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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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their positions were forced fired on by the who the fight is now the who the fighters have said they will stop grown on missile attacks against the sodium pollution on the allies on the ground but of said they will continue to defend their positions and that is one of the reasons why we are seeing continued collages in the crucial port city of there some of these fighting is happening very close to the port which is crucial to the lives of millions of yemenis who need aid now the u.n. special envoy martin could if it is leading the biggest diplomatic push in two years for a negotiated settlement to the conflict in the yemenis expected to arrive later in the day together with the u.n. humanitarian coordinator for yemen lisa ground and they are going to be looking at how to get both sides not only to commit to a cease fire but also to peace talks aimed for later in the year mohammed
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abdul reporting there from djibouti meanwhile the british foreign minister has defended his country. despite calls by opposition m.p.'s and activists to stop supplying riyadh. far from helping them there would be no visit by the u.k. foreign secretary to saudi arabia last week no opportunity to have a frank and sometimes difficult conversation with the crown prince no trip to terror on because their reason for talking to us is because we have a relationship with the saudis no to be no support across the table for a security council resolution so british influence far from being able to bring both sides together would reduce to zero and that is why the right thing to prostitute with respect on sales is to follow the incredibly strict arms control regime introduced by a labor government in two thousand and one of the strictest in the world which does have objective measures to make sure that we don't export arms to places where
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there's a high risk of violations of international humanitarian law. i said ahead on al-jazeera protests on the island of reunion bring the french territory to a standstill and the race is on to replace angela merkel less leader of germany's running i.e. with public debates across the country. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. however you can tell from space more than where it's raining this gray here which covers a good part of central eastern europe is an indication of low temperatures on the ground it's not there in western france for example so that's demarcations and temperatures in this part of europe are really low much lower than they should be this big shock if you remember it like even a week ago so next in temperature in kiev ministry burl in two in london at seven
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and that's with a breeze as well but this is the demarcation line if you remember along that little bit of cloud nothing much else it's around the wall to the black sea in the gene where this could be pretty stormy weather in turkey but less so in romania but as snow is possible up in the hungary in plano will be further south in bug area and then happening over spain and portugal yet more right now that's spreading in into the western mediterranean so overnight it will become rather more active straight into southern france but as snow for the swiss and the french alps maybe the driver the cold has stopped there's no more of a wind here so it's a warm day in london at ten am in berlin at five degrees and this is all under the sunshine after morning fog on the assumption that that does lift south of all this action the eastern med bringing rain to the levant action in the west in milan beyond being a streak of rain into morocco again. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. went on line for you looking at wildlife and now the solutions come together to
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benefit. all parties involved that's where we're going to be long term success or if you join us on set if you could take me around the continent where would you take me if you don't have to set up your experiment for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting points there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation. and watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour saudi arabia's foreign minister has denied reports that crown prince mohammed bin solomons position is under threat meanwhile
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denmark has joined germany in suspending weapons sales to saudi arabia over. in yemen fighting is continuing in the port city of her data despite u.s. defense secretary james mattis saying the saudi u.a.e. coalition sees its offensive and the u.n. special envoy to yemen has met with the rebel leaders in the capital sanaa griffith is expected to travel to dayton nato the port is crucial for food and aid supplies . now protests against soaring fuel prices in the french territory of reunion have shut down much of the island the government has canceled all flights and close calls and suspended public transport and demonstrators on the island in the indian ocean say it's about much more than the cost of filling up a tank mariana honda has more on. the island of reunion more commonly associated with beautiful beaches and some say it's paralyzed for days by violence police and protesters have been injured and more than one hundred people arrested
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but five days on the discontent at rising fuel prices shows little sign of waning protesters are refusing to take down the road blocks. we block but we do it calmly very peacefully and we try not to block the population too much. mess protests in france that began on saturday quickly spread to the french overseas territory the source of the anger is the spike in fuel prices by as much as twenty three percent in the past year but for many protesters this is about much more than fuel they're angry at the rising cost of living and poor public services officials introduced a curfew in some parts of reunion to dampen not to violence french president emanuel mccrum says he'll deploy the military to restore order. we are many initiatives that we've undertaken in our union in the economic sector and local housing policies but on the matter of public order i say to our ask the government
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to be inflexible because the scenes we have seen in reunion and elsewhere an acceptable. protest is in reunion have donned the yellow vests worn by demonstrators in france in a show of defiance and solidarity they want the government to drop a planned tex increase in fuel and say they'll maintain their road blocks and protests even if it brings the french territory to a standstill maidana hond al-jazeera. the united nations says arjun steps must be taken to avoid a catastrophic famine in central african republic it's declared a food security emergency just one level below famine the u.n. says sixty percent of people there need to manage here in assistance it's urging the government to guarantee the safe return of refugees so they can work the fields and produce food more than a million people have fled fighting in c.l.r. since twenty thirty. now the race to replace angle america less leader of germany's
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christian democratic union is gathering pace now party members are getting the chance to question their three candidates standing for the post the many cain reports from either all this chain rhineland. one of these three will become the next christian democratic leader but to do so they must first convince their party one is close to angle americal and seen by some as her natural successor for her competence in government are the watchwords mind the presidential legacy of. i bring my personal outlook and previous experience as a federal minister and prime minister of sand if the question is about character and that's why i am the right candidate for you to elect by me then there is the young pretender who believes the party should move further right and reengage with the voters last during merkel's time in office ya.
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yes the turnover in the general election was up but our vote dropped last people's trust voters sent us a message that things weren't going how they should like for example diesel they're asking themselves will they be able to drive their cars in the cities or not finally there is anger americans former rival a man who left politics after being sidelined by her nearly ten years ago he's returned now to say the party needs reinvigoration our. funding. we will only achieve it if we stay firmly anchored in the political center ground don't turn left or right but we must win back those we've lost in the last few years this will only work if we were a christian democratic union that welcomes people whatever their background but which is clearly identifiable with western christian and jewish values. the first one survived giving the members of these three candidates up close and
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personal and for them to work out which one they think can take the party forward and win the next general election and just mine a citizen distinguished by my feeling is to be defied every scary impressed by feeding but the nick had to come cause i was also very interesting. from the three candidates i prefer not because i'm very happy that you come back into. politics and he was so most impressive to me. they'll all get the chance to cast their votes in december when it came. time. in the united states thousands of people caught up in the california wildfires will be spending thanksgiving homeless so lives are also bracing for heavy rainfall as much as twenty centimeters of rain is expected by friday and the latest death toll has gone up to eighty three with hundreds of others still missing right now i'm
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just trying to get all of the things cleaned up to put away from the rain because we're being forced to move out of here and. most of the people left here are homeless and there are no fire evacuees and i am myself a fire victim and my house is gone so i don't have anywhere to go so i feel i feel pain and. i just really wish that somebody were able to. give us a place to go just to get out of the rain and that's all i had this moment i don't know how much more anybody else can do there's been such an outpouring of help and support and food in people bringing coats. and all those things are so hopeful but at the end of the day i have nowhere to go. the u.s. defense secretary james mattis says chill salonga southern border with mexico have been given permission to use their batons to stop any violence nearly six thousand
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personnel are ready to help border police stop asylum seekers who are traveling across mexico towards the united states john heilemann reports from the mexican border city of tijuana. cold and hungry after a day's travel to one on the mexican u.s. border around one thousand people arriving at the final base camp for a caravan of central americans they join about three thousand already here preparing for the final leg of their journey. my dream is to arrive in the united states to help my mother she has troubles i'm twenty seven and she raised me alone may god help me cross. that crossing won't happen for some time if it does at all the u.s. authorities are processing asylum claims slowly and beefing up border security has become a ball to that this is just one of the long lines of people waiting to get into the sports complex that's been converted into
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a temporary migrant shelter but it was already almost full before there right in the challenge for authorities here in three one is going to be what do they do with all these extra people. the new arrivals woke up after a night sleeping on a baseball field when the young guy you know when we arrived it was freezing and we didn't have any shelter to the children so we all woke up when because of the jews there. were thousands more in the way the city's authorities don't know where they were temporarily put the the situation's increasingly volatile says t one as police chief the one you. know city is prepared to receive this amount of people i think the perfect storm is brewing and us the little thirty's to look at this we've got several entry points along the border between which we could find these people in an orderly way. but for now they have nowhere else to go john home and how does it take one. an american man has been killed on
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a remote island in the indian ocean by one of the last tribes untouched by modern civilisation twenty seven year old john child was attempting to make contact with the tribe on north sentinel in the bay of bengal when it's reported he was shot with an arrow the sentinel least people number in the low hundreds and are known to be fearful of an aggressive towards physicist to protect them india has banned people from going within five kilometers of the island i.j. saini is a researcher and writer who specializes in undermanned island tribes he says the sentinel east have repeatedly pushed back against efforts to make contact with them these people have historically remain isolated and if you look at the history there used to be a large number of indigenous people in the end him and nicobar islands and indigenous. and they were depopulate it to
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a large extent and bees are few illusions the number is up to fifty fifty two hundred or maybe five hundred that's what the projected number is so big they have shown all the time types with the outward and delete isolated on their. the government of india tried to have contact missions with these are people and those were suspended like except for a few instances when. the outsiders anthropologists who'd come in through the country with these people they could exchange gifts with them and and the standard list accepted those gives except a few instances the most of the missions were failure and because of that the entire time that mission be to tried was. suspended and these people remained isolated and the policy of the government who are these people was like we keep our
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eyes on them but we keep our hands of. of these people not to the philippines where artists are using their talents to fight against the government their case of silencing free speech jamail and again reports from manila about their abstract messages. in the country of widespread poverty and violence artists e-mail says he has spanned his voice he says the current state of democracy in the philippines is what fuels his creativity. a lot but he uses elements from a popular culture to make a political statement. part of a growing trend in the art community you know the artist thrives in adversity i think the amount of artwork that's being churned out right now with some bottle meat there of whatever is happening not only in the country but you know in the world through this under siege and the state plates the pin down.
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media art would always be an effective second line of defense. to the president to be good at there too was sworn into office the number of artworks highlighting controversial issues continues to grow like the government's war on drugs that has left thousands of filipinos dead. the resurgence of protests art is seen as a response to the growing authoritarianism in the country but artists here tell us finding the moral courage to do so doesn't come easy. it is creative provocative and one that resonates more with ordinary working people and their struggles than the more privileged in society. much of the art is identified with the leftist movement in the country one that's often been at odds with governments past and present it starts. during the martial law period an
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artist tries to confess what he feels what he thinks should be seen by the public that challenge us people to feeling. women so representative rights militarization and the displacement of indigenous peoples are just some of the issues artists do the child we from. people will see this art see they recognize the courage needed by the artists to produce and show their work art that aims to mirror society rather than escape it b.c. has never been more relevant in the country jamila duggan zero. zero again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera denmark has become
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the latest country to suspend weapon sales to saudi arabia over the killing of a journalist. foreign minister has again insisted the crown prince mohammed bin salman wasn't involved in the journalist's killing is also denied reports that the crown prince's position is under threat by the voices news agency says it's standing by its reporting the leadership of hundred. represented in the king and the problems is a red line for every saudi man or woman the country is totally supportive of them to condemn and so j.v. is committed to the vision to only do so put those who sometimes a vision twenty thirteen in terms of moving along the path of reform meanwhile turkey has accused the us president of ignoring jamal khashoggi as murder in an attempt to preserve washington's economic relationship with riyadh a senior turkish official called trump's remarks about the murder comical in a yemen fighting is continuing in the port city of her data despite u.s.
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defense secretary james mattis saying the saudi u.a.e. coalition has sees its offensive and the u.n. special envoy to yemen has met two of the rebel leaders in the capital sanaa martin griffith is expected to travel today de lay to the port is crucial for food and aid supplies into the country a british academic in the united arab emirates has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of spying matthew had his has been in detention for six months britain says the sentencing will hurt the u.k.'s relationship with the u.a.e. the united nations says urgent steps must be taken to avoid a catastrophic famine in central african republic the un says sixty percent of the population are in need of humanitarian assistance hundreds of protesters have big been fighting with police in venezuela as capital caracas demonstrators were mocking the anniversary of a student uprising more than sixty years ago survivors of the worst wildfires in
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the u.s. state of california in decades are bracing for heavy rainfall at least eighty three people have died in the fires while hundreds of others are still missing those are the headlines on al-jazeera the news will continue right after the string to stay with us. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing new realities. from the very beginning. providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story talk to how does iraq. and i'm really could be do you know the activist behind south africa's roads must ball movement well today we'll meet some of them and we'll also introduce you to a theatre company from the university of cape town exploring ways to fight
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inequality we want to hear your thoughts on the movement the play and our conversation today so to reach us or leave a comment in our live you tube shot and you too could be in the stream. in march of two thousand and fifteen students at the university of cape town launched rhodes must fall a movement that not only brought down a statue but sparked a broader discussion on how universities can better reflect a diverse student body and provide wider access to education. three years on a group of students who participated in the maze meant sharing that experiences it was to what it says around the world the chance to activism while tackling issues of race class gender and power. we.
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are now joined by three co-creators and members of the cast america conrad thank you seminar bono and sees race and welcome everyone to the stream it is so good to have you guys here especially because i have seen this production and many of our audience members have as well but even for those who didn't many of them remember the roads must fall movements i want to start here on my laptop with someone from top africa this is i've been asked who says these must fall roads must fall open the rot that lies deep within our society and resulted in a clamping down of activism so that his take away from this movement that we saw in twenty fifteen for you thank you so tell me about where you were when this movement started do you remember i do remember because i was on the drama campus of u.c. t.v. so we were very separate from the main body of the campus and i remember there was
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talk of someone who had the statue and we were very interested in knowing what was happening and i looked at my phone and i saw on twitter and on facebook videos of the sky and all these people standing around the statue and for some reason i was with a few of my friends who were in the play as well and we felt drawn to the situation we face there was a rush of adrenaline we felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for and we abandoned classes. and we went to the brim the building with there was a meeting held and that's where every. it started with people said ok well you know got to tell us when the statue is going down then we're going to occupy this building and this is the sessile road statue which is on the on the campus of the university of cape town and it was a bucket of poo that was thrown at sessile road statue in the mirror thank you this was an education process to work out what this guy down and some university of cape town students so furious about his presence there. for
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a lot of students i think we weren't really aware of what the legacy of sessile john rhodes actually was because it's not really something that you get talked about at high school level so if you actually pursue history into university maybe second or even third year do you really start learning about the actual rotter of colonialism as the tweeter had said. so for me it was you know ok people are really reacting to this statue to this moment why don't i know about this what can i do to seek out this knowledge and really the only place that you could get the information was the movement and it was amazing to be part of that moment where it wasn't only as a lot of people thought it was just like an angry bunch of students occupying buildings knocking down things you know being annoying to the staff members there were also film screenings that were held there were lectures with black academics that were held there was information that was passed around to people and it was it
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was really like a separate university to the university which was amazing says well what was it about this moment why why twenty fifteen why not the year two thousand why not. last year what was it about that particular town i. i think i think you know the stars aligned and three for three was the. unfortunate to be part of the group of chile fifteen because of a such a big symbol the removal moving of the statue is such a big symbol that you know we had to move the statue so you have to turn fifteen is the yeah you know i don't know why it was three fifteen but it's twenty fifteen and that's when you know just. i wanted to bring this up this is from misc who says on twitter that the impact abroad the most fault drop greater attention to the existing legacy appraising colonialism in our institutions of how euro centrism
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sexism and capitalism still reign of how narratives toward embracing african interest of molecules are still just regarded a lot there in two hundred eighty characters and she is just packed in there but break it down for us because in the play for those who do have the chance to go see it you do explain some of the what some people might call microaggression that happened to students whether they actually happen to you or your characters or other people you know help us explain for our audience who's watching at home right now what some of those micro aggressions are or what some of that colonialism looks like for a day to day average student i mean it's it's an understanding that we live in a country that has a majority of black people and we go to university with firstly we can't afford to stage a cation so majority of poor people in south africa a black people and already they.
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would break into programming to take you live to ankara where the turkish foreign minister is holding a news conference with the e.u. foreign policy chief federica morgan we need turkey and the european union holding their first high level talks in nearly two years to talk about turkey secession to the european union and other nations less listen in to what they have to say. consider our relationship it a you and the second one is to consult each other on regional issues. we have stressed upon the strategic importance of the relationship between turkey and e.u. turkey is a member candidate country for membership of the e.u.
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. our determination continues to be. stressed this morning. this should continue on a technical level we should not be. in countering political hurdles such political hurdle should not be trying at us the variations on the seventh of november. very important. because the commission's approach towards the. discussions this is important for us on the other hand political. handicaps thrown at turkey. does not only affect turkey but it is also a problem for the e.u. itself. is enlargement and its stability. so it is our advice to the e.u. to open the doors that e.u.
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itself themselves shut. and we have experienced these points to. your harness today again. it is for the benefit of both parties to stick to agreements we have a good relationship. but. the. date of march agreement. is for the benefit of both parties. needs to. stick to it the number of. refugees making it to the. across the edgy and has dropped to levels. desirable. a number of chapters for turkey's accession remain
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shut and they need to be opened. we have. action group they. get together in august and on the eleventh of november they had their second they will have their second meeting on the eleventh of december. we are going to go over reforms reforms are always turkey's priority we've. attempted coup especially. the attempts to topple elected government subsequent to the case the incidence and subsidy the subsequent elections now it is time. to bring any momentum to the reforms in turkey and together with our president and we continue to work. in addition to the high level political dialogue meetings we have other areas in
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which we have cooperation with in you energy policies terror trade etc these meetings will continue and must continue in the days to come and we have gone over to the two thousand and one thousand calendar. the you know as you know there is the elections in a you brics it continues is there. busy schedule ahead but we have expressed our joint agreement. for us to get together regularly on those meetings. we should continue to work together on the other hand fighting terrorism. is extremely important for turkey and e.u. member member states as well. as is known both turkey and the european countries have been subjected to terrorist
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attacks. many terrorist terrorists are active in the region that is in the interests of both parties to cooperate on this issue. and we expect. concrete support from the e.u. we have every right to expect that. the decisions on the p.k. k. is important the p.k. is a terrorist organization and must continue to remain on the terrorist list of terrorist organizations however the p.k. k. . making itself. present in e.u. countries carrying banners openly supporting terrorists is not something that we are. able to accept or tolerates there are some some reactions which we welcome but we don't find them sufficient.


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