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tv   Who Killed Robert Kennedy  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2018 9:00am-9:58am +03

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democratic or lucian as well as the filthies and the last round of talks talks in geneva collapsed because the holders did not time out now martin griffith the un special envoy sais he will struggle with them from sun are to sweden if need be which makes many people have hopes that talks might be possible at last a new u.n. draft resolution has called for a truce in yemen article matic and james bays has more on that this is the draft resolution that's been circulated by the united kingdom to the other members of the security council it calls for us to say ssion of hostilities in her data and in other places that are critical to the aid delivery in yemen the current member of the security council representing the arab world is kuwait one assumes their coming under a great deal of pressure from the saudi led coalition the bastard or says he has problems with the draft text i don't think if they put it for
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a vote what example this week before we have discussions on it twenty helpful so i think we should discuss it and they should. take. a lot of concerns it's not clear when the draft resolution will be brought to a vote the first negotiations meeting in new york takes place on chews day there's already been talk about the resolution in riyadh between the british foreign secretary and crown prince mohammed bin salman i'm told those discussions were heated all right still ahead on al-jazeera teresa mayes breaks it page to business leaders as the british prime minister fights for her survival. and a warning from global health officials that the fight against malaria has hit a wall. from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the fresh autumn breeze in the
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city of love. i did think the reg was about to cease in china i mean there's the line of cloud is gone offshore and this greatest looks like nothing very much but i think it's going to rebuild we're feeding moisture back in from the south is coming up against relatively cold air but not huge to go to yet but it will regenerate right now flights are spread north and east was muddy even read shanghai get to wednesday but it's now on the high ground west of sichuan hong kong largely avoids the wet this is going north largely because what's happening over the philippines to be honest we're in a string of little tropical depressions one of which hit. or two days ago this is developing into a proper cycle bit more strikes to it going cross the middle of the philippines now in the next four or five days it will cross the philippines and probably had the same place again in vietnam that's not good news because it does take much of the energy out of the atmosphere which means to the size the scattering of showers in
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malaysia and in d.c. we should be pretty big and frequent b.r.s. they're not as big figures they could be i still think singapore and k.l. are quite to get wet sudden thailand two looks pretty wet to be quite honest but maybe jakarta stays dry and there's still rain on the western side of india even though the psycho has not got. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. to female siward project they want the members of the new team vaccinators targeted and vaccines rejected pakistan faces a constant battle in its war against polio a very difficult situation al jazeera follows the extraordinary health workers who risk their lives in one of polio is final strongholds and we don't assume terse working women are saying this today so we're doing their lifelines the last drops on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching out is there a mind of our top stories this hour a top adviser to donald trump has defended the u.s. president's response to the murder of saudi journalist. kellyanne conway says the u.s. has been moving fast to sanction those responsible a u.s. report into the murder is expected by tuesday. germany's taking action against the suspects behind the murder of jim out of the show g. it is imposing travel bans on eighteen saudis barring them from entering the country or your support of free shang france says it will impose even stronger sanctions. a new united nations draft resolution has called for
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a pause in the fighting in yemen hours earlier side to be resumed in the port city of data which is currently under the control of the rebels on sunday the rebels said they were ready for a cease fire. one of the world's most powerful motor industry bosses has been arrested carlos ghosn the chairman of the. alliance he is accused of grossly understating his salary and what the company calls significant misconduct that's after an internal company investigation into the sixty four year old shares of drop more than six percent since gone so rest tim hubbard is assistant professor of management in the mendoza college of business at the university of notre dame he says the arrest raises crucial questions about other decisions call a scone might have made. i think it's very important to reconsider that if he's willing to go to the lengths that he has gone to in order to cover a pay that he has been taking for himself you have to ask yourself what else has
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been going on at the companies that we haven't yet figured out about if he's willing to go and have this much risk in terms of his own personal pay we might have similar risks in other areas of the business i think it's a combination of power but then also a little bit personality we are seeing you know quite a bit across the world where people with a lot of power specifically c.e.o.'s over the boards of directors are engaging in a lot more misconduct and that's that's troubling especially as we've been trying to increase corporate governance practices across the globe and it's so disappointing almost that it's a personal thing that's brought him down rather than for example a strategic failure or a bad decision might have led to his his dismissal or proposed dismissal in this case it was him you know personally cheating within the company and that that's different than standard type of dismissal where we would see an under-performance of the c.e.o. a french bank has been fined one point three billion dollars for violating u.s.
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sanctions on iran sudan cuba and libya societe generale was accused of processing about five point six billion dollars worth of illicit transactions the bank also agreed to pay ninety five million dollars to settle another case of a violations of anti money laundering regulations russian president vladimir putin says it will retaliate if the u.s. drops out of a longstanding nuclear pact the u.s. is accused russia of breaking the thirty one year old into medium range nuclear forces treaty it says it will pull out of the deal. the battle against malaria appears to have stalled the world health organization organization saying the number of cases around the world is still rising it says it needs more money if it's a brain a disease under control or math and reports for several years it looked like the world was winning its battle against malaria but in good lou in northern uganda
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people like jeffrey or colors brother continue to die a second day a night it's going to sound worse than a so if you decided to come to the us from the following day then it went a bit like that but unfortunately you never walk off the date in the night. in some parts of africa such as here in gulu there are more patients with malaria than anywhere else in the world the world health organization says that since twenty fifteen the number of people infected with malaria has risen while the number of deaths has gone down. malaria is carried by parasites and spread through mosquito bites children under five years old are most at risk but so are pregnant woman people with hiv or aids as well as those who travel through infected areas. the first symptoms are usually fever headache and chills those can be followed by
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difficulty breathing weakness and in some cases death but only if it's not true to . guess and they would have in mind that's just all the entire mission that we improve in management and i did fish and this is the w.h.o. says countries including the wonder ethiopia and pakistan have made big progress in slowing the spread of malaria but it also says the battle is getting harder because there's not enough money it's estimated that in order to optimize military control we need a global budget of about six point six billion dollars per year and we have about three point one billion dollars invested on an annual basis. as money gets harder to find so does the fight to control one of the world's greatest killers matheson disease. thousands of people in guatemala have fled their homes after a volcano erupted near the city of antigua disaster management authorities say
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about four thousand people have been evacuated from the area the volcano or fire is among the most active sites in central america and eruption in june and killed nearly two hundred people. but the united states has put in a new security barrier at a busy crossing on its southern border thousands of central american asylum seekers have been gathering on the mexican side the caravan of migrants has face protests from hundreds of people in the mexican border city of the migrants are hoping to enter the u.s. president donald trump says he'll never allow that to happen john homan joins us now from. what's happening at the border entry now. we're not quite at the border entry but we are in t. one where most of the people that are heading north are in a sort of makeshift center in a school sent to be you can see just outside with just approaching dusk many of
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these people have said that they haven't had enough food awards provided for them now marry people from three to one and we just been speaking to these ladies have come out with this begets people and you know he's trying to give the people something to eat there's other hotdog vendor as we've just seen going past rules so head into the gate to hand out free food to the people here you can see these long lines is about two thousand five hundred people in this sort of makeshift center and tonight as in every night for almost a week now they're going to be sleeping rough really some of them the lucky ones who have tents the rest of them are going to be having sleeping on the blankets really just hoping it doesn't rain it's just starting to get a bit colder now he spoke a little bit earlier there about the at the point of entry and the fact that there was talk that happened mostly in the mooning scenes the traffic now does appear to
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be flowing in that port aventura not quite clear why exactly it was tough it didn't seem that there was going to be an imminent mass rush there to try and get through but president trump as you mentioned hands been trying to take measures and his rhetoric has been very hostile to these things with an invasion and how many more silent seekers are expected to arrive in tijuana john. we just been speaking to officials from the united nations they said to us that as well as the people here about three thousand nine hundred in total in three one of those who serve three thousand nine hundred the same number in may he calmly which is a town close to here they're just trying to decide whether they come across to take one or no and one of the factors in that decision is going to be the attitude of the city here there was a protest a small one against these people the other day from some locals in to quanah but
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also the mayor has being quite hostile as well in his rhetoric some saying that some of them have by says that some of them just want to smoke marijuana really sort of labeling them is up to no good really in this city that they're almost people moving up through mexico and even from central america and this really is going to be the ball to make where some of them are going to be for several months while they search for asylum in the united states the president trump is pretty adamant that he isn't going to give the all right john home an interior want to thanks john. our european union foreign ministers have been meeting in brussels to talk about the u.k.'s proposed briggs it deal it could be signed off as soon as sunday but as prime minister theresa may is trying to sell the deal to business leaders and her own party largely rueful. if politics is about momentum then for now it seems momentum is with the european union or at least those who want
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a future deal which keeps the u.k. as close to europe as possible the prime minister was talking to business leaders pushing her line that her deal would be good for them while trying to appease breck sitters by insisting that mass immigration would end once we've left the e.u. we will be fully in control of who comes here it will no longer be the case that e.u. nationals regardless of the skills or experience they have to offer can jump the queue ahead of engineers from sydney all software developers from delhi instead of a system based on where a person is from we will have one that is built around the talents and skills a person has to offer and in brussels they're feeling more and more content that the u.k. will not depart on acrimonious terms the negotiations look set to be signed off without any complaints when european leaders meet on sunday we are in fact at the decisive moment in this process no one no one should lose sight of the process the
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progress that will be achieved in brussels and you know the longer i'm. i am pretty that ministers today support to overall package in particular member states through port of the draft with direct removed the immediate risk to may have been a vote of no confidence from hardliners who promised by now they would have enough letters from rebellious m.p.'s to trigger votes in the leadership contest but while rebels are gradually coming to the view it is a fight that's as of now they would surely lose the points of course as my full support of the people get behind her she endeavors to get the very very best deal for britain it's looking increasingly like the calculation among the rebels is to wait for the parliamentary votes to see the politicians from all sides vote down to reason may's deal in which case she would surely have to go and then everything would once again be up for grabs between now and then the government machine will
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go into overdrive persuading politicians from all sides to accept a deal which very few really wants but maybe the best on offer lawrence leigh al-jazeera westminster in london motorists in france a blocked access to oil depos as they protest expected fuel price hikes on monday demonstrators burned tires and deborah on a highway leading to the tunnel beneath the english channel they want the french government to drop a planned tax increases on fuel on saturday one protester died when she was hit by a car while blocking a road. israel's prime minister has narrowly avoided the collapse of his coalition government education minister and a fairly bennett had threatened to pull his party out of the governing alliance but decided against it the government was thrown into chaos when defense minister avigdor lieberman resigned on wednesday over a cease fire deal with groups in gaza. the accommodation letting company air b.n.
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b. says it will remove listings of properties in illegal settlements in the west bank it come under criticism for not declaring the properties one occupied palestinian land company says on its website is removing around two hundred homes in settlements but did not specify when and sri lanka's parliament has delayed another no confidence vote against the president's choice of prime minister mahinda rajapaksa it is already passed to no confidence motions rajapaksa is refusing to go president multi-polar city senior held an unsuccessful meeting of leaders on sunday to try and break the deadlock more than a million children in iraq are in need of mental health support that's according to a united nations survey the problem was highlighted at a meeting in baghdad between unicef and iraqi government officials un cert the un survey found eighty percent of iraqi children experience violence at home or in school exposure to contaminated drinking water is also
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a major problem. there is. a significant problem with access to potable water and this has knock on effect on on health. and one of the more significant issues is the adolescent population. is the largest percentage wise in the region and is set to keep on growing for the future so unless we address some of the significant problems with health and education with the water issue and so on this is going to be reflected in in the population in general in iraq for the future. this is al jazeera let's going to round up of the top stories saudi arabia's foreign minister says the cia assessment of the murder of saudi journalist america shoji has no basis in truth a top adviser to donald trump has defended the u.s.
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president's response to the murder of jamal khashoggi kellyanne conway says the u.s. has been moving fast to sanction those responsible the us report into the murder is expected by tuesday germany is taking action against the suspects behind the murder it's imposing travel bans on eight hundred saudi nationals barring them from entering the country or europe's border free shang zone france says it will apply even stronger sanctions a new u.n. draft resolution has called for a pause in the fighting in yemen hours earlier battles resumed in the port city of data which is currently under the control of who the rebels on sunday the rebel said they were ready for a cease fire mohamad out o. has this update from neighboring djibouti. peace talks between yemen's warring parties is looking ever more likely because for the first time we're seeing a united into muscle community countries like britain the united states france all
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singing from the same hymn sheet exacting pressure on this democratic or lucian as well as the who these and the last round of poll talks in geneva collapsed because the holders did not time out now because if with the un special envoy studies he will struggle with them from sun are to sweden if need be which makes many people have hopes that talks might be possible at last one of the world's most powerful motor industry bosses has been arrested carlos cohen is the chairman of the near san remo and mitsubishi motors alliance he is accused of grossly understating his salary and what the company call significant misconduct shares of nisanit have dropped more than six percent since news of guns arrest sri lanka's parliament has delayed another no confidence vote against the president's choice of prime minister mahinda rajapaksa it's already passed to no confidence motions but rajapaksa is
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refusing to go those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now it's inside story. yemen's who the rebels say they suspended attacks against the saudi viewing coalition the u.s. has demanded an end to the conflict that is bush millions to the brink of funding so after three years why is the u.s. stepping up its pressure now this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm martin dennis now he rebels in yemen of announced a pulls in the drone and missile attacks against saudi arabia the u.a.e. and their allies and they say they're ready for a broader ceasefire if the saudi u.s. coalition is prepared for peace for its part the saudi u.s. coalition briefly pulls its airstrikes on the vital port city of his data but then resumed them on sunday in an apparent bid to gain more military advantage before peace talks which are due to be held in sweden by the end of the year well the u.n. is confident that all parties to the conflict will take part in those talks probably because now the u.s. has stepped up its engagement and demanded that in the words of defense secretary james mattis conflict be replaced by compromise this comes at a time of international outrage over the murder of the saudi germ this jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul in the u.s.
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congress voices critical of the administration's close ties to saudi arabia have grown. in louder increasing pressure on president trying to rethink his relationship with the kingdom's crown prince mohammed bin sound man so after three years of war could this be a pivotal moment for yemen we put this question to our guest in a moment first say let's hear what mohammed al ghul katie representative has to say . everyone knows that when saudi arabia started its aggression against yemen we did not respond for forty days we wanted to show who was doing what we wanted to make sure saudi arabia cannot find justification if we respond to beg a waiver for years after the saudi aggression and after we started using missile attacks and we started to target saudi forces near the border saudi arabia is now portraying its aggression on yemen as if it is just
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a response to our missile and border attacks therefore today steve ams to once again clarify our position we also announce that we are ready to stop all operations at all fronts to show the world who is doing what and to give peace a chance we want to prove to the world that we want peace. well since the murder of jamal khashoggi last month saudi arabia's governments face increasing pressure to end the war in yemen in early october as the world began to learn about the details of the killing u.s. secretary of defense james mattis said all parties needed to take part in un led peace talks within thirty days his words were swiftly backed up by secretary of state mike pompei or who called on both the hoof is and saudi u.a.e. coalition to stop their airstrikes and it's not just the u.s. britain dispatched its foreign secretary jeremy hunt to riyadh to press for an end to the war and other european countries have weighed in france has urged an end to
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fighting while austria has called for an e.u. wide ban on arms sales to saudi arabia. all right let's introduce our guests now joining us on skype from washington d.c. no bill hooray a former u.s. deputy chief of mission in yemen in oxford we have helen lackner associate researcher at the london middle east school of so us that's a university of london and in london we have elizabeth kandel senior research fellow at pembroke college university of oxford welcome to you all in the bill can i come to you first to ask for what is behind what appears to be a reengagement on the part of the u.s. administration with the war in yemen. i think and it were it's congressional pressure on the administration which had been mounting for a couple of years before all of this and it spread the word the victory off
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of the democrats in the midterm elections and unfortunately the murder off question of g. also had a speeding up effect also the pressure. so that it's not just longer us but it's the media it's civil society and. from the administration as point of view what they would like to do is save their nation ship were in saudi arabia and avoided the congressional pressure in january which could do is solved in the same ship an all military assistance to solve any via our foregone of then jetted. there's a personal motive as well which is to save m.b.'s hammad been some on with whom they have a very special relationship absolutely not he said the u.s.
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has announced today and u.s. refueling of saudi warplanes engaged in operations in yemen that seems fairly significant in terms of symbolic value how far do you think the u.s. administration is prepared to go in order to get an end to the war in yemen. well this that. actually sounds more than it is and substance it's a token gesture because the planes that do it if you really are already in solidly hands a solid these have been trained in using them. and so really the u.s. saying we're not going to do this anymore doesn't mean that they are fueling is not actually taking place so i think there was a shop across the by now. warning this our view is that more steps may follow such as cutting off the naval blockade military sends
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a septa. i think the administration of donald trump left to its own devices probably would not go beyond the symbolic steps but. pressure from congress who are going through a complete cut off military. dissipating in this war by the u.s. and military assistance right oh you know what i mean that's the main ok coming to you helen and said it wasn't that long ago it was june of this year that the security council failed to agree on a statement that was. issued by sweeten it with the u.s. and the u.k. who objected to it the the statement called for this how do you a coalition to implement a cease fire what's changed since between june and now because we've got the u.k. as well as other european countries now all calling for an end to hostilities in yemen. yes i think what has changed is the first the two factors that were just
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mentioned by now below namely the increased pressure from congress here in u.k. also increased pressure from parliament they've been discussions both in the house of commons and house of lords on the issue and of course the murder of her shogi but i think in addition there are two major factors which have been you know which have emerged in the last two or three months which were not of there in june which is basically that the situation of famine and the desperation of the millions of yemenis has become much more visible and people in the west and elsewhere have become much more aware of it i think it's important to note that people in yemen have been dying from malnutrition related diseases as a result of this naval blockade for many many months the un said in early
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twenty's thirteen to twenty seventeen that this was that famine was on the brink and they're still not declaring a famine but the reality is that millions of yemenis are suffering enormously and the majority of them are dying at home in their areas the few have made it to hospitals the newspapers and the media and the television have shown them and this is creating quite an outcry on the humanitarian situation so i think that's a little further factor that is persuading the u.s. and britain to now take some action and coming to you elizabeth in london i mean the young going horrors of the more we've documented quite. religiously here at al-jazeera but many of the international media organizations of of pretty much ignored it and this has been described as not as a forgotten war but as in the north war my question is to you how much of an
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opportunity does this moment present for driving yemen to peace. i think the moment we're in right now represents the best opportunity that we've had to date many factors have aligned and my colleagues helen and that bill have outlined some of them i would stress the pictures of starving children floating across television and newspapers and this has really focused electorates on pushing hard. governments to do something this happens to have coincided with the failed saudi narrative on the murder of jamal khashoggi now of course this raises the question if saudi is prepared to spin the truth over that then how can we believe it's narrative on the yemen war and at the same time it's becoming increasingly obvious to the international community and to its electorates that the
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situation will not be resolved militarily and we've had many statements now to that effect so there must be a much much harder push for peace and there has been an advantage now to the very unfortunate deaths of jamal khashoggi in that saudi arabia's position is weakened and countries feel able to speak out against it and not just against the histories and newbuild so is the u.s. reorientation should we say is this a consequence then it is an opportunistic consequence as a result of the of the events that took place in istanbul or does this represent a significant i'm profoundly reevaluation if you like of this should teach it value to the united states' interest in terms of the gains to be had from this war in yemen. yes unfortunately i think it's mostly cynical collations that
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this and my faith in humanity has not been slower and. i don't think specially here in this administration that the pictures of these starving children have then you know in fact it's a hockey ministration that is only there of them by financial. considerations or mainly things here at home but i do think that the few champions. humanity and nationality in congress people like bernie sanders micro kanaka and others are gaining and have been gaining influence for some on the general public then has been and i'll try but in all that so it probably wouldn't have been enough this administration is there or even today trying to need. a cia agent for that has this
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side of the door has assessed where the high certainty that it is and b.s. who was behind. it and yet. walt and john bolton and donald trump say this if war isn't quite accurate. so. so be it i mean if it is in terms of pressure and if it is the fact that an b.s. . has been weak. and there is even a fear of some kind of a public school and riyadh all these five have coalesced to force the hand of the sentence and you going to be sol the decision to end the war spurred by u.s. pressure here it is now you know to be sure we're not there yet right to sell our wants and seriously our is a significant let's have
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a closer look then helen at the process which we hope has just started then and that is. all part is seem to have agreed to attend these talks that taking place in sweden by the end of the yeah i mean how significant is that they have been talks have there since twenty sixteen. yes i think that's a major step forward and i think millions and millions of yemenis are desperately hoping that this leads to something but i think it's also important to be very cautious there will not be a peace deal tomorrow or even in january twenty nineteen i think this is the beginning of what will be a very long process and again we have to note that even once one excludes or one agrees to a deal which will end the international intervention in yemen we are still left with a massive number of internal problems within the yemeni factions and the multiple
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factions which evant even been mentioned and aren't even part of this discussion which need will need to be addressed so this is very much if it happens and i think this time it will happen i didn't think the september talks were ever going to happen but i think this time there will be meetings at the end of this year or maybe a bit later and there will be meetings in which the who sees will participate and the so-called internationally recognized government now the latter doesn't do anything without the agreement or possibly even the instructions of the saudi led coalition and so the fact that there is a weakening in saudi arabia there is much more willingness in the united arab emirates to reach to a solution that will allow them to stop spending billions of dollars on this war means that there is i think a chance of some kind of agreement which would end the international intervention
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in yemen within the next i would say couple of years i'm not talking that that the beginning of the talks is very much a beginning by no means an end right it's a long long way to go but even once this happens you still have major major issues in turn. the yemeni issues which will need enormous efforts to meet some kind of solution which would bring what could be described as peace right ok elizabeth so we've heard then about the influence that is wielded by the saudi government over the internationally recognized government of mr hardee what about the hoof is there often described as being under the aegis of iran how much influence does iran have over the who thinks and how much influence will they have to bear upon this process that is about to get underway. there
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is no doubt that iran is to at least a limited extent aligned with the who sees iran as vocally behind the who sees and it also supplies has supplied weapons and advisors to a limited extent to the who sees does that make the who sees an iranian proxy know it does not and that is because the who sees are answerable to the who sees and also what you do what they want they are not answerable to outside forces and they have partly been pushed into a closer relationship with iran by is a very war that was designed to decrease iran's influence in yemen now of course everyone is talking up the iranian link and it's in everyone's interests to do so iran looks stronger by talking up its control over the who sees and saudi arabia also needs to justify a war that has not gone well for the last three and
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a half years and that has not done what it's intended it to do so its major justification which was to the to contain the influence of iran can't just go away everyone needs to keep talking keep talking up iranian influence but also met lee i think those who sees have now signaled that they're much readier to come to the table than they were before and i would like to point up two things that helen mentioned which is so important the first is that there are many players in this that are not going to be in the immediate peace talks and the second is that it will take a very long time but like helen it does sound like there is a glimmer of hope now that the who sees are prepared to come to the table they have today said that they would like or at least are willing to stop firing missiles at saudi arabia we have also had saudi arabia cease hostilities at least until yesterday and long may that continue and we've also had some of the. talking point
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some of the real showstoppers for tuesday is removed they are now able to evacuate some fighters to oman for treatment and they will be allowed safe passage back to yemen so this is the greatest hope we've had yet of a peace talks actually materializing right ok no bill so it sounds very much as though we're at the stage of confidence building measures which are currently under way including the evacuation of some some who see fighters for medical treatment in amman and but what exactly do you think is likely to be the the framework for talks what exactly are they going to be discussing come these talks in sweden. look betty and agree completely with what elizabeth and helen. and i want to add that given that we are now moving to serious hopefully serious thoughts and sweden looks like that this iranian influence which had been touted
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from the beginning is somehow what is sponsible form a structure the end it's a bogus argument. because you know i'm jumping in only because saudi arabia was there but if all this is true or that there is a strong iranian rohan then why not use it for a positive effect rather than negative. yet it is a relationship between the who is and iran there is a relationship between the who theism has one law and lemon law and their one with their own cheer on then ask them to be off their influence on the hope of peace and this would be an opportunity to improve relations by the way with iran and move that to a diplomatic level i'm not there and then they continue to fall from patients on which we've had for the fastest two years so the first thing they have to
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accomplish in sweden is it won't of cease fire across all fronts in yemen and it's going to be. their opulence in a few offers hope these have managed to lob at saudi arabia many small knows and we've done for the saudis solving the air war. right has to come right and i tell you what it's going to be sorry to interrupt you but i just want to get that make this point to helen and find out what she thinks if this because in the at the government response to the invitation to the talks mr hardee at rip. klyde the basis for these talks is three things the gulf initiative the outcomes of yemen's national dialogue and the united nations security council resolution twenty two sixteen i'm i'm just wondering with all that's going on over the past three years the changes in terms of the reality on the ground does it mean that these are
9:43 am
still viable to go see ating frameworks if you like or do you think that they're now obsolete. well thank you yes the three references i mean that as you said they haven't been changed now two of this three references are sufficiently broaden and flexible so that i'm sure that bases can be found to do to discuss a namely the g.c.c. agreement well i mean it's you know it's not really relevant any longer but i'm sure in two things in it you know include can be found that are useful and the same goes with the one thousand nine hundred outcomes of the national dialogue i think the main issue that needs to be changed and one hopes that for the new resolution that the british are putting to the un s c will at least begin to address this issue are the two points in two two one six which have basically are preventing any
9:44 am
agreement from being reached one is that the assertion of the legitimacy of head and the second one is and most important one is this statement that the who see it have to withdraw all their forces from all the locations where they are which is basically equivalent to who see surrender given that the who things are controlling maybe two thirds of the population there are very unlikely to do this and i would like just like to add to work elizabeth said earlier you know one of the reasons i think the who sees are very willing to talk now if that they are really at the peak of their power they made a big mistake almost twelve months ago when they killed ali abdullah saleh and they lost a lot of support as a result they are not likely to increase their support they are absolutely not likely to increase their territorial control and therefore control of people gradually this is shrinking writings are by no being sufficiently to bring them to
9:45 am
defeat so the who things are at the moment it is a very it is the best time for them to be engaging in talks right can i didn't i just hear him in her own for their point of view to forget about it sorry to. interrupt you know we've we've just got a minute left i'd like to come to elizabeth because. so far the ceasefire or the pause she was saying hostilities is is covering attacks from the air missiles drones and air strikes on the part of the saudi led coalition but what about on the ground nobody seems to be saying anything about what's going on on the ground surely there has to be a complete and verifiable cease fire before anything significant can take place in terms of the political process in sweden. there does need to be a complete ceasefire but helen hit the nail on the head with that the ceasefire on one side i on the who seaside can't be a precondition of the talks all sides need to stop and one of the reasons why we're
9:46 am
not hearing so much about that is that it is so difficult because the coalition itself is made up of so many different forces the giants brigades the southern backed security forces various tribal elements the yemeni military the saudi military the u.a.e. military that is actually very difficult to put a comprehensive stop on all of that right and so naturally it's not so well covered in the press but but i would just like on for size what helen said the in order for these talks to progress there needs to be equal pressure on both sides both sides need to lay down arms and not one side before the other i'm afraid we've run out of time thank you very much indeed. in washington helen lack in oxford and elizabeth kendall in london thank you all very much indeed and as ever thank you for watching the program you can see it again any time you like by going to the website out there dot com if you want more discussion can go to our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter at a.j.
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inside story for me martin denison the whole team is black and. when online are you looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to be long term success or if you join us on set if you could take me around the content where would you take me you don't have the set up your experiment and your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has
9:48 am
a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. a lot of. the top stories on saudi arabia's foreign minister minister has dismissed the cia's conclusion the crown prince ordered the killing of saudi journalist. bear said it has no basis in truth a top adviser to donald trump has defended the u.s. president's response to the murder kellyanne conway says the u.s.
9:49 am
has been moving quickly to sanction those responsible they're expecting a report into the murder on tuesday germany is taking action against the suspects behind the murder it's imposing travel bans on eighteen saudi nationals barring them from entering the country or europe's border free shang france says it will apply even stronger sanctions dominic kane has more from berlin. two announcements from germany all four of these regarding the saudi arabian government and its role in the affair the first came from foreign minister in brussels where he and i once the decision to impose travel bans on eighteen saudi citizens who have been implicated in this affair calling for other european governments to follow suit and then separately here in berlin the economy ministry is announced that all arms exports to saudi arabia whether they are few church signed agreements or current
9:50 am
signed agreements are to be frozen that is important because the german armaments industry doesn't support considerable amount several many kids consignments to the saudi authorities well all those are now curtailed truncated as it were the point will be whether this is something that will be followed by other european governments certainly that's what the german government wants to see the chorus of concern and then criticism that came here in germany was equalled was was as it were followed suit by european authorities but now the question is will other european authorities impose an arms embargo. a new united nations draft resolution has called for a pause in the fighting in yemen hours earlier battles resumed in the port city of a day which is currently under the control of hoshi rebels on sunday the rebels said they were ready for a ceasefire hammered out or has this update from neighboring djibouti. peace talks between the young men's warning this is looking ever more likely because for the
9:51 am
first time we're seeing a united into muscle community countries like britain the united states france all singing from the same hymn exacting pressure on the democratic callers from as well as the who these and the last round of poll talks in geneva collapsed because the holders did more time up now with the un special envoy studies he will struggle with them from sun our to sweden if need be which makes many people have hopes that talks might be possible at last one of the world's most powerful motor industry bosses has been arrested carlos ghosn is the chairman of the nissen renault and mitsubishi motors alliance is accused of grossly understating his salary and what the company calls significant misconduct shares of nisanit dropped more than six percent since the news of the west the united states has put in new security barriers at a busy crossing on its southern border thousands of central american asylum seekers
9:52 am
have been gathering on the mexican side the caravan of migrants as face protests from hundreds of people in the mexican border city of wanna migrants are hoping to enter the u.s. president donald trump says he'll never allow that to happen thousands of people in guatemala have fled their homes after a volcano erupted near the city of antigua disaster management authorities say about four thousand people have been evacuated from the area the volcano of fire is among the most active sites in central america and eruption in june killed nearly two hundred people. israel's prime minister has added the collapse of his coalition government education minister naftali bennett and threatened to pull his party out of the governing alliance but decided against it the government was thrown into crisis when defense minister avigdor lieberman resigned on wednesday over a cease fire deal with groups in gaza. the headlines we're back with
9:53 am
more after lifelines. there are those who dream of the possibilities of the world free of the ancient diseases that keep billions in poverty and for those who strive to make that dream a reality their quest is on the brink of the church. and. the only two countries in the world where polio is still endemic. afghanistan and
9:54 am
pakistan but pakistan is the largest polio virus reservoir in the world and is considered to be a key battleground in the global fight against the disease. in the past year over forty vaccinators and support staff had been killed while working to eradicate the polio virus on tuesday gunmen shot to death six pakistani women who were boarding on the un and government backed polio vaccination campaign. the attacks have been linked to the taliban in twenty twelve they called for a ban on vaccinations in response to u.s. drone strikes. not long after the killings in karachi teams were back on the street going door to door persuading families to administer drops of vaccine to their children. it is women who are leading this fight and in the process often risking their lives.
9:55 am
to get pulled out. ah good. get those done. they get. education. health officials have identified three persistent polio reservoirs in pakistan. one of them is dangerous neighborhood. and shifting population this is where the attacks took place in twenty twelve and it is an area. now prioritized .
9:56 am
but i. will. not.
9:57 am
come. on. the security. opposite most people just get out of congress something out of. it because people get. back to their artists or leave out low profile this upcoming winter. that i you see flows as a the emmet deliveries and i've only bought the if. this if we want it that is up i doubt they will be does the fossil to do what they begin on the. look of an addict were involved in the community going to get into the general mattis out there today look at the level of the humaine said looking for us and. when the polio workers
9:58 am
were killed in karachi in twenty twelve. a campaign supervisor was on duty in an area. what was it meant to be nationally get an a d m d but a shiny thing. heading into a museum and it got me and i started in. a minute i stand if i'm lucky to cut up the fighting. in gaza that it is. committed fighting that it dominica me up but they said no man of the mind you've got a million and a good boom. if you need. to maim but if. you gain money. billion human way to the middle.


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