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the. money does a risk that you get people with. germany and the new germans on al-jazeera. standing by saudi arabia president. to remain steadfast partner by the cia blaming the crown prince for. shock and anger over trump's support for riyadh and us to seek an investigation into the hamad bin sound man's role.
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this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up tens of thousands of children dying in yemen save the children says the deaths are entirely preventable. plus tension on the border as asylum seekers try to reach the u.s. from mexico. a betrayal of american values that's how u.s. politicians are describing donald trump's refusal to hold saudi arabia accountable for the murder of journalist. the president cast doubt on his own intelligence agency which concluded the saudi crown prince ordered the killing he says mohammed bin sound man's role may never be fully known transfer responses provoking strong responses from both sides of the. the senate foreign relations committee has asked
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for an inquiry that specifically looks into the crown prince's role in the murder turkey says it may push for an international inquiry its foreign minister says they shouldn't be a cover up to maintain trade ties with riyadh chapter ten c. reports now from washington d.c. . i hear by the way you. are the white house thanksgiving tradition of the president pardoning a turkey took on a grim significance this year a short time earlier donald trump made it clear he was giving the saudi crown prince a pass in the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in an eight paragraph statement filled with the rhetorical flourishes the exclamation marks and slogans characteristic of the president's tweets don't trump made his argument king solomon and crown prince mohammed bin simon vigorously denying any knowledge of the planning and execution of the murder of mr khashoggi our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information but it could very well be that the crown prince
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had knowledge of this tragic events maybe he did and maybe he didn't our relationship is with the kingdom of saudi arabia donald trump went on they have been a great ally in our very important fight against iran the united states intends to remain a steadfast partner of saudi arabia to ensure the interests of our country israel and all other partners in the region very simply it is called america first basically he was saying that our relationship has saudi arabia sold porn really doesn't matter later in the day mr trump was asked about his staunch support for the saudis we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders and let russia china and everybody else have a it's all about for me very simple it's america first after talks with my comp a.o. in washington the turkish foreign minister also discussed the complexity of his nation's relations with saudi arabia making it clear that ankara did not want to sabotage those links but he added this we know well that the team who came to istanbul. did
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not come because they wanted to but they came at the request of somebody we know though that this person is not the king there was a withering response from the washington post who wrote for and journalists rights groups president trump is correct in saying the world is a very dangerous place the washington post said in a statement his surrender to the state ordered murder will only make it more so an innocent man brutally slain deserves better as does the cause of truth justice and human rights in this failure of leadership from president trump it now falls to congress to stand up for america's true values and lasting interests the committee to protect journalists tweeted this if you boil the white house statement down to its essence president trump has just asserted that if you do enough business with the us you are free to murder journalists that's an appalling message to send to saudi arabia and the world but it seems the trumpet ministration has made a decision not to be concerned by the ridicule and disbelief that has greeted its arguments and ultimate position on the khashoggi killing she ever time to see
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al-jazeera washington as govern out kimberly halkett live for us in washington d.c. kimberly we can make no mistake about it a lot of noise coming from congress what happens next in the u.s. congress. there's going to be a lot happening in the u.s. congress is trying to piece it out a little bit what we've got here now essentially is an effort and it's a bipartisan effort that is notable in a divided congress were congress is ordered the trumpet ministration to investigate had been some of the saudi crown prince this role in the death of jim even as the president in his statement that he released is casting doubt on his role saying we may never know the facts in fact the u.s. congress feels much differently that's why they have sent this letter triggering the global magnitsky act once again we've seen this before the u.s. congress did send a similar letter to the white house on october tenth that resulted in seventeen
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sanctions against saudi nationals but notably none of the members of the royal family listed in those seventeen individual sanctions so this is something that congress is pressing for because there is this belief that the saudi crown prince did in fact ordered the killing played an instrumental role even as the united states in the form of the letter from donald trump is saying that saudi arabia is a great ally and friend of the united states significant and prominent senior members of both the president's republican party and the democratic party believes otherwise what will creasing the approach really devalue the u.s. do with a turkish attempt the possibility of a turkish to turn this into an international investigation involving the u.n. . well you know. this is certainly going to put the
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united states in an uncomfortable position but at the same time there is a recognition in the global community that the president stands alone on this he his press release said at the top america first but the press release in the view of many members of congress read like saudi arabia first like it was a press release written by the kingdom itself so i think there is a recognition of that there are already efforts to push at the united nations level for further investigation but you have to remember the world community is watching as the u.s. congress does the very same thing this is why the u.s. constitution was set up with a co-equal branches of government the legislative in the executive it's a check on executive power and that's what we're seeing right now so not only reschooling to see the global magnitsky act that has now been triggered and a potential result in more sanctions but we've got other actions that are going on as well there's a push from former administration officials like cia director john brennan to have
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congress press to have the cia report released and made public and we should remind our viewers that that report according to one state department official says that it's blindingly obvious in its conclusions that the crown prince ordered the killing of jamal high shows so even if the president is saying that we may never know the facts other administration former administration officials are saying let's let the public see these facts and we should add there are also further actions that are in the u.s. congress right now and that is in the form of two different legislative efforts one that could be taken up as early as next week in the u.s. senate to change the fundamental relationship between the united states and saudi arabia not only blocking potential arms sales for offensive purposes but also permanently halting the support by the united states for the saudi led conflict in yemen so there is certainly a lot of effort that is underway in the united states as you point out there is
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increasing international pressure there can believe how could that from washington d.c. and. more now from tony berkeley he's in istanbul with more of so his reaction to trump statement the turks now are in this difficult position they want this pursuit of justice to carry on they feel they probably can't do it on their own behalf they need some international body maybe the u.n. for example because it's quite clear the u.s. is not going to push saudi arabia on this matter the response though has been rather muted i think officially in public the most we've heard is the deputy leader of the ruling a k party mr pneumococcal motion and he said that mr president's statement was comical but that's the closest we have got i mean the turks do find themselves in a difficult position here because while on the one hand they they want to pursue justice it's a moral responsibility for them they also want to metate maintain and improve relations both in washington and with saudi arabia but they are
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a little bit concerned now they're looking focusing more on finding the perpetrators and finding out who was behind the murder a mystical saji they're very disappointed at the response from the saudis for example they faith feel that this joint investigation is not going anywhere they don't feel the saudis are cooperating they've asked for additional information that if it wasn't the saudi crown prince then who was it. donald trump statement defending the u.s. saudi relationship didn't begin with riyadh though instead it concentrated on its regional rival iran in the opening lines trump cited to iran as an example of how quote the world is a dangerous place he accused of being responsible for the war in yemen and of trying to destabilize the middle east runs foreign minister developed zarif issued a swift response on twitter saying mr trump bizarrely devotes the first paragraph of his shameful statement on saudi atrocities to accuse iran of every sort of
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malfeasance he can think of perhaps were also responsible for the california fires because we didn't help rake the forests just like the fins do. on our fun site of the research director at the anchor institute and formally advised the turkish prime minister he says turkey and the u.s. are not on the same page when it comes to the case. there's a very huge gap between washington's anchor his position on the issue whenever when you are looking at the state department's briefing regarding the meeting with mr pompei or mr cho schaller they're just mentioning just that bit about it's a question about just how they do it is much more different than the turkish case but turkey's your it is exactly the. case because it too has a potential to deteriorate its relations with the saudi arabia and this is so important thing because if this case won't be revealed the facts won't be revealed then stumble won't be as safe have been for you all people coming from all around the
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world and that is that why this case should be sold in any way and the international inquiry is also an important but what is important you know at the end of this month mr trump and mr rudd on will be meeting a g. twenty meeting in argentina and i think we need to wait for this meeting to see exactly what will happen on this contract. case the un envoy for yemen has arrived in the capital sana'a to meet her three leaders in the latest push for political talks when the civil war his visit comes as a day agencies warn of an urgent need to reach hundreds of thousands of severely malnourished yemeni children before it's too late to save the children says around eighty five thousand children under five may have died from extreme hunger since the saudi u.a.e. coalition began its air campaign the u.n. warns at least fourteen million people are at risk of famine and the estimated four
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hundred thousand children are now on the brink of severe acute malnutrition how many other reports from neighboring djibouti. kushal to solve human swore and not just by the bombs and bullets their comic impact has been catastrophic for the general population food supplies have been disrupted prices have gone up and millions of people are now living with the effects of malnutrition. is weak and severely malnourished she is ten months old but weighs just three kilograms the weight over a newly born baby. been sick since she was born hunger and disease have left tiny and frail she even struggles to cry. mariam is a very sick not only she and her nourished but she also suffers from diarrhoea she's very sick yemen has always been desperately poor but the war has made things was while food prices inevitably rice incomes have plummeted many families can
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barely afford to eat. i have sixteen children two of them suffer severe malnutrition and hung on the living conditions as you know and i'm without any source of income hospitals in hijab province overflowing with sick and starving babies and more kipper arriving every day so i thought there had been rough a millennium but your problem of severe malnutrition is getting worse the consequences of four years of war are clearly visible here from severe malnutrition to deformed needy born babies breastfeeding mothers also suffer from undernourishment. the frequent strikes also make it difficult for the people to leave their homes the destruction to roads and bridges has limited the delivery of food and fuel to a population already suffering. according to the united nations two point eight million people have been driven from their homes by the bombing its humanitarian
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chief has warned of a clear and present danger of farming many of the displaced are living in camps in the middle of the country surviving on meager relief hundreds whose deliveries a few and far between seeing children dying for lack of food in the middle of the war in yemen is deeply shocking there are hundreds of thousands of children perhaps even millions who have not access to proper medical care and as the conflict rages on aid workers say they are finding it more and more difficult to deliver aid to those who need it most they now hope that the farm in just like the war that course and it won't be forgotten to mohammad that the world has it or the booty now the world's biggest police force interpol has elected a new president after what's been a bitter contest between russia and western countries or who would lead the organization south korea's kim jong yang is taking charge after being strongly endorsed by u.s.
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secretary of state mike compare kim replaces mang hong way who is under arrest in china over corruption allegations moscow is accusing of what it calls outside pressure on the outcome of the vote russia was hoping interpol's vice president and a russian security veteran alexander choke would take the post but his candidacy was strongly opposed by europe and the u.s. . still ahead on al-jazeera the traumatic story over again the refugees still haunted by how past. and why easter island is taking on a british museum. we got some bits and pieces of rain moving back towards japan at the moment you can
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see this area cloud rolling across the yellow sea through the korean peninsula and into the sea of japan that will sink further southwards and east which is we go through the next few days high pressure not too far away so that anticipate huge amounts of rainfall but it will be there nevertheless fifteen celsius for tokyo went to single figures once again for sulfur pyongyang and also for beijing as we go on into friday there's a little drier across japan had temps getting up to around fifteen in tokyo single figures as you can see continuing across the korean peninsula at all certain northern parts of china subzero to the north of that for that it will start further south is fine and dry and central and southern parts of china as we go through thursday twenty three celsius in hong kong so little colder than it has been recently notching up a little as we go on into friday should stay five be more cloud just coming towards the southeastern corner of the country the biggest cloud the heaviest rain that is now affecting the philippines we've got this system making its way out into the
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south china seas eventually that will push across towards central and southern parts of vietnam showers falling behind here trash i was there across the rest of southeast asia. this is the journey you've been looking forward to the one you've been dreaming about. little take you to those you love to faraway places new faces old friends on a new adventure far from the ordinary in extruded recounts. come with us in award winning style because this is the journey you've been dreaming about we're boarding now.
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you're watching out the zero time to recap headlines now u.s. president donald trump says he's standing behind saudi arabia after the murder of two miles that despite the cia's conclusion crown prince mohammed bin ordered the journalists killing. republican and democratic leaders on the senate foreign relations committee are demanding a second investigation they wanted to focus specifically on the crown prince's role in the g.'s deaths. the u.n. envoy for yemen has arrived in the capital sana'a to meet her three leaders in the latest push for political talks between warring sides martin griffiths wants to stop an oil out conflict in the port city of the data which is vital for the supply of aid. were going to refugees in bangladesh are in limbo after
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a patry ation deal between dhaka and the mian government was put on hold more than seven hundred thousand of them fled their homeland last year after a crackdown by me and mass military many are demanding justice for the atrocities committed against them one hundred gem jhoom as the story of one woman. refugee mom. the scars may be healing but the pain is constant. point about i'm not even i am i one of the my husband was shot and killed three of my children had their throat slit and then they hacked their bodies to pieces left one of them will say you know well mom tas recalls how in august two thousand and seventeen being moore's military attacked her village of tula tolly rights groups called it a massacre that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians after being raped says she was locked in a house that was set on fire she shows me the burns she sustained before managing
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to escape with her sole surviving child eight year old razia for whom these marks from a machete serve as a reminder of the kind of trauma people three times her age would have trouble processing and could therefore indicate why did he knew he was getting a little what did our children do to them. or about our how divided them. out of there how about the why did the military attack and kill them how can anyone expect us to go back there. when taj asks that question because of a much criticised repatriation deal between me and more in bangladesh that was set to begin last week it was alternately delayed but not before causing a huge amount of concern for him to refugees in bangladesh terrified of the prospect of returning to me and more in august a u.n. fact finding mission accuse top military leaders and me and mark a perpetrating a genocide against the rangers in october the head of that fact finding mission
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went even further saying that the genocide in myanmar is ongoing montez like so many other refugees here wants to know why the international community isn't doing more to help of one thing though she is certain not a member of the island and even if they could bring my husband and my children and my parents back from the dead even if they brought back all of them we wouldn't go back we wouldn't go because of how much we were persecuted. resolve it seems conquering despair even though the sorrow will never go away. mohammed atta at the by the cali refugee camp in cox's bazar bangladesh. hundreds of central american asylum seekers arrived in the mexican city of tijuana joining many others hoping to cross into the u.s. a judge in the u.s. is blocked for as an order to vaal people from seeking asylum he stands in the country irregularly john home and reports from tijuana. u.s.
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homeland security secretary because jamil simp was in san diego to check out the latest addition to the border let me first acknowledge what was referenced and what i'm standing in front of this is a border wall with row upon row of concertina wire make knows make no mistake we are very serious you will not get into our country illegally it's a heavily armed guards and the troop deployment that the pentagon says will cost seventy two million dollars by mid december it's all to stop these people a caravan of central americans almost three thousand have made it to t one a with more to come summer fleeing violence many of them poverty but a further attempt to stop them has failed from now a proclamation from president trump to stop those who cross illegally rather than the points of entry from asking for a sign of a federal judge blocked his attempt temporarily this is important because what many
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people try and do is get over the fence and then as soon as they touch u.s. soil hand themselves into authorities and ask for asylum stopping that may be one less legal avenue for them but now temporarily it's been opened up again many in the caravan already trying to ask for asylum through the point of entry anyway but those that we spoke to in the caravans makeshift camps were simply unaware of the legal fight around the hazy on the obstacles ahead. but only god knows what's going to happen if we see we can cross will cross if got permits will get work here because he wasn't buying a lot but if we cross over in peace i think things will be ok. but if we go causing problems they're going to hitters and deport us. when you don't know that trying to escape from crippling poverty back in their homeland doesn't mean they're eligible for asylum in the us they've made it this far just by keeping them going this may be the point when that's not enough to go for john home and. the plumber
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and italian volunteer has been abducted near the kenyan coastal region of killing the twenty three year old was a volunteer with an n g o police say the trading post where she works was attacked afghanistan has declared a day of national mourning after at least fifty five people were killed in an attack in the capital kabul more than eighty others were wounded a gathering of religious scholars was targeted. i heard the explosion i just take my cousin out of there was seriously wounded but when i got here i realized that i was wounded as well and i am here i wanted to enter the hotel to participate in the ceremony but i got a call from a relative and he told me that there was a blast inside the hotel and the his children were wounded now and looking after my friends who've been injured in the blast the hospitals aren't allowing anyone any one of the members of the so-called bali nine ring has been released from an indonesian prison near lawrence is more than thirteen years behind bars for
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smuggling drugs was found with more than two kilos of heroin strapped to her body the ringleaders of the group were exact used by firing squad in two thousand and fifteen straining ties between australia and indonesia which has the world's most stringent drug laws. two more bodies have been found in northern california bringing the number of people killed in wildfires to eighty one more than twelve hundred people are missing in worst fires in the state's history rescue efforts might slow down as the forecasters forecasts of heavy rainfall over the next several days now that could lead to mud and debris to fall over charred land making it harder to find survivors. french carmaker renault is appointed an interim c.e.o. after the arrest of carlos orson welles' detention has been extended by ten days after he was detained in japan and allegations of financial misconduct he's accused
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of under of porting his income from the sand representatives on the chilean territory of easter island are in london seeking the return of a statue taken to the u.k. one hundred fifty years ago the carving which has a name meaning lost or stolen was removed from the pacific island in eight hundred sixty eight by a british explorer barbara reports yes if. they traveled halfway around the world to ask for part of their heritage back a delegation from the south pacific island of rep annoyed also known as easter island of the meeting representatives of the british museum their demand that it gives back this battle to figure over two metres high known as poet. in their culture it's much more than a statue it's a living object known as a more wine which communicates with the whole hog and in a.l.'s. only more like the westfield for all the fans in rupp and only the only one you have heard these
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hundred fifty years the most is people to. sleep in who are full of shit that. use can't imagine that this is how important is for us it's actually one of nine hundred moare covered by islanders between eleven hundred and sixteen hundred a day on rap annoy you which is governed by chile then our major tourist attraction parts of the us go world heritage site the wrap annoyed people have offered to swap a new more i car from stone by a contemporary local sculptor for this one and chill as minister for heritage part of the delegation to london says he's hopeful they'll be a breakthrough we understand that. the more. i can and i think of importance of the collection of the museum but i'm really sure and i would get a gauge especially the people from revenue and absolutely sure that they understood the meaning of them piece by in eight hundred sixty eight the whole year was seized
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by richard powell the captain of a british naval ship and later presented to queen victoria who passed it on to the british museum one hundred fifty years on a spokesperson for the british museum told al-jazeera. is free to view in our welcome trust gallery and is amongst the most popular and most photographed exhibits with our six million visitors each year we believe that there is great value in presenting objects from across the world alongside the stories of other cultures at the british museum full of course this isn't the first time an exhibit at the british museum it's extremely popular with the viewing public has also become the subject of intense debate and a demand for its return by the country of origin greece's own campaign for the return of the ancient parthenon marbles also known as the elgin marbles and there have been similar calls over the been in bronzes created in a kingdom that's part of modern day nigeria but this is more than a representation of a human the wrap annoy you actually see it as
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a relative and now they're pushing for the whole family to be reunited back home in the south pacific. al-jazeera number. a members of papua new guinea's armed forces are stormed parliament over a pay this feud stemming from the apec forum it recently hosted they broke windows smashed furniture and tore pictures from walls the chaos also resulted in looting around the capital but calm was restored when the government said it would pay the money within a week. let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera and start with some breaking news just coming out now a u.s. courses sentence british academic matthew hedges to life in prison he's been accused of spying bring you more of this soon as we get it u.s. politicians say don't trump is putting saudi arabia ahead of american values on
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tuesday trump released a statement saying he will stand by the kingdom and not take a few minutes of actions against him for the murder of journalist. his own intelligence agency concluded crown prince one hundred inside and ordered the killing but trump's facing pressure from republican and democratic leaders on the senate foreign relations committee they're demanding a second investigation to focus the civically on the crown prince's role in jesus' death our white house correspondent kimberly halkett has more what we've got here now essentially is an effort and it's a bipartisan effort that is notable in a divided congress were congress is ordered the trumpet ministration to investigate mohamed bin selman the saudi crown prince this role in the death of jim even as the president in his statement that he released is casting doubt on his role saying we may never know the facts and fact the u.s.
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congress feels much differently that's why they have sent this letter triggering the global magnitsky act the u.n. envoy for yemen has arrived in the capital sana'a to meet the leaders in the latest push for political talks between warring sides griffiths wants to stop and all out conflict in the port city of data the port city is vital for the supply of a. afghanistan has declared a day of national mourning after at least fifty five people were killed in an attack on the capital more than eighty others were wounded a gathering of religious scholars was targeted russia says that was outside pressure that influence the outcome of a vote to elect the new president of the world's largest police agency interpol south korea's kim jong yang was elected through a strong endorsement by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh it's inside story next stay with us.
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no room for politics in israel's security the was of benjamin netanyahu as he tries to election the process began after his defense minister resigned over a cease fire in gaza but cannot tell you how save his white wing coalition this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has
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now only survived a possible collapse of his coalition government education minister enough taliban to turn to pull his.


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