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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 321  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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season ending a.t.p. tour final have come to an end he's been beaten by alexander's vera in the semifinals in london but is somehow moloch reports the twenty one year old german's victory didn't come without controversy a shot to a one hundredth singles titles on the line for roger federer in his tall final semi against a very game alexander's very hope the german himself was looking to win his biggest title and he started well winning a close first set seven five and one of the second was even closer it will likely be remembered for a moment of controversy. was out for three down in a tie break zero of structurally because the ball boy dropped a ball and despite the london crowd not being impressed with the umpire order the point to be replayed. was the of phedre ultimately paying the price for an unforced error made by somebody else was the german would win the replay point and go on to seal the
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match and a spot in the final with thank god the founds would not let him enjoy his moment while played so i said that was such an exciting match an exciting time break a fantastic atmosphere out here how did you get the win was with the apologises roger at the net already you told me to read and that's ok you know it's obvious in the rules like dirt on to apologise to the crowd is wrong you know she has a lot of roger friends here and you know as he deserves he. should. know what he's achieved and what kind of guy is whether the fans like it or not fed results and if there are through so he'll malik al-jazeera. well federer took the defeat in good grace and said there had been no need to boot his opponent i was trying to think what would i have done in his position. as bowled to stop the rally because i don't know if it's an umpire's decision or not and while you're hearing
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that might go through your head you know so i would have probably said who else would be keep on playing to know these things happen and i never like it we see it in other sports all the time and turner says it's rare so when it happens it's we feel it really is very personal and we take it very direct and i think it's unfortunate that this happened doesn't deserve it. will be a big task force vera in the final the serb took very little time getting there beating kevin anderson six two six two later on saturday the world number one has now won thirty five matches and lost just two since the wimbledon finals in the summer where european champions portugal have become the first team into the final stages of the away for nations league fernando santos his men who were without cristiana rinaldo played out a goalless draw with italy they take an unassailable lead at the top of league a group three the result also means it's only cannot be relegated from the group
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islands of be to new zealand for just the second time in rugby union history he or blacks went down sixty nine in dublin on saturday their first ever defeat to the irish came only two years ago in more than one hundred years of matches between what are currently the world's top two ranked nations it's also just new zealand second to test the feet of twenty eighteen. cricket's and england have given themselves a good chance of winning a test series in sri lanka for the first time since two thousand and one going into day five of the second test in kandy the tourists need to take three more wickets for victory on the final day sri lanka also have a chance chasing a target of three hundred one they need seventy five runs only one recognised batsman left the nearest sundeck well england lead the three much series one and help you zero in the four back in the first test against pakistan in abu dhabi after bowing out the black caps four hundred fifty three pakistan collapse to two
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hundred twenty seven all out having been one hundred seventy four for pakistan half however already struck in the second innings leaving new zealand on fifty six for one and trailing by eighteen at stumps india have scored a major victory at the women's world t twenty in the caribbean they beat three time champions australia scoring one hundred sixty seven for the loss of eight wickets in their twenty overs the indians then dismissed australia for just one hundred nineteen the forty eight run when these the top eight. maverick when yalit has waited all season for his first moto g.p. pole position and the spaniard finally grabbed the chance in the last race of the year he was helped by world champion mark marquez here who came off the track in valencia and would finish fifth in this qualifying session now harvin jaros took full advantage for his first top spot on the grid since the arrogant groom prix in
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september twenty seventh. alex rins on the underage behind him at the start for sunday's race. the friending ski world cup champion has won the first slalom event of the season this taking place in lavey in finland the americans combined total from her two runs point fifty eight seconds faster than petra below for the nine the slovakian back to back wins in the arctic circle the two time olympic gold medalist shifrin starting her season in the best possible way and even more importantly she got the traditional prize of a reindeer for her troubles all right that story of sport for now will have more later on. tragic love story from the middle east and central asia has been reinterpreted in a twenty first century contemporary dance just went to see. musicians from a play traditional persian instruments. setting the stage for
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a western audience to learn the heartbreaking tale of layla imagine. the. dancers from the mark morris dance with interpret the ancient palm that tells the story of two young people who fall in love but aren't allowed to marry. musicians dancers with worlds in contemporary angles singers from different traditions working together something that attracted choreographer morris to the project. there is a kind of a bad vibe going on internationally you know that it's not just islamophobia it's like everything a phobia and that that's not good for anybody you know it's not those people and those people and those people it's like. no it's we people that's that's what i
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like about it was. the move them style of singing is performed by a father daughter duo. putting his hand to his ear allows an impossible to hear is own voice more clearly in azerbaijan kassim office considered a national treasure. he was an expert on now surprise yani music says everyone can relate to the tragic love story and the mournful music the music is such a powerful way of. delivering messages to people regardless of the language and of the cultural identity. at a time of increased support for walls and tighter borders to protect individual nations this production is all about sharing ideas and collaboration between cultures from
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across the world some of the sounds and styles may be foreign to western audiences but the emotions are known to all still relevant and entertaining across countries cultures and centuries jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. that's it for me sam is here with more news in two minutes. travel often. by tranquil waters and hope of forests near prague want war. looks of honoring. on cities. on sundry incentives. in the military. is there so. why icons landmark. valleys and scotland's. made place of glass the moon talking to. it's the places you've trained off and wintry.
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when you live for adventure. and discover it in chops when you're warm inside when it's warm on the outside because minus main memories of foreign places are closer than anything. going this is together with cattle i always. a tamil journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring his story to the public. and sri lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who will not compromise on the truth. news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. fresh perspectives.
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possibilities. thinness gentleness and. debates in discussions how can you trust a man like that how can you work again with a man like that she seems to be saying if all of us and we just don't know or care enough out award winning programs take you on a journey around the. only on al-jazeera. we're talking about a killing we're not talking about anything else we're talking about it so who did it. pressure builds president trump says the u.s. will determine who jamal khashoggi in the next two days.
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i'm sam is a damn this is al jazeera live from coming out sifting through the damage. from the epicenter of california's worst wildfire visits the area. fighting resumes in the. city of hyundai there after a brief pause. one person killed hundreds injured in protests across france against fuel price. the u.s. government is expected to give its conclusion on who killed jamal khashoggi in the next two days that's according to president trump himself who says he's awaiting a final report earlier
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a number of media outlets said the cia believes sound the crown prince mohammed and order the journalists killing in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul call that premature the u.s. state department said it had not reached a conclusion. still just this audio thing our cia director has to reflect and very knowledgeable and been studying this very closely and it's a horrible thing that took place the killing of a journalist in a very very bad situation. and somebody who's respected it should never have happened and we'll be having a very full report over the next two days in the meantime we're doing things to some people that we know for a fact were involved and we're being very tough on a lot of people what with this record and we're going to come up with a report as to what we think the overall impact was and who caused it and who did it you talking about a killing we're not talking about anything else we're talking about it so who did
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it. the u.s. central intelligence agency says the saudi crown prince ordered the killing of jim out on saturday the u.s. state department said they haven't made a final conclusion and that made the mixed signals over who was behind the murder of the saudi journalist congress is turning up the heat on president trump chabris hansie has the latest from washington d.c. . on his way to two of the devastation caused by the california wildfires don't trump claimed not to have been briefed on the cia's reported conclusion that the crown prince of saudi arabia ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi we also have a great ally saudi arabia to give us a lot of jobs to give out a lot of economic development. that. alan and i also think that you know president i think a lot of the. shortly afterwards the president spoke with his secretary of state
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and the director of the cia then the state department released this statement recent reports indicating that the u.s. government has made a final conclusion are inaccurate there remain numerous unanswered questions with respect to the murder of mr krug three the state department will continue to seek all relevant facts and we will do that while maintaining the important strategic relationship between the united states and saudi arabia according to several reports the cia has high confidence in its assessment but khashoggi was killed by order of the saudi crown prince but reached that conclusion having examined communication intercepts and analyzing the power structure of saudi arabia there's still no direct evidence confirming mohamed bin solomon ordered the hit and that's all the leeway the president needs to avoid reaching the same definitive conclusion congressional leaders have been briefed by the cia some members of congress are demanding action me senator richard blumenthal tweeted this trump must accept for once his intelligence experts in controversial conclusion crown prince m.b.'s is.
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culpable for monstrous murder this brazen killing must have consequences sanctions prosecution removal of m.p.'s and others not continued cover up enabled by trump and the president is not willing to take those decisions the congress of the united states when it comes back. and reconvenes in washington will take decisions itself and the president might not like those decisions so he better get out in front of this oncoming train according to reports even the cia accepts that muhammad bin solomon's position is secure but they're also justin's but the u.s. may attempt to use evidence of the crown prince's culpability and murder as leverage on yemen the blockade of qatar where the incarceration of dissidents even as some in congress see the murder of jamal khashoggi as a moment to reevaluate the entire relationship between saudi arabia and the us others see it more as an opportunity to clip the wings of
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a volatile crown prince while still relying on him to advance the trumpet ministrations agenda in the middle east she has returned to the al-jazeera washington john jones is a us foreign policy analyst and former congressional advisor on national security he expects the u.s. to change its relationship with saudi arabia the report essentially has listed out many discoveries that weren't available to the u.s. public or the international community and i can definitely imagine that congress will call for a significant adjustment of the u.s. saudi relationship already out of the gate had bipartisan cause for congress to pressure policy.


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