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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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a caravan is a fact of legal i'll be dangerous with the listening post on al-jazeera. it's all about america first we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars and orders. donald trump back saudi arabia over the killing of. the crown prince may or may not have known about. shock and anger over transport for saudi arabia's us to seek an investigation into. this is al jazeera live from coming up the aid group save the children says tens of
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thousands of kids have died in yemen because of hunger. tension along the southern u.s. border as asylum seekers trying to reach the united states from mexico. u.s. president donald trump is standing by saudi arabia over the murder of journalist. that's despite the cia concluding the crown prince ordered the killing trump science the prince his role in the murder may or may never be known but u.s. senators are calling for an investigation into the crown prince nevertheless jabotinsky has more from washington d.c. . i hereby you. are the white house thanksgiving tradition of the president pardoning a turkey to go to groom significance this year a short time donald trump made it clear he was giving the saudi crown prince
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a pass in the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in an eight paragraph statement filled with the rhetorical flourishes the exclamation marks and slogans characteristic of the president's tweets don't trump made his argument king solomon crown prince mohammed bin salman vigorously denying any knowledge of the planning and execution of the murder of mr. our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information but it could very well be that the crown prince had knowledge of this tragic events maybe he did and maybe he didn't our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia donald trump went on they have been a great ally in our very important fight against iran the united states intends to remain a steadfast partner of saudi arabia to ensure the interests of our country israel and all other partners in the region very simply it is called america first basically he was saying that our relationship as saudi arabia solve porn really doesn't matter later in the day mr trump was asked about his staunch support for
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the saudis we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and everybody else have a it's all about for me very simple it's america first after talks with my pump a.o. in washington the turkish foreign minister also discussed the complexity of his nation's relations with saudi arabia making it clear that i'm going to don't want to sabotage those links but he added this we know well that the team who came to stumble did not come because they wanted to but they came at the request of somebody we know though that this person is not the king there was a withering response from the washington post who wrote for journalists' rights groups president trump is correct in saying the world is a very dangerous place the washington post said in a statement his surrender to the state ordered murder will only make it more so and innocent man brutally slain deserves better as does the cause of truth justice and human rights in this failure of leadership from president trump it now falls to congress to stand up for america's true values and lasting interests the committee
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to protect journalists tweeted this if you boil the white house statement down to its essence president trump has just asserted that if you do enough business with the us you are free to murder journalists that's an appalling message to send to saudi arabia and the world but it seems the trumpet ministration has made a decision not to be concerned by the ridicule and disbelief that has greeted its arguments and ultimate position on the khashoggi killing she ever time to see al-jazeera washington. reaction to trump's comments was quick and scathing former cia director john brennan tweeted since mr trump excels in dishonesty it is now up to members of congress to obtain and declassify the cia findings on jamal khashoggi is death no one in saudi arabia most especially the crown prince should escape accountability for such a heinous act the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations condemned trump and pompei as response to on twitter samantha power wrote it is
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a mean and nasty world trump siding with the meanest and nastiest out there deterred if they see see putin or assassin m.b.'s will leave the world even nastier this statement is a green light for would be murderers and countries that have things trump thinks we need republican and democratic leaders of the senate foreign relations committee are demanding a second investigation they want it to focus specifically on the crown prince to determine whether he's carried out a gross violation of human rights mike hanna has the latest from washington d.c. . president trump's comments appear to have infuriated congress his implication that the investigation is now over as far as he is concerned that it's business as usual with saudi arabia has certainly inflamed feelings among both democrats and republicans on the hill it's been made very clear that congress is going to take whatever steps it can to get to the bottom of the matter to find out once and for
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all whether one hundred insolvent the crown prince was responsible for the death of jamal khashoggi to get this done they are intent on introducing legislation within congress republican senator lindsey graham says this and enough bipartisan support within congress to get this legislation through very quickly in addition the senate foreign relations committee has sent another letter to president trump reminding him that it had already invoked the global magnitsky act which accounts for accountability for human rights abuses anywhere in the world good relations committee says in this letter to the president that they want him to continue and conclude this investigation and they add in the wake of the recent events they want him to make a definite finding on whether or not the crown prince mohammed bin selman was responsible for the death of jamal khashoggi so certainly pressure is ramping up
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from congress and any thought that president trump might have that the matter is now settled that's been denied completely by both republicans and democrats turkey says it may seek a formal u.n. inquiry into which of g.'s death foreign minister move luto shaul who says it's not satisfied with the level of cooperation from riyadh to any birth lee is outside the saudi consulate in istanbul so they're not satisfied with the level of cooperation from we are watching as do they have now been tony. well the mention of going to the united nations and asking for an independent investigation whether or not that will happen remains to be seen and what extra evidence they can give to change the situation is something that remains to be seen as well they've been relying purely on these audiotapes which have been leaked to the media here they've also been given to the various security services around the world these are
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the ones that present time didn't want to listen to because they were too horrible but apart from that what can be done turkey finds itself in a difficult position it wants to improve relations with washington it wants to maintain good relations with riyadh but it does say and the bottom line is this has been a murder it's a criminal offense and they have a responsibility to pursue it they have been complaining the saudis who entered into a joint investigation on this murder have not been helping out a great deal they point out in detail about the fact that even though the saudis are holding eleven people they say they've charged the turks have had no access to these people they know no additional information they don't know names furthermore they say that if it was not the crown prince in saudi arabia or someone higher up who was it they want to name they want information they want something some lead to go on and they've also asked about where mr because soldiers borg body ended up there's speculation that it was handed over according to the saudis to a coordinator here collaborator in turkey if so they want to know who that
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collaborator was where the body parts ended so they're very unhappy with the level of help that the saudi authorities are giving they're suspicious as to why this is happening and they fear that perhaps these whole things are going to be pushed under the carpet and totally forgotten all right thanks so much tony berkeley there outside the consulate in istanbul on mehmet challenge is the political news editor a daily thought newspaper and joins us now from their offices in istanbul good to have you with us now turkish line coming out today is how disappointed they are in the level of cooperation from riyadh been known for a while the level of cooperation from riyadh was today's statement really triggered by disappointment in the trump reaction. well i think there is a disappointment from before on what's going on statements coming from riyadh and also there's i mean who isn't disappointed on the statement that coming from trump administration and turkey wants to get us an answer that will satisfy not just
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the investigators but also the international community because this is now or and issue that is you know an international issue turkey do want turkey does want to keep good relations with the united states and saudi arabia however it wants to maintain these relations based on a principled foreign policy so i think this is something that. foreign minister said last night saying that yes this we do have good relations with saudi people we have no problem with. the king the king in riyadh but turkey also wants to maintain a principled position when it comes to the brutal murder of. incident. aside from that i mean i had let me tell you this question what was it that the turks perhaps were hoping the u.s. president would say or do what ultimately does tookie want to see what sort of
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action in order for it to be satisfied that this is not going to be swept under the carpet well i mean the ultimate question that needs to be answered is who is the executive decision maker in this and this incident we haven't answered that question. turkey does not have an answer to that because it is in riyadh and at this point turkey is seeking the answer is that turkey is not the one that has us are all low turkey does have evidence with regards to who could be the possible this issue maker in this incident and this is this week i think is very crucial with regards to do is sit because now the trunk has pushed everything under the carpet trumpet ministries and turkey is in a position to release some other evidence or some other political statements with regards to density and so this week is i think very crucial but i think the one thing though we we need to acknowledge trump is against the united states at this
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point when it comes to the question of g.-d's what he has to do now then if trump is. high thing many see it in the u.s. congress is not taking a tough enough line. what can an international inquiry is at this point i think something that turkey you will push for because it does not see this as a bilateral issue turkey does not see this as this issue between turkey and saudi arabia and internationally quite inquiry is now and sensitive because if the international community is not pushing or press ring president for his own for yosh only quality ma'am it cannot be launched without the support of the u.s. i.e. the white house donald trump. i think although the effect would be different i think you can still push that i mean to keep maintaining its present form posy choke you will see the end cers you know simply who is the decision maker in this
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is that the answer turkey is seeking and turkey will do what it takes to get the sensor because you know aside from the brutal murder this is an incident that happened in turkish borders so does not want to let this go and needs to carry it is to an international institution so that it can actually demand answers through an international mechanism so and un depend un inquiry could be an option other than that i mean you will i'm sure there are considering and waving and assessing what could be done in the near future and what sort of preparations are required when it comes to a legal inquiry into the incident at an international level otherwise you know i mean this will go this will turn into a back and forth issue you know between riyadh and onco or between each national committee and riyadh that really needs to nowhere unless there is that unless there is an end mechanism that will hold accountable at an international level i think
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it's very unlikely that we will get answers on who was the decision maker in this case and why what was the motive behind this. that you know that led that it happened in a stumble rather than somewhere else we know that dissidents are at risk when it comes to saudi arabia right but the fact that it would be committed in istanbul and at saudi consulate in istanbul i think there is also a political message that was being given to turkey entering does not want to let this go just like trumped it all right mohamed tawfik thanks so much for your analysis. still ahead in al-jazeera the traumatic tale of a hanger refugee still haunted by her agonizing past.
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because some very heavy right into parts of southeast asia at the moment two tropical disturbance is causing some flooding as the central and northern parts of the philippines seen some very heavy rain we've had one hundred fifty five millimeters of rain in the past twenty four hours the wetter weather now punching its way out into the south china seas easing up it will southern parts of vietnam that's something to watch out for as we go on through the next couple days as that system there are fought a warning has also been issued for another system which is just pulling away from thailand here we saw a whopping two hundred fifty millimeters of rain in twenty four hours this one is diminishing as it pushes a little further west but you see the location of the storm the rather more active a greater concern there is this system now pulling away from the philippines and that will just knows its way towards central and southern parts of vietnam over the next couple days showers they will follow in behind of course malaysia seeing some lovely showers as is the case too into a good part of indonesia some of the showers all the spells of find also running
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across australia at the moment you see that long line of cloud coming right out of victoria pushing right up towards the top and behind that cold wet windy weather coming through see these areas of low pressure said temperatures struggling to get to around fifteen or sixteen in adelaide and meldon. across europe immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants' at all zero in the race but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is this nice the far right is preparing for battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudiced some pride in hungary on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now u.s. president dog trump is standing by in saudi arabia after the murder of journalist. despite the cia concluding saudi crown prince mohammed bin ordered the killing the public and democratic leaders of the senate foreign relations committee are demanding a second investigation they wanted to focus specifically on the crown prince's role in g.'s death. donald trump statement defending the u.s. saudi relationship didn't even begin with the kingdom instead concentrating on regional rival iran in the opening lines he cited iran as an example of how quote the world is a dangerous place he accused it of being responsible for the war in yemen and of
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trying to destabilize the middle east iran's foreign minister zarif issued a swift response on twitter saying mr trump bizarrely devotes the first paragraph of his shameful statement on saudi atrocities to accuse iran of every sort of malfeasance you can think of perhaps who are also responsible for the california fires because we didn't help rake the forests just like the fins do trumps comments on iran on tuesday coincided with sanctions against an international network which he says iran and russia are using to ship oil to syria the u.s. accuses them of using the revenues to help fund syrian government allies which it considers terrorist groups secretary of state michael says the transactions undermine the efforts to resolve the war in syria. save the children is warning of an urgent need to reach hundreds of thousands of severely malnourished yemeni
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children before it's too late the charity says around eighty five thousand kids under five may have died from extreme hunger since the saudi u.a.e. coalition began its campaign it's warning that at least fourteen million people are now at risk of famine and this figure has increased dramatically since the coalition imposed the blockade just over a year ago according to the u.n. an estimated four hundred thousand children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition mohammed atta reports from neighboring djibouti. the kushal to solve human swore and not just was hit by the bombs and bullets their comic impact has been catastrophic for the general population food supplies have been disrupted prices have gone up and millions of people are now living with the effects of malnutrition. is weak and severely malnourished she is ten months old but weighs just three kilograms the wheat over a newly born baby. been sick since she was born hunger and disease have left
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tiny and frail she even struggles to cry. mariam is a very sick not only she on good nourished but she also suffers from diarrhoea she's very sick yemen has always been desperately poor but the war has made things was while food prices inevitably rice incomes have plummeted many families can barely afford to eat. i have sixteen children two of them suffer severe malnutrition and hung on the living conditions as you know and i'm without any source of income hospitals in hijab province overflowing with sick and starving babies and more keep arriving every day so i thought there had been one hammer the last but your problem of severe malnutrition is getting worse the consequences of four years of war are clearly visible here from severe malnutrition to deformed
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needy born babies breastfeeding mothers also suffer from undernourishment. the frequent strikes also make it difficult for the people to leave their homes the destruction to roads and bridges has limited the delivery of food and fuel to a population already suffering. according to the united nations two point eight million people have been driven from their homes by the bombing its humanitarian chief has warned of a clear and present danger of farming many of the displaced are living in camps in the middle of the country surviving on meager relief hundreds whose deliveries a few and far between seeing children dying for lack of food in the middle of the war in yemen is deeply shocking there are hundreds of thousands of children perhaps even millions who are not access to proper medical care and as the conflict rages on aid workers say they're finding it more and more difficult to deliver aid to those who need it most they now hold farm in just like the war course and it won't
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be forgotten to one hundred other while jazeera to beauty interpol has elected a new president south korea's kim jong yang was strongly endorsed by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei on tuesday and stressed the importance of law enforcement the law enforcement organization can replace is china's main hong way who's still missing after a visit home in september russia was hoping its interior ministry general alexander joke who is one of interpol's vice presidents would take the post. refugees in bangladesh are in limbo after a pact three asian deal between dhaka on the mainland government was put on hold more than seven hundred thousand of them fled their homeland last year after a crackdown by a million miles military many are demanding justice for the atrocities committed against them mohammed jump jhoom as the story of one woman. refugee. the scars may be healing but the pain is constant.
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point about i'm not even i am i don't know where the my husband was shot and killed three of my children had their throat slit and then they hacked their bodies to pieces laughing as well so you know well. montages recalls how in august two thousand and seventeen being mars military attacked her village of tula tolly rights groups called it a massacre that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians after being raped says she was locked in a house that was set on fire she shows me the burns she sustained before managing to escape with her sole surviving child eight year old razia for whom these marks from a machete serve as a reminder of the kind of trauma people three times her age would have trouble processing and could therefore indicate why did he know he was getting a little what did our children do to them. what are how divided.
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out of there how about the why did the military attack and kill them how can anyone expect us to go back there. when taj asks that question because of a much criticised repatriation deal between me and moore in bangladesh that was set to begin last week it was ultimately delayed but not before causing a huge amount of concern for him to refugees in bangladesh terrified of the prospect of returning to me and more in august a u.n. fact finding mission accuse top military leaders and me and mark a perpetrating a genocide against the rangers in october the head of that fact finding mission went even further saying that the genocide in myanmar is ongoing montez like so many other refugees here wants to know why the international community isn't doing more to help of one thing though she is certain not a member of the island even if they could bring my husband and my children and my parents back from the dead even if they brought back all of them we wouldn't go
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back we wouldn't go because of how much we were persecuted. resolve it seems conquering despair even though the sorrow will never go away. at the by the kali refugee camp in cox's bazar bangladesh. hundreds of central american asylum seekers have arrived in tijuana joining many others in the mexican city the u.s. judge has blocked president donald trump's order to bar people from seeking asylum if they enter the country irregularly or the guard agents rather are preparing for the so-called caravan of people john heilemann reports from tijuana. u.s. homeland security secretary because jamil simp was in san diego to check out the latest addition to the border let me first acknowledge what was referenced and what i'm standing in front of this is a border wall with row upon row of concertina wire make no make no mistake we are
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very serious you will not get into our country illegally it's a heavily armed guards and the troop deployment that the pentagon says will cost seventy two million dollars by mid december it's all to stop these people a caravan of central americans almost three thousand have made it to t one a with more to come summer fleeing violence many of them poverty but a further attempt to stop them has failed from now a proclamation from president trump to stop those who cross illegally rather than the points of entry from asking for a sign of a federal judge blocked his attempt temporarily this is important because what many people try and do is get over the fence and then as soon as they touch u.s. soil hand themselves in to authorities and ask for asylum stopping that may be one less legal avenue for them but now temporarily it's been opened up again many in the caravan already trying to ask for asylum through the point of entry anyway but
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those that we spoke to in the caravans makeshift camps were simply unaware of the legal fight around the hazy on the obstacles ahead. but only god knows what's going to happen if we see we can cross will cross if got permits we'll get work here. if we cross over in peace i think things will be ok but if we go causing problems they're going to hitters and deport us and. then you also don't know that trying to escape from crippling poverty back in their homeland doesn't mean they're eligible for asylum in the us they've made it this far just by keeping on going this may be the point when that's not enough to go for john home and now does it or. the french carmaker i know is appointed an interim c.e.o. after the arrest of carlos go and go and detention has been extended by ten days after he was arrested in japan are allegations of financial misconduct he's accused
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of underreporting his income from the sand spain is threatening to vote against the braves accord if the text on gibraltar is not changed both spain and france are voiced their concerns about the final deal and are demanding alterations lawrence lee reports from westminster in london. when they went this group of ministers most of whom at best are prepared to tolerate their prime minister's deal on leaving the european union no more resignations at this weekly meeting just resigned expressions they know there is every chance parliaments will throw the whole deal out anyway whatever they try to do which is good news for this wrecking crew the ultra right wing faction of the conservative party their promise that they would have enough dissenting m.p.'s by now to force a leadership contest has gone up in smoke but they still believe their moments will come. as
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a version of truth grows such we shall see where the losses come in. there's a meaningful vote as well of those you want those with. nor is the british parliament the only rock to reason make it crash into the spanish government has said it will veto the whole brics it deal between the u.k. and the e.u. if britain insists his outpost of gibraltar is regarded as part of the u.k. and any trade negotiations for spain is effectively the same as giving up a claim to the contested territory he would not benefit. to be does not belong to the u.k. he's represented by the u.k. but it doesn't belong to the u.k. therefore as a country we cannot assume that what will happen to the broad terms of the future depends on a negotiation between the u.k. and the e.u. it will have to be something that is defined agreed are never stated between the u.k. and spain it may be a scan consolation for the reason may that there's
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a rare kink in the unity of the european union but it's nothing compared to the problems he has at home on wednesday he'll go to brussels to continue the negotiations over the withdrawal agreements knowing full well that in just over a fortnight's parliament here could trash the inside deal lawrence leigh al-jazeera westminster in london. time to take you through some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now u.s. president dollar trump is standing by saudi arabia over the murder of journalist. despite the cia concluded the crown prince mohammed bin ordered the killing. we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and everybody else have a trawl about for me very simple it's america first they're buying hundreds of billions of dollars worth of things from this country if i say we don't want to
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take your business if i say we're going to cut it off they will get the equipment military equipment and other things from russia and china russia and china would be very very happy donald trump's comments have been widely condemned in the u.s. many former top officials say he's giving a green light to commit murder senator lindsey graham who's an ally of trump said the strong support in congress to impose serious sanctions against saudi arabia the u.s. has blacklisted iranian and russian companies it says are shipping millions of barrels of wall to syria in violation of u.s. sanctions secretary of state mike peo says the transactions undermine legitimate efforts to resolve the war in syria the charity save the children says around eighty five thousand kids under five may have died from extreme hunger since the saudi u.a.e. coalition began its air campaign in the yemen it's warning at least fourteen million people are now at risk of famine afghanistan has declared
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a day of national mourning after at least fifty people were killed in a suicide attack in the capital the explosion targeted a meeting of islamic scholars they were meeting to mark the birthday of the prophet muhammad. south korea's kim jong yang is being elected the new president of interpol he replaces china's main hong way as head of the international police agency chang hasn't been seen since he was detained on a visit home in september russia was hoping its interior ministry general alexander joke who is currently in the polls vice president would take the post headlines you can check the news any time if you head to our web site dot com. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after awhile it borders between five safe countries facing the reality.
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that from the very beginning of the. providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. if you want to learn bob the world might look like very soon regard hundred. degrees in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through.


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