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tv   The New Middle East  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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what is the cia basing its conclusions on it's basing its conclusion on the evidence that they've seen intercepted communications and so on on the structure of the saudi regime and it seems pretty clear now that that that conclusion made with high confidence that the crown prince of saudi arabia personally ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi has not been received well at the white house and that's perhaps why the cia leaks that conclusion to the press. on his way to tour the devastation caused by the californian wildfires don't trump claimed not to have been briefed on the cia's reported conclusion that the crown prince of saudi arabia ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi we also have a great ally saudi arabia to give us a lot of jobs to get out of the to begin to mix it up. because i would. think that the president has to take
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a lot of things to get. me off who is the president spoke with his secretary of state and the director of the cia then the state department released this statement recent reports indicating that the u.s. government has made a final conclusion are inaccurate they remain numerous unanswered questions with respect to the murder of mr the state department will continue to seek all relevant facts and we will do that while maintaining the important strategic relationship between the united states and saudi arabia according to several reports the cia has high confidence in its assessment that khashoggi was killed by order of the saudi crown prince but reached that conclusion having examined communication intercepts and analyzing the power structure of saudi arabia there's still no direct evidence confirming mohamed bin solomon ordered the hit and that's all the leeway the president needs to avoid reaching the same definitive conclusion congressional leaders have been briefed by the cia some members of congress are demanding action me senator richard blumenthal tweeted this trump must accept for once his
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intelligence experts in controversial conclusion crown prince m.b.'s is culpable for casualties monstrous murder this brazen killing must have consequences sanctions prosecution removal of m.p.'s and others not continued cover up enabled by trump and the president is not willing to take those decisions the congress of the united states when it comes back. and reconvenes in washington will take decisions at south. and the president might not like those decisions so he'd better get out in front of this oncoming train according to reports even the cia accepts that mohamed bin solomon's position is secure but they're also justin's but the u.s. may attempt to use evidence of the crown prince's culpability and to show g.'s murder as leverage on yemen the blockade of qatar or the incarceration of dissidents even as some in congress see the murder of jamal khashoggi as a moment to reevaluate the entire relationship between saudi arabia and the us
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others see it more as an opportunity to clip the wings of a volatile crown prince while still relying on him to advance the trumpet ministrations agenda in the middle east. and once again we have evidence though that donald trump's relationship with the central intelligence agency is pretty fraught she had to live. in washington thanks yet. there is tony burley is outside the saudi consulate in istanbul and has the reaction from turkey. it's been a steady steady trickle of revelations and information coming out from turkey. it's interesting that trump is talking about jobs here they're talking about justice and the cia revelation is something that very much in dorsey's what the turkish government has said almost from day one and this was a premeditated murder they pointed the finger of suspicion quietly at the crown saudi crown prince and this really affirms that what they've been saying is correct
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because this was far from what the saudis claim a and that hawk killing on the spur of the moment this was a meticulously planned operation to kill an opponent of the saudi stablish ment's so it's reaffirmed what they've said the latest information that's been coming out now to is concerning how he was killed either by a rope or a. plastic bag over his head the newspaper which has been the source of a lot of the turkish government leaks said that mr casady was injured in injected with a coagulant and this is suppose that this was because to stop the flow of blood so when his body was dismembered would be less traces of his d.n.a. and there's been a joint saudi and turkish investigation into the killing no d.n.a. traces were found either at the saudi consulate where he was killed or at the consulate general's house so they did a pretty good job of cleaning up but this report reaffirms what the turkish government said but what does that mean at the end of the day because as tom says
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jobs are important but justice here is something they think is very important also . well john jones is a us foreign policy analyst and a former congressional visor on national security he joins us live now from washington thanks very much for being with us so this let's just make it clear this at this point is the only the cia's conclusion that they've made here and compared to other parts of the u.s. government they seem to be. in the minority on that so does this move the needle a toll as far as where this investigation is going and the pressure on saudi arabia . yes it definitely moves the needle this was a groundbreaking groundbreaking report by the washington post and without a doubt what it has presented for the trump administration is a definite foreign policy crisis and they've been called to respond the cia report essentially has listed out many discoveries that weren't available to the
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u.s. public or the international community and i can definitely imagine that congress will call for a significant adjustment of the u.s. saudi relationship already out of the gate you have bipartisan calls for congress to pressure policymakers to use this as an opportunity to basically hold the saudi government account to account and when you look across the board what's happening in terms of these reports just over the last twenty four hours you can say with a great deal of certainty that prince mohammed in the eyes of the global community is definitely damaged goods so will he survive and will he most likely still continue to be within the reins of power in saudi arabia that seems to be the
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expectation based on reports by u.s. policymakers but it's expected that this relationship will definitely change going forward why are we hearing about this now and the way we're hearing about it through leaks through the u.s. media is it because the cia knows that the white house isn't going to to draw this conclusion and the people at the top of the spy agency want to get their story out . no one right now is really in the position to make that assessment i do believe that one of the reasons why it took some time for this information to be revealed is that it takes some time to really gather the facts for the last number of weeks there has been a call to gain information to obtain information and a find and to find out the facts as to what actually took place so it appears the cia has that information the information was provided to the public by way of the
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washington post and now it's expected that actions the will be put forth or requested for the administration to make when you look what's happened just over the last week it's been pretty staggering seventeen saudi officials have been sanctioned by the united states government the united states has. ended saudi air refueling rights over yemen for the saudi air force and now the u.s. congress has called for a classified briefing for a classified briefing to be provided to congress now when classified briefings are requested by members of congress and the administration agrees to do that what comes after are usually pretty forceful actions so again what's going to be expected is that the administration and most importantly members of congress will
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haul for a adjustment to the relationship as it pertains to the united states and saudi arabia in regards to saudi actions in yemen could to get your thoughts on a say john jones joining staff from washington thanks very much. oh plenty more ahead on the news hour we're live at the mexican border city of tijuana where a massive caravan of central american migrants come to a halt. as world leaders talk trade in papua new guinea we look at how they host nation's poor are making their presence felt. and later in school find out why the crowd was unhappy with this tennis playoff to be roger federer who will be here more.
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saw that still ahead but first u.s. president donald trump has visited the town in california where at least seventy people died while fires that swept through the state's north the town of paradise was almost completely destroyed more than one thousand people are reported missing in the region after the worst blaze to hit the state in a century trump has blamed poor forest management for the fire as a trump also dismissed suggestions that climate change caused these latest wildfires this devastation and change your opinion that on climate change the president. is going to be the one we. are going to have foreseen. this week you usually hear the. same force and. that's happening most recently. of course the salumi has been to the town of paradise she is now in the neighboring city of chico from where she now joins us live so as we said there
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president visiting the scene what was he able to see and what's been the reaction to his visit there. well he got to see that utter devastation firsthand and. certainly i am standing amongst people who know it all too well they had to flee the area some forty thousand people remain under evacuation orders because of the fires and many of them have no homes to go back to and they've set up camp here at a partner parking lot near a wal-mart parking lot to try to take stock and figure out their next move shelters have been opened people are staying with families and in hotels but the way forward is very uncertain for many because the losses are just so serious i'm joined now by tim howell who was forced to evacuate and you were living in a mobile home in the area i understand at the time so what did you lose everything
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i packed up our d. from billings montana to come here for the winter and more prospect we left the house and got out there and they're not let us back into even see the maps as everything is gone when we were so it's a total loss so you left all of your worldly possessions in in that r.v. was it frightening leaving the scene. for most of it was it was a situation you said that there are people missing and well that the weed left the house and the fellow we came up and stayed in the yard has mother seventy six years old she drove herself out to chico from paradise it took her three and a half hours to get from paradise chico which is eleven miles and she had a really are a story to tell wow and we've heard that over and over about people with the flames literally closing in on the roads as they were trying to get out and traffic snarled you said you ended up on the missing persons list how did that happen and you know there's
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a thousand people reported missing now thankfully you're no longer one of them what did you have to do to get register well back before the fire happened we left that morning i left my wallet at my phone so no one could contact me so all my. family montana started calling that you county sheriff's report missing person so it the more times they get a call as how many times show up as a missing person so they had me one person listed as twenty eight people on that count so people are out there that having contact with their family please get into the county let them know that you're alive absolutely and that is exactly what authorities now are trying to do they're trying to track down the people on those list eliminate duplications and account for everyone we've seen forensic recovery crews going through paradise looking through cellars of burned out homes and so forth to try to do just that try to find remains or people who are missing situation moving forward for a lot of the people here is very uncertain jim can go back to montana once he gets
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his affairs straightened out and his help from the federal emergency management association lot of people that don't have homes to go back to very concerned and this is a state with a housing crisis that had a housing crisis before the fires and now some twelve thousand structures have been ruined just adding to that so a lot of uncertainty a lot of questions remain kristen salumi live for us there in chico california thanks chris the. tensions between the u.s. and china are dominating the apec summit in path when you get me on saturday chinese leaders she jinping took aim at u.s. protectionism while u.s. vice president mike pence said washington would not back down until beijing change this ways to have impose tariffs on each of us exports. thomas joins us live now from the summit in the. past when you guinea capital of port
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moresby so and you what is that the main takeaway then from this apec summit. well hasn't this is the summit for the asia pacific cooperation forum but in fact there's been a lot more opposition than cooperation so far there's a parallel business summit that's been going on a number of the leaders gave speeches at that on saturday and almost all of them used their speeches to attack the policies of some of the other members of apec most notably president xi of china you really laid into the protectionist policies of the united states and he was backed up as we said by the prime ministers of australia who said free trade was the only way forward by the prime minister of malaysia prime minister of russia all of them saying how damaging protectionism could be but they his part vice president paints here in place of donald trump used his speech to attack the way that china goes about giving south loans so you countries around the world particularly here in the pacific loans that come with
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strings attached in his view he said that if you take money from china you are giving up some of your sovereignty you said the united states when it gives loans i don't come with a constricting belt or a one way road that was a real dig at china's belton road investment initiative well the main summit is actually on sunday the latest of what's in them on the screen behind me have been arriving at apec house here in port moresby they'll have a four and a half hour retreat it's called where they all sit around the same table and actually thrash out some of the issues they're supposed to be discussing here ways to enhance economic cooperation free trade among the countries which between the nineteen countries plus two associate members in taiwan and hong kong between them those economies have more the hoff the world's total g.d.p. as a very important economic meeting the substance of which goes on as i say four and a half hours on sunday they were doing some bilateral talks latest getting together one on one one notable one there between the u.s. vice president and australia's prime minister scott morrison they announced that
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they would jointly sets up a naval base in conjunction with papua new guinea on a papua new guinea an odd man asylum famous for hosting australia's refugee. of course but that same island in a very strategic position on routes from china down into the south pacific sea and that's announcement again it was appointed remind us that they are opposed to china's activities not only the pacific but in the south china sea as well so a lot of the positions i thought we may see a bit more cooperation on sunday but that meeting the four and a half i want to go on that will happen behind closed doors i'm not quite sure how much information will fight up off of that concludes and what's at stake then for the host nation in all of these papua new guinea. well this is a massive event that happened you going to this is the country that has easily the smallest economy of all the members of i have never hosted this summit before that the only country not to have done and they've been building up to this event or five years back in twenty eight when it was a great they would host it's that when you get this economy looked like it was flying there was a huge liquefied natural gas project just about to come on stream that was supposed
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to bring billions of dollars into the economy but just as it came and strain the oil price tanks with it liquefied natural gas price went down as well so that project has generated nothing like the money it was supposed to have done in this country really many people here are saying it can't afford this some it's had to have millions of dollars of aid from australia and china particularly to help many people here are very angry that huge amounts of money has been invested into this conference for very privileged lead that's flying in maserati cars and bentley safari them around you can see one right now on the screen behind me so a lot of anger but there are opportunities here as well as my report now shows. technology and international trade i mean papua new guinea and we can sell the baskets to anyone in the world crystal queue developed an app to help and at this weekend's apec summit has been awarded a price for innovation and i'm so happy for you looking at this i have a chance to utilize digital technology to bring mental development to.
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in a very simple people in blue into. the ambition of the asia pacific economic cooperation group is to foster better relations and smooth the trade between the twenty one biggest economies of the pacific region combined they're worth more than half the world's total but papua new guinea's economy is the smallest of those in the apec group and there's obvious poverty in port moresby a city right now where security is tight most years the leaders of all apec countries attend its annual summit the us president as leader of the biggest. i mean the world is the star attraction but donald trump is skipping this year's event leaving china's president xi jinping as the leader in the spotlight and in his opening speech were clear criticisms of trump's trade policies so. resorting to old practices such as protectionism and unilateralism will not resolve problems but
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add to the uncertainties in the global economy. other leaders including both australia's and malaysia has criticised terrorists too but the us vice president in port moresby in place of trump criticized china and mike pence had thinly veiled warnings for countries tempted by chinese investment and loans do not except for and could compromise yourself to protect your interests preserve your independence the see in apec stands for corporation but pence a speech seemed more about regional competition and rivalry economically and even militarily he announced the u.s. would join australia and papua new guinea in setting up a naval base here on pm jeez man a silent us has been there before obviously during world war two but to be back in this region and potentially partnering with a stranger and thingee on permanent military facility in this part of the world very much a push back on some of that strategic movements in the region this weekend there
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are strongly in warships protecting port moresby and the cruise line where leaders gave their opening speeches this is the biggest events papua new guinea has ever hosted but without the us president it's not as major an event as it's hosts had hoped for though donald trump isn't here his presence is being felt his protectionist policies and china's growing assertiveness are the twin contexts for this conference and the thomas out is their port moresby papua new guinea. of the mold the maldives has sworn in its new president abraham mohammad soli he was the surprise winner of the election in september against former leader of the i mean the allah nation's location near strategic maritime lanes has put china and india at odds for influence in the region solace when is seen as a setback for china which had signed several infrastructure projects with the means
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administration at least thirty three people are now confirmed dead after a cycling hit parts of southern india cycling just struck six districts of tamil nadu state on friday with heavy rains in winds that reached one hundred twenty kilometers per hour wind and eighty two thousand people are in emergency shelters a lame british cabinet minister has told prime minister to resign may there's more work to be done on her draft breaks it deal andrea lets him who is leader of the house of commons is heading a group of ministers who want made to amend the agreement the prime minister will meet e.u. leaders at a summit in brussels next week where the deal will be signed what i'm doing is working very hard to support the prime minister in getting the brics a deal that seventeen point four million people voted for and i think there's still the potential to improve on the clarification and on some of the measures within it and that's what time hoping to be able to help with the argentine government says
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the submarine the san juan which disappeared with a crew of forty four on board a year ago imploded the news comes after the discovery of the wreckage of the vessel off the country's eastern coast that i sub zero reports from. for a year and two days they walk into the same question where are the forty four loved ones the crew of this anquan finally they have some answers but not closure just yet loss and we were sitting at the dining table with my mom when the missiles from the submarine command force arrived saying that an object that was detected just say was the sun one we couldn't believe it we turned on the television and they said it was the sun one this and one was on a routine patrol before it went missing the crew reported water enter the snorkel area and cost shorts or quitting problems that provoked a fire an explosion was later detected submarines are built to be difficult to find
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it proved impossible for thirteen countries who joined the two week long search operation the argentine maybe provoked anger and dismay among the crew's relatives by officially ending that search. contracted by the argentine government the u.s. company ocean infinity has combed the deaths for more than two months. on the first anniversary of the disaster that same evening ocean infinity's deep sea experts found an object of interest and sent down a robotic submarine to take a closer look at it positively identified the. resistant shell is in one pace but it's deformed and dented inside which was caused by external pressure of the hydrostatic column at nine hundred meters you know. the government says that now it's time to find out what happened. the president specifically told me that we had to find
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a submarine and find the truth to get justice now we have found a submarine we need to establish what the causes were and if there are people responsible. but the relatives one the judiciary to look into the current administration but also into the previous one the submarine was refurbished during the previous administration of former president cristina kirchner many are calling into an investigation of everyone involved in the process earlier this year the police raided several navy bases and shortly after the head of what. my mama said judge is leading an investigation into what happened because the relatives want to know why was it possible that water entered the snorkel area of the family room which is what caused the fire for the cruise families closure will only come with accountability. i'll just feed up with a situs all right still ahead on al-jazeera facing heat from all sides the honeymoon appears to be over for colombia's president one hundred days after taking
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office. an ancient love story reinterpreted as a modern warning against prejudice and division. and new zealand fight back in a fast cricket test against pakistan details like transport. how that unexpectedly deep snow in the northeast may have melted little bits and temperatures risen and snow more much more at least to come but the cold hasn't gone away this is all cold air and this is not system a barrier between the two which quite often means only more snow to fall well yes across the plains states are running out to maybe the northern ohio valley but not much in it the temps are still different but we're above freezing at least to
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chicago if not in minneapolis and down in dallas and atlanta are up in the teens so the division still exists west coast well as long as the way of clabber the breeze is no longer blowing at the interior chief anything is slightly good news now taking you had to monday now and the picture still of a little bit is no foregone the high ground maybe otherwise temperature cover-up into ten or above new york or washington south of all this and this is the active line of cloud showers have been falling in cuba in the bahamas and particularly down in honduras that line still exists and hunters will get another bit of a pasting and for anywhere down towards panama could well see some potentially very wet weather over the next day or so to give that we've seen over one hundred million meters in honduras repeat that in costa rica and panama some flooding.
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history has called it the great war in the final episode the two sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come world war one through our lives onal jersey.
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hello again you're watching i just in a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. president has spoken to the cia chief after a port said the spy agency believes saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin selamat ordered the murder of journalist and mouth ashaji last month. the conclusion contradicts the saudi government's claim the seven man was not involved . more than a thousand people are missing in northern california after the worst wildfires to hit the region since records began president donald trump has made his first visit to the area he's been to the town of paradise where at least seventy one people
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died. investigators in argentina say a navy submarine found a year after it disappeared in the atlantic ocean imploded the vanished four hundred kilometers off the argentine coast with forty four crewmembers on board. a nearly three thousand mind wins who are at mexico's border with california in the usa they do not feel welcome in the mexican city of quanah most of them are staying at i loke. sports complex sleeping outdoors on a baseball field the city's mayor warned that the flow of central migrants will continue for six months thousands of central americans are escaping violence and poverty with the hope they will gain asylum in the u.s. how does your castro joins us now from want to so heidi what's happening there at the moment. as i'm i'm in right outside of this shelter it's really a converted communities field that as you see has turned into
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a camp for these two thousand some people essential american families who have already traversed half a continent mostly on foot to arrive at america's doorsteps this is the place where women and children and men have been able to rest for a few nights but as you can see very few have a roof over their heads only the lucky have something as simple as a camping tends to protect them from the elements many are suffering from cough and other ailments because of their long journey and the reality for them is that they will be here for a very long period of time as you mentioned local authorities are predicting this could be months they're waiting just at the the shadows of the u.s. border which is right behind me they're waiting for their time so plan for asylum has them so what happens next then. right so now there are so a few thousand people already here they are putting their names on
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a wait list at the port of entry the one port of entry to get them in to san diego usa and they're hoping that that is where they'll be able to make their application for asylum but the reality is the u.s. government is only allowing a tiny trickle of people in each day today only thirty people on a wait list of more than a thousand four hundred families so reality is people will be here for a long period of time it's still uncertain exactly what resources will be made available to care for them i talk with some of the men who are looking for work some have already been out painting houses and want to they're hoping to make a contribution to the community while they stay here and then make their case to go to the u.s. all right haiti joe castro live for us there in. now in colombia taxes on oranges among other things have sparked criticism of president even do k. after his first one hundred days in office he's accused of breaking his campaign
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promises people there are threatening a nationwide strike are asunder and yet he has more from what we're top. with his youthful energy and a once healthy majority in congress some expected colombia's new president to have an easy start but after one hundred days in office the president has come across decades old challenges the government has campaigned on very aggressive platform something to be a game changer in the country's history the youngest president the most technocratic and it's gone through a series of roadblocks. look at campaign the law in order and boosting the economy under the watchful eye of his political right wing mentor. a hardliner who is us popular as he is polarizing the well as government has not been extreme some of his proposals have been challenged even by his own party behind him push. comes to
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cause approval rating fell from over fifty percent to twenty seven percent in three months as colombians felt he betrayed his campaign promises such as not increasing taxes. a new bill plans to do just that charging new taxes and forty basic goods including meat eggs and fruits. we barely have what we need for our daily survival or does he expect us to find the money to pay more taxes. for us but i mean look at all he promised in the campaign and now it's all against the poor when it's the poor that's helped him to get elected. the bill aims to raise four point four billion dollars necessary to finding spending next year but it's lagging in congress as many fear it would negatively impact an already struggling middle class . a number of proposals supported by the president such as the new and take corruption measures among others have of failed showing just how difficult it has
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been for this administration to pass any meaningful legislation so it has not been able to really coalesce around himself his own party much less convince the other parties to join him. and more challenges that come from the streets students have been protesting for over a month on public universities.


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