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tv   Who Killed Robert Kennedy  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2018 9:00am-9:58am +03

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systematic plan to punish opponents including forced labor starvation shea denies ordering become a ruse to commit genocide but he has said that he must take responsibility for the damage caused by the regime that he led and this remorseful for the crimes committed some person was president from cambodia for one hundred seventy six to nine hundred seventy nine then he represented the committee rouge not only at home but abroad some also also says he didn't play any direct role in the mass killing of his people and shouldn't be held responsible for the very latest now from florence louis our correspondent who's it phnom penh i mean how significant really are these verdicts. well be that as you mentioned these are the two most senior surviving members of the community rouge nobel already spending like they've already been convicted and sentenced and sentenced to life in prison for having been found guilty for crimes against humanity over the forced evacuation
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of phnom penh the capital city in one thousand nine hundred seventy five now this was back in two thousand and fourteen and during the start of the trial it was decided that because the allegations against these two men with so many that the hearings would be thought into smaller trials because there were fears that because of the age of these defendants that they might possibly before a verdict could be reached so for this case there were also being accused of crimes against humanity committed at other parts of and other parts of cambodia at labor camps detention centers execution grounds mainly in the rural areas of can vote here but importantly they've also been accused of genocide and during the communal rouge regime one hundred thousand muslim cham a minority group and about twenty thousand people were killed so these are the first genocide charges that anyone from the community rouge regime is facing now a guilty verdict could could possibly mean that it would set legal precedence it
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will provide strategies for future for prosecutors in other future genocide tribunals in other parts of the world and there's talk that it might even provide a push for the international community in holding the generals in myanmar accountable for the atrocities being committed against the range of minorities that florence in terms of the troy buehrle what one does about its future is certainly encumbered because of the the length of these trials because there are other cases pending as well that people would like to see some sort of finality all. absolutely but the future of this tribe you know really is still very much in the now this time you know what happened in two thousand and it's cost more than three hundred million u.s. dollars and it's only convicted three senior premier members so there are people who say that you know it hasn't really fulfilled what it had set out to do and this is a court that people say is also subject to political interference this is
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a hybrid or setup with the cooperation of the u.n. and the cambodian government and the allegations that the they can vote in government has sort of really stymied the the the proceedings of this case and the preston has said he doesn't want to see other investigations continue there are the pending cases but they've since been frozen he's also said that he doesn't want to see them continue because of fears that it could cause instability and under arrest in this country and that commit the survivors of the communities regime that we've managed to speak to say they would very much however like to see this type you know continue they would like to see more people being tried they would like to see more people being convicted at the same time some of them have told us that they understand that just as it's flawed and those a system is imperfect it has gone a long way to establishing truth and has put into discussion the trauma that the survivors have had to live with and it's also gone
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a long way to helping this country heal and go towards reconciliation or see what happens over those verdicts rather the moment of florence thank you. several world leaders are gathering in pope or new guinea for the annual asia pacific economic cooperation or apec summit he was present all trump and russian leader vladimir putin went to last year's summit in vietnam but are skipping this year's event but students some analysts to call the event the show with china's leader expected to be the most in demand under thomas reports. a year ago it looked far from certain port moresby would be ready for the biggest event papua new guinea has ever hosted but we've chinese and australian help and money the country's leader says it is i was very proud of our country and they've been able to step up and. going to deliver one of the most memorable and hospitable if it got me to. you know history
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papua new guinea is the poorest member of the asia pacific economic cooperation or apec group but the economies of its twenty one members are combined worth more than half the world's total discussing ways to grow them further through free trade investment and development is the official substance of the apec summit with big investment deals likely to be negotiated and announced but it's the unofficial meetings and bilateral discussions and deals on the sidelines that will matter most particularly those involving china's president well this is the show paying isn't paul was me for five days whereas most leaders will be spending as little time here at or in port moresby as possible to the disappointments of its hosts presidents putin of russia and trump of the united states a skipping the summit altogether u.s. vice president mike pence will be staying in australia and just flying into port moresby for day trips that adds to the feeling among some apec countries that china
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has more to offer them than the other big pacific powers china's growing interest and investment in smaller countries concerns the region of traditional partners including leaders here in australia last week australia's prime minister announced a renewed focus on pacific neighbors promising bigger investment loans more military cooperation and greater levels of eight this is our parish. this is our part of the world this is where we have special responsibilities we always have we . china quickly what saw to it that the pacific garden region is not the spear influence of any country but competition for influence between australia the us and its allies and china will be the main unofficial theme of the summit for papua new guinea and more immediate will be concern over waste and corruption associated with hosting the event the country is impoverished with struggling health and education
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systems so flying in hundreds of brand new cars to shuttle delegates around including forty luxury maseratis from italy has been controversial and unpopular andrew thomas al-jazeera sitting well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour you know to states nelson's plans to curb in cigarette sales targeting young people and in sports history his job with a team gives himself a chance to reach the semifinals of the a.t.p. world tour finals in london told one of its details and spoke. from one flowing island in the winds to an enchanting desert breeze. hello there we've got lots of rain over parts of china at the moment in fact on the charts over the next few days as a good swathe of blues here indicating where that wet weather is likely to be and
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the darker blue is indicating where it's likely to be heaviest so plenty more in the way of heavy downpours as we head through into saturday to the northern edge of that where is just about cold enough we will see some of that wet weather heading to snow for the south a good deal of cloud there over the philippines but nothing too heavy rain wise it's like the wetter weather would just be in the southern parts there and they gradually drifting their way towards the west in fact watch this area of cloud here because that seems to be developing into an area of low pressure and edging its way towards this of the parts of viet nam so for friday not too much in the way of well . ahead but then the rain begins to increase as we head through saturday on sunday really does look very very wet with some of us hip further south just the usual showers for many of us and those are stretching all the way up into parts of thailand as you would expect now over towards india is in the south about the most active weather thanks to watch topical cycle here it is just before it made landfall and now it's running its way towards the west over land of course it's lost the energy so it's lost its winds so that means we just got the rain to deal
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with it will be incredibly wet for here as we head through friday and saturday. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. stories of life. and spring. as a series of short documentaries from around the world were that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera selects hunted. history has called it the great war in the final episode the two sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come world war one through our. own knowledge is it new yorkers are very receptive to al to
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see because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. welcome back you're watching the avs there are these i would be so robin a reminder of our top stories u.s. senators are proposing a ban on arms sales to saudi arabia over the murder of journalist about should she on the war in yemen the bill speed support from members of both democratic and republican. saudi arabia is seeking the death penalty for five suspects charged with murdering a saudi journalist eleven people have been charged in the investigation and korea
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says the announcement fall short of expectations. and all other top story british prime minister treason may is standing firm as politicians from a conservative party launch a bid to remove him from office it's in response to her draft divorce deal to withdraw the united kingdom from the european union exit hardliners say the deal makes too many concessions to the cue. ball our top story now jamal khashoggi is murder world leaders and rights groups have been highly skeptical of saudi arabia's changing version of events she was last seen alive entering the saudi consulate in istanbul oct the second turkish security sources moved quickly to say they had information that he'd been killed there and his body dismembered saudi arabia rejected the allegations as baseless lies and insisted the saudi journalists had left the building the same day a week later turkish media published the details of a fifteen member saudi team that had landed in istanbul on the same day that she
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disappeared the work the consulate before the journalist arrived as international pressure grew saudi kings the mother later the crown prince told the u.s. president trump that they had no knowledge of what it actually happened eighteen days after the show chief vanished the saudis finally admitted that they accidentally killed him during a fight in the consular office royal court advisors. attorney and deputy intelligence chief there with the siri was sacked and eighteen saudis arrested and then a day later the story shifts again a saudi official says the team sent to confront the shoji killed him in a chokehold after overstepping their orders saudi arabia has now charged eleven suspects overcautious ji's murder but one thing remains unchanged saudi rulers insist they have nothing to do with it giorgio can feel you is the c.e.o. of gulf state analytics he says u.s. senate members are tired of giving saudi arabia the benefit of the doubt. the
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narrative about what took place in the consulate last month has changed quite a bit with many contradictions. right now the trump administration vine's itself in a very difficult position they have to deal with pressure from lawmakers who want the white house to hold the saudi state accountable for the journalist's killing but at the same time this administration is so focused on pushing back against iranian expansionism in the region the trumpet ministration is very focused on lucrative arms sales and other geopolitical interests and economic interests in the region so the white house does not want to severely damage ties with riyadh specifically with mohamed bin selam on it's very clear that the white house has gone to pains to give m.b.'s the benefit of the doubt but that's going to be increasingly difficult to do so moving forward anti saudi sentiment has increased
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on the u.s. public since october two also we've seen rhetoric about the saudi leadership from u.s. lawmakers which is truly unprecedented especially when it's coming from senators like lindsey graham who throughout his career has been so defensive of saudi arabia on so many occasions i think it's going to be very difficult for the administration to do what it seems that the administration wants to do and that is to convince congress as well as the u.s. public that the saudi government sneery to is accurate of course according to this narrative the crown prince of saudi arabia had nothing to do with jamal how she'll use killing last month but many people are very skeptical and believe that this narrative is false when we come to the mid-term elections members of the newly
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elected u.s. congress all getting a crush colza lynn you work environment both went to come to the hill to meet some of its newest politicians. fresh from the campaign trail and the victory parties the seventy three new members of the u.s. house of representatives gathered on capitol hill for orientation january third and the start of the new congress will be here before they know it i know what i'm getting into so and i also have a realistic understanding of how difficult the process is and we're not going to get everything done right away there's going to be a lot of resistance from the other side we have a very unpredictable president i mean clearly by not maintaining the majority we will have to be more selective in what our priorities are and the idea of finding common ground is not something that. i have a problem with much of the u.s. news coverage has been on the incoming politicians' youth or very liberal outlooks
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or on their ethnic and religious diversity one says she's going to use her newfound celebrity for good how it's all about support right it's all about. joining together you know getting your allies together there's a there we have the largest group of women of color in this congress and i feel very strongly that we're all going to stick together on so many issues gun violence missing and murdered indigenous women climate change indeed most told reporters about their agenda education infrastructure and health care. was what never came up investigations of the president donald trump and his ties to russia and on the hottest political topic on the hill whether nancy pelosi should become house speaker democrats were split in their response for me working class americans are very important in talking issue about property and economic justice
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is going to have to be something at the forefront an agenda said to be fair to my residents i have to have a conversation with her before committee where living in a very tumultuous area we need a strong leader she. a proven strong leader i think we need a veteran who knows exactly the pathways to success and she's demonstrated that she knows that but for the next few weeks these new congresspeople will be spending as much time hiring staff and creating budgets as they will be finding legislative allies first steps before delivering on their campaign promises rosalind to work on al-jazeera capitol hill. to. visit the eastern city of camden it's on friday which saw violent protests in august after the killing of a local band to buy a grocer blamed for the death. this city was once called karl marx start but on a sunny awesome day the most kemet says communism is a fading memory many people's minds are on the looming christmas market season not
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angle americal or mass migration and yet those two themes are what many associate with this city when the chancellor comes here on friday the memory of violent scenes will be vivid with the reaction to the fatal stabbing of a man during an altercation with two migrants at the end of august here is where thousands of far right supporters gathered to proclaim their slogan medical must vec medical must go soon will have their wish after she announced she won't run again for chancellor for reelection as party leader i asked a local analyst what merkel hopes to achieve by coming to chemists will not be. the firing. of the sadness of a policy making it is meant to show presence i am such a. patient with people who perhaps they're not like me people such as irma he has long been a supporter of the far right in germany and since last year
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a member of the federal parliament despite being investigated for what he called an inadvertent use of an old nazi slowed. and during the general election campaign. even with her departure if she goes the nothing will really change there needs to be a fundamental change in this country and we are ready to take the responsibility to bring about that change. and yet many people in germany consider the f.t. to be repellent supporters of the mainstream parties believe it has an ulterior empty democratic motive. some analysts believe the far right is prospering here because many east german still feel dislocated by capitalism unsure if their jobs are safe long term and looking for someone to blame everything gets more insecure and this authority. that you lived down there before and that you took part in is gone all of a sudden. this causes a lot of anger and resentment this city has
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a social democrat mayor this state has a christian democrat prime minister and yet when the chancellor comes to this form a far left city should face fierce far right opposition dominic kane al-jazeera chemist's letter to the americas there were hundreds of central american travelling in the kerrville have reached the us border the asylum seekers gathered at the wall near the mexican city of tijuana they were closely watched by border guards who were supported by u.s. marines. is hosting a summit for leaders from latin america spain and portugal those opposed to discuss cooperation and trade but as the c.n.n. reports the political crisis and the correct you are is overshadowing the event. the political and humanitarian crisis in nicaragua is artificially on the agenda of the our girl american summit here in guatemala but these nicaraguans are here
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protesting against the presence of president daniel ortega to make sure that no one forgets that in fact this is going to be the very first time that daniel or take that leaves his country and comes face to face with his peers you know more than three hundred people have been killed most of them unarmed civilians in a nationwide demonstrations calling for take his resignations which began in april many of the protesters like this student say they've been forced to go into exile to avoid prison or a worse we're trying to lead didn't know it till all the people from all over the war that we are dying right now the people the government is kidnapping people every day killing people every day the summit is being held at least ten blocks away it's the only venue that brings together leaders from all over latin america and the caribbean with the king of spain and the presidents of spain and portugal. the emphasis this year is on sustainable development and inclusion but the regional migration crisis is also on the agenda ahead of next month's refugee and migration
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conference in america. the crisis in nicaragua could further destabilize the region and fueled a wave of central american migrants to the u.s. border because the. we're here to remind the presidents that without justice the leaders of this region will have no peace in the crisis in nicaragua is not expected to even be mentioned specifically in the final declaration of the i bear all american summit nevertheless it will be discussed by the heads of states and foreign ministers here with president ortega just what impact that will have if any is not clear. to south asia no work broke out in sri lanka's parliament after the speaker declared the country has no functioning prime minister or cabinet the recently appointed prime minister my. in the rajapakse there is no calling for a general election as bennett smith reports and. the battle for control of sri lanka has turned visiting
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a little been thrown at the speaker of parliament along with many insults. karo jayasuriya provoked the fury of some m.p.'s by saying sri lanka has no prime minister or cabinet following wednesday's vote of no confidence in mahinda rajapaksa on thursday former president appointed three weeks ago defied the speaker by giving a speech anyway is attempting easily as you office after bypassing parliament and being sworn in by his successor president my three policy or a sane or not is failing so there's a new tactic. he won the election general election two years before one is june as soon as possible we have to go about election or something then i was going to have a lot i mean is the best way to sort all of this out just to have an election yes definitely there is going the other way the man the president fired says he still prime minister who's in charge of running
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a witnessing the supporters say it's time to take to the streets we are organizing mass protests and. again these undemocratic unconstitutional and illegal mission by president might by a serious sin and a puppet by mr idols with the speaker losing control of parliament and government paralyzed some civil servants of privately saying they don't know who's in charge and who can sign off on deals and projects always political instability is heating lanka's economy there are more than four billion u.s. dollars in foreign loans due to be repaid next year for sure lanka's rupee as it is lowest level ever against the dollar as investors withdraw foreign exchange burnitz made on his era and policy all still had all. the women's world t twenty seventh poll of the. way. he had.
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a hand.
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welcome back it's been one year since the origin of the ring you know a subway was singing in the atlantic ocean with forty four sailors on board. involving thirteen countries turned up nothing but relatives of those who disappeared while the search to continue to resupply reports. the relatives of the forty four sailors who disappeared in the atlantic ocean last year gathered at this navy base in the city. you may go it was here three hundred
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kilometers away from what a site is where the address how one was supposed to arrive it never did. from a northern argentina he says he son chose to be a sailor as a way of leaving poverty behind. i am poor but at your kids or my children well my son was an electrician and joined the navy because they wanted him to have a job and to have a better life than me. one was sailing from the southern argentine city of after carrying out a control operation on illegal fishing in the last message the commander of the vessel made contact with base to say water had entered the ship resulting in battery my function. not long after an explosion was detected the last message from the ira found one was on november fifteenth last year and it was no paid about four hundred kilometers away from the arjun time coast in the past year eighteen
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countries thirty ships and over four thousand experts have participated in the search and yet until now there is no official explanation or to what happened to the submarine. since september a private company ship has been combing the south atlantic they checked over twenty possible locations companion who. is on that ship his son is one of the forty four sailors missing he sent this video from the atlantic ocean to go i am here because i need to know what happened we want the truth in order to get that we have to go through too much we are demanding a search for our children to continue and here we are fighting for what we believe is fair they are heroes deserve it. on thursday the navy pay tribute to the forty four sailors and the government says it will release the findings of an investigation soon president said that the search will go on as long as necessary.
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we will not abandon you we will continue searching until we can find it and i want to tell you you are not alone you have the government on your side and millions of argentines who support you. frustration pain and despair one year on among the relatives of the missing argentine sailors the lack of answers they say makes it difficult to find closure. argentina. has paul. thank you very much roger federer has qualified for the semifinals of the a.t.p. world tour finals in london that's thanks to a straight sets win over kevin anderson the twenty time grand slam champion came three six four six three well understood still goes through though that's despite austria's dominic tain giving himself an outside chance of reaching the final four
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earlier team thrashed kane is a korean straight sets the japanese didn't look too happy about it he had actually beaten federer at his first group stage much but then lost convincingly to anderson and now it seems six one six four the score to this year's french open runner up but both men are going home. with just went into the net wanted to show my. real self again basically because two days ago it was really been and. not feeling good to play such a michonne in front of such a big crowd and everything so i wanted to. do a much better game again today and that's what i did did some adjustments. of higher first serve percentage and. something stevenage repeated also in the scores i'm here because it's a good degree in spain fell to a late defeat against croatia and their packed night of your often a sions league action across europe on thursday the spanish had beaten the world
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cup finalists six nil in their previous match bit more even in this one under a crime rich putting the croats ahead in zagreb spain level two minutes later through daniel said by us then you had vice struck again for the hosts before sergio ramos made it to two from the penalty spot but right at the end you know if i scored again three two two couriers. plenty of other nations like much as well world cup semifinalists belgium are on the winning side against iceland they're also home wins for greece and hungary while belarus and moldova or winners away from home bosnia and herzegovina draw in austria sees them promoted to league a. international friendlies on thursday for you as well iran beats trinidad and tobago big win for israel over guatemala germany winning against the last world cup hosts russia and england beating the usa three nil in wayne rooney's comeback slash farewell match egypt anson is here face each other in africa cup of nations
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qualifying on friday house egypt to trying to overhaul their neighbors at the top of group j. although both teams have already qualified the ferries are three points behind the chin is ian's who've won all four games going into kick off in alexandria le bron james is closing in on michael jordan's points total as he moves up the n.b.a.'s all time scoring list le bron got a season high forty four points as his l.a. lakers beat the portland trail blazers one hundred twenty six to one hundred seventeen on wednesday it saw him surpass format like a wilt chamberlain in hours thirty one thousand four hundred twenty five points in his fifteen year career of ron now just eight hundred sixty seven short of jordan in fourth on the scoring list but still a way of cream up the to bars record of more than thirty eight thousand. armored humvees i'm happy we ever get another green beans are my name is mentioned in some of the groups of the voters game. you know it was the road to my hometown of rock of room of all chrome so in this business doesn't. well the bronze hometown
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of our crown is just down the road from cleveland his former team the cavaliers continue to struggle without him as they lost to the washington wizards bradley beal scored twenty points and auto porter at age fifteen for the wizards one hundred nine hundred ninety five victory the cavs have twelve losses only to win so far this season and the bottom of the eastern conference that makes them the worst in the n.b.a. right now india are through to the semifinals of the women's world t twenty taking place in the west indies thanks to an easy win over ireland on thursday but charlie rose was the top scorer with fifty one from fifty six for india to a sentence about after the irish won the toss in guyana indians posting one hundred forty five to six in their twenty overs in reply isabelle joyce top scored with thirty three but rather three wickets for twenty five runs helped restrict ireland to ninety three for eight of their overs india winning by fifty two runs at the
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providence stadium. because cricketers have built a first innings lead over england in the second test data in candy so russian silver hits eighty five off one hundred seventy four balls.


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