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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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but again this big deal you know i took a lot of time and a lot of efforts and. it was basically a push for government action which has been a little bit dysfunctional saw it and i think it's good news if it's reached at least we have a deal but again it's not finished and we need to monitor the next few days and next few weeks whether it was we'll go through the runs or who ultimately will end up paying for briggs it well timidly it will be u.k. people but there is a mention before i think that this deal is negative also for the e.u. so it's a won't it's a lose lose proposition so everybody's going to lose but clearly the u.k. we're going to lose more then the e.u. you say that everybody's going to lose but the bit about the people of northern ireland will they be happy with this deal that the u.p.a. the party that helps to reason may govern. they provide her affectively
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her parliamentary majority they don't speak for everyone in the u.k. even though their own have to be with this withdrawal destruct withdrawal agreement . yeah i think there is still an open issue there but we don't know all the details yet and we will see over the next few days and weeks how this will translate into actual decision actual actions on the ground. and for what we know so far seems to be the least a damaging solution also for northern ireland because the alternative would be much more disruptive. lorenza we've been talking on counting the cost about breaks if you two years since since the referendum to the decision to leave that the european union how would you make sense of it for our audience on the program outside of the e.u. and the u.k. in particular is it possible to sum up to make sense of of brigs it in one simple
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sentence i think has been a massive distraction of effort self and energies and and you know i think it was really a misguided decision but we have to live with that and the you know u.k. people decided to leave the euro i think that the government has to believe it but again it has been a massive distraction from more important issues there and so it's been great to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us and counting the cost thanks. so it's a distraction meanwhile people are getting poorer in britain and the united nations is trying to find out why the world body is to investigate areas in the u.k. hardest hit by a decade of austerity one such place is the town of j. wake on england's east coast from their elders here as lawrence lee reports. off a century ago jaye week was a thriving holiday resorts that was hard to imagine now for years this village on the east coast of england has been listed as one of the u.k.'s poorest places five
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thousand people have been left to work out how to live and almost complete isolation. danny has taken it upon himself to speak for the community he sets up the j. week happy club to define gesture of hope over diversity we need to help the younger people rob that they take the wrong because there's no jobs they might not they might get into bad habits like it's like i'm going to be sore doing drugs or drinking but we can save these people like giving them opportunities everyone in every one sound has everywhere the restorers of the impacts of declining austerity john is an unemployed thai official the government is changing his benefits as part of a deeply controversial new system which leaves people without money for weeks on end john has food for three more days but we're going to do if you get post when sitting on a food. drive and friends and not. feel about other very well because you cannot buy readily. another rock
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cafe possible sign from the council. j.j. cycle past someone has given him an old gate he collects and sells bits of scrap metal to make ends meet so it really is what passes for work. we have on my own age in the house for electric. whenever we need so we do it it and. made international news recently when it was misleadingly used in a campaign photo for donald trump warning of the effects of socialism on america since the the roads have been paved it's what passes for success here there are many right wing politicians and commentators who are absolutely livid that the united nations is here at all how dare the un come to one of the richest countries in the world they say and lexus like this but it is still
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a fact that the wealth gap in the u.k. is now enormous and poverty in places like j. week is both absolute and entrenched all this walk to the united nations on poverty and human rights certainly i've heard from a lot of people who are living pretty grim lives. a lot of. a lot of the statistics are pretty discouraging and of rough sleeping in child poverty in terms of at least talk about suicide and so on so there's a lot of problems with the united nations will have left with an impression of a place which is proud almost nothing more than hope even if it has a profound sense of injustice but even if the united nations is listening it's not at all clear what the politicians just one hundred kilometers away in london have any idea about life here still to come on counting the cost and the winner is
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why our beauty pageant to host the headquarters of one of the biggest corporations on the planet right now is proving to be somewhat controversial. but first china could be iran's most important economic ally it's one of the most loyal customers when it comes to buying iranian oil u.s. economic pressure has been spared chinese businesses but in the face of penalties from washington the chinese say the bail stick by iran and the reports from tehran . u.s. president donald trump has threatened to punish chinese companies that do business with iran but no one at this car parts expo into her run seem to worried no doubt the wheels of commerce are spinning a little slower in iran these days but the history of trade ties between the persian and chinese people is older than that of most modern nations having cultivated commercial links for so long many chinese businesses are now taking the long view of iran's future maybe their public the problem for the right for the
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time being but the problem with go away in the future for say i would tell you that what things will happen in the future no one can help and we chinese believe that nothing is impossible and new we've seen that you know i mean also is a very strong person and that we admire that spirit of the way you write i think that we can always a find a final way. to do business with. the economic climate in iran is unstable something that has scared off many investors but chinese traders say this is still a strong resource rich country with a big population things that continue to make it a major market for them. but all is not well. the owner of this restaurant came to iran when he was sixteen against his parents' wishes he says he left china to follow the silk route like many before him and find his fortune this time last year use of shaw's restaurant would have been full he blames a dip in the number of chinese business travelers and the fact that many foreigners
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have left the country you know on into holland one hundred percent no doubt in my opinion if there were no sanctions and iran would be number one in the middle east now dubai is the most developed city in the region if you give iran ten yeas iran will become number one to get inside this for some chinese people iran holds a special place in their heart david job and his girlfriend here at the iran thing so. they have been experiencing this. yours they don't care is there is an ad there sanction more it doesn't matter that has a chinese like we have more business was iraq and he's getting better actually this market has been serving to his chinese community since the mid one nine hundred these days it's not as busy as it used to be but punitive american policies against both china and iran appear to be pushing the two countries closer together. and if the long arc of pseudo persian history is anything to go by seasons change and the
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two aging communities seem set to do the winter together. opec's top oil producer saudi arabia now wants opec to cut production a soon as december slamming the brakes on oil production is a dramatic turnaround for the cartel which until recently was ramping up production so what's happening well most of the world expected iran's oil output hit by u.s. sanctions to fall to zero then the u.s. granted waivers to eight countries then to kill reports which came out this week provided another shock to the system opec's annual reports warned of a possible twenty nineteen or oil blot a world where there is just too much supply the global energy watchdog for the developed world the i.a.e.a. said the same thing it too highlighted the relentless growth in norm opec supply we're drilling for oil in shale rock known as fracking has dramatically reshaped the global oil industry and u.s.
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shale oil production continues to defy expectations the latest stats show that u.s. crude oil production hit a record of eleven point six million barrels daily the i.a.e.a. predicts the u.s. will rival opec when it comes to market share in the years ahead but some say the new black gold rush in the u.s. is overhyped shale is hard to reach and reserves declaim quickly well earlier i spoke via skype from oviedo and italy to judge como who's professor of into disciplinary programs at the graduate institute in geneva and the co-director of the executive master in oil and gas leadership at the institute i began by asking him to explain the current u.s. oil policy whether it is as usual that app's. policy. also in aims where it is. really great is shale oil by the. and that is favored by higher prices and the other is to defend the american consumer is sir
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price increases. in terms of its popularity it's not likely the prices on prices increase that much at the moment it's easy for him because prices are going down and there are quite sufficient for cherry producers to make money faster how has the do u.s. shale sector become such a force within the industry whether you know the so-called miracle of shale or production or you and i was has been going on for a long time and people are being variously. from posing that these guys start or it could not continue or. it's going on now in the last year the united states have added one point five million dollars reward production to their own production and that's quite a massive professor opec is predicting
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a slump in demand in twenty nineteen and we likely to see. an agreement on a production cost at the next meeting. i think it's going to go because all packets of this will be gone but the russia. which is an essential component of any agreement seems to be of a different opinion and the russians. don't see that and. their production now. they have never been happy with prices reaching eighty dollars or more a balance and i think they. for them to react and reduce production and that makes it very difficult for opec as well what does the oil market right now tell us about the state of the y. the economy globally whether the our market as usual is influenced by the market
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will be an incentive meant but all there are economic data there is because general motors' certainty about the future of the robot economy continuing commercial conflict in the bin united states and china specifically and also if it does the relations between the states and europe plus the news of the day but actually what will happen about but exit the euro b.n. economy is slowing down again all of this is not very positive at all is the u.s. becoming a bigger force than opec or can it become a bigger force than opec or is the u.s. do you sense at the moment being perhaps. overly confident in its ability to push opec around where the. object has such a huge force anymore certainly not alone as i said already in any case need
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to ally with known of not only russia those are the united states air force they're not an overwhelming force they cannot determine the price on oil and of. but they can certainly make their voice and we heard in a moment they are doing so professor good to talk to you and counting the cost many thanks indeed for being with us thank you very much and finally this week one of the biggest corporations on the planet right now has chosen new york and virginia to house its new headquarters but as al-jazeera is kristen salumi reports from new york not everyone is celebrating. over lunch at the court square diner in new york's long island city local residents wonder how their rapidly growing neighborhood will absorb tens of thousands of more people now that amazon has announced plans to build a new headquarters here for soccer stadium once think that new high rises an
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ongoing construction are already straining infrastructure in this once quiet neighborhood over looking man has been overwhelming. the online retail giant promised to bring more than five billion dollars in investment and up to fifty thousand jobs when it announced a search for what it h q two the seattle based company settled on two locations in the end this virginia suburb of washington d.c. in addition to new york after fierce competition among cities all around the country i did offer a buy which is my name. drew anyway new york governor andrew cuomo once joked that he would change his name to amazon cuomo to win the lucrative deal i think it would be an economic asset for the. i've said to them personally i will do whatever i need to do to make it a reality i will personally get involved but besides this fancy promotional video
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exactly what incentives he offered the company remain a mystery and that has some watchdog groups worried we've seen that other thirty of them states are offering billions of dollars and the state has offered hundreds of millions to other companies in the past in similar situations and it also could be something that lasts many years if it's a property tax break it could be a decade or more so this is really something we feel the public has a right to know more about new york announced a one hundred eighty million dollar investment to improve the area's overloaded subway system after amazon had expressed a preference for locations with access to mass transit as well as the potential to attract the most tech savvy employees really is that you will. always use in the. local residents welcome the jobs but worry they're just being taken for a ride and that's our show for this week if you'd like to comment on anything that you've seen you can get in touch with us by following and tweeting me on twitter i'm at a finnigan please use the hash tag a j c t c when you do or you can drop us
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a line our e-mail address is counting the cost of al-jazeera net as always there is plenty more for you online at i was zero dot com slash c t c that takes you straight to. our page and there you'll find individual reports links even entire episodes for you to catch up but that's it for this edition of counting the cost i'm adrian finnegan from the whole team here in doha thanks for being with us the news on al-jazeera is next. a rite of passage preserved through the generations may cousin was laying down there until a screaming she was helpless the woman who after indoors as ghosts or facal of pain for what that menai meets the women affected by s.g.m. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon this eventually better than to take al-jazeera correspondent the kind.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. stories and life. to inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds that celebrate the human spirit against the arts. al-jazeera similac gangs. resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an
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ancient tradition with child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago she only says some missionaries say she's poor money marriages happen i couldn't reach it is a missionary or rescues goals then my. outrightly and i need one big truck. before she's born there what if it takes fourteen years in your mind dice the brother to get money away. you talking about a killing we're not talking about anything else we're talking about it so who did it as pressure builds.


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