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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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now the question is will other european authorities impose an arms embargo. in other news they could be a change coming in the war in yemen a new united nations draft resolution is called for a truce yemen's government has confirmed it will attend the un backed talks in sweden later this month and the rebels are stopping drone and missile attacks against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and their yemeni allies a lot happening mohamad adult who has the reports from neighboring turkey. these are the kind of attacks the voters say will at ballistics missiles fired into soda be a from across the south a border in the hand but i'll pull the president of the whole thing supreme revolutionary committee said we are now so initiatives by calling on the yemeni official for it is to stop the launching of missiles and drones on the u.s. so the countries and their allies in yemen in order to stop any just difficult for their continued aggression or siege while preparing to freeze and stop military
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operations on all fronts to reach a just an honorable peace if they really want peace for the people of yemen. after we started using missile attacks and we started to target saudi forces near the border saudi arabia is now portraying its aggression on yemen as if it is just a response to our missile and border attacks appear for today steep ams to once again clarify our position we also announce that we are ready to stop all operations at all fronts to show the world who is doing what and to give peace a chance we want to prove to the world that we want pace but hell the rebels are still preparing to battle in the vital port city of data even though pro-government forces say paused fighting there ahead of peace negotiations in sweden and to allow in humanitarian aid this just in case the sodium radicalisation ignores the. two
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and the tux well if you want. i give it a chance to disown me. they really want to d.c.m. i don't do this so they will actually accept it because many times you have similar . blood i'm still the so ate it not to like get access to. international pressure has been mounting on yemen's warring parties to end the us killed thousands of people and pushed the country to the value of starvation the threat from diseases grows all the time. and we've spoken to mohammed in the past few hours he sent us this update from djibouti peace talks between the yemen's warring parties is looking ever more likely because for the first time we're seeing a united international community countries like britain the united states france all singing from the same exact thing pressure on this so the democratic or nation
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as well as the who sees and the last round of talks in geneva collapsed because the holders did not time out now and if with the u.n. special envoy he will probably with them from sun are to sweden if need be which makes many people have hopes that talks might be possible at last. i spoke to my money on the newsgroup she is a professor of political science at the university of waterloo in canada started by asking her if she thought this was the best chance to face. i do and i've been disappointed before so one has to point that out but i think there's also one other piece of the puzzle that wasn't mentioned i think is also really important which is there is a new galvanization in the u.s. house that has now been taken over by the democrats and i think they're not going to let the war in yemen go and that's a really good thing i think you're start to see pressure on the united states to
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start talking about the americans complicit involvement in this war and not simply was not there in the previous house and frankly wasn't there before the death of a shock she so i think there are a number of forces at play and let's hope that indeed there's going to be some sort of resolution to this soon hopefully but in the meantime you've still got her data i mean we've been focusing on the fighting there for so long that seems to be so important for the coalition and the government to take back i wonder if that will still supersede anything that's happening on the diplomatic front yeah and let's not forget here you know yemen is a food dependent country it all imports pretty much imports eighty percent of its food supply and that's where most of the food comes in so it is a part of the broader piece of the looming starvation of so many yemenis so it is vital and key i think that it's going to be you know we need a lot of investment of international effort to ensure there are some sort of deal on what data but it is an important piece of the broader puzzle so it's absolutely
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key that griffith gets to the bottom of solving some sort of you know i think acceptable resolution to data i wonder if there might be more commitment from the international community as well if they see that they could be alone the fighting there could be a cease fire of some sort they might be more willing to commit to the idea of trying to help the yemeni people not to say that the international community hasn't but we don't call it the forgotten war for nothing. well i think it is absolutely forgotten the international community hasn't been paying enough attention to be blunt and that's partly because of many different reasons but i think now you know their stars are aligned geopolitically let's say and that is a good thing and i think again that a point piece of the puzzle is the american attention from the public from the new democrats coming into the house and increasingly criticism being generated post. and of course the dynamics on the ground there is fatigue and that's important to hear because both you know hopefully the hooty rebels and the saudi coalition have
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started to realize that this is a stalemate there's no winning this war is just sheer utter suffering of the yemeni people which frankly is the real story of this has anything been achieved this is a strange word to use about war but what has actually come out of it as far as control and influence in the region if we are heading hopefully towards the end of it. i mean you could say the who think rebels have gained more territory i think there's an increased recognition that yemeni yemen as a country may have to be in some way fractured and divided but i definitely don't think there are any gains for any parties just sheer suffering you know we've stopped counting the death toll we stopped at ten thousand numbers are closer to fifty thousand fourteen million people on the verge of famine many many many deaths as a result of food insecurity i mean there's just so much pain and suffering there's really nothing to be gained and i push the word being used achieved but it's absolutely just a horrific situation on the ground is what's coming up for you on this new south
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battling over brags that britain's prime minister says her plan is best for a job since her own job comes under pressure has been israel's government's now really avoids collapse but it could still be an early election there. and in sport we will hear from one of baseball's biggest names as the game prepares to break out of its usual surrounded. by one of the world's most powerful motor industry bosses has been arrested carlos cohen is the chairman of. renault and mitsubishi marriages alliance he is accused of grossly understating his salary and what the company is calling significant misconduct more from the top or in paris. well carlos ghosn could be facing a real fall from grace the japanese carmaker nisar and will consider on thursday of
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all meeting on whether or not to sack him as their chairman they are alleging financial misconduct on the behalf of collar school and they say that he was using company money and assets for his own financial benefit and gain now how this came about is that nyssa have been investigating grown over the past few months they were tipped off by a whistleblower they've now given all the documents and information that they have to japan's a public prosecutor was speaking at a press conference on monday the c.e.o. of miss and said this was a very serious matter. and what he was a company of course this is definitely an acceptable and we were also told by experts that just misconduct is serious enough to dismiss them or go on isn't just the chairman of this and but also of mitsubishi motors another japanese motor company as well as the chief executive or french carmaker rhino now the french state is a shareholder in rondo and earlier the french president reacted to the news. we
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will be extremely vigilant about the stability of the alliance and the renault group and also as regards to belittle for employees to whom i want to say that the state as a shareholder is ensuring that all of its support will france's finance minister says members of the french government will meet renault representatives in the coming days if carlos corner is sacked from this and it would be a huge blow to his career to his reputation he is someone who's been at the top of his industry for more than two decades britain's prime minister says her brags that plan is the best one for jobs as she battles officials from her own party who want her out tourism has told business leaders that her strategy on exiting the european union is the best deal britain can get even as it causes all this politico. opposition e.u. foreign ministers have also been meeting in brussels ahead of a summit on sunday where they are expected to formally sign off on terrorism i've
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told you. we are in fact at the decisive moment in this process no one no one should lose sight of the process the progress that will be achieved in brussels and london. and pretty that ministers today's report to overall package in particular member states support of the draft which directly meant let's check in with lawrence now he's outside the parliament in london lawrence says this threat to theresa may gone away now. well i think it's going to make today certainly i think that if they had got forty eight letters expressing no confidence in stories and maybe would have known by now and frankly you can only read that on some level as a setback for the real hard line who have nothing but contempt ready for some reason for this delay regarded as a capitulation to to the european union at the end of last week they were very
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clear that by now they would have got forty eight letters and they would have triggered the leadership contests the fact it hasn't happened i think you can only read as an indication that there are many conservative politicians who might not like the deal but who recognize that if they did trigger a leadership contest then they would loose because to unseat her they need the support of one hundred fifty eight conservative m.p.'s and i think it's there's no chance frankly of them getting that in the calculation that they're making now is that they're better off waiting for the big parliamentary vote in december which they assume that she's got a good chance of losing and they'll try to get rid of her that way but frankly for all their bluster and for all their threats it doesn't look very impressive some of their leading voices are saying maybe some of their parliament colleagues hadn't even been telling the truth about their intentions to try to force the district
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contest and many of their opponents will be saying you lot you're old you're all talk and you've got big voices but when it comes to it's you know you haven't got the votes to try and bring a down and so momentum for the time being has moved away from then and as amazing as it sounds given how few m.p.'s in parliament seem to like sarees amaze deal she's still there still selling it's and over the course of the next couple of weeks certainly downing street and the government machine will be pushing very hard to say so all of these people you might not like it but you got to like a no deal that the rebels. and even less lawrence how do you think all of this is being viewed over in europe at the moment i assume they just want to get it done sign off on the thing well. yeah but i think i think as well as that i think they're regard momentum which is what all this is about is being very much on their side they managed to construct a deal of series a may said no deals better than a bad deal she's now saying that the bad deal better than no deal you know and so the bouncer into a position effectively where they keep the u.k.
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in these business orbits around the european union to resolve the irish border issue which is always a sticking point for at least two years and potentially at least twenty two at least twenty twenty two and they're very happy indeed i think about all that they've got their foreign ministers now to start it off as you heard michel barnier a saying in that in that clip that you played that sets the stage for the for the leaders to rubber stamp it at their meeting on sunday and i think they're very much of the view that an increasing number of people here are that no deal is probably vanishing over the horizon and the choice eventually is going to be made will be between the stories i'm a deal which keeps the u.k. in these orbits around the e.u. or frankly that gets collapse and they decide in parliaments here to stay in the european union in some broader sense so it's looking very much to me like the e.u. has has managed to get to
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a position where it's getting much more what it wants than the hard core in parliaments here. carrie thank you lawrence les for the update from london now the accommodation letting company air b.n. b. is to remove listings of properties in illegal settlements in the west bank it had come under criticism for not declaring that properties were on occupied palestinian lands the company says on its website its are moving around two hundred homes in these settlements but didn't specify when up to that. you know israel's government is narrowly avoided a collapse the education minister naftali bennett had threatened to pull his party out of the coalition led by prime minister benjamin netanyahu but then decided against it the government had been thrown into crisis when defense minister avigdor lieberman resigned on weapons day stephanie decker has more on this from west to receive them. after all the criticism after all the ultimatum that he gave to the israeli prime minister naftali bennett will not be quoting this government he had
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made a very loud point where he said that if he was not given the post of defense minister that he would be resigning which would effectively have collapsed this government it hasn't happened now yes he extensively criticised the prime minister particularly his policies when it comes to the palestinians when it comes to the gaza border protests when it comes to how he's dealt with hamas when it comes to the fact that the prime minister hasn't yet demolished that bedouin village in the occupied west bank connel ahmad but after one of that he said that he would be remaining in government bennett doesn't want to be seen as the man to bring down this right wing government that is also the position that the israeli prime minister had put him in netanyahu remains a shrewd political operator he played the security card when it came to defending his policies of these of the how mass to the cease fire in gaza so for the moment snap elections seem to have been avoided but it remains a fragile coalition only one seat majority many people will tell you that netanyahu is killing early elections but not under these circumstances and certainly not
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handing over what would have been a huge political victory for hamas if they would play it if the government had collapse at this stage they would have played it as a victory to that so for the moment it's been avoided but again many people will tell you that early elections will probably still happen they've just been avoided for that. here's what's coming up on this news hour but first protests at the mexican border now a new roadblock to the asylum seekers trying to get to the u.s. and explore pakistan and pakistan the closest test match finishes in history. hello again and welcome back we're here across the west we are watching a little bit of a break in the clouds as the clouds have been moving through of the last couple
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days so your forecast here on tuesday looks better but it's just going to be for one day with aleppo seeing some partly cloudy skies a twenty beirut twenty four in jerusalem a twenty but as we go towards wednesday the activity that's in the mediterranean is going to make its way towards the east and we are going to be seeing it increase of clouds and also the potential of some showers along with that here as we go towards the rest of the day for quite city your high temperature with those winds coming out of the northwest maybe about twenty three degrees there across the arabian peninsula really not looking too bad but we do have one area spotty showers here coming down the coast of saudi arabia we do think some clouds may be affecting parts of qatar over the next few days temperatures there about twenty nine degrees but on wednesday really not looking too bad tempers come down slightly twenty seven degrees here over towards we expect to see about twenty seven as well but warm conditions along the coast region and with celeste seeing thirty two degrees in your forecasts and then very quickly as i make a way down here towards the southern part of africa where we are still seeing some clouds down here along the coastal regions of cape town temptress here in durban
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where we are looking at a warm thirty one degrees but that is going to be dropping over towards now to about twenty one. because we're not just as sure that. rights being violated. and freedom being stripped away. in the sand out of a street and i wish that whites that stand up. stand up for human rights. fight for what is right on the shores of paradise progress for some can create a living hell for others challenging his government and big business running man risks his life to save the community he cherishes these not to be that someone can
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do stand. for and. the opposition a witness documentary on al-jazeera. here on the news hour here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories saudi arabia's king solomon is used his first speech since the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi to praise the saudi judicial system which is investigating his death never mentioned by name. yemen's government has confirmed it will attend the un back talks in sweden later this month trying to win the war the rebels are stopping
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drone and missile attacks as well against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and their allies the group insistence ready for a broader ceasefire if the saudi the coalition wants pets. and the chairman of nisson rhino and mitsubishi. his alliance has been arrested carlos bone is accused of grossly understating his salary and also what the company is calling significant misconduct. more than a million children in iraq need psychological support according to unicef survey amazing of iraqi officials and unicef in baghdad discussed the range of problems facing young people in the country they found eighty percent of iraqi children experience violence at home or in school exposure to contaminated drinking water among high youth population was also discussed there is. a significant problem with access to potable water and this has not come effect on health.
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and one of the more significant issues is the adolescent population. is the largest percentage wise in the region and is set to keep on growing for the future so unless we address some of the significant problems with health and education. water issues and so on. this is going to be reflected in the population in general in iraq for the future. the battle against malaria appears to have stole the world health organization says the number of cases around the world is still rising as it needs more money if it's to bring the disease under control this report from rob at the center for several years it looked like the world was winning its battle against malaria but in glue in northern uganda people like jeffrey okello his brother continue to die a second the night he's going to sign the west in. a so
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he decided to come to the us can do following day then he went to bed like that but unfortunately he never walked off day to night. in some parts of africa such as here in gulu there are more patients with malaria than anywhere else in the world the world health organization says that since twenty fifteen the number of people infected with malaria has risen by the number of deaths has gone down malaria is carried by parasites and spread through mosquito bites children under five years old or most at risk but so are pregnant woman people with hiv or aids as well as those who travel through infected areas the first symptoms are usually fever headache and chills those can be followed by difficulty breathing weakness and in some cases death but only if it's not true to one of our guests and it would have in my opinion that's just the wish and that we improve in management and i did
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fish and in my yes this is the w.h.o. says countries including the wonder ethiopia and pakistan have made big progress in slowing the spread of malaria but it also says the battle is getting harder because there's not enough money is estimated in order to optimize military control we need a global budget of about six point six billion dollars per year and unfortunately we have about three point one billion dollars invested on an annual basis. as money gets harder to find so does the fight to control one of the world's greatest killers. are disease. well the u.s. is taking steps to shore up one of its main border crossings as thousands of asylum seekers reach the mexican side remember the migrant caravan reached the city of havana where the first protests from hundreds of people the demonstrators are asking the government to prevent them from starting saying the asylum seekers are
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messy and a danger to the city will hide his account she's at mexico's border with us in tijuana what's happening to. welcome all what you're seeing that i'm surrounded by is the change of the border landscape completely as a response to the presence of these asylum seekers in mexico these barbed wire fences were put up overnight by u.s. military sources forces and i'm actually standing at the busiest port of entry to the u.s. in the entire country this is the sunday see the rio port of entry where on a daily basis one hundred ten thousand people cross in their cars they go into the united states where many have jobs that they report to in the mornings but today has been a very different day because people woke up to not only what you're seeing now which is a restricted access to this port of entry but for a few hours time while the soldiers are putting up these barbed wire the entire
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port eventually one of the shutdown or shut up border gate as a as a preemptive reaction to what the u.s. side is fearful of that these asylum seekers from central america may try to make a rush on this border but it is very important to note that in my days reporting with these asylum seekers there has been a little more than a few whispers among scattered groups of any attempt to enter the u.s. that is illegal i'm i want to show you exactly what they would have to confront if they were to try to make a rush for this border this is actually the international line and if you look down on the pay. it is says mexico because that is where this country ends in the us is just over that little line so in the past an asylum seeker would only need to literally set feet across that line in order to qualify to apply for asylum that sanctioned under international law but under the trump administration executive
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order that is no longer possible only people who stand in line with the pedestrians and enter the building and apply on a form and state to the officers out there looking asylum would qualify and the us has the ability to say how many people can do that a day here in that's only one hundred and we have more than three thousand people in the city who are asylum seekers now waiting for a turn to do just that ok that's what i wanted to check with you the numbers because so three thousand you're saying i've got to tijuana we talked about quote unquote the caravan which is traveling there are still more on their way. yes there are because there are several caravans in question though some three thousand that have already arrived or are mostly hundred rands who arrived in the first biggest caravan that we've been following on their way more there are more
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caravans behind them in total of the city is expecting some ten thousand asylum seekers to be in its backyard waiting for that chance to apply for asylum in the u.s. and again because the u.s. is citing a lack of resources in only letting a trickle of people a day apply that simply means that this massive wave of humanity will be here in tijuana for weeks if not months living under the elements there's not enough shelter space for all and there certainly will be a further strain on the residents all of which is rising tension here. thank you great reporting from hard. on the us mexico border we saw it there on the ground thank you heidi well the earlier i spoke to eric olson is a senior adviser for the mexico institute we talked about what's going on at the border. we have to be careful and not all mexicans fall into that category certainly there are some they showed up yesterday to protest but we also see
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a lot of evidence that mexicans are reaching out and helping migrants along the way it welcoming him into their communities providing them food transportation so i think the more the reality is that that mexicans like people in any country have differing points of view on this in general mexicans have been generous and welcoming but there is no question that some see it as problematic why do you think and i definitely take your point that there is different parts of society who think different things but what is what is pushing for this idea of almost fear of more migrants well keep in mind that along that border on the mexico mexican side of the border between states increasing numbers of migrants are being stuck and every time the united states senate president trump makes it more difficult to enter into
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the united states it makes a greener creating greater fact watch criminal organizations that are devoted to trafficking and bring people across are taking advantage of us but they're also often ruthless and can be very dangerous so it creates this toxic mix of a backlog of people trying to get in the united states trying to file for asylum and at the same time criminal organizations that are trying to take advantage of the situation i would put a good bit of responsibility on the united states and the mexican governments for not being better prepared to handle this this is a predictable situation we know that large numbers are still coming that. no from the united states is very clear about that and yet they haven't taken steps to
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handle this in a humanitarian way that protects the rights of migrants while clearly protecting the rights of citizens. or police in haiti say at least six people have been killed during protests in the capital port au prince they are angry over the disappearance of billions of dollars linked to a public toilet cisterns program sponsored by venezuela the haitian senate investigation revealed at least fourteen former government officials were involved in the misuse of three point eight billion dollars the protesters are demanding to know where did that money go. so half of his former finance minister pravin gordhan has testified at a corruption inquiry in johannesburg on who was sacked by the former president jacob zuma says corruption allowed for a climate of impunity the commission was forced to investigate allegations of state influence particularly by the influential business owners the group the family the committee is part of president cyril ramaphosa has pledged to clean up corruption
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and to revive south africa's struggling economy more from farming to miller she was outside the committee hearing in johannesburg. a couple of hundred people have gathered outside the building where the former finance minister pravin gordhan is testifying in the commission of inquiry into state capture and this is what the south africans are calling this alleged corruption and fraud within government to their allegedly benefited he lead to members of government high profile individuals and also people outside government who perhaps had a special relationship with the former president jacob zuma and the well connected in political circles the people here are saying that. should go he's now a minister of public enterprises but they say that what happened during his watch shouldn't have and that's the civically meeting with the cooked a family a family of
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a business people that was close to former president jacob zuma and they've been implicated in corruption and for to do with state owned enterprises to benefit their business interests previously provin gordon had said he had never met with this family but in leaks testimony before his appearance today he said that he had in fact met with this family a couple of times and one of those times at the residence of the former president jacob zuma these people here are saying that this the issue of around state capture is so foregone that the rights is so far is so deep. it has to be dealt with and the only way that can happen is that is if these high profile individuals if these ministers in cabinet and dealt with and remove the leader of this party will do yes malema says that it shouldn't have happened under provin cordons watch but many would argue that this happened under the watch of the entire ruling party the african national congress. now sri lanka's parliament has delayed another no
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confidence vote against the president's choice for prime minister mahinda rajapaksa so already passed to no confidence motions but rajapakse is refusing to go president mouth about a citizen to held an unsuccessful meeting of political leaders on sunday on a break the deadlock when smith has more from colombo. this session of sri lanka's parliament was over within minutes of it starting the session was adjourned there was no third vote of no confidence speaker sort of considered the first vote sufficient and then of a second vote he considered that even more than was necessary the president refused to accept both of those votes of no confidence but he said they were conducted according to procedure he was prepared to accept a third vote if it had been conducted according to procedure by.


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