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tv   NEWSHOUR  ALJAZ  November 20, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the saudi crown prince that was made public you have the congress being very strong in terms of saying they want to pull back on military support arms sales and then you have donald trump still entertaining the possibility again flozell deniability it makes the president look very weak because of his own determinations that he has made that's what we're watching very closely for what comes out he says that there would be some sort of conclusive report based on his briefing with the cia director gina housefull monday or tuesday we're watching very carefully to see what more he can say because again while his own vice president is even said that the united states is absolutely committed to ensuring all those responsible are held accountable many say the president has the final say on that they want to see where he stands kimberly how could so the white house kimberly on twitter if you want to connect with her there. for all the opposition to saudi arabia and mohamed bin someone there has to be a counter narrative out there isn't it scaring us welcome all while the spotlight
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this kharkiv on riyadh and also the top saudi officials close to the crown prince saying this counter-narrative online some supporting moment been salonen sodje arabia and pushing a message of peace using the hash tag we love m.b.'s. hardy my name is mohammed i'm from getting the word. today i want to send a message to the world in our country we're the old people i mean do not care if you're black or you watch what drew you know i am so wrong and how do you work and do you know why because reporting person and we don't accept them in our country i would do all the countries all over the wall they don't work for them either in that he which are we working phone monograph and to bring a small home of them in from out of the group going to change the war with peace and. now as turkish authorities continue their investigation there is some anti turkey sentiment coming out of saudi arabia as well to hashtags trending right now
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over the last few days calls to boycott tourism in tech and also professing the love for mohamed bin psalm on the street asks how can those who don't respect the ship respect us when we visit them is as another as putting a cross on the texas flag calling for a boycott of turkish goods as a national gizzi this image is what is getting said quite a lot at the moment with the use of points out which he says are made in turkey labels and also the bar code which he says with eight six nine then you also have pictures like this one which is also being shot at people sharing the tech ish friends currently held there in saudi arabia well al jazeera has not been able to independently verify whether these are genuine open accounts behind this new online campaign that we will continue to monitor that monitor the story let us know what you think anyway on the story is the hash tag his get thanks for he the. updates on jamal khashoggi have now been split up just because of the sheer volume of them so
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we've got this now all previous updates which sort of takes you up to light last week we're talking the first five to six weeks of the case and then we've still got the latest updates page. so we're building up content again since november the fourth fourteenth story short story everything you need to know about the question is here it should be your first stop for a complicated and ever changing story and is ready to says you can keep in touch with us as well the hash tag. as ever is a genuine will come up in a moment you can use twitter if you like at a.j. english is the twitter feed where using you can reply to the threads there and osama is our producer on duty tonight looking for your comments facebook dot com slash al-jazeera is the live streaming and postman seven hundred five or one triple one four nine will cover you on whatsapp and on telegram if you go on they could be a change coming in the war in yemen a new united nations draft resolution is called for
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a truce yemen's government has confirmed it will attend u.n. back talks in sweden later this month and the rebels are stopping drone and missile attacks against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and the yemeni allies of the who say they're ready for a broader ceasefire if the coalition quote wants peace monitors report from neighboring djibouti. these are the kind of attacks the photos say will lead ballistic missiles fired into soda be a from across the south and border in the hand but i'll pull the president of the whole thing supreme revolutionary committee said we are now so initiatives by calling on the yemeni official for it is to stop the launching of missiles and drones on the us so we ended our countries on their allies in yemen in order to stop any just if occasion for their continued aggression or siege while preparing to freeze or stop military operations on all fronts to reach
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a just an honorable peace if they really want peace for the people of yemen. after we started using missile attacks and we started to target saudi forces near the border saudi arabia is now portraying its aggression on yemen as if it is just a response to our missile and border attacks via for today steep ams to once again clarify our position we also announce that we are ready to stop all operations at all fronts to show the world who is doing what and to give peace a chance we want to prove to the world that we want pace. but hell the rebels are still preparing to buckle in the vital port city of data even though pro-government forces say they've paused fighting there ahead of peace negotiations in sweden and to allow in humanitarian aid these just in case the sodium that article lucian ignores the. two and the tucks and well if you want life is it
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a just. they really want i think. well actually it was many times. similar. like. international pressure has been mounting on yemen's warring parties to end the us killed thousands of people and pushed the country to the value of starvation the threat from diseases grows all the time. and just seen a tweet from the office of the special envoy of the secretary general for yemen that is martin griffiths who said the s.c. the special envoy welcomes the announcement to halt drone and missile strikes hopes that all parties continue to exercise restraint to create a conducive environment for convening the consultations how to doe who was reporting just then is now live for us mohammed so much happening at once and it
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just stops you just start to think wow there could be something here if everyone is actually willing to come to the table. yes come on and it's now becoming more and more of a potent. tease in the cold flicked in yemen are inching closer and closer to having the negotiations whether those will result in what the u.n. is looking for some sort of a transitional government and a peaceful yemen is something else altogether but all signs are showing now that they're headed to its negotiations that save the clashes are still continuing in today that what the whole the fighters have said is they will stop ballistic missiles and drone attacks against the saudi to coalition of their allies in yemen but they have not said they will not. i mean continual fighting which has been having something that's been happening in the day today and most of yesterday
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kolache just between a pro-government fighters and who see fighters also draft resolution raising some really key issues particularly volatile. the removing the obstacles to the delivery of aid which is important as having the pulled off today the operational aid might arrive in her day the port but when it leaves most of the roads are blocked because of the fighting that's going on in the city and its environs and that is one key thing to the continued delivery of aid to the millions of yemenis who need it most mohamed odeh reporting from djibouti thank you for that . so that these are saying they'll stop drone and missile attacks the ones the saudi iraqi coalition has purportedly been responding to or how it is you see in this interactive piece from al jazeera dot com called rather tellingly death from above there's been an incredible volume of coalition strikes since the war began
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it's worth going through this properly i'm just kind of scrolling through it there is a lot of good information in there but i want to go right down to the bottom where we have the interactive map as it says all the red since march of twenty fifteen and so you continue to scroll you see the increase over the years and look at the bottom all the cities where all these air strikes have happened on average well that saying six hundred fifty five in general twenty seven but on average is sort of getting in the three hundred for hundreds every month for what has been three and a half years now that's the total number they're going up up above sixteen thousand the air raids across the whole country so it's a huge huge battle to bring under control and we're going to talk to best in a more money about this a professor of political science at university of waterloo in canada joining us on skype thank you for your time the fact i said i don't know if you could hear what i was saying to a chorus one of there but the fact that these many things are happening at once the government says yes we'll come to the peace talks the who to say yes we'll stop the strike there's a draft peace deal at the u.n. a lot of things coming together do you think this is maybe the best chance yet. i
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do and i've been disappointed before so one has to point that out but i think there's also one other piece of the puzzle that wasn't mentioned i think is also really important which is there is a new galvanization in the u.s. house that has now been taken over by the democrats and i think they're not going to let the war in yemen go and that's a really good thing i think you're start to see pressure on the united states to start talking about the americans complicit involvement in this war and not simply was not there in the previous house and frankly wasn't there before the death of a shock she so i think there are a number of forces at play and let's hope that indeed there's going to be some sort of resolution to this soon hopefully but in the meantime you've still got the data i mean we've been focusing on the fighting there for so long that seems to be so important for the coalition and the government to take back i wonder if that will still supersede anything that's happening on the diplomatic front. yeah and let's not forget here you know yemen is
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a food dependent country it all imports pretty much imports eighty percent of its food supply and not where most of the food comes in so it is a part of the broader piece of the looming starvation of so many yemenis so it is vital and key i think that it's going to be you know we need a lot of investment of international effort to ensure there are some sort of deal on what data but it is an important piece of the broader puzzle so it's absolutely key that griffith gets to the bottom of solving some sort of you know i think acceptable resolution to data i wonder if there might be more commitment from the international community as well if they see that they could be alone the fighting there could be a cease fire of some sort they might be more willing to commit to the idea of trying to help the yemeni people not to say that the international community hasn't but we don't call it the forgotten war for nothing. well i think it is absolutely forgotten the international community hasn't been paying enough attention to be blunt and that's partly because of many different reasons but i think now you know
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their stars are aligned geopolitically let's say and that is a good thing and i think again that a point piece of the puzzle is the american attention from the public from the new democrats coming into the house and increasingly criticism being generated post. and of course the dynamics on the ground there is fatigue and that's important to hear because both you know hopefully the who the rebels and the saudi coalition have start to realize that this is a stalemate there's no winning this war is just sheer utter suffering of the yemeni people which frankly is the real story of this has just looking at the war in its entirety you has anything been achieved this is a strange word to use about war but what has actually come out of it as far as control and influence in the region if we are heading hopefully towards the end of it. i mean you could say the who thing rebels have gained more territory i think
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there's an increased recognition that yemeni yemen as a country may have to be in some way fractured and divided but i definitely don't think there are any gains for any parties just sheer suffering you know we've stopped counting the death toll we stopped at ten thousand numbers are closer to fifty thousand fourteen million people on the verge of famine many many many deaths as a result of food insecurity i mean there's just so much pain and suffering there's really nothing to be gained and i push the word being used achieved but it's absolutely just a horrific situation on the ground best my money really interesting talking to you thank you for your time likewise thank you do you get in touch with us as well things a little quiet on the comments front today but remember you can send questions in directly to us or directly to me at kemal a.j. on twitter if you want to something you want me to put to mohamed i don't djibouti or i guess they're all kimberly at the white house will do that to send you questions straight into us we get the number on screen in just a second plus one seven four five or one triple one four nine that's
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a direct what's up and telegram on but as i say you can tweet me directly my dim direct messages are open at come out on twitter this is the news group if you're with us on facebook live for example you can stick around now for an extra edge a full story which visualizes for you the u.s. exports around the world topical in what we're talking about yemen and then later the chairman of. is arrested in japan all of a live report on why tolerance person is being accused of misconduct. hello again or welcome back or here across the west we are watching a little bit of a break in the clouds as the clouds have been moving through of the last couple days so your forecast here on tuesday looks better but it's just going to be for one day with aleppo seeing some partly cloudy skies a twenty beirut twenty four in jerusalem
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a twenty but as we go towards wednesday the activity that's in the mediterranean is going to make its way towards the east and we are going to be seeing an increase of clouds and also the potential of some showers along with that here as we go towards the rest of the day for quite city your high temperature with those winds coming out of the northwest maybe about twenty three degrees there across the arabian peninsula really not looking too bad but we do have one area spotty showers here coming down the coast of saudi arabia we do think some clouds may be affecting parts of qatar over the next few days temperatures there about twenty nine to greece but on wednesday really not looking too bad tempers come down slightly twenty seven degrees here over towards we expect to see about twenty seven as well but warm conditions along the coast region and with celeste seeing thirty two degrees in your forecast and then very quickly as i make a way down here towards the southern part of africa we are still seeing some clouds down here along the coastal regions of cape town temptress here in durban where we are looking at a warm thirty one degrees but that is going to be dropping over terms now to about twenty one.
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the meeting voice of the business world mostly at expo brings together hundreds of companies and investors from all over the world if you are ready to enter new markets let's meet in turkey let's win together next vote november twenty first or the twenty fourth at c.n.n. istanbul for details information and registration muzzy at expo dot com. impoverished excluded and under attack roma communities are paying the price of hiking nationalism in a country but war with itself. people in power investigates the surge in hate crimes at the hands of far right groups. ukraine roma reparation on al jazeera.
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the headlines at al-jazeera dot com and what's trending as well no surprise can sound. speech to the shura council tops that trending list at the moment and in addition the second story didn't mention the silly that germany has moved to ban those seventeen saudi suspects the same ones who have been sanctioned by the united states so developments on the case and plenty more other actually that's interesting number five. to attend the blocks next summer remember there's a great rift in the gulf still going on after the blockade of qatar began in june of last year have a look for yourself that's what's trending down to zero dot com this month. we're going to turn to the so-called migrant caravan in central america now those thousands of people traveling from honduras through mexico and eventually i hope to the u.s. border without applying for asylum it was a big issue before the u.s. midterm elections donald trump made sure of that but since that vote he has been largely quiet on the matter that was until sunday when he tweeted this the mayor of
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new mexico just stated that the city is ill prepared to handle this many migrants the bangkok could last six months likewise the u.s. is ill prepared for this invasion as he calls it and will not stand for a cause in crime and big problems in mexico go home now he's talking about the migrants of reach as far as to when as he talks about an interesting a the sentiment actually shared by some into wanna have a look at this from a.j. plus on the anti immigrant protests in mexico. ok ok. i look at getting more sensibly at better players if you wonder what followed a knock at a most caving that not me grant is a player that the one i'm looking at that was no.
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thank you. ok. thank. you interesting isn't it we're going to talk to eric olson now senior adviser for the mexico institute joining us via skype from washington thank you for staying with us while we were getting through some other news there eric the whole situation in tehran i find very interesting because i think the default reaction for a lot of people would be thinking oh mexicans they would want to support fellow central americans fellow latinos who are trying to make a better life for themselves but i guess for them it's the same as donald trump saying you're coming in here and you're impacting our life. well we have to be careful and not all mexicans fall into that category called certainly there are
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some they showed up yesterday to protest but we also see a lot of evidence of mexicans reaching out and helping migrants along the way it welcoming em into their communities providing the food transportation so i think the more reality is that that mexicans like people in any country have differing points of view on this in general mexicans have been generous and welcoming but there's no question that some see it as problematic why do you think and i definitely take your point that there are different parts of society who think different things but what is what is pushing for this idea of almost fear of more migrants. well keep in mind that along that border on the mexico mexican side of the border between states increasing numbers of migrants are
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being stuck and every time the united states and president trump makes it more difficult to enter into the united states it makes a greener creating greater backlog criminal organizations that are devoted to trafficking and. people are oss are taking advantage of us but they're also often ruthless and can be very dangerous so it creates this toxic mix of a backlog of people trying to get in the united states trying to file for asylum and at the same time criminal organizations that are trying to take advantage of a situation i would put a good bit of responsibility on the united states and the mexican government for not being better prepared to handle this this is a predictable situation we know that large numbers are still coming that dana from the united states is very clear about that and yet they haven't taken steps to
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handle this in a humanitarian way that protects the rights of migrants while clearly protecting the rights of citizens that live on both sides of the border and what about the physical ability to cope with things on the mexican government side tell us the viewers who don't know much about mexico tell us about the who want to how big it is how busy it is how well equipped it might be to deal with and the mayor is talking about a six month backlog. well it's an enormous city. increasingly wealthy a center for innovation a lot of computer technology work being done there are some really plants. enormous. investments in tourism i heard one of the gentleman in the crowd knowing we want tourists not my aggressive so it's a successful area it's had considerable crime over the last few years
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but it's doing well now creating a backlog of several thousand people who can't get into the united states to file for asylum creates all kinds of downstream pressures of mexico and i think that's one of the issues that it's not being adequately addressed the u.s. has taken a position of trying to cut off and limit their ability to access united states for asylum and that just creates more problems in mexico and i think both the new incoming government and the trump new incoming government of mexico and the trumpet ministers you have got to sit down and work out some of these problems so that these people my gran's many of them or of desperate are the ones suffering the consequences eric olson great to talk to you thank you for taking the time with us today very well. just had
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a couple of comments coming through while we were talking to eric freed watching on facebook live it said that it said nobody seems to want them they can't stay home or they can't go anywhere and that is the central part of the story isn't it the fact that people are leaving desperate situations particularly in honduras and guatemala to try to get asylum in the united states and also has told us that it's the media that's causing the hype while we're trying not to show you certainly it out as they were trying to keep it as even and balanced as possible has been some great reporting from john home and hide your account story in the last couple of weeks on the caravan story all right let's bring in right here on this one because you've been looking at how social media has been used to well those things that we did see the people who were opposed to them how it was used to sort of whip up that frenzy and exactly come on the interior want to people have shed their stories saying on facebook and instagram both in support of and against the migrants this facebook page was set up to organize the anti migrant protests which
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reached thousands of people it said old and new pictures of migrants traveling to mexico and warned of an invasion bill crisis say they're not xenophobes but believe mexico's poll should come fast. but counter protests were also set up asking people to wear whites as a sign of peace these that is was said by a tier one as residents who say they wanted to show migrants that not everyone is against them and they gave up as well as forty two some of the more than two thousand asylum seekers staying in makeshift shelters there and many have also been very vocal take a listen. but it is going to go to the board or not going to where in the cologne roundabout into one and you can see behind me the anti migrant protests five thousand people are expected to hand over and you can see only forty people are here they say they are not racist or expressions in a form they are only against the influx of illegal people but this is not the
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overall sentiment here in taiwan is this is not how society feels this is only a small expression found mostly in the media and if you are into you want to all have a story about the migrant caravan let us know is the hash tag his get well thanks for here actually jay who message just on facebook live talking about the media being the problem what do you go back and have a look at this as i was saying a report from castro just in the past twenty four hours from tijuana we may well be speaking to her later live on the channel but this report gives you some really balanced insight into this hostile reception that the migrants are getting our video report there and in depth. analysis as well as the keywords to search for a mixed reaction to at al-jazeera dot com we're looking at some of the other stories making news around the world this monday one of the world's most powerful motor industry bosses has been arrested carlos watson the chairman of nissan rhino and mitsubishi motors alliance he's accused of grossly understating his salary and
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what the company calls significant misconduct natasha butler in paris looking at this one tell us more natasha. well it looks as if carlos goan is facing a very tense week indeed he is under arrest in tokyo and the japanese carmaker nissen says that it's going to consider whether or not to stand down the sack him as their chairman on thursday as a board meeting they announced last in a press conference a bit earlier on monday now what they are alleging is the color school in one of the world's biggest names in the motor industry chairman of mitsubishi motors chairman of the now chief executive of renault the french carmaker they're looking at whether or not he used company materials and money for his own financial benefit and gain this and have been investigating him for the past few
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months they have revealed that it was a whistle blower that tipped them off and that's what sparked their investigation they've now passed on all the information and documents to japan's public prosecutor to look into it further so incredibly shocking new piece of news for anyone who's interested in the car industry as i said because he is just such a big name in the car world yes ok thank you natasha very interesting to get that update from you thank you. european union foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to discuss brags that negotiations into their most critical phase the meeting lays the groundwork for a november twenty fifth summit in brussels where e.u. leaders are expected to formally sign off on the u.k.'s withdrawal agreements now the british prime minister we know she has support from her cabinet for the plan to leave the e.u. bartz several ministers have also quit. she jinping is visiting the philippines the first chinese president to do so in thirteen years she calls it a rainbow after the rain that is after the summit where the u.s.
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china trade war blocked a declaration in the philippines president rodrigo to turkey has joked that he would offer his country as a province of china critics that say this eviction is not yielding much from manila and small results could come at the expense of manila's territorial disputes the ones in the south china sea the supporters from jamila island orgon. many filipinos see the recent association of southeast asian form in singapore as a missed opportunity and they're blaming the sleeping habits of president three go to tear to him missed at least five events at the summit because his spokesman says the president needed to take power naps the seventy three year old leader also this missed the importance of a meeting with this chilean diplomats in. the us then it was an informal summit and i don't eat breakfast what do you think they will serve during.
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the. remarks like that angered many here who say the philippines is already damaging relationships with the regional allies a point work on the code of conduct between china and us and is expected to lay the ground rules for navigation and exploration in disputed waters but the president of a good therapist says there's not much that can be done because he says the south china sea is now in china's recession. this week's visit by china's president is another reason to worry analysts although it may be laughable but only for the chinese they will look at that and they will see that as a fundamental weakness within our capacity to resist them so they will be very condescending with us they will soon open agreements and so on so forth but it's how they look at you know a nation that just wants money government leaders this miss that saying she didn't
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things visit is aimed at strengthening economic ties with the hopes of securing more chinese loans to fund infrastructure projects. other more secret deals such as the maritime research agreement between the philippines and china are worrying because of the lack of public scrutiny especially after the. philippines won its case at an international tribunal two years ago about a territorial dispute in the south china sea china is still an adverse claimant to much of the west philippine sea because of course aside from its share size economic and. military. it has demonstrated that. it is unwilling to compromise when he was sworn into office to tear to promise to pursue an independent foreign policy moving away from long standing ally the united states and building closer relations with china and russia two years on and some
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over here are wondering whether to tear to really wants more independence or is capitulating to china jim duggan al-jazeera manila south africa's former finance minister pravin gordhan has testified at a corruption inquiry in johannesburg gordon was sacked by the former president jacob zuma he says corruption allowed for a climate of impunity the commission was formed to investigate allegations of state influence particularly by the influential gupta business family the committee is part of president cyril ramaphosa is pledged to clean up corruption and revive south africa's struggling economy farm in a mirror with more from johannesburg. a couple of hundred people have gathered outside the building where the former finance minister pravin gordhan is testifying in the commission of inquiry into state capture and this is what the south africans
12:34 am
of calling this alleged corruption and fraud within government is that allegedly benefited elite members of government high profile individuals and also people outside government who perhaps had a special relationship with the former president jacob zuma and the well connected in political circles the people here are saying that probably should go his now a minister of public enterprises but they say that what happened during his watch shouldn't have and that specific meeting with the cooked a family a family of a business people that was close to former president jacob zuma and they've been implicated in corruption and whole to do with state owned enterprises to benefit their business interests previously provin gordon had said he had never met with this family but in leaks testimony before his appearance today he said that he had in fact met with this family a couple of times and one of those times at the residence of the former president
12:35 am
jacob zuma these people here are saying that this the issue of around state capture is so foregone that the rights is so far is so deep that it has to be dealt with and the only way that can happen is that is if these high profile individuals if these ministers in cabinet and dealt with and remove the leader of this party julius malema says that it shouldn't have happened under provin cordons watch but many would argue that this happened under the watch of the entire ruling party the african national congress. now it was international women's day back in march and one of the oft repeated retorts you heard back then was yeah but when's international men's day. what vello is its today nov nineteenth and behavior has been looking at some sort of different sort of themes in issues beyond this one that's right come all every year international women's day addresses gender equality the pay gap childcare and also harassment following the me too movement
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but international men's day has a different focus it's all about men and boys health improving gender relations promoting gender equality and also highlighting positive male role models now this comes off the back of him over amber when men grow mustaches throughout the months to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health issues thousands of people online are sharing the hash tag international men's day celebrates men and also thank him and today but there's also a serious side to this it addresses mental health toxic masculinity and also male suicide the organizers say that seventy six percent of suicides men eighty five percent of wholeness men as well and also seventy percent of homicide victims on men now james says that men live with mental illness they struggle with their mental health and we are constantly told that we need to man up and be strong stop telling men to man up the men and in your lives also need support and not also as
12:37 am
that men find it hard to express any emotional or mental pain directly and that leads to depression suicide addiction anger and all other kinds of toxic behavior now there's also sharing messages of support encouraging people to talk about men's mental health. all updates retold to rejoin the consulate there's no substitute for it is how we know things in space how we try to run from the. as a president you want this pair of the series was just ahead but you have to work just to walk a very straight walk crazy which left me virtually more time to spend with my children i changed jobs to three years ago seeking out a bit of work life balance as i waited to go to school traps go to school or stay with tippett it's up to me it's all things being i thought this is a win win situation and it will create a whole generation of children that when i look back and go i wish my dad would but
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that's not what place is the whole life and the to work so well together that i wouldn't change it for one. was also a lot of other videos and pictures being shed by organizations celebrating achievements and contributions by men around the welds the u.k. police are thinking them male police offices and also the same in australia acknowledging the men who work tirelessly alongside their female counterparts to make the country safe and it stretches as far as kenya appreciating the men hard at work there as well well how are you mocking the international men's day let us know he's the hash tag in his words thank you really look nothing you honestly think you . we had some problems it's just been restarted so you should be with us a story about how air pollution is making the world dumber.
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why not a former us secretary of state. about it we'll have that in a moment first a quick look at some international weather.
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going to talk sport of all the people i didn't think you'd have in that video what was called a loser right. son and wait for second apparently you've got a mark for a problem so i'm just going to hope that the little bit on to be considered ok to coach in the n.f.l. you usually need decades of football coaching experience unless you count the lisa rice weather reports the former u.s. secretary of state may be up for the job to take over the cleveland browns the bus started when the list was leaked from e.s.p.n. mentioning rice as a coach option well rice is a long time fan of the cleveland browns probably her only n.f.l. experience is has left the football world perplexed when her name was thrown into
12:42 am
the mix while it fries well to be selected she would be the first female head coach and f.l. history. well thank you for that kemal of the former president the dog w. bush's quotes about waiting on the speculation all facebook as she wrote i love my browns and i know they will hire an experienced coach to take us to the next level by the way i'm not ready to coach but i would like to call a play or two next season if the browns need ideas and at no time will i call for a prevent defense well rice was a trending on twitter after her post this headline some of the cavemen brands are desperate but a condom lisa reiss. but condi rice desperate while others just can't get over the blend of sports and politics this person said imagine going back ten years and telling yourself donald trump will be president and consulates
12:43 am
are rice will be head coach of the cleveland browns while others simply do not agree with rice's possum politics and human rights activist tweeted saying the browns are a terrible team what's the worst that could happen by hiring conti's or rice as head coach it's not like they're going to illegally invade another country under false pretenses and contribute to the head deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. earlier we spoke to robert litt hollow who's the editor of black sports online and he says rice is not a realistic contender for the bronze job. the situation was that the browns owner was speaking about the coaching situation with the browns and pointed out that he has one and so one that was going to help the win it didn't matter if it was a man or woman and mitch mcconnell lisa rice and a lot of people didn't take it seriously at first it's
12:44 am
a report came out that indeed that they did plan to interview her but what my source in the been so as well as statements from the browns and congolese are right that's simply just not going to happen kind of a comment that was made in the wind and then you know people kind of took it and ran with it but she will not be interviewing for the browns head coaching position that it doesn't mean that she may not interview for another point in the organization but it won't be for the head coaching position she's a lifelong browns fan but she's also worked with college football in the n.c.a.a. for a long period of time so yes connection within the n.f.l. within the n.c.a.a. and a connection to a lifelong fan of the browns and has you know had relationships with people in the browns organization obviously because their position and politics over the years she had the opportunity to you know have relationships with
12:45 am
a lot of different people a lot of powerful people and a lot of different places so i think kind of these are rice is qualified for a lot of different things i don't believe she would be qualified to jump in the be a head coach of the n.f.l. team you're talking about fifty three players it's all since the fifth special teams there's a lot of things that go into that especially dealing with management and free agency i think that age is so wow i don't think you know there's a problem and i think players will be except in a female head coach i don't think congolese arises the person that will be the one boy said barry i sometimes football icon django madonna is now. and for his talent on the pitch a but he happens to saying on the pitch to walk. the fifty eight year old that manages to be a dull ride those of say no and lead them in celebrations after victory ascending
12:46 am
then to the semifinals of mexico as a sensible and ex maradona side won one nail in the second leg following a gold store in the first half. while you can send me your thoughts at santa age sports or tips how to switch on my old job but for now back to. now i'm just getting my microphone so i knew i was going to do that in two thousand joy thank you for joining us but it's your skirt i did use good twitter facebook and whatsapp we will see back here in studio fourteen a down to zero fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. to. for eighty five years we have had many proud moments around the world and in the sky and now starting from october twenty ninth church ish airlines will be taking
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off from the new aviation center of the world for a new journey. across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants' at all zero in the race but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is this message the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some tried in hungary on al-jazeera. you know what.
12:48 am
i'm. hearing that. well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allow britain to control the french press time would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal that changed the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw on the. psych's pekoe lines in the sun on just the. saudi arabia's king solomon appraises his judiciary as he makes his first public comments since the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi.
12:49 am
live from london coming up a boost for yemen's peace talks as the government says it will take part in the un backed process and who think rebels promise to stop their drone and missile strikes . u.k. prime minister to resume a defense have breakfast plan as the best for jobs while the chief negotiator says the process has reached a key moment. and just bluffing israel's government narrative void's collapse after the education minister threatens to pull his party out of the coalition before deciding against it. saudi arabia's king solomon has heaped praise on his judiciary and his first public comments since the murder of jamal khashoggi the journalist was killed and dismembered in the istanbul consulate last month plunging the gulf nation into one
12:50 am
of its worst international crises in decades last week the public prosecutor cleared crown prince mohammed bin simon of any involvement in the crime and speaking in riyadh king solomon stressed he had full face in the kingdom's justice system. the kingdom was established on the principles of justice and that's why we have all the trust the judiciary and that they would do the necessary to establish the truth and surf justice. also ensure that no penalties go unpunished. senior republicans in the u.s. are demanding action against saudi crown prince mohammed bin salomon u.s. media reports say the cia has identified him as ordering the killing but president donald trump says such conclusions a premature jordan reports from washington. i did not know for the first time u.s. president donald trump says he knows exactly what's in the audiotape surrounding
12:51 am
the death of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi it's a suffering tape it's a terrible tape i've been fully briefed on it there's no reason for me to hear it in fact i said to the people should i they said you really should and there's no reason i know exactly i know everything that one of the ten without having to and what happens in trouble revealed this information during an interview he taped on friday the same day that several newspapers reported that according to the cia because she was killed on orders of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salam on position during the interview and the white house's position now it's still too soon to say who ordered. i don't know you know who can really know what if the crown prince speaking to you the president of the united states directly lied to you a lot that he told me that he had nothing to do with it he told me that i would say maybe five times in the last two years trump and his son in law jarrett cushion or had grown close to the crown prince they see him as key to their goal of isolating
12:52 am
iran into promoting u.s. economic growth but on capitol hill the idea that mohamed bin solomon is a friend of the u.s. is dying i'm going to do whatever i can to place blame where i believe it lies i'm a put it at the feet of the crown prince who has been a destructive force in the middle east embargoed or without telling anybody of this war and humans got completely out of control they put the prime minister of lebanon under house arrest is clearly this guy's a wrecking ball some in congress say trump's long running hatred of the intelligence community is keeping him from doing the right thing the president needs to listen to what our intelligence committee has to say what our best professionals assessment is and it's vitally important that this ministration not allow itself to become part of any saudi coverup and while the u.s. . has imposed sanctions on seventeen saudi officials others in congress are pushing for much tougher punishment we need to punish who ordered this who's in charge and
12:53 am
really the only thing they understand over there is strength already there are two efforts underway in congress to block arms sales to the saudis not just to end the civil war in yemen but also to send a message to the white house it won't be allowed to ignore the indefensible rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington and white house correspondent committee how it is live for us from washington d.c. committee we want to know about those reports the report of the president has promised yeah the president has always been fairly flexible on his deadline so we're watching very carefully he said and promised that there would be a report on the killings of a high shows you that would come out on monday or tuesday what we're into monday now no signs of any report people looking more towards tuesday in terms of the conclusions that the white house is drawing in fact his. adviser kellyanne conway and white house counsel was asked about this by reporters in the driveway behind me
12:54 am
in just the last couple of hours and really push back on any suggestion that the president has been slow moving in terms of his response in fact she denied that she said that the white house is is anticipating this report that she also pointed out that she believes the white house has been taking action on this she reminded reporters of the seventeenth sanctions that were put in place by the treasury department against saudi officials late last week and then few weeks prior the action coming from the state department the revoking of twenty one saudi nationals visas so the white house is defending its actions so far even as there is sharp criticism particularly from members of congress within the president's own republican party and indeed how israel is going to play with the u.s. congress. it's not playing very well as roslyn jordan reported there is very much an intense pressure on this white house to do more and in the absence of that it appears that the members of congress are taking matters into their own
12:55 am
hands there are two pieces of legislation one we know that could be taken up as early as next week in the u.s. senate to try and punish saudi arabia through the withholding of arms sales for offensive measures as well as for any sort of aerial support in the saudi led coalition's conflict in yemen i think the statements really speak for themselves whether it's lindsey graham a senior republican senator saying that he believes that the evidence is overwhelming there is a need to punish who's in charge pointing the finger at directly at mohamed bin salmen the crown prince for ordering this killing something that the u.s. intelligence backs up but also from democratic members of the house of representatives like adam schiff saying that donald trump needs to listen to intel officials and not become part of any saudi cover up i think it's very clear that this is a congress that is willing to break the ties as they have been for decades where the united states has turned a blind eye to concerns about humanitarian abuses and in this now deciding that
12:56 am
it's going to take action because it has the ability to do so even if the white house won't so we're watching for this report very carefully knowing that the congress is willing to take action if they feel this report is not strong enough committee how could thank you very much my troops where is the director of the gulf study center question university he says it's like a saudi arabia is waiting for the u.s. president to make his statement on the matter before it makes its own. they have order of you facing a serious pressure because of the cia leaking now this sort of expectation or this sort of waiting what is what will be the final position of a trump i think they don't want to do it while light anything concerning this sure they are still sort of weaknesses of their position they want to show the world that this issue you know is not a matter of serious matter to us there are other matters important to us the best scenario the best in our even if the president decided not to deny what the cia
12:57 am
said so that it will be under severe pressure from national community i think there are all respect to the use so that it be used to enjoy would be affected by the already affected actually what will be affected by the by what from will say tomorrow. the u.n. special envoy to yemen has welcomed the his decision to stop drone and missile strikes against the saudi led coalition iran backed rebels also say they're ready for a broader ceasefire if the coalition quote wants peace comes as yemen's saudi backed government has also confirmed it will take part in u.n. back talks in sweden later this month that it had a report from neighboring djibouti. these are the kind of the talks the thought is say will that ballistic missiles fired into soda be a from across the south of the border in the hand but i'll hold the president of
12:58 am
the whole thing supreme revolutionary committee said we are now so initiatives by calling on the yemeni official for it is to stop the launching of missiles and drones on the us so the countries on the allies in yemen in order to stop and it just difficult for their continued aggression or siege while preparing to freeze and stop military operations on all fronts to reach a just an honorable peace if they really want peace for the people of yemen. after we started using missile attacks and we started to target saudi forces near the border saudi arabia is now portraying its aggression on yemen as if it is just a response to our missile and border attacks via for today steep imes to once again clarify our position we also announce that we are ready to stop all operations at all fronts to show the world who was doing what and to give peace
12:59 am
a chance we want to prove to the world that we want pace but hell the rebels are still preparing to bottle in the vital port city of data even though pro-government forces say they have paused fighting there ahead of peace negotiations in sweden and to allow in humanitarian aid this just in case the sodium and article ignores the. two and the tux well if you want. a chance to the so be. they really want to e.c.m. i don't do this so i will actually accept it because many times you have similar peace plan i'm still the so eight and it's not like yeah it was. international pressure has been mounting on yemen's warring parties to end the war but us killed thousands of people and pushed the country to the value of starvation the threat from diseases grows all the time. despite his these promises fighting is
1:00 am
said to be continuing on the ground as usual for more monitor joins us live now from djibouti is it just cease fire really well lauren what the hold these off site is that they were going to store bro not hogs and ballistic missiles that they were sending across the border from the south and parts of yemen into so did a bia on the united arab emirates they're saying that is where they are out of the moment and they're ready for a wider ceasefire if this so the democratic coalition are ready for peace of course the draft resolution that's been distributed by britain at the united nations deals with the issue of secession of hostilities would basically means a stop to the fighting or not it to peace talks the draft resolution also deals with another.


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