minister it's in response to her draft of all steel to withdraw britain from the european union hardliners say the deal makes too many concessions to the e.u. violates u.k. sovereignty by trees you know the law in differently from england scotland and wales should hold reports from london a prime minister in battled on multiple fronts but one determined to keep fighting i believe with every fiber of my being that the course i have set out is the right one for our country and all our people. by the media she was asked if she was in denial about the chances of her breaks a deal success you're in office but not in power said one journalist if there is a leadership contest will you contest it asked another swing and there was little support to be found in parliament broken promises failed to go see asians and
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abject capitulation to the e.u. it is therefore mathematically impossible to get this deal through the house of commons if the choice is like clear we stand up for the united kingdom the whole of the united kingdom the integrity of the united kingdom or we vote for our vassal with the breakup of the united are your right to try. to resume a says she's doing her job and she believes she's doing the right thing for the country draft brigs a deal she insists protects jobs and gives the nation back control of its laws of its money and of its borders the alternative she warned leaving the e.u. with no deal is a part of deep and grave uncertainty but among those who resigned on thursday including two cabinet ministers and those who oppose the prime minister and her deal on the right of the conservative party there may soon be sufficient numbers to launch a leadership contest. will go in but i'm not getting
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a timeframe what we need is a. third of the european union it is impossible to divide up the united kingdom it is impossible to agree to a situation where we have a perpetual customs union it is impossible to pay thirty nine billion pounds of taxpayers' money for a few promises for now to resume a carries on and her briggs's deal in theory at least moves to brussels next week with the approval of e.u. leaders it's survival though and indeed hers are not assured jonah hill al-jazeera london. well still ahead here on al-jazeera staying where they are but holds the repatriation of bringing you the cheese to be more. protests and u.s. regulators targeting cigarettes altering restrictions on brands that target young people but stories after the break.
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by the skyline of ancient harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello there we've got lots of rain over parts of china at the moment in fact all my charts over the next few days as a good swathe of blues here indicating where that wet weather is likely to be on the docket is indicating where it's likely to be heaviest so plenty more in the way of heavy downpours as we head through into saturday to the northern edge of that where is just about cold enough we will see some of that wet weather heading to snow for the south a good deal of cloud there over the philippines but nothing too heavy rain wise it's like the wetter weather would just be in the southern parts there and they gradually drifting their way towards the west in fact watch this area of cloud here because that seems to be developing into an area of low pressure and edging its way towards the sort of parts of viet nam so for friday not too much in the way of wet weather ahead but then the rain begins to increase as we head through saturday on sunday really does look very very wet for some of us here further south just the
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usual showers for many of us and those are stretching all the way up into parts of thailand as you would expect now over towards india is in the south about the most active weather thanks to our tropical cyclone here it is just before it made landfall and now it's running its way towards the west over land of course it's lost the energy source it's lost its winds so that means we just got the rain to deal with will be incredibly wet to here as we head through friday and saturday. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. for many years i kept my past the secrets. every time violent extremism is mentioned it bothers me. how could i believe that we were subpoenaed here how could i beat up other women what if they really had started a race war. our farm would i have gone. looking in the mirror to confront the past x eight a witness documentary on al-jazeera. welcome
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back you're watching the al-jazeera news arms the whole robin these are top stories u.s. senators are proposing a sells to saudi arabia of the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi of the war in the bill has been supported from members of both the democratic and republican parties. saudi arabia is seeking the death penalty for five suspects charged with the murder eleven people have been charged in the investigation thanks for the fall short of expectations of what suspects to be extradited and tried in turkey. british prime minister treason may is starting first as politicians for
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conservative party launched a bit to remove her from office as a response to her draft divorce bill to withdraw britain from the european union backed by the said the deal makes too many concessions to the e.u. . into south asia where bangladesh says its plan to begin repatriation of ring of refugees is on hold after officials couldn't find anyone willing to return to me and in one refugee camp thousands of ringgit gather to protest until world just how dangerous a prospect repatriation is for them june reports. driven by outrage and spanning generations the real hinge of demonstrators gathered demanding justice and reminding the world just how much they suffered at the hands of me in mars' military. may we're going to young women were raped even children were killed in front of their mothers children were slaughters my son was killed and so was my husband. on the very day
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a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable. if you don't like it wes so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back ten and the day after tomorrow they'll send back twenty despite repeated calls from the united nations and numerous human rights groups not to begin implementing the plan it was unclear during most of thursday what bangladesh's government would decide emotions are of course running high these are hindu refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to me and mark where horrific atrocities were committed against them and we must remember that the rangers are among the most persecuted minorities in the world. at one point the refugee relief and repatriation commission in bangladesh said it would help any refugee who wanted to return to me and more we are completely rady for the
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petition to proceed as planned so everything is said about listicle and other facilities are in place in camp twenty two lake police of the earth to deceive any if we see ordering go people who make come out while entirely to depart to the eight hours later though a delay to the plan was announced. the reason none of the refugees on the repatriation list were willing to go back. at the protest refugees told us what they feel they most deserve earlier if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own none are returning at least for now which means even more uncertainty for around three quarters of a million refugees whose lives are already very much in limbo. damage and disease
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at the put on refugee camp in cox's bazaar on the day. thirty police officers have been killed by a taliban attack in eastern afghanistan the district police commander was amongst those who died on wednesday night's raid on the police outpost in farah province at least seventeen taliban fighters were killed in retaliatory air strikes as they fled with large amounts of weapons and a mission. saying in the region chaos is very close in sri lanka's parliament after the speaker declared the country has no functioning prime minister or cabinet in souls and objects were thrown around the hill some of the deepening political crisis the recently appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa is calling for a general election bernard smith has more from colombo and. the battle for control of sri lanka has turned physically a little been thrown at the speaker of parliament along with many insults. of the karo jayasuriya provoked the fury of some m.p.'s by saying sri lanka has no
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prime minister or cabinet following wednesday's vote of no confidence in mahinda rajapaksa on thursday former president appointed three weeks ago defied the speaker by giving a speech anyway. is it time to easily as you office after bypassing parliament and being sworn in by his successor president might with policy resign or is failing so there's a new tactic. we want the election general election two years before one is june as soon as. we have to go about election or something then i was going to have a lot i mean is the best way to sort all of this out just to have an election yes definitely there's going either way the man the president fired says he's still prime minister who's in charge of running away from a singer supporters say it's time to take to the streets we are organizing mass protest and people's movement against these undemocratic unposed and illegal
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mission by president might be by the c.d.c. and the corporate crime is good idea with the speaker losing control of parliament and government paralyzed some civil servants are privately saying they don't know who's in charge and who can sign off on deals and projects all this political instability is heating lanka's economy there are more than four billion u.s. dollars in foreign loans due to be repaid next year for sure lanka's rupee if it is lowest level ever against the dollar as investors withdraw foreign exchange burnitz made on his era and parliament ethiopia's former deputy intelligence chief has been arrested as part of a corruption by the new government prime minister with a promise to weed out corrupt officials when he came to power in april since monday more than sixty top army police and security personnel have been arrested some are being accused of being behind a grenade attack all of them with in june. the u.n.
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has extend the mandate for its peacekeeping mission in central african republic for another month while security council members negotiate whether to prolong the deployment friends has presented a draft resolution that takes aim at recent russian efforts to negotiate peace deals in the cia our moscow has been sending military trainers and equipment to the government and nicholas has been granted unprecedented access to them. deep in the jungle on the grounds of the banned in palace of africa's last emperor. a russian operation is under way. massed russian fighters somewhere in ukraine others in syria or chechnya. now there in the central african republic training an army that has lost control of the country. they call the store danielle x. has ties blood to me or not his real name says discipline is one of the problems sectarian violence fueled by militia groups has divided muslims and christians the russians
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are training men who once fought each other to unite for a government too weak to secure its own borders. sanctioned by u.n. arms embargo the army's ill equipped at the requests or president ouattara the security council approved imports of russian weapons last december now they are providing both arms and training launching an ambush on a building they call this the storms daniel exercise. in a few short weeks they'll do this with live ammunition to put the soldiers under stress. now they go through scenarios like this on a daily basis trying to prepare me soldiers to deal with real life events so that the government here can regain control of the country. here to help is valerie's ahead of the new special adviser to the president dispatched by moscow well the
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u.n. backed african union initiative has stalled russia together with sudan is trying to broker a peace deal between the fourteen active militia groups. or. the i'm here is to avoid a blood she'd so i've traveled the country and meet with various rebel leaders to get them around the table. in july three russian journalists were killed in car they claimed these russian instructors are in fact mercenaries working for a private security company called wagner's which has close ties to the crowd and. so how tough denies these claims that i was about what wagner this is just an urban legend these are russian reservists nothing more than. wherever they are twenty seven years after the fall of the soviet union the russians are stepping back in the heart of africa at a time when the west and notably france the former colonial powers retreating. with more weapons and instructors on the way this may be just the beginning nicholas
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hawk al-jazeera baringo the central african republic. since an argentine navy submarine with forty four crew members on board went missing in the self atlantic ocean and sea search involving thirteen countries turned up nothing so it's still unclear what happened ceremonies are being held to all of the sailors but relatives of those who died are protesting demanding the government provide answers hundreds of central american migrants traveling in a caravan have reached the u.s. border the asylum seekers gathered the wall there the mexican city of tijuana where they were closely watched by border guards who were supported by u.s. marines on wednesday u.s. defense secretary james mattis met some of the six thousand troops the president said to the border before the midterm elections. health authorities in the united states avoided restrictions on sales of east cigarettes targeting young smokers the
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proposals follow a seventy eight percent single year surge invading amongst young people castro as the story. the u.s. surgeon general reports that for each and jolt who dies from smoking in america two teens or young adults become new smokers that's why despite a decade's long anti-tobacco campaign aimed at young people three million high school students and six hundred thousand middle school students are now smoking in the u.s. and isa gretz are hugely popular feel like have them in their jackets like well hold on not just in like in class and things like by us law makes smoking or they think illegal for anyone under age eight get the most popular brand new cigarettes jewel is available in most convenient stores at least three within walking distance of this d.c. high school perry called the i phone of e. cigarettes jewels are shaped like
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a flash drive but each one has the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes the five main chemicals that we found are either shown to be cancer causing or thought to be cancer causing either in humans or animals dr mark rubenstein at the university of california san francisco was the first to study chemical levels in kids who said they use easy gretz we don't know that these kids will continue to use for many years but should they we expect to see some of these same negative outcomes that we see with cigarettes in just three years jewel claimed a seventy percent of the market it launched with a marketing campaign that appeared to target a younger audience on social media now the maker of jewel says it's only targeting adults who want to quit traditional cigarettes i think the context is critically important this product was put on the market for adult smokers who are using a product that kills half of them the company was also the first to announce the
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removal of its flavored products popular with young smokers from stores but with sales up eight hundred percent. this past year it's unclear of jewel will be successful in curbing its own popularity and whether government regulators can stop the rise of a new generation of smokers. castro al-jazeera washington and you can follow that story and all the stories that we're covering here are large there by logging on to our website at al-jazeera dot com al-jazeera dot com. we want yours their homes their whole robin-hood these are all top stories u.s. senators are proposing a bad sales society arabia over the murder of journalist about the war in yemen the bill has support from members of both the democratic and republican parties saudi arabia is seeking the death penalty for five suspects charged with the murder of
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the journalist insists that crown prince mohammed bin sultan had no knowledge of the operation turkey wants the suspects to be extradited and tried on its soil. british prime minister to resume a is standing firm as politicians from her conservative party launch a bid to remove her from office is in response to her draft deval steele to withdraw the united kingdom from the european union backs that hardliners say the deal makes too many concessions to the e.u. my approach throughout has been to put the national interest. not a partisan interest and certainly not my own political interest i do not judge harshly those of my colleagues who seek to do the same but you reach a different conclusion they must do what they believe to be right just as i did. i'm sorry that they've chosen to leave the government and i thank them for their service but i believe with every fiber of my being that the course i have set out
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is the right one for our country and all our people i believe that this is a deal which does deliver that which is in the national interest and am i going to see this through yes chaos is broken because parliament after the speaker declared the country has no functioning prime minister or cabinet insults and objects were thrown around the hurdles deepening the country's political crisis the recently appointed prime minister mahinda rajapakse or insists that he's still in charge and is a calling for a general election. there shows a splendid close to return ringer refugees to me and officials say they were unable to find anyone who was willing to go. to have been protesting in refugee camps saying it's not safe for them to return home. those were the top stories here on more news in the half an hour we continue with inside story until they do
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stay with us. granger refugees protesting used to send them back to me and they fear a rerun of the horror which forced them to flee to bangladesh in the first place but bangladesh wants him to go home so does the repatriation deal violate international law this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program on martine dennis the united nations described it as an act of genocide the military crackdown in me amal last year against the range of minority muslim population seven hundred thousand fled across the border to bangladesh to escape great murder and other atrocities as a villages were raised to the ground now a deal has been made for them to return home but many don't want to go and for the moment at least it appears that the plan has been put on hold will join us in just a moment but first mohammed jump june reports from the refugee camps in cox is bizarre. this is the week when for many trauma became terror will hinder refugees who escaped so much violence were shocked to learn they might be repatriated to me and more recently learned it will only listen i will do it and yeah i've been crying because of how sad i am that we might be sent back our
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relatives were killed in myanmar we were all persecuted there so much we came here to bangladesh to find peace this is a peaceful country but we're not at peace because we've been told we're on a list. that list is the reason there's so much fear in this place it includes the names of thousands of row him to refugees who've been chosen as candidates to potentially be sent back to iraq and state as part of a deal between the governments of bangladesh and me and more many are a bedroom tells us her camp leader informed her that she and her three children are on the list but she says they'd rather die than return and i would think twice and before we go back to me and if it looks like they will try to move us my children and i'll buy poison from the market here and we'll think it the government of bangladesh insists repeat relations will be on a voluntary basis only but menorah is not convinced the atmosphere here is filled
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with an increasing sense of dread and several of these huts that used to house refugees now sit empty that's because people are so terrified that in the past few days at least five families have fled this camp the united nations refugee agency which does not believe current conditions in iraq and state are conducive to a safe and dignified.


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