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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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but also what is happening is that there are a number of m.p.'s who have already submitted letters for a vote of confidence in two reserve may if she manages to survive that then she will be going forward with that now she has already lost a second breakfast secretary and now has hired a third one to try and continue and she made reference to the fact that those tiny details of the withdrawal deal was still being thrashed out however this is the only deal she maintains on the table and that the u.k. was going to be leaving the european union and it's of much meanwhile the opposition perhaps is not offering any other alternative is the labor leader jeremy corbyn has said that while it is against this deal it is really not pushing forward any other solution other than perhaps the possibility of another general election
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which at this time could prove to be a volatile maneuver and also just the fact of the matter that the labor party do not have the sufficient amount of support at this time they have consistently been behind the conservative party in the polls and they and the labor leader jeremy corbyn has even said that even though all options are on the table including a second referendum that certainly was not for him an option now but perhaps for the future. still ahead here on al-jazeera the u.s. and china's tit for tat trade war leaves up a taste of the closing of the she is apec summit. i'm catherine saw a in a warehouse and thousand times the nia i'll be telling you about last night crisis that has forced the government to step in and deploy the military to take charge.
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hello again where cross another part of asia we are seeing temperature difference here that is dropping for many areas for parts of northeastern china as well as mongolia we're not expecting to see those temperatures reaching into the single digits and for. maybe minus eleven degrees is going to be a high overnight lows though could drop down to about minus twenty four to minus twenty five so as we go towards tuesday things are not improving but plenty of sunshine across much of the area always here towards japan things are improving for you a frontal system is pushing away so we are going to see that rain dissipate by here ahead and behind the system we are going to see those temperatures only reaching into the mid teens while much of china is going to be seeing some very heavy rain across much of the area you can see the full body lingering across that region so over the next few days rain down here towards hong kong not looking too bad in terms of temperature with twenty six degrees but as we go towards tuesday the rain starts to make its way towards the north for joe twenty one and shanghai is going
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to be a kuwaiti day for you and about seventeen degrees and here across the philippines we are watching one storm system approaching much of the southern area now we do expect to see that turn into a tropical storm over the next few days brings a very heavy rain across the region but for manila it is going to be a cloudy day few with a temperature of thirty two. senator robert kennedy was assassinated in june one thousand nine hundred sixty eight sir han search is still serving a life sentence for his murder but there have been calls for decades for the case to be reopened including from robert kennedy jr. all the evidence was destroyed after the trial but they had a legal obligation to save the evidence because sir hand was going to file an appeal al-jazeera world asks who killed robert kennedy.
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welcome back to zero live from recapping your headlines the u.s. government is expected to give its conclusion on who killed the saudi journalist in the next two days the cia has reportedly found prince mohammed bin man responsible for the president from post called the reports. the u.n. and the red cross say hundreds of thousands of people are in immediate danger from renewed fighting in the data in yemen the saudi red. is trying to retake the key port city from the rebels u.n. officials say eight point four million people are in danger of full scale famine. prime minister
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a series of mayors dismissing calls to deal with the european union is due to be signed at an e.u. summit in brussels next week some of the ministers resigned after a cabinet approved the draft deal on weapons. a prominent saudi cleric is awaiting his fate after the country's public prosecutor called for the death penalty. was arrested a year ago as part of crown prince mohammed bin solomon's crackdown on dissent his son has spoken to al-jazeera. upfront about the case. do you think they're serious about that that they would really execute a cleric as prominent as your father salma outer world do you think those who went to the saudi consulate were serious to take the liar for the prominent journalists and veteran saudi. it's i mean it's the same mentality it's a pattern it didn't it did not start with my father did not start with it's
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a pattern that we have it with we have seen through the past one year and a half since the crown prince came to power they did everything in their power to just silence others to crackdown on dissent to just do impulsive policy you say it's a power some might say yes it is a power and your father was arrested imprisoned published by the saudi authorities in the past who in the one nine hundred ninety s. when he was a quote unquote islamist rabble rouser his critics said many would say why he's being presented with m.b.a.'s the saudi government under any prince or king has always taken a very dim view of people who oppose the government is not so it's true to me is all this tyranny. trying to ask and demand political reform is never something that should be punished for political reform that my father and
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other spoke for. is actually the solution is actually the path towards civil liberty will come up to the political reform in a moment just to confirm many say your father was arrested in september twenty seventh because he refused to publish a tweet to his fourteen million followers at the request of the saudi government that supported the saudi led blockade of qatar which full disclosure owns this channel owns al-jazeera english is that true it's a trigger it's truly because after he tweeted when he when he heard about the year he comes. the nation between the qatar and saudi government he tweeted a lot between their hearts for the better of their people few hours after that tweet he was arrested that was the trigger that's of course the direct reason that he was arrested in september two thousand seventy but there is a long yes yes history and relationship. and you can catch the full interview on up front with mexico on monday at eight thirty hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera u.s.
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president has been to see the devastation left by the worst wildfires in the history of california the number of that has risen to seventy six with thirteen hundred people still unaccounted for kristen salumi has been using some of those we've lost everything. at a makeshift camp next to a wal-mart parking lot shell shocked families take stock of their losses aimee bravo and her family were among the fifty thousand people forced to flee their homes as the wildfires closed in around them her trailer home and her place of employment are gone not to mention her daughter's toys a million things going through my head right we just got to figure out what we're doing and where we're going. yeah. her hometown called paradise now looks more like hell on earth entire neighborhoods have burned to the ground.
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forensic recovery teams poke through the burned out shells of homes looking for bodies of the missing the state of california as most devastating wildfire in history has claimed over twelve thousand buildings in addition to so many lives. firefighters continue efforts to contain the blaze which is scorched over sixty thousand hectors the efforts are still still very active also we have units like search and rescue the national guard assisting us and multiple other resources helping us but the recovery president trump came here to paradise to view the scenes of utter devastation firsthand he met with state officials have been critical of him and promised federal assistance for californians the president downplaying the role of a changing climate in fueling these fires said the management and maintenance of forest lands will be the focus moving forward and he announced five hundred million dollars for that effort and i was grateful i mean we're going to have that and we're going to have far sort of very safe because we can't go through these every
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year we go through this and we're going to have to say farce and. that's happening as we speak but ten days after the fire broke out californians with nowhere to go are getting impatient let's bring the troops back from the border and build some homes not some walls you know because that's what we need fema trailers out here people have children people have animals and we're not out here because we want to be we're here because we lost our homes a thick haze of smoke has settled over much of northern california along with the reality it's still not clear where people can go kristen salumi al-jazeera paradise california leaders at the apec summit have failed to agree on a final statement up to two days of meetings in popular new guinea tension between the us and china dominated discussions the canadian prime minister blamed disputes between member nations over trade. we had a broad consensus on
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a wide range of issues the apec gathering is one of different countries from a similar region with very different approaches on governance and government but there was broad agreement on how we need to support our citizens and work forward towards better cooperation. but i don't think it'll come as a huge surprise that there are differing visions on particular elements in regards to trade and those prevented there from being a full consensus on the communique document. stay with us story under tell us with more from port moresby. there are always disagreements behind the scenes of these sorts of summits but normally by the end publicly a document is published that all the leaders can put their names to it's called a communique and it's normally a pretty bland piece of paper that is a lowest common denominator reflection of things they can agree on the fact that this apec summit has not been able to produce a communique has not been able to produce
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a common position that all the latest going to greater is pretty dramatic and the prime minister of papua new guinea will issue a chairman's summary of what has been the great but it's not the same thing it really seems that it was disputes over the language to do with trade between the united states and china that led to this fundamental breakdown so this is a dramatic conclusion to this i pack summit we were expecting something in writing the great so we haven't got it. a politician in the central african republic has to face war crimes charges at the international criminal court alfred yet tom also known as rambo has been extradited to the hague rob matheson reports. nearly twelve months gunfire rang out across parts of central african republic muslim rebels accused of committing atrocities after seizing control in late twenty thirteen were targeted by armed christian groups known as auntie baraka now five
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years later the man accused of leading one of those christian groups is facing trial at the international criminal court alfred known as rambo independent and impartial investigation has produced evidence on the basis of which we allege. is criminally responsible for several counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in the central african republic with fifth this amber twenty thirteen and august of twenty fourteen i.c.c. prosecutors in the netherlands accuse you tom of leading forces which carried out murray. and torture as well as attacking civilians and using child soldiers has been subject to u.n. sanctions since investigations began but that didn't stop him being elected to parliament two years ago he was arrested last month after a gun was fired in parliament during a dispute between yak at home and another m.p.
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. the i.m.f. h.r. welcomes this transfer to the i.c.c. it's a strong message to the leaders of armed groups as the political dialogue with the african union approaches central african republic has suffered years of violence u.n. forces have recently been on the streets of the capital bangui and elsewhere fighting just a few days ago reportedly killed at least forty people yet extradition to the international criminal court in the hague is thought to be the first from ca are prosecutors say they're determined he won't be the last rob matheson al-jazeera well jeffrey nice is a former international criminal court prosecutor he says this case has a wider significance. it's worth bearing in mind that this transfer comes first follow it comes following an investigation by the prosecutor a photogram suitor herself it wasn't a referral by the state concerned it wasn't
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a referral by the security council so that shows her doing her job independently in the way that people often fear i.c.c. prosecutors do not do second as some of your viewers may remember only a few weeks ago trump the president of the united states of america and bolton is security advisor made very very strong statements seeking to terminate the international criminal court altogether and indeed threatening that prosecutors from the court if they stepped foot in america when they were concerned with american commission of crimes would be arrested that absolutely outrageous interference with international law and this transfer at says to the world if you want to shut hostile down as trump would want you have to recognize that we're doing our job the u.s. envoy to peace talks with the taliban in afghanistan says he's hoping for a peace deal by april zalmay khalilzad has had three days of talks in cattle with
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the taliban have a political office a taliban spokesman said talks are aimed at renewing the peace process and ending u.s. military involvement the taliban control almost half of the stan and frequently attacks security forces and government targets politically doesn't turn zinnia have two hundred thousand tons of cashew nuts on their hands the government's bought the entire crop to try and end the price dispute between farmers and traders as catherine sawyer now explains the army has been brought in as processing workers are sent home. de nest number have a sting the last of her cash crop that it's been. a disease or dries of food has men she's only managed to fill seven sacks instead of the usual forty on average to make matters worse middlemen offered to buy them at an unacceptably low price that of course the government to intervene and buy tanzania's and hire a crop at a dollar and a half
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a kilo the government's also undertaken to process and sell it or. what they wanted to buy from us at a cost that will not get any returns we spend so much on fertilizes the way the government has intervened is good. the cash in us will end up in warehouses like this would be leased by the government officials here and military commanders are walking out logistics to make sure the process is smooth and there's enough room to store around two hundred thousand tons of knots what you should be going in i want you see we want you the public to coordinate with the military we need strong young men to load the trucks. tanzania is one of the world's largest cash not producers and the major foreign exchange. president john mark foley has some ministers and government workers to deal with in that price crisis this move by the government to buy up all the cash
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and that's from the south is unprecedented the president has ordered the agriculture development bank to pay up and for the military to coordinate trucking the nuts to warehouses traders and middlemen are being left out at this time of the processing plants such as this one should be busy preparing exports most have shut down in those still operating for. twenty helps run the factory he says a fall in cash and prices because of the wild market has made it difficult for traders to buy from the government set price. with close to some operations and laid off two hundred people next week when this process is done will have to send another two hundred heim must be finished packaging the other one hundred will have to be some traders say they're ready to talk to the authorities and reach an agreement but for now the government is family in charge of tanzania's most
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important cash crops. al-jazeera. tanzania. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. government is expected to give its conclusion on who killed the saudi journalist in the next two days the cia has reportedly found saudi crown prince mohammed bin responsible for the murder president donald trump has called that finding premature . it should never have happened and we'll be having a very full report over the next two days in the meantime we're doing things to some people that we know for a fact were involved and we're being very tough on a lot of people what with this sort of we're going to come up with a report as to what we think the overall impact was and who caused it and who did
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it you talking about a killing we're not talking about anything else we're talking about a killing so who did it fighting's resumed in yemen's key port city of who data placing hundreds of thousands of people in immediate danger that's according to the u.n. who control most of yemen while the exiled government controls a section in the south the u.n. says the conflict has pushed some eight point four million people to the brink of starvation u.k.'s prime minister is dismissing calls to amend her breaks that deal with the european union writing in a tabloid newspaper this morning to resume a said it's the only agreement that will work the deal is due to be signed at an e.u. summit in brussels next week a number of ministers resigned after her cabinet approved the agreement on wednesday the remains of five more people have been found in california's wildfires that brings the death toll to seventy six thirteen other people are still missing a member of parliament in central african republic has been extradited to the netherlands to stand trial for war crimes he's alfred yakker tom is also known as
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rambo he's also accused of crimes against humanity murder and torture of muslims prosecutors say he led the mostly christian and come alicia which for muslims the lack of rebels when they seized power five years ago up next is inside story by. the cia is reported to have concluded the saudi crown prince all the killing of. the finding leaves the u.s. relations where does it leave the fate of muhammad. this is a story. hello
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welcome to the show i am sam is a that it's what many have suspected ever since jamal khashoggi disappeared in istanbul six weeks ago the washington post says the cia has concluded the saudi crown prince did give the order to kill the saudi journalist who criticized muhammad and sandman the american spy agency isn't commenting on the reports and the saudi embassy in washington says the cia assessment is false mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . in recent days a number of members of congress have demanded that muhammad have been silent be held accountable either by way of tweets or in the case of senator bob corker during a debate about yemen in the senate i asked for our level briefing with madis pompei
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oh and you know i asked for the comment assumes we get back to share with us what is happening with saudi arabia on both fronts both yemen and what is happening as it relates to the journalist who was assassinated in my opinion at the direction of the crown prince of saudi arabia us now the washington post reports the cia has concluded that the saudi crown prince ordered the assassination of journalist jamal khashoggi the sit says according to people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity the report says in reaching his conclusions the cia examined multiple sources of intelligence including a phone call that the crown prince's brother and ambassador to the u.s. had with the journalist before his murder khaled bin solomon was quick to deny the allegation saying on twitter i never talked to him by phone and certainly never suggested he go to turkey for any reason i asked the u.s.
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government to release any information regarding this claim. within hours several of the news organizations including the new york times and the wall street journal well also quoting anonymous officials confirming the report of the cia's finding although it is very important it's very significant that what the washington post new york times. c n b c n n other outlets over the last hours. reported that the cia internal assessment now is pointing stringers. in some as having ordered this operation this has never happened before at the cia we probably will not comment on this kind of report however the washington post wouldn't report this unless they were accurately reporting where they believe the
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cia said so which is a slight nuance now one can anticipate that the congressional oversight committees will have been briefed or demand to be briefed on this the reports alleging muhammad have been solomon's involvement unlikely to field even though the congressional demands that punitive measures be taken against the crown prince and his government the question is whether the president has been briefed by the cia on its reported conclusions and if so whether he would be prepared to back away from his stated reluctance to take action against the saudi government and its leader as . mike hanna al-jazeera washington thank you. now to our panel we have joining our sin boston by skype glenn carr former career cia officer and the former deputy national intelligence officer of the transnational threats and scott lucas a professor of american studies at the university of birmingham in thank you for
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joining us gentlemen let me start with glen so how does the cia typically investigate and reach a conclusion like this without getting you to you know obviously speculate on what the cia actually has. right well i don't need to speculate at all on how the process functions inside there from the lowest level up to the very top from my career a to what we call as a tasking it will be a request for information will come or we may develop it ourselves who ordered the killing of his show for example and then it's sent out to all of the conceivable. parts of the intelligence community not just cia to human sources which is where i spent my career working on or to tactical sources be they from satellites or telephone taps or interviews open source media and so on each report is then sent
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back and each report is evaluated multiple times by the person who collects it i think that this is reliable and here is why and by the people who receive it who say i don't think this is reliable and here is why all of that then is cool aided and evaluated and once again the evidence or the reports are are assessed for a liability substantiation corroboration and then a grade is given to the assessed intelligence only then is it considered finished intelligence event and in a way that i'm jumping the gun what souls of grade has the cia given to this sort of conclusion that muhammad been sewn on or did the killing from what we know at least from the leaks. well it's as confident as it's possible to be i don't think you'll ever even if you were standing in front of me and i were touching you i'd probably say my assessment is that i am touching you i mean it's never nothing is ever certain or stated as such but this is quite categorical there's no doubt in
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the collective mind of the intelligence community in the united states that m.b.a.'s and salmon ordered the murder of shogi there the way it is presented publicly is as firm and confident as the intelligence community in the united states can you mention that the way it's presented let me take this point to scott how credible will this report be seen in credibility and perception of credibility of course is everything isn't it. of course the saudis will say it's not credible and indeed the brother of m.b.'s prince khalid has already gone on social media to say vociferously that this is untrue the question is how it plays around the world and here i think there's two things that are significant one is that up to now a lot of the reports about how high this might go within saudi arabia had relied on turkish intelligence intercepts especially surveillance of the saudi consulate
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where mr hasse o.-g. was murdered the leaks today indicate that the cia is making this assessment based on his own intelligence intercepts especially electronic intelligence so there is more than one source that they are using for this and the second thing is that the cia's be very careful here to say they're not saying that n.b.s. they have anything that has him saying go coco so there's nothing that directly says that instead what they're basing this on on is the fact that this type of operation in their estimation could not have been can carried out without his approval and secondly that they have intercepts in which those who carried out the murder were calling back to riyadh and saying tell the boss m.p.'s that this is been done do you think scott that we might get some kind of official confirmation at some point. about what's been reported in the cia conclusion in the paps in the
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form of gene housefull speaking in front of congress or another way. not at this point i mean right now first of all the internal dynamics gina haskell doesn't go public i mean gina housefull although she was in turkey conferring with the turks she reported back. to the white house but she said nothing publicly yourself now the second reason why i think we don't get anything at this point is because of the the split within washington the cia the state department the military are lined up against donald trump and his enter circle notably his son in law jared kirshner trump and kirshner do not want any blame placed on him b.s. . even a while an hour ago donald trump said we rely on the saudis for business we rely on the saudis for jobs which indicates that he's not going to take any notice of this so no the reason why this has been leaked to the media is precisely because the cia
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knows it cannot get official backing at this point from the trumpet ministration for its conclusion and that was going to be precisely my next question is take it to glenn though and say. why have we seen this leaked out and apparently within an hour to many media sources to your mind glenn is someone who knows how the cia woods what does that tell you of the cia's thinking. well i mean to us of asians and i don't know the answer of course i'm basing this on my my past experience but normally leaks on intelligence matters come from capitol hill from congress and in particular from staffers to elected officials far more frequently than from the cia itself it is true i think although i can't prove this that the very top level of the cia will leak sometimes. so i would still suspect that the people on the hill who have been briefed are the more likely
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arjun's of the information however the second point i think is the most relevant one to the issue we're discussing and that is that the intelligence community has been placed in a nearly impossible and existential challenge in crisis with the. assuming of power of doll trump and his entourage because. we are so sworn to try to present the truth as we understand it and the facts and to preserve protect and defend the constitution and when you have your your leader your chief executive denying the validity or the honesty the integrity of the king the competence of the institutions that makes the job hard and in particular when there is overwhelming evidence of collusion between members of the entourage now governing the country with a foreign hostile foreign power which then can those conclusions then are denied it
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makes the intelligence officers present in an impossible situation how can you serve an executive who is undermining the oath that you are sworn to preserve protect so the solution seems to have been for many and it's not much of a solution but it's the least bad case way forward perhaps is to leak information about the facts as we understand them and hoping that the truce. can set you free is written on the walls of this year scott we know that according to the reporting at least the cia has shed its findings with congress you think that's going to prompt congress to take to push for a tougher line against saudi arabia i think that's what we look at next in terms of the arenal reign of the political arena some congressman even before mr haas oh geez murder wanted to put pressure on the saudis we've had individual cases.


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