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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 185  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2018 7:33am-8:01am +03

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because a dog. is right to bid on. my name is of your child is thirty five years old and i was born and they are going to be all right you know goal for the past four years i've been working at home when this she's my job is is a navigator skynet mentor people navigate them to recovery. of her body doing. coop. and so we're on the title connecting to others right and i think it's an important one because throughout your whole journey of recovery man sometimes the best thing you can do is connect with others relate to others talk to others because sometimes when you do it by yourself you know for me and i'm susan my experience i usually make mistakes based on choices right i don't know of anybody
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struggles with that. refuse to come out of that. good comes in through these three hundred. s. also use. yeah i'll work on it. but that's why you gotta keep doing the work man you gotta keep put in the work like that's the import is made you guys make wise choices we can all forget the training who forget mansoul a trading game if you make a choice you might be trading your freedom for being locked up your partner for that set of good food out here for that putin there are. the guys out of the week in. ten years roll. a party had a lot of people. hating the man. the soldier willing to do whatever
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we never. spent about twenty three years of my life active addiction gaming's. of my life was on the line pretty tight so you know. i got shot right here one time right in this dry winches just an air car pulled up any mess a nothing in just that off the wall momo. crazy and he's got got killed right there national right there. and it's all new right here in this little sect are within the sect and so much has happened. because i see so much and i see how grimy things can get out here sometimes i rather keep mccardell because i want to live life and i enjoy it.
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so the man i just called him who said he wants to meet you in d.c. if you like it and he want to take you know. so it was posed. to a beauty as. i was getting ready to go to pick you up you'll go to the fourteen. and that's what you grew up about a started talking great the kids are going to become a play the told no. doubt. and you devote you'll still get a. business are going downward spiral on just that quick disability in the blink of body you know you're part of the murderers but i don't delude. convicts.
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mind you you are right compassion. is for the weak. like love don't love nobody no. i'm a firm believer that people growing discomfort. this is you man this is your journey this is where it all started this could be the new beginning. if you just. keep an open mindedness to it. how you feel what it is called you can follow and i said i was only going to share alone one other person is to world the people when you're not only only sure will want to miss two people share in the world is three of us or will it was. the horn line. to some of the billy and i would you could you give a dollar same for all day you're going to be done it was like they ordered me a lawyer i don't know no more where you form where you don't. stand over me while
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sleep i don't know what kind of light we're people be oh i don't know if we're going to stand one thing. this is a prophecy in a journey of change oh me this is not great if you're not accounting you guys are not active on that lifestyle this is a sober living an environment where you try to maintain yourself sober for many things. before we always take people out usually we've got to make sure that they're ready for what they're asking for right because it's not what we think that you need is what you're telling us and to me. he said he was ready he was willing to do whatever it takes as we take them. but then after that he just never went back lit the stuff there came back to all boys a few days later and started the cycle again back out here you know. to not grow the what are the bone yard to hide out a guy he barked her to the beat of her. going to god i don't want to get this right
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and i didn't want to see the bus stop tard ride around our. necks out. through the garbage bags of our dicks. when the nineteen's and i'm settling down a stove chatter in the back of my day. that i do and in today to hurt anybody. that i do anything to help somebody to then. and in there as one of them on part in life and sit. on my man's world.
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i didn't put it the same especially. i believe that i might have both but isn't it a hole in. the right of only the only mosque. fair looming the mosque my son will give me kind of this in a party and go through it people who think that i'm gay so i had a girl so you get a younger guy much you know i was upset over cricket because i am. paid all in one assignment and nobody will only touch a side not of my imprinted some in my blood. don't i input in that class he simply call you know what is the fifth i'm in with of course. he's shown up whether the ok you're taking it out on me combining had all. been living or you
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know what i'm guessing all. because i want to leave the. t.v. show and leave them the ending of. some ten thousand meaningless crimes just so it . is only weighs on me and i'm going to go to since it would give you a home that you know you never give us the right people because you say let. them be some of the good you. not are going to see only i'm.
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young of none oh no no. no you know you love to have no. power nobody song just started dying you never. get over this how are you then you know now why i made up a long time. when we feel soon we created you should be nice to see don't mind with a stick or order but our. own men say we're going to give. one to us i mean the one way that they're going to get am i going to. get out i did get up to. each one of the will we. the people
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we get it. could get a come get. give it come yeah yeah you. keep your feet think if you must've. been worn. out many who'd been one of them ever found me she. tried to do on the job of me do you need go no kid of this event i. yeah but from. the protests here. towards the cops took a. bus with. some notice that i'm on. fire
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people. here cannot. finally came out. to dinner give it a big meeting on. friday night. and i.
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was left with the world where everyone has heard of and i don't even know i'm not a group of very little. i lived through it. going to. get it was. that it came with the one that will put a good note of my ministry year on year we asked our that after the chemical media that would have been like we have paid off some good book good luck to you know. i say i was going to.
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to the twenty fourth at c.n.n. istanbul for details information on registration mostly at expo dot com in his arms kid. didn't have been fined for what is right on the shores of paradise progress for some can create a living hell for others challenging his government and big business one in nine risked his life to save the community he cherishes the it is not my habit to be that someone that can do news then. that's what. the opposition a witness documentary on out is enough. the latest news as it breaks the world bank says arrival of plenty young migrants could be beneficial for the colombian economy with detailed coverage by turning back on fire lateral ties with iran what president donald trump has done is to show people there will be no blurred lines between friends and enemies from around the world
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a big group of pro independents cannot command stormed the play station but then stood on the side killing for placement in thought. well if we cannot have palestina my government was suddenly not allow britain to control the french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal the change the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw raima. sikes pekoe lines in the sun on on just a. this is al-jazeera.
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public doesn't seek it this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. and obviously we've already taken action listen to a key aide of president trump defends the u.s. response in the case as pressure builds a head of its reports on the journalist's murder. fighting in yemen resumes hours after renewed hopes for ending the three year old civil war. the chairman of nisanit faces dismissal of the corruption we look at how this could affect the car giant's future. new security barriers to stop central american asylum seekers from entering the u.s. we're live in a border town in mexico. follow we begin in the united states where a senior adviser to donald trump has defended the president's response to the
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murder of saudi journalist. kellyanne conway saying the u.s. government has been moving fast to sanction those responsible trumper said his administration will release a full report on the case by tuesday the journalist was killed in saudi arabia's consulate last month and u.s. media say the cia believe the saudi crown prince ordered it all white house correspondent kimberly how it has more now from washington. as u.s. president to arnold trump welcome to the annual arrival of the white house christmas tree was the brother. he said nothing about a forthcoming report into the death of journalist. who was murdered in the saudi consulate last month in turkey trump has promised repeatedly he would make a decision on whether to take tough action including sanctions against the highest levels of the saudi government and might go.
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on that subject over the next we're going to be having a very full report over the next two to a top adviser denies he's delaying a decision. because i disagree that he wasn't he's not reluctant and he's not slow moving that the present is anything but slow moving vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pump aoe have both promised to trumpet ministration will ensure all those responsible are held accountable twenty one saudi nationals have had visas revoked and last week the u.s. treasury sanctioned seventeen saudis in connection with the murder but none of those actions targeted the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma despite the recently leaked cia conclusion that he ordered is murder a top democratic senator is now calling on the trumpet ministration to make the cia assessment public one analyst says the white house is trying to buy time for the saudis and preserve the strategic u.s. saudi relationship in place for decades president understands.
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the relationship by providing rhetoric in support of the bilateral relationship and yet here we are in congress is less patient there's a move underway in the senate to stop the sale of arms to saudi arabia for offensive purposes and permanently hold u.s. refueling planes from supporting the saudi led coalition in yemen in a sharply divided congress it's a rare bipartisan effort to pressure the trump white house to act kimberly helped get al-jazeera the white house. mike hanna joins us live now from washington so mike we are still awaiting this for reports that president trump has been talking about on on what the u.s. believes happened here but is it likely to be any different from what we've already heard what we've heard president trump say he's going to have a decision or reach
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a conclusion the next day or the following week or the next two days on a number of occasions now he says he will be receiving this report on tuesday we're not quite sure where that report is coming from should receive it one must assume it is a cia report on friday there were leaks in multiple media outlets which would appear to have come from the cia saying that it had reached a conclusion and its conclusion was that crown prince mohammed bin solomon had ordered the murder of jamal khashoggi now president trump has continued to push back on this most recently sunday saying that he's spoken to the crown prince in at least five occasions and has been assured on at least five occasions that the crown prince said nothing to do with the murder of president trump in buying that he will accept the crown prince of statements this despite comments from his intelligence
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services or the reported comments from his intelligence services that indeed the crown prince does bear responsibility for the murder and we're seeing the president as well increasingly at odds with congress on this from from from his own party even. yes it is indeed interesting that this is a completely bipartisan effort to thing congress and certainly it's not only of his own party but it's also those individuals in the past have been very close to him such as republican senator lindsey graham who's led the charge in a way to demand accountability even if it is at the highest levels of the saudi government so this is very rare for president trump throughout his his two years in office he has not faced a largely bipartisan congress which had to united on one particular issue this issue to hold the come to billet for the murder of democracy even if it should
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involve the crown prince is absolutely unprecedented on a bipartisan point of pressure that president trump has been under but one must point out too that president trumps being at odds not only with the congress but with his intelligence services in the past he refused to accept his intelligence services conclusion that russia did collude in the twenty sixteen elections you've continued to cause doubt on various findings of his intelligence services and now once again he appears to do so whether he continues to do so we'll know when and if that report is released all right for the moment mike hanna live for us in washington thanks mike a saudi arabia's king sound man has praised his country's justice system in his first public comments since the murder. he didn't specifically refer to the case though he used the speech to the kingdom's advisory council to say he had full faith in the country's courts the journalist was killed and his body dismembered in
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saudi arabia is then will consulate last month last week the public prosecutor there cleared crown prince mohammed bin sandman of any involvement in the crime. the kingdom was established on the principles of justice and that's why we have all the trust in the judiciary and that they would do the necessary to establish the truth and serve justice the kingdom would also ensure that no penalties go unpunished. or the been more revelations in the turkish media about the murder including reports the nine thousand calls were made from the istanbul consulate to saudi arabia on the day of the incident mohamed vall has the latest from istanbul. the newest the revelation that have been published today by at least two turkish newspapers have added to the weakness of the saudi story about what happened here in the cost in the saudi consulate to hide to me and basically some of the details
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confirming the broad lines that we have been told by the tech ish investigation over the last several weeks including the fact that the amount kushal to actually was killed in the process of the action of killing him and humiliating him and torturing him before that took place right after he entered the saudi consulate here in istanbul contrary to the saudi not if not the team of fifteen men that were sent on board two aircraft here on the second of october we have sent actually to convince him to negotiate with him and to convince him to return to saudi arabia the details of what we read today in the newspapers. say that four men out of those fifteen received him in that section of the the consulate and one of them is supposed to be headed mostly close security aide to my husband said man across from prince and out of the said man he grabbed his
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hand and he tried to pull him to the section b. the office of the constant is located jamal khashoggi existed and he told him who do you think you are leave me alone and then he told him straight out the day of reckoning for you has come and then they took him to the consul consulate office and that's where shouts and sounds of torture and screaming were recorded and that was when immediately the beginning of the process of killing him took place the tape or saw that according to the leaked to recordings show of saw that up to the east. three of the nineteen phone calls that were mentioned by the turkish investigation were made during that first part of the of the session of torture and killing. in the office of the consul and one of them was. with the voice
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of a look at himself talking to somebody in saudi arabia so these are violations so many things including the fact that the turkish authorities or investigation still have a lot to show. to the world about what happened and also it shows that they are after the saudi not if trying to destroy it bit by bit until it is completely. finished more people are public opinion across the world and the turkey are seeing more and more holes in the saudi narrative and also it comes at a very crucial moment when probably within the next twenty four hours president trump is going to decide according to the information he has on who actually gave the order to kill. of course garcia is a political analyst as a deputy director of the u.s. department of justice under president trump and he joins us now from washington to talk more about this by so much for being with us so so how do we explain president
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trumps position on this when his own intelligence services are saying with high confidence that they believe that crown prince mohammed bin sandman ordered this killing. his own republican party prominent republicans in the u.s. senate are saying that that he needed to m.b.'s as he's now needs to be cut loose and more forceful action needs to be taken against the saudi led leadership and yet up until now he has continued to stick by the saudi leadership on this and can he continue to do this. well i think the president has been very clear in his position about this he had said earlier a few weeks ago that when this determination was made as to who was responsible for this that there would be severe punishment for those actors that were involved we've seen the united states has taken the action swiftly of imposing sanctions on seventeen sow.


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