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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 323  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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he's now a minister of public enterprises but they say that what happened during his watch shouldn't have and that's the civically meeting with the gupta family the family of a business people that was close to former president jacob zuma and they've been implicated in corruption and hold to do with state owned enterprises to benefit their business interests previously provin gordon had said he had never met with this family but in leaks testimony before his appearance today he said that he had in fact met with this family a couple of times and one of those times at the residence of the former president jacob zuma these people here are saying that this the issue of around state capture is so foregone that the rights is so far is so deep that it has to be dealt with and the only way that can happen is that is if these high profile individuals if these ministers in cabinet and doubtless and remove the leader of this party julius
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malema says that it shouldn't have happened under provision cordons watch but many would argue that this happened under the watch of the entire ruling party the african national congress. now sri lanka's parliament has delayed another no confidence vote against the president's choice for prime minister mahinda rajapaksa it's already passed to no confidence motions but rajapakse is refusing to go or president mouth about a citizen to held an unsuccessful mazing of political leaders on sunday on a break the deadlock when smith has more from colombo. this session of sri lanka's parliament was over within minutes of it starting the session was adjourned there was no third vote of no confidence speaker sort of considered the first vote sufficient and then of a second vote he considered that even more than was necessary the president refused to accept both of those votes of no confidence because they were conducted according to procedure he was prepared to accept a third vote if it had been conducted according to procedure but a. it's not gone ahead of parliament adjourned again this is beginning to become
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a legal battle between the courts various cases being filed in the courts all pollens is not able it seems to decide who should be prime minister of sri lanka the government at the top of government run ill witnessing as he is still prime minister is staying in the official residence manner rajapaksa though is gazetted on the on the official government document as being prime minister so he's carrying out the duties of prime minister palm and now might try and vote to strip some funding from the proper prime minister's office in a way to stop him exercising his powers but all of this political crisis this constitutional crisis being still hurting sri lanka's economy the rupee again at an all time low against the us don't. a rainbow after the rain is how china's president xi jinping is described his upcoming tour of the philippines he will be the first chinese leader to visit in thirteen years but some analysts say could
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actually come at the expense of some of manila's territorial disputes in the south china sea. many filipinos see the recent association of southeast asian forum in singapore as a missed opportunity and they're blaming the sleeping habits of president draghi good to tear to him at least five events at the summit because his spokesman says the president needed to take power naps the seventy three year old leader also dismissed the importance of a meeting with this chilean diplomats in the. last day in. an informal and i don't eat breakfast what do you think they will serve their country to. the. remarks like that angered many here who say the philippines is already damaging relationships with the regional allies for a work on the code of conduct between china and and is expected to lay the ground
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rules for navigation and exploration in disputed waters but the president of the good says there's not much that can be done because he says the south china sea is now in china's recession. this week's visit by china's president is another reason to worry analysts although it may be laughable but for the chinese they will look at that and they will see that as a fundamental weakness within our capacity to resist them so they will be very condescending with us they will soon open agreements and so on so forth but it's how they look at you know a nation that just wants money government leaders this myth that saying she didn't things visit is aimed at strengthening economic ties. with hopes of securing more chinese loans to fund infrastructure projects. other more secret deals such as the maritime research agreement between the philippines and china are worrying because
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of the lack of public scrutiny especially after the philippines won its case at an international tribunal two years ago about a territorial dispute in the south china sea china is still an adverse claimant to much of the west philippine sea because aside from its share size economic and. military it has demonstrated. it is unwilling to compromise when he was sworn into office to tear to promise to pursue an independent foreign policy moving away from long standing ally the united states and building closer relations with china and russia two years on and some over here are wondering whether to tear to really wants more independence or is capitulating to china jim duggan al-jazeera manila. coming up.
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happy again has the side moved inside of a trophy win in mexico here in just a moment.
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first things first and the are you microphones on the harps are good or they don't know what i'm talking about have a look at my twitter feed from earlier of retorted on lights in the netherlands arraignments completes a huge turnaround in their football fortunes they just enjoy going to germany to climb the last spot at next year's european nations league finals the game journey kicks off in less than an hour points will see the dutch securing top spots in that
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group and they'll progress ahead of world champions france germany they've already been relegated the netherlands failed to qualify for the last world cup and twenty sixteen european championships that's the past i think we we need to look forwards . we have big talents in ireland coming through to the system i think we have a good balance in the team at the moment and the players are working are doing everything to get good results and i think we are on a good way. well this tournament replaces the majority of international friendlies in europe portugal switzerland and england have already made it through the group stages and into next year's nation league finals and that false event will be hosted by portugal in june the winners will be the inaugural nations league champions other nations league doesn't come in the expense of qualifying for the twenty twenty european championships twenty teams will progress to the finals from those games they kick off in march but it's the final four spots for the or as will
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come via around of playoff games with country selected based on my performance in the nation's league. now new zealand cricketers have pulled off an unlikely win against pakistan in one of the test cricket closest ever finishes they won in abu dhabi by just four runs pakistan where within thirty one runs a victory had six wickets in hand and then the collapse began started with that running mix up that saw barbarism departing new zealand dead beats on i just potential wickets as pakistan completely imploded they were bowled out for one hundred and seventy per enough and now it's test victory in their country's history . and i want to tell us is rising stars finished the season on a high always on those fire of one the a.t.p. finals against five time champion of a joke lee harding reports i this was the biggest wind up twenty one year old alexander's baird's career so far
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the german beating world number one novak djokovic when the a.t.p. finals first of all i want to congratulate you know about the winner great week again and not only to say it but you know how you play the second out of this year we maybe never seen it before i mean you barely lost a match i'm actually very thankful you lost one to me today so i know. djokovic who is struggling from the start losing the first set six four he kept crumbling for the rest of the match was very was there to capitalize on his every mistake i. djokovic started the year outside of the world's top twenty with a debilitating elbow injury he then came back to win wimbledon and the u.s. open and will finish this year as the world's top ranked player. but in this final the german outperformed the serb in every way having never made it beyond the quarter finals in a grand slam vera one the second set six three with that hand
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and with it the title with potentially secession until you and your team. definitely played much better than you have in the group stage. and you deserved to win obviously well done you're still quite young but you had amazing career so far and i wish you all the best that's heading for for your future the age difference of the players was as noticeable as the sport joke about she is thirty one ten years older than spare the german was also the youngest spineless in nine years a guiding light for the next generation in the sport we harding al-jazeera. more problems for defending n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors they lost in the sun on sunday are spurs that third strike last kevin convinced this team can get out of a slump nobody's confident we've been through stuff like this before and. you know we just tried to try to push through it i mean it's still early in
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a season force and we've got guys that still learn how to play our system especially now with you know having two main guys out as it's been in and do a better job i think guys are picking it up pretty fast and which is struggle but shouldn't basketball. but i buy splash really hard. in washington the visiting portland trail blazers beat the wizards on sunday they made a lot scored forty points as the trial blazers for a late rally by the way says it's a one thousand nine hundred so one and victory and snap it's who game losing streak . marcus all-star for the memphis grizzlies all of that is alex rodriguez behind me let's talk about some major league baseball which we head into europe for the first time in twenty nine c. the new yankees and boston red sox will face off in london next year as part of syria commitments two thousand and nine world series winner a road visited london's twenty twelve stadium to try and explain what u.k.
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fans have coming they're white. a hard core here from iraq is huge just like having manchester united and liverpool coming down to yankee stadium. even me that i don't follow soccer too much i would be thrilled i would be excited i would want to see the best of the best the brits are going to see the greatest two teams i think not only in baseball but in any sports franchises in all of sports they transcend in they've been going at each other for almost one hundred twenty years the red sox have been a juggernaut the last sixteen years before championships the yankees have been a juggernaut for the last hundred twenty years with twenty seven championships but only one of the last twenty so they're very hungry very thirsty it creates an incredible epic match an audience on football legend diego merits on a is doing his best to build tain spirits and his life his club. here. that will show and putting on some pretty erratic performances in the in
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the terraces at the world cup he now is in mexico managing to ross and there is leading the post much celebrations after their latest victory his team now wins the semifinals of mexico as a second piles inside of promotion to the country's softly what today with a get prominence it you. can only guess. andy thanks so much for that that's a news hour from here in doha lauren time of the loan from london just. the meeting voyage of the business world mostly at expo brings together hundreds of companies and investors from all over the world if you are ready to enter new markets let's meet in turkey let's win together must get exposed nov twenty first to the twenty fourth at sea and all is jumbled for details information and registration expo dot com.
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impoverished excluded and under attack roma communities are paying the price of heightened nationalism in a country at war with itself. people in power investigates the surgeon hate crimes at the hands of far right groups. ukrainian roma repression on al jazeera.
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al-jazeera. sweat every. once welcomed now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world i feel more gentleman and syrian. alex money does a richer get those people put up think that it's been done it one german and american the new germans on al-jazeera. saudi arabia's king solomon praises his judiciary as he makes his first public comments since the murder of journalist.
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live from london also coming up a boost for yemen's peace talks as the government says it will take part in the un backed process and who the rebels promise to stop their drone and missile strikes. u.k. prime minister to resume a defense or breaks it plan as the best for jobs while the chief negotiator says the process has reached a key moment. and one of the global car industries the biggest superstars carlos ghosn is arrested over financial misconduct. and those saudi arabia's king solomon has heaped praise on his judiciary and his first public comments since the murder of jamal khashoggi a journalist was killed and dismembered in the istanbul concert last month bunching the gulf nation into one of its worst international crises in decades last week the
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public prosecutor cleared crown prince mohammed bin soundman of any involvement in the crime and speaking in riyadh king solomon stressed he had full faith in the kingdom's justice system and. the kingdom was established on the principles of justice and that's why we have all the trust the judiciary that they would do the necessary to establish the truth and justice. also ensure that no penalties are punished. there been more revelations in the turkish media about the murder including reports that nineteen calls were made from istanbul consulate to saudi arabia on the day of the incident joins us live now from istanbul so what's the significance of these latest revelations. as long the significance of these revelations. about the x. have still have a lot to it if he'll to the world and they still have
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a lot of ammunition for the total destruction of the saudi innovative the latest of that came today reported by two newspapers who had access to part of the recordings and new sections of the recordings that the turkish security authorities are powerful you have got. and that shows that the saudi narrative about the fact that the fifteen men who came here who were sent. to negotiate according to the saudi story to negotiate with the to return to saudi arabia that is not true according to these revelations they show that the moment he entered the consulate the consulate foreman received him dale in section a the visas are normally processed and one of them grabbed his hand and pulled him to the section b. was the office of the concert is located and he. tried to this is that and told the man leave me alone who do you think you are and the response of the man who is said
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according to the recordings to be. to be one of this special advice special security aide to mohammed the same as the crown prince he shouted at him insulting him and he said traitor your day of reckoning has come and then they took him to the office of the consul and that's when the recording. field shouts and screaming and pain from torture cries. and that was apparently the beginning of the operation to kill him and dismember him also the recordings that have been revealed today show that at least three of those one thousand calls that were already talked about here in turkey. that were made by the members of the hit squad with saudi arabia done during the seventy seven a few minutes of. torture and deception there and the
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voice in one of those calls according to the turkish authorities is the voice of many here in my head of the us is the man who is supposed to be the head of the hit squad and who is the special close security aide to crown prince mohammed the sentiment the turks by revealing this just about twenty four hours before president decides on who has given the orders to kill them out how should she is very significant i think they wanted to talk to the momentum and to strengthen their case before the americans decide on it and also it shows that they are they are adamant to completely destroy the saudi story that has been. revealed or that has been reported by the by the saudi. by the saudi justice so that comes also just hours after king solomon said those words of praise about
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the saudi justice and it shows how different and how contradictory those facts are with their yalit and i vow thank you very much need a senior democratic senator ron wyden has called on u.s. intelligence officials to release publicly their findings on how shall g.'s death u.s. media reports say the cia has identified the saudi crown prince as ordering a matter where president donald trump says such conclusions are premature senior publicans also demanding action against prince mohammed bin sandman osman jordan reports washington. i did not know for the first time u.s. president donald trump says when he knows exactly what's in the audiotape surrounding the death of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi it's a suffering tape it's a terrible tape i've been fully briefed on it there's no reason for me to hear it in fact i said to the people should i they said you really should and there's no reason i know exactly i know everything that one of the ten without having to and what happens in trouble revealed this information during an interview he taped on
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friday the same day that several newspapers reported that according to the cia because she was killed on orders of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon position during the interview and the white house's position now it's still too soon to say who ordered she's murdered i don't know you know who can really know what if the crown prince speaking to you the president of the united states directly lied to you a lot that he told me that he had nothing to do with it he told me that i would say maybe five times in the last two years trump and his son in law jarrett cushion or had grown close to the crown prince they see him as key to their goal of isolating iran into promoting u.s. economic growth but on capitol hill the idea that mohamed bin solomon is a friend of the u.s. is dying i'm going to do whatever i can to place blame where i believe it lies i'm a put it at the feet of the crown prince who has been
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a destructive force in the middle east the embargo or without telling anybody of this war in yemen has got completely out of control he put the prime minister of lebanon under house arrest is clearly this guy's a wrecking ball some in congress say trumps long running hatred of the intelligence community is keeping him from doing the right thing the president needs to listen to what our intelligence committee has to say what our best professionals assessment is and it's vitally important that this administration not allow itself to become part of any saudi coverup and while the u.s. . has imposed sanctions on seventeen saudi officials others in congress are pushing for a much tougher punishment we need to punish who ordered the who's in charge and really the only thing they understand over there is strength already there are two efforts underway in congress to block arms sales to the saudis not just to end the civil war in yemen but also to send a message to the white house it won't be allowed to ignore the indefensible.
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al-jazeera washington white house correspondent can be how to live from washington d.c. can we what do we know about this report the president has promised yet we had hoped the president would speak about this was he appeared very briefly behind me for to receive the white house christmas tree he did not answer reporters' questions on this leaving that instead to his white house counselor kellyanne conway who spoke to reporters in the last couple of hours and really pushed back on the suggestion that this white house is not doing enough to hold the highest levels of the saudi government accountable as this president has promised she pointed to the fact that there has been already sanctions by the u.s. treasury as well as the revoking of visas by the state department but at the same time those actions have not included the saudi crown prince mohammed bin cell which the central intelligence agency or cia has concluded ordered the killing of.
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so there is a lot of pressure on this white house but still this white house is pushing back take a listen. to how to see reluctance on the matter were even slow moving because of the seventy sanctions should the secretary of state on a minute before he got there to try to get answers he's waiting for the final report obviously he's made many comments not just the ones that some of you consciously want to cherry pick about the tragic and unspeakable murder. of mr bush and obviously we've already taken action. committee how's this going to play with the u.s. congress it's not playing well this congress is very frustrated and continues to put pressure on this white house and what is so unusual about that is the fact that it's bipartisan in nature given the fact that this is a very divided country divided congress the fact that they see almost unanimously on this issue the white house needs to do more to hold the highest levels of the saudi government accountable including the crown prince is certainly striking in
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fact as we continue to watch for any sort of report to be potentially made public on tuesday there is an effort by one democratic senator from oregon ron wyden to do just that he is calling on the u.s. intelligence agency specifically the cia director gina haskell who we know went to turkey to meet with her counterparts and to speak about this investigation and also the director of national intelligence dan coats to make this a public assessment or rather make the assessment very public to the american voting public of the killing they feel that this is pivotal in the u.s. saudi relationship that has been in place for decades but they feel this is a tipping point and this relationship needs to be reexamined can be how could thank you very much indeed germany is taking action against the people suspected of being involved in. it's imposing travel bans on eighteen saudi nationals so they wouldn't be allowed to enter the country or europe's border zone domenic anus relations from
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berlin. two announcements from germinal forages regarding the saudi arabian government and its role in the affair the first came from foreign minister high court in brussels where he and i once the decision to impose travel bans on eighteen saudi citizens who have been implicated in this affair calling for other european governments to follow suit and then separately here in berlin the economy ministry has announced that all arms exports to saudi arabia whether they offer you church signed agreements or current signed agreements are to be frozen that is important because the german armaments industry does exported considerable amount several many consignments to the saudi authorities well all those are now curtailed truncated as it were the point will be whether this is something that will be followed by other european governments certainly that's what the german government wants to see.


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