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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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lucia before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal that changed the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw raima. sikes pekoe lines in the sun on just a. donald trump backs saudi arabia in the murder case despite the cia blaming the crown prince for the killing shock and anger over trump's support for saudi arabia. probe against muhammad bin.
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i'm sam is a damned this is al jazeera live from coming up the aid group save the children says tens of thousands of kids have died due to hunger in yemen in three years. plus tension on the border as asylum seekers try to reach the u.s. from mexico. u.s. president donald trump is standing by in saudi arabia over the murder of journalist . that's despite the cia including the crown prince mohammed bin and ordered the killing trump says the prince's role in the murder may never be known but u.s. senators are calling for a probe against the crown prince has more from washington d.c. . i hereby grant you. are the white house thanksgiving tradition of the president pardoning
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a turkey to go to groom significance this year a short time earlier donald trump made it clear he was giving the saudi crown prince a pass in the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in an eight paragraph statement filled with the rhetorical flourishes the exclamation marks and slogans characteristic of the president's tweets don't trump made his argument king solomon and. crown prince mohammed bin salman vigorously deny any knowledge of the planning and execution of the murder of mr khashoggi our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information but it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic events maybe he did and maybe he didn't our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia donald trump went on they have been a great ally and are very important fight against iran the united states intends to remain a steadfast partner of saudi arabia to ensure the interests of our country israel and all other partners in the region very simply it is called america first basically he was saying that our relationship has saudi arabia sold porn really
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doesn't matter later in the day mr trump was asked about his staunch support for the saudis we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and everybody else have a it's all about for me very simple it's america first after talks with my pump aoe in washington the turkish foreign minister also discussed the complexity of his nation's relations with saudi arabia making it clear that ankara did not want to sabotage those links but he added this we know well that the team who came to stumble did not come because they wanted to but they came at the request of somebody we know though that this person is not the king there was a withering response from the washington post who wrote for and journalists rights groups president trump is correct in saying the world is a very dangerous place the washington post said in a statement his surrender to the state ordered murder will only make it more so an innocent man brutally slain deserves better as does the cause of truth justice and human rights in this failure of leadership from president trump it now falls to
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congress to stand up for america's true values and lasting interests the committee to protect journalists tweeted this if you boil the white house statement down to its essence president trump has just asserted that if you do enough business with the us you are free to murder journalists that's an appalling message to send to saudi arabia and the world but it seems the trumpet ministration has made a decision not to be concerned by the ridicule and disbelief that has greeted its arguments and ultimate position on the khashoggi killing she ever time to see al-jazeera washington. reaction to trump's comments was quick and scathing former cia director john brennan tweeted since mr trump excels in dishonesty it is now up to members of congress to obtain and declassify the cia findings on jamal khashoggi death no one in saudi arabia most especially the crown prince should escape accountability for such a heinous act the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations condemned trump and pompei as response on twitter
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samantha power wrote it is a mean and nasty world but trump siding with the meanest stand nastiest out there to tell a tale c.c. putin or assassin m.b.'s will leave the world even nastier this statement is a green light for would be murderers in countries that have things thinks we need republican and democratic leaders of the senate foreign relations committee are demanding a second investigation they want it specifically on the crown prince to determine whether or not he's carried out a gross violation of human rights covered by the magnitsky act mike hanna has the latest from washington d.c. . president trump's comments appear to have infuriated congress his implication that the investigation is now over as far as he is concerned that it's business as usual with saudi arabia has certainly inflamed feelings among both democrats and republicans on the hill it's been made very clear that congress is going to take
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whatever steps it can to get to the bottom of the matter to find out once and for all with one hundred insolvent the crown prince was responsible for the death of jamal khashoggi to get this done they are intent on introducing legislation within congress republican senator lindsey graham says there's a nuff bipartisan support within congress to get this legislation through very quickly in addition the senate foreign relations committee has sent another letter to president trump reminding him that it had already invoked the global magnitsky act which accounts for accountability for human rights abuses anywhere in the world the good relations committee says in this letter to the president that they want him to continue and conclude the simplistic ation and they add in the wake of the recent events they want him to make a definite finding on whether or not the crown prince mohammed bin selman was
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responsible for the death of jamal khashoggi so certainly pressure is ramping up from congress and any thoughts that president trump might have that the matter is now settled that's been denied completely by both republicans and democrats meanwhile turkey says it may seek a formal u.n. inquiry into her death foreign minister. says he's not satisfied with the level of cooperation from riyadh attorney berkeley's outside the saudi consulate force in istanbul so tony how much of a setback is the trumpet ministrations position to turkey. i think turkey was hoping for firmer action but i suppose also there's no great surprise here giving the rhetoric of president trump in the last few days giving support almost turning against his own secret. cia and therefore they're fighting so i think it's no great surprise here mr joshua who was in washington on
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tuesday has not made a direct comment in response to president some statement or his meeting with mike pompei of the secular state but they have renewed calls for the saudis to cooperate in this investigation the turks are very much of the mind that this is a murder it's a criminal investigation and they want help they point out the fact that the saudis are not helping they have not released any information about who they are charging for this murder and what exact details are they still want to know where mr because saudis body ended up various theories about where it went either it's in turkey with a collaborator a turkish collaborator if so who is that collaborator and they want to have the trial any trial that happens on turkey saw it was a murder committed here they say and they need to try it here so they're very dissatisfied with the level of corporations and the saudis they are considering seeking a formal u.n. investigation into that but turkey also is in a very difficult position it wants to improve relations with the united states and
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it doesn't want to ruin relations with saudi it does make the point that a lot of countries may be intimidated by the economic might and the power of saudi arabia turkey says is not and they will continue to find justice in this case or and so they got a list of goals they want met the u.s. is not helping them what options do the turks have left to go to the u.n. . well they are thinking about going to the u.n. but it really depends on on what basis and what the fallout from that will be we don't know what happened when the foreign minister went to washington he spoke to mike pompei oh perhaps there was some kind of print quote quote done in washington we don't know that a month ago president on the turkish president said he was going to reveal the naked truth about this case well he hasn't revealed the naked truth we've had drips and drabs from audiotapes which of play being played to the u.s. and also the european partners nothing has come out of that so basically we're
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getting to a sort of a dead end at the moment unless something gives in there's more telling evidence this case is going to go away and the real culprits of this murder may get away completely scot free all right tony berkeley there in the stumble donald trump statement defending the u.s. saudi relationship didn't even begin with the kingdom instead concentrating on regional rival iran in the opening lines you cited iran as an example of how quote the world is a dangerous place he accused of being responsible for the war in yemen and of trying to destabilize the middle east iran's foreign minister divides or if issued a swiss swift response on twitter saying mr trump bizarrely devotes the first paragraph of his shameful statement on saudi atrocities to accuse iran of every sort of malfeasance you can think of perhaps we're also responsible for the california fires because we didn't help rake the forests just like the fins do.
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from trump's comments on iran on tuesday coincided with sanctions against an international network which he says iran and russia are using to ship oil to syria the u.s. accuses iran and russia of using the revenues to help fund syrian government allies which the u.s. considers terrorists groups secretary of state might pompei or says the transactions undermine legitimate efforts to resolve the war in syria trigger parsi is a professor at georgetown university he says the u.s. is trying to draw attention away from saudi arabia. it shows the desperation and which trump administration is trying to deflect and move on to the next issue and essentially trying to scare the american public into thinking that the iran is such a major threat to the united states so that the united states has no choice but to keep business as usual with the saudi government despite the murder all jim off actually it shows that this obsession with iran has now reached another wall in the
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u.s. government on the trunk it's always existed but it's not reached a level that is beyond anything we've seen in the past and i think we've reached a point in which even folks in washington are starting to see that this obsession with iran has gone quite a bit too far and i think what you're also seeing is that this saudi american relationship which has been a bipartisan issue is now going to become much more of a partisan question in the sense that many of the democrats will make their opposition to the current sound of u.s. relationship it cornerstone of their foreign policy particularly from progressives this saudi american relationship as it stands right now and bodies almost everything that they disagree with when it comes to american foreign policy everything from turning a blind eye to human rights violations everything from basing so much on it on arms
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sales to the lack of focus on gender equality and women's rights so for with them right excite this is going to continue and this is going to be to the detriment of the saudi government who is looking for closure on this issue but it's not going to get. still ahead on al jazeera delegates from a style and seek the return of an ancient piece of a heritage we'll have the details. in a welcome back to international weather forecast well there's been plenty of cold air across much of europe and that is going to continue over the next several days and overnight lows have gotten down to about minus five to minus twelve in some locations the daytime highs barely getting into the single digits we are looking here on wednesday at warsaw seeing about one degree over here towards vienna at
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five and even bucharest would snow in a mix of rain in your forecast at about two degrees now as we go towards thursday we're going to be seeing a little bit more clearing skies across much of the area but still very cold across much of the region down towards rome a high temperature view of eighteen degrees and still very cold in cloudy down towards the appearance low with the temperature for madrid at about eighteen degrees there we are going to be seeing the temperatures here across the coast of africa start to moderate just a little bit we are going to see more sun across much of the region but still going to be some rain here across morocco where the robot seeing a rainy day for you at eighteen degrees that is going to continue pretty much staying the same temperature across much of the region but over here towards the east we're looking at some clouds passing across parts of we are going to see clouds across cairo as well with a temperature there of twenty eight degrees and from gaza we are going to see about twenty two degrees of you are going down the nile it is going to be still quite warm in khartoum with a touch of there thirty six degrees. when
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they're on line when you're looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to be long term or if you join us on sand if you could take me around the content why would you take me you don't have to set up your experiment for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation on how to zero. zero time to recap our top stories this hour u.s.
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president donald trump is standing by saudi arabia over the motor of journalists. despite the cia's including saudi crown prince mohammed bin all of the killing trump says the prince his role in the murder may never be known public event democratic leaders of the senate foreign relations committee are demanding a second investigation he wanted to focus specifically on the crown prince to determine whether he's carried out a gross violation of human rights the u.s. has blacklisted russian and rainy and companies for shipping millions of barrels of oil to syria in violation of u.s. sanctions it accused them of using the revenues to fund groups fighting alongside the syrian government. there have been more airstrikes and gun battles in the yemeni port city of the data witnesses. witnesses say fighting near the city center were some of the worst they've seen in recent days a saudi in writing coalition backing is backing yemen's government in its fight
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against iranian backed rebels who control the data the latest fighting undermines efforts by the united nations to broker a peace deal to end the three year war of the charities save the children is warning of an urgent need to reach hundreds of thousands of severely malnourished children before it's too late the charity says around eighty five thousand children under five may have died from extreme hunger since the saudi a morality led coalition began its air campaign it's warning that at least fourteen million people are now at risk of famine this figure has increased dramatically since the coalition imposed a blockade just over a year ago according to the u.n. an estimated four hundred thousand children are risk of severe acute malnutrition the deadliest form of extreme hunger i would add are reports from neighboring djibouti. the kushal to solve human swore and not just by the bombs and bullets
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their comic impact has been catastrophic for the general population food supplies have been disrupted prices have gone up and millions of people are now living with the effects of malnutrition. is weak and severely malnourished she is ten months old but weighs just three kilograms the weight over a newly born baby. been sick since she was born hunger and disease have left tiny and frail she even struggles to cry. mariam is a very sick not only she can give nourished but she also suffers from diarrhoea she's very sick yemen has always been desperately poor but the war husband thinks was while food prices inevitably rice incomes have plummeted many families can barely afford to eat. i have sixteen children two of them suffer severe malnutrition and hung on the living conditions as you know and i'm without any
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source of income hospitals in hijab province overflowing with sick and starving babies and more keep arriving every day so i thought there had to laugh a millennium but your problem of severe malnutrition is getting worse the consequences of four years of war are clearly visible here from severe malnutrition to deformed needy born babies breastfeeding mothers also suffer from undernourishment. the frequent strikes also make it difficult for the people to leave their homes the destruction to roads and bridges has limited the delivery of food and fuel to a population already suffering. according to the united nations two point eight million people have been driven from their homes by the bombing its humanitarian chief has warned of a clear and present danger of farming many of the displaced are living in green camps in the middle of the country surviving on meagre relief hundreds whose deliveries a few and far between one hundred ad is live for us in neighboring djibouti somehow
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made the charity says four hundred thousand lives of kids are on the line and something has to be done what is that something that can be done in order to save those children from from death basically. some everywhere you look up to six from yemen really grim not only the number of children who died but those who are affected as well as how the population of the country leading aid in order to survive is a huge number with debris of three just revising the numbers of people it will need to feed from about eight to nine million to four million earlier this month what needs to be done is very clear stop the conflict and have a peaceful yemen where aid can go to the people that need it most and this is what is being sold at the moment with
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a lot of difficulties the fighting around the port city of day that is complicating matters these port is a lifeline for millions of people in the yemen and it's not just the fighting or any disruption to the activities of the port. now the humanitarian community is fearing but also blocked the roads because any. of the port is now becoming more and more difficult to pass through some of these places where fighting is going on to reach to the to the people who are living in a the i.d.p. camps or in places where food has not reach for a while. when it came to the first point you mentioned stop the conflict it looks like we may be heading towards that a few days ago what's happened now the hopes of the peace process. while the hopes are still a high and we are seeing. the international community speaking in
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unison and reading from the same script more than ever before calling for. a halt to the fighting and a return to who spoke this time in sweden the u.n. special envoy martin glyphosate is confident that the purchase will be at the talks that will be held in sweden before the end of the year he has offered to travel with their representatives if need be because last time around collapsed because they could not they did not tun up but if it is visiting yemen today once again to try and push. for a more broad a ceasefire in the day there is something that is necessary to get that much did that aid through and also have a situation where there is an environment fit for peace talks hammered out. from the ability. new report by amnesty international has accused saudi arabia of
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torturing and sexually assaulting women's rights activists held in detention they were violated by men wearing face masks of the detainees were flogged and electrocuted amnesties middle east research director says only a few weeks after the ruthless killing of jamal khashoggi these shocking reports of torture sexual harassment and other forms of ill treatment if five expose further outrageous human rights violations by saudi authorities. afghanistan has declared a day of national mourning after at least fifty people were killed in a suicide attack in the capital kabul and interior ministry spokesman says more than eighty others were wounded in the assault a suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside a hole during a gathering of muslim religious scholars. i heard the explosion just take my cousin out of there was seriously wounded but when i got here i realized that i was wounded as well and i am here i wanted to enter the hotel to participate in the
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ceremony but i got a call from a relative and he told me that there was a blast inside the hotel and the his children were wounded now and looking after my friends who've been injured in the blast the hospitals aren't allowing anyone in. hundreds of central american asylum seekers have a arrived in tijuana joining many others in the mexican city and u.s. judges blogs friends in donald trump's orders a bar people from seeking asylum if they enter the country illegally border agents are preparing for the so-called caravan of people making their way into the u.s. general reports from tijuana. u.s. homeland security secretary because jamil simp was in san diego to check out the latest addition to the border let me first acknowledge what was referenced and what i'm standing in front of this is a border wall with row upon row of concertina wire make knows make no mistake we are very serious you will not get into our country illegally it's
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a heavily armed guards and the troop deployment that the pentagon says will cost seventy two million dollars by mid december it's all to stop these people a caravan of central americans almost three thousand have made it to t one a with more to come summer fleeing violence many of them poverty but a further attempt to stop them has failed from now a proclamation from president trump to stop those who cross illegally rather than the points of entry from asking for a sign of a federal judge blocked his attempt temporarily this is important because what many people try and do is get over the fence and then as soon as they touch u.s. soil hand themselves into authorities and ask for asylum stopping that may be one less legal avenue for them but now temporarily it's been opened up again many in the caravan already trying to ask for asylum through the point of entry anyway but those that we spoke to in the caravans makeshift camps were simply unaware of the
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legal fight around the hazy on the obstacles ahead. so only god knows what's going to happen if we see we can cross will cross if got permits we'll get work here. but if we cross over in peace i think things will be ok but if we go causing problems they're going to hitters and deport us. then you also don't know that trying to escape from crippling poverty back in their homeland doesn't mean they're eligible for asylum in the us they've made it this far just by keeping on going this may be the point when that's not enough to go for john home and. french carmaker renault has appointed an interim c take over following the arrest of carlos ghosn cohn's attention has been extended by ten days after he was detained in japan on allegations of financial misconduct he's accused of underreporting his income from the sand as well as rhino he's chairman of both
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nisanit and mitsubishi motors and leads an alliance of the three car makers the board of directors said go on is tout temporarily but will keep his job. representatives from the chilean territory of easter island are in london seeking the return of a statue taken to the u.k. one hundred fifty years ago the carving which has a name meaning lost or stolen friend was removed from the pacific island in eight hundred sixty eight by a british explorer let in barbara schwartz yes the. they traveled halfway around the world to ask for part of their heritage back a delegation from the south pacific island of rep annoyed also known as easter island have been meeting representatives of the british museum that demand that it gives back this battle to figure over to meters high known as poet. in their culture it's much more than a statue it's a living object known as m o y which communicates with the whole hog and in
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a ls. only more like the west field for all the fans in rupp and only the only one you have heard these hundred fifty years the most is feeling low. sleep and powerful up to. use can't imagine that this is how important is for us it's actually one of nine hundred moare covered by islanders between eleven hundred and sixteen hundred a d. on rap annoy you which is governed by chile then our major tourist attraction parts of the us go world heritage site the wrap annoyed people have offered to swap a new more i card from stone by a contemporary local sculptor for this one and chill as minister for heritage part of the delegation to london says he's hopeful they'll be a breakthrough we understand that. the more i can and i think of importance of the collection of the museum but i'm really sure and our delegation especially the
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people from revenue we are absolutely sure that they understood the meaning for them these boys in eight hundred sixty eight the whole year was seized by richard powell. the captain of a british naval ship and later presented to queen victoria who passed it on to the british museum one hundred fifty years on a spokesperson for the british museum told al-jazeera. is free to view in our welcome trust gallery and is amongst the most popular and most photographed exhibits with our six million visitors each year we believe that there is great value in presenting objects from across the world alongside the stories of other cultures at the british museum well of course this isn't the first time an exhibit at the british museum that's extremely popular with the viewing public has also become the subject of intense debate and demand for its return by the country of origin grease his own campaign for the return of the ancient parthenon marbles also known as the elegant marbles and there have been similar calls over the bend in
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bronzes created in a kingdom that's part of modern day nigeria but this is more than a representation of a human the wrap annoy you actually see it is a relative and now they're pushing for the whole family to be reunited back home in the south pacific was zero number. and you can get much more on all those stories you've been telling about if you head over to al-jazeera dot com. let's take you through some of those stories then u.s. president dan trump is standing by saudi arabia over the murder of journalist that's despite the cia concluding crown prince mohammed bin ordered the killing trump says the prince's role in the murder may never be known but u.s. senators are calling for a probe against the crown prince. we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia and china and everybody else have
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a drawl about for me very simple it's america first they're buying hundreds of billions of dollars worth of things from this country if i say we don't want to take your business if i say we're going to cut it off they will get the equipment military equipment and other things from russia and china russia and china would be very very happy. donald trump's comments have been widely condemned in the united states many former top officials say he's giving a green light to commit murder senator lindsey graham who's an ally of trump said the strong support in congress to impose serious sanctions against saudi arabia the u.s. has blacklisted iranian and russian companies it says the shipping millions of barrels of oil to syria in violation of u.s. sanctions state department accuses iran and russia of using the revenues to help fund syrian government allies which the u.s. considers terrorist groups secretary of state mike pompei o says the transactions
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undermine legitimate efforts to resolve the war in syria. that have been more airstrikes and gun battles in the yemeni port city of her data where this is a fighting near the city center was some of the worst they've seen in recent days saudia morass the coalition is backing yemen's government in its fight against iranian backed two three rebels in control of data and italian volunteer is being abducted near the kenyan coastal region of feet the twenty three year old was a volunteer with an ngo police say the trading post where she works was attacks and at least five people were injured afghanistan has declared a day of national mourning after at least fifty people were killed in a suicide attack in the capital kabul the explosion targeted a meeting of islamic scholars at a wedding venue. those are your headlines the news continues after inside story.
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china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of. one on one east meets those desperately seeking low anyway they can on al-jazeera. no room for politics in is wells security the words of benjamin netanyahu as he tries to avert a snap election the crisis began also his defense minister resigned over a ceasefire in gaza but cannot tell you who saved his wife when coalition this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has now.


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