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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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al-jazeera. every since. this is al-jazeera. the whole rahman you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the cia has concluded that the saudi crown prince all that the killing of according to the washington post press for the journalist and writer in front of an empty space where his coffin should have been
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. this is a crucial moment but. also the u.n. says the warring sides in the yemen conflict are ready to go back to the negotiating table. britain's prime minister points negotiator but will be able to carry out her mission. welcome to the news are we start the program with developments in the murder of saudi journalist. the washington post is reporting that the cia has concluded that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin ordered the killing of the journalist last month congressional leaders were informed about the cia informational thursday according to the wall street journal but these are just a few of the many reports that are coming out right. the saudi ambassador to the
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u.s. khalid been sold who's the brother of the crown prince has refuted the reports and in the tweet he says the claims in this purty good assessment is false we have and continue to hear various theories without seeing the primary basis for these speculations as to the very latest on this with mike hanna our correspondent in washington d.c. well in the light of sort of this new information there's going to be more pressure surely on congress and the white house to do something more than they already have . well the report as you said initially came from the washington post but in the last few hours a number of other publications have reported this matter all of them quoting officials who wish to remain anonymous the cia itself will not comment on this at all but certainly the volume of the reporting on this matter in the wake of several claims by members of congress in recent days that the crown prince must be held
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accountable will certainly ramp up pressure on president trump and the white house but the key issue here is whether president trump has been handed this report should the reporting on the report be accurate does president trump have the knowledge that the cia has that they hold the crown prince responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi now one must point out as well that in all the reporting from the various sources that are now reporting there's there is no smoking gun as such it is more the weight of evidence pointing to to the involvement of the crown prince. what we to really see is quite confusing past our international viewers as great to the pressure on the cia they have no reason to publicly explain themselves but in the days leading up to this particular. event and various bits of information it's coming out senators have been saying publicly on camera that the
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cia needs to explain to us as a whole what's going on do you think this sort of growing chorus will demand that the cia all certainly senators in positions of power to come up publicly and say these are the findings this is what we know. well the senate the judicial committee the intelligence committee does have the power perhaps to subpoena the director of the cia to appear before them however they have been saying repeatedly that they will be getting a briefing from gina has pulled the director and they've also wanted to briefing from the secretary of state mike pompei or who had to visit to riyadh the end of the turkey now central to all of this is the audio recordings that the turkish government says it's got off the whole murder recordings which the director of the cia has reportedly heard and these recordings is something that the senate and other members of congress want to know about now the impact from the intelligence
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committee in the senate that they could have an off the record briefing with or basically they do want to know the details of what has happened but in the end they could give a subpoena but she could simply refuse to answer any questions quoting national interest the only person who could actually tell the cia to reveal publicly what it has is the president and then we get back to that question of whether the cia has provided this information to the president should the reporting about the nature of this information be correct or for the moment leave it there of course and follow developments with you. these executive director at the arab center in washington d.c. joins me via skype from his home in fairfax virginia could have you with us on the program so you're very close friend of john mark show she does this news that you're hearing no surprise you in the light of sort of the recent information of the direction of the investigation. not at all i think all
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indications over the past few weeks in the you know after the first week. of the end so that. all indications were pointing and direction although it is very important it's very significant that what the washington post a new york times. see and be seen on other outlets over the past three hours. reported that the cia internal assessment now is pointing its fingers. in so much as having ordered this operation this has never happened before it's controlled action with the assessment of the saudi government and its own contradiction which is more important what the assessment of the white house that's not what we have heard thus far from the president of the united states or from his
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national security adviser bolton who actually released information that's totally opposite if indeed the cia assessment is true i think this is a major game changer in the investigation. and that. that would you like i'm all full statement in public from the cia whether it be in front of a set it committee committee a such. i think what is needed is more formal definitive legal statements from everybody concerned. let's start first with turks i think we have heard enough in terms of political statements in terms of a few weeks through the media. i would like to see basically the attorney general the minister of justice somebody of legal stature and birky issue is a definitive conclusion in terms of. their investigation of the murder in terms of
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the united states that finitely i think particularly not unlike of the contradiction between the cia and the white house needs to be one official statement by the u.s. government about a resident of the united states who has been assassinated bhutto only by an ally of the united states so i think he deserves a clearer statement that we have heard thus far indeed i mean we can understand where the turks are coming from because of the way that they've leaked information trying to push the saudis into telling them of a more coherent more credible timeline pushing the united states and the president to the white tells to actually act on that information but yet we have seen the u.s. president in the past undermine the credibility of agencies like the cia in a way to really have in a way that they would have their noses out of joint leaking information like this
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if they do or have to the american media reaffirms perhaps that could then chills and maintain some sort of self-preservation if the president decides not to act on this information that sort of trying to protect themselves that they don't. i think so definitely this leak by the cia to the washington post and the new york times and others signifies that there is a conflict internally within the administration i think it's basically a straightforward answer by the cia to the false statements that. john bolton made several days ago saying that there is absolutely no evidence pointing in the direction of muhammad and some man he hasn't seen the evidence that the cia has he hasn't seen the videos that the director of the cia has watched during your visit to. he didn't see any of the exchanges
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between turkish intelligence and u.s. intelligence yet that he saw fit for political purposes even though the saudis keep saying the turks are accusing the turks that they have politicized the murder of. actually the united states also as politicized more than anybody else this case by issuing a political statement regarding the bilateral relationship between washington and riyadh rather than focusing on the crime root on crime that killed a resident of the united states for the moment we'll leave it there thanks so much for joining us from fairfax thank you lentil is a former deputy national intelligence officer for the transnational threats at the cia he says the agency will be absolutely certain that its conclusions all the princes involvement. there are two parts to how the cia will have done its work and
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made assessment and will have been asked say what what happened who did this who is responsible and then it will. canvass all of it but sources human sources technical sources open sources and each report but this is something i think important for people to understand each report that is submitted if i have a human source and i submit it to the agency that report will be a stress test for reliability you know you don't give it an e.p. three percent likely that's an impossible scale to have but you will say the source is unimpeachable it's first hand information sources repeatedly have been substantiated corroborated and then you'll have the same assessment effort made for each report whether it's a telephone intercept or not then on to those reports will be brought together with the assessment of our understanding of how powers exercise dies in this instance in
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saudi arabia and those will be brought together say well all these reports concord there is no dissonance or there or if there is we nonetheless assess the following in this instance the report is clearly overwhelmingly uniformly from what one can sense gather in in agreement with itself which is that m.b.a.'s mountain someone once response to his which is no surprise frankly to anyone but until you have overwhelming assessments by multiple sources the agency would not reach that conclusion they have reached that conclusion then it would assess the second part well what is the likely consequence of this and that gets into a little tea leaf reading or crystal ball gazing but it's based on the experts understanding of how the power is wielded in saudi arabia now i share the assistance of once
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again which is that this is the facts are pretty damning for the crown prince but that he's unlikely to fall as a result. well muslims around the world have been remembering the list during friday press they gathered at mosques and into turkey saudi arabia and the u.k. and to simmons' reports mr ambuhl. forty five days of the jamal khashoggi is murder they come to pray with a grief that permeates a great rainy day. love our abound all the more poignant because of the empty space of the most solid stone here where a coffin should rest one of the show jews friends set the tone of the day after this prayer we are going to look for justice not. anger. deep grief but we are looking consistently justice for. another friend
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expressed similar sentiment the bottom of the gun bust into this was a barbaric act committed in the twenty first century this wasn't just a murder expressions of anguish of regret and the quest for justice amongst little more revelations from the turkish media about the last moments of jamal khashoggi his life events that dispute the saudi account of what happened. turkey's harriot newspaper says a so far on heard of odia recording disproves the saudi assertion that jews murder was not planned the newspaper says the team can be heard discussing how to kill him the audio apparently contradicts the latest version of events from the saudis who are only twenty four hours ago said he died after being injected with a large dose of sedative following a brawl. and turkish investigators say it's already been established from the
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original recording that cuz shoji was strangled to death a not drugged a ruling party official who knew well says the saudi investigation can't be credible. it's an investigation that is headed by the crown prince and that investigation says he isn't related to what happens in nature an organization of this investigation is problematic you can expect an independent fair judgment from that court among those here were many who didn't know because shoji who was murdered in that tragic way unfortunately so that's why i'm here today it's really symbolic for me to see this prayer. that ms mentioned it is impossible not to react as a muslim and the human being we are here to do our duty for jamal khashoggi for loved ones who maintain privacy on this day maybe some level of comfort spiritually
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but closure seems a long distance away and drew simmons al-jazeera is stumbled. well plenty more to come here on the al-jazeera news hour including. what's prompting motorists across france to stage blockades and demonstrations. and in tennis all four semifinalists up the season ending championships are not known paul will be here with more support. than the united nations special envoy for yemen says the warring parties will attend upcoming talks in sweden but who the fighters say battles continue as the saudi a morality led coalition launched airstrikes on the port city of the data our diplomatic editor james base has more be allowed to impede the charles when he brief the un security council special envoy martin griffiths was talking up the prospects of
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yemeni peace talks due to take place soon in sweden it is a crucial moment for yemen i've received firm assurances from the leadership of the yemeni parties the governor government of course first and then other they are committed to attending these consultations i believe that genuine alike spec them to continue in that way and to. appear for those consultations and indeed so do the yemeni people who are desperate for a political solution to a war in which they are the main victims also briefing the security council the head of the world food programme who says the country is only months away from full scale famine david beasley had just forty eight hours earlier being in the main yemeni port of her data while in yemen he visited a hospital in sanaa that only has the capacity for twenty child patients a day they receive about fifty cases those not admitted are sent home to die
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one little child. i remember little feet was sticking out the blanket in it was kind of cute and i went to called the little feat you know to get out of your little smile and just like took on a ghost and nothing there next week the u.k. will circulate a draft resolution to the other members of the security council calling for a sation of hostilities at data and other key locations used for transporting aid how will saudi arabia react diplomats tell me they don't think the saudis welcomed the idea of a new resolution james zero at the united nations. several world leaders are improper new guinea for the annual asia pacific economic cooperation summit talks apec as it's known u.s. president trump has not decided to go. to the event has allowed chinese leader xi
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jinping to take center stage and thomas joins us live from the summit in the capital port moresby and this is you know a big event andrew for pup when you can eat but without some of the big players. well it's easily the biggest event happen you get he has ever hosted this is the poorest country among them aren't nineteen members of the apec group economies right around the pacific region which combined have a gross domestic product worth more than half the world's total so a big event but certainly missing what should've been the star attraction the u.s. president and indeed president putin of russia mike pence the vice president will be here in donald trump's place we're expecting a speech from him any of you should see him popping up on one of the big screens behind me but donald trump though he might not be here his presence is really being felt months leaders giving speeches in opposition to his protectionist policies we just have malaysia's prime minister talking about the domino effects of tariffs around the world if people follow trump's leave without australia's prime minister
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talking about how tariffs on the way forward negotiations are just about twenty minutes ago she's in pain china's president wrapped up his speech by saying that it was openness that had brought prosperity particularly to this part of the world and how trade was produce no witness well i'm joined now by shane mcleod from the australian policy foreign policy research center the lowy institute shane because donald trump isn't here it's really left the door open hasn't it for paying the leader of the second most powerful economy in the apec group to dominate is this the she showed a very much has been over the last twenty four forty eight hours so president xi has been here two days ahead of a pick he's been very busy around the pin capital he's been having meetings one on one meetings with the pain government the prime minister and ministers but also critically a meeting with pacific island leaders last night and we still don't know a lot about what they've agreed to we understand there is a strategic agreement for support from china in the pacific but really big things
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going on here in the pacific on the periphery i guess of this summit rather let's say it seems other countries of woken up to the influence and investment that china is now exerting in a huge way but to cross the pacific but across the asian. region more broadly is that a concern for those leaders and i was straight as prime minister gave a speech a few days ago saying that australia was going to engage more in the pacific region but china's eight and investment comes with strings attached we saw that at the meeting last night in way yes you can see that china has done a lot here in the painting capital building roads building the meeting center one of the venues for the i picked summit and it's happening at the time where this strengthening those those relationships with pacific countries they're talking about what kinds of things pacific leaders want to hear from china and it's putting a very positive perspective for them on what they can possibly get out of a relationship with china it's putting countries like australia to go back to the drawing board i guess and come up with new ways of engaging with countries that
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traditionally they've had very close relationships with circle thank you very much i think we're getting out mike pence on stage any moment now so all eyes will be on him as donald trump spokesman see how he reacts to. the it may in that day of apec is actually on sunday what's happening at the moment some of the leaders are giving speeches to business leaders on a cruise ship actually that is more in the harbor of port moresby the leaders will all get together for dinner on saturday nights and then get together for their substantiates walks on sunday but it's as much about the bilateral the one the ones between people like my tendency to think that will matter as much as the all will discussions inside a packed house a conference center built especially for this occasion for the moment hundred thank you i said to europe now where britain has a new branch that secretary has to reserve the fights to save a draft withdrawal agreement struck with the european union stephen barclay steps in to the position vacated by dominic rob rob was one of the number of conservatives who quit after the cabinet backed the deal showed
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a whole how small the outside the u.k. parliament. well the ship of state on friday evening is looking more stable than it was twenty four hours ago theresa may has appointed a new briggs's secretary replacing dominic robb who resigned on thursday stephen barclay after now a junior health minister but crucially a leave supporter that portfolio requires a leave supporter to make it in any way effective he takes up the position albeit a portfolio reduced in stature to reason may will be leading the negotiations we're told at least over the next ten days with the e.u. she's also brought back into her cabinet amber rudd the former home secretary a pro remain minister and a close ally of to reason may to take up an estimate vai's position at work and pensions that's a big boost to the prime minister to have her allied back in cabinet and of course the five leave pro leave cabinet ministers who've been on the verge of resigning for the last twenty four hours including michael gove he's
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a big fish and they've all decided to stay on and try and see this deal of hers through parliament so stability restored up to a point in this context that doesn't mean much more than that she and the government may survive the weekend because next week there is the possibility of a leadership challenge coming to pass the forty eight letters are received by the backbench committee chairman calling for a vote of no confidence by conservative party m.p.'s we're told that number is approaching nobody will know until the moment comes but of course if three's amazed voted down to have to stand down whether there are the numbers in her party willing to see her go though is another matter given that five of those senior cabinet ministers have decided to stay on they may know that the numbers simply aren't there to defeat the prime minister. german chancellor angela merkel has visited the eastern city of chemists three months after far right protests and violence the
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trouble was triggered by the fatal stabbing of a local man in august police arrested in the song and seeker for the attack at the event in the city called on germans to distance themselves from racism and rightwing hardliners. voters across france are staging block demonstrations on saturday over the rising cost of fuel since the start of twenty eighteen petrol prices have risen by as much as twenty percent when he blamed the government for a series of so-called green taxes added to the price of fuel the top to bottom reports from seventy east of perth. priscilla dusk is driving a grassroots protest against high fuel prices in france she launched an online petition calling on the french government to scrap its high taxes on fuel aimed at reducing air pollution it has more than eight hundred thousand signatures. the government is out of touch with reality and daily life it's not easy just give up your car and buy electric
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a few financial incentives aren't enough. the campaign has become a nationwide movement known as the yellow vest protest yellow vests is a sign of support for our message is the symbol of the car and it shows the urgency of the situation rising global oil prices have pushed up the cost of fuel but it's the extra taxes on top in france that have infuriated motorists protesters say the taxes are unfair many people rely on their cars to get to work particularly in rural areas where there's little or no public transport this pharma says his income has fallen as his fuel costs have risen to the reader although it used to be sold in thousand dollars of fuel a year but it's going to sixteen thousand so it's really pushing up my earning costs the yellow vest protest is being sparked by fuel prices but has become a symbol of why did discontent in france many people say they're simply fed up with the rising cost of living and with the government they say doesn't understand their
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concerns on a recent trip to northern france the french president was confronted nearly everywhere he went by people who said his policies favor the rich over the poor of the second question you'll notice something that is only based on a cycle of. organic vegetable farmer mustafa had musses fan is essential for his business to make deliveries he says protecting the environment is vital but it's big polluters like industry that should be taxed more along politically it's important to support the environment but the way it's being done isn't fair you can't tax little guys like us and say we're the polluters we are much you have to tax the source of pollution. emanuel machall has faced a series of street protests over his reforms and policies since coming to power last year each time he survived the storm but as his popularity plummets in opinion polls this may be one of his greatest tests yet how to handle
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a movement to fuel to not by trade unions or politicians but powered by people natasha butler al-jazeera seventy to topple france still ahead here on al-jazeera was. about the struggle deepens in sri lanka politicians come to blows in parliament for a second day and some of the biggest waves in the business are on show up the world surfing link event in portugal paul will have the details in sport. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello her said this story time and time again the cloud doesn't reflect very much over china but there's certainly action going on from the sky we've got snow and the high ground in western sichuan chunk is
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a ten degree ten degrees this green is right it's pretty interesting to the yangtze valley up towards shanghai the snow on the northern edge is just catching a high ground and the wish for winter to tuck in just hasn't made it yet so you've got twenty six degrees increasingly humor with this i'm sure breeze in hong kong but probably dry up the south of that is a bit of a gap but not much to be honest so a cluster of thunderstorms him the south china seas heading towards southern vietnam and cambodia it might even today to something of a circulation which of course always in hans's the right the corolla is a couple of fine looking days virtually no showers in the philippines now the rain should be going south into indonesia a book got a day off in java by the look of it marco last on the showers are coming south but look at this we had two days now in southern vietnam cambodia all of that rain coming in a few showers to me in the southern thailand rather dry spell in peninsular malaysia and sumatra maybe it's time now for indonesia to really get settled in
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with the showers. the weather sponsored by cattle and nice. stories and light. and inspiring and. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds that celebrate the human spirit against the arts age al-jazeera select gangs. when the news breaks on the story it's the fight against isis they continuing in the desert when people need to be helped . and the story needs to be told by families in their status and wealth has benefited from their choice translated people al-jazeera has teams on
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the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on it and online. you're watching ultra serious news arms a whole rob a reminder of our top stories the washington post is reporting that the cia has concluded that the saudi crown prince. ordered the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi also reports that the saudi ambassador to the u.s. told me that he would be safe to go to the consulate but the ambassador to the conversation took place. like the nations special envoy to yemen says the warring
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parties will attend upcoming peace talks in sweden to say civilians schools and hospitals in the port city of the data were hit in the latest strikes by the saudi led coalition. and britain has a new secretary as prime minister trees of a fights to save a draft agreement struck with the european union stephen barclay replaces dominic robb one of the number of conservatives who quit after the cabinet backed the deal . about two thousand central american migrants marching across mexico towards the u.s. have reached one of the border where ins have been securing the border wall on the u.s. side with barbed wire as the bargains approach the authorities in the water have opened up a sports complex to take up as many as three thousand people of those about those fleeing violence and poverty of their countries hoping to seek asylum in the u.s. one hundred year castro joins me now from the water i mean heidi let's begin with what's happening where you are right now. right so
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so i'm right outside of the shelter that's really a community center it's open air so people here will be sleeping under the elements braving the chill but for the most part with the the ones that i've spoken with they're feeling quite elated to have arrived this close to america's doorstep these are families who have been on the road now for more than a month the first half of their journey was on foot braving the elements the rain bringing young children with them and yesterday there were some buses that brought them the second half of this journey so rapidly escalating the speed of their arrival and that's why you're seeing the first waves of this migrant caravan already now just near kilometers from the u.s. border but having arrived here this is certainly not the end of the trials that these families will endure i just spoke with
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a woman who came out of the shelter because there was no more food left for her a young child she has a three year old she says his hungry will sleep this evening without a blanket which also ran out as well and the stark reality here is these two thousand some people who are already in tier one inside the shelter are not even half of the total group of migrants who are still heading north they could arrive in the next few days. and with their arrival these few resources will only be more strained and exactly how they'll continue surviving here is an open question so indeed most of the journey that they've made heidi joe is all about the good will of people along the way you've helped them well sort of condition of the door have you observed. where you are right now because you say it's a waiting game. before they can make that sort of final journey towards the u.s. border. absolutely and i think because you're catching us
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here on the first couple of nights since the massive groups have arrived so close to the border you're catching people in very good spirits and that's in a way suppressing the the suffering that they're truly experiencing they have been experiencing for a month there people with feet that are bleeding having walked so many kilometers there are children with costs there are men who say that they are leaving a place of poverty and violence and there is simply nothing to return to they were to turn around and so they are prepared to stay here so for as long as it takes they said and the reality is that that could be a very long time the current wait list to approach this port of entry between tijuana and san diego california is already about six weeks long and this was the time that people were waiting before the waves of the caravan even began arriving so add to that wait time another as many as eight thousand people who are expected
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in total and it's still unknown exactly how long people will be here stranded but it could drag on for months and it's really a test of the spirit and the determination and also the resources of the of the local mexican government to see how long these people can endure already there has been some testy waters in the last two nights the first of the caravan arrived they were sleeping on the beach into. i want to before the shelter had open actually a group of tijuana residents approached them we were told angrily according to some of the caravan members who are here now they said that the locals threw rocks at them that the adults had to protect the children thankfully no one was seriously injured there but that was a troubling start on the first night i want to one of many more to come so i'm sure we'll leave it there for the join you as a kind of a progressive think you know leaders of latin american countries spain and portugal
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have been stressing the need to talk about poverty inequality and the unprecedented migration crisis in the region but political tensions in the crowd here in venezuela were largely ignored a lot in america to lucy newman explains why from one. american leaders from mexico central and south america spain and portugal underscored the urgent need to confront an unprecedented way this migration both from and within latin america. we need a migratory framework that guarantees the rights of migrants while allowing receiving countries to obtain benefits through orderly and regulated migration with solidarity as a european i know the enormity of the challenge. in less than four years two to three million have poured into neighboring countries. thousands of
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central americans are also escaping violence and poverty forming migrant caravans and amassing at the mexico u.s. border ahead of next month's un migration conference. i brew american leaders have a message to those who only see migrants as a threat i think that it would be. and i think boys will be. boys. and while there was consensus on migration a potential confrontation was averted and whose leaders are being accused of abuse of power. aware that many of their peers would be holding their feet to the fire the two presidents stayed home. as for the goal of regional integration. we must never gate together to achieve unity the impossible is possible it's just
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more difficult. and it will soon be even more so as latin america's two largest countries brazil and mexico prepared to swear in new presidents who are on the opposite side of the ideological divide you see in human. immigration officers need to take more than one hundred people to be asylum seekers who are. police are looking into whether it is being used for people smuggling. in northern mali are increasing especially against the u.n. mission in the country despite the challenges u.n. troops are trying to fill the gap left by the rating agencies as the story. the conflict in northern mali has caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes and lose their livelihood those who can't leave often live in poverty facing hunger and violence their region is remote there are no public facilities or services and aid agencies are unable to gain access to most areas.
5:40 am
from the un mission in mali is staffed with stabilizing the country and supporting the population the mission of other foreign armies is to provide protection for people and their property but they have their limitations their mission is also to protect the flow of humanitarian aid but it's becoming extremely difficult now to that the fact the relief workers themselves do not want to be escorted by men in arms. this may look like a un peacekeeping force but in fact these are al-qaeda fighters on their way to launch an attack the tactic shows how dangerous the situation has become for civilians and foreign armies in mali and qaeda attacks on the united nations mission here and other foreign armies have become a daily occurrence and this despite the fact that the role of the un mission is not to participate in war but rather to keep the peace now added to its insecurity challenge the un is trying to fill the void left by aid organizations says our
5:41 am
intervention in the area of your culture. but the thirty eastern today believe one of our largest projects which is to come to some here is a larger force chart green goblin well over three hundred people work and that's an important institution not only for the return of people who were displaced by events in two thousand but also for the and also for the food security in the city . u.n. troops are also digging wells for biting solar power for education and helping schools in remote areas it's an attempt to win hearts and minds and prevent armed groups from gaining the loyalty of the population that insults are visible but limited save the villages here. i am and if it had been a small has provided some water for us but it's not enough look at the plants they need water more water and we need it as well in order to drink and farm better. and others in his village may not be quite happy but they will surely and viewed by
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hundreds of other villages in more remote and vulnerable areas of northern mali combination of war lack of not to resources on neglect have made me a survivor of the number one concern here mama divide. more children have been killed in syria in the first nine months of twenty eighteen than in any of the since the seven year war began and that's according to the u.n. children's agency unicef they say that at least eight hundred seventy children were killed between january and september but that number is likely to be much higher earlier this month alone thirty children were killed in the u.s. led air strikes and shot a village in eastern syria the coalition says it was bombing eisel targets u.s. president trump says that he's written answers for the investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election trump has repeatedly criticized special counsel robert miller's inquiry calling it a witch hunt he says it's drawing to a close and that he answered the questions himself my lawyers are working on that
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i'm working that i write the interest mileage the right answers i write answers. to a series of questions i've answered the very easily very easily i'm sure they're tripped up because you know they like to catch people gee you know with the weather sunny or was it raining he said it may have been a great day it was rainy therefore he told a lie perjured himself ok so you have to always be careful when you answer questions with people that probably have bad intentions but. you know it's the questions were very routinely answered by me by me. trump has lost his latest battle with the news channel c.n.n. a judge ordered the press pass for the networks white house correspondent should be temporarily reinstated jim acosta's access was revoked last week after he was accused of being aggressive towards a white house aide when she attempted to take a microphone from him that happened when president troubled ject to his line of
5:44 am
questioning during a five media conference at the seventy one people are confirmed dead in california after the u.s. states worst fires on record more than a thousand others are missing rob rebels has the latest. climate change has come to california severe drought and santa ana winds a simple spark launches two fires that still have not been stopped the wind fueled flames moved so fast many had to drive through the fire to get out. this driver survived but many more did not trapped in traffic with the fire moving faster than they could an untold number have died calling for help that couldn't get there in time the number of people who are still looking for or and counted for has increased to six hundred thirty one and this number increased by five hundred one people now hundreds of volunteers are doing disk gruesome work looking for the
5:45 am
remains of those who couldn't make it out but experts say it's possible many will never be found my colleagues are finding profoundly degraded human remains the term of art they use as creamy when is the consequence of combustion at high temperature for the thousands who escaped now a waiting game of wonder and worry did their houses survive how are their neighbors and where will they go now in a state already dealing with a severe shortage of housing thick blankets of smoke made air quality hazardous in cities like san francisco and sacramento a change in climate and more severe wildfires what california governor jerry brown coal the new abnormal rob reynolds al-jazeera. palestinians in gaza have gathered
5:46 am
near the fence marking the border with israel for their thirty fourth weekly rally against the siege gaza's health minister says at least forty palestinians have been injured by israeli fire despite efforts to calm tension organising gaza urge restraint after a ceasefire was agreed between palestinian factions and israel and choose day the truce ended the heaviest fighting since the twenty fourteen war but triggered a political crisis in israel with the defense minister resigning and politicians fought for a second day in sri lanka's parliament as supporters of the newly appointed prime minister when the rajapaksa tried to stop a no confidence motion that was eventually approved the term all began when the president sacked his prime minister replaced him with rajapaksa as bernard smith reports from the capital colombo. at the heart of sri lanka's democracy total breakdown of law and order the speaker of parliament could only enter the chamber with an advance police guard supporters of appointed prime
5:47 am
minister mahinda rajapaksa old furniture water spiked with chili. and the constitution have while those who drafted the weighty book wanted m.p.'s to exploit its full force they probably didn't need it to be taken literally was the fraying tempers all aimed at stopping a vote of no confidence the supporters of rajapaksa know they'll lose. huddled behind the police guard is the speaker karoge eyesore. through the chaos eased turning to push on i. and with a show of hands the no confidence motion has passed for the second time this week i the speaker and the police retreat under a volley of messiahs while rajapaksa and his son both in red scarves watch from the sidelines a supporter of the ousted prime minister running away from a singer summed up the vote who did it i did back again right to disrupt the whole
5:48 am
parliament session but. we are able to pass a resolution saying that i did make sure government led by mind that i get back here is no normal but supporters of rajapaksa want an election to break the deadlock that's a tactic to bypass parliament all of us can pass an abortion calling the vile human for the solution and calling the violin for election challenging in your parliament has again been adjourned this time until monday carpenters will be in this weekend to patch it up to run away from a single the prime minister who says he was unconstitutionally fired last month returned to his official government residence physically unscathed and perhaps sensing a return to power the intensity of the violence in parliament has left m.p.'s shaken and still unresolved is the question of who governs sri lanka but after friday's events it must now be getting much harder for mahinda rajapaksa to
5:49 am
legitimately claim the title of prime minister. bernard smith al-jazeera and sri lanka's power. still ahead on the news i will see how the winner of the told friends got a chinese style yellow jersey in china kohli will be here with sports after the break. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries facing the reality. the pain starts from the very beginning of the school of management providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story on talk to al-jazeera. tool the mates who were brought to the level of the members of the new team
5:50 am
vaccinators targeted and vaccines rejected pakistan faces a constant battle in its war against polio very different this is from al-jazeera follows the extraordinary health workers who risk their lives in one of polio his final strongholds we want to see you terse work with her ministry the story we're doing lifelines the last drops on al-jazeera. talk about toughest part of his poll thank you very much we'll start in london at the a.t.p. world tour finals well number one novak djokovic has beaten byron church seven six
5:51 am
six two it's a win that sees him finish top of his qualifying group with three wins from his many matches heading into the semifinals. alexander vera also advances to saturday's semi finals the german accounted for american john isner in straight sets on friday seven six six three zero of also defeated in an earlier group stage encounter and will face roger federer in the final four. the netherlands have beaten world champions france in the usa for nations league a result that relegates germany from the top tier it also means the french haven't yet qualified for the competitions finals giorgi one album getting the goal just before half time in rotterdam the dutch got a late penalty as well memphis to pi scored that one deep into injury time to nil in the final score the dutch core point behind fronts in league a group one where elsewhere in the nation's league there was a good home win first slovakia over ukraine otherwise it was mostly a night of away wins denmark macedonia and armenia all winning on the road the
5:52 am
armenians hammering gibraltar six to egypt have beaten china's year three two in a goal festival the africa cup of nations qualifier in alexandria a ninetieth minute winner from liverpool star striker mohammed sala ensure the win for the pharaohs both teams have booked their place in next year's showpiece in cameroon in johannesburg south africa will host nigeria in qualifying group a neither side is guaranteed a place at the cup of nations yet although they are well placed whoever wins this one will be assured of a spot in cameroon on the hosts will be hoping to emulate their two no win over the nigerians earlier in the campaign. i'm sure that provision has been created from the iranian know that guys are already in your income from family and it's very well unmanly and they're playing a cheering mover or very few of them are merino to like i said for the rhetoric to be three major and you know in print is good news because one team only two to four
5:53 am
hours to prepare for but we know that this much will be the most difficult because under pressure of the south african team they will try to win it with the sonoma also so will be a very interesting game to say to see for the spectacular of football and we will play our game another usa gymnastics official has left their position has the fallout continues from the larry nasser sexual abuse scandal former olympic team athlete wrong gallimore was the chief operating officer for usa gymnastics he resigned on friday many gymnasts had been angry that he'd stayed on given that he was part of the leadership while abuse was taking place the former team doctor is serving an effective life sentence on charges of sexual assault more than three hundred fifty girls said he abused them under the guise of medical treatment to usa gymnastics c.e.o.'s have already resigned all the major rugby nations will be in
5:54 am
action on saturday in the latest round of the november test matches fresh from a win over france south africa will be an edinburgh take on scotland the scots themselves are coming off a big win over fiji last saturday and i will be keen to maintain that winning failing they do not boast a very good record against south africa though scotland have not beaten the springboks since twenty ten and twenty one seven times in twenty six meetings with the south africans. the key thing is you don't just think about. the result as as how we got to come and greg has touched on a lot this week and unused different teams terms of what they've done against africa and stop the laws so yeah very much in a good place but we understand the challenges coming together the games know no minutes not started you know sort of the not and as in we just want improvement.
5:55 am
in those you ultimate goal is to. do well and that's. all it will cover so. who is pushing this well the headline fixture on saturday is in dublin where the world's second ranked side island faced the top ranked new zealand who are also the reigning world champions france and argentina meet in little while it's only host australia england face the next world cup host japan and wales icon tonga professional big wave surface have been competing at nazar in portugal the conditions did not disappoint with twelve major waves testing the world's best on friday former big wave top champion grant baker there is put himself in a great spot to take another global title as south africans eleven thousand points enough to win the challenge placing him at the top of the standings has two more
5:56 am
events left of this season. cricket and england captain joe root has a century as the tourists built a healthy lead in their second innings against sri lanka in candy it already made a fifty one batting partner just turned himself inside out down enjoy it with the wickets but roots aggression ensured sri lanka would have a tough chase to win the second test in his fifteenth test century only his fourth away from home roots of actually reaching one hundred twenty for england when they three on three to four from nine two hundred seventy eight runs ahead a sin injured myself today. as a few filthy hacks in their times. i think the way you have to think about batting and the sort of mental protein and game plan you. the different strategies that you might have against different bowlers makes it makes a really good fun and that's that's what it should be about you know you shouldn't feel the pressure is too much we should really enjoy the occasion and make the most
5:57 am
of the opportunity that's in front of you in pakistan a well on top of the start of that test series against new zealand the black caps were one hundred fifty three all out on day one in abu dhabi mohammad abbas starting the damage there kane williamson the only kiwi to perform really after hitting sixty three he took two catches in pakistan's reply. ali we're building a partnership by the evening though the de facto home side reaching fifty nine for two at close of play on friday. so to friends when i go into thomas has been given a new take on the race leader's yellow jersey head of his latest competition the welshman was kitted out in traditional chinese opera clothes at of the shanghai criteria the tolls white and green jersey when as pierre la tour and pay to saigon also joining in they'll have a failed racing twenty laps around the china all to museum two and the twenty eight . all right that is your sport for now we'll have more later on thanks very much full of course you told us stories that we're covering by logging on to our web
5:58 am
site top story the cia confirming from that point of view that prince saudi arabia was behind the khashoggi but in istanbul purcel carries next for the full half hour you've been watching the news hour with me so robert thanks for your time and your company. history has called it the great wall in the final episode of the two sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come world war one through our bodies on al-jazeera. she's the head of four generations of family and the bearer of forty years of suffering. a heart or a hinge a refugee in her ninety's has fled persecution in myanmar three separate times in her life the first in one thousand seventy then one nine hundred ninety one and
5:59 am
finally in two thousand and seventeen. they beat as they kidnapped as they detained does. google and her family span almost a century in age bonded through blood and displacement they now all live in a single hut located in the world's largest refugee kenya in many ways what's happened to this particular. their extended family really mirrors what's happened to so many other row hendra who face decades of repression and abuse the ranger aren't just the world's largest group of stateless people they're also among the world's most persecuted minorities i'm his story say for the people every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists in that we're actually doing investigative. listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how
6:00 am
they would call it on the stories that matter them and see bias the rights to those stories but then he never publishes those stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. is media report that the cia has concluded the saudi crown prince ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi. and purrs help for the journalist and writer in front of an empty space where his coffin should lie. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life and also coming up.


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