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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 20, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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out of congress would in donald trump's view risk the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia and would not be putting put america first. right you know in that statement where you read or perhaps a little bit later the president writes after the united states saudi arabia is the largest oil producing nation in the world and they have worked closely with us and been very responsive to my requests keeping oil prices that reasonable levels well what happened just a couple of weeks ago come out we had the iran sanctions targeting oil exports there were concerns about rising prices something that the president doesn't want for his base particularly working class americans who might be struggling to fill up the gas tank and don't want to see those prices spike saudi arabia allows the president the confidence to know that those prices can remain somewhat stable so it's interesting that the president is on the one hand saying to congress look you can go in another direction but in the next breath saying but be careful about
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those oil prices you've got constituents of voters who will be concerned about this too it's a very provocative tactic that he's taken there. almost a veiled threat to members of congress look if you go further you may be paying the price for that ok we were going to keep going through the statement i think this is working well let me go back to one of the earlier paragraphs where donald trump is again speaking specifically about jamal khashoggi he says representatives of saudi arabia say that jamal khashoggi was a quote enemy of the state and a member of the muslim brotherhood but my decision is no way based on that that is an unacceptable and horrible crime king someone in crown prince mohammed bin someone vigorously deny any knowledge of the planning or execution of the murder of jamal khashoggi and then he goes on to say a little bit further down you made the point of this earlier as well kimberly that being said we may never know we may never know all the facts surrounding the murder of mr jamal khashoggi in any case our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi
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arabia that i think kimberly is very telling it puts the country over the man effectively. yeah you know i didn't catch the last part of what you were saying because they're a little bit of interference in my ear but two things come to mind as you read both of those passages the first one is it really feels as if that language in the statement representatives of saudi arabia say that she was an enemy of the state no member of the muslim brotherhood but those words may have been coordinated with saudi arabia reminds me of one of the statements we saw many weeks ago coming out of saudi arabia where those similar accusations were made that we know it's about associates family vigorously denied that he was in any way a member of the muslim brotherhood but the fact that he says his decision is not based on that but wait let me make sure i include that in my statement is very curious and one that i think many people pick up and pick apart and probably take
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exception to particularly the family of a hunch so she and then you go went on to another point which i'm trying to remember what we're talking that we have a little bit of once again i think here is the big. part of your question he said that being said we may never know all the facts surrounding the murder of mr jamal khashoggi in any case our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia that is very very clear donald trump saying i am here to talk about the country. while some horrified by what happened to the man the country comes first. yeah that last part is going to absolutely and rage democrats on capitol hill it's going to a rage members of the u.s. intelligence community that's going to embrace members of donald trump's own party because the question of the intelligence that we may never know the facts the only person essentially saying that is the u.s. president who has said that he wants to maintain this search egypt relationship in
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fact we know that the cia and this we believe was some sort of cord needed leak to the washington post first in the house so she of course was a contributor was very conclusive in in the intelligence that is said without absolute certainty that in fact it was the had been some of the crown prince that was responsible for the orders for this killing and that has been echoed as recently as today by a state department official in fact saying that there is no dispute about the intelligence that it was i believe it was blindingly obvious was the quote i don't have it right there in front of me but blindingly obvious that there was no dispute amongst the state department officials intelligence officials about the intelligence yet we have the president here saying we may never know the facts that's not going to play well for the president ok kimberly let's pause for a moment here for anyone just joining us on al-jazeera this is the news hour on come on sons of maria here in doha we are in continuing coverage right now of the
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jamal khashoggi case and the release of a statement from u.s. president donald trump we have been waiting to hear from him with regards to well that been nearly a reports from the cia that it was convinced it was the crown prince mohammed bin someone who had ordered the killing now we have really that headline tells it all their statement from president donald trump standing with saudi arabia there as can be how it has been telling us around seven paragraphs there in the style of donald trump let's say if you look at something like that there maybe he did and maybe he didn't referring to. the crown prince's knowledge this clearly has a cyclically it very much looks like it has come straight from the panel straight from the mouth of president donald trump now just quickly in the white house or outside the white house at the moment the rose garden there is going to be a guess you'd call it a ceremony to mark the u.s. holiday of thanksgiving which is on thursday and there isn't
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a tradition i guess of pardoning a turkey in fact the turkey. don't worry he's not going to be on someone's dinner table in fact the very opposite this is a tradition of pardoning said to turkey my knowledge of thanksgiving holiday is not strong enough unfortunately to tell you any more than that the point is that donald trump will be out there in front of the media in front of the cameras shortly i don't know if he will i will i suspect he would get questions thrown at him this statement whether he has them or not would be another question altogether kimberly how could a white house correspondent still with us actually wish donald trump is there any off the thanksgiving himself after this or releasing the statement and then going. after this somewhat awkward turkey pardoning and you did get your american history accurate there it's a sort of unusual holiday tradition that all presidents participate in the
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juxtaposition of those images and the statement of what we're talking about right now rather awkward to say the least i have to question the timing of this statement perhaps though the president acknowledging his own travel schedule and the fact that he will be heading to palm beach florida in about two hours tie and so not only are we expecting reporters could throw questions at the president at this so-called turkey pardoning he's unlikely to answer there where i think we may get some comments from him will be in about two hours when he speaks on the front lawn south lawn of the white house for his departure to andrews air force base before he goes to palm. it's florida it's an open press event often speaks although not always and already i know that there are reporters who are planning to ask him about this now with the statement there's no question we will be doing that because again the president's conclusions and the conclusion of his intelligence that in fact mohammed bin solomon ordered the killing of the russians see in the fact that the president says we may never know the facts radically different assessments if
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you will to say the least and president is certainly going to have to answer to how he reached this conclusion given the fact that he's been briefed by his cia director gene the hassle who went to turkey spoke with turkish officials how he could reach such a different conclusion than that of his own intelligence community ok kimberly thanks for now stick around i will be coming back to you later on what i want to do just now is to take us through some of this excuse me this statement which i say is come we would think from the mouth of president donald trump on standing with saudi arabia he starts by saying the world is a very dangerous place and highlights iran the highlights yemen he highlights syria he's hawks about iran openly and with great force saying things like death to america and death to israel this is the way he is qualifying his current position. and talking about his trip to saudi arabia last year where there was of course that agreement to spend and invest four hundred fifty billion dollars that is important to president donald trump as he says it will create hundreds of thousands of jobs
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tremendous economic development and much additional wealth for the united states again putting america first and we go a little bit further down and he does start to talk directly about jamal khashoggi this paragraph in full and highlighted as well the crime against jamal khashoggi was a terrible one and one that our country does not condone indeed we have taken strong action against those already known to a participatory in the murder after great independent research he says great independent research we now know many details of this horrible crime zoom referring to the cia report which he has received we have sanctioned seventeen saudis known to have been involved in the murder of mr. and the disposal of his body it's an important statement i'm going to go on reading the whole thing because i think we really do need to get the full picture forgive me as i highlight this as we go representatives of saudi arabia say that jamal khashoggi was an enemy of the state and a member of the muslim brotherhood but my decision is in no way based on that this
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is an unacceptable and horrible crime king solomon and crown prince mohammed bin salman vigorously deny any knowledge of the planning or execution of the murder of mystical shoji our intelligence agencies continue to assess also mention. but this is critical here it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event maybe he did and maybe he didn't that's got the donald trump stamp on it style wise hasn't it that that is very much not saying what we believe the cia report said which was that mom had been so manana knew he ordered that let's move to the next paragraph again i'm going to go right the way through this that being said we may never know all the facts surrounding the murder of mystical shoji in any case our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia this is where again donald trump pivots back to the country of saudi arabia rather than the person jamal khashoggi they've been a great ally in our very important fight against iran the united states intends to
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remain steadfast partner of saudi arabia to ensure the interests of our country of israel and all other partners in the region it is paramount goal to fully eliminate the threat of terrorism throughout the world so forgive me taking my time with that but it is an important statement which we've been waiting a few days for and we're going to talk more about it now with rhonda slim who is a director of conflict resolution at the middle east institute and she's in our washington new center nice to see you rhonda hopefully you've been able to take in most of what i've been saying there but i think maybe that last paragraph is one of the most important the united states intends to remain a steadfast partner of saudi arabia to ensure the interests of our country in other words yes a man died a man died a horrible death but in the end for our relationship it doesn't actually count well it's not as much as it doesn't actually count as our interest from these other issues that have to do with accountability for it crime and asking for justice for
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. so i think this is not surprising the statement is very much in line with what we have been hearing from mr truong for the last few days in terms of his attitude is if the saudi involvement especially the crown prince involvement in the assassination of mr. she has what it indicates the last sunday that he doesn't you know he he would like his intention is to is to create a certain level of ambiguity that will allow him to continue to work with the crown prince while at the same time as the statement clearly indicates he acknowledges the fact that he will not be able to stop the congress which you know in a bipartisan way now wants to move forward with some tough actions against saudi arabia and against saudi officials. later on in his statement donald trump says i
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understand there are members of congress who for political or other reasons would like to go in a different direction and they are free to do so so that's an important thing isn't it and maybe you can talk to us about that and how well what congress might possibly do now and how it would conflict with what the statement says look i think what we might see from congress is a i mean continue that we have that is the global magnitsky act you know and that will be good sanctions. against individuals in saudi arabia against we don't know how high level they're going to go with that but i think i'm assuming that they're going to go has a high as possible as i said that is a bipartisan posture that is that bipartisan approval to go you know in a direction of pinning the blame for mr official. on the count prince himself and we
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have heard that from republican senator as mr lindsey graham as well as from democratic senator as mr saunders so this is where and then i think there will be actions in terms of weapon sales in terms of opiate ation in yemen and i think it's going to be easier a tougher and tougher going forward for the administration to be able to spin and rationalize future cooperation on a number of spheres with the between the united states and saudi kay this statement should donald trump would like to think especially as he goes off for his thanksgiving holiday that this drill some sort of line under the situation that he has finally put out his statement and he said we are standing with saudi arabia i would suspect and we want to know what you think it doesn't draw a line under an effect the pressure on him may actually increase now not just from congress but possibly from international players. no i
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mean imagine actor in this whole drama or tragedy is the washington post i mean after all essential to she was a journalist who worked was working at the time for the washington post washington post leadership has it indicate that that day he is one of them and they consider it's going to be their business going forward to make sure that whether or did the killing because they don't believe that the seventeen sanctioned by the united states government until now are the ones who ordered the killing they want to go as high up you know as the crown prince because that's what they believe when they believe the order for killing and assassinating the federal she came from so you are going to see the washing of force you're going to see other members of civil society organizations and the nights they keep digging for more information for the more clues that can. put it directs relationship and can provide strong good evidence to establish a direct relationship between the crown prince and and the team that was sent to
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istanbul to assassinate the. we're going to speak to our correspondent in turkey shortly but maybe i can get your opinion on u.s. turkey relations in fact we saw a little earlier mike pompei or the secretary of state who is meeting the turkish foreign minister. in washington d.c. as well what studies or turkish u.s. relationship here and you know i mean turkey is really held its line throughout this whole affair. correct and i expected you to continue with it's the strategy of information we already heard from some sources that that is another tape a longer tape than the one that was shared with the foreign governments the seven minute there is a fifteen minute tape that might provide even more evidence linking the crown prince to the hit team so i'm expecting you know this tape to start surfacing even more in terms of detailed information from that that exists but you have to we have
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to understand that the. tragedy of the hot chick she moved to you know it falls within it why the ruled the relationship between the united states and turkey and within this relationship there are a number of contentious issues and you know one of them is the hoff bank the you know problem and the penalty is that might be imposed on it going forward and which mr ed began does not want to see applied or the other problem is the y.p. gee you know the issue especially after a mr jeffrey statement that they would have to stay they're not going to go away that's a major contentious issue between the united states and turkey so all of these other issues are going to be put in this basket negotiation basket including the to fair and so well that in the future they will be able to strike some kind of where you have you know trades in a way between the fair versus other issues you know who knows but i think this is
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part of the negotiation that this ongoing between between and washington on the affair but also on many other issues that are right now you know pretty contentious and despite that relationship rather slim it's been a pleasure talking to you i thank you for all your analysis on this moving story from washington d.c. you're with al-jazeera we are as we say analyzing and assessing the statement that's come from u.s. president donald trump in the last few minutes a statement from president trump standing with saudi arabia we had been waiting for this he had talked about in the next couple of days some sort of official statement or report that was after of course we've heard from. the u.s. cia or reports of the cia let's just have a little look in the rose garden at the white house donald trump's just appeared there smiling and his with melania because what you're about to say and we may have a missile missing you very much is that it is a tradition of pardoning
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a turkey it's the u.s. thanksgiving holiday coming up this week at the white house and this is a trip you know let's have a little listen just to hear what donald trump saying you never know what might say what he may say thank the half of the entire trump family i want to wish all americans a very very happy thanksgiving thank this time of the year we reflect on all of the many blessings in our lives we're also very glad to be joined by the chairman of the national turkey federation jeff suv in along with his wife marsha is father john his sons andrew peter and samuel and they're very beautiful families thank you very much for being here thank you thank you thank jeff thank you thanksgiving is a time of great american traditions and today we continue
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a very special one when a lucky turkey gets a presidential pardon that turkey is so lucky i've never seen such a beautiful turkey. it has been stated that president abraham lincoln honest abe was the first president to grant such a pardon after his son ted be shredded the christmas tree so stunning to hear there the tradition of pardoning the turkey one lucky turkey is donald trump says what we will do keep monitoring his speech here in the newsroom and just him a b. at the end if reporters do throw him any questions on the issue of jamal khashoggi because he has chosen this moment and kimberly want to bring you back and kimberly how could our white house correspondent is chosen this moment of celebration and thanks well thanksgiving isn't it in the united states to release a very important foreign policy statement. yeah the juxtaposition came
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out it almost i don't use a little motion get into my reporting are trying not to but it almost makes me sick to my stomach the fact that we're you know sort of focusing and looking at the president talking about this holiday and you know sort of laughter and clapping and then we're getting this very serious foreign policy statement let's be honest this isn't just a foreign policy statement this is about the murder of a journalist to was shining a light doing his job showing the lumina like to what he believed were. deep concerns about saudi arabia's government by human rights concerns about press freedom and for that he was murdered not just murdered gruesomely murdered you know according to the tape according to the leaked intelligence cut into pieces with a bone saw i mean it's so uncomfortable it is in such poor taste the white house
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has released this almost simultaneously as these pictures are now playing on television screens the president opened himself up to what many would say is very fair criticism i mean the fact that the statement in there where he is essentially what we say in the in united states often throwing shade on the refutation of your mouth. by sort of saying that you know saudi arabia says he was a member of the muslim brotherhood something we should point out his family has denied the fact that he's talking about a u.s. residence he wasn't just a contributor for a newspaper that's located just blocks from the white house he was a resident of the united states and for the u.s. president to be talking like this releasing this important statement just as he goes to celebrate a holiday is not going to sit well now we will have an opportunity perhaps to hear as you said the president talking after this event if reporters are successful in getting to answer questions the other thing i'm watching carefully here it appears
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that the u.s. secretary of state is soon to appear in the briefing room in the state department so of course here and also there will be watching that very carefully also because often donald trump will release the statement but then it is those like his secretary of state mike pump aoe that essentially do his dirty work handling the tough questions about how this is ministration has reached this conclusion. yes ok thanks kimberly understate with you so i'm just keeping an eye on my life screens as well here because we're hoping for that briefing from. the turkish foreign minister as well let's do what we were doing before and go back through some of the statement from donald trump will go to this paragraph. where he talks about actually it was just after you mentioned about the enemy of the state and member of muslim brotherhood donald trump says our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information but it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of
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this tragic event maybe he did and maybe he didn't that being said we may never know the facts surrounding the murder of jamal khashoggi and in any case our relationship is with me just as we go relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia that's telling isn't it candy we know of course how strong the relationship is between the u.s. and saudi arabia but he's putting it down there in black and white next to the name of the journalist who was killed effectively putting one over the other. yeah there are so many ways we could dissect that in so many directions we could go let's just pick kind of the top few and all of this essentially what the president is saying is that he has invested in saudi arabia to confront iran essentially what he's saying is that a country where there are global concerns about human rights abuses that he believes that this is a country that is an important ally of the united states now you always hear the
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united states talking about how it espouses you know american values that they are lofty and they value human rights but yet the president is saying the statement that the nation the united states the values human rights is pairing up with a nation that many have accused of not valuing human rights and that is more important when confronting iran i think it's also important to note that the only other nation the other than iran that is mentioned in the statement is israel and we know that donald trump has certainly invested in the american jewish community in terms of pleasing them and those donors that supported his campaign we saw this when he moved the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and so i don't think it's any accident that we see this in the statement the naming of israel the concerns and interests of the united states apparently according to donald trump the priority is not only the united states but also israel and again that comes down to where the president has put his foundation for confronting iran and the potential threats to israel he
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believes that the relationship is squarely with saudi arabia once again carrying on the tradition of turning a blind eye to some of the uncomfortable realities for human rights in saudi arabia in order to achieve that goal and kimberly stay with me we'll just take a live look again at the white house the rose garden isn't it where don't trump as we've been talking about him and as the statement was released what was it maybe half an hour ago maybe forty minutes ago this is what's. actually going on with the president at the moment the process of pardoning a turkey for the american holiday of thanksgiving if you're wondering what this peculiar. event is in the rose garden well that's what it is this lucky turkey doesn't get eaten for thanksgiving the thanksgiving holiday starting on thursday that says have a quick little listen to donald trump because i wonder if reporters might throw him some questions thank you. thank you thank you thank you.
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right doesn't look i certainly couldn't hear anything in the background there and donald trump wasn't going to take anything anyway him malani heading back into the white house and they will be making their way to florida i think it is for the thanksgiving holiday shortly so that was a turkey pardoning ceremony turkey the animal let's talk turkey the country now and we're going to do that which is two things to consider one is that the secretary of state u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o and his turkish count about the foreign minister met it closer you were well this was them twenty minutes or so ago they came out into the briefing room i guess for the cameras at the state department and we were hoping for a comment they shook hands and after the cameras snapped. they turned around and left again so just a photo op but we are seeing the press briefing line is up. and it will be
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starting very soon as. we'll bring you that as soon as that happens in the meantime let's go to mohammed mohammed a correspondent who is in turkey he's in istanbul outside that saudi consulate one of the many teams have been reporting from there hi mohamed this statement from donald trump which i'm sure you've heard us talking through very obviously pro saudi arabia how do you think the will react to given they have held such a strong line and only built on that line continually builds on that throughout the whole jamal khashoggi affair. it's very clear that this form is very short very very short from what the turkish government and the turkish public have been expecting for the last several weeks turkey has been putting more and more pieces of evidence together in front of the international community and particularly they handed those recordings to the cia to
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be shown to president donald trump now i think that the first official reaction is expected from the foreign minister the turkish foreign minister is now in the united states is expected to talk to turkish media there but here in turkey i can say that the expectation that there has been during the last few days about what could be decided in the white house. i mean very much differ from what has been announced tonight they have been expecting some clear decision on who gave the order we haven't heard any word in the in the statement by donald trump about who gave the order and those words seem to seem to leave this question open ended and to give the united states your party to continue to use that open ended situation probably to gain more leverage and more possibilities to control possibly the situation the relationship with saudi arabia to weaken the government there in saudi arabia but here the logic is that even if there is no direct pointing fingers
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to mohammed bin said man the current prince everybody knows that the team that came here and perpetrated this crime represent the saudi government this is the responsibility of the saudi government and the turkish authorities and turkish president he has said that he doesn't think that king said man has ordered the killing so who else has ordered the killing the question here is this is exactly the question here and every every piece of evidence that turkey has advanced seems to go up and up on the echelons of power in saudi arabia two point. crown prince mohammed said that the other question that we the media here pose to ourselves and everybody is asking is why if turkey has more evidence to show and more portions of those tapes recordings to show to the world why have they not shown them altogether to the world and particularly to the americans in order to
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strengthen the case that they have been building in this regard so all mohamed if this is just a broader question is this a big test for us turkey relations bearing in mind it's not just about jamal khashoggi it's about other things in the air in the in the region it's about the kurds about syria all these other. issues which both countries are involved with mohamed can you hear me oh. yes yes i can hear yeah. that's exactly what you know the has been discussed in the media here in turkey during the last several weeks you know and people talking about things behind the table things behind the curtains things you know things that have been discussed that the situation is much more complicated than just the murder as you said the amount of the amount and this is why many people have been warning that this
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situation should not be utilized this is a case of justice of of humanity human justice and this man should be given justice and it should not be utilized by governments and there is a lot of fear among many observers and many people who care for human rights that the big countries the regional countries regional powers international powers should not. take this situation to other levels that might cause disruption and. and. the justice should not be given as it's due. mohamed vall thank you for that from istanbul outside of course the saudi consulate where jamal khashoggi was murdered this is the live scene in washington d.c. at the state department as we wait to hear from what we saw earlier both secretary of state and turkish foreign minister coming out for a photo op i would assume that both of them would speak it definitely we would hear from the secretary of state might pompei oh i don't know if we will hear from the
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turkish foreign minister if only because i'm not seeing a turkish flag here and you would usually see that if both were going to speak perhaps they will be something separate from the turkish foreign minister elsewhere in washington d.c. a little bit later either way whenever my pompei or secretary of state speaks we'll bring you that live on al jazeera continuing coverage here on al-jazeera on the news hour of the statement from donald trump regarding. as he says he is standing with saudi arabia we have been waiting to hear something from him he had fled this up himself a couple of days ago when the reports of a cia report came out he said we would have a full report and this is it is a seven paragraph report starting with those first lines there america first the world is a very dangerous place the telltale exclamation points of donald trump's. certainly his tweets and you start to think as you go through this statement that it has been
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dictated directly by the president he talks about the crime against jamal khashoggi being a terrible one in one country does not condone and indeed we have taken strong action against those already known to have participated in the murder but the key is later on when he says hour and deceit at the top of the screen there in any case our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia they have been a great ally and a very important fight against iran the united states intends to remain a steadfast partner of saudi arabia so that is just some of the headlines to come out of that statement from donald trump i mentioned earlier in the week we had the reports of a cia report which actually decided or they concluded that it was mohammed bin some of the crown prince who had directly ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi at that time we spoke to bob as he's a former intelligence officer and we've got him back with us now joining us on skype from toronto in the united kingdom thank you for your time and short notice i
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mean the key thing from all the statement i don't know how much you've seen or you've heard me talking about it is that he's not putting it on mohammed bin solomon and he is saying quite clearly in fact maybe he knew maybe he didn't your thoughts your initial thoughts on hearing the statement. the initial thought is that he's he's done ducking the problem the question and the concern of the international community is whether or not the crown prince was involved in or ordered the murder. and trump has avoided there what he's done is he's come out and he said something like well he may have known about it which implies perhaps he didn't and then trump also says that the u.s. intelligence community will continue to study and gather information which is another way of saying the information they have is not adequate to make a decision which is another temporizing factor by the part of the present united
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states he's trying to have it both ways and he wants to maintain a relationship with saudi arabia but he doesn't want to accuse the crown prince of the balkan and murder and he's hoping the whole problem can be fuzzed up a little bit and it's not going to get fussed up a little bit the international community and u.s. congress will not allow it to be fuzzed how much of a rebuke is this do you think to the cia to the intelligence community in the united states which we already know that donald trump has a strained relationship with well let's not spend thirty years in the u.s. intelligence community and the people that work within the organizational structure are for the most part hard working honest and reputable men and they know when they're doing a good job and they know when you're speaking truth the fact that the president has chosen to ignore truth because it interferes with his political agenda doesn't make the intel community lose heart it makes them simply despair at having
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a leader who ignores truth can you tell us more then on why you think donald trump chooses not to know this is slightly speculative but why he chooses to house so much doubt on the cia we know he has a correlation chip with the f.b.i. as well or at least the leadership of the f.b.i. as well what what is behind it all again. we have to look at each of the organizations and the underlying reason why trump is in conflict with the intelligence community when trump was running for office came out and explained to him that there was this this report that was circulating the roberts report that alluded to the fact that trump was in bed with the russians both figuratively and interestingly enough literally and trump rejected that intelligence community reporting because he felt it interfered with his legit. he had a falling out with the f.b.i. because the f.b.i. was the parent organization that was sponsoring mueller's investigation into
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whether or not there had been collusion between trump and the russians or the trump election committee and the russians so he has tried to push the f.b.i. aside or did a great the f.b.i. or trivialize the f.b.i. because they are investigating him for potential criminal activity now this latest . spasso with the intelligence community is not a sparrow or the quality intelligence has nothing to do with the quality of intelligence it has to do with trump's political agenda he wants to maintain relations with him in a saudi arabia he wants to continue the multi-billion dollar arms trade between the united states and saudi arabia doesn't want anything to interfere with there and as a businessman and a man who apparently lacks a strong moral war he's willing to overlook state subsidized murder to maintain further business relationships with the kingdom i'm just looking back on the
9:39 pm
statement again and i just want to go back up with something which you mentioned before maybe you can reiterate for us when donald trump says our intelligence where is it yes our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information in other words. you can keep going you can keep investigating this in the background sort of but i've already made my decision is that when you read that. what i interpret that as being as a statement by truck to infer that the intelligence information that he's been presented with is not adequate for him to make a clear decision as to whether or not the b.s. was actually on board and ordering the murder so i think it's it's interesting way of it's it's not really a lie it's a truthful statement but it's what i would be calling quibbling what he's doing is he's inferring that the inter-community doesn't have enough information for him to make a decision so they're going to continue to assess and they're going to continue to
9:40 pm
study it and if prompt has his way they'll continue to assess and study it forever and there never be a conclusion reached by obvious thank you so much for joining us again as i say at short notice but your your knowledge and your expertise valuable as we tell the story thank you you're more than welcome. so bob as we speak to him we spoke to him earlier in the week as well when the food those first reports about the cia report which was saying that the crown prince mohammed bin solomon did order the killing of jamal khashoggi what we have today in the last hour or so is a statement from donald trump well not saying that in fact the person and paragraph there is in fact i've still got it highlighted it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic event maybe he did and maybe he didn't they get a very donald trump esque sort of statement where he would do well hedges bits on that say well maybe yes maybe no. let's go to kimberly how could the white
9:41 pm
house correspondent who's been going through this when you take this to the timeline of this complete because it's been as i say about an hour since the statement. was released by the press secretary and we have seen the president since then as well but in a very different context. yes and as we continue to stand by waiting to see if mike pompei i was going to appear in the state of our briefing room let's just kind of run through what we've been talking about for the last hour the key points we had been awaiting some sort of statement or a reporter presentation from this administration the trumpet ministration the president promised this that would sort of offer sort of some sort of conclusion to his perspective and thoughts with regard to the killing of a soldier we've now received that it's seven paragraphs long it seems to be authored by the president lots of sort of some of the over use of exclamation points which is the signature of donald trump's twitter feed but the content of
9:42 pm
this pretty astonishing and will probably not be sitting well with his democratic critics in congress members of his own republican party and even the american public because the conclusions essentially are what we've been hearing donald trump saying in recent weeks casting doubt on the intelligence of his own cia that says in fact it was one hundred thousand the crown prince that ordered the killing. and then reaffirming the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia and one point i think we need to bring up in all of this is that donald trump's not the first president to underscore the importance of this relationship turning a blind eye to concerns about human rights in saudi arabia in order to maintain the military industrial complex that has allowed for american jobs but more importantly is allowed some very moneyed interests both democrat and republican to continue to sell weapons to saudi arabia but donald trump was the first president to use the
9:43 pm
phrase he was coming to washington to quote drain the swamp but this is the swamp sort of. reinforcement of that relationship that we're seeing right now essentially what the president has said in the statement is that the american values are the values. of the military industrial complex is preferred to this sort of perpetual war machine is more important than american values what americans have always a spouse just as human rights come first but that's not what the president is saying he's going on to say that he doesn't condone the murder of zero hush shows but in fact that's exactly what he says and in the subsequent paragraphs he is essentially condoning the monstrous act and saying that he's reaffirming this relationship because it's important to couldn't to confront iran but how could anything a wrong turn any worse than this most gruesome killing is this administration continues to talk about the malign activity of iran and why it needs to be
9:44 pm
confronted it's very hard to turn a blind eye to the accusations against the highest levels of the saudi government so essentially what i think members of congress are going to conclude what the human rights community is going to conclude is that americans feel that selling weapons is more important than the morality and that is not going to play well that is not going to sit well while donald trump puts america first it might be america alone on that in fact it might be the president alone because as we've been discussing it's very likely that the u.s. congress is only going to dig and steals and further and try to take action where it appears the president will not just a quick bit of housekeeping kimberly we saw donald trump during the thanksgiving ceremony what's his timetable from here after dropping this very important statement. he's going on vacation he's going to palm beach florida which is a warmer spot than washington d.c.
9:45 pm
to celebrate the american holiday it is a pretty major holiday it's all about celebrating friends and family. something that the family of a social will not be able to do he was of course a u.s. resident wasn't just a u.s. resident he was living about thirty minutes drive from from from where i'm standing right now so bad uncomfortable reality will exist for the president as he vacations and spends this holiday with his family we know there's a house so she won't be complete how it gets in the white house thank you for now kimberly with me here in studio mohammad. keep the who is a professor of political ethics at how my been clean for university here in doha thanks for coming in breaking news developing situation when you look at this statement from donald trump in one sense as kimberly was saying to us it's not a huge surprise we know the u.s. is an ally of saudi arabia but the very clear thing to get your view on this here is that donald trump is putting that relationship ahead of the murder of
9:46 pm
a journalist. i think that's right he's still putting those kind of relation between us and surgery above anything else but i think there is also movement in position. when he separated for the first time between saudi arabia and benson on his in any case our relation is with socially yes i think that's very interesting statement there which make which is which is making transposition closer to the congressman who are try from to beginning by graham for example from the beginning to separate between saudi arabia as a country and then said man as an individual so it's not personal relation anymore between tampa and said man it's something bigger and more important i think that's an interesting point and i want to also use when he said well if some congressmen want to have another generation that fight like if you're saying i'm not going to do something against my friend but it's going to do it ok go ahead but but that
9:47 pm
affects him i mean if congress wants to and there has been talk about the. magnitsky act invoking that section which has to go to the president's desk doesn't and we have to act within one hundred twenty days so if he's not getting rid of everything just with this one i think yeah but he's trying to save face with the saudis in case congress. will do something in the future. the president couldn't do anything about it so i think yeah trump is still the funding bill said no and implicitly he probably wishes that the case is closed without even knowing anything said we might never know about what's happened i think really that's kind of wishful thinking there about it but it is also probably knows that well some solid evidence against his friend he cannot defend anymore so it's. like this i think in general there is some.
9:48 pm
deliberate ambiguity in this statement of time probably that's what they call in diplomacy constructive ambiguity you know keep things i'm big. if you have to go this way it's fine you still also can go the other way. ok i'm looking at just the statement some of the other issues he talks about there's a lot to talk about iran and yemen and syria and it's the fight against iran this is a big justification for standing with saudi arabia and iran always go back to that well. nobody really wants to be against or expect them to be against. what the show is about one hundred most imaginative so they're abia yes there are some elements in this statement justifying this. transposition including saudi arabia is willing to change its position on amman for example iran is still the danger we still need saudi arabia but many other
9:49 pm
congressman other american politicians who have a different view they don't really deny these they do and they don't deny the importance of. all the programs with respect because i want to read this really quickly this is a part of the statement of really not gone through already but you just mentioned it on the other hand saudi arabia would gladly withdraw from yemen if the iranians would agree to leave they would immediately provide desperately needed humanitarian assistance additionally saudi arabia has agreed to spend billions in leading the fight against radical islamic terrorism he puts in capital letters there i mean it's just. it seems peculiar to me the way he's using these other. conflicts in the region iran being the common factor in them to justify almost inaction on jamal khashoggi yeah i think really that's a part of sort of. really cheat. to save him from these is to say that well this man can change his. position in yemen for example
9:50 pm
probably on up our own as it is you know why this has nothing to do with the main point of view i think there is some kind of. political game in him in trying to rehabilitate mr man by pushing him to change his for years and a girl in some foreign policies of. haiti thank you for joining us in studio for this do appreciate it. you know without jazeera continuing coverage of the jamal khashoggi case the latest development has been in the past hour a statement from the u.s. president donald trump just before the thanksgiving holiday in the united states he will be in fact probably is right now heading off to florida for his holiday a long weekend but he has released as we see a statement from president donald trump on standing with saudi arabia really the headline says it all and one of the points we're making is this does seem to have been probably dictated directly by the president his language style america first
9:51 pm
exclamation point the world is a very dangerous place all these sorts of stylistic things which we are used to seeing from donald trump it's a seven paragraph statement we have been going through it in fact let's just see the last line of it and that really says it all as the president of the united states i intend to ensure that in a very dangerous world america is pursuing its national interests and vigorously contesting countries that wish to do us harm i.e. iran very simply it is called america first our white house correspondent is kimberly how kits are i know she's quite busy but oh there you are kimberly hi let's go through thanks let's go through some of this again the overall tone then of the statement. yeah the tone of the statement i think it's a fair assessment that this is one that if it's not typed by donald trump was certainly dictated by donald trump right down to his kind of signature over use of
9:52 pm
the exclamation point to underscore the point that he's trying to make something we're very familiar with anyone who follows his twitter feed i think think that what we can pull back on this is that the president has just added detail to some of the public statements he's been saying over the last seven weeks that in fact he's casting doubt on the intelligence of his own cia and also reaffirming the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia essentially saying that while he denies that he's condoning murder essentially that's exactly what he's doing he's condoning murder for money money in terms of the relationship he believes generates jobs that he believes allows for enormous amount of revenue economically in terms of the weapon sales between the united states and saudi arabia one that we should point out have been in place for decades but the president promised to to kind of drain the swamp when it came to this sort of
9:53 pm
perpetual military industrial complex this kind of overlooking of american values in terms of human rights in order to turn a profit but donald trump is doing exactly what every previous president has done and that is turn a blind eye sensually. the conclusion of his intelligence agency is that in fact i haven't been salomon the saudi crown prince. is responsible for calling the shots in saudi arabia there's no way that this killing of this murder of an officer so she could have taken place without his knowledge or consent the intelligence that was leaked over the weekend here in washington to the washington post concludes in fact that through intercepts of those conversations between the so-called kill team and the crown prince that took place before and after the killing. points to the fact that he had knowledge this is been underscored by the state department an anonymous official going public in the american media saying that there is no doubt
9:54 pm
about this intelligence yet in the statement from the us president he is saying we may never know the facts well donald trump may come to that conclusion but it's radically different than the professionals in the intelligence community of the united states. and then kimberly again we dealt with this earlier but you'll get a place to just explain the fact that the statement is come out it's thanksgiving that's means we probably won't hear a lot more about it at least from the president. well there is an opportunity when the president leaves and i believe that if i look at looking at the time here it could happen in about the next ninety minutes that we might see the first tape playback it's not usually broadcast live but the president often speaks in fact he speaks more frequently than previous presidents on the south lawn of the white house as he gets onto marine one to go to evers air force base where he gets on a plane to fly to palm beach florida where in this case for the thanksgiving holiday quite often the president talks and i can tell you there's going to be high
9:55 pm
interest here at the white house reporters gathered outside the white house to try and press him on this statement the question is will he talk will he come up to the rope line and speak to reporters or will he bypass that goes straight to the helicopter are all eyes are going to be on the president now to see what he has to say because there are going to be many americans who are going to be deeply uncomfortable what the president has said essentially saying that he's turning a blind eye to what the world has condemned is human rights violations gross human rights violations when it comes to the murder of your office so she in favor of money and that is not going to sit well with not only members of congress who have the power to take things further into sanction but the american voting public who will look at this in say we're not going to trade our american values even if this president won't stand up for them so this could become ultimately an election issue for the president but in the short term it's going to be a problem for him and his relationship with congress kimberly how it is
9:56 pm
a white house correspondent thank you for everything you've been doing there bringing us analysis and coverage of this statement from the u.s. president donald trump as we say it has been expected for some time and certainly the last couple of days and still much from flag up the idea that there would be some sort of official statement or report this was it released on the white house web site white house gov a little over an hour ago and kimberley's been talking us through it the headline really does say it all statement from president. donald j. trump on standing with saudi arabia he acknowledges the death of jamal khashoggi was a terrible crime he says the crown prince mohammed bin solomon may or may not have had knowledge of that he is certainly not pinning the blame on him and he is putting the relationship with saudi arabia above that's other issues at the moment or all things which we are looking for at least and that is at the state department we saw we saw the. payor.
9:57 pm
alongside the turkish foreign minister. they just had a quick photo opportunity here and we are expecting what we were hoping to hear from both of them but they left shortly after this handshake after the photographers got their shot and they will be hopefully will certainly might pompei will be speaking here at the state department we hope in the near future perhaps we won't hear from the turkish foreign minister i say that only because i don't see a ticket flag in that shot and there's some talk that maybe the turkish foreign minister will hold his own separate news conference so that's all up to date there for the moment statement from president on the standing with saudi arabia a meeting between the u.s. secretary of state might prompt and his turkish foreign minister counterparts and we are waiting for a live news conference from the state department in washington certainly with
9:58 pm
secretary of state might with donald trump already on his way to florida for his thanksgiving holiday it will be up to mike. to answer to this statement i'm come all santa maria thanks for staying with us more coverage from al-jazeera in london in just a moment. the meeting point of the business well mostly and smoke brings together the hundreds of companies and investors who went on line for had little or no money while. he was chained up for a washington united states today sanjay and international network that the iranian
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regime and russia are using to provide millions of barrels of oil to the assad regime this is in exchange for the movement of hundreds of millions of dollars to the i.r.g.c. could force that money is then passed on to terrorist organizations like hezbollah and hamas the united states and its continued efforts will not allow these dirty dealings to flourish iran will not be allowed to explore the international financial system to hide revenue streams it uses to fund terrorist activity support sectarian militias abusing civilian populations or to destabilize the region second you've seen that enter paul is electing a new president said important organization we strongly endorse kim jong yang who is serving as its active acting president we encourage all nations and organizations that are part of interpol and that respect the rule of law to choose a leader with credibility integrity that reflects one of the world's most critical law enforcement bodies we believe mr kim will be just that third
10:00 pm
our special representative for afghanistan reconciliations i'll make a little sod just got back from his trip to afghanistan the u.a.e. and cutter ambassador cleans out first and last stop was kabul where he met with president ghani chief executive abdulla and other afghan stakeholders facilitate a peace process between the governor afghanistan and the taliban. during his visit to kabul embassador met with men and women active in afghan civil society peace efforts members of the media and other governmental and non-governmental organizations in every one of his meetings embassador stressed that all afghans must have a say in creating a sustainable peace for afghanistan we will continue to work with all interested parties to support facilitate an inclusive peace process forth our special representative for north korea steve begin this meeting today with this republic of korea counterpart to further strengthen our close coordination and efforts to achieve our shared goal.


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