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tv   China All The Single Men  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2018 1:33am-2:01am +03

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big dog. strike team bid on. my name is of your child is thirty five years old and i was born and they are going to be all right you know goal for the past four years i've been working at home when this she's my job is is a navigator skynet mentor people navigate them to recovery. of her body doing. coop. and so we're on the title connecting to others right and i think it's an important one because throughout your whole journey of recovery man sometimes the best thing you can do is connect with others but relate to others talk to others
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because sometimes when you do want to buy yourself you know for me and i was in my experience i usually make mistakes based on choices right i don't know of anybody struggles with that. review so comes with that damn good come. through under these three hundred you would. also use. yeah i'll work on it. but that's why you gotta keep doing the work man you gotta keep put in the work like that's the importers make you guys make wise choices we can all forget the training who forget mansoul a trading game if you make a choice you might be trading your freedom from being locked up your partner for that set of good food out here for that putin they're right. but the guys at the weekend.
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now two years ago. the party had a lot of people hating the man. the soldier willing to do whatever we never. spent about twenty three years of my life active addiction gaming's. of my life was on the line pretty much so you know. i got shot right here one time right in this dry winches just an air car pulled up any mess a nothing in just that awful momo. crazy home he's got got killed right there national right there. and it's all new right here in this little sect are within the sect and so much has happened. because i see so much and i see how grimy things can get out here sometimes i rather keep mccardell because i want to live life and i enjoy it.
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so the man i just called him who said he wants to meet you see if you like it and he want to take you know. so it was code talk. to a beauty as. i was getting ready to go to pick you up you'll go to the fourteen. and that's what you grew up about a started talking weight the kids you gave it to them a plate of good told. about. it and you both so still couldn't get a. business like a downward spiral on does that quit doing in the blink of body you know you're part of the murderers that i don't deal. come.
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might you learn like capacity. is what we. like the nobody knows. i'm a firm believer that people growing discomfort. this is you man this is your journey this is where it all started this could be the new beginning. if you just. keep an open mind as to it. how you feel what it is called your. phone i said all along we shall all want other persons to other people when you're not sure one days or two just two people sharing a room with three of us or rule it was a little girl. or like i feel it to some large bro up billy and i when you.
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don't receive all that you're going to have it was like they are to me and i don't know much where you fall where you don't don't stand alone meanwhile sleep i don't know what kind of light we're losing people below i don't know the city going to stand one thing. this is a process and a journey and change tell me this is not prison this is not the county you guys are not active on that life now this is a sober living an environment where you try to maintain yourself sober from anything. right before we always take people out usually we've got to make sure that they're ready for what they're asking for right because it's not what we think that you need is what you're telling essential me. he said he was ready he was willing to do whatever it takes as we take them. but then after that he just never went back let the stuff there came back to homeboys a few days later and started the cycle again back out here you know. to not grow
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the walk our garden the bone yard to ride out a car hit barker to the beat of turning. to god no i wanted this right and i didn't want to see the one stop tart ride around our. necks out. through the dark back toward texas. when the nineteen's and i'm settling down a stove chatter in the back of my day. that i do and in today to hurt anybody. that i do anything to help somebody to then. and in there as one of them on part in life and sit. on my man's world.
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i didn't put it the same especially. i believe that i might have both but isn't it a hole in. the right of only the only mosque mosque fairlane the mosque my son will give me kind of this in a party and go through it let's get going with that i'm gay so i had a girl so you get a younger guy mark in the uk or something or cricket because i am. paid all in one assignment and nobody will only try to start going out of my imprinting time in my beloved. home i don't include in that class and yes it will you know when the fifth i'm in with a pool. and shown up whether the gate it down for me combining had all. been
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living or you know what i'm guessing all. because i want to leave the. t.v. show and leave them the ending or if. i think that i mean that crimes just so mean the world is going to wait on me and i'm going to go to since it would give you a home that you know you never give us the right people get us to say let. him be
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somebody. else again i see only him. young love money. you owe you. nothing to have no. power nobody song just us entire you never. get over this how are you going you know not why i made up a long time. when we fail to make it a deal could be nice to see the money with a stick or order but our. new mainstage we're going to give. one to us i mean the one way that they're going to get in my. beloved i did get up
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to. each one of the will be. the people who get it. could get a come get. give it come yeah yeah you. think if you must've. been worn. many who'd been one of those. found me she. tried to do on the job that made you need go no kid of this event i. yeah but from. the protests here. from. the cops took
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a. big tell you our. fire people. here cannot. finally came out. of the big meeting on. friday night. and i.
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think with what we've been hearing all these you know where everyone heard that i don't even know i'm not a little. i lived through it. i've . got this coming for some one that will put a good note of my main thing to say you might hear a ask bellow to go to some of the media that would have been writing it pedo some
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good book good luck but you know. i think there. is a good. look come you can flow not a little but it must be that some of them have gone. almost alone a way that. nobody more. than you will get all when you say you know i'm going to see any movie you know you've already starting to see me because young in me you can pick up a problem you're better than i was the best i've been at. stories of life. and inspiration. a
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series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera some acts palestinians. to.
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impose excluded and under attack. communities are paying the price of heightened nationalism in a country but war with it so. people in power investigates the surgeon hate crimes at the hands of far right groups. ukraine room of repression on al-jazeera. the e.u. calls for accountability for those responsible for murdering saudi journalists. but
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donald trump fails to blame saudi arabia for murder saying the world is a vicious place. you're watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters and. also ahead the u.n. envoy for yemen is due in the port city of per day where the u.s. says the saudi u.a.e. coalition has stopped its offensive plus. the negotiations are now is a critical moment to speak to britain's prime minister lays out her works of plan to parliament ahead of a crucial vote on sunday. hello donald trump is once again going against his own intelligence agency over the death of saudi journalist. the us president says a cia assessment there's not conclude that crown prince mohammed bin son man
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ordered the murder of. trump's comments come as a turkish news website says the cia has a recording of a phone call and which one hundred been selma and gave instructions to quote silence. as soon as possible meanwhile turkey are calling for those responsible to be held accountable shortly we'll go to stumble but first our white house correspondent kelly holcomb is joining us from washington d.c. to tell us what more trump is saying. well as you point out the president continues to cast doubt on the assessment of his own intelligence agency even as the turkish media is reporting that there is a recording specifically where mohamed bin salmen has been captured giving instructions to silence as soon as possible the u.s. president saying he has seen that assessment saying that it does not conclude in any way that the crown prince mohammed bin sultan ordered the killing of. this
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would certainly contradict the reports in the u.s. media as well in recent days the u.s. president calling this simply false reporting saying instead that the cia assessment suggests that the crown prince might have done it but he also may not have take a listen. they did not come to a conclusion they have feelings certain ways but they didn't have the report and you can you can they have not concluded nobody's going to i don't know if anyone's going to be able to conclude that the crown prince but i will say this i don't know i don't know but whether he did or whether he did he denies it vehemently whose father denies that the king vehemently the cia doesn't say they did it they do point out certain things and pointing out those things you can conclude that maybe he did or maybe he did but there's no there was a part of a false reporting. now the president as he did on social media on twitter early
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thursday morning is again defending the u.s. saudi relationship making the economic argument that there is a need to keep the relationship in place because it provides hundreds of thousands of jobs a number which has been challenged here in the united states as being more like twenty thousand jobs also saying that saudi arabia is vital in keeping oil prices low that he has had phone calls with the saudi government in order to make sure that that maintains a low price for ordinary americans saying that if that price were to spike it would cause a global depression that is quoting the u.s. president but when asked directly about who should be held accountable if the crown prince is not responsible for the killing of. donald trump says that this is something that the world should be held accountable to continuing his stance of trying to introduce plausible deniability for the highest echelons of the saudi government all right thank you let's not bring in tony berkley he's joining us from
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istanbul and that is where turkish media is reporting on that cia phone call recording talk us through it tony. this is one of the constant leaks have been coming out of the turkish media aware turkish government's been keeping alive this investigation and pushing it forward from her yes a very reputable newspaper it's been the source of a number of the revelations recently there's no independent corroboration of verification of this but there hasn't been with any of the revelations from the audio recordings but it's quite damning it does name. prince it says he is responsible for ordering the murder of mrs orgy and if that's the case of cia does have this it stands to reason that they produce that to the president but with no avail so i think there's a lot of frustration here in turkey because they have tried to push this investigation they've asked for the further cooperation from the saudis which they are not getting they were hoping then if it's not the saudi crown prince then who
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is it and they would would have wanted the united states to be behind them pushing to find out exactly who it is as it is with the u.s. giving unmitigated support to saudi arabia it's going to be very hard to see how this investigation can carry on and when it comes to accountability that although the e.u. is saying accountability you really doesn't have much power in this it needs someone like the united states to push this on where we go from here that remains to be seen because the saudis now are very much in control of their own destiny with some suggestion saying that they're not even to bring the people here to turkey for trial they'll try them in saudi arabia because a crime was committed on their sovereign soil and it's up to them to investigate because before the revelations but you ask yourself again the question does it really matter now that president donald trump as made his stand has given his support and who knows what will happen from now on all right attorney personally thank you let's speak to him and shot of how he's a senior fellow with the al-jazeera study center he's also professor of conflict
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resolution at george mason university thanks for speaking to us so you here tony berkeley where the trumpet ministration are trump at least danding firmly behind saudi arabia what does turkey do. next well i think the crisis deepens more and more with more questions and the turks the europeans and some of these start different in washington pursuing the legality of the more oddity and the old these virtues of politics however we still see a counter force that is represented by trump by the way house who isn't always pushing harder on how the two in poor a certain framework of interest based politics he wants to protect finance and interests and strategies therefore i think the turks now are forging an extra pressure on him because he is trying to save at least another month and a half before congress resumes its sessions in early april so i think what we heard
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from a lead in columnist who said that there is a record in with the voice of m.b.a.'s given greenlight to find available to to them in a time so i think we still have these dynamics everybody is trying to come up with the best possible outcome and i think the more teeth for tat between. washington in terms of how with the revealed in their evidence the moral need will be there with the pushing for more need of a an international team of investigators what about when it comes to europe because we've just heard that france has a saying that it's imposed sanctions including travel bans on eighteen saudi citizens who are linked to the murder of and at the same time we saw frederick i'm a greenie in ankara so what kind of guarantees are the turks looking for from
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europeans and are they getting them number one i think the peons and the turks coming closer and closer on the first for the first time in the last six weeks in social care what scale we see a leading figure in. the leader figures the foreign minister of foreign policy the foreign policy adviser to the european union for the reckon with really showing up in. the next to the turkish foreign minister however i think we if we hear from paris that there is a possibility of imposing certain sanctions where hearing the same thing even in washington the question is of the upcoming same questions symbolic or more than that in other words what is the shift in point if we go along with these idea of sanctions what would be the shift in point in making m.b.a.'s or king solomon or anybody area accept responsibility and i think this is the crucial element that we
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should not be too much in the symbolic gestures or symbolic calls of more arleta or more of politics but we need to see with that they can translate into action and now between the narratives in really the counter-narrative. we're not getting enough we're not getting enough information or do hold true therefore i as i said in the first week back in on the fourth of october there is a u.n. investigation team in place that would focus on finding out exactly what happened and kind of given us the final story we will keep having more of this political exchange between the three capitals. and the washington mama taught how we thank you very much now the u.s. defense secretary james mattis says the saudi u.a.e. coalition has paused its offensive around her data the u.n. special envoy to yemen is expected to travel to the port city sometime on thursday or friday and earlier this week martin griffiths met the whole thing rebel leaders
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in the capital sanaa mohamed the dough has more from neighboring djibouti. the residents of today the architect go to quote all those no meaningful cease fire to talk about their still support our because losses between the parties with each side blaming of our for fighting the fos short when they announced that they were going to stop more drone ballistic missile attacks against the who they fight as walk up to go to call that they steal with the the right to defend their positions with which they have been fortifying in the past days they've also been talking about the. the other side cutting out attacks on their defenses and positions in the different frontlines in the city the residents of the city say some fighting has been going on outskirts of the city jim de marte is the u.s.
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defense secretary saying that there's been a ceasefire by the other side the us called on all parties to seize the hostilities and with tom to talks let's speak to simon mabon he's a lecturer in international relations at lancaster university and the author of saudi arabia and iran power and rivalry in the middle east is joining us via skype from lancaster thanks for speaking to us so we know that martin griffiths has now met a with the hell with the rebel leader talk us through the significance of griffith's visit to yemen and ahead of the upcoming peace talks so i think it's two main aims the first to us what is happening on the ground to see for himself what has happened recently to get a handle on hope but things are the extent to which this rivalry between the various conflicts between them is playing out and how devastating the and the second number helps more importantly is an opportunity to try and build trust ahead
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of the peace talks and sweet as we know we when you have peace talks you need to speak to the various people to open backed chair.


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