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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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yes that's still going to some good. sleep. oh. it is that messed up that the future generations' up your good stuff in the stuff that can really get an average believe in the technology down the budget so i'm telling it to tell him. the. story. that.
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i don't want people to. look at. and. think if i'm going to get there because. we've been building. i feel really really sorry for the whole community and. we're going to be respectful. i'm not just. i just don't know and it's.
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he didn't just. fall down. and. you know frankly he was and. by that i best mean you know how best. so by you know. we may not like. the humbug i walked on by. but this. i will be held responsible. held responsible.
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for. i think we should just. go our way of our. marriage ok she's straight forward or we're fighting for his footing to do what is right. you cannot just go to the human beings like animals. it's been six days since our homes were destroyed it bothered him in port moresby yet there is deafening silence and lack of support by authorities now there are high health and safety risks among the dispose residents who are now living under canvas is an intense with the homes used to be on the day of the demolition of
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houses germany says claims about one hundred heavily armed police officers came to the park site the top section of paga he'll is being developed into a world class to his attraction by pargo he will development company ok here we want to have a few to move major hotels about a tenth of the power lines a major cultural center. and there will be part of me in a circle to college exam woman alone and i have not ever tried to play male politics and fight who option. is too much grain politics is too much compromise not comfortable with the whole of things happening around you and you're going to decide what you have been there for and which is when there will have to walk away and say and then when i can let you know. how when you get
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is in the grip of a constitutional crisis with so michael somare and peter o'neill both claiming to be the country's legitimate later. again carol kidu condemned the behavior of the elitist deposits will power. as a great danger and it's a trail powers in a country such as the house. by going and taking the leadership of the opposition it gave me a legitimate voice thank you mr speaker in twenty twelve dame carol kidu will retire from politics after three terms as the only woman in the country's parliament you are trying to retire at the next election if you like and serve better outside than inside time will tell but only member but trust in the parliament and that's what nobody has been all all but. and. you know without her i don't think i can survive same thing in that very jail you know. at the forefront and.
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on the altar of the vision for market it was to create an i can i cannot promote pop and he has invited destination for tourists fresh and in nice to some light i mean being transferred from an inside to do this here we feel great sense of responsibility to be a good corporate citizen but totally committed to ensuring the informal sadness. to get us integral part of the project we need to make sure you work to get. to them and means a group of people you know getting together and living in one particular place. a
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place to lead. a community was still peaceful. we have our church you know. we have was school there we have a lawyer in order to meet the. that there's a. lot out there so i know some people do some of he's an elder and this is their home this is the village and i'm innocent i. really am but i was down on the mat thank you left that fact alone. i was using dogs. at st download physical. we're not lawyers before festival we put off this on the internet and this was the case as much as possible. the court said. and that's where we start having these the national community coming in to help us in terms of investigations
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. going down to portland when you state. that. we have no grounds to fight for. what we are standing what you. know they become it's such easy to demolition excess . but this isn't about the park hill demolition on facebook. my background was researching issues around conflict to morrow. there's something about how you feel that would provide a pos why into a systemic form of criminality that was a road lost in teens you.
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think i just was case. here how you make. it. right i'm meeting with a range of really good people hiya and hopefully they'll give me some more ideas about how to take this up my office always standing that your lawyer should get in contact with me when he begins to compile the facts that. field. mr. coco ok general lovely lovely speaking with you and thank you joy i really made my day by you know you all you know. i felt the
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need to go out and visit the community. the fault lines of the struggle was still very much. for your girl and. i believe you just go your house yesterday yes. so you had to leave on. in a tent so basically you yeah. i just want to make sure that this is the evidence of what happened to us and those you you are your kids yes i'm hug you had some
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husbands or you know this is just some emotions on my family relationships and friends. so what's in your case far in terms of documents and. so i'll just have to think through and just get a sense of what you have and what is needed. it seems like a lot of the documentation you currently have relates specifically to the. eviction order so what i can probably be much more usefully i just need it ok i think i can give you is not giving as much of anything as i can possibly give you and if you don't think there's nothing tell me that's what i do i find i mean ition and then i give the people who know how to fire in the court of law years surely other no distance no. i don't live in the evidence just not the usual
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order and just put the interest of the people who i am known to bite him time you know for them to. be the owner. i want going on three thousand affidavits. wait for the last report on how the company. did this thing to get us from as possible so that we can start biting the. subsequent weeks out from it show i did begin to find these fragments of information firstly thirteen point one of tom's on the
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illegal portion business portion one five nine seven now and was a national park according to the public accounts committee it was an area of great natural beauty and that it should be reserved from development but what actually happened was a ninety nine you business lease was issued to park hill development company. in this lease the ranch is reduced from two hundred fifty thousand a year down to fifty thousand team. felt that this was the tip of an iceberg of illegal black market in state leases.
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the company then angle less out of exoneration from the public accounts committee overturning the findings of the. day's most perfect is within the lens department. people within the government runs. the manipulating the system. that led me to investigate courtroom one five nine seven. the major discovery
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there was the ph he didn't have title to the land on the on the for sure that wasn't part of one five nine seven. learned on which their homes and stood we should being demolished at gunpoint was outside police the police had no right to harass intimidate or demolish any properties there. that demolition exercise was illegitimate in every sense in every form. i have a winning case. we are not part of the scene and he said. i provide evidence and facts i'm talking about empirical facts empirical evidence.
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and the truth. as. well for my god there are or on the. will. my me. and he. as soon as i walked into the courthouse. everything was all in my favor. i did look at the. end. because they did the. from the cover of the mountain right to the scene from it's all by the ocean one five men serving.
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on the forty five. of them. the. evidence to point. me. in the hall. every day. i. know we are pinning these you know. we can question but.
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until now the coverage of latin america that most of the world was about covering khuda todd's tragedies us quakes and that was it but not how couple feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anywhere five and a half months are demanding a bullet casing system that was introduced to. latin america others here as have to fill a void that needed to be filled. in palestine under british rule. educate in america. a controversial professor in new york. he realised that he was the voice. of the people al-jazeera wild explores what made him an influential writer. and champion of the palestinian cause in the west and what's out of place.
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sean the liers all staring down at what humanity is done to insult no one would ever know how many here are stifled here. is governed by that body. was all right since when the shots came from the holiday and you heard correct speakers on the balcony of the hotel i just want to break off because we've got so many. that don't trust that somehow cold war hotels a brand new series coming soon on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera the saudi foreign minister has described the premeditated killing of journalist. as an unfortunate accident speaking to us media bad reiterated that there is no question
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of the saudi crown prince being sidelined over the murder. the leadership of surgery been presented in the king in the problems is a red line for the saudi man or woman the country is totally supportive of them to kingdom of saudi arabia is committed to the vision that our leaders have put forth for us in terms of vision twenty thirty and in terms of moving along the path of reform. meanwhile senators in the u.s. are keeping up their call for an inquiry into the saudi crown prince's role in the murder and that's the spied president from statement on tuesday that there would be no further action taken against riyadh u.s. defense secretary james mattis is also said that neither the cia or saudi government have established blame for the death yet save the children estimates that nearly eighty five thousand children under five have died from extreme hunger or disease since civil war broke out in yemen in two thousand and fifteen the aid
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group says continued fighting is making it hard to get help to those who are still alive overall more than eight million people are at risk of starvation in yemen hundreds more central american migrants have arrived in t one in mexico joining thousands that are already gathered near the mexican border with the united states and u.s. judge has blocked president trumps order to ban people from seeking asylum if they enter the country illegally the world's policing body interpol has elected a new president after a bitter contest between russia and many western countries south korea's kim jong un will replace mang home way who is under arrest in china over corruption allegations and the british academic in the united arab emirates has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of spying matthew hedges has been detained there for the past six months the thirty one year old was arrested at dubai airport after a two week research visit british foreign secretary jeremy hunt says the sentencing
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will hurt the u.k.'s relationship with the u. . well those are the headlines we're going to have more news for you in the al-jazeera news hour that's coming up at half an hour coming up next witness continues. me for a great song is an icelandic strain he's a venture capitalist i suppose who makes. a lot of money through speculative projects he began he used commercial courage in one thousand nine hundred two he went from being a licorice factory entrepreneur jeans importer exports. iraq to papa new guinea
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as a publisher now. tangent dentals sort of leap from one unconnected industry to another. he's been involved in a hugely controversial book publishing deal for the tangy government then sets up his own company which handles to see states. the first red flag was clearly raised by government. public housing agency. and they found ten illegal contracts were made no one was over to trace the money from the states to states. and i don't think at this stage i was aware of what he was actually fighting
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against. for nixon's idea as a dream. it's to work in the saying it's a paper dream that we're not even sure it's kind of it's just too much he hasn't developed such things and his lifestyle. is. so minute to suddenly love him. i'm not happy. let me toss him by signing a contract one time dislike campania. and by walk on by more law that i'm not negotiate. and i come up my mil mil you know company or you me. for how best to
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reset the new me. because i mean they're going to give you a sim suppose you general know recently maligned let me. you will buy them ground by the ones i'd like to go inside what i once i chooses to me once i do build the most global not dissimilar going to put in more. money to get to ground zero so you are asking too much. i mean so be it. someone has to stand up and make sure the government recognizes this you and wolf. international laws when government came to down long human beings. you me a new player you stop and here you people are. people you become come come this bring player. among become a casino. business where you guys belong. the
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company actually approached me. trying to think when new to the. twenty end of two thousand and thirteen just by chance saw so the company a c.e.o. on the plane they said would you consider helping with the relocation exercise i said no. people will say i have been bought out. oh wait until we see what happens. but i decided to start working on because of the national court decision people were hoping a company would actually build houses and things but there's no obligation to tell them really the company is not obliged to anything you are living on the land that the court has now said he longs to them and i'm not going to question the court decision it belongs to. what the what has been done so far is more than has been
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given to any other really good person around his city hopefully it can start to set a standard. of living. over him whether he got the family believe that. now at base is. an immediate basin's running into something bigger. ations are. some the. ritual the whole case.
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of popping again in government published press release. back. the government felt it was more than appropriate. in these next home a fifty fifty in this developed state when nasty partners in this project. had financial interest in seeing john silenced and i had just as much reason to teach armstrong as a company and yet a lot of company they had the means of violence to do that.
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if they find they are just by the head of the company that. led to his idea against the government of the the so that's the real issue that's what a bill is a low profile i just don't want to live that it was. in terms of a lot of stuff. and it was. so trying to those who say. i don't really want to expose myself. to those and little. they have that when. i say to him. well your now political dissent. you are challenging a state project and you are a threat to your government and they. want to do you harm they can very well lead
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to be killed. so my advice to him was he should seek asylum. that would be a only way of guaranteeing you safety but of course china won't seek asylum because it will discontinue the struggle. has the police harassment. although we know we're. going to see was a significant threat. to the community has to be really. sick and. that's why we are free after the manner of. the crime. let's let's get to this case.
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that's. over two hundred paga hill residents were relocated to six mile lisa any means to free up space for developer paga hill ltd taking initiative the company went out of its way to purchase land at six while to accommodate those affected by the development c.e.o. goodman do fredrickson has gone through a challenging times to get to the present day what has been achieved through a cargo community is a proof that harmonious resettlement can be achieved in publishing in me the head of united nations trivedi gave his vote of confidence to the company for human rights approach the first time. a national corporation like this supports the resettlement of communities it is the first time it has happened in pop when you get in my experience dame carol kidu was forgiving clarifying she was simply standing up for the settlers from
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a human rights perspective may no longer any had journey and it is a time to celebrate. you have come a long way with a company that has shown that it cares. is that means the idea. will be nice one time all of company because i get money finished. in. money and by wait wait. wait they just come in and i say we'll give you this much. these. six my every hour. development companies want to relocate us grow.
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food. water program the food. or. the workers do that. he. will be. true because you. know it's a good thing. it's . all. good. we. really didn't.
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either. yes. it's not perfect but i think it's there's been a genuine attempt by the company to do a really something that's useful and perhaps they're being too ambitious to be quite frank and in the company he is being even over ambitious of about what they want to achieve for the people who've been moved. because you know this is. a stage where you can interrupt creating a dependency. mentality. in your company and.
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you suck up a federal issue. we'll find other steps. back . with our brain. where you know it's turning upon our best and i'll fight in to latest out there will be a huge.


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