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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 323  Al Jazeera  November 19, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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sides and i think that there's a wider issue around campaign finance rules that were violated and the need for some further criminal investigation there but i think that that main point about well you know the deal isn't so good and will go blame a civil servant doesn't default flat on its face james what about that where are the people that feel very strongly about bracks and why it why did some of them back away from the table from these leadership roles i think there are various reasons i mean one reason was that they weren't as we're not you're very particularly clear that boris johnson wasn't going to. get the competence of a fellow at peace to become leader of the party but i also think that the i think beyond the the issue of personalities i think what's been what's become very very aggressive negotiations is that while many of the representatives that have very strong ideas about what they don't want they haven't been very there about how to resolve some very key problems in the present negotiations one of which is how to
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avoid a hawk or two between northern ireland and the republic of ireland which everyone says they want to avoid. that required the problem of his about wife three the maids trying to keep the whole of the u.k. within their customs union post-process. because that will help avoid that whole border so you know i think you know that there were democrats in tears who were in those positions where they have but they were able to make a difference to these negotiations david davis was officially the chief reykjavik and chairs and he was like well i did recently in recent months but from the very beginning he was that he knew. what the problem was not ready or not it is the problem or some fundamental contradictions that perhaps it that they have a problem with drew a threesome a has sat and some are supporters have said if you hate what i'm doing so much then where are the better ideas. does she have a point. i don't really think so at all and i think that you know as it stands
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right now i think it's a better idea to leave. leave without a deal than the deal that's on the table i strongly contend that no deal is always better than a bad deal this this current deal right now would tie the u.k. into into the side and still into the customs union where the u.k. would be able to strike their own trade deals it would put northern ireland a century under dublin brussels rule so i think a better idea than this deal right now is frankly leaving without a deal i think that and i think the point about drax it here is running away from the negotiation table running away from responsibility i don't think that's fully accurate either they left the table and they left these posts because they were shut out they were either not given the opportunity of leadership contest or they were put in senior government officials positions such as brackets secretary they were sidelined in the negotiations their job was sell this to the british public it wasn't to actually negotiate the deal so they were leaving the government out of protest to show that they weren't having any part of this to show that they were being shut out of the deal tom iraq and i think you have an issue with that.
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well i think he have you have david davis press secretary for his trance and his foreign secretary and then liam fox overseeing trade you know people are the senior members secretaries joining the government in the cabinet so i mean they were not junior if they weren't doing anything for a couple years and they were wasting taxpayer money knowingly surely they had some kind of hand in this you know certainly boris johnson his foreign secretary had at a hand in delivering the kind of practice it and it's just simply true that people ran away from the leadership contest as soon as they could roger pharaoh's was nowhere to be seen boris johnson maybe didn't have the votes from various people that in even trying to get the votes he had people who wanted to make him tory leader he didn't even try he had a press announcement that he was going even take part so i think that you know they really haven't shown leadership they saw how difficult it would be to deliver on
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their promises and they chose it was better to snipe at the sidelines they do something substantive or make a point very quickly on a new deal i think the deal is a very significant problem for its reality and that is we do not have in the united kingdom any infrastructure no system no people in place to organize custom checks and other types of things that would have to happen within months there is a no one hired there is no new agency there is nothing in place to make any of this happen and so it's a kind of we without a deal because well we don't want to be tied into certain things we don't don't like i think is is particularly irresponsible given that the enormous challenges the numerous shut down that would happen to britain not least no planes would be able to fly over europe from from the u.k. from from the end of march so it would be it's really much worse than i think then when you look at the details and that's been something that davis johnson go and others have not wanted to talk about the details really it's just makes the whole
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new deal such an aerial. really unthinkable james am obviously the e.u. didn't want this divorce right this is the u.k. they you didn't want this to happen so you know they're not going to make the negotiations easy the but the person that doesn't want to divorce usually doesn't having said that is the e.u. driving too hard of a bargain and if the u.k. and damaged in this is that bad for everybody i don't think you could accuse the e.u. driving to have a boat that they be very consistent throughout in setting in setting out with promises of what they were wrong with what i'm told they said is that we're going to look after ourselves if you want to leave us feeling but we're going to look up our own interests we have a single market that we work very hard to build up over many years and it's a very it's a rules based single market i am if you want to be hopeful about single market you're going to have to pay the bills and the brits are saying the brits the reason we want all the benefits of the single market but we don't want to be bound by its
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rules or by the european court of justice now the europeans that was that was a red line a couple red lines but the europeans have had bad red lines as well and with them it's about protecting the system that they've got and you know they don't want which is a suit benefit for leaving the e.u. but that's not what a little group is issuing but there is one to be and they want to protect the they want to protect the institutions they've built up and they don't want a situation where it's seen as advantageous to the e.u. and you can get all the benefits but not of the growth of that would be that would be unsustainable for. drew i want to go back to a point that tom made a minute ago that there are there's been these grand talked about about all these ideas of what bracks it should and could be but not a lot of digging down into the details of how you actually make this happen and it's very very soon what of that where are the people that have the nuts and bolts on how to actually execute something this huge this historic. right i mean i think
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the people are there they were there if they are they they are there and that's why there's a leadership challenge to the prime minister right now they aren't satisfied with they aren't satisfied with what's going on they want to put another prime minister in power who actually deliver iraq that they want i'm talking about you're taking a tough negotiations and of course you're going to take a tougher to get negotiation stance anyone should and could take in a tough negotiation stance and something this important but you know the the u.k. is not chopped liver the u.k. has could take just as tough as a stance to hurt the european union if they wanted to publicly they could say what's going to happen when the european union doesn't get any of our funding where in that funder of the european union are french farmers going to start riding when they don't get their subsidy is. going to pay subsidies to eastern european countries it's really i think in the u.k. strikes a great free trade deal with the u.s. in the u.s. it still trading on w t o rules with the e.u. there's plenty of situations where the u.k. comes out of this much much stronger than the european union does and knowing that
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the europe the u.k. has to be willing to walk away in the deal i think i think that's the most important thing at this point the u.k. needs to get tougher on negotiations bring out that we know the united kingdom is pretty much we necessary a favor we need a deal that helps all sides and had deal european union so tom what what is going to happen and that coming days is theresa may going to survive this is this about her leadership and where the world is a deal going to come from. well it seems clear that there's a lot of anger not disappointment on her own benches we've been hearing poor most of the last week about letters of no confidence being submitted to graeme brady a graduate. calling for a possible no confidence in the prime minister and we were all waiting for this day after day and none of that's happened and some company commentators have said if
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the if the anti-trust i'm a forces in or party can organize forty eight letters they definitely won't be able to organize a better treaty the could be something very soon and i would rule out that you know her leadership is under some some serious challenge if she were to be if she was to lose but if she were to win a vote of confidence then she would be safe or at least another year the tories wouldn't be able to do it again for another year and we may well and she'll be able to try to proceed with her plan but win or lose the no confidence vote i think there's no there's not votes for the current plan and the new deal seems unless there's some other change the more likely outcome because she's in a minority government her m.p.'s are not a majority she relies on the d.v.d. party and other than our than to get anything through on that she can get some extra votes from opposition parties there's no support in any of the opposition parties for this plan there is significant minority of her own party is against
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this and the u.p.a. is out against this so she's going to surely lose votes on this bill and seen that she's going to move ahead with that so there's been no deal i would not rule out if she were to succeed in staying as prime minister which i think none of us have any certainty about i think it could be likely she will she could lose this confidence vote ok this deal is going to fail and if it does i suspect parliament is going to go for another referendum jane wow ok so our question then to you james do you think that this strath deal will go down in flames and do you think there really could be another referendum. absolutely by the questions i mean the if you look at it if you look at the parliamentary representatives very very very hard to think about how to get this deal through one shouldn't rule that out she's being she has a very tricky situations before and parliaments are to manage to pull through but
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yeah i think that it's very likely that a combination of her own autocrats its heroes and basically remain as in the rest of the house will vote for this deal that if that happens it's pretty clear also that there is not a majority in the house of commons or no deal situation i think most most m.p.'s most mainstream m.p.'s are of no deal and that a second referendum becomes a way out for those m.p.'s so i wouldn't i think that's a that's hardly likely scenario and if the anything could happen but that is a hobby that is not ok interest same question and the final question do you think that this will go to another referendum do you think that a deal will be reached right no i don't think they'll be another referendum the united kingdom is not a banana republic two years ago when there was a referendum the government sent out a leaflet that said they were going to follow through on the vote there i mean i
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don't think there's reagan votes i think it's a very very bad precedent for democracy when you have a vote and then two years later decide it's time to do a reading vote so i don't think a referendum will be happening i don't think the majority in the conservatives or the labor party wants that to happen and as of right now i would say it's most likely there'd be no deal hopefully there's a deal i think there is a deal the needle benefit both sides as they occur if the current deal is the only option on the table right now so i think it'll be the deal no second referendum in general do you think that teresa mayes the person that can get this through which i like it to be somebody else. look i think of theresa may i think she will survive the vote of no confidence that's my best gas but if she doesn't get this deal through the house of commons i think it's very likely that she'll resign and someone else will step up and deliver an amended deal or no deal for white house but i think it i think that the that let the real litmus test is not on the vote of no confidence it's on getting this deal to the commons and if it doesn't go through the commons i would put my money on trees and there is money james i know you want
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to get in on that real quick i can tell by your face i have no i mean. i think if there is it is closing down i think there is a that very very little that suggests that the public will go for an ideal situation it's hardly it's highly unlikely that parliament will allow that to happen but i really think it's very unlikely that the european union negotiated that mr mitchell bonnie's game is going to allow the reopening of negotiations that have been conducting a painstaking about right to yes i think the idea of going back to the drawing board and having a renegotiation is very very unlikely ok and that'll be the final word gentlemen thank you so much for this conversation i'm sure we will continue to have this conversation james savage tom fox and sure liquor men thank you for watching as well you can see the program again any time if you go to our website al-jazeera dot
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com for further discussion got our facebook page that's facebook to calm for slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter or handle as a.j. and story for me i shall carry in the entire team here and bye for now. because we're not as certain. rights are being violated.
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and freedom of being stripped away. on this and anniversary of the implicit wishes of the whites that stand out. players stand up for human rights. a tamil journalist in search of a missing colleague stops of nothing to bring her story to the public. in sri lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who will not compromise on the truth. news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. al-jazeera it's swear every.
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impoverished excluded and under attack roma communities are paying the price of hiking nationalism in a country at war with itself. people in power investigates the surgeon hate crimes at the hands of far right groups. ukraine roma. repression on al jazeera. hello adrian from going to here in doha the top stories this hour on al-jazeera king solomon of saudi arabia has delivered his annual address to the shura council it's the first speech he's made since the murder of the journalist last month he
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discussed the war in syria and yemen but avoided the murder of the journalist however king solomon praised his country's judiciary. the kingdom was established on the principles of justice and that's why we have all the trust not judiciary and that they would do the necessary to establish the truth and serve justice the kingdom of god also ensure that no penalties will go unpunished the murder of jamal her show she is causing divisions at the top of the us republican party there are differing opinions about what action should be taken against the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon us media reports say the cia has identified him as ordering the killing but president donald trump says such conclusions are premature he also said that he won't listen to audiotapes of the murder because the content is too graphic also in jordan reports from washington. but i did not know for the first time u.s.
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president donald trump says when he knows exactly what's in the audiotape surrounding the death of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi it's a suffering tape it's a terrible tape i've been fully briefed on it there's no reason for me to hear it in fact i said to the people should i they said you really shouldn't there's no reason i know exactly i know everything that one of the ten without having to and what happened to trouble revealed this information during an interview he taped on friday the same day that several newspapers reported that according to the cia because she was killed on orders of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salim on position during the interview and the white house's position now it's still too soon to say who ordered the murder and i don't know you know who can really know what if the crime trend is speaking to you the president of the united states directly lied to you a lot that he told me that he had nothing to do with it he told me that i would say maybe five times in the last two years trump and his son in law jared cushion or
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had grown close to the crown prince they see him as key to their goal of isolating iran into promoting u.s. economic growth but on capitol hill the idea that mohamed bin solomon is a friend of the u.s. is dying i'm going to do whatever i can to place blame where i believe it lies i'm a put it at the feet of the crown prince who has been a destructive force in the middle east the embargo or without telling anybody this war in yemen is got completely out of control he put the prime minister of lebanon under house arrest is clearly this guy's a wrecking ball some in congress say trump's long running hatred of the intelligence community is keeping him from doing the right thing the president needs to listen to what our intelligence committee has to say what our best professionals assessment is and it's vitally important that this administration not allow itself to become part of any saudi coverup and while the u.s. . has imposed sanctions on seventeen saudi officials others in congress are pushing
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for a much tougher punishment we need to punish who ordered the who's in charge and really the only thing they understand over there is strength already there are two efforts underway in congress to block arms sales to the saudis not just to end the civil war in yemen but also to send a message to the white house it won't be allowed to ignore the indefensible rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington yemen's who three rebels as a whole drone a missile attacks against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and they get many allies the group says it's ready for a broad a ceasefire if the saudi led coalition wants peace and strikes have continued against two three rebel positions in what data it's a key port through which much of yemen's food and medicine is supplied e.u. foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to discuss briggs's as to go see asians enter their most critical phase amazing lays the groundwork for a november twenty fifth summit in brussels when e.u. leaders are expected formally to sign off on the u.k.'s withdrawal agreement
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britain's prime minister has support from a cabinet for a plan. to leave the e.u. although several ministers have quit and this talk of a leadership challenge is the headline as the news continues here on al-jazeera off the lifelines next. there are those who dream of the possibilities of a world free of the ancient diseases that keep billions in poverty and for those who strive to make that dream a reality their quest is on the brink of victory. there
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are only two countries in the world where polio is still endemic. afghanistan and pakistan but pakistan is the largest polio virus reservoir in the world and is considered to be a key battleground in the global fight against the disease. in the past year over forty vaccinators and support staff had been killed while working to eradicate the polio virus on tuesday gunmen shot to death six pakistani women who were boarding on the un and government backed polio vaccination campaign. the taliban. they called for a ban on vaccinations in response to u.s. drone strikes. not long after the killings in. the street going door to door persuading families
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to administer drugs to their children. it is women who are leading this fight and in the process of risking their lives. they. have identified. one of them is dangerous neighborhood with the. shifting population this is where the attacks took place in twenty twelve and it is an area.
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but you look at them they got incredibly. cynical you. get to say got to me a favor but you're going to. we're not good at don't publish a lot of. security.
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is not. going to good. a man with your boss i know when he got up an idea to have the security give it a cynic in me he really. did tell you that to get. by this. is how much people just get out of. it because people get. low profile just. that i use. it. this is. a comment that they really does the fossil to do with their. community going to
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make the community good to. look at they. will use it. when the polio workers were killed in karachi and twenty twelve. campaign supervisor was on duty in an area. moved in many nashton you get a new. man in. a museum and it started in. the fighting. in gaza and it is. fighting that it to many but they. the man of the mind you got a minimal analog boom bell that there really is unocal deceive me. ma'am but i shan't be you again manage i'm in a billion i'm in a way that the i'm a get it your one minute look which really. are getting ambulances credibility.
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journalist b. tears up there. though it. won't mess here because he said to make ambulance with. those states help a child that a man. woman is the better and i can go to. you need to get started with a minute other pay the media all wessel about it is easy to see which model will be a wash away. cd none give will face big job tina heart will be the people. who may be chased that is a movie kamenica seven initiative which might or you be who are you get there by making the night a sort of behind the curtain ending in rita. and good attitude period and i get some limited has a pretty to medium hubby has to get there as a guy yesterday to get the body body due in a room with listen to face baby do
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a little ditty if you've got people who live in our city who would take this out the gentleman. and implemented this it was funny we were at the little melody. here be nobody meeting i said meekly you miss about they got the. committee. i was in will never be in the bowser that want to log on to mr guy again generalize autonomy. because i've done it in a moment ago. we insisted on. doing good. minutes about news is to me garbage or live a very optimist about you to do well with in god you're a landed. telling us how you have to many of us not want. one point about what i'm just but i mean really the past point. scale i'm no genius but again.
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if you don't have a post-mortem go. you clearly want to leave but when you. or you are prepared for them and ordered what does be on.


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