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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2018 10:00am-10:33am +03

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theories about the assassination and the reasons behind calls for a new investigation into the conviction of her han nearly fifty years ago. quite bright a lot of evidence was destroyed a lot of evidence was scandalous or endless. in the case that they were in any murder case to destroy evidence the way they used earth or and. you know i can't speak for the l.a.p.d. and why you know they didn't do a better job investigating the case why they destroyed some evidence i don't know.
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all the evidence was destroyed after the trial but they had a legal obligation to save the evidence because certain hand was going to file an appeal on his attorney's work so that evidence under the law should have been preserved for the next for the appeal. and according to the l.a. police department they just didn't have the space to store it. several commentators and witnesses have said the l.a.p.d. lost or he'd evidence or that there was a second gunman. books have been written and different conspiracy theories examined . documents have gone missing and people have toyed taking their evidence with them . and says iraq has gone back to the events of the fifth of june at nine hundred sixty eight and you heard from eyewitnesses and from journalists who've looked into the geese for. ten years. it's also examined audio and visual evidence which may
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not have been giving enough credence at the time. it's not possible to return to the actual scene of the crime. the ambassador hotel was demolished in two thousand and six and the robert f. kennedy community schools opened on the site in twenty ten. the schools and memorials now stand near where robert kennedy was assassinated on the evening of the fifth of june nine hundred sixty. eight just won the primary election to be the california democratic party's nomination for a u.s. president. there was a last minute decision to take a back route out from the main hall through a small kitchen where he was shocked. i saucer hand
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prior to senator coming down. but i first saw him i thought it was another dishwasher. that person. didn't seem unusual to me. he didn't appear out of the ordinary he was just start making small talk with me asking me how long do you think this speech is going to last is it almost over and i just said i don't know. mike thanks to all of you in arms on to chicago and he finished his speech i could hear the applause and. i saw him and his entourage began walking toward me.
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the first time i saw us or hand as we entered the room. where there was a tray stacker here. which was sixty eight inches above the ground search ham was on a very tall person so he was standing on top of that there were a bunch of trays but he could still stand on it. so he could see above everybody and could see as the center was progressing. bob was moving on at that point so i was about six feet behind. the senator would have been to my left and i would have been almost parallel to him. walking toward the cooling the room. i was mainly probably about two steps ahead of senator kennedy at that time. i was standing literally within three feet of this
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senator carl was pulling senator kennedy. i believe by his left hand which made it awkward for the senator because he was shaking with his right hand and curl was grabbing his left pulling him this way vincent di pietro was very near to kennedy when he was shot but his testimony differs from the other eye witnesses survivor shaking hands after after he came in i followed him many started shaking hands with a super as and and. and wong romero romero was a hotel worker in the crush of people around kennedy as he moved through the kitchen i was able to shake his hand they need to get out of a step forward to go step by step and a half. and
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i saw certain hand with the gun in his hand coming up around karl you for and as he came up he was his hand was outstretched totally outstretched. eyewitnesses say that sirhan raised his right hand holding an eye for johnson today twenty two caliber revolver pointed at kennedy the c├ęsar han fired two shots. when i heard the first pop. shot which i believe was a shot the first i thought was a firecracker i turned toward my left at that point i saw her hands her hand immediately to my left no one between he and myself holding a gun shooting into the crowd. the crowd of people shooting into the direction
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where i had last seen senator kennedy. is a terrific witness he was there closest of anybody he said sir hand came the gun was close to his face sar hand got two shots off and he grabbed him and put the hand down and steam table inserted and continued to fire the gun. version was bang bang and then and then i looked back over there and there were there were a commotion going on. i'm not. and never heard the other there's a recession. and that's when witnesses told the place we heard two shots a pause and then a flurry of shots and that's pretty much what i heard too. and either
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johnson kid at twenty two can hold up to eight bullets so after firing the first two shots sirhan had six left. in the. robot like pulling the trigger until he fired the other six shots but he had no control over the bullets went over us. after the shooting he was surrounded by about twenty people that were trying to kill him. and that's why i mean he was in custody by all these guys until the police arrived. back. in our custody now and we do not know who he is he had no identification he refuses to make a statement of any kind he does he can understand english. they counted. it and i
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kept it it's a twenty two caliber eight shot and i eight shots were expended according to the any p.d. report one bullet went through kennedy's coat without any trading his body it scratched all charades head as he stood right behind kennedy the police found the bullet at the crime scene i got shot. not knowing i'd been shot i thought i was being electrocuted too as she was shaking when i went down and so i didn't see bob get shot got shot. actually he didn't do that boy. another bullet hit robert kennedy behind his right ear and that was the fatal shot. one more hit him under his right armpit and exited through the top of his shoulder that bullet allegedly hit the ceiling but the police never found it.
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and a fourth bullet also hit kennedy under his right armpit and settled in his spine and under his neck so that was four bullets serhiy had four more remaining. a fifth bullet head ira goldstein in his left side and loach there. and a sixth bullet hit irwin strong in his left leg. and a seventh bullet hit william weisel in the stomach and remained there. according to the police report the eighth and final bullet was fired at the ceiling bouncing back and hitting elizabeth evans in the head. the police found this booked as well. first to bowler's shooting of missing kennedy sure
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amy the one two and going westward to goldstein two shots one through his pant leg and want and two is but one and strolls leg one and two evans forehead that's seven bullets out of a shot revolver how could he have shot robert kennedy four times. on top of charades point evidence offered by two f.b.i. investigators william bailey and duwayne wilford needs taking into account. bailey and wolf are attended the crime scene as soon as the assassination took place. they discovered two more bullets that were not mentioned in the l.a.p.d. report. the next day william daley an f.b.i. agent at the scene is in front is on the front page of all the newspapers pointing to a door frame and in one thousand seven hundred sixty given
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a sworn statement that he saw two bullet holes in the door frame. if a second gun is not firing there cannot be any bullet holes in the wooden door frames so the police tape those door frames down and they bring them the police station to do that work on them to turns out there too many of these bullets represent too many bullets star hands gun holds eight bullets more recent forensic analysis also supports the view that more bullets were fired at the scene the answer han could have had in his gun but the l.a.p.d. does not appear to have taken that on board then in two thousand and five further evidence. kennedy's victory speech in the manhole of the hotel was recorded by a polish journalist studies life prison ski. when kennedy's group took that back route out brzezinski followed them but inadvertently carried on recording.
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this distorted audio was recorded just outside the kitchen. the it's a very poor quality recording which meant for many years people didn't really analyze it properly so it was only when phil van praag came along and start analyzing in two thousand and five that you know he made a number of very interesting discoveries. the most important of which were there are thirteen shot sounds on the recording. and there were two instances of double shots which means two shots fired so close together they couldn't have come from the same gun. the only way that is was that there was a second god been in a position behind get a word that the prosecution never proved that saran was behind kennedy or is able
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to shoot him point blank. thomas knew gucci was the chief medical examiner and coroner for los angeles county and performed the autopsy on robert kennedy he submitted a detailed report on the bullets that hit kennedy this is that report and the evidence he gave in court. gunshot number one direction right to left slightly back to front up or gunshot wound number two entry right accelerate region direction right to left back to front up or gunshot wound number three direction right to left back to front of the autopsy report is probably the most decisive evidence that sir am physically could not shock center they've got three shots into the center one shot went through the shoulder pad all came from behind the center. a point range all shot from the right side and upward angle between thirty and thirty
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five degrees. which meant that the shooter was actually dealing down behind property and. when he was firing his gun. however none of the eyewitnesses said that sirhan was low down. furthermore thomas' new report said that the muzzle of the gun that fired the shot that killed kennedy was a maximum of three inches or seven centimeters away from him. at how their burn rate. notes so your viewers understand what powder burns ranges it means the gun was pressed strongly up against either the body or in case of the fatal shot. yes and bob an inch behind the ear karl euchre he said
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the saucer had coming out came very close to him and that gun so had a gun was two feet from kennedy not so handy two feet but sir handgun being two feet and that was confirmed by edmund a z. in another assistant major day who was right behind them at that point. so there were different i would use accounts of where's her hand was when he shot kennedy his distance from the senator the number of bullets fired and the coroner's report well you the dignity is wrong or the eyewitnesses that said it was two feet away or and yet more evidence emerged to cast doubt on the scene officer hands conviction and then bullets a swapped and then evidence was destroyed. i eat can't make up something like this .
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a tamil journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring her story to the public. and sri lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who will not compromise on the true. news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. being located outside that western and tricks fair of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global that. when you peel away all of the lists a covert military in the financial dark and you see the people in those words and his policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's fine all the us can identify with the story.
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history has called it the great in the final episode the two sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to calm the world war one through our eyes on al-jazeera. a lot has them seeking the headlines on the us president donald trump says he hasn't listened to the recordings of the murder of saudi journalist your mouth ashaji because they're too graphic the u.s. government is expected to release reporting to the killing on tuesday patrick o'brian has more from washington. even after he's been briefed by his intelligence
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community his a telegin steve at the cia that he's been told that this tape of this man dying in this audio is violent this is terrible and suffering that goes against the claims we've heard from the saudi arabian government themselves but still the president is sending the message that he does not necessarily believe his own intelligence community that says with a high degree of confidence a title they very rarely use that mohamed bin solomon the crown prince of saudi arabia ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi a yemen's hooty rebels say they're ready for a ceasefire if the saudi and iraq coalition they've been fighting also once piece in a statement he said they're prepared to hold drone and missile attacks against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and a yemeni allies israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has held crunch talks to save his government that's off to one of his coalition partners withdrew last week it's left him with just a one seat majority in parliament he says he doesn't want to call an election
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a car bomb has killed at least five people in the iraqi city of tikrit sixteen others were hurt the explosion took place outside a restaurant security forces have closed most of the city's roads no group has claimed responsibility. rescuers are ramping up efforts to identify victims of the california wildfires as rain is forecast for the region more than twelve hundred people remain unaccounted for and at least seventy six people have been killed in northern california if the rain is heavy it could hurt efforts to find and identify human remains hundreds of people in the mexican border city of tijuana have been protesting against the arrival of asylum seekers from central america trying to cross into the u.s. demonstrators want the government to prevent the migrants from staying in the city saying the street gang members are traveling with them. those are the headlines
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you're up to date right now it's back to. earth. senator robert kennedy was fatally shot on the fifth of june one thousand nine hundred sixty eight after winning the california nomination to be the democratic candidate for president. ed jordanian palestinian said hansei hahn was tried and jailed for his murder but since the nine hundred seventy s. there have been calls for a new investigation based on differing eyewitness accounts the number of shots fired and distance of seven hundred from kennedy when he fired. there seem to be particular discrepancies between eyewitness vincent the money and the report of los angeles county medical examiner and coroner thomas new gucci the gun itself was
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maybe three or four inches from the head. but certain i was about three approximately three feet away i mean yeah i didn't measure them but it was an estimate but the court record a vincent de pierre stastny sets i saw those two go off and after the second one i couldn't see because i had blood all over my face the police of a lot of witnesses it said star hand was standing four five six feet in front of bobby kennedy and that didn't quite match up with what. we found well you than if you choose wrong or the eyewitnesses that said it was two feet away or. that. movie cameras captured scenes in the kitchen immediately after the assassination but arguably the most significant pictures were taken by an amateur photographer and kennedy follower there was a teenager scott and york in the pantry that night here thirty six millimeter camera. roll film and there were thirty six exposures he was taking pictures.
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any art took pictures before during and after the assassination. the los angeles police. took his camera and film to their labs. they later returned pictures to any art but only those taken before and after the assassination. those and took during the assassination we never turned what happened to those photos. why didn't the defense team asked a no never asked for the number of bullets found the angles they'd been shot from that and disappearing photos all combined to cost reasonable doubt as to whether serhiy was the own the gunman in their investigation. also reported that that.
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type of bullets fired was compatible with sirhan. and then they say we can prove this because the bullet and and kennedy's shoulder matched the search handgun. and they were wrong about that but they were live they were lying about that as well they say the bullet that went into his head which is a fragment. tiny fragment nearly the whole bullet they say that matched the saran gun too. we saw striking asians on that fragment. which is crazy because there are no ifs stray sions on that fragment they can't prove it but that's what they did. before they get before the jury they even lied about that whole charade lisa pease and laurie dusek all cast doubt on
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the police findings because they couldn't match the bullets to certain handgun the bullets were switched so that a match could be made and the problem was they couldn't ease third handgun to make matching bullets because certain gun had been given to the grand jury. and then bullets were swapped and then evidence was destroyed. i.e. can't make up something like this medical examiner thomas knew he was never asked to identify the bullets. he only has maintained that the fatal shot was fired at close range while most eyewitnesses setser han was further away. there is a suspicion of that was that was substituted. and that he would have revealed that . at first there was a movement to try to discredit new coochie and that he did say that he had done an
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incompetent. autopsy well that didn't work because negotiate refused to step down and in and said he would fight them in court once they realize they're going to have a fight with the karner they switch positions and now said oh well tom the gucci said that the bullets were fired from an inch away so it must be all the witnesses that were wrong so they they switch horses in the middle of the race you know they got rid of him and he was not going to play ball their way because he's an honest man. and he call things the way he saw them. and i use very very upset with the whole my view over the way the proceedings went. the question remained as to the number of bullets fired at the scene but also as to why the any p.d. didn't question anyone other than her hand as potential suspects. the police didn't follow any of the leads that that would point to
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a second gun no one has seen the second shoot we have no eyewitnesses for that how is that possible right there close face everybody there all these eyewitnesses that are so reliable when it comes to describing what syrian did suddenly fail to be reliable for the second shooter who was right there two inches away from him everyone missed that. same eugene caesar was on the door he was on different doors but right before the shooting he was on the the the door leading into the kitchen pantry area. he followed kennedy ended with us dot supposed to do it was against orders from from a person who. was supervising a guard for the for the for the hotel u.s. most stay away one as a security guard who was standing behind senator kennedy to his right which is where the shots came from and he did have his gun drawn that night and he also did own a twenty two caliber pistol with the same rifle in character
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a successor pan's gun. many researchers believe that fein caesar shot kennedy he was certainly in the right position he was close enough so i don't think that he he shot the senator but i think he might have seen something he has been the traditional suspect i'm not convinced that he was the gunman but. it certainly is worth scrutiny. to other figures who are seen in or near the kitchen one michael wayne was initially detained but then released. he was later seen leaving the hotel with a girl wearing epa dress. the other suspect is a tall or a dark skinned man who resembles her hand in some respects but was taller than he was who was seen in the pantry and then seen in the pantry with the gun and earlier
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it's been in the pantry and this search hand in this man we're looking at each other. that man was seen with a gun and there's at least one witness that said he saw that man shooting a kennedy from behind and that man was seen running from the pantry with the gun and then was seen running away with the girl the polka dot dress down the stairs and out through the parking. lot was the girl in the polka dot dress kennedy campaign. worker than every show or elaine whose husband cleaned to have worked for the cia. you have sandy serrano who saw the polka dot dress girl and this guy coming down the stairways and the girl in the polka dot dress the same we shot it we shot him and serrano looks and she goes who did you shoot and she said which shot senator kennedy and runs off into the darkness of the backside of the
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hotel. these people knew kennedy had been shot before anyone around them had known kennedy had been shot. ok to put it out address the woman in a poke at that address. and any other anomaly you want to find in any particular event of of epic proportions like this somebody famous a big political event like an assassination there are going to be lots of little anomalies that become pregnant with meaning because we're looking for something meaningful. and you can always find something that sticks out that no one knows has any of it was that person the woman in the poke it out of who knows who knows the prep probably nothing. this woman spent the day with a local chemical sense man who was at the ambassador to sell them chemicals for the
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hotel she was afraid and she was looking for help for somebody to help her get a passport to get out of the country the next day she predicted the killing with accuracy she said they're going to take care of mr kennedy tonight at the winning reception. as a prediction hours before the new event occurred. at hasbro hearing in march twenty seventh sarah has her hands account of events was generally quite clear until the actual moment of the shooting. and i remember that wanting to agree to get some coffee because i just have to make
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sure that when i drop all that up although there's a lot of chairs that i could so remember that they are good yes element remember i want to get some coffee get out of the chute yes it will be remembered that i did it i remember being. being. tackled by people very very almost choked me to death. and fortunately here because this is the way to live in radiator i didn't see bobby kennedy then i didn't know what we responded because they had me on the table and i think that i came to or be cared began to to to to feel guilty sense what was going on there would you say that when they were choking up you know and they would say don't kill it or something so you heard that and i remember some some words like they're ok we're going to get haven't i didn't i didn't i didn't want them. illegitimately did not remember those critical moments in twenty leavening sirhan sirhan defense team consulted hypnosis
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expert dr daniel p. brown to test the theory that he may have been hypnotized to carry out the kennedy assassination. we had bought the brown from our bridge and over seventy hour. with certainty he is one of the world's leading experts on a mind control and conditioning and dan brown after all this time with sir and is of the mind that he was clearly program. about ten fire.


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