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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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more on this case to put more pressure on the saudis and there is a sense of relief that the momentum has been created once again after a sense or a feeling during the last several days or weeks that the situation but the case could could die down and the world could forget about it but now they are expecting turkey that something major could be done by way of a breakthrough in washington to determine who gave the order. to kill them out probably bring a. bring this situation to a close very soon all right all we've got plenty more ahead on news stream news hour britain's prime minister warning against attempts to topple her brags that. the search for victims for california's worst wildfires on record faces another challenge. and later in school one of the tenants is rising stars finishes the season on high and he's here with bastille.
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so all that still ahead but first yemen's hooty rebels say they are holding drone and missile attacks against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and their yemeni allies who he's released a statement saying they're ready for a broad a ceasefire if the coalition quote one speech much of the recent fighting is centered on the rebel controlled city of data where most of yemen's food and medicine passes through. in a statement the top rebel leader mohammed ali al hoti said we announce our initiative to stop the launching of missiles and drones on the us saudi amorality aggressor countries and their allies in yemen in order to stop any justification for their continued aggression or siege while preparing to freeze and stop military operations on all fronts to reach a just an all or will peace if they really want peace for the people of yemen. how
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that has been monitoring the conflict in yemen from djibouti the whole things have agreed to cease fire is a big deal and what this essentially means pert is in the conflict in yemen us law to it's holding peace talks the oath is say that they made these concession in response to a request from the un special envoy to yemen martin griffiths who had requested them to stop hostilities that early on rejected calls coming from the sodium rather to calling for ceasefire saying that course and nothing short of a plot to have the coalition's allies in the yemeni group of course this will come as a relief to the hundreds of thousands of people who are still trapped in the day than who've been bracing themselves for more conflict because the whole thing is hardly deck to the calls for
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a cease fire the talks are of course to be held in sweden and sweden has already agreed to host it before the end of the year and the intended populace according to the u.n. special envoy is to have that the parties agree to having peace in yemen with some sort of a transitional government running the country. let's take a look at past efforts to get yemen's warring parties in the same room to end of the three year war the first round of u.s. led peace talks was meant to be held in geneva in june twenty fifteen three months after the saudi led coalition and to the conflict but that collapse the yemen's government in exile accused the representatives of refusing to turn up later that year the u.n. managed to get the rival sides on the negotiating table the talks led to a mass prisoner swap but there was no other breakthrough fast forward to april twenty sixth in that's the last time the rival sides met in kuwait but those u.n.
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brokered talks collapsed after they failed to reach a power sharing agreement following one hundred eight days of negotiations and in september this year the. refused to join the yemeni government delegation for negotiations the rebels didn't fly to switzerland because of concerns about their safety. as sane haiti is a journalist and hooty affairs analyst he says he doesn't believe the saudis will accept the offer. then i didn't really have stocked up a lot in july out at the hole the house of fire to stock all of that tax in the cost of yemen i was well stocked at that on their own ships like so he was just in that seat but he said at the start of the actually did not. accept it this is this piece and they could do that on the day that i know and and i believe that the saudi will not actually thought there were
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a lot when young and because they're kind of so i'll miss that other than they got from the south and east so i think that they might think that they have a chance to take are they and what is it what are the so in that example to say that we must stock our operation on where they like to cut this up by take use at least by supplement that master and me but for the soul it will stop all or one young man i think they cannot actually hike if they continue at that and in yemen still there when the old you want is like they are given a chance to the saudi. that they really want peace in the end i don't think that the soul of the will actually accept it because many times and healthy has offered similar peace plan and still this are the did not like get access to. all the members of the gulf cooperation council are expected to attend the summit
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in the saudi capital in january that's according to kuwait deputy foreign minister who says it is a gesture of optimism towards thawing relations with qatar kuwait has been a mediator since saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and non g.c.c. member egypt put a blockade against qatar in june last year they're accusing don of promoting terrorism a charge it denies. egypt has arrested at least forty human rights lawyers and activists that's according to human rights watch it says the arrests are part of a mass detention campaign targeting people offering humanitarian and legal support to families of political detainees most of those arrested were taken from their homes after raids by security forces israel's prime minister says he hopes his coalition partners will show responsibility and not bring down the government late on sunday benjamin netanyahu held talks to try and save his coalition which has
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a one seat majority in parliament his government was thrown into a crisis when defense minister avigdor lieberman resigned on wednesday over a cease fire agreement with armed groups in gaza netanyahu says he'll assume the role temporarily stephanie decade is in west jerusalem with the latest. very confident benjamin netanyahu addressing the israeli public saying that he would be assuming the post of the defense minister but also saying that that decision that he took when it came to a cease fire with hamas was the right one it was a difficult one but he said that the israeli public didn't know all the details of why these decisions are taken basically responding to the criticism that he's been getting from ministers in his government of course for the resignation of abu during even also criticism from the education minister now actually bennett saying that he's gone soft calling this a left wing government so this was really
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a message to the israeli public to say keep your confidence in me i am still what is known as a many israeli seen him as mr security and i've done this for the security of the state of israel it is of course very much also political back and forth we are expecting to hear a press conference now just recently announced tomorrow morning that is from the after the bennett to see whether he'll be pulling out of this government if he does then it will collapse in early elections will be called that hasn't happened at the moment so that we're going to have to watch monday morning how things unfold people will tell you that netanyahu was keen on early elections also because he's facing corruption allegations but not under these circumstances not when it comes to gaza so i think we're going to have to wait and see how this plays out in the next couple of days but many people will tell you even though this was perhaps an unpopular decision the ceasefire with have asked after firing four hundred sixty
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rockets at israel people will tell you when it comes to the polls he remains a popular prime minister and if there are new elections he more than likely will retain that post. britain's prime minister says attempts to remove her from power will be pointless and risk delaying bragg's in negotiations to resign most critics are urging her to return to brussels to demand more concessions for her draft deal to leave the conservative party opponents are gathering support for a challenge to her leadership but it is unclear whether the forty eight letters of no confidence needed to trigger a vote have been sent. a change of leadership at this point isn't going to make the negotiations an easier and it's not going to change the parliamentary arithmetic what it will do what it will do is bring in a degree of uncertainty that's uncertainty for people and their jobs what it will do is mean that is a risk that actually we delay the negotiations and that's a risk that wrecks it gets all frustrated. has more on this from one.
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it's been a tough week the prime minister to resign may but she is standing her ground doubling down on the what she says is the best option for the u. k. to leave the european union how would draw a deal she says is the rights one for the country to choose meantime she confirms that she would be going to brussels in the coming days to meet with the european commission. to finalize those little details that have made this particular negotiation so rule in the meantime there is still the issue of all the opposing voices that are within not just her government but her own party to get all those resignations that took place last week now there are a group of m.p.'s who are trying to collect enough letters to trigger off a vote of confidence in may they need to get forty eight of those letters and if
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that happens then that will go ahead and that will cause even more volatility within the government at this particular time in the meantime the opposition leader jeremy called in the head of the labor party came out and said that he was not happy with the wood drawled deal and that his government his party would be voting against it what he really wants however and what the leadership of been tentatively pushing towards is another general election although how much success they would have with that is debatable they have consistently been behind the conservative party by a few points jury this year but in terms of the other voices within his own party about the possibility of second referendum a so-called people's vote he said that now was not the time to have but that could be an option quite possibly in the future or rescuers are ramping up efforts to
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identify the victims of the california wildfire. rain is forecast for the region more than twelve hundred people remain unaccounted for and at least seventy six have been killed in northern california if the rain is heavy it could hurt efforts to find and identify human remains kristen salumi has more from the city of chico in northern california. a lot of the evacuees have set up a makeshift camp here but it just so happens that this is a flood zone and so the rain could make things really difficult and local officials are trying to encourage them to move into shelters in the area. the rain that you talked about bring some other issues as well there's a possibility of flooding and mudslides so a lot of things that people are dealing with a lot of people still just living day to day and worrying about taking care of their most basic needs and that includes health needs as well a lot of health issues confronting people and to talk more about that i'm joined by
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a special guest greg schaefer who is from paradise one of the hardest hit communities and grew up there lives in chico now bad works in paradise with kids with mental health problems young people mental health problems tell me what you've been doing since the fires broke out to try to help your clients sure yeah i'm a mental health provider up in paradise i work at the youth center up there since the day of the fire my coworkers and i we've just been running around chico in the surrounding communities and making phone calls to try and figure out where our clients are and if their families are ok and if everyone made it out all right and then additionally we have been on call twenty four seven different shelters providing crisis interventions and fifty one fifty support if necessary. i personally and we've been been doing a lot of psych meds support so you know a lot of folks lost their medications in the fire or having trouble getting the
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refills that they need and are in you know in serious medical distress because of that so we've been trying to connect with. nurse practitioners and local pharmacies and trying to get people's prescriptions filled for for their anti-psychotics and other medications so so many issues when people have been just uprooted like this and talk about the community of paradise and the kind of people that live there and what their special issues are. so i grew up in paradise i love it it's my town. paradise is a small town primarily a retirement community so much of the community was elderly it's also a pretty poor community the poverty rate was around one thousand percent a lot of folks with chronic physical and mental health needs a lot of c o p d in diabetes and addiction problems. like i know a lady with lung disease out who's out here camping in the smoke and it is very dire medical problems you know a lot of the folks in the camp are getting sick in the camps all over not just this
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one but in the in the more established shelters or are ill or worried about the cold like a somebody gets an elderly person gets respiratory infection it's going to be really bad life and what are your concerns long term you know and everything is kind of day to day right now but moving forward well then the number one the real problem is actually one that's been a problem you county for a long time which is long term housing before the fire even happened or vacancy rate was about one and a half percent so that's like two thousand and twenty five hundred units we have an additional twenty five thousand to thirty thousand people who need a place to live it's going to be very very chaotic. well hundreds of people in the mexican border city of tijuana have been protesting against the arrival of migrants from central america they're trying to cross into the u.s. crowds chanted yes to migrants no to invade is accusing the group of being ungrateful and a danger to tijuana the migrants are being sheltered at
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a sports complex in the city. is one of the temporary shelters in. the days inside this shelter for central american asylum seekers are long and anxious that is what the people here have been telling me the women the children and young adults the men who have been resting here after more than a month on the road traveling from central america their main task is to wait because only a few are allowed to approach the u.s. port of entry a day to claim legal asylum so many know that this sleeping in the open air is their near future for quite a while to come people have been passing the time playing with their children kids are playing with cardboard boxes. and just trying to find some work as well it's for the money they need to buy some food and sustain their families it's drastically different atmosphere outside the gates of the shelter where earlier in
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the day people from tijuana gather to protest the presence of these refugees they called them invaders they said that they were here and dangerous they'd seen videos of some few members of the caravan going past police barricades on their way north and they were concerned in fact a march of about three hundred some anti migrant protesters approached a mere meters away from the entrance of the shelter and were held back by police the tension in tijuana the only grow as more and more people of iraq. in total the mayor here saying some ten thousand asylum seekers may be here in a city in a few days' time. all right still ahead on al-jazeera all smiles but no agreement how a major economic summit ended in chaos plus. i'm catherine saw
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a e-mail warehouse and thousand tanzania i'll be telling you about last night crisis that has forced the governments to step in and deploy the military to take charge. and in sports the changes you made in this year's world cup semifinals face each other again and this time as a different went. from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. and i will add a thought maybe the rain was disappearing out of china for a while there's still the same streaming cloud we've always seen but look at look down here to the vietnamese coast that's the telling things although there is rain iran too smart with a foxhole effect hong kong all monday's drive to the north got no especially cold this rain will probably get pushed back up again the marine development something
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a bit more rigorous rigorous and meeting shanghai and that's all because what is happening to the science which up until a couple of hours ago you'd call a tropical depression now it isn't very good in its shape anymore that's where it came on shore in science central via down is heading towards the gulf of tonkin there when it actually gets so you could redevelop in the meantime which is the mass of green stuff which is fifteen minute bases of rain but look what's happening to the east the philippines following the same chain the west pacific the next week developing in it could be rather more substantial mudded be a problem. and this is choose to use for cross just run about mindanao or to the north of the same time there's a potential redevelopment over the gulf of thailand which might bring flooding rain to southern thailand one small. step in for a bit more in the way of rain but the sign turn that was there has disappeared westwood's. the weather sponsored by cats all these.
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stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world that celebrate the human spirit against the arts. al-jazeera cinemax gangs. and hundred forty. zero u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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again you're watching and you zero mind top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump says he hasn't listened to the recordings of the saudi journalists. as they're too graphic the u.s. government is expected to release a report into has shown g.'s killing on choose day. the rebels say they're hoping drone and misawa attacks against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and their yemeni allies he's released a statement saying they're ready for a broad a ceasefire if the. coalition quote once peace. israel's prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu is held crunch talks to save his government after one of his coalition partners with two last week it's left him with a one seat majority on that. let's talk more on the case now our top story salim lone joins us via skype now from princeton new jersey he's a former senior united nations official who served as a spokesman for the un's iraq mission thanks very much for being with us so president trump has. been very inconsistent on a number of issues. but on this particular one he has been relatively consistent in that he has he has backed up the saudi leadership of on this believing that the crown prince mohammed bin salmen was not involved what do you make of that position well i think first of all we are leaving altogether too much about the specific rule of the crown prince. is worth looking into much the
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what the here and has learned about the short usually it is now far beyond the shot to kill him. and what content believe the last three weeks is because of the media the in cans what light that it shone because of that murder on the incredible horror that the saudi kingdom has recently inflicted on its neighbors and not suppose labor in recent times and that those actions those very aggressive and reckless actions. have come to the fore and meet many many people who previously were committed to an alliance with. the saudis for a number of reasons have made them realize that saudi arabia is not a partner that will help american security it's
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a not even the question anymore of values you know a little it was said that our values are important but our interests think president it is now clear that our interests meaning american interests are activists fact and just look at what happened to shock it what a reckless killing to kill one of president only once close friends inside turkey and then dismember its body and to believe that he could get away with it now it was thought the saudis must have thought we have done so much except at the bottom minister of. lebanon and what to do the country want to bring in yemen and no one has spoken out against us in any serious way we can do anything we want so we have this rather remarkable situation in iraq how do you see this playing out there in effect everything us is on this collision course with the with the saudi leadership went where's it going to end up well i don't believe that this should be seen by
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the us yet being on a collision course with the us because they believe that the saudi kingdom and the king and many others are very aware of the threat that this issue is now causing to their identity and they believe that the americans. you live in this one realty you fear that the saudi in the mouth about its future relationship with the us and with the west because that you know local census is going to all segments of the population in the united states senate to look at it everyone except read it if you look and. they are worried about this and this is the time that you are just going to really press look we looked into what would through we want you to be if only with the values that the rest of the world was mine if you should make these changes and i think this is that historic opportunity and we should be going to cook all right selena and thank you for being with us if you
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are florida's outgoing governor rick scott has been declared the winner of a hotly contested race for a seat in the u.s. senate recount was ordered for the recent recent mid-term election there between scott and democratic incumbent bill nelson election officials say the republican won just over fifty percent of the ballots with ten thousand more votes than his opponent. a police chief from around the world have met in dubai to elect a new interpol president after former leader of men hong way went missing in china chinese authorities say men was detained as part of a corruption investigation but his wife says it his arrest was for political reasons interpol secretary general told police chiefs men whose term was due to end in twenty twenty could no longer serve as president. at least five people have been killed after a car bomb exploded in northern iraq sixteen others were wounded in the blast which
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happened in the city of tikrit the explosion took place outside a restaurant security forces have closed most of the city's road no group has claimed responsibility. the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan says he is hoping for a peace deal between the afghan government and the taliban by april zalmay hollies are met with taliban officials for three days in qatar where the group has a political office the taliban spokesman said the meeting was aimed at renewing the peace process in ending u.s. military involvement taliban control large parts of afghanistan and frequently attack security forces and government targets as part of exploring the potential for reconciliation and peace. talking to all afghans all interested parties who are interested in a. political settlement i know that the government of afghanistan wants peace
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the taliban are saying that they do not believe. that they can succeed militarily that they would like to see there are problems that remain resolved by peaceful means by political negotiations and i know that the international community particularly the united states on behalf of which i'm speaking also would like that the three people have been killed in an attack on the prayer hole of a minority religious sect in the northern indian state of punjab at least ten others were injured when two men on a motorbike threw a grenade into a group of near don carty worshipers fighting between the minority community and some members of the wider sikh faiths have been going on since the early one nine hundred eighty s. . now it has never happened before in the history of apec summit until now leaders attending the meeting failed to agree on
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a final statement after two days of meetings in papua new guinea the asia pacific economic cooperation summit was less about working together and more about individual statements andrew thomas reports from port. international summits usually end with planned communiques not chaotic scenes and the prime minister being bundled out of the conference room who that peter o'neill papua new guinea's prime minister had just been telling reporters about the success of the apec summit he'd been hosting and trying to leave without taking questions on its dramatic failure but leaders are not being able to agree on even the plan this language for an agreed leaders statement the apec summit took place behind closed doors so why the failure to get all twenty one to agree i think you're writing is as the chair you are the reason not to be able to achieve a community where you have almost twenty one economies agreeing to the into all the
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issues that we have discussed and it is not the frustration but we all know haitians summit thank you managed to publish something even if it's pretty bland agrees they haven't this thought why not ised the problems that are now been released in that this afternoon prime minister chairman statement is not the same as a communique you must be disappointed there's been not going to there's been general statement in the past. maybe i'm so used to that with this or that area in fact there's been an agreed leader statement after every apec summit since one nine hundred ninety three this is not the way i pick conferences are supposed to end and this will be a huge disappointment to the hosts pap and you get particularly the prime minister . it was an argument over trade that caused the break down the trade disputes between the united states and china is so serious that apec leaders couldn't find any common ground they could put into words there are differing visions on particular elements in regards to trade and those are prevented there from being
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full consensus on the communique document the leaders agreed to that instead of a traditional leaders declaration which is you it would. leave it there and sort of in this chair. to. the state and regional rivalry with clear leaders from australia new zealand japan and the united states announced millions of dollars to help bring reliable electricity to the majority of people in papua new guinea and that seen as a way to counter the growing chinese investment and influence this principle space partnership signals our ongoing commitment to put our financial and our technical resources into connecting more households businesses and service providers across papa new guinea apec is normally a forum for consensus and cooperation on how to grow economies this use descended into squabbles over policies actions and words and donald trump wasn't even there
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andrew thomas al-jazeera port moresby a crucial talks to entry lanka's political deadlock failed president multi-polar city senior chaired a multi party meeting on sunday to try to end a crisis that's gripped the nation for weeks but he could not achieve a break through the turmoil began when sarah seen a satirist prime minister and replaced him with former president mahinda rajapaksa government leaders in tanzania may soon have two hundred thousand tonnes of cashew nuts on their hands they plan to buy the entire crop to try and end a price dispute between farmers and traders catherine sawyer reports now the army has been brought in as processing workers are sent home. di ness number is have a sting the last of her cash crop that it's been a bad idea a disease or dries of food has meant she's only managed to fill seven sacks instead
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of the usual forty on average to make matters worse middlemen offered to buy them at and acceptably low price that of course the government to intervene and buy tanzania's and hire a crop at a dollar and a half a kilo the government's also undertaken to process and sell it or. what they wanted to buy from us at a cost that will not get any returns we spend so much on fertilizes the way the government has intervened is good. the cash in us will end up in warehouses like this would be leased by the government officials here and military commanders are walking out logistics to make sure the process is smooth and there's enough room to store around two hundred thousand tons of nuts. and she began and i want to you see we want you the public to coordinate with the military we need strong young men to load the trucks. thank you.


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