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tv   Korean Lovers In Baghdad  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2018 1:33am-2:00am +03

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trawl the bin now in the machine she told them. how many are bad. these poor social credit rating has shut down these travel options and confined him to effect of house arrest in chong ching. a sense of the girl so you are twitching up to israel think our women out here for you to be seeing organs lisa or me. if you should i. show women. like demons and power to cause again the power of what what is its power to change and then go to hell as the back for waging b five relief i sense the cause of it sends a chunk of your seeds and whole nature. whose social media accounts have also been closed before his arrest he had nearly two million followers it's where he published much of his journalism or. you know able.
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to handle me all are. very good to be from the us you know how he used to get to hashmi or. who scrapes by writing for an online publication is it best to get of reports are on hold. it's not his first run in with censorship in august twenty third saying he was detained without trial after exposing a senior party members links with the legal prostitution this is a ray creation based on whose accounts a dossier they saw it all about a year. earlier. so what is international body. over the course of a year he was interrogated more than seventy times. now compare her.
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we were pretty keen on the. need to go to america. you know a pilot an impala. who refused to confess and was eventually released. now he's trapped again the four walls of the cell replaced by social credits dragnets. tinchy. one actually in my hand. i'm eighty one years of beyond dyadic africa and then i know the kind of him to go higher. to measure twenty percent obama jesus and here i'm. what i want to say. as she hunted her to think i'm going to the landing or. if our horses here walk through should i think we'll go. and once he had
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one. i'm going to a place where the principles of social credits have been taken to brutally extremes the party doesn't want the world to know about its reporting on the situation is risky. to get there we must fly four thousand kilometers from beijing to the western edge of china she jack nation's largest province and according to some the world's largest open prison. junk is the homeland of the week is turkey people obviously make by. china's rulers have struggled to control the region and its people to millennia. surveillance technology is the new weapon in their campaign.
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all systems. into the chocolate cake and. include a book among all of. its ground up as a look at eight o'clock on crist sistema later. tara here is a we get filmmaker and poet from the she and jang city of cashcard he can talk about the situation there because he managed to escape with his family to the u.s. where they've applied for political asylum. he made the decision to flee last year . function to call their castle lot of people look at a saucepan too hard so i spoke about under kim's number so spunk nicky got us there
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and we got us to your. mind. so look. on the table a look tonight a lot of color but all sort of an. organ don't like to move on the lumbar and. could look again it can commune under the bridge in what and as we all along came up with and. business was going to. conduct. business hours it was not an option to busk star and get bottom up as it was not. to make put to it but when you can. turn it into condemned it doesn't give my music business or quality. presentable set our job our pocket i missed out of the bottle caught up. on the can. quite kilometers so.
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you're not quite immersed stinger right wingers ask for. tarja and he's wife were being scanned by facial recognition software their faces match from all angles to enhance accuracy they were even forced to produce a range of facial expressions. consistent with her. initial look at a particular little sister in law. but a. guy that would do a lot. of young men that. limit in the. us here. but in georgia and channeled. inside cash it's almost impossible to report independently government officials do their best to conceal any sign of the oppression the hue describes look closer
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and the cracks appear the party approved vision of this city is a facade cashcard historic old town has been demolished in just one section rebuilt as a sort of we get theme park the chinese tourists. you can buy souvenirs try the local cuisine. and even see a shark. but this tension in the year. the locals can't speak with us. armed guards and cameras keep a watchful eye and chinese flags climb the rooftops even the diam of the mosque.
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so it's quite difficult to film here we've got about six mind is with this the whole time of it telling us what we can fill the time to sometimes they delayed now material on top of that we've got about another eight to ten security guards that further restrict ok that's what i can tell you from the car they're set up at a kind of grid like management system in a very hundred meters or so you see a police station and then added with the normal amounts of c.c.t.v. cameras with facial recognition to really have a total control here. what is clearly set there is quite a brutal repressive crackdown going on here and take knology is at the center of it . she take on social credit is simple and ruthless. citizens here and not given a school instead they're divided into just three categories trustworthy
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average untrustworthy. if you're hard chinese you are damed trustworthy and granted freedom of movement. but if you will get your average with restrictions imposed on travel and religious practices if you're a weak a male who breaks those restrictions you're marked as untrustworthy and detained in what the party calls education and training centers. tarheel how much has another name for them. i sure it will slogan up to their night at target. but a part of but agenda not been looked at or. condone or not so. i don't think you can. turn a machine korean on the can and the border will it's like
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a little band. not on the q cell or on the can at work we look it up on our. show juggernaut appears on. in august this year the un announced it did seem credible reports there over a million we get a currently held without charging camps in jan purely because of their ethnicity the chinese government rejects the claim insisting it only detains convicted terrorists to his personal experience tells a different story when she junger thirty's discovered he had fled to america his brother and two brothers in law disappeared from the language we're going to mess. up at the long island. long think what gollum's with.
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a lot of smiles we're going to miss because a lot of focus on nick. one of them some of them is now. back in chiang ching journalist leo who worries for his family to his blacklisting on social credit has cast a shadow on those closest to the. shots yan who is an old journalist calling. them wishing it's a walk and meeting with them the same in that. we get a little to the same zeal that ought to. be enjoyed. years and years and years and it's all going into a little baby chenier. so contingencies will centers on these and you
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don't. like talking here who is risking the welfare of his friends and family to alert the world to china's experiment in high tech social engineering he says people don't fully comprehend what's to come a digital totalitarian state where algorithms decide your fate and nothing can be questioned detroit. but are. you know i'm an. chances of a transfer on to be sure. drescher. concert on campus will march on country my future quandary national mother on your show mentioned the.
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material girl was sure don't call her daughter your boys are not how her song was out the. pads are given to shareholders as a brochure to transit much of the what is about don't see how my life. young children should down there you are trying something. rather i should remember watching draw my lunch about heart. now as we were joking about watering can come help where is the wonder of our. gender on the get that up there shortly. china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of. one on one used meets those desperately seeking low anyway they carry on al-jazeera.
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capturing the moment in time snapshots of other lives other stories providing a glimpse into someone else's world with nice on al-jazeera. fresh perspectives. possibilities. yes. fairness journalism. debates and discussions how can you trust a man like that how can work again with a man like about she seems to be saying if facts all of us and we just don't know or care enough algeciras award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe. only on
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al-jazeera. a rite of passage preserved through the generations my cousin was laying down there until a screaming she was helpless the woman who after indoors as goes through cycles of pain for one. meets the women affected by a g.m. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon this is untrue or better than to take al-jazeera correspondent the current. donald trump says he won't listen to the tapes of jamal khashoggi as murder due to their violent content as divisions deepen in the republican party over relations with saudi arabia.
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summary of this is the world news from al-jazeera and other news the united nations and red cross are warning of renewed attacks on the yemeni port of high beta threatening hundreds of thousands of people britain's prime minister fights back against the growing call to rethink her brags that deal. and fighting the current in the balkans but can a group of women stop the unique ribbon network from running dry. so there are more divisions emerging this sunday within u.s. political leadership over the killing of jamal khashoggi first president donald trump says he has an audio recording of the murder of the saudi journalist but he hasn't listened to it because of the violent nature it is all in stark contrast to what the republican senator lindsey graham is saying he's launched another verbal
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attack on the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman now remember already the cia has reportedly concluded it was the crown prince who ordered casualties killing trump those seen here in this interview still hesitant to agree with that he is giving saudi arabia more time he's talking about two more days in fact until the u.s. reveals who killed the journalists so let's start with rosalind russell in jordan in washington d.c. hi rose and this interview which donald trump is given first of all recorded a couple of days ago i believe but just broadcast this morning in the united states take us through it. that's right kamahl it's not unusual for the host of the sunday public affairs programs to interview a high ranking u.s. officials on the friday or saturday before their programs air and so in that context yes we did hear from the u.s. president on the sunday show fox news sunday this interview however was done on
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friday morning and certainly though one of the big questions of the interview was the u.s. is a response to the ongoing investigation of the murder of. and this is what the president had to say about evidence that would support the fact that the saudi government was behind is murder. we have the tape i don't want to hear the tape no reason for me to hear the tape why don't i have been what i really want to hear it's or because it's a suffering tape it's a terrible tape i've been fully briefed on it there's no reason for me to hear it in fact i said to the people should they said you really shouldn't there's no reason i know exactly i know everything that went on the day and without having it and what happened it was very violent very vicious and terrible a month ago you said you would spoken with saudi crown prince lama bin samana and that he had told you directly that he had no knowledge. and skills as that
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but we now know that some of the people closest to him some of his close advisors were part of this question did anybody guest live to use or. i don't i don't know you know who can really know but i can say this he's got many people now say he had no knowledge what if the crown prince speaking to you the president of the united states directly lied to you that he told me that he had nothing to do with it he told me that i would say maybe five times at different points to one of his law as recently as a few days ago do you just live with it because you need him well will anybody really know right will anybody really know but he did have certainly people that were reasonably close to him and close to him that were probably involved you so we put on very heavy sanctions massive sanctions on a large group of people from saudi arabia but at the same time we do have an ally and i want to stick with an ally that in many ways has been very good. still very much hedging its bets and let's turn to senator lindsey graham someone who broadly
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speaking is that supporting the republican senator reason support of the president on the issue of saudi arabia he will not do that. no lindsey graham has said on the sunday public affairs shows that he is not supporting the president's reluctance to blame mohammed and solemn on the saudi crown prince for the murder of. in fact he was quite adamant as have been a number of other u.s. senators and house representatives that much tougher stance needs to be taken against the saudi crown prince in particular and against the saudi government in general this is senator lindsey graham speaking on sunday they're an important ally but when it comes to their crown prince he's irrational he's on hand and i think he's done a lot of damage to the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia and
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i have no intention of working with him ever again i'm going to do whatever i can to place blame where i believe it lies put it at the feet of the crown prince who has been a destructive force in the middle east embargoed or without telling anybody this war in humans got completely out of control you put the prime minister of lebanon under house arrest is clearly this guy's a wrecking ball when it comes to the middle east in a relationship with the united states you know it strikes me with all of this rosalynn is that it is obviously still considered a very important story in the united states often international news doesn't get pushed up the agenda quite as much you've got huge wildfires going over in california as well but even when donald trump was there the media was questioning him on this. and that's because of the timing look let's walk people through the sound that we just heard from the u.s. president was recorded on friday and wasn't played until today sunday so that those
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of us around the world could see the interview but on saturday as he was leaving the white house to go look at the devastation from the numerous wildfires in california the president stopped and took questions from reporters and one of the questions was about the case involving the murder of. on friday night the cia we have apparently linked its conclusion that there was no one else who could have been responsible for ordering the murder of mr except the saudi crown prince and the major newspapers in the united states picked up that story so on saturday morning doll trump is going to be asked these questions from reporters who have read the stories and have had a chance to basically digest it overnight the president reiterated that there are economic concerns there are national security concerns but he also indicated that people are taking
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a very close look and that he was going to be talking with the cia director gina housefull about the report and about what intelligence operatives believe happened to mr he reiterated later on saturday that there would now be some sort of final administration report coming out perhaps on monday or perhaps on tuesday of this week in the next couple of days but the u.s. government is still saying that the u.s. government and you can interpret that to mean the u.s. president has not made the final determination the cia is saying that there's really no other way that this murder could have taken place if mohammed bin solomon had not been intimately involved but the white house has not made that declaration and so that's what people in congress are going to be waiting to see. people who knew jamal khashoggi in the journalism community here in the united states as well as in the foreign policy community in the u.s. want to see and certainly people who are just ordinary observers of the ways of the
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world they're all waiting to see how the white house is going to respond to this report and try to figure out how to resolve it it's a role in this once and for all what you've highlighted there rosalynn is this extraordinary split between president trump and his intelligence agencies it's still quite extraordinary that the president seems to almost want to doubt his own people this much. well this is going back to even before the president was the president there were whispers and then there were the reports that came out late in the presidential campaign in two thousand and sixteen that persons working at the behest of the russian government were trying to disrupt and influence the outcome of the two thousand and sixteen presidential election and that they were doing so in order to try to make it possible for donald trump to become president that has
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led to a number of investigations including the one led by the special counsel robert muller and so from the very beginning donald trump has been attacking the intelligence community because if these allegations are actually proven that people within his own campaign had something to do with this alleged tampering of the two thousand and sixteen election that could call the legitimacy of his presidency into doubt and so from almost the very beginning of his presidency donald trump has been very very critical he has accused the intelligence community which is of sixteen agencies of having a carrying out a witch hunt he talked about that in this interview with fox news sunday he has talked about these operatives and these analysts having a political grudge against him trying to undermine him and he has been doing this almost constantly so it really isn't a surprise that when the cia says something of this nature and it's where for the
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cia to say something of this nature even through a leak to a bunch of newspapers. thing so that the president would accept it but because of that history not so much ok sort of at roslyn jordan live from washington d.c. thank you for all of that keeping us up there want to check in as well with mohamed vaal who's live in istanbul of course outside the saudi consulate mohammed as far as the turks a concern of course have their own going investigation there this has been a constant this idea of an order recording of the moment that he was killed i mean we've been talking about this for a very long time and it really sort of firms up the whole turkish narrative from the very beginning. that's. the feeling of a positive feeling here that i'm talking about the level of the level of the government and even also the street that the story has not changed from the very
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beginning while the saudi story has changed a half a dozen times and that proves that the turks are very sure of what they are talking about and also there is something else that you know they feel strongly about and they feel you know positively about which is the fact that after several of the weeks since the death of come out and after the story has almost started to subside both locally regionally and internationally they have been able to manage to take it to the fore again and to take it to the white house to the american highest circles and to manage to have it discussed again on the highest level in the united states and now the turks are waiting hours or as you just said for the white house to come out in a matter of two days to say to determine who has given the order for the killing of them out how to do so here there is a feeling of a feeling of satisfaction about the.


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