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tv   Korean Lovers In Baghdad  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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countries south korea's kim jong yang were placemen hallway who's under arrest in corruption over corruption on arrests in china over corruption allegations well sco was hoping interpol's vice presidents alexander truck would take the post but his counter to see were strongly opposed by europe and the us. british academic in the united arab emirates has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of spying. has been detained there for the past six months with thirty one year old was arrested at dubai airport after a two week research visit to the u.a.e. the british foreign secretary hunt says the sentencing will hurt the u.k.'s relationship with the q a. and those are the latest headlines here on al-jazeera witnesses coming next thanks for watching.
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it's is. every day i time to time out to the face she called enough time drama our family ever seen was out of a business model of omanis. see if it almost a fiend and drama now i know i mean a whine f. now medical saw us well kids have become so a good race of a fellow now caught by on at a meal and i am. sure you. can stay home with a highly national ban on me how but a jews in canada honestly hossam doughy are why i left million in the. us on the budget to have been the shyly. and so. to me in the old.
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i knew he ran out in the style of mine this i've got about one of those i've done and i offer you. to look at our new rigs i would just set a time of the quality of the hundred so bunny on the ledge on the second. of all my stuff the war had to belittle corded you know. your father the hoodoo will float in they didn't know what i had in the. local in the. among you took for to be bothered and. well for being sure what are you to look at. today i'm going to have exactly what i was up to. here on.
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your interest isn't enough excluding a very good go of it i will introduce myself in korean for you ok now see work out so no i now see because i knew it all and then the needs are gone in telling you here's our needs oh ok i mustn't find out the new problem. is i'm pretty nice again. really i say my language carandang go by myself by you tube channel i was. issued from. this image and over a woman was on a. minister my lebanon. out and high as moon national but i still low i love to see. and you feel not. guilty of us i'm not huge. well i wish to see if you are a woman have to be like that i'll start she comes. in you know. and
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i john who was most pubs they aren't didn't believe that i'm all monk and come see a halo with defeat eventually. and i swapped home by then and someone to knock a scholarship. of autonomy or force. them into did us out and it would. have been. a picture but as much that was a knock on the soul as well or anywhere else in the show that i'd let them to let the dog to ensure a minute to call up to let. go of them and then. start to demand whole it up out of bed to go into the lesson and see how the school walked in on the job level the most solely at the time of the fall save us
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a fund that's any of that reminder that. that mattered a lot to bump. into but i'm not there and yeah that's it unless i need some sort of didn't need to answer if you can do it. so good man you know why not it is that so let's. talk with it. and i get a good supper put in front of you every day ten zero zero zero a son and about to stuff that i have fed us.
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i haven't had to much fun in my claims of words. but. i can see a turn in. the past the captain ala'a himself across our. inability to tell you anything we tell you when this is what i understand the extent of the business in this been doing of the was going on in the focus of the aviation and it was not the shelf and she didn't think of bigger. associate does nothing for it she are a big deal to be done but now that she lives in the so where is she on the money much different than the soul. of the sun i was leaving the celibacy of
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a million they didn't talk about that she was a walk to be a now as the feet of must be about to be in charge here is she somebody needs to believe she will be needed yes. it's an idea we wanted like that was. today. you can have lipstick on shabbat and after a day the last speaker was kuti g.o.p. and their country to our question who is so lost on hostile. scholarship should the passage. ravager better you won't be able to write i think that this give it should be nice how much is that a good offer which i started writing the second and i think it's i think this getting to know about. the character also pleased that you got what sewer
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method it was the dish how would. i do this or peaches it usually we still have the eleven up our little ham i jam a good book i will love. then how good of an ad mother that. well the years of the senate who say yes we are the. eyes are not of the are there are they going to resign are who are. going to have the. headaches that. complication so far all have their eye all these reactors you. have all of us of our time around here they just sit. on a mass suffer they so must suffer the. yanni
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of. their shani behave this was a phantom with idea. that the rules they are need to survive the us send in her. her yours are now her ass was not a muslim or some other though on the studs well how their power of sound i would do that is to all the of the meshad it much other one of those of. us. who like the modern mark mark down on them to see only its into my branch of uncle to get them on the start. followed to zero as to me i know. the subtitle. of one has something done in the my views of new something you do you could hear the subtle. form aren't you going to drop last name part of.
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a sonny well that's a. it's on the here. and young song. while. total. vacuum some in the house trained me to commit genocide would be a gentle yet. man as you go to show you. are still here she didn't. have to keep your. father to. washington. decided it's a bloody heaven and says you know look i love this stuff i. can't believe.
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i had double the amount of. damage in the new month that it doesn't mean maybe it did to much. but in. my mind and in the common enough of the stuff i think including with what i know now i'm a good at it that's probably. the whole new number about how i'm feeling in me and with a formality. i took a sign of how often he may bow out and. mind if. he's not going to go whole hog. and. in the. ground.
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zero mosque on a national. if you do yes. ah choice that was additional it is looking at me not going to feel not how suddenly doesn't. sound right as you can. imagine on your household that any nine hundred sag this shop is a lot that hot and sokolow aging in la should suffer out th me out on me at home the one in the normal life and us will be off mark at the. same transitional time hell no. longer best infusion the heart of the year half an inch more. sunlight the next and
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younger you cannot assume you are superior great. money on didn't i arrive next year you point. made i did that with the home of thirty eight men dying in my house no no that was not in the house i did nothing i couldn't muster. shannon. had this man who she does full being. who she doesn't mind and also not punishment and money just a question i own up all. the time todd is home and she'll miss me job until cindy is a keen. and i'm attention enough to know that. on a half i could be up a lot and i highly the station because you own your own niche and on. stand with tom sounded so fucking michelle then he holds on our stance. as
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a missile could ha ha. ha ha mission is how. it's easier to see it. and i found it also missing must see this kind of specifics you first. need to get.
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to know it's his part of the family and. investigates using. she looks like. she. looks.
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when she went into the south end of the van now whom i'm. sure. is to be on the scene going there so good that june goes to college and then. just on a cold cold cold with them dodging by yaks not by a whole lot of the by tree. who. wouldn't have been mugged it was this ocean that was this is how that somebody.
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should. hi hi i listen to her m.b.a. ideology i have them on our guard and i am in law but how they decide i'm sad and walk on yeah has a nonny and to me to harm anyone. there is a lot of well korean companies working bands that you know you are ok they call their home on fire that you know you say. no to the airports don't know yet who are you know a lot of companies want to know what we can follow you. follow you need them one point zero zero zero zero zero zero we. saw no. one even time oh yeah. me. ok.
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couldn't ish so we had a one hundred of. the stuff. in the sky local job or some way. to save a chinese return the month communication been on the market and she's mom damn it might to be from one room i had to go out on the left and you've got i guess my name a legit number that is she not me not much of a time in a budget to me i walk out what i'm going to be and i'm coming to that minako knew. that was that and i mean you know the only thing that you know if it was to do it. what was it then why am i mean. when the. code in order to apologize out of korea. by dan hellmuth softly on a vid and you are a should not quote a general. enough is enough that hired
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a shill and i would call the. police right hand and nearly amended has said when you had to add everything just told her she'd see a haitian against you on the corner here. we've seen you since the car was cold and you don't. sleep i'm not going to look out minute hamas was going out because it's just easier now marketplace as far as i'm unlucky it's just an idea even the white house would be good to see it was the make up on your knees as i got it as i didn't know the senate luckily of course that little was i said because it's not my fault this is because i was going to. issue this million it wasn't the house it shall be included there are many that let you name any time there is the markets you see people going to try to crowd god i
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don't care no shit the other thought was obvious. you know. and he doesn't. mean by the high end. i mean that and more i have done someone who wanted. to do or. good. for us. and. he did us the semi-colon and you cannot go and get into haiti do it seems is in a very very bad outcome to the second one hundred like you know how the so. i may not wear out well you know you know me how do you know how you fell under. the sun and this is kind of evil stuff that can. afford. the economy that. was not
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now my issue in this vein without that why would that be how it has. done almost so what have you been to me when i jump i can read that simon in this manner i could out without. know how but could it. on the i'll be the judge of mystical idea but i'm married as you have a. son i want. a most are them in. my mind i hope i'm. ok and i'm. ok. compassing me to my yeah. and this is. not all come close mike i'm not. sure what it. could rise to the scholarship scare about the master degree each professor you sign. to select or tuesday students
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depending on your funds oh you want to see disability through. the different races this. is three. or maybe even better lives from my. parents music electron microscope. you. have no ability to bring this devises in our. laboratory so now i see. they make the cable bill that's really. so the price for me. and my how was she did i ask why no especially. want to use it and then. with nothing on the. start. he only said it was a had me don't want. to.
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part time job so. hello mike. the hey lynn hole. if it didn't know. was she always you know what i will show a funny annoying on the as a very much a drama. michelle leave job at the baby major market i said i don't feel we should. have because you. have zero out there as you're walking. the dog when have charlie. some bottom on the team with a phone you have to vet home so do you want to have a very very. well enough so sort of a tell you all to i don't want to come in on the eve of nona just said i want to model how my you. know a hostel i was stuck. to. my house on
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a scholarship. both of them and. the fossils. oh yeah that was how the fuck to false. and off she you know. not at all came out of the common law just it. took over that one. poor move by let me i don't mean on the one. it's on that to imply love. her believe me tons of three gunmen so finance and the high on he. has. got to come in handy mt heads going to do one. or two and are instead so i had but as i left.
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this also. logan skin. by the pool says will lose their nerve and by forward israel on the shores of padded ice progress for some can create a living hell for others challenging his government and big business one man risks his life to save the community he cherishes it is not liable to be that someone. is there. as well and. the opposition a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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impoverished excluded and under attack roma communities are paying the price of hiking nationalism in a country at war with itself. people in power investigates the surgeon hate crimes at the hands of far right groups. ukraine robo repression on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every your. china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men. one on one used meets those desperately seeking love any way
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they can on al-jazeera. every new denials from saudi arabia that the crown prince was not involved in the matter of jamal khashoggi despite a cia report that says he ordered the killing. so i'm fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from doha also ahead hoping to revive yemen's peace process the un's envoy arrives in the capital to lay the groundwork for talks between warring sides. we all those cool sounds here's deeply disappointed and concerned it stays with. terry.


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