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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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it's a pressing issue we didn't. see. but this is the one. everybody's discussing the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. try. on. president trump under pressure to report the cia has concluded the saudi crown prince or did. we have not yet.
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this is from london coming up in the program one year all turned disappeared with all its crude remains of an argentinian submarine have been found on the seabed. traffic. across france as thousands join protest over the government's fuel prices and asia pacific trade in papua new guinea. so we start the program with developments in the murder of the saudi journalist us media is reporting that the cia believes saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solvent ordered a killing in the saudi consulate in istanbul on the table the second the findings contradict the saudi government claims that its de facto leader was not involved with saudi embassy in washington rejects the accusation made by the u.s.
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intelligence service donald trump has reacted by saying that he will be speaking to his sexual state as well as the cia about the issue later on saturday. we haven't been briefed yet the cia is going to be speaking we should be today we have not been briefed yet as of this fall when we were told that he did not play a role we'll have to find out what they are saying. well let's hear now from michaela who has more from washington in recent days a number of members of congress have demanded that mohammed bin solomon be held accountable either by way of tweets or in the case of senator bob corker during a debate about yemen in the senate i asked for a more briefing with madness pompei o n g i asked for the come in a sense we get back to share with us what is happening with saudi arabia on both fronts both yemen and what is happening as it relates to the journalist who was
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assassinated in my opinion at the direction of the crown prince of saudi arabia us now the washington post reports the cia has concluded that the saudi crown prince ordered the assassination of journalist jamal khashoggi the sit says according to people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity the report says in reaching his conclusions the cia examined multiple sources of intelligence including a phone call that the crown prince's brother and ambassador to the u.s. had with the journalist before his murder khalid bin solomon was quick to deny the allegation saying on twitter i never talk to him by phone and certainly never suggested he go to turkey for any reason i asked the u.s. government to release any information regarding this claim. within hours several other news organizations including the new york times and the wall street journal
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also quoting anonymous officials confirming the report of the cia's finding although it is very important it's very significant that what the washington post new york times. c m b c n n other outlets over the last hours. reported that the cia internal assessment now is pointing stringers. in some as having ordered this operation this has never happened before at the cia we probably will not comment on this kind of report however the washington post wouldn't report this unless they were accurately reporting where the cia they believe the cia said so which is a slight nuance now one can anticipate that the congressional oversight committees will have been briefed or demand to be briefed on this the reports alleging
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muhammad have been solomon's involvement unlikely to field even though the congressional demands that punitive measures be taken against the crown prince and his government the question is whether the president would be prepared to back away from his stated reluctance to take action against the saudi government and its leader as my kind of al-jazeera washington well let's go live now to our correspondent robin jordan who's in washington d.c. tell us more about what's happening here and what pressure donald trump is under to act. well the trumpet ministration is under a lot of pressure to act even though they have already imposed two rounds of sanctions against mid-level saudi officials who allegedly were involved in the murder of jamal khashoggi there's still pressure from both republicans and democrats in congress on the trumpet ministration to do more to punish those at the
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very top those behind because showing scenes murder including punishment of mohammed bin solomon the crown prince of saudi arabia now the president himself has said that he wants to get all of the information that he doesn't want to rush to judgment and he also pointed out that acting too quickly could actually harm one of the u.s. is key interests and economic interest this is donald trump we also have a great ally saudi arabia to give us a lot of jobs to give us a lot of a lot of economic development. they have been doing exactly what i like them to. get out of the development and i also think that you know president i have to think a lot of things if you raise. rows one of these revelations tell us about gold trump's relationship with the cia. well it basically underscores the fact that almost from the moment that donald trump was sworn in as
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president he's always been very critical of the intelligence community largely because of things that were being leaked about his campaign's alleged relationship with russian officials and russian persons who have been accused of trying to disrupt or undermine the two thousand and sixteen presidential election the president has made no secret of the fact that he doesn't think that the intelligence community actually knows what it's doing in fact at one point he famously said that he knew more about intelligence than the analysts and the operatives who have made it their life's work well of course now that he is president he gets a daily intelligence briefing on problems and crises around the world as well as an update on investigations into matters such as the a murder of jamal khashoggi he is supposedly getting this briefing while he's on his way to california to look at the wildfire damage there and then the question is
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going to be how will he calibrate or reshape or change the relationship with saudi arabia given that so much of what is in this report has already been leaked to the major newspapers in this country and it all points to the crown prince mohammed bin solomon right kairos maybe that's the moment that rose jordan there in washington d.c. let's move straight across to istanbul tony is standing by there for us interesting for turkey to have this and presumably they would welcome an endorsement of what they've been saying. indeed i've been saying that from day one they've been saying this is very firmly at the doorstep of the saudi crown prince they have been saying that is a fabrication by the saudi authorities about this whole affair they point to the fact there were inconsistency as they point to the fact that this was a not an ad hoc murder this was premeditated as borne out by the fact that fifteen people coming here that there were suitcases purchased to presume to take the
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dismembered parts of his body out of the there was a phone call that was recorded to saudi arabia saying tell the boss the deed is done so all this fits this huge puzzle that this was a premeditated planned and planned in meticulous detail as well so this is not the ad hoc killing that the saudis have said it was so this goes deeper what can be done about it mr trump talks about jobs they talk about justice here because the feeling that not only is this some kind of hollywood script being played out but also some kind of political game is as much as what's going on behind the scenes this is what is being released in public also counts and i think we'll have to wait and see what repercussions there are because this latest revelation absolutely right tony thanks very much indeed tony but the reporting now from istanbul. argentina's defense ministry says
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a submarine which went missing with forty four crew on board a year ago imploded a u.s. undersea mapping company from the san juan submarine in the south atlantic on the first anniversary of its disappearance families have been critical of the navy response to the disaster and evolved to find out the truth let's hear now from turns a boat someone has errors where she's been listening to the defense ministry briefing joins us from there now in terms of tell us more about what they've been saying. well we're here at the navy headquarters and the minister of defense and other members of the navy just gave a press conference on how they heard and how they found the submarine. the pictures by which they identified the submarine saying that it's located at a depth of about eight hundred meters about five hundred kilometers away from the argentine coast they said that
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on fortunately it seems we've lost our connection with series a bow we will get to but before the end of the program with what we'll hear from the progress. still ahead here on al-jazeera in all great a new president is tension over whether the nation should ally itself more to india china the rise of bust known as the romeo and juliet of the love story is really contemporary. how another spell of brain is underway in good part of central and southern china again the satellite picture to reveal a great deal from it but the potential for thunderstorms and otherwise steady rain south of the yangtze and eventually seeing
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a whole lot clears eastwards and science was leaving hong kong was a potential for a shower or two during monday but it's dry inland by that time including in shanghai and a slightly warmer do. the monsoon may have gone there we've got the northeast now but we did have course that tropical cyclone go across the tip of india yesterday it has gone but if you lie your ass got this general direction still potential for big shasta sri lanka in particular also a time when and again let's take you to monday they stretch across to karen i said still the wet area otherwise it's not so humid and it was hot as it was an interesting way across the river even is either you can't see it now that that line is the remains are frontal system has been quite active is drifting science now behind it bit of a northerly blows through the empty quarter picking up dust and going north again giving these coming in thunderstorms the potential to bring bit of a dust front with them but as you can see things are not completely quiet for the
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north of saudi arabia once again showers written. as my going seek sanctuary on it shows the misty's rescue over to terence. eighty's and the immigration government has allied with the libyan coast guard in an operation often at loggerheads with n.g.o.s trying to save lives. and people in power is on board with both sides rescue at sea announces iraq.
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welcome back to the top story in the. u.s. media reporting that the cia. prince mohammed ordered. in the. top of the. navy submarine a year after it disappeared in the atlantic ocean. that's according to a senior official. disappeared four hundred thirty kilometers. from the fifteenth of november last year and forty four crew members on board. connections with one is there is following a naval announcement about this tell us more again. yes we're here where the minister of defense just gave a press conference he informed how the located the missing submarine showing three pictures by which they identified the submarine they said that the images they have
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a very poor quality because of the turbulence in the water at this time and also because of the soul that they're waiting better images but that it's definitely the missing submarine that it's damaged and if it looks as if it imploded which is it was initially what it was suspected happened there's an official investigation ongoing in southern argentina about what happened and whether any type of negligence was involved in the operations of the submarine and the government said that they will cooperate with any type of investigation that is ongoing. everything from the mood of the victims. well this past year has been days of despair of pain and anger there's been lots of demonstrations by the relatives of the sailors of a submarine demanding to know more saying that they were being lied to that the government was not doing enough well we're being hearing from them lately they are
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in shock very pain they're trying to absorb what happened then the possibility that the ship of the submarine may not be extracted from the water which is something that the minister of defense also said that argentina does not have the resources to be able in a way to extract the submarine from the water obviously of saying that they want an investigation to continue that they want to know exactly what happened and as i said before whether there was any type of negligence they want to know why was it possible that water and or the snorkel area of the summary and that's where the batteries are and that's what started the fire or the things we wish to put up to it from boards or those. one protester has been killed and more than forty others injured during a fuel tax protests that have blocked roads around france more than one hundred twenty five thousand people have been taking in around two thousand protests around the country the fuel tax rise is a part of president to many strategy of moving the country away from its dependency
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on fossil fuels parker is at one of the protests in paris. they have been several small pockets of process surfacing on the streets of paris in different parts of the city similar taney asli over the course of the day here or the seans elisei the main artery running through the french capital several hundred demonstrators have gathered as you can see the police are out in force to try and make sure that the streets of the capital remain open and that cars are allowed to continue driving on the roads according to the interior ministry this is one of a thousand demonstrations that have been taking place across mainland france of valving as many as fifty thousand people there are two things uniting the demonstrators nationwide firstly these vests. all the demonstrators wearing it's very much the uniform of protests and secondly the growing anger and frustration at the increase of the price of diesel and petrol that in some areas has gone up by as much as twenty percent by. simple reasons too many
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taxes and. they just keep getting taxed by. getting nothing back but you know. this is a very difficult one for president to manual micro and he is sticking to his guns in believing that this environmental tax as it's been described is a vital to improve the health and the ecology of frons but everyone agrees people believe that big business and heavy industry should be taxed first rather than ordinary people but he may need to sit up and listen because all of his political rivals on the far right and the far left their support behind this movement and every accuse of politicizing it but in mind also knows that support for him in the polls has been sliding he's watching these demonstrations very very closely and he has to make sure most certainly that these demos don't snowball any further. the number of people reported missing from
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a deadly wildfire in northern california has now jumped to more than one thousand the region sheriff says as many as one thousand and eleven people missing authorities have recovered the remains of more victims raising the death toll to seventy one more than fifty two thousand people have been displaced the mayor of the mexican border city of tijuana says he expects the influx of central american migrants to last for at least six months the city has opened up a sports complex to shelter up to three thousand people thousands of central americans are escaping violence and poverty to gain asylum in the united states mexico's federal government estimates the number of migrants into one could reach ten times yet. iranian president hassan rouhani says iran and iraq could raise that annual bilateral trade to twenty billion dollars despite u.s. sanctions he made the remarks following a meeting with visiting iraqi president barham salih the visit comes just weeks
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after the u.s. reimposed sanctions on iran's key oil industry as well as its banking and shopping it's as shipping it said to washington says tehran is a break in the two thousand and fifteen international nuclear deal and interfering in regional conflicts same as robin has more now from tehran. during their talks iranian president hassan rouhani and his iraqi counterpart burnham sali discussed the importance of security cooperation between their two oil rich nations rouhani made the point that it is up to the countries in the region to handle their own security a familiar tactic or iranian leaders used to publicly bolster the importance of their own role simultaneously characterizing the role of the united states as foreign interference roger my side of the mountain. stream. which they were both of the opinion that all people will benefit from stability in this region we don't need foreign intervention regional countries should have closer relationships and
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mutual cooperation especially iran and iraq and iran and to commit time to form a new regional establishments that would cater to the interests of all nations and so we attach a high importance to the role that you've drawn it in iraq must be an area for common interest for regional nations not a field for conflicting desires the economy that iraq and iran rely on their bilateral trade and iraq is one of the few countries to get a temporary u.s. waiver to keep buying iranian oil and gas and despite threats by u.s. president donald trump to punish anyone doing business with iran rouhani and salad discuss the potential for expanding a new trade from twelve to twenty billion dollars they also talked about setting up a free trade zone as well as a railway line to more closely connected to neighbors but iraq is caught in a delicate balancing act the united states has had a major influence over rocks secured and politics since they invaded the country in two thousand and three neighbor iran once an enemy is now
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a key ally that helped iraq defeat i felt while the iraqi president's visit could be a show of support for iran in the face of american sanctions iraqi leaders no doubt find themselves in an uncomfortable position of trying to please two friends who don't get along. to the mild eaves where it to him mohamed salah has been sworn in as president he unexpectedly beat outgoing leader of villa you mean in september the island nation has grown in strategic importance and recently this is china and india for influence in the region so has promised and india first policy is team is also reviewing millions of dollars of investments from china as well as related to that so let's pray discuss it was considered close to beijing junaid muhammed is a journalist with the melody is independent and he says the new president has prioritized strengthening ties with its neighbor first the mystical the speaking man of the biggest policy changes would be in terms of how down the current is policy of by the stand and by the government. during the previous administration we
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saw a lot of. infrastructure projects that coming up in breakneck speeds on the country and this was seen as. down and promoted as no weapon by the government but the current president he has promised he has pledged and it's included in the state budget for the next year as well now. human development a focus on human development including. more educational opportunities including the sponsoring of higher education for young people the only country he specifically mentioned in the speech which was india he talked about of. doing ties with india and other neighboring countries as well as fully carrying out the role of the maldives in an issue in the security of the indian ocean region so this point and i have been speaking to some high low officials within the transition
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committees as well and who has been so just in that mode so we work back to well what they call an india first order maybe it will hurt us policy this doesn't necessarily mean that modest will stop engaging with china he has reiterated in earlier interviews that his government viewing it it's fine now but it means that india and the neighborhood will have more parity. well divisions between china and the united states overshadowing the asia pacific summit in papua new guinea the chinese leaders she is increasing has been taking aim at u.s. protectionism while the u.s. vice president mike pence said that washington would not back down until beijing changed its ways the two countries have impose tariffs on each other's exports meanwhile as andrew thomas reports from port moresby papua new guinea which is a peg supporters member hoping the event will send more trade it's way. technology and international trade mean papua new guinea and weavers can sell their
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baskets to anyone in the world crystal q. developed an app to help and at this weekend's apec summit has been awarded a price for innovation so happy that you are looking at this i have a chance to utilize digital technology to hire mental development tools. in a very simple people in the areas of the engine. the ambition of the asia pacific economic cooperation group is to foster better relations and smoother trade between the twenty one biggest economies of the pacific region combined they're worth more than hoff the world's total but papua new guinea's economy is the smallest of those in the apec group and there's obvious poverty in port moresby a city right now where security is tight most years the leaders of all apec countries attend its annual summit the u.s. president as leader of the biggest economy in the world is the star attraction but donald trump is skipping this year's event leaving china's president xi jinping as
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the leader in the spotlight and in his opening speech were clear criticisms of trump's trade policies so paul resorting to old practices such as protectionism and unilateralism will not resolve problems but add to the uncertainties in the global economy. other leaders including both australia and malaysia has criticized terrorists too but the u.s. vice president in port moresby in place of trump criticized china and mike pence had a thinly veiled warnings for countries tempted by chinese investment and loans do not except for and could compromise yourself to protect your interests preserve your independence the sea in apec stands for corporation but pence his speech seemed more about regional competition and rivalry economically and even militarily he announced the u.s. would join australia and papua new guinea in setting up
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a naval base here on pm jeez man a silent us has been there before obviously during world war two but to be back in this region and potentially partnering with a stranger and thingee on a permanent military facility in this part of the world very much a push back on some of that strategic movements in the region this weekend there are strongly in warships protecting port moresby and the cruise line where leaders gave their opening speeches this is the biggest events papua new guinea has ever host states but without the us president it's not as major an event as it's hosts had hoped for though donald trump isn't here his presence is being felt his protectionist policies and china's growing assertiveness are the twin contexts for this conference and the thomas al-jazeera put more speed papua new guinea and i'm a tragic love story often compared to shakespeare's romeo and juliet told throughout the middle east and central asia for over a thousand years has been reinterpreted through twenty first century contemporary
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dance jessica baldwin went to see the u.k. premiere of layla imagining. was. musicians from play traditional persian instruments. setting the stage for western audience to learn the heartbreaking tale of imagine. dancers from the mark morris interpret. the tells the story of two young people who . aren't allowed to marry. musicians dancers with. contemporary angles singers from different traditions working together something that attracted choreographer morris to the project. there's a kind of a bad vibe going on internationally you know this it's not just islamophobia
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it's like everything a phobia and that that's not good for anybody you know it's not those people and those people and those people it's like. no it's we people that's that's what i like. the move them style of singing is performed by a father daughter duo. putting his hand to his ear allows possible to hear is own voice more clearly in azerbaijan kassim office considered a national treasure. an expert on as a persian a music says everyone can relate to the tragic love story and the mournful music the music is such a powerful way of. delivering messages to people regardless of the language and of the cultural identity.
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at a time of increased support for walls and tighter borders to protect individual nations this production is all about sharing ideas and collaboration between cultures from across the world. some of the sounds and styles may be foreign to western audiences but the emotions are known to all still relevant and entertaining across countries cultures and centuries jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. or but it's all stories here on al-jazeera and us media reporting that the cia believes saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered. in the saudi consulate in istanbul but the second the findings contradict riyadh's claims that it's the factory lead it was not involved at the saudi embassy in washington has
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rejected the accusation made by the u.s. intelligence service u.s. president donald trump says he's yet to be briefed on the findings and will speak to his secretary of state as well as the cia about the issue later on saturday. we haven't been briefed yet the cia is going to be speaking to me today we have not been briefed yet as. told that did not. find out what. the argentine navy submarine located a year after it disappeared in the atlantic ocean suffered an implosion that's according to a senior official the a.r.e son one disappeared four hundred thirty kilometers off the argentine coast on the fifteenth of november last year with forty four crew members on board a naval commander says the crew had reported what was described as a short circuits in the vessels batteries and relatives have vowed to fight to get to the truth of what happened now the wreckage has finally been found one
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protesters being killed and more than forty others injured during fuel tanks protests that have blocked roads across france more than one hundred twenty five thousand people have been taking part in around two thousand protests controversial fuel tax rises and part of president a man will make whole strategy of moving the country away from its dependency on fossil fuels the number of people missing from a deadly wildfire in northern california has jumped to more than one thousand authorities have recovered the remains of eight more victims raising the number of people killed to seventy one more than fifty two thousand people have been displaced ibrahim mohammed solo has been sworn in as president of the melodies following a contentious election in september india's prime minister narendra modi was among more than three hundred foreign dignitaries at the ceremony in the capital mali solar promise and india to foreign policy following years of tense relations between the two countries is also valid and systemic corruption investigate alleged human rights abuses here today the headlines here and there and next up it is
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people in power. thousands of migrants have died trying to reach europe by crossing the medicine rain from libya many thousands more have been saved from certain death by n.g.o.s search and rescue vessels so why do countries want to stop those ships from giving aid to troops in maritime lol when the alternative is a libyan coast guard with a record of a resting shooting at those it's supposed to be helping weeping to sea to find out .


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