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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 188  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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now oh mate tell it since you. want those. yet. to come out of my. shell you'll make seven hundred dollars a month so he's not the pool rich but he hopes one of these women give you a chance because he's a talented basketball one. he plays in the factories team and he's one of the best planets some don't. think you sound money. and the by you. it's a must for dan. that it's a book about just you why you should then.
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you in any. state in condos and you can't on the down the bank. goes make it go. off and those. rates. suck on a. team. i know you. and myself because. i. went and bought that isis on funding. we shot himself on. the chinese authorities have investigation of the problem of gender imbalance there us do seem to poop two million more men than women it's predicted that in five years one fifth of in chinese men won't be able to find a want. being good. married in two thousand and eight but then his wife
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disappeared three years he's driven aboard across china looking for. by just a student loan quitting but yeah. i do hunted me down with a fight or. flee. on the delays in the finally. side to the windows out so i went out. of it in those it sounds odd to go on the back of you know it's a box oldest death. so not only that. she sent it in pots jettisoning been. looping looked in all the police stations hospitals and funeral homes in the region he even offered a reward of almost ten thousand dollars all of his savings there's been no trace of her at home because nobody has been found he believes that she's being held prisoner in the mountains illness or that has. seen about. what
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was it doesn't quite make you think i did or. islands and would save them in this. global the only way. just before luke beings wife disappeared they had a daughter q teen. her mother's parents are raising her while her father keeps up his search for her mother. is seven years old. and in body. the new. life. didn't jump to. the to. do with the sack the moment that i did.
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that wasn't my no way snap. yeah how yasiel yeah. after that post back to actually. matt hit back on being only so much asking seems i get by cheaply. when we do. she she indulges in she went on. to be hello. and. if you see. it. funny how do you know we'll tell you it. does come up as a pop gun play. it was all off back. to the. big searching the countryside on his own is no longer enough now he's putting these clips on this playing card. the tour. is in
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a very special pack of cards. thirteen thousand kilometers away he's choosing on china's east coast. taxi drivers give out packs of cards to pass the bonnet carre novel value got by magic in a kind of the sea you're going to come out right now there's a cat corner gangers is on the hook without any somebody. aconite you show no church or walk. the other drivers from can't own in the south to dolly and in the north are also involved. they used a taxis to distribute the cards in villages they suspect might house abducted women and he'll look at religion i'm a. liar. what . religion you are. leaving your initial letters just read the
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letter which. well a new model let's turn our valves and unite up on. the counter with the idea of computer scientist shane hall. after reading about abduction cases he wanted to help first he launched a website to find them then came the idea of the cuts giving them a way to increase the search radius from one with acid on i'm intrigued to watching it whoa whoa whoa your father. and i gave up a hill and she wanted to that it also should achieve its i.q. although she cannot comment on the joy. every day shanghai receives anonymous messages from people who think they've seen the queen of hearts although for. the families who report another missing person. he also helps parents of missing children. he's thirty thousand surge reports
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aboard the side of twenty women kidnapped by human traffickers. but the two of spades blew beings one is still missing. lies ahead of us and died he didn't eat jack and then you do it to us and to him to know you. what are the authorities doing to stop the trafficking of women. not of the ministry of public security in beijing nor its regional branch is a willing to speak to us. but they did send us these videos. policemen conducting checks on a trying mockery of our home i was on assignment in the countryside. and this vision of a crackdown in the you not region in the country southeast. it showed the arrest of
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several hundred traffickers among the two. women who allegedly sold on the women. these videos were probably made for chinese t.v. as evidence of the all stars he's doing everything they can to prevent women from being kidnapped. they even showed traffic as being interrogated i wasn't i wasn't that wasn't even the time of the trial all the time was a heartbeat and a long while. i was with you and i'll. just have to muster the face of the cause you're going to get which is a thing you should know that as you go shop it's cool that she got off others are mostly all of. that though i should say money down at that level that sounds. as digital. tradition. on an issue as his. office should be used.
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to look up in the last year the chinese police say they have saved thirty thousand women trafficking networks on top of every month traffickers can receive sentences of ten years in prison. the men who by the women can get sentences of three years. we meet up again with months with the bachelor from cannot miss shanghai train station. lonsway has been in indonesia for two months he isn't alone anymore on the phone with my. now. his wife is called line she's from an indonesian seaside village. she's riding on a train for the first time. to. non-sweet bourse blind.
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fool. well. what all was well then i get that from all on you may be that i'm with you on what the what the oil. and. newman may well be able to get what. he wants in that he would say. it's you know nothing to me it's and it's an amendment to. torture. and stand on tangents and then go and. lonsway paid traffic is more than ten thousand dollars lies father received a part of that money for his daughter's hand in law i learned to be said nan to read from watching chinese t.v. she is the fifth woman from her village to marry a chinese man who said you know i don't want.
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their. eyes or my mama. does them all of the developments all three of the sides of the law on i then as. well you want. to. being able. to develop a truthful. law doesn't know what cloud of life she will have in china she was told by the traffic the new husband is rich and she thinks she will have been easy a life then in indonesia. it is not easy. to get. him to.
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lie has arrived in gongs on the bachelor village. saw. she will live with the new husband's parents. lance we both go to the country on a family residence permit which lie will have to re new every year but she doesn't have a work permit. yet. how
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. to do this for the. contact. list. not my not a happy. mom doesn't understand the local dialect. oh yeah every. now and them. and their. lives will probably never see into nature again. her in-laws sacrificed too
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much to risk escaping. far more than one hundred and ten. to go to town. but how many women will be both unsolved and how many men must live alone before tradition is legard. and the births of both boys and girls are accepted and celebrated with equal joy. china stopped the one child policy in twenty fifteen. couples and now allowed to have two children maybe it's time to remember another chinese saying women hold up half the sky. well if we cannot have palestina my government was certainly not allowed britain to
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control french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal the change the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw a map. sikes pekoe lines in the sand on all just see. the latest news as the free press an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees with detailed coverage but now president of the with the therapist says there's not much that can be done the south china sea is now inside those protests. from around the world challenges into aid sector in chad are more refugee families to return to are for many are now back in the villages they fled when the worst are today. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries facing the
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realities that from the very beginning of the. providing context housing is not just about four walls and a river hear their story and talk to al jazeera. east and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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a while a very unforgiving this is that is a lie from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes saudi arabia's crown prince pays a visit to arab allies as donald trump again dismisses reports that the cia believes he was behind. the un's envoy to yemen meets the head of the rebels in preparation for next month's peace talks. donald trump threatens to shut down the whole border with mexico to stop asylum seekers crossing. that opposition leaders in zimbabwe are forced out of parliament after refusing to stand for the president. of. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salas arrives in the united arab emirates as part of his first trip abroad. since the murder of the journalist jamal . the saudi official news agency says the crown prince's quote on a tour of
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a number of brotherly arab countries sees also expected to participate at a g. twenty meeting in this at the end of the month with other world leaders as well that sustainable trump is once again contradicting the reported finding of his of his own intelligence agency about. the us president says the cia has not concluded that the haven't been solved and ordered the killing boss a turkish news website says the cia has a phone recording in which the saudi crown prince gives instructions to quote silence. as soon as possible meanwhile counsel is calling for a far reaching justice foreign minister shaikh mohammed bin abdul rockman all thought he said that whoever is responsible for her death needs to be held accountable al-jazeera show how she had pretends he reports you're celebrating it wherever you are at the u.s. president has just completed a cool to troops to wish them a happy thanksgiving and have broken with protocol by asking service members to
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comment on political and logistical matters in front of the gathered press then he eagerly fielded questions on a range of topics from reporters the cia's assessment of a crown prince of saudi arabia ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi soon cropped up. yet. i don't want to talk about it you have to say the president insisted that the cia had not reached any conclusion about the crown prince's responsibility for the murder and once again repeated what had been judged to be vastly inflated figures out of a saudi contribution to the us economy whether he did or whether he did and he denies it vehemently and his father denies it the king vehemently the cia doesn't say they did it they do point out certain things and pointing out those things you can conclude that maybe he did or maybe he didn't but there's no that was. another part of the false reporting because a lot of you said yesterday that they said he did it well they didn't say that they
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said he might have done it that's a big difference but they are vehemently denying it. according to media reports the cia has high confidence that the crown prince gave the order to kill khashoggi however it did so based on circumstantial evidence such as communications intercepts on the saudi power structure and that's all the leeway the president needs to deny any definitive conclusion the president also said this didn't absolutely arabia we wouldn't have a big base with a puzzling statement given the u.s. withdrew most of its troops from saudi arabia in two thousand and three their presence in a country that held two of islams holiest sites have become a source of regional tension over the last several years there have been reports of a secret u.s. drone base in the kingdom however it's not clear to what the president was referring thank you very much over time see out to syria saudi arabia's foreign minister has once again reiterated that the crown prince was not involved in. his ear as victoria gave me takes a closer look at the evidence the u.s.
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is impose sanctions on seventeen saudi officials for their suspected involvement in the killing of jamal khashoggi they include a fifteen man hit squad that traveled to turkey to carry out the operation so he made up this team and who did they report to let's start with abdul aziz mitra who is believed to have been the coordinator of the operation he's a general in crown prince mohammed bin soundman security team next we have saddam hamit out a baby an expert in autopsies and a colonel in saudi arabia's interior ministry it's headed by prince abdullah these been sowed else out he reports directly to king solomon all the crown prince. six members of the team that killed were part of the crown prince's security detail three others were members of the national guard an internal security force which
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protects the royal family it's led by prince khalid bin abdul aziz al muqrin and one was a member of the rules saudi af or its part of the ministry of defense which falls under the control of the crown prince the us is also impose sanctions on saudi tani he's a senior advisor to crown prince mohammed bin salomon and on mohammed al a table the saudi consul general it is temple where he shows he was murdered he reports to the saudi foreign ministry which is led by addle. his department issued the passports used by the hit team to and to turkey the private jets they flew in from riyadh to istanbul and back which charted from a company owned by the saudi government that's got a few from best moment money who's a professor at the university of waterloo in canada good to have you with us professor it seems that donald trump is prepared to defend mohammad been solomon at any cost should we be surprised. i'm afraid not i mean nothing is
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surprising with this president unfortunately but indeed i think repeatedly there's been opportunities for donald trump to rein in mohammed bin so meant to make it very clear that not only this wasn't accepted but there be consequences be paid and that's frankly not the case this time around i don't think donald trump is prepared he's made it very clear he sees that relationship bester teaches one encountering iranian influence in the region he certainly has continued to suggest that there is an enormous amount of money to be made a both in preserving an arms trade with the saudis but also in keeping saudi arabia happy to supply limitless really supply in the world economy so on many many fronts a trump is very clear that that is a relationship he is just not willing to i think in many ways damage or really you know shake up but how does the rest of the world feel as as we reported a few moments ago have it been summoned you to attend the g twenty meeting in
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argentina at the end of the month what's going to happen there. yeah not something i'm personally watching you know i'm afraid that many other countries are going to also fall in line particularly some of the countries that have these large arms trade deals with the saudis i'm thinking of the u.k. for example of france i just don't see how either of those two leaders are willing to sort of i think shake the shake the boat there or try to sort of press that haven't been so much but we might see some like merkel who you know knows that she is basically in a lame duck position she's got eighteen months left doesn't have a very strong trade deal with the saudis may indeed be some do something bold i mean really who i'm looking for in terms of of shaking things up certainly putin president lee and others who are i think going to preserve and want to extend and take advantage of any sort of western country fracturing will certainly be supportive of haven't been so mad at the g.
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twenty you so you're looking to see what what happens then i suppose it comes down to who can afford to alienate saudi arabia what will the body language be more should we be looking for when it comes to the g twenty summit. yeah you're right on that assessment look i think you're going to see him haven't been so man to really try to reach out he wants a photo opportunity he wants the normalization of legitimacy that one gets at these forums and being seen by world leaders as part of the club and so we're going to look and see i think many opportunities that haven't been sound month trying to seem very jolly smiles and any leader who would afford him the opportunity to shake his hand and smile in that photo camera is going to be a win from have been so many others i so i suspect like our prime minister here in canada justin trudeau will avoid him at all costs it is damaging i think for many countries and many leaders reputation we have an election coming up next year that's on our minds and so every country i think will look at their national interest will look at their public sort of receptivity to this and determine
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whether or not they want that photo op with some of that someone accordingly professor regards to you many thanks to you for being with us. thank you. the u.n. is welcoming a deescalation in fighting in yemen's port city of her data saying that it's providing much needed relief to thousands of civilians that it's special envoys in yemen is in the capital sana'a continuing his push to get the warring parties around the negotiating table al-jazeera as mohammed atta reports from just across the red sea in djibouti. un special envoy martin griffiths his efforts to launch peace talks collapsed last september now he's back in yemen trying to get a farm commitment from the warring parties to a cease fire and a new round of talks is an opportunity to try and build trust that it peace talks and sweet as we know we when you have peace talks you need to speak to the various people to open back channels up lines of communication to build up trust ahead of
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almost talks to try and make sure that people will attend but then they're also listen to what the other side has to say their ongoing fighting in the port city of her day the however risk upsetting this partial and voice efforts to bring the warring parties to the table in december. the sodium and arctic ocean announced earlier this week it was holding all hostilities around what they did they said later fighting broke out again a part to work of yemeni fighters loyal to the international difficulties the couple meant leading the fighting on the ground despite loud claims of progress al-jazeera has us published but they have not been able to enter the city most of the fighting so far has been confined to the eastern suburbs of the city healthy fighters have fortified the city's outskirts algis it all tamed such images captured on the fourteenth of november one day before the sodium routed coalition
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announced it's not suspended its military operations in the city. the images show that the coalition forces failed to entire data they also showed the massive fortifications and trenches created by the oldies around the city and along the roads leading to the port satellite images show the dog massive trenches along the edges of the city as shown by these red lines these pictures also show the before and after when the port was full and then after shipping containers were moved to form part of the rebels' defenses the horses of also booby trapped compounds and houses in the outskirts of the city this video shows a group of pro-government fighters and tearing a booby trap compound and then the massive explosion that decimates them all almost four years after the sodium or arctic and time of the war in yemen there is no end in sight it's not even certain whether it can.


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