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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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it through blood and displacement they now live in a single located in the world's largest refugee camp in many ways what's happening to this particular extended family really mirrors what's happened to so many others who face decades of repression and abuse aren't just the world's largest group of stateless people they're also among the world's most persecuted minorities. this is al jazeera. headquarters coming up in the next sixty minutes. in front of an empty space. should also. this is a crucial moment for. the. conflict all ready
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to go back to the negotiating table. also britain's prime minister. but will he be able to carry out. of genocide. welcome to the news of the turkish and us presidents have agreed on the need to prevent a cover up. in a phone call turkish newspaper is reporting investigators have an audio recording of a fifteen member team discussing how to murder before you enter the consulate in istanbul that suggests the murder was premeditated directly contradicting the saudi prosecutor who said the journalist died when an attempt to take him to saudi arabia went wrong. let's get the very latest from mike hanna joins now from washington
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d.c. a lot to discuss for both presidents they were in touch with each other and i'm sure investigation was certainly high on the agenda but there were other areas of mutual interest that they need to discuss. here is indeed interestingly enough the details of the conversation have come from the turkish presidency there's been no readout of president trump side of the conversation from the white house at this particular point but all indications are that the issue of jamal khashoggi was right at the top of the agenda that was discussed as we reported there they agreed that there should be no cover up then other issues discussed of common interest to both turkey and the u.s. remembering that relationships were strained in recent months improved somewhat with the turkish decision to release an american pastor who had been imprisoned there and in recent weeks a year relationship seems to be on something of an uptick of crucial importance to
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is u.s. support for kurdish militia the p.k. k. which they have reportedly withdrawn such support and that was discussed it would appear president earlier one of the seeking assurances from president trump that the u.s. support for the kurdish militia had been withdrawn that was a major point of contention between the two the other point of contention which has been in place for a long time is the presence in the u.s. offer to low glenn somebody who president earlier one insists was responsible for coup attempt in turkey turkey has been insistent that the u.s. must repatriate him however so far the u.s. has declined to do so he does have a green card he has residence in the united states but certainly this conversation the fact that it took place or a clear indication that relations between the u.s. and the turkey are getting better it would appear and certainly that is good news if there's going to be any cooperation and joint and perhaps even joint
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investigation on the issue of jamal khashoggi or for the moment mike will leave it there thank you. now all muslims around the world have been remembering saudi journalist she joining friday prayers that he gathered at mosques in indonesia turkey saudi arabia and the united kingdom and recent reports from istanbul. forty five days after jamal khashoggi murder they come to pray with a grief that permeates a gray rainy day. all the more poignant because of the empty space of the most solid stone here where a coffin should rest one of the show jews friends set the tone of the day after this prayer we are going to look for. justice not anger.
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deep grief but we are looking. justice for. another friend expressed similar sentiment even by moment done by us into this was a barbaric act committed in the twenty first century this wasn't just the murder expressions of anguish of regret and the quest for justice amongst it all more revelations from a turkish media about the last moments of jamal khashoggi his life events that dispute the saudi account of what happened. turkey's harriette newspaper says a so far on heard of odia recording disproves the saudi assertion that jews murder was not planned the newspaper says the team can be heard discussing how to kill him the audio apparently contradicts the latest version of events from the saudis who are only twenty four hours ago said he died after being injected with
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a large dose of sedative following a brawl. and turkish investigators say it's already been established from the original recording that g. was strangled to death a not drugged a ruling party official who knew well says the saudi investigation can't be credible. it's an investigation that is headed by the crown prince and that investigation says he isn't related to what happened in a church organization of this investigation is problematic you can expect an independent fair judgment from that court among those here were many who didn't know because shoji who was murdered in their tragic way unfortunately so that's why i'm here today it's really symbolic for me. this prayer. is impossible not to react as a muslim and the human being we are here to do. for loved
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ones who maintain privacy on this day maybe some level of comfort spiritually but closure seems a long distance away and drew simmons al-jazeera is tumble. envoy says the country's warring parties have committed to attend peace talks in sweden diplomatic editor james bays joins me live from the united nations and what's the u.n. been saying james. important developments in the u.n. security council we're also hearing the new draft resolution is going to be produced by the u.k. and circulated to the other members of the security council for then a potential vote next week now we have had talk of a nationwide cease far in yemen a resolution for that that's not what this resolution is this is a resolution which will focus on the humanitarian situation in yemen but it will call for a sale of hostilities around who data and other humanitarian key points in
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yemen and the idea is to repair the ground for peace talks in sweden that are being proposed by the un special envoy martin griffiths is a crucial moment for yemen i've received firm assurances from the leadership of the yemeni parties the governor of yemen of course first and then they are committed to attending these consultations i believe that genuine alike suspect them to continue in that way and to. appear before those consultations and indeed so do the yemeni people who are desperate for a political solution to a war in which they are the main victims well we heard more about the desperation of the yemeni people from the head of the world food program who said he believes that in a matter of months there could be a full scale famine in yemen david beasley has just come back from the country and
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in fact forty eight hours ago he was in the port of data he also visited a hospital while he was in yemen and told reporters earlier this one little child and i remember little feet was sticking out the blanket in it was kind of cute and i went to call the little feet you know take it out get a little smile and. just like took on a ghost. and nothing there. and james i'm sure diplomats there will be very interested to see and hear her side is going to respond and react to this yes that is the big question with talk over un security council resolution talk of peace talks ahead how is saudi arabia going to respond i've been speaking to diplomats i've been traveling over the last week or so in washington d.c. here in new york and also in paris and i'm detecting that saudi arabia does not
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like these moves it doesn't like the idea of a new u.n. resolution that is not something it wants it's not entirely convinced it wants to have new peace talks taking place the other thing that i'm detecting from speaking to key officials who've been closely observing this is that saudi arabia obviously leads a coalition the other main member of that coalition is the united arab emirates and there seems to be a growing difference of opinion between those two countries with the u.a.e. much keener i think to bring this war to an end or see what happens in the coming days the moment james thank you. well some key conservative politicians and business groups are rallying behind prime minister trees in ways efforts to push through a break that deal agreed with the european union so let's take a look at the latest developments to reason may has installed little known junior health minister stephen barclay as the new secretary he replaces dominic robb who
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resigned hours after the cabinet backed the prime minister's withdrawal deal rebels within the conservative party are getting closer to the threshold to force a no confidence vote at least twenty one m.p.'s have submitted that is calling for the motion forty eight are needed but may did receive a boost on friday with the backing of a prominent brick city or environment secretary michael gove but if may hold onto the prime ministership she faces a fight to get her deal passed by parliament a vote is expected in early december and former press secretary david davis is warning the agreement will be rejected or general has more side the u.k. parliament. well the ship of state on friday evening is looking more stable than it was twenty four hours ago theresa may has appointed a new briggs's secretary replacing dominic robb who resigned on thursday stephen bach lee up to now a junior health minister but crucially
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a leave supporter that portfolio requires a leave supporter to make it in any way effective he takes up the position albeit a portfolio reduced in stature to reason may will be leading the negotiations we're told at least over the next ten days with the e.u. she's also brought back into her cabinet and the rudd the former home secretary a pro remain minister and a close ally of to resume a to take up estimate vai's position at work and pensions that's a big boost to the prime minister to have her ally back in cabinet and of course the five leave pro leave cabinet ministers who've been on the verge of resigning for the last twenty four hours including michael gove he's a big fish and they will decide to stay on and try and see this deal of hers through parliament so stability restored up to a point in this context that doesn't mean much more than that she and the government may survive the weekend because next week there is the possibility of a leadership challenge coming to pass the forty eight letters are received by the
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backbench committee chairman calling for a vote of no confidence by conservative party and these we're told that number is approaching nobody will know until the moment comes but of course if three's amazed voted down to have to stand down whether there are other numbers in her party willing to see her go though is another matter given that five of those senior cabinet ministers have decided to stay on they may know that the numbers simply aren't there to defeat the prime minister. plenty more had hailed the al-jazeera news are including. the struggle the sentence for lanka apology. it has come to blows in parliament for a second day. and more than six hundred people are missing after california's deadly wildfires and family members want answers. and intelligence all four semifinalists the season ending championship. for states to tell its finals from
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london the. world leaders are gathering in papua new guinea for the annual asia pacific economic cooperation meeting or apec as it's known u.s. president donald trump's decision to skip the event has allowed chinese leader xi jinping to take center stage an opportunity china is gladly seizing as it vies for more influence in the pacific well andrew thomas is following events for us at the summit in the capital port moresby it's a huge event for pup point new guinea but not quite as big as they might have wanted it to be. sorry this is a massive attack when you give me the poorest country of the nineteen countries that make up in the only country not to posted their summits all together the apec countries make up all than half of the world's total g.d.p.
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so there are serious world leaders here but term of them a missing president trump of the united states of course and president putin of russia a huge disappointment to the expected both those leaders here and it does diminish the standing of this conference in the house side and indeed many other people's eyes so big disappointment about that i've been around this city over the last twenty four hours and you really get a sense that this is the she president she arrived on thursday night he'll be here for five days unlike most of the leaders who are flying in for a day or two mike pence the vice president of the u.s. is just coming up the day trip is actually staying ahead she doesn't want to stay in that city doesn't think it's safe enough but as you drive around you really get a sense that this is shot china's show. there are chinese flags everywhere she opened a new road that china had paid for in this city he hosted an event for pacific leaders on friday night this really is his summits for at australia i put together a short report about the issues that will be discussed have a look not. a year ago it looked far from port moresby it would be
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ready for the biggest event to papua new guinea has ever hosted but we've chinese and australian help and money the country's leader says it is our very proud of our country and they've been able to step up i'm. going to deliver one of the most memorable and hospitable if it got me to. you know history papua new guinea is the poorest member of the asia pacific economic corporation or apec group but the economies of its twenty one members are combined worth more than half the world's total discussing ways to grow them further through free trade investment and development is the official substance of the apec summit with big investment deals likely to be negotiated and announced but it's the unofficial meetings and bilateral discussions and deals on the sidelines that will matter most particularly those involving china's president well this is the show paying isn't paul was me
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for five days whereas most leaders will be spending as little time here at all in port moresby as possible to the disappointments of its hosts presidents putin of russia and trump of the united states a skipping the summit altogether u.s. vice president mike pence will be staying in australia and just flying into port moresby for day trips that adds to the feeling among some apec countries that china has more to offer them than the other big pacific powers china's growing interest and investment in smaller countries concerns the region of traditional partners including leaders here in australia. last week australia's prime minister announced a renewed focus on pacific neighbors promising bigger investment loans more military cooperation and greater levels of eight this is our patch. this is our part of the world this is where we have special responsibilities we always have we
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always we all china quickly we're taught that the pacific garden region is not the spear influence of any country but competition for influence between australia the us and its allies and china will be the main unofficial theme of the summit for papua new guinea and smaller immediates will be concern over waste and corruption associated with hosting the event the country is impoverished with struggling health and education systems so flying in hundreds of brand new cars to shuttle delegates around including forty luxury maseratis from italy has been controversial and unpopular. you see those maseratis driving around the streets of port moresby but otherwise those streets are deserted this is a city that's really been cleared out for this summit much of the summit is actually taking place on two cruise ships that have docked alongside the harbor in port moresby what you can see going on behind me on the big screen is a conference for c.e.o.'s business leaders that's being addressed by mike pence
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president xi and others on saturday but it is being posted on board a cruise ship not on land the actual main summit though that will be on land a brand new conference center that's being built by papua new guinea with help from australia and china who put a lot of money into this summit that main summit where all the leaders will meet in person at the game saturday night but most of it will be on sunday that's when the main summits things and issues will be discussed for the moment andrea thank you. the more children have been killed in syria in the first moments of twenty eighteen in any of the years since the seven year war began that's according to the u.n. children's agency unicef. says at least eight hundred seventy children were killed between january and september but that number is likely to be much higher earlier this month thirty children were killed in u.s. led airstrikes in a village in eastern syria the coalition says it was bombing eisel targets at least thirty seven people have died in violence between muslim and christian
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groups in central african republic that's after the united nations extended the mandate for its peacekeeping mission for another month or hundred seventy russian military advisers also on the ground more on the way al-jazeera al-jazeera has been granted exclusive access to russian operations in rebel held territory nicholas her has more from the town of bitter. miss banga two thousand and eighteen. a beauty pageant in a country torn by sectarian violence courtesy of the russian federation the russians are in their charm offensive in the central african republic meet develop the new special advisor to the presidents dispatched by moscow. the kremlin is keeping a close watch on a country the west is ignoring fourteen rebel groups are fighting one another pitting muslim and christian communities against each other to control a country larger than france or rich in minerals diamonds and gold. from above the
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scale of destruction becomes visible these are abandoned villages and ghost towns after rebel attacks. all countries are doing their best to help you get peace is a challenge there is no simple solution but we think we can achieve this reporter. it is under russian escort that we travel deep in the country to bring in rebel held territory. here the russians have set up a well guarded small clinic in the waiting room is a short video playing on repeat celebrating this new alliance between the two countries. look we get a little bit to eat a little medicine this is war we will take the how. can we turn home. doctor and ask even if is treating thirty patients a day you know who's ringing which we go to this is a community suffering from the trauma of war the gunshots the fear and the lack of
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access to health care has made things worse yorkers from all in september thirty christians were killed by muslim militia andrea and with the u.n. described as potential war crimes and crimes against humanity. in the west you have the n.t. like your fighters that are in control this center east and south are various seleka militia groups fighting each other to control the area we wouldn't be able to film here if we weren't under the escort of the russians they're right behind the camera and we can't film them but since their arrival the fighting here has stopped. one hundred seventy russian military advisers are in the country some are deployed in the northern border more expected to come in the months ahead critics of the kremlin say this operation is led by mercenaries here to steal diamonds in exchange for security a claim they deny. while russia's presence is unsettling to the west the people of the central african republic too often ignored are now finally
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getting the attention they deserve because hardly al-jazeera banky. a situation where serve career is a we know all too real more details about a new tactical weapon can jones been shown on state television inspecting a test site but there's the video of the weapon in action showing is hailing it as an indicator of a rapidly growing defense capabilities it's the first time north korea has mentioned weapons development since denuclearization talks began with the us immigration offices and have detained more than one hundred people thought to be ring asylum seekers who were flown on a boat bound for malaysia police are looking into whether the vessel is being used for people struggling. they murdered enslaved and tortured their fellow cambodian citizens in the one nine hundred seventy s. now two surviving leaders of the committee rouge have been found guilty of genocide
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a un backed tribunals sentenced to tease to another life sentence but as florence louis reports many victims' relatives are wondering if justice is being served to create a cost. a landmark ruling guilty of genocide the first and only such charges against a former leader of the community ninety two year old. known as brother number two second in command to pol pot was found guilty of genocide against the muslim and vietnamese minorities and former head of state q some pawn who has eighty seven was convicted of similar charges against the vietnamese the court also found the peg guilty of crimes against humanity for killing and slaving and torturing people at labor camps prisons and execution centers around the country and jail them for life the judgment today in phase two zero zero two is an historic achievement in the world of the extraordinary chambers in the courts of cambodia. this court has once
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again demonstrated that he has the capacity to prosecute and try the most complex cases you know cordons with international standards almost two million people about a quarter of the population died during the commute from one nine hundred seventy five to nine hundred seventy nine who survived but his vietnamese wife and three children were killed. fourteen years apart i still can't forget i think of my beloved wife my beloved children i try to forget but their birth still . calm friday's decision was welcomed by victims of the community many of whom had turned up at court to hear the judgement against the two accused the main question is the future of this tribunals it was set up twelve years ago and has cost more than three hundred million dollars three people have been convicted the
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cambodian prime minister hun sen himself a mid-level c'mere rouge commander before he defected has said no more suspects should be prosecuted there are cases against four other members. but it's not known whether they. were not requesting that every khmer rouge with a bloody hand it's tried that it's not reasonable that's not practical but what we are requesting and what we are saying is that three it's not enough for the lives of two million individuals but despite its flaws others say the court has delivered some justice however long that has taken florence italy al-jazeera. still ahead here. a long way to. try to redefine a kilogram. and some of the biggest waves in the business around the world event. all. that action in sports go away.
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howler unprecedented early deep snow these words can be attributed to this winter storm went up through the northeast through new york and washington leaving snow on the ground there's more snow to come for the northeast principi is going to be east encounter with a cold hasn't gone away so more through the midwest and this gray line here would suggest there's more snow to come invention the northeast corner proper winter sets in here high temperature of minus four in minneapolis on saturday minus two on sunday so that's the extent of how far down is going to push up to seventeen lanter but only if it's four to seven in new york this sort of war and there's occasional fires of snow working out through the ohio valley and beyond science of all this it's relatively quiet apart from the daily show us in the lesser antilles possibly
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haiti and cuba the majority of potential heavy rain is on the breeze that's going to hit home during squats amala costa rica and panama last couple of days of the persistent rain to drive further north coastal showers in mexico more destroyed up to the car thomas but persistent late spring early summer rain is still with us returning to northern argentina as to the good lines for a large part of brazil. a rite of passage through regeneration my cousin was laying down there screaming she was helpless the woman have to endorse this new faculty of pain for one that menai meets the women affected not at g.m. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon this eventually but
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to the al-jazeera correspondent the current. when the news breaks on the story the fight against isis is still continuing in the desert when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told by family status and wealth has benefited from their choice translated al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lightnings on it and online.
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welcome back to the news out of our top story and news just coming in is that the washington post is reporting the cia has concluded saudi crown prince mohammed bin ordered the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi don't follows turkish newspaper reports and that investigators have an order recording of a fifteen member saudi team planning the murder before and to the consular office. let's get more on this story from mike hanna our correspondent who's standing by for us in washington explosive revelation really here from the cia and this could have major repercussions in d.c. . well so let's be very clear it's not from the cia it is from the washington post which is reporting that the cia has come to this conclusion the sources that the washington post has are not named in any way they are referred to as people familiar with the situation at the cia in the washington post reporters also
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declined to comment on this particular matter but that being said the washington post i'm going with the story saying that the cia have concluded that the crown prince was responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi among the details that they report is an intercept of a telephone call between the crown prince's brother had been solomon who's the best of the two the united states apparently according to the washington post he phoned jamal khashoggi and advised him to go to the consulate in istanbul to collect his visa from the saudi authorities now no further details emerging on this as i said to we have been unable to independently verify in any way the contents of this particular report now it is believed that the cia has been requested by members of congress to brief them on the latest situation that is likely to increase in pressure in the wake of this particular report both members of the senate and the
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house. waiting to hear from the cia director exactly what conclusions the cia may or may not have at this particular stage in terms of the way that washington works mike what sort of pressure does this put on the cia and in terms of the white house even if there is a newspaper report that has been confirmed by the cia quite yet there will be a great deal of speculation will be a great deal of discussion and then when the politicians get involved as you say there's a bipartisan group of senators really wants the u.s. to take much stronger action against saudi arabia at the moment. yes indeed and one must remember in recent days that a number of senators have stated publicly that they believe that the crown prince is responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi this is come from both republican and democrat senators it's all been stated by members of the house of representatives so certainly from the point of view of congress they believe that
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fact has already been established in terms of the statements that they have made but it will bring pressure to bear on the trumpet ministration the administration has put to impose sanctions on seventeen of those who have been arrested by the saudi authorities economic sanctions in terms of the global magnitsky act but congress members absolutely adamant this is simply not enough they also complained at the time in the past twenty four hours that the crown prince is not among those being held accountable who has sanctions imposed against them so these revelations all this report by the washington post likely to be used by members of congress to bring pressure to bear on the white house for president trump finally to come out and state what his belief is at this particular point and importantly what action he intends to take against those who've been found accountable for the moment we'll
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leave it there in washington d.c. thank you. let's go back to one of our other top stories that's the issue of breaks it in the chaos that is in suing in the united kingdom as it prepares to leave the european union joining me now is jonathan lisey's deputy director at the think that british influence and he joins me now live from london thanks for your patience are joined sort of course breaking news coming out there from washington let's just begin with the chaos of the last twenty four hours we have to say carol because that's how even people in the united kingdom think about this season barkley the new secretary is a leave supporter he comes from sort of the lower ranks of government but does really make you wonder doesn't it i mean how many people must have been asked george to take this job. that's right i mean stephen barkley isn't even known by some people in his own party let alone in the media and so it makes you realize how little support there is for this breaks a deal amongst press its supporters in the conservative party. the fact that may
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have to get as low as him suggests firstly that there is very little support for her and secondly that the job isn't even that important anymore. about what the role or his role will be in embrace it because it seems to be while according to sources there from the prime minister's office that he'll be preparing the u.k. domestically the bracks it because she has the prime minister has certainly her foot firmly on the pedal when it comes to dealing with the e.u. so what's the point of him taking the job when he might not really have much to maneuver with. well he won't be negotiating but he needs to be preparing. britain for bret's it particularly if there's going to be no deal scenario which is so incredibly unlikely or even impossible and also there needs to be some kind of figurehead because of the brics it is still going to happen we're still in the stages of pushing through this vote in parliament which is the most important very
2:36 am
it's the commons would have had in eighty years and so there needs to be someone who is normally in charge of that indeed we have to really think of a rather interesting set of circumstances as we move forward very little time left you've got a prime minister's job on the line a potential low deal bricks it is perhaps likely talk of a general election over these divisions in parliament the u.k. crashing out of the e.u. with no agreement and so you know ratification in the u.k. parliament over this deal is that really looking great for anyone in the u.k. public all political as you head towards march twenty ninth teen that's right so theresa may is probably going to face a very severe confidence next week she may well win it special stumble on even weaker than she is at the moment meanwhile there is no chance the moments of getting this deal through parliament they simply are the numbers and them are in unprecedented territory because no one those will happen they could be
2:37 am
a general election but to reason they would have to call it otherwise the conservatives would have to vote for a no confidence in their own government or there could be a people's vote a referendum but so far the government doesn't support that but that's looking like the luckiest option now and then after we have a people's vote we need to side with the question of the so really there are months of turmoil still to come in britain at the moment indeed you have to watch very carefully what happens for the moment on the list thanks for joining us from our london bureau thanks very much. u.s. president donald trump says that he's written and says for the investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election trump has repeatedly criticized special counsel robert willis inquiry calling it a witch hunt he says it's drawing to a close and he answered the questions himself my lawyers are working on that i'm working that i write the answers by law is the right answers i write answers i was asked a series of questions i've answered them very easily very easily i'm sure they're tripped up because you know they like to catch people you know with the weather
2:38 am
sunny or was it raining he said it may have been a great day it was rainy therefore he told a lie perjured himself ok so you have to always be careful when you answer questions with people that probably have bad intentions but. you know it's the questions were very routinely answered by me by me. the number of people listed as missing in a major wildfire in the u.s. state of california has now risen to six hundred thirty one sixty three people are going to have died after more charred remains of the weather has helped firefighters battle the worst flames in northern california for one hundred years rob rebels as the latest. climate change has come to california severe drought in santa ana winds a simple spark launches two fires that still have not been stopped the wind fueled flames moved so fast many had to drive through the fire to get out.
2:39 am
this driver survived but many more did not trapped in traffic with the fire moving faster than they could an untold number have died calling for help that couldn't get there in time the number of people who are still looking for more and counted for has increased to six hundred thirty one this number increased by five hundred one people now hundreds of volunteers are doing disk gruesome we're looking for the remains of those who couldn't make it out but experts say it's possible many will never be found my colleagues are finding profoundly degraded human remains the term of art they use as creamy went to is the consequence of combustion at high temperature for the thousands who escaped now a waiting game of wonder and worry did their houses survive how are their neighbors
2:40 am
and where will they go now in a state already dealing with a severe shortage of housing thick blankets of smoke made air quality hazardous in cities like san francisco and sacramento a change in climate and more severe wildfires what california governor jerry brown calls the new abnormal rob reynolds al-jazeera. german chancellor angela merkel has this is an east german city for the first time since violence by far right to protest as erupted at. the address was triggered by a stabbing attack on the job about his death was blamed on the sign of. cain has will have. to mention all the nearly. three months the people of chemists of wanted the chance to talk to their chancellor about the violence that has come to their city and the rise of right wing extremism here on friday one hundred thirty of them got their wish at several pointed questions when this is mentioned. a terrible
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murder happened and other people got hurt i looked into the matter today and it's something that has stirred people up as a result there has been radical right wing demonstrations for which there is no justification at least for parts of it for the that doesn't mean that we don't have the freedom to demonstrate people can express their opinions but that does not justify the use of national socialist symbols and the like her visit had started earlier in the day with a photo call at the local leisure center players from the chemist's niners basketball team were put through their paces as a curious chancellor looked on the problem frank of america always for watching friendly matches here is one thing in chemist's the political opponents out on the streets it's much harder thing to try and they because they come from across the state of saxony and beyond far right supporters whose cry is medical most vec
2:42 am
medical must go they don't believe her and instead support the populist alternative for germany one of its local members of parliament gave merkel's visit short shrift . the complete opposite way. feel free to strip in my opinion this is it is far too late she should have come here immediately after august events and a murder that happened or she achieved by coming here now is to be rejected by many people that is the voice of a party many people encampments reject nevertheless some here say they are concerned at the turn events of taken. many citizens are worried of course not for nothing when you hear that kids young people living and dying don't feel so good that didn't used to be the care it's definitely like that i have kids myself so i can say that from my own experience. the far right groups had hoped thousands would come to protest against machall visit in the end just a few hundred gathered to reject her and her policies these protesters say they are
2:43 am
the people who successive governments have ignored and yet by her visit their chancellor has shown she believes that is not the case dominic cain al-jazeera chemist's politicians fault for a second day in sri lanka's parliament and supporters of newly appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa tried to stop a no confidence motion that was eventually approved the told will begin when the president sacked his prime minister and replaced him with rajapaksa bennett's with explains from colombo was. at the heart of sri lanka's democracy total breakdown of law and order the speaker of parliament could only enter the chamber with an advance police guard a supporters of appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa old furniture water spiked with chili. and the constitution while those who drafted the weighty book wanted m.p.'s to exploit its full force they probably didn't mean it to be taken
2:44 am
literally was the fraying tempers all aimed at stopping a vote of no confidence the supporters of rajapaksa know they'll lose. huddled behind the police guard is the speaker karo jayasuriya through the chaos seized turning to push on was and with a show of hands the no confidence motion has passed for the second time this week was the speaker and the police retreat under a volley of miss silence while rajapakse and his son now both in red scarves watched from the sidelines a supporter of the ousted prime minister running away from a singer summed up the vote their idea back again right to disrupt the oil parliament session. but we. passed a resolution saying that if i did make sure government led by mind i get back here
2:45 am
is now normal but supporters of rajapaksa want an election to break the deadlock that's a tactic to bypass parliament all of us can pass and more time calling the vile human for the solution and all of the violin for election challenging in war parliament has again been adjourned this time until monday carpenters will be in this weekend to patch it up to run a witnessing get the prime minister who says he was unconstitutionally fired last month returned to his official government residence physically unscathed and perhaps sensing a return to power the intensity of the violence in parliament has left m.p.'s shaken and still unresolved is the question of who governs sri lanka but after friday's events it must now be getting much harder for mahinda rajapaksa to legitimately claim the title of prime minister bernard smith al-jazeera and parliament dozens of persons as of being burnt to death in the second bus disaster
2:46 am
in some bar where in the past ten days the red cross tweeted pictures of the charred remains at least forty two passengers were killed and twenty injured some of them with severe burns a gas cylinder being carried on board suspected of starting the inferno last week two buses collided killing fifty persons. now to a story that's taken away from some scientists shoulders scientists from sixteen nations have gathered in france and cheered after making the landmark decision to overhaul the way a kilogram is assessed barker reports and bassline on the outskirts of paris about what it all means we're really they are the masters of measurements custodians of the kilogram the international general conference some weight some measurements is gathered to vote on redefining a vital calculation since eight hundred eighty nine the kilograms being based on this cylinder of polished platinum alloy the chunk of metal known as k. is so precious it's kept deep in a high security vaults near paris it is the mother of all measurements from which
2:47 am
all weighing scales everywhere in the world are calibrated but there's a problem the gong case losing weight over the past one hundred twenty nine years of interacting with the air around it not to mention the occasional polish it's lost atoms fifty micrograms of mass to be precise it's just an object so if you use it you have to use it very carefully even when you put it on a balance you might change its mass a little bit it's not it's not guaranteed to be stable you have to keep it under the best condition as you and it is a replica of the gronk a otherwise known as the international kilogram prototype copies like this a calibrated against the original roughly every forty years or so increasing the possibility of inaccuracy that's unlikely to matter much when you're mixing ingredients together for a cake or measuring apples in the supermarket when you're mixing chemicals or
2:48 am
putting together the ingredients in sensitive pharmaceuticals hyper accuracy matters. so what will replace le grande k. is the new standard kilogram the answer lies in quantum physics obviously the kilogram will be based on a universal constant to nature such as gravity or the speed of light is called the planck constant very simply it describes the behavior of particles and waves on the atomic scale and is measured using a complex instrument known as the kibble balance shifting to this. era which means that now we are in a. lot of technology which are based on that and need to. you know i create. decision look wrong k. will now retire into storage a relic of a bygone age ensuring a kilogram remains a kilogram for all time and for all people needs barca al-jazeera
2:49 am
2:50 am
thank you very much we'll start in london at the a.t.p. world tour finals well number one novak djokovic has beaten myron church seven six six two it's a win that sees him finish top of his qualifying group with three wins from his
2:51 am
many much is heading into the semifinals or alexander vera also advances to saturday's semifinals the german accounted for american john isner in straight sets on friday seven six six three zero of also defeated chill it's in an earlier group stage encounter and will face roger federer in the final for. the netherlands have beaten world champions france in the usa for nations league a result that relegates germany from the top tier it also means the french haven't yet qualified for the competitions finals georgie one album getting the goal just before half time in rotterdam the dutch got a late penalty as well memphis to pi scored that one deep into injury time to nil in the final score the dutch core point behind fronts in league a group one where elsewhere in the nation's league there was a good home win first slovakia over ukraine otherwise it was mostly a night of away wins denmark macedonia and armenia all winning on the road the armenians hammering gibraltar six to egypt have beaten chin is year three two and
2:52 am
a goal first of all the africa cup of nations qualifier in alexandria a ninetieth minute winner from liverpool star striker mohammed sala ensure the win for the pharaohs both teams have booked their place in next year's showpiece in cameroon in johannesburg south africa will host nigeria in qualifying group a neither side is guaranteed a place at the cup of nations yet although they are well placed whoever wins this one will be assured of a spot in cameroon on the hosts will be hoping to emulate their two no win over the nigerians earlier in the campaign. i'm sure that provision has been created from the iranian over guys already in younger and from family and is that to me well unmanly in their playing migiro mover or very few of them are merino to like i said for the rhetoric to be three major and you know in print is good news because during a game only two to four hours to prepare for it we know that this much will be the
2:53 am
most difficult because under pressure the south african team they will try to remit that is a normal also so will be a very interesting game to say to see for the spectacular of football and we will play our game another usa gymnastics official has left their position has the fallout continues from the larry nasser sexual abuse scandal former olympic team athlete wrong gallimore was the chief operating officer for usa gymnastics he resigned on friday many gymnasts had been angry that he'd stayed on given that he was part of the leadership while abuse was taking place the former team doctor is serving ineffective life sentence on charges of sexual assault more than three hundred fifty girls said he abused them under the guise of medical treatment to usa gymnastics c.e.o.'s have already resigned all the major arab nations will be in action on saturday in the latest round of the november test matches fresh from
2:54 am
a win over france south africa will be an edinburgh to take on scotland the scots themselves are coming off a big win over fiji last saturday i will be keen to maintain that winning failing i do not boast a very good record against south africa scotland have not beaten the springboks since twenty ten and twenty one seven times in twenty six meetings with the south africans. the key thing is we don't just think about. the result is how we got to come and greg has touched on a lot this week and unused different teams and terms of what they've done against africa and stuff a lot so yeah very much in a good place but we understand the challenges coming together the games know no minutes not started. or not and is going on when we just want to put when. you and those you go out to because to. do well
2:55 am
and that's. all it will cover so. who will push and pull as well the headline fixture on saturday is in dublin where the world's second ranked side island faced the top ranked new zealand who are also the reigning world champions france and argentina meet in little while it's only host australia england face the next world cup hosts japan and wales ikon tonga professional big wave surfer have been competing at nazar in portugal the conditions did not disappoint with twelve made to waves testing the world's best on friday former big wave torch champion grant baker there is put himself in a great spot to take another global title as south africans eleven thousand points enough to win the challenge placing him at the top of the standings has two more events left of this season. cricket and england captain joe root has
2:56 am
a century as the tourists built a healthy lead in their second innings against sri lanka in candy it already made a fifty one batting partner just turned himself inside out down enjoy it with the wickets but roots aggression ensured sri lanka would have a tough chase to win the second test he had his fifteenth test century only his fourth away from home roots of actually reaching one hundred twenty for england when they three on three to four from nine two hundred seventy eight runs ahead i certainly enjoy myself today. there's a few filthy hacks in their times. i think the way you have to think about batting and the sort of mental approach in a game plan you. different strategies that you might have against different bowlers makes it makes a really good fun and that's that's what it should be about you know you shouldn't feel like the pressure is too much we should really enjoy the occasion and make the most of the opportunity that's in front of you in pakistan a well on top of the start of their test series against new zealand the black caps
2:57 am
were one hundred fifty three all out on day one in abu dhabi mohammed abbas starting the damage there kane williamson the only kiwi to perform really after hitting sixty three he took two catches and pakistan's reply. we're building a partnership by the evening though the de facto home side reaching fifty nine for two at close of play on friday tour de france winner going to thomas has been given a new take on the race leader's yellow jersey head of his latest competition the welshman was kitted out in traditional chinese opera clothes ad of the shanghai criterium the tolls white and green jersey winners pierre la tour and peter saigon also joining in they'll have a field racing twenty laps around the china art museum to end the twenty eight hundred season all right that is your sport for now we'll have more later on. thanks very much paula let's take you straight over to our web site because that's updated throughout the day our top story that we're all ongoing coverage of the
2:58 am
show and of course the washington post statement that they believe that saudi crown prince ordered his murder would have more of this after the break do stay with us here on. a tamil journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring her story to the public. and sri lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those
2:59 am
who will not compromise on the truth. news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. and lives in fear constantly looking over her shoulder she says she was threatened by armed men as they ransacked a home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on her community and. we can't let the men to mediate us we need to continue they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who have been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of us learned ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice. the mates were brought in dead deal and want the members of the community vaccinators targeted and vaccines rejected pakistan
3:00 am
faces a constant battle in its war against polio a very different this is from al-jazeera follows the extraordinary health workers who risk their lives in one of polio final strongholds. to work with. lifeline the last drops on al-jazeera. the washington post is reporting that the cia has concluded that the saudi crown prince. ordered the killing. in front of an empty space should have lied.
3:01 am
to me what you all just their life and these are other top stories. this is a crucial moment for you. the un says the warring sides in the yemen called.


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