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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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zero. zero zero s. swear every. day all about america first we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders. the us president defends relations with saudi arabia despite conceding the crown prince may have known about the killing of journalist jamal kushal. the outrage over trans comments his close allies and that of them seaquarium says america should not lose a small voice. i
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don't welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha would be a list with iran and also ahead. a suicide attack on a gathering of religious leaders kills more than fifty people in kabul. look at the human toll of the boy and yemen especially the children and a not so warm welcome in mexico if asylum seekers trying to reach the u.s. . u.s. president donald trump has appeared to side with saudi arabia's crown prince. over the murder of journalists. despite a cia report concluding that the conference ordered the killing trump says the u.s. intends to remain a steadfast pop off saudi arabia she hopped on he has more from washington d.c.
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. i hear by the way you. are the white house thanksgiving tradition of the president pardoning a turkey to go to groom significance this year a short time donald trump and made it clear he was giving the saudi crown prince a pass in the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in an eight paragraph statement filled with the rhetorical flourishes the exclamation marks and slogans characteristic of the president's tweets don't trump made his argument king solomon crown prince mohammed bin salman vigorously denying any knowledge of the planning and execution of the murder of mr khashoggi our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information but it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic events maybe he did and maybe he didn't our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia donald trump went on they have been a great ally in our very important fight against iran the united states intends to remain a steadfast partner of saudi arabia to ensure the interests of our country israel
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and all other partners in the region very simply it is called america first basically he was saying that our relationship as saudi arabia is so important really doesn't matter later in the day mr trump was asked about his staunch support for the saudis we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and everybody else have a it's all about me very simple it's america first after talks with my pump aoe in washington the turkish foreign minister also discussed the complexity of his nation's relations with saudi arabia making it clear that i'm correct they don't want to sabotage those links but he added this we know well that the team who came . a stumble did not come because they wanted to but they came at the request of somebody we know though that this person is not the king there was a withering response from the washington post who wrote for journalists rights groups president trump is correct in saying the world is a very dangerous place the washington post said in
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a statement his surrender to the state ordered murder will only make it more also an innocent man brutally slain deserves better as does the cause of truth justice and human rights in this failure of leadership from president trump it now falls to congress to stand up for america's true values and lasting interests the committee to protect journalists tweeted this if you boil the white house statement down to its essence president trump has just asserted that if you do enough business with the us you are free to murder journalists that's an appealing message to send to saudi arabia and the world but it seems the trumpet ministration has made a decision not to be concerned by the ridicule and disbelief that has greeted its arguments and ultimate position on the khashoggi killing shihab rattansi al-jazeera washington a reaction to trans comments was quick and scathing cia director former cia director john brennan tweeted since mr trump excels in dishonesty it is now up to members of congress to obtain and declassify the cia findings on. death
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no one in saudi arabia most especially the crown prince should escape of accountability for such a heinous act the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. condemn and paris responds on twitter saying it is a main and nasty will of the trump siding with the meanest a nasty ist out there the fair face they see an assassin m.b.a.'s leave the world even last year the statement as a green light for would be murderers and countries that have things that trump thinks we need mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . president trump's comments of piers to have infuriated congress his implication that the investigation is now over as far as he is concerned that it's business as usual with saudi arabia has certainly inflamed feelings among both democrats and republicans on the hill it's been made very clear that congress is going to take whatever steps it can to get to the bottom of the matter to find out once and for
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all with one hundred insolvent the crown prince was responsible for the death of jamal khashoggi to get this done they are intent on introducing legislation within congress republican senator lindsey graham says this anough bipartisan support within congress to get this legislation through very quickly in addition the senate foreign relations committee has sent another letter to president trump reminding him that it had already invoked the global magnitsky act which accounts for accountability for human rights abuses anywhere in the world the good relations committee says in this letter to the president that they want him to continue and conclude the simplistic ation and they add in the wake of the recent events they want him to make a definite finding on whether or not the crown prince mohammed bin solomon was responsible for the death of jamal khashoggi so certainly pressure is ramping up
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from congress and any thought that president trump might have that the matter is now settled that's been denied completely by both republicans and democrats now how is the executive director of the arab center and washington d.c. he was also a friend of jamal khashoggi and he says trump has effectively ignored the intelligence community and pardoned the crown prince. i think it was somewhat of a strange event on the one hand this is the same president. only on sunday in a measure interview requests to the intelligence community to resubmit a new. assessment or reassessment of the events leading to the murder of yet today he preempts attempts to preempt assessment before he hears back from the intel community so he in a sense. gave him basically
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a slap in the face and proceeded to preempt three assessment essentially what he offered in his statement today i believe is like a presidential pardon. been some man in advance of finishing the investigation even in saudi arabia and terms of listening to his own intelligence community we want most probably see additional leaks in public even though that information has been released by the turks to their counterparts here in mclean virginia at the cia during that director is the director of the cia's visit to turkey i think they will be leaking now that information that was shared with her which was shared with the president but apparently as he said today he had meant it today that he doesn't seem to carry suspects that maybe.
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m.b.'s had been some man knew more about the situation maybe he didn't maybe we will never know that's the way the president of the united states spoke so i think it would be an interest of the turks to to go ahead and leak more information in public. well in his defense all of the solve the u.s. relationship donald trump statement on the mood and heard some bombs aimed at iran he opened the statements using pedal on as an example to show how quote dangerous the world is. well immediately after was iran's foreign minister job and zarif tweeted mr trump bizarrely devotes the first paragraph of his shameful statement on saudi atrocities to accuse iran of every sort of malfeasance he can think of perhaps we're also responsible for the california fires because we didn't help break the forests just like the fins do or toms comments on iran coincided on
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tuesday with new sanctions against russian and iranian companies the us state department says they're shipping millions of barrels of oil to syria in violation of u.s. sanctions it also accuses iran and russia of using the revenues to help fund syrian government allies which the u.s. considers terrorist groups secretary of state my compost as the transactions on the mind the judgment efforts to resolve the war in syria the united states today sanctions and international network that the iranian regime and russia are using to provide millions of barrels of oil to the assad regime this is in exchange for a little bit of hundreds of millions of dollars to the i r g c could force that money is then passed on to terrorist organizations like hezbollah and hamas the united states in its continued efforts will not allow these dirty dealings to flourish trade policy is a professor at georgetown university and he says the u.s.
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is trying to deflect attention away from saudi arabia. it shows the desperation and which trumpet ministration is trying to deflect and move on to the next issue and essentially trying to scare the american public into thinking that the iran is such a major threat to the united states so that the united states has no choice but to keep business as usual with the saudi government despite the murder on him off much of it it shows that this obsession with iran has now reached a level in the us government on the trunk it's always existed but it's not reached a level that is beyond anything we've seen in the past and i think we've reached a point in which even folks in washington are starting to see that this obsession with iran has gone quite a bit too far and i think what you're also seeing is that this saudi american relationship which has been a bipartisan issue is not going to become much more of
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a partisan question in the sense that many of the democrats will make their opposition to the current sound of u.s. relationship it cornerstone of their foreign policy particularly from progressives this saudi american relationship as it stands right now and bodies almost everything that they disagree with when it comes to american foreign policy everything from turning a blind eye to human rights violations everything from basing so much on it on arms sales to the lack of focus on gender equality and women's rights so for with them right excite this is going to continue and this is going to be to the detriment of the saudi government who is looking for closure on this issue but it's not going to get. so other news. has declared a day of national mourning after at least fifty people were killed in a civil side attack in the capital kabul an interior ministry spokesman says more than eighty others were wounded in the assault
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a suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside a whole gathering of muslim religious scholars to mark the birthday of the prophet muhammad. i heard the explosion i just take my cousin out of there that was seriously wounded but when i got here i realized that i was wounded as well and i am here i wanted to enter the hotel to participate in the ceremony but i got a call from a relative and he told me that there was a blast inside the hotel and the his children were wounded now and looking off to my friends who've been injured in the blast the hospitals aren't allowing anyone to . still ahead on the bodies and a traumatic taking of a hundred refugees still haunted by have pasta and spain freshens to vote against the u.k.'s breck said taking on that special cloud finds its position on a disputed territory. through tranquil arabian can you. deny freedom to use
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and it's going to. hello again to welcome back well here across the bar we are seeing some nice conditions across much of the northwestern part of the levant but things are going to be deteriorating because we do have some clouds and some rain coming in off the med over the next few days the forecast map looks like this as we go towards one say here are those clouds right there anywhere from ongar all the way down towards beirut in those clouds we could be seeing some rain showers as well making a way towards thursday more heavy rain across the region and those clouds start to make their way towards the southeast we are going to see in kuwait city cloudy day for you with the terms of their of about twenty four degrees now in those clouds we do expect to see some rain particular here across the northern part of saudi arabia not looking too bad here on wednesday but there you go. as we go towards thursday those clouds start to settle in and we are going to be seeing some localized showers as well over here toward still how we do expect to see a temperature of twenty seven but as we go towards the middle of the weekend i do expect to see more showers probably by the time we get towards saturday and sunday
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there very quickly across parts of africa we are going to be seeing some cloudy conditions across much of the area and rain for durban over the next few days temperature a few of twenty one degrees with johannesburg twenty eight and then as we go towards thursday we're going to be seeing some clearing conditions but cooler conditions in capetown attempt twenty one. there with it sponsored by cats he's. staring down at what humanity. how many. good buddy. simpson the shots came from the holiday rebirth critics. over who chose. to break up because we've got so many. that. even if somehow to create. a brand new series coming soon.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories the u.s. president has admitted that the saudi crown prince could have known about a plot to kill journalist jamal khashoggi bob says he isn't going to take any action against early a cia report said it believes the crown prince ordered the killing. but donald trump's comments have been widely condemned in the u.s. with a former top official saying he's given a green light to commit murder senator lindsey graham who's an ally of trump said there was strong support of kong west and all the serious sanctions against. the us the blacklisted russian and iranian companies for shipping millions of barrels of oil to syria and violation of u.s.
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sanctions and accuse them of using the revenues to fund groups fighting alongside the syrian government. now a new report and the sting to national has accused saudi arabia of torturing and sexually assaulting a woman its rights activists who held in detention they were violated by men wearing face masks all the data. haney's floor and electrocuted amnesties middle east research director says only a few weeks after the ruthless killing of jamal kushal these shocking reports of torture sexual harassment and other forms of treatment of verified expose further outrageous human rights violations by saudi authorities. for yemen now where there have been more airstrikes and gun battles in the port city of whole day there. witnesses say fighting near the city center was some of the worst they're seen in recent days assad the erotic
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coalition is backing devon's government in its fight against iranian backed the rebels who control the day that now an estimated eighty five thousand children under five may have died from extreme hunger or disease since the civil war broke out in twenty fifteen that's according to save the children the aid group says continued fighting is making it hard to get help to those who are still alive and a famine is only making things worse is the harm of the reports from neighboring djibouti. that kushal to solve human swore on not just those hit by the bombs and bullets their comic impact has been catastrophic for the general population food supplies have been disrupted prices have gone up and millions of people are now living with the effects of malnutrition. is weak and severely malnourished she is ten months old but weighs just three kilograms the weight over a newly born baby. been sick since she was born hunger and disease have left
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tiny and frail she even struggles to cry. mariam is a very sick not only she gave nourished but she also suffers from diarrhoea she's very sick yemen has always been desperately poor but the war has made things was while food prices inevitably rice incomes have plummeted many families can barely afford to eat. or have sixteen children two of them suffer severe malnutrition and hung on the living conditions as you know and i'm without any source of income hospitals in hijab province overflowing with sick and starving babies and more keep arriving every day so i thought there had to laugh a millennium but your problem of severe malnutrition is getting worse the consequences of four years of war are clearly visible here from severe malnutrition to deformed needy born babies breastfeeding mothers also suffer from undernourishment. the frequent strikes also make it difficult for the people to
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leave their homes the destruction to roads and bridges has limited the delivery of food and fuel to a population already suffering. according to the united nations two point eight million people have been driven from their homes by the bombing its humanitarian chief has warned of a clear and present danger of farming many of the displaced a living in dream comes in the middle of the can three surviving on meagre leave hundreds whose deliveries of few and far between. seeing children dying for local food in the middle of the war in yemen is deeply shocking the hundreds of thousands of children perhaps even millions who have no access to proper medical care and as the conflict rages on aid workers say they're finding it more and more difficult to deliver aid to those who need it most they now hold the farming just like the war the cause and it won't be forgotten to. the world does it or djibouti
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members of power when you get these armed forces have stormed the parliament over a pay dispute stemming from the apec farm that recently hosted they broke windows smashed furniture and told pictures from inside ottoman tell us they say they haven't been paid for working during apec the government has said it will pay the money within a week. now of one hundred refugees in. limbo after every petri ation day of between and the government was put on hold more than seven hundred thousand fled their homeland last year after a crackdown by myanmar's military many are demanding justice for the atrocities committed against them mohammad has the story of one woman. refugee from the scars may be healing but the pain is constant. point about i'm not even i am i one of the my husband was shot and killed three of
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my children had their throat slit and then they hacked their bodies to pieces left one of them will say you know well. mom tas recalls how in august two thousand and seventeen being moore's military attacked her village of tula tolly rights groups called it a massacre that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians after being raped says she was locked in a house that was set on fire she shows me the burns she sustained before managing to escape with her sole surviving child eight year old razia for whom these marks from a machete serve as a reminder of the kind of trauma people three times her age would have trouble processing and could therefore indicate would be nikki were getting a little what did our children do to them what are how did i did them. out of there how did the why did the military attack and kill them how can anyone expect us to go back there. when taz asks that question because of
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a much criticised repatriation deal between me and moore in bangladesh that was set to begin last week it was alternately delayed but not before causing a huge amount of concern for him to refugees in bangladesh terrified of the prospect of returning to me and more in august a u.n. fact finding mission accuse top military leaders and me and mark a perpetrating a genocide against the rangers in october the head of that fact finding mission went even further saying that the genocide in myanmar is ongoing as like so many other refugees here wants to know why the international community isn't doing more to help of one thing though she is certain not a member of the island even if they could bring my husband and my children and my parents back from the dead even if they brought back all of them we wouldn't go back we wouldn't go because of how much we were persecuted. resolve it seems conquering despair even though the sorrow will never go away.
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mohammed atta at the by the kali refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh. to northern california now where two more bodies have been found bringing the number killed wildfires there to eighty one search teams are using cadaver dogs to search properties and their cause heavy rain that's forecast for late wednesday could hamper efforts to find human remains authorities say more than seventy percent of the fires are now contained those thirty nine dollar trumps lawyers as the u.s. president has submitted russian arms to questions by special counsel robert muller he's investigating of trump's campaign colluded with russia to influence the twenty sixteen presidential election trump has repeatedly called the investigation of what charmed and says he wouldn't stop his acting attorney general if he moved to curtail the inquiry. now hundreds of central american asylum seekers have arrived in tijuana joining those who are already in the mexican city and u.s.
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judge has blocked president trumps order to bar paper from seeking asylum if they enter the country illegally border agents are preparing for the so-called caravan of people making their way to the u.s. there's been increased security at some crossings john heilemann has more from. the dying guard of the caravan of people most of them from central america heading through mexico has arrived in through one hour and they've been here now some of them thought almost a week you can see behind me the center it's a small sense of well being how is this leaping in the rough we're getting some donations of clothes and food some care from the city authorities but i think it's fair to say that. in a right here the world cannot. be left in the mexican towns that they were passing for a couple of days or so there was no way. of closure and help to get them on their
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way here in the city it. has become concerned that they're going to be here for months instead of today this is really of course you know the united states. the welcome it's been less warm cautious it's been more accusations there are people here with addictions there are people here that think of a magic that's coming from the city's authorities now of course we're right next to the united states border and they're from the government the welcome is decidedly cold just in the last few days we've seen course concertina wire one of the main points of ventricle who also sing in those points of entry the lines from vehicles becoming less and less as the u.s. government really is try to prevent any people from getting through that there is a list for asylum seekers to sign up for and about seventy to one hundred being processed we've heard a day by u.s. authorities the people here fleeing for the sake also being violent some of them so
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there's different situations here but the u.s. secretary for homeland security has just come out and said that it's five hundred criminals carrying members in the caravan and she didn't really saw any evidence of that sort of a symptom of how president trumps administration is treating these men or women and children that are trying to get to us. a witness in the trial of joaquin el chapo guzman says mexico's former top security official accepted six million dollars and bribes to protect their match strong drug kingpins the witness a form a cartel member says he personally handed over the briefcases full of cash to former federal security chief cannot see a new nut on behalf of the crime syndicate. luna hasn't commented on the allegation . a protester has been shot in the head during anti-government demonstrations in haiti it was killed near the national palace in the capital port au prince
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a third day of protests of a government corruption schools businesses and government offices remain closed. spain is threatening to vote against the brics a coat of the text on gibraltar isn't changed by spain and france have what their concerns about the final deal demanded alterations to the draft text reports from westminster and london. when they went this group of ministers most of whom at best are prepared to tolerate the prime minister's deal only being the european union no more resignations at this weekly meeting just resigned expressions they know there is every chance parliaments will throw the whole deal out anyway whatever they try to do which is good news for this wrecking crew the ultra right wing faction of the conservative party their promise that they would have enough to sensing m.p.'s by now to force a leadership contest has gone up in smoke but they still believe their moments will
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come a she says a version of virtue is a grace that said we shall see whether this is coming. as a meaningful vote as well those who woke up to this with. nor is the british parliament the only rock to reason make it crash into the spanish government has said it will veto the whole brics it deal between the u.k. and the e.u. if britain insists his outpost of gibraltar is regarded as part of the u.k. under any trade negotiations for spain is effectively the same as giving up a claim to the contested territory he would not benefit only does not belong to the u.k. it is represented by the u.k. but it doesn't belong to the u.k. therefore as a country we cannot assume that what will happen to the broad term in the future depends on a negotiation between the u.k. and the e.u. it will have to be something that is defined agreed a negotiated between the u.k.
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and spain it may be a scam consolation for the reason may that there's a rare kink in the unity of the european union but it's nothing compared to the problems he has at home on wednesday he'll go to brussels to continue the negotiations over the withdrawal agreements knowing full well that in just over a fortnight's parliament here could trash the inside deal lawrence leigh al-jazeera westminster in london. of a problem with the headlines on. the us president has admitted that the saudi crown prince could have known about a plot to kill a journalist. but says he isn't going to take any action against riad ali a cia report said it believed the crown prince ordered the killing. we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and
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everybody else have a draw about for me very simple it's america versus they're borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of things from this country if i say we don't want to take your business if i say we're going to cut it off they will get the military equipment and other things verb russia and china russia and china would be very very happy well donald trump's comments have been widely condemned in the united states the former top official saying he's given a green light to commit to senator lindsey graham who's an ally of trump so there is strong support in congress to impose serious sanctions against saudi. meanwhile the u.s. has blacklisted russian and iranian companies for shipping millions of barrels of oil to syria and violation of u.s. sanctions the state department accuses of honor russia of using the revenues to help fund syrian government allies which the u.s. considers terrorist groups secretary of state to my palm says the transactions on the mine legitimate efforts to resolve the war in syria and on the news there have
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been more airstrikes and gun battles in the yemeni port city of the day the. witnesses say fighting near the city center was some of the worst they've seen in recent days assad the iraqi coalition is backing yemen's government in its fight against iranian backed rebels who control the data. hundreds of central american asylum seekers have arrived in the mexican city of tijuana watch borders the united states there joining several thousand who are already there meanwhile the u.s. judge has blocked president donald trump's order to bar people from seeking asylum if they enter the country illegally border agents are preparing for the so-called caravan of people making their way to the u.s. there's been an increase at some crossings. but those are the headlines on al-jazeera i'll have another news bulletin for you in just under thirty minutes the
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stream is next getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while borders between five safe countries facing new realities starts from the very beginning. providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story talk to al-jazeera. ok and you're in the stream why is the chinese government separating. families i mean we could be and today we meet people who say they've been on able to contact detained relatives china is accused of cracking down on muslim communities have questions for i guess the shorter leave chat and we will include them in our conversation but first here is al-jazeera as adrian brown reporting from the capital of china.


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