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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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this now looks more like hell on earth entire neighborhoods have burned to the ground. forensic recovery teams poked through the burned out shells of homes looking for bodies of the missing the state of california as most devastating wildfire in history has claimed over twelve thousand buildings in addition to so many lives firefighters continue efforts to contain the blaze which is scorched over sixty thousand hectors the efforts are still still very active also we have units like search and rescue the national guard assisting us and multiple other resources helping us but the recovery president trump came here to paradise to view the scenes of utter devastation firsthand he met with state officials have been critical of him and promised federal assistance for californians the president downplaying the role of a changing climate in fueling these fires said the management and maintenance of forest lands will be the focus moving forward and he announced five hundred million
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dollars for that effort and the one way climate you're going to have that and we're going to have farce that are very safe because we can't go through these every year we go through this and we're going to have to say farce and. that's happening as we speak but ten days after the fire broke out californians with nowhere to go are getting impatient let's bring the troops back from the border and build some homes not some walls you know because that's what we need fema trailers out here people have children people have animals and we're not out here because we want to be we're here because we lost our homes a thick haze of smoke has settled over much of northern california along with the reality it's still not clear where people can go kristen salumi al-jazeera paradise california. plenty more still to come for you here on al-jazeera including. a small central american asylum seekers arrive in mexico the u.s. steps up efforts to stop them from getting in. and fighting the currents in bosnia
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herzegovina the women taking the stance against a business giant to save an ecological gene. from cool briskness and fuel. to the warm tranquil tis of southeast asia. going to welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across europe there are a couple places that we are going to be seeing some a inclement weather over the next few days one of them up here towards the northwestern part of russia with this cold front moving through so for moscow over the next few days we do expect to see some cooler conditions and some snow but down here across the central med it's this area of low pressure that has been moving across the med and bring some very heavy rain showers not just for italy but now we're expecting to see that across parts of greece and albania now over the next few days that storm is going to be making its way towards the north and bring some
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very heavy rain and well as snow to the higher elevations of romania bucharest attempt a few a high of only one degree as we go towards monday and over here towards the west well across a peninsula this storm system here not only for spain but also in parts of north western africa and that's going to bring some very heavy rain there your forecast looks like this as we go towards the next cold days showers and rain across much of morocco as well as algeria that's also going to bring some cooler weather as well we're bought eighteen degrees for you algiers at nineteen on sunday but as we go towards monday we are looking at tripoli seeing that front pushing through at twenty four degrees but gazi it is going to be a nice day few with a temperature of twenty five degrees. the weather sponsored by cattle race. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing realities that from the very
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beginning got there by a school providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their stories and talk to al-jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as an eyewitness that's what this job. you're watching al-jazeera pieces over here and let's just recap your top stories for you the u.s. government is expected to give its conclusion on who killed the saudi journalist in the next two days cia has reportedly found the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sama was responsible for the murder but the u.s.
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president donald trump called up finding premature but possible. sightings resumed in yemen's keep for city of data after a brief pause the control most of yemen of the exiled government controls a section of the south the united nations says the conflict has pushed some eight point four million people to the brink of starvation. the remains of five more people have been found in california's wildfires that brings the death toll so far to seventy six thirteen hundred people are missing rescuers are bracing for strong winds which could hamper efforts to control the blazes. a prominent saudi cleric is awaiting his fate after the country's public prosecutor called for the death penalty selman. was arrested a year ago as part of crown prince mohammed bin solomon's crackdown on dissent is son has spoken to al-jazeera. on our program up front about this case. do you think they're serious about that that they would really execute a cleric as prominent as your father salma outer world do you think those who went
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to the saudi consulate were serious to take the liar for the prominent journalist and veteran saudi. it's i mean it's the same mentality it's a pattern it didn't it did not start with my father did not start with it's a pattern that we have it with we have seen through the past one year and a half since the crown prince came to power. they did everything in their power to just silence others to crackdown on dissent to just do impulsive policy usage of power some might say yes it is a power and your father was arrested imprisoned published by the saudi authorities in the past too in the one nine hundred ninety s. when he was a quote unquote islamist rabble rouser his critics said many would say why he's
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being imprisoned with m.b.a.'s the saudi government under any prince or king has always taken a very dim view of people who oppose the government is that so it's true to really is all this tyranny. trying to ask and demand political reform is never something that you should be punished for political reform that my father and other spoke for. is actually the solution is actually the path towards civil liberty will come back to the political reform in a moment just to confirm many say your father was arrested in september twenty seventh because he refused to publish a tweet to his fourteen million followers at the request of the saudi government that supported the saudi led blockade of qatar which full disclosure owns this channel owns al jazeera english is that true it's a trigger it's true because after he tweeted when he when he heard about the year he comes. nation between the qatar and saudi government he tweeted a lot between their hearts for the better of their people few hours after that
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tweet he was arrested that was the trigger that's of course the direct reason that he was arrested in september two thousand seventy but there is a long yes yes history and relationship. and you can watch the full interview on up front with matthew her son on monday eight thirty hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera the u.s. is rushing to complete its border war with the mexican city of tijuana in hopes of keeping thousands of central americans out be making their way through mexico hoping to seek asylum in the u.s. when three thousand of them are looking for shelter in a sports complex in this border city as he was trying to do castro has been speaking to some of them however. they came in the night bus loads of central american asylum seekers greeted by the applause of those who arrived before them. but morning illuminates the challenge ahead american workers
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are rushing to complete the border wall and us soldiers nearby b.m.w.'s i'm asking god to help us pass and give us asylum. about three thousand members of the caravan are now in t. wanna ilesa radius and her family joined the line at the chop out port of entry adding their names to a wait list of more than fourteen hundred families ahead of them they already travelled a month on foot but it will be weeks more before their turn to claim asylum more night their sick daughter will sleep with no roof and no bed they have them all. she good with me and has the flu and fever u.s. authorities are allowing only a few dozen asylum seekers a day to pass through the port of entry citing strained resources is a must if you want to make you know they seeds due to the lack of resources but they have the resources to deport thousands of people a day they just want people to give up the border wall is
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a solid barrier between here want to and the us that extends all the way into the ocean trying to swim around or trying to scale the top is simply too dangerous of a prospect for the vast majority of migrants get a desperate few have tried. most are unaware of u.s. president donald trump's executive order to deny asylum to anyone who crosses egally but almost all say they're planning to wait anyway they'll claim asylum legally they say even though it means prolonging their time in the u.s. borders shadow's. castro al-jazeera t want to mexico. well prime suspect has been extradited to the hague for alleged atrocities against muslims in the central african republic is a sitting member of parliament he was a senior leader within the mostly christian and t. by lack of movement its fighters attacked muslims after muslims rebels seized power
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back in twenty four teams. the health ministry in the democratic republic of congo has suspended all the work in the eastern region after several attacks targeting health workers in the past week its acts took place in beni a local emergency center and hotels of several response teams battling the worst ebola outbreak in the country's history and on group has threatened un peacekeeping missions bases in the area at least sixteen world health organization staff were temporarily moved out on saturday after a shell hit the building they were staying at. well unrest in the region killed un peacekeepers last week ceremonies being held for the six who died in an operation against the allied democratic forces group in beni the a.t.f. has killed hundreds of people since twenty fourteen an environmental battle in the balkans is heating up with a group of women determined to stop a network of rivers from literally running dry two thousand seven hundred
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hydroelectric dams threaten what environmentalist say is a unique ecosystem in bosnia-herzegovina is that the christian river runs through a mountain forest once a rich hunting ground outside sarajevo for the emperor of austria hungary a business cartels plans to build a small hydroelectric plant here though means these waters could soon run dry diverted into concrete pipes to drive the vines. the women of the village of christie are the only thing standing in their way the project would destroy the hopes of reviving tourism in a national park devastated by the war here in the one nine hundred ninety s. . police who used to clear block a day built to prevent construction crews reaching the site of the teen women with battens outraged public opinion. they continue that twenty four hour guard above
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the river which is a source of drinking water as well as taking the fight to the courts. we've seen examples of the dams that have been built before the river beds we would all have to move out and leave our homes throughout the balkan region a total of two thousand seven hundred hydroelectric plants are planned on the construction in bosnia-herzegovina they already supply forty percent of the energy supply. environmentalists say that building a hydroelectric dam is similar to cutting down a tropical rain forest and its impact on the local ecology investors maybe getting a quick return on their money but a huge swathe of species in the local habitat are put on a downward escalator to words extinction ecologists have described it as a tsunami a dam building that will perform pound the alter the whole region the real motive
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they say is far from the ideal of clean sustainable energy if you're having some really really beautiful one of the most beautiful rivers in the world so here. they are going to be destroyed for the sake of. greed. but in ten years time solar power is forecast to be much cheaper than hydro electric and the pristine forests and rivers of the balkans will probably have gone for ever david chaytor al-jazeera sarajevo protesters in athens threw petrol bombs and stones greek police during a demonstration to mark the anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy three student revolt against military rule fifteen thousand people took part in the protests which began peacefully police responded with tear gas and stun grenades britain's prime minister is dismissing calls to a mentor breaks a deal with the european union to resume a wrote in the sun newspaper that her agreement is the only one that would work is due to be signed at summit in brussels next week some ministers of mrs may's
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governing conservative party resigned after she unveiled the draft agreement on weapons day and be allowed some who is leader of the house of commons is said to be heading a group of ministers demanding a rethink what i'm doing is working very hard to support the prime minister in getting the deal at seventeen point four million people voted for and i think there's some there's still the potential to improve on the clarification on some of the measures within it and that's what time hoping to be able to help with. fiji's prime minister frank bainimarama has narrowly won the general election to stay in power for a second term polls opened last weapons day but voting was delayed because of bad weather it's only the second time fiji has held democratic elections since two thousand and six when many marama seized power in a bloodless coup his fiji first party won twenty seven out of fifty one seats government leaders in tanzania two hundred thousand tonnes of cashew nuts on their
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hands the government's bought the entire crop to try and a price dispute between farmers and traders as catherine sawyer reports the army's has been brought in processing workers are sent home. di nest number have a sting the last of her cash crop that it's been. a disease or dries of food has men she's only managed to fill seven sacks instead of the usual forty on average to make matters worse middlemen offered to buy them at and acceptably low price that course the government to intervene and buy tanzania's and hire at a dollar and a half a kilo the government's also undertaken to process and sell it or. what they wanted to buy from us at a cost that will not get any returns we spend so much on fertilizes the way the government has intervened is good. the cash in us will end up in warehouses like this would be leased by the government officials here and military commanders are
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walking out logistics to make sure the process is smooth and there's enough room to store around two hundred thousand tons of nuts. and she began and i want to you see we want you the public to coordinate with the military we need strong young men to load the trucks. in. tanzania is one of the world's largest cash not producers and the major foreign exchange. president john mark foley has some ministers and government workers for failing to deal with the matter price crisis this move by the government to buy up all the cash nuts from families in the south is unprecedented the president has ordered the agriculture development bank to pay up and for the military to coordinate trucking the nuts to warehouses traders and middlemen are being left out
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at this time of the year processing plants such as this one should be busy preparing exports most have shut down in those still operating for. come twenty helps run the factory he says a fall in cash and prices. because of the market has made it difficult for traders to buy from the government set price. with close to some operations and laid off two hundred people next week when this process is done will have to send another two hundred hind must be finished packaging the other one hundred will have to do some traders say they're ready to talk to the authorities and to reach an agreement but for now the government in charge of what is most important cash crops. al-jazeera. tanzania.
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this is al jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. government is expected to give its conclusion on who killed the saudi journalist from arshad ji in the next two days the cia has reportedly found the saudi crown prince mohammed bin responsible for the murder however president donald trump has called that finding premature but possible. it should never have happened and we'll be having a very full report over the next two days in the meantime we're doing things to some people that we know for a fact were involved and we're being very tough on a lot of people. we're going to come up with a report as to what we think the overall impact was and who caused it and who did it we talking about a killing we're not talking about anything else we're talking about a killing so who did it fighting has resumed in yemen is keep or city of who data after a brief pause but control most of yemen while the exiled government controlled a section of the south leaders at the apec summit have failed to agree on
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a final statement after two days of meetings in papua new guinea the canadian prime minister blamed disputes between member nations over the issue of trade poppy new guinea's prime minister peter neil says a statement will be released in coming days. the remains of five more people have been found in california's wildfires that brings the death toll so far to seventy six one thousand three hundred people are still missing rescuers are bracing for strong winds which could hamper efforts to control the fires well prime suspect alfred yakka some has been extradited to the hague for alleged atrocities against muslims in the central african republic is a sitting member of the parliament there he was a senior leader within the mostly christian movement its fighters attacked muslims after muslim seleka rebels seized power in twenty thirteen the health ministry in the democratic republic of congo has suspended all ebola work in the eastern region
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after several attacks targeting health workers in the past week in tanks took place in beni near a local emergency center and hotels of several response teams battling the worst ebola outbreak in the country's history you are right up to date with all the top stories the news continues here on al-jazeera after talked to al jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else. because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to do in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the country with the largest known oil reserves and. until six years ago it was one of latin america's most prosperous nations but when the price of oil plummeted the exodus began first the wealthiest class left by plane followed by middle class professionals. now with a hyper inflation rate that's almost impossible to measure it's the turn of those who can only afford to leave by bus or by foot and they're leaving in astonishing numbers going south to other latin american countries to neighboring colombia where there's now an estimated one million venezuelans or brazil and ecuador which are mainly stepping stones to peru and chile if they can make it.
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according to a u.n. estimate as of july two point three million venezuelans many of them with no money at all have left their own country that largest influx of refugees in latin american history poses huge problems for the neighbors some countries have declared an immigration emergency and or. making it more difficult for than israel and to enter yet the exodus continues the first to leave were mainly opponents of the government but now those desperate to leave belong largely to the working class the hard core support base of the bolivarian revolution initiated by the late former president bill go chop it. people like all that but then cool the forty three year old hairdresser cuts hair in what might once have been a cheerful unisex salon in a working class neighborhood in the state of meat and on these days there's no running water no electricity and at least half of the now rundown cell on well you
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know over here but that doesn't plan to stay much longer she's living with her elderly mother to save money and is trying to sell whatever she can so that she can leave behind the hardship and violence that she says as destroyed her family or go you've had three children what happened to the women are. also for both and i do not want to look out a meal. you know mark on me so warmly. don't go for men or assume are they are no you said a month. in the us yet they are as they were before me. but i have already. done most good on me i want to go a quasi i'm going to not. know. and what about you
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know this and i understand he is if he's really been here it is three million or so for us and lawyers. and others who are. going to. be on the money. you got on the but i saw you why don't they call me go ahead on gun case of ok what i would buy. and we're going to understand you to want to leave they want to vote on the debt by a vote on the fisa bill not a bill that i use. it is a lot of hands up and no but i've got about that are harder but i can tell i had on going to what i have but i don't demand what i do but i am watching but i'm a coastal but i am. on this oil alone little. boy yes. those sent me on to the wall you wonder. how much you make
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a day when you're on the ball and not a single me or no one single see me and i see it in me and i only would have to dissociate in me on that one though i want to hear that. and say me on the kenyan was i don't know about you but i but i'm not that. hard to say the man on the man one of the media on there but i didn't look at the local got out in that area. you want to. get a mickey then you're going to have so but a boy it. might have been a mcconnell. dan rather when you wrote. about this in a way in the boat over the phone so then tommy told us. about it.
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when talking got access sambolin a community in the law and said i yes. i could and i'm going to come and go in federal court i mean i have got them i'm going to say me going to them. when did life start to become unbearable for you here going to sit. one you learn a single man. and then when you don't mean well you end up on multiple manana point i just want to be the cause but along the line may your benefit also is going to put a. ton of call me that's what i mean on. your mouse over the man but up until. you me i'm one of one see this isn't a commune but yes one minute. you're going up until it's one of us and then i'll put up a clean up until by the by so many come in but again but things there's a lot of us well not that i was suitable but i like them or not but i do see five benefit economic i'll add a little more because i'm in the middle conceal book amassing to make it in kolkata
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more than there were no longer the ones you heard about them there was a lovely book in venezuela so but i lobbied all of us to blather meekly voice but i let you know you're at the door more i will beat up this kinda thing when i'm eating and i'm with you a little to do it then you have. not always come round up about a long medical or meal but the innocent the woman tell your courtship you don't go with the book again i find that on the same beauty. they really are not madiao. boy how did to my simple thing that i'm not the political god to have any idea what you would do if you were to leave initially if you were to go to temple to close during your son do you have any and he'll getting the job this week you're going up with another you and michael monico. call me home raving like wild and ready tell me or studio to call us i want to call me that i'll come even if i simply had been going to them on
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a thought i meant that i've been to god what it is to leave double triple but i have one full sun. infers it but only monday july up as another thing archie licking feeling me that i home we. saw the lady who show me it i had my t.v. . but i will make a homebody and they're going to bargain with it going this is i seem to know. when do you think you're going to leave and then mexico come up with cielo what i meant the look of in the endless hours. but don't let me pass i never got on with the life when i. had just feel to know to leave your mother behind you says just behind us in the us a book of your insecurity in me that out of any price. look at us about our side of ireland but i'm not talking doesn't mean that you i mean. we're going minded to make the market i mean what us what he meant and midway i had i'm going now this old. but be
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a gentleman the thing that did the most san pedro has almost amp it all just like a mechanical i mean monarchy. socketed been in there yes i don't know are going to get here when i sing and i am i knew what they saw me had a man. gets on my go to create us out. and dance and i you know i think john like i get all the book i make you know able to. get all. the sounds in a book you come up with socially you know what i miss i mean. who do you blame for this situation the government says it's the fault of the speculators right wing the only guy right here in the united states who you really need. one of course i said when i said out of all the most. about and most holds. most of the former are going to be my companies here.
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and ok. we're going to play out in a. but i don't know of course. in the quote i know what i hope. you voted for him see your known lawyer and they obviously would have bought it. but i think only what they got what in what he told me is you know i've been ok ok but you know how my amy and look at their lawyer we. all know what we have. to go on with there will be a. total of an assault on a call on me. because i'm lucky it was orderly that we would. have to look i mean. you're welcome to talk again and again. well as i can look them but then i won't buy this up argos i know. what i'm going to talk about and i will buy this about. my
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almost. but i went on the kinds. what i meant them. but i have that are hard look and move on. you know you i mean my. mother in the nasty. so not enough water was almost a thing. on our own. like britain g.'s in other parts of the world and israel ins are not always being welcomed with open arms i was last month a refugee camp in broad day my neighbor in brazil was attacked by angry local mobs and set on fire with thousand in israel and had to flee for their lives back across the border and there been more anti refugee demonstrations in other countries like
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panama improved. regional government said public services can no longer cope with so many penniless hungry and ill than is wayland's. twenty nine year old and the middle is one of those who believes he may not survive if he remains in venezuela but leaving is not so simple he has no passport and he suffers from hemophilia the disease has crippled him in the last six months because of the shortage of lifesaving drugs he has also lost a dangerous amount of weight because like millions of in his whalen's he can't afford to buy enough food. almost unable to leave the house he and his mother depend on the little that he can make by playing video games for money and i know you say that you feel trapped what do you mean by that. thought about him by borg and not being with under the never going to make
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a boy. or a part of the. cause i mean for me or. for the man in syria.


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